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Pokemon and your Family

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Linkachu, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I've always had a plan in mind since my mother decided to adopt not one, but two young children from China: Make them like Pokemon >=)

    Since that kinda failed with my older brother (he bought Blue but ended up giving it to me, and that was that), and most of my Pokemon-playing/watching friends lost interested, moved away, or never lived nearby to begin with (:p), I figured I'd brainwash the children ^^ And it's working o.o

    When my first little sister came home I had her able to recognize and say a grabled version of "Pikachu" (she said it more like "Pichichu) in a few weeks. Now she's four and a half and singing the Pokemon theme, calling out Pokemon for "Who's That Pokemon" (and getting them right), and saying "I love Pokemon, Katie, just like you!" Yesterday she watched 11 episodes straight from the first MQ boxset DVD. MWAHAHA! As long as I can keep this going once she gets to elementray school - where all the mean lil' kids who think "Pokemon's for babies!" vacate (ironic, eh? :p) - I'll have her brainwashed for a good few years to come >=)

    The best part of it all, though? When I went with my family to adopt my second little sister I took a stuffed Pikachu with me and gave it to her. It was the only toy we gave her that she actually liked and wouldn't let go of :O Now she too is ga-ga over and 'chu, playing with my various toys of it and trying to say its name ("Pichuchu" it kinda sounds like). She'll yell a long with one of my talking Pikachu's, too.

    So.. yeah. Pokemon hitting it off nicely with the second generation of my family. My mom's never been a hater of it or anything, so that helps. She keeps asking me "What have you done to my children?!" tho. It's fun ^^

    What about your siblings or parents? Do they share your enjoyment of the battling critters, or completely loathe them, remind you of it everyday, and try to break your stuff? Or... maybe they just don't give a damn either way. That's more often the case :p
  2. Well, my parents don't really care at all. I'm sure they would hope I would do something more "useful" instead of playing Pokemon, but I could care less. One of my sisters used to like it, but that was for an extremely brief time when everyone liked it. There also used to be a ton of guys in my neighborhood who liked it, but they all either moved away or stopped liking it. Yeahh, there are a couple people at my school who play the games, but they aren't really hardcore or anything like that.
  3. I've got a sister I can watch/play with, but everybody else thinks it's a waste of time and money. :'(
  4. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    When RLRL came round, Hannah (my sis) declared that "Pokemon is for babyish losers." Before she could get much further, I think she was rather annoyed by me guiding her out of the room by the hair. In other words, my sister's the only one who apparently hates pokemon, even though she still likes the games. My smallish brother likes them, and my parents don't mind them. As long as it doesn't cost them too much money. ;)
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    And yet Hannah use to RP on your website no less than half a year ago, coincidentally a "Pokemon" website...

    Go fig :p

    My older sister can be like that (to which I'd ignore her comments), but generally she just doesn't care. By times she has come through and bought me nice PokeMerch, and even bought herself a few Pokemon shirts because they were "cute". Meh. Whatever works ^^
  6. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    As with most cases, my family neither likes pokemon nor hates pokemon. My younger sis and I love it. My parents don't care as long as we get chores done, :p

    My mom's favorite pokemon is Charmander. Its been her favorite ever since she watched the Charmander episode years ago.
  7. Well, my mom and brother don't really "see the light"; they're pretty much indifferent. My dad on the other hand is convinced that Pokémon is stupid, childish, etc. you name it. He's also been pointing it out to me at a regular basis since I was ten years old :( (And may I point out that this is the same person, who not more than seven hours ago dragged the entire family to the cinema to see the animated movie 'Monster House').

    I don't have a clue what his grudge against Pokémon is... He should at least be happy that it's making me happy! Maybe he's jealous, maybe he's just stubborn. Who cares? I deal with enough pokémon haters not to be bothered by it :D
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  8. Well my parents are really not bothered at all by my pokémoning, although I don't think they know how many hours a week I dedicate to it.
    My brother is very negative towards it now, which is funny because when he was my age he was playing the game more than I was and used to change all the moves on my pokémon because he thought he was helping me, he disbanded the anime very quickly although occasionally watches it with me (I rarely watch it now, and he moved out at christmas so is rarely in when i see it). Whenever he sees me playing pokémon he comments on the fact I am. Although at the start of either last summer or the summer before he played through ruby, with a lot of help from me (i leant him 3 pokémon for the elite 4, guided him through the bulk of the game etc) but in general he tells me off for wasting my time with it all.
    My sister is very anti-pokémon despite also enjoying playing the games years ago (she overwrote my blue game >:() If she sees me playing these days she will normally comment and call me sad etc, most of the time I just insult her back but occasionally I take the high road and tell her that its a better stimulus for my mind than talking to her (ok its not the high road but its always so funny to say)...
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  9. I like pokemon but I wouldn't call it an obsession.. ya know.. like Katies... =)

    My dad doesn't get while I play video games or watch cartoons (Fairly Odd Parents is on right now o.0 ) , and is always rolling his eyes and stuffs... Yar... My mom babies me and erm... yeah, lets not get into that.

    Anyhoo, I just recently bought Emerald, and gave my brother FireRed. Though he is 28 and never played it before, he took to it right away. He keeps stealing my ds, and borrowing the gba on his trips to Marco's house. He trains all the time, cause he wants to battle me and whatnot.

    We tried but it turns out that the DS can't wirelessly link to the wireless link-thingy on the gba... I sold my 2nd gba to my neice.. and even if I borrow it back, I hafta get a link cable... or if I borrow a Gamecube, and rent pokemon on that... meh, I'unno

    Ninty suck0rs sometimes, but yeah, theres my two-nonsensical-cents!
  10. Well, I'm an only child, so my siblings don't care, since, well, they don't exist. X3

    As for my parents...well, they're indifferent. They pretty much always were. My mom used to like Psyduck, but I think that was a "aw, it's cute and kinda funny looking" more than anything.

    I dunno if they know I like it as much as I do, since I just sorta hide it anyways...but yeah. They'll buy me games when they come out (or at least take me to the store to buy them), but I don't ask for things often, so they don't complain. And since it has no apparent negative effects on me...they probably don't care much. ^_^

    But yeah...Katie...nice job with the little sibs. Now get them to learn how to play the games. ^_^
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Trying. Considering that my four-year old sissy can't even play Kirby or Mario Kart right, though, I think Pokemon gaming is still a year off or so ^^;

    Heh. Nice example of my sister buying me random PokeStuff for no reason. Just last week she gave me a pair of Pokemon DS Lite Stylus' that she ordered online for moi (Pikachu and Plusle). Now all I need is the DS Lite to go with 'em :O
  12. my parents are happy its something i've stuck to. i've been into all sorts of stuff until i just give up
  13. brunini

    brunini Guest

  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    It's nice to hear about your cousin (I have one who likes Pokemon, too ^^), but please dont post in all caps. People generally take it as you're yelling, and that's not really necessary in this case.
  15. Meh My parents dont really care. My mom likes gengar because of one time when she was watching me play stadium and i sent out a gengar and it did the tongue thing. So yeah. My littlest brother likes it and so does my other bro alougth only the littlest likes the anime.

    As a side not I now love the word"Meh"although
  16. Err...wow. That's a weird reason for liking Gengar.
  17. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    The Pokemon Phenomenon hit our house pretty hard when it first came about. I was obsessed with the games, my brother was practically a playground KING of Pokemon Cards and the two of us, including my mum and my youngest brother, only a few years old at the time, would all watch the anime on TV after school.

    And before school.

    And often most of saturday morning.

    My brother and I used to collect the toys and play with them (which started me on my fascination with the small figures, leading me to have a REALLY large collection of them - if incomplete) as well. And my mum even managed to find a favourite Pokemon in Jigglypuff.

    My brother, being so desperate to be one of those "cool" people dropped Pokemon when it stopped being cool. Though I know he still watches it occasionally when my littelest brothers have it on.

    Incidentally, both of them are really into Pokemon. They're currently playing Yu-Gi-Oh as well, but they're almost as big a fan of Pokemon as I am. It helps, I guess, to have an older brother who owns and runs a Pokemon website, imports/buys all the games and has all the systems to play them on, as well as get a hold of the movies as they come out.

    One of my brothers even has an account on this forum, though I don't think he knows how to use it, lol.
  18. My parents dont care about pokemon. I love pokemon. But my favorite thing is the halo series. But back to pokemon and my family, I have a brother who loves pokemon he has the username squirtle on this site. And 2 younger siblings. Yeay i used the word sibling correctly, but nevermind that . My fav pokemon is Seviper and my brothers favorite pokemon is Squirtle. Thats pretty much it. :)

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