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Pokemon Art / Written Work Requests! (Currently Closed)

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Kragn, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. @Ho - Oh4593 sure, just expect it to come a bit more later!
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  2. Can you please draw all of the eeveeloutions as mimikyus?? :3
  3. @MimikyuGurll277 yes, just expect these drawings to come in a few days or more, as I'll be pretty busy soon. :)
  4. Ok. Thx!!! ^^
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  5. Hey, Kragn! Care to do a drawing of all the playable male characters in Pokemon, facing off different Legendaries? Would be great to see that! It could help represent my "Timeline of Pokemon" series!

    Red - Mewtwo
    Ethan - Ho-Oh
    Brendan - Groudon/Kyogre (You decide, can also be both)
    Lucas - Giratina
    Hilbert - Zekrom
    Nate - Kyurem
    Calem - Xerneas
    Sun - Solgaleo

    Would be great if you'd do this!
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  6. @GreninjaTrainer013 I will try to attempt drawing this! However, right now I'm in a current state where I can't draw (typing this with my phone) and do expect this to take a long time. xD
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  7. kk! Will be great!
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  8. Hey, uh... I was wondering if you could draw a Samurott, Leafeon, and Eevee together? The Eevee being a small child, it's... kinda like a family type of thing? (And if you couldn't tell, I'm somewhat nervous to ask.)
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  9. @Tyrin It's okay! I'm actually pretty nervous talking to strangers in real-life. And yes, I can do that. However, I'm pretty busy right now, so do expect this to take awhile. In fact, I haven't finished my last two requests. Also, if you're shy, I won't put your name up on the title of the request like what I do for most people. Thanks for asking! :)
  10. You could do that, I don't mind. Also, I have patience. I'm not too worried about when I get it, just as long as I know I will. Thanks!
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  11. You're welcome! Also, I just noticed you're a new member to Pokecharms. Hope you enjoy Pokecharms! :)
  12. @Pokegurll2000, I have done like five sketches of these Mimikyu-Eeveelutions, and they're not coming out very well. May I just do one to three of them since it's taking me too long to do all of them?
  13. Can I request a drawing of My pokésonas? If you cannot do all of them, then Cecile,Zelda,Spice and Annette!
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  14. @Azurea sure! Just expect the drawing to come a bit later. :)
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  15. @Kragn Sure! You ARE the one that's drawing them. It's you're choice. As long as their eeveeloutions!^_^
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  17. May you draw one of my pokesonas?
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  18. @Marshmellowkid I can, but it will probably take a while before I can submit it. Thanks for asking! :)
  19. @Kragn thanks for the link,btw! And your welcome :) !
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  20. What about me
  21. @GreninjaTrainer013, I'm afraid doing this request, now that I realize it, will take a very long time to do. Maybe if you just ask me to do one certain trainer with a certain legendary Pokemon, I will be able to finish this much faster.
  22. Okay. Then, can you do Mew with a Riolu beside him? The Mew and Riolu are based off of Super Mystery Dungeon.
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  23. @GreninjaTrainer013 of course! I still feel guilty for not doing your first request, but it would of taken so long to do.. :/
  24. It's fine. After all, I was thinking it'd be too much, and this was the second request I had in mind.
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  25. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Can I request a Mienshao but the white is black, the purple is blue and the gold tippings of...whatever I should call that light pink?
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  26. lol That's so funny. Will you make me a Misdreavous and a Drapion? It can be in any format of your choice.... Or do I have to request one? Thanks in advance. :)
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  27. I've had fantabulous results the past three times you've drawn something for me (THANKS). So, I was wondering if you could draw a tall, blond, teen boy with his Aipom, Pichu, and Riolu. I know this is a lot to ask, and I can draw it myself if you're not able to. I just know your art turns out great, so I thought I'd ask.
  28. @Mockingchu I do have a lot of requests I need to finish. I can do this, but it will take time. Since I'm taking a break by the end of May, expect it to come before that time. :)
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  29. @White the Shining Eevee okay, you're next on my list of requests now; I just have one question: When you wanted a shiny Eevee, did you mean you wanted all of them shiny or just Eevee?
  30. Hey you forgot someone or your working on it idk and idc but
  31. This is completely optional for you,but could you please draw Houndour and Zorua PMD style?I'll be very grateful.
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  32. @Marshmellowkid nah, I haven't forgotten it (thought about the request multiple times today). There's just been personal things and all keeping me busy, but I am working on it. Also, I kind of predicted you were going to say this.. xD
  33. What is up Kragn mi amiga? I have a request, but it's totally optional, because I could do it myself if needed. You're just a better artist than me, so yeet here I am, asking.

    I was wondering if you could do a non-Pokemon drawing? I know you're Pokemon-oriented, but I figured I'd ask. Again, please don't take this if you're not into it. I know you left for a while because you were busy and such. I don't want that to happen again, because you're one of the coolest people here :D

    So here it is: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The Rebirth ones (because Batman has the cool gold outline on his Bat Symbol). They can be in a straight line, or drawn in a v-shape (with Batman in the middle because he's Batman). Angles are hard for me, so do a line if it's easier.

    Hopefully that wasn't too picky. I know I'm like "THE REBIRTH ONES!" but they don't have to be accurate. My only main requests are that they don't wear their underwear on the outside, and that Batman has the gold outline on the Bat-symbol. The gold outline is awesome imo.

    Thanks. [and again if you don't want to do this let me know please so i can start on my own]
  34. Can you make 3 fakemon legendary?
    1. Water/fire (looks like rayquaza)
    2. Fire/Ground (looks like a titan)
    3. Psychic (mini like mew)
  35. Can you draw Greninja with Mimikyu Aggron and Lucario
  36. could you draw her, please? method does not matter to me![​IMG]

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