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Ask to Join Pokémon (Alola) RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by RenzFlintrock, May 1, 2019.

  1. To join the RP make a character:

    Pokémon team:

    And your Starter (introduction of your character to the story)


    Name: Renz Flintrock

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Standing at 6’ Renz has black hair, blue eyes, and tan skin.
    He usually wears V-Neck T-Shirts and sport pants. He also has a black backpack with the Mega-Evolution symbol on it.

    Pokémon team: Gible (lvl 12)

    Hometown: Malie City

    Renz had come to Iki Town for one of the festivals. He and Gible walked through town; or rather, Renz carried Gible. There was supposed to be some battles later, but it would be a while before they started. While he was waiting, he thought he would try to find some snacks.
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  2. Name: Lily Rose

    Age: 10

    Gender: Girl

    Appearance: Lily has light purple hair that goes to her shoulders her skin is peach. she also has freckles. she wears a light blue hoodie and a light purple skirt. she also has sock and brown boot

    Lily was walking around holding Eevee and stopped. She looked at Eevee and said "what would you like to do" Lily put Eevee down. Eevee ran looking for something to eat. While Lily chased after her.
  3. Renz was buying some SwirlixStyle Candy for Gible and himself to share when he saw an Eevee run by. He pulled out his Pokedex to take a picture:

    Possessing an unbalanced and unstable genetic makeup, it conceals many possible evolutions. Current studies show it can evolve into an incredible eight different species of Pokémon.

    the Pokedex chimed. Closely following the Eevee was a girl. 'Are you Eevee's Trainer?' Evan asked. Gible grabbed the SwirlixStyle candy, jumped down from Evan's arms, ran over to Eevee and offered it a piece. 'Gib?'
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  4. Lily stopped running and said " ya im Eevees trainer i think she is trying to find somthing to eat"

    Eevee looked at Gible and took a piece and ate it and smiled and said "Eevee!"
  5. 'Come on Gible, I wanted some of that too!'

    'Gib. GIBLE Gible gib gib gib, GIB.'

    'I know you were just trying to be friendly. Just save some for me, alright?'

    Evan turned to the Eevee's Trainer and said 'Hi, I'm Evan and this is Gible. Are you going to battle later? I think it will be a good place to train our Pokémon.'

    At this point there was not much candy left, and right before their eyes a Pikipek swooped down and stole the rest. Evan groaned.
    'Aw man! I really wanted some of that!' :(
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  6. Eevee jumped on to Lilys shoulder and then jumped off of her shoulder and knocked the candy out of the pikipecks mouth and jumped down and gave it to Gible "Eevee

    Lily picked Eevee up and said "Aww Eevee your so sweet." Lily pet Eevee. then she said" Im Lily nice to meet you Evan. I think ill go battle put i did just get eevee though i think Eevee might enjoy it."
  7. Upon having its prize stolen, Pikipek whipped around and fired on a Gust. Gible returned fire with a Dragon Rage, which sent the Pikipek running. 'Alright! Good job, Gible!'

    Evan split the rest of the candy between Gible and himself. 'Mmm, this is sweet! Almost too sweet. Anyway, I'm gonna look around for some Pokémon on Route 1. Wanna come with?'
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  8. Lily replied and said " Sure i just want to get something to eat " Eevee look for something nice to eat and found a vinillite kind of looking food and got one for Eevee and herself. She payed the money and said." Ok now im ready!"
  9. ‘Alright! Let’s go!’

    The group walked down towards Route 1.
    This part of the route was bordered by trees, and the tall grass rustled ominously. Suddenly, out popped a small, tan and brown Pokémon. Evan snapped a picture with his PokéDex:

    Yungoos, The Loitering Pokémon.

    With its sharp fangs, it will bite anything. It did not originally live in Alola but was imported from another region.

    ‘The PokéDex says that it’s a normal type, so Dragon should do just fine. But if I have Gible use Drago Rage, it might faint...’

    While Evan was hesitating the Yungoos jumped off into the tall grass and Evan lost sight of it.

    ‘Man, I am having the worst luck today,’ Evan muttered under his breath ‘well, I guess we better keep looking...’
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  10. Lily looked around and said "So any pokemon you are looking for or no. I dont know what im looking for but I do know i want to do somthing i want to do somthing fun with Eevee." Lily thought she saw something in a bush."

    "Hay i think i saw something in a bush but it could be just nothing."
    Eevee ran to look and jumped out and ran back to Lily.

    Lily looked at Eevee and picked her up " Ok something is in there."
  11. Evan was still muttering to himself and missed what she said. He knew there were bound to be Pokémon nearby; the conditions were perfect. Tall grass, check. Food sources, check. Shelter, check. It was just his luck that the few Pokémon he did find ran away.

    ‘Gible, can you quiet down for a minute? I’m trying to think.’ Said Evan

    Gible was looking the same way as Eevee and its trainer. Curious as always Gible began to walk towards the bushes.....
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  12. Eevee jumped down from Lilys arms and walked with Gible to the the bush. Eevee looked at Gible a little scared but tryed to not look scared.
    Suddenly Eevee ran into the bushes and there were two splashes. Eevee said in a surprised voice. "Eevee"
  13. At this point Evan had noticed that Gible and Eevee were staring at a bush.

    ‘Hey uhh... wait, I don’t think I got your name earlier... but anyway what is going on?
    Why are they staring at the bush?’

    Gible and Eevee were right up by the bush now, and Gible peeked through the leaves.
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  14. Eevee got to the land then saw a Spinarak and ran over to push it into the water then suddenly the Spinarak unstuck its web and it fell down. When the web was on the ground Eevee slipped on it and got her paws stuck.

    But Eevee did not care Eevee kept trying to run but every time her paws would get a little more stuck in web when Eevee got to Spinarak Eevee tried to hit it with her paw then tripped tried to get up.

    Eevee could not hit it with it paw so she tried to hit Spinarak with her tail. At that point Lily ran over and picked Eevee up and tried to take the web off. Lily looked over and said to Evan "My name is Lily"
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  15. Seeing that Eevee was in trouble, Evan commanded Gible to use Tackle. This landed a solid hit, but the damage was instantly healed as Spinarak used Absorb.

    ‘Alright, this is NOT going well,’ Evan growled, ‘Gible, go for a Dragon Rage!’

    This took a good chunk out of Spinarak and it was barely standing. One more would knock it out...

    ‘Hey, Lily! Do you wanna catch the Spinarak?’ Evan asked.
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  16. "No not after what Spinarak did to Eevee "
    While Lily was talking Spinarak ran off.

    Lily looked around and did not see the Spinarak. "Where did that Spinarak go! i hope that Spinarak is pushed in the water or something!"
    There was a splash and the Spinarak was in the water. Lily looked at it and said " yes i have had my revenge."
  17. Even if the Spinarak deserved it, Evan did not want it to drown. He grabbed a stick and tried to fish out the Spinarak. Eventually he managed to get it on shore. Spinarak crawled back into the bushes.

    ‘It didn’t deserve to drown,’ Evan told Lily, ‘and Spinarak do not swim well. Anyway, I’m gonna head back into town. The battles should be starting soon!’

    With this, Evan picked up Gible and walked towards Iki town. When he arrived, there were quite a few trainers gathered around the battlefield. He wondered who his opponent would be...
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  18. "I did not want it to drown i did not know they cant swim "
    Lily bent down and looked at the Spinarak and said "Now Spinarak down attack someone for no reason"
    Lily ran to Iki town.
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  19. Name: Leo
    Age: 12
    Gender: Boy
    Appearance: 5'4, red hair, blue t-shirt, green sport shorts, and a backpack with a DNA swirl on it.
    Pokémon team: Machop (Shiny), and a egg.
    Hometown: Hau' oli City

    Leo was walking around Iki Town, trying to train his Machop. He was thinking about entering the battle competition.
  20. Lily had finally taken the web off Eevee. Then Eevee jumped down and walked around and started to walk to the battlefield
    Lily felt a little bad after what she said .

    Eevee looked at all the pokemon.
  21. The battle competition was beginning and Evan was a bit nervous. He had battled wild Pokémon before, but never another trainer. The first battle had begun, and Evan watched as a Torracat and a Mawile battled. He studied their moves closely.

    ‘Hey Gible, whaddaya think? Do you think we can battle like that?’

    Gible was watching the battle with interest, and probably would have tried to join in if Evan hadn’t been holding him. Since Mawile was a Steel type, Torracat had a serious type advantage. But Mawile was able to defeat it with an Ancient Power attack.

    The battle over, Evan was excited. The announcer called out ‘Next up, Blair v.s. Evan!

    Evan stepped up to the platform and readied himself. Gible jumped forward, ready to battle. The other trainer called out a Mimikyu.

    ‘Mimikyu! Use Shadow Sneak!’

    Mimikyu disappeared and suddenly reappeared behind Gible, slamming into him.

    ‘Gible, retaliate with Dragon Rage!’

    Mimikyu slumped over at the hit, but seemed completely unaffected.
    Evan realized something:

    ‘I forgot! Mimikyu’s Ability is Disguise! This battle is going to be tougher than I thought... Use Dragon Rage again!’

    The attack slammed into Mimikyu, but again it seemed that Mimikyu was unphased.

    ‘Huh. I guess you forgot Mimikyu is a Fairy type, ‘ Blair said, ‘Alright, finish it off with Wood Hammer.’ The attack slammed into Gible, fainting it. Evan returned Gible to its Pokeball and walked down from the platform, feeling dejected.
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  22. Lily walked over the Even and said "Good job i wonder when ill be called up what it i have to battle you?"
    The announcer called out "Lily v.s. Alice!"
    Lily stepped onto the platform with Eevee.

    The other trainer walked up with a Espeon she looked a little worried after looking at Eevee then said " Well i guess lets start. Espeon use Quick attack" Eevee quickly ran away from the attack then Lily said "Eevee use quick Tackle"
    The Espeon got out of the way then Espeons trainer said "Espeon use phybeam."

    Eevee did not get out of the way and fainted. The annoucer called out and said "Eevee has fainted Espeon has won."
    Lily ran over to Eevee and picked her up. the other train walked over and said " Hay want my revive it will heal your pokemon "
    Lily looked at the other trainer and said " No thanks i think i can get her to the pokemon center and its yours any way"

    Lily and the other trainer walked off there platforms and the trainer named Alice said " No you can have it."
    Lily replied " Ok ill have it " Lily used the revive on Eevee and Eevee woke up.
    The other trainer said " Your Eevee will probably need to be healed still well good bye hope i see you again.
  23. Evan watched the battle. Hearing them mention healing Pokémon, Evan realized that Gible was fainted.

    ‘Oh no! How could I have forgotten?’ Evan Muttered.

    He walked over to the Healing booth that Nurse Joy had set up for the festival.

    ‘Nurse Joy? Could you please heal Gible?’

    ‘Of course! Just put the Pokéball on this tray please. ‘

    Evan put Gible’s Pokéball on the tray and watched as Nurse Joy healed Gible. When she was finished he thanked her and went back over to meet Lily.
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  24. "Hi Evan i just was talking to the trainer i battled and she is really nice she gave me one of her revives so i could heal Eevee."
    So What do you want to do next?
  25. ‘Well, the tournament is almost over, so I’m planning to go find some Pokémon and maybe even participate in some trials!’

    With this Evan walked towards Route 1.
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  26. Lily fallowed him after healing Eevee more "So Evan pokemon are you looking for?"
  27. ‘Well, I need to find something to counter Gible’s Ice weakness. Let’s see... Steel would be good. But what Steel types live around here?’

    Evan recalled the first battle he had watched. ‘Mawile is a Steel type! Maybe that Mawile trainer can help us!’

    He rushed back towards the festival. After a few minutes of searching, he found the trainer and asked:

    ‘Your Mawile is a Steel type, right? I need to find a Steel type and I thought if you could tell me where you found your Mawile, I might be able to track one down for myself.’

    ‘Hm. Well, Mawile can be found in the caves under Ten Carat Hill, but it’s pretty rare. If you need a Steel type, I suggest Magnemite. You can find them pretty easily over near the trainer’s school on the East side of Hau’oli City.’

    Evan thanked the trainer for his help and ran off towards the Trainer’s school.
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  28. Lily ran after Evan. Lily looked at Evan and said "Why do you need a pokemon to counter ice type moves?"
    Lily looked around the City.
  29. ‘Gible is a Ground and Dragon type. Both types are weak to Ice. And Dragon is also weak to Fairy. And Steel is good against both Ice and Fairy.’

    They had been running as they talked, so they arrived at the trainer’s school very quickly. The first Pokémon that appeared was an Alolan Meowth, lounging on a fence.

    Seeing the trainers, it jumped down and slashed at them with a Fake Out attack!
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  30. Lily jumped and said "Eevee to use quick attack" Lily threw a pokeball at it and caught it.
    Lily looked at Evan "i just caught a Alolan Meowth"
  31. ‘Alright! Good job! Now let’s try and find a Magnemite...’

    After looking around in the grass for awhile, Evan hadn’t found anything. He looked up and realized that there was a Magnemite up near one of the power lines.

    ‘Okay, Gible! Use Sandstorm!’

    Sand whirled around, blinding Evan. But Gible was fine. He knew exactly what to do. He waited for Magnemite to drift downwards, then repeatedly Scratched with his claws. It didn’t do much damage, and Magnemite tried to defend itself by zapping Gible, but it had no effect since Gible was a Ground type. After repeated scratchings, Magnemite wasn’t looking great. Evan had forgotten Sandstorm had no effect on Steel types when he called for that move so when he tried to throw a Pokéball, he regretted the decision. The Pokéball went completely wide and disappeared. The Magnemite used Sonic Boom, which hit Gible for a good amount of damage. This time Evan was luckier and the Pokéball impacted. The Pokéball fell to the ground and shook once!
    Twice! A third time! Magnemite was caught!
    Of course Evan didn’t know because of the Sandstorm, but as the whirling sand began to settle, Evan saw the Pokéball sitting there, partly buried in sand.

    ‘Alright! I caught Magnemite!’

    Evan’s PokéDex chimed, and it showed Magnemite’s information.

    ‘Awesome! It knows Magnet Bomb! This will be a great addition to our team, right Gible?’

    But Gible was nowhere to be seen!


    Meanwhile, Gible was buried in a pile of sand. The bright Alolan sun shining down on the sand made it deliciously warm, and it reminded Gible of his former home in the Haina Desert. He nestled deeper into the sand, thinking of how life used to be before he met Evan.


    Eventually, after Evan had called for a while, Gible decided to come out, but he had an idea. He waited until Evan walked close to his hiding spot, then burst out in a shower of sand.

    ‘Come on you little scamp! I was worried! I was starting to wonder if you thought I was going to replace you! You know we’re BFFs right?’

    ‘Gible, Gib!’

    ‘Ok, let’s get you to the Pokémon center. It’s getting late!’

    The sun was beginning to set as Evan and Gible walked toward the Pokémon Center. The Wingull were beginning to return to their nests, and the palm trees were swaying gently in the evening breeze. The first day of a great adventure was coming to a close.
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  32. After a glorious day of victories on the part of Leo and his Machop, Leo was headed to the Pokémon Center when he felt a great warmth in his backpack.

    " What is going on?" asked Leo.

    Leo began to dig through his backpack, and realized his egg was glowing! The egg burst open. There, hovering a few inches above his backpack, was a Rotom! He took out a Pokeball and said "Would you like to come on a journey with me, Rotom?"
    The Rotom nodded its head and booped the Pokeball with its nose. Leo smiled and walked towards the PokeCenter.
  33. Once they reached the Pokémon Center, Evan returned Gible to his Pokéball and walked to the front desk.

    ‘Excuse me, Nurse Joy? Could you please heal my Pokémon, ‘ Evan asked, ‘and I would also like to get a room for the night.’

    Nurse Joy called for a Chancey to take the Pokéballs to the healing machine. In the meantime, she had Evan fill out a small form and handed him the keys to a room. Evan waited in the lobby for a few minutes for his Pokémon to be healed. Nurse Joy called him back over to the desk and handed him his Pokéballs.

    Evan released Gible and went over to a PC. He opened the phone feature of the PC and called his parents. His Mom picked up the phone.

    ‘Hey Mom! I’m at the Pokémon Center in the East side of Hau’oli City.’

    ‘Hi sweetie, how are you and Gible doing?’

    ‘We’re doing good, and we just caught a new Pokémon!’

    With this he released Magnemite.

    ‘Oh my! Great job! It looks strong. I hope you three become great friends!’

    ‘Me too, Mom.’

    Evan’s mother had been a Pokémon trainer when she was younger, and if she said Magnemite was strong then it probably was.

    ‘So Mom, I think I might want to stay on Melemele Island for a little longer and try to complete some of the Trials here. Is that okay with you?’

    ‘Sure, just make sure to check in regularly, Evan. Good luck! Love you! Bye!’

    ‘Bye Mom. Love you!’


    Evan hung up. He yawned and stretched, then looked around to see where Lily was.
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  34. Lily just got a room and was siting and playing with Eevee. Lily threw a ball and Eevee ran to catch it and knocked in to a Machop.
    Eevee looked up and saw the Machop then ran off and grabbed the ball and gave it back to Lily.
  35. " Hey! why'd your Eevee bump into my Machop? " asked Leo.
  36. Lily replied "i dont think my Eevee meant to i was playing with her im sorry about it."
    Eevee lay on Lilys lap.
  37. Seeing that Lily was playing with Eevee, he headed upstairs to check out his room. It was a small, square room with a bed on the left, a nightstand with drawers on the right, and a window facing Ten Carat Hill. He returned Magnemite to its Pokéball and set it on the nightstand. He pulled out some extra clothes from his bag and put them into the drawers, since he planned to stay for a few days. Gible had wiggled his way under the bed, pulling the sheets and blankets from the bed with him. Evan pulled the blanket back from Gible, but let him keep the sheets. Gible was setting up a warm nest. Evan slipped under the blanket.

    ‘ G’Night, Gible ‘

    Evan pulled the cord on the lamp, and the room filled with darkness.
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