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Open Pokèmon Are Real Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. "They were just normal kids/teens who used play pokèmon. Each having a favourite pokèmon that they always use. They were literally normal in every way. So why did the pokèmon choose them out of all people?" The old man asked, his fists clenched into tight balls. "Well you see sir, those kids weren't normal. I've watched them. They have these...weird necklaces, or bracelets, even hair pins and rings. They have these...crystals on them. At first, I thought these kids were just from a rich family, but, one of the kids' crystal....glowed" The younger man answered his boss, timidly looking down. "Tell me more".
    Hello there! What you just read was a bit of the story! :3 Did it interest you? No? Alright then. This is about a few kids(or teens) who find these crystals in a small box that randomly appeared in their room/drawer/sink, etc. These crystals summoned pokèmon, (but only one for each crystal) to befriend them. The kids can understand the pokèmon through the crystal. The kid who summoned a pokemon, can only understand THAT pokèmon. But all the pokèmon can understand eachother. The pokèmon are visible, but if they can go invisible, well, knock yourself out. The pokèmon still have their powers, but only when necessary, will they use them. Here's the rules next!
    1. All the rules in the pokèmon rules apply.
    2. Girlfriends/boyfriends are allowed, but only kisses and huggies are allowed.
    3. Don't swear too much, actually, don't swear at all.
    4. Don't overpower your characters.
    5. Only two characters allowed, the kid/teen and their pokèmon.
    6. The kids/teens should be between 12-18
    7. The crystals can be a certain shape and colour, but they can't look the same whatsoever.
    8. The pokèmon should not be the same. (They can be Alolan, if ya want)
    10. No fakemon or fake pokèmon allowed, only official pokèmon
    11. Your person and pokèmon should not look like demons, angels, etc with wings and horns.
    Now, the character sheet!
    Character sheet:
    Full name:
    Shiny or Normal:
    Let me give you my character's sheet so you get the idea
    Full name: Yogi Silver
    Age: 18
    Looks: Yogi is a tall teen with messy gold hair and violet eyes.
    Personality: Yogi is an eccentric man who always retains a bright disposition. Despite his age, he tends to act like a child; he is often very cheerful, however he becomes worried very easily such as whenever someone insults him or gets hurt. When his allergy patch is removed, he tends to get extremely violent and he only stops when the patch on his cheek is covered again, or he's knocked out.
    Gender: Male
    Clothing: He wears a white allergy patch on his left cheek. He wears a pair of goggles on his head slanted to the side. He wears a blue hoodie, a black zipped-up shirt, red pants with shoes, and black gloves
    Crystal: Violet and star-shaped. It's attached to a gold bracelet that's tightly wrapped around his right wrist, almost preventing blood to circulate through his hand.
    Backstory: Yogi is the first son of his father, a wealthy man who doesn't care about anything but himself(and money, of course). Yogi used to steal money from the bank in his father's room to buy things for his friends. He was surrounded by terrible people, but turned out to be a lovely young man. He soon stopped stealing, because he lost the friends that always made him steal. Yogi resorted to the last thing, his old Nintendo DS and the new pokèmon sun and moon games that his friends stole and gave to him. Yogi was left in the dark, basically no family. He didn't think that his father was his father, he refused to think that. Yogi's father executed his mother when he was just six years old. Yogi wears the white patch on his cheek because of a very rare allergy. When the patch is removed, some type of dark energy is absorbed into Yogi's cheek(where the patch was) and he badly injured his friends when that happened. There is no name for this 'allergy' yet, and not a lot it known about it. Yogi owned a horse, but at least that wasn't in the dark.
    Name: Ash
    Species: Flareon
    Shiny or Normal: Normal
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Cold towards almost everyone. Ash warmed up to Yogi quite quickly because of the male's personality. He's a bit of a loner and wanted to make people and pokèmon fear him, or at least treat him with respect. He might be a fire type, but his personality was ice cold.
    The kids/teens will try and send the pokèmon back to their homes. They meet eachother in a abandoned park that the pokèmon lead them to. The mission is to get the pokèmon back to their home and keep them a secret. Well, what do ya guys think? Still interested?
  2. Sounds coolio~!

    Full Name: Tempo Lizano
    Age: 16
    Looks: Freakishly skinny and pale, Tempo's bright red eyes contrast greatly against her snow-white hair. Her hair has a right-side part, bangs that fall to the middle of her eye, and it's oddly-cut just down to her shoulders. She has a large scar that stretches from just above her right eyebrow to beside her nose. Here's a picture.
    Personality: Apart from her flower crown, you will never catch Tempo dead in anything even remotely resembling the color pink. She loves playing certain games and wearing dresses, but pink is where she draws the line. Usually very cheerful, she tells herself that running away from home was the best idea she's ever had, but she'd love to find a place to live, even if it was a foster home or something of the sort.
    Gender: female
    Clothing: Here're her outfits. (She'll be wearing her dress and accessories.)
    Crystal: It's red, diamond-shaped, and about the size of her eye. She has it replacing the inside of one of the flowers on her crown.
    Backstory: Tempo was born into a family of criminals. When they learned that she feared committing crimes for her life, they instantly began to harass her. That's why there's a scar on her face- from her dad, who didn't hesitate to beat her the first time he saw her in a dress. When she turned 16, Tempo knew she had to get away from her family members, all of them- her mom and dad, her two brothers, even her sister. She packed only a few things, those being her phone {which is a hand-me-down slide phone- y'know the ones with the hidden keyboard?}, her wallet, and her old DS. If she wasn't going to use these things, nobody would. On her way out of her room, she saw something shiny out of the corner of her eye. Where it had come from, she did not know. Maybe it had some value? Without thinking much, she grabbed it, bringing it with her on her journey. She's basically been alley-hopping since, playing her copies of Pokemon X and Sun whenever she felt like it.

    : Teddy
    Species: Teddiursa
    Shiny or Normal: shiny
    Gender: male
    Personality: Teddy is a very sweet and caring Pokemon who tries to make friends with everyone except for the other people found in his human's alleyways. He considers Tempo "his human," and can be very overprotective of her mostly all the time. A good scout, he's usually the one that takes care of her instead of the other way around, going into forests to find berries or other edible plants and even the occasional steal from the grocery store! He'd do anything to make sure she's happy, well-fed, and safe.

    Full Name: Marvin Naes
    Age: 17
    Looks: His natural hair color is black, but it's highlighted with a dark, navy blue. It used to be fairly long, cut like a sort-of mohawk, but as he aged, it also grew, falling over his left eye. The ends and roots are fairly curly, but it's not very noticeable. His eyes are a dull grey that sparkle under artificial light, but not in sunlight.
    Personality: Marvin is usually fairly quiet, even when around close friends or family. Even though many people consider him emo, he really isn't. Writing about his feelings and experiences in a sort-of diary he keeps to himself, he is quite talented with penmanship. Easily unnerved, he used to be very curious and asked questions about anything he deemed confusing or unknown, but nowadays he keeps everything to himself, even though he is still very curious. He's a bit of a mystery to everyone who doesn't know him, but that's understandable and perfectly fine, in his eyes. As a child, Marvin was very observant and intelligent. This helps him throughout life very much.
    Gender: male
    Clothing: Marvin wears a skin-tight, grey, long-sleeve shirt with a simple picture of a skull on it, darker grey, baggy sweatpants, and black sneakers. On his hands are black, fingerless gloves. His new nose piercing may contradict the look he's going for, but he's honestly fine with that. (I sketched him a while ago. Here's the pic. Just ignore his younger self on the right.)
    Crystal: It's pink, heart-shaped, and about the size of the tip of his finger. He wears it in his nose like a piercing- a piercing he got specifically for it. Marvin doesn't take kindly to people that tease him for it, but he wouldn't change it for the world.
    For about seven years, Marvin's life was everything he could ever ask for. His brother was only a year or so older than him, and the two were best friends, the closest they could possibly be. Both his mother and father were very kind and loving, caring so, so much about both their children and their lives. While in first grade, he met his other best friend, Zackery, and the two became almost as close as Marvin and Emmanuel.
    The next year, everything fell to pieces.
    Second grade. That's no time to lose two very important people to you, but that's exactly what happened to Marvin.
    He had just gotten home. His father was found on the couch, red-faced and tear-stained. Poor Marvin knew something bad had happened, but he wasn't sure exactly what. It didn't take him long to realize that neither his mother nor Emmanuel were anywhere to be seen. Automatically, he thought of the worst.
    Why would his thoughts not be proven correct?
    Without the money to support his son, who was completely devastated by the news of the deaths of two very important people in his life, Jeremiah, a movie theater worker, was forced to put his only remaining son up for adoption. Not only did it break his own heart, it broke Marvin's, too, seeing his father at such a low point of his life.
    For a month or two, Marvin stayed at the adoption center, which, thankfully, was in the same town as his home, so he also continued to attend the same school. Jeremiah would visit him whenever he could, but Marvin felt that their relationship had been permanently damaged due to him putting him up for adoption. Zackery, too, stayed in touch, and Marvin could not be any more thankful for that.
    After what felt like forever, a couple decided to adopt Marvin. The ladies were very nice and caring towards him, and Marvin felt safe and loved while in their presence. Allowing them to do so, the two took him to their home, virtually ecstatic that they now had a son. A few towns away from his birthplace, Marvin met the rest of his new family: a girl named Danika, who seemed to be around four years younger than him. Instantly, the boy began to act as the older, supportive sibling, and Haven and Paprika grew to love him more and more for that simple fact.
    As odd as Marvin found it at first that these people were now considered his family, he soon grew attached to them and couldn't be happier with the new situation he was in. Well, he still definitely wished his mother and brother were still alive, and that his dad was around, but since he knew that could not happen, he made sure he called himself satisfied with what he had.
    A three-year-old Danika told him about her own older sibling, who also passed away, named Zubeida. Marvin couldn't help but think that the name sounded very beautiful. He wondered why people had to die so often, even before he gets to meet them. Although she was the one to tell him about her, Danika admitted that she never really knew her sister. Marvin had to muster up the guts to tell her about Emmanuel, trying not to break down while he does. He succeeded.
    Marvin was always a strong boy. His strength only grew as time went on and he got older. A select few personality traits changed, too, but the biggest change would be his quietness. Marvin used to be pretty talkative around those he knows, but now he decides to keep his thoughts and opinions to himself more often than not. He believes this should make sense to others, when "I have a backstory filled with depression I never felt completely," as he calls it.
    Still attending school, though, and still in touch with Zachery and his father (although this isn't very much), Marvin still wishes that there was something he could do on that fateful day that changed his life forever. For whatever reason, he feels that the deaths that occurred were his fault, because he wasn't there at the time, but he does thank Haven and Paprika for taking him in and treating him like he was their own.
    He found the crystal randomly one day and asked his moms if they knew anything about it. When they said no, he went to his sister, who also didn't know anything. Simply giving up instead of looking into it, he kept it in a small box on his dresser until Unity emerged. (Although I'm still not sure how that'll work...)

    : Unity (Marvin got this name from Rick and Morty.)
    Species: Cutiefly
    Shiny or Normal: shiny
    Gender: female
    Personality: Unity is a very sweet and caring Pokemon. She considers Marvin "her human," and can be very overprotective of him mostly all the time. A good scout, she's usually the one that takes care of her instead of the other way around, going into the fridge to get food and making sure he gets a decent amount of sleep at night. She'd do anything to make sure he's happy, well-fed, and safe.
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  3. Very good. You're in!

    Also, the pokèmon don't come out when other people are around, by the way. And it happens like this:

    Say you're just walking through the woods, minding your own business when a bright light emitted from the crystal on your ring (it's an example). It will last for about a minute as another bright light emerges from the ground, taking the shape of what seemed to be some type of cat. When both lights fade, a Litten was standing in front of you, extremely confused and on high alert.

    See? It happens like that, sorta. You can mix it up a bit, obviously, but the lights and the one minute thing is how it works!
  4. Ah. Alright, got it. I'll see if I need to edit my form to accommodate for that as soon as I can. :D
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  5. Alright! Take your time! I'll wait for about four more people before I post the real thread.
  6. This sounds great
    Name: Sven Hawk
    Age: 13
    Looks: Has short red hair (he dyed it), He's very tall for his age and he has blue eyes
    Personality: Quirky, Loves Pokemon
    Gender: Male
    Clothing: Wears a black sweatshirt and a t-shirt with the letter Q on it (don't question it)
    Crystal: Blood Red
    Backstory: He never had any friends. But he considered the pokemon he caught in the games his friends. Whenever he was sad, he always was able to find happiness while playing pokemon

    Name: James
    Species: Golduck
    Shiny or Normal: no shiny
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Confident, Sometimes Lazy
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  7. I don't see any problem here.....accepted~
  8. This is a really neat idea!

    Full Name
    : Alexis "Alex" Cerva
    Age: 16
    Looks: Alex has pale skin and a splatter of freckles dotting across her nose and cheeks. Her dirty blonde brown hair barely sweeps her chin, but is (quite unfortunately) almost always tangled despite this. As is common among her family, her eyes are a murky brown, though she has secretly always wanted to wear contacts to remedy this.
    Personality: She has a rather bubbly personality with a wandering mind and a thirsting sense of curiosity. She tends to always speak her mind as opposed to keeping her thoughts to herself, and often immediately regrets doing such. She is; and has always been; a dreamer, her mind often rapidly coming up with ideas that immediately need to be put on paper, resulting in an amalgamation of papers and art supplies that exceed the 60"x20" space of her desk and the drawers below. While curiosity can be a boon, Alexis's, unfortunately, leads to impatience and rash decisions. There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity, and she most certainly crosses the boundary when it comes to her inquisitive nature.
    Gender: Female
    Clothing: Alex isn't too keen on fashion, often throwing on whatever she can get her hands on first. Her current outfit consists of a comfortable pair of jeans; a black turtlenecked shirt that doesn't really fit, but she could care less; a pair of predominantly purple sneakers, and a beanie of varying shades of purple that one of her family members knit for her (she forgets who). Due to unfortunate nearsightedness, she also dons a pair of round glasses. Her mother thought they looked cute, but Alex just thinks they make her look like a more moronic version of Harry Potter. The newest addition to her outfit is a necklace, housing the crystal on a bronze-coloured chain.
    Crystal: Vibrant magenta in colour, the crystal appeared in the shape of a six-sided prism ending in a six sided pyramid; the ideal shape for a piece of quartz. It was the charm on the chain of a bronze coloured necklace, of which she assumes to be fake.
    Backstory: For a long while, Alex's life was fairly normal. She lived with her parents and a younger brother in one of the chillier parts of the world, together exploring the forest in their backyard and peering out of the windows to watch the snow fall. Many years she attended public school, fed the stray cats that wandered in the woods, worked around the house, scrawled sketches on pads of paper, sewed more plushes than anyone would ever need, and even made friends (that could tolerate her dorkiness). Her favourite pastime, however, was playing Pokémon with her brother. Often after homework was finished, the two would perfect their teams and commence to battle, such a fight often being too close to call.
    But things couldn't stay perfect forever, as is life. At the lovely age of 14, Alex's mother lost her job, leaving her father's (mediocre) work as the only source of income for the family. It certainly didn't help that a few weeks later her 13 year old brother broke his arm while unsupervised, each parent blaming each other for such despite him constantly admitting that it was his own fault for being reckless. The young girl didn't want to mediate, constantly feeling as if she was thrown under the truck every time her parents began to argue. Alex ran off into the forest more frequently, feeding the cats and birds bits of dried corn and leftover meat, returning home shortly afterwards. Sometimes, she would bring her Nintendo handheld as well, popping in the cartridge and playing Pokémon to the sound of birdsong while laying out food for the creatures to eat (she was unaware that this most likely had a terrible impact on the ecosystem). The visits grew longer and more frequent, to the point where the only reasons she came back were to eat, charge her DS, and grab food for the woodland critters. This continued even after the squabbling stopped around her 16th birthday, as she felt more at home there than she ever did elsewhere. Eventually, after about a year, a select few animals came to her for food, one of them being a rather peculiar feline with a certain necklace looped around his neck...

    : Atticus (he named himself, shooting down all of Alex's ideas)
    Species: Purrloin
    Shiny or Normal: Normal
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Atticus is rather fickle, with a superiority complex and a holier-than-thou-but-I-guess-you're-okay temperament to go with it. Unfortunately. This means he usually does his own thing, not giving a raticate's tail about what Alex has to say most of the time. Despite such, he is a wonderful battler, and often cooperates... just in his own way, a smug grin on his face the whole time.

    EDIT: Fixed a couple of grammar mistakes that were bothering me.
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  9. Ooooo- I likey. You're in! :3
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  10. If I may ask, is there a specific benchmark sign-up wise we have to meet before we begin? (You said four more people, correct?)
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  11. Well, I'm planing in starting the roleplay, we do have enough people to start and I'm not one to have an overcrowded rp. So, no, we don't.

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