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Pokemon Art / Written Work Requests! (Currently Closed)

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Kragn, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Hello, fellow Pokecharm members! I'm currently looking for some Pokemon art and or writing requests from you guys!

    My Art Rules:
    -Keep it mainly Pokemon related! Sometimes I will do something outside Pokemon, but most people usually recommend Pokemon stuff.
    -Do not request something very complicated! If you do, I will either ask you to make it less complicated, or I will not do that request.
    -Similar to the "complicated" rule, I'll only allow up to three Pokemon being drawn per request. This makes it easier to get the request done faster.
    -No copying my work unless you get my permission!
    -biggest rule: I will not take up to more than two to three requests at a time. This is because I'll probably not finish yours if there are more than three.

    My Writing Rules:
    -These written works can only be up to 3-5 pages or 'chapters' long. I don't really care about the character count, just the pages.
    -Don't make it too complicated, like stated above in my art rule section.
    -When you're wanting me to write a story, you're giving me permission to write something based off of your own idea. Just make it clear you're letting me do that. Of course, I will put at the bottom that you requested that written piece.
    -The limited three requests applies to written works too.

    Types of Art I Can Do:
    Can Draw With:
    -Colored pencils
    -Colored pens
    -Copic markers
    -Painting (depends)
    -Digital art (would take very long to do)

    These are my rules and abilities! The time it takes me to do a request depends on what is requested. If you want me to draw the request with something specific, like copic markers, just say so in the request! Overall, feel free to request something when this page is open :D

    Art being worked on:
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  2. As I already said, I loved your Grovyle drawing, and I would love to see you draw a Flying type Silvally in the same style?
    I bet it would look amazing :D

    Thanks! :3
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    Okay srsly every time I see a request thread, I have to spam it with requests for drawing anything chatot...
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  4. Could you draw three fakemon legendaries? I have their names and typings, but there's one problem- I have absolutely no idea how they'd look. That'd be up to you. I realize this is a lot to ask, so it's okay if you don't want to.
    If you want to do them, here are their names: Celestiala, Novarka, and Cometsus. They're all "Cosmic" types. (Yeah, this is a Fakemon type too...)
  5. @Mockingchu I'm sorry the request hasn't turned up yet, as I wasn't on Pokecharms on Saturday! I'll work on them right now! :) (I'm actually sick which is why I'm on right now, I should be getting more sleep but..) Also, I'm adding secondary typings to these three because it's just so difficult to come up with them without another typing, if that's okay)
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  6. So request uh oh got one:
    Fake normal type eeveelution like eeveeon for the name or something I don't mind what it looks like
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  7. you do not have to draw these if you don't want to.
    Do you think you could draw a cute picture of a few Pokemon together like shiny shinx,shiny eevee, oshawott and shiny phantump
    Again totally your choice if you want to do this art
    Please and thank you
    P.S. you are a really talented artist I've seen some of your art and it is amazing
    Just thought I'd throw that out there
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  8. *puts on reading glasses* (I don't actually have reading glasses lol) Hmm, I see..
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  9. Thank you so much for the art it is amazing and the shinx looks funny but it is great thank you for making this and I have another request and again you don't have to do it but I would like you to
    Could you make me and my cousin's fave Pokemon in a battle the Pokemon are (they are all shiny) luxeray,infernape,and Blastoise
    This may be a lot to ask for you but thank you any way :)
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  10. @Gshinx like a triple battle? Or something like Luxray and Internape vs Blastoise?
  11. Uh if you could do like a free for all like luxeray vs infernape vs Blastoise
    That's what I mean
  12. Okay I would like to ask for three things currently at the moment. Can you please make art of a shiny Umbreon and shiny Sylveon fighting, a fusion between Mewtwo and Aegislash, and a sprite of the Mewtwo and Aegislash fusion, which btw I like to call Mewgislash (oh and P.S the sprite as the rules state, doesn't have to be too advanced, basically just like a Mewtwo body, with an Aegislash sword and shield, as well as mabye some body armour). If you reply, thanks a ton :D
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  13. @Soul_Umbreon hmm, looks like it would take a bit of time. However, I'm always happy to do requests! Expect the sprite one to come later though, since I tend to work on drawings first. :)
  14. That's ok :p I am actually really surprised by the speed of your reply XD thanks though!
  15. @Soul_Umbreon I have a habit of going on here just to check alerts :p
  16. That is actually pretty efficient lol
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  17. Long time no request from me to anyone :p
    I'd like to request smiled Pichu waving and wearing blue sack with strings like its backpack.
    Take your time, I can wait, really :)
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  18. @Zamcio thanks! Yeah, I'll finish up some other requests, then will work on that Pichu!
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  19. Kragn how is the art I requested going
    I'm not trying to rush you I swear I'm just wondering how it's going
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  20. @Gshinx that's funny: I literally just uploaded it xD
  21. Lol I just saw the art it's awesome
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  22. @*that* guy I have your Charizard an Mega Charizard Y sketched out, it's just that I've been busy and all, sorry. :p
  23. Um, hello there! May I recommend an artwork from you (You're just so good!)
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  25. All right, thanks! :D

    Can you draw for me a Mew-two and a Type-Null together, please? I just think they're perfect together, because they're one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game, and they're both man-made.
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  26. @I Never absolutely! It sounds like something that would be really fun to draw! Should the main body be Mewtwo's or Type-Null's?
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  27. I would like for it to be Mewtwo, but it should definitely have Type: Null's helmet
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  28. Could I maybe request a Vulpix wearing a blue bandana around her neck like in the mystery dungeon games? It's fine if you're busy though :)
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  30. Yes :) Thank you! Rose at the moment doesn't have a bandana but she will later on.
  31. Can you please draw a Marowak?

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