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Ask to Join Pokemon Alola High (Reboot)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cryronn the Mudkip, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-alola-high-reboot-discussion.19044/#post-596671 Discussion.
    You have been accepted into an advanced school where you will learn
    much more than you could ever have anticipated. This rp is for at least moderately skilled rpers and you have to be able to prove so. I can see if you're a good rper right from the style of your bio, so be prepared. FOR ANYTHING!!!!!
    The rp....
    Tommy Night raced through the forest. Shock on his shoulder and Blaze following behind him, he leaped over logs, ducked under branches, and whiffed up the smell of the great Forest. He final,y landed out of the forest on hot pavement that was baking in the morning sun. He then looked apon his destination through the marble gate.

    Pokemon Alola High School. His first day there, and it looked amazing. Wooden buildings with balconies, and thatched palm roofs showed that this was indeed the tropical Alola. All the rooms were on stilts, and thousands of stairways and ramps, as well as a few jumps and ladders. "Whoa! It's like a jungle gym and a school all merged into one, right guys?" He said, and asked his Pokemon. They both nodded. But first, he needed directions from the principal.

    He walked up to a man in a lab coat and no shirt. "Excuse me, do you know where the principal is?" He asked. He looked down and smiled. "You're looking at him, yeah!" He said, smiling. Tommy was taken aback. This did NOT look like a principal. But, it was pretty cool, so he smiled. "Which room should I go to first?" He asked. "Hmm... Freshman... Homeroom, room 27. Up the yellow ramp, yeah!" He said inthusiastically. Tommy nodded, and bolted twoard the Yellow Ramp. Kukui smiled. "We've got an energetic one." He said.
  2. Shine waited at the classroom. She was half asleep, she couldn't sleep the previous night, too exited to be going to school. She didn't sleep at all, and it took it's toll, the fourteen year old having fallen asleep. Her Pikachu, one with a heart shaped tail, rested on her head. She had much more energy then her Trainer, most likely cause she actually got to sleep compared to her. The Pikachu took in one deep breath and exhaled, poking Shine's face with her tail, trying to get her to wake up without having to resort to Thundershock.
  3. Damon had dug into some research of this school. He had liked the theme and idea of this school and thought it would boost his knowledge of Pokémon. This was a significant part of his life, so he wanted to make sure everything would go smoothly.
    As he walked to his classroom, his Froakie named Wayne perked up and jumped off his shoulder. The water-type dashed ahead and into a room. "Hey! Wait up Wayne..." He had then walked into the classroom. Wayne stood at the doorway staring at a girl with a Pikachu. When Damon saw the girl was asleep, he slowly walked over and nudged her on the shoulder gently. "Hello, miss?" Wayne had approached the Pikachu with a curious tilted head as Damon tried to wake the girl up.
  4. Shine gently lifted her head up, "huh?" She sat up straight and rubbed her eyes to see a male stand in front of her. "O-Oh? Hello there," she smiled, pulling her hair out of her face. Viola, her Pikachu's name fell over and onto Wayne. "Pika," Viola groaned. She stood up and immediately attended to Wayne, making sure she didn't hurt him.
  5. Wayne was caught off guard but immediatey forgave the Pikachu with a slight smile. Damon figured this girl came here early. He went to introduce himself.
    "Hey, I suppose you're a student here? My name is Damon and I'm a freshman! This is Wayne, my Froakie." The Froakie responded with a cheery croak.
  6. Shine smiled, "oh, hello Damon. My name I Shine, and it's nice to meet you," she smiled, getting up and taking his hand in hers before shaking them, and letting go. "And this is my partner, her name is Viola. I wasn't technically the one to catch her, that was my brother, but he gave it to me, seeing he had his own Pokemon, he gave it to me. And besides, I was taking her care of her more then he did while she was his Pokemon, so I think I deserved it," she giggled, watching Viola greet the Froakie that accompanied Damon.
  7. Tommy busted gung-ho into the room. His Grubbin, Shock, was launched off his shoulder headed straight for Viola. It just narrowly missed as Blaze the Litten knocked him into a wall. "Ooooh.... Blaze, that's gonna sting Shock for a while. Oh, and sorry." He said, picking up Shock who was paralyzed on the ground from striking the wall and turned to the girl with the Pikachu, apolagizing to her. He brushed back his brown hair, embarrassed.
  8. Damon looked at the two Pokémon and saw that they seemed to hit it off pretty quickly. Then he looked back at Shine. "That's a pretty name, Shine." He said.
    (I gtg watch a football match brb in a bit :'D)
  9. Dylan sat in the far seat in the room, away from the sleeping girl, Shine. From the door, Tommy seemed to burst into the room in a far-from normal way. "So, looks like someone else is joining us today, huh?" He asked Frost, who was curled into a ball on his desk. Dylan turned to the newcomer. "Do you often throw your pokemon whenever you enter a room?"
  10. Viola gasped, nearly being hit by the Grubbin that was launched at her. She held her breath, hoping she wouldn't be too hurt, but was surprised to see a Litten knock the Grubbin away in time. She took in a sigh of relief before looking over to the Grubbin, "Pika..."

    Shine picked up Viola, "oh it's fine. AtleAt l no one was hurt... Orr... At least Viola didn't get hurt, sorry about your Grubbin by the way..."

    Shine smiled, looking back to Damon when her name was complimented, "O-Oh! Thank you," she smiled, holding Viola close to her chest. The Pikachu groaned in response.
  11. Kendar slowly walked into the room with Rexzy cradled in his arms. Walking inside, he and Rexzy looked at the people who were already there. A small smirk appeared as he saw their shenanigans, but then he quietly walked to a desk near a window and sat down. Rexzy jump out of Kendar's arms and sat down on the desk. Kendar smiled and he started petting his Lillipup.
  12. Damon didn't take much notice of anyone else and sat in a seat near Shine. Wayne followed him and sat on his lap. "I wanna get started soon..." He mumbled to himself.
  13. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    He’d wake up in his bed, his alarm never going off. Was he late?! He’d quickly get up and would put on his clothes. He didn’t hope he was. It was his first day, nobody wanted to be late on your first day. He’d run out of his house and would sprint to the school, seeing a couple Pokémon here and there.

    He’d run into the classroom, his hair messed up from the wind. Once he saw everyone else, he straighten his hair and would walk to his desk. Pansage would be on his shoulder, smiling. “Pansage!” He’d say. Marcus would smile at his partner and would look around at everyone. He never had seen anyone in his class outside of school, and he wondered what they were like.
  14. A quiet click was heard, as Evelyn placed the key back into her bag after giving a few hard wiggles on the knob. Her Axew lied in her sling while occasionally giving a few squirms now and then. The Axew emitted a light groan towards his trainer the moment when he realized that she would have to go through the forest to reach their destination in time.

    After eluding some wild Pokémon, jogging past some modest trees and bounding past several trunks, the Axew glanced past the marble, stony gate. The area that was known to his trainer as Pokémon Aloha High would be the very place that they would hone upon their skills and master new abilities with time and utmost effort. Ligneous buildings stood above the Axew's trainer, with their various balconies overlooking a clear, magnificent view of the nearby forest Evelyn recently traversed. Upon closer inspection, the Axew noticed that the roofs were constructed with dry vegetation while the buildings were supported by sturdy posts made to combat against Mother Nature's tears and the areas where unstable ground would prevent construction.

    The Axew could not put much thought towards the multitude of stairways, ramps and ladders after having a terrible memory from a couple of days before. After his trainer gave a brief glimpse towards the note, she made her way towards Room 27, her homeroom. The Axew gave another groan towards his trainer after overhearing some chatter before his trainer entered the room.

    Evelyn felt her Axew recoiling in uttermost terror the moment she silently placed her first step in the room. The Axew covered his watery eyes with his left arm, looked away from everyone in the area and clutched onto his rattle with a shaky grip. Sensing the Axew's perturbation, Evelyn attempted to pacify the Axew's agitation by lightly stroking his back and allowing him to remain as close to her as he wanted. She patiently waited for class instructions to be given to every pupil while continuing to soothe the Axew's unease as best as she could.
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  15. Mo6


    This is it, the end of Thomas Hayes. "Mother, I just want you to know I love you." Mrs. Hayes deadpanned at his son's dramatic exclamation, she rolled her newspaper and lightly tap on his messy head. "Ow." she rolled her eyes at him.

    "You're only going to school not hell." she assured him, at least she thought she did. She gave her son a glare when he was about to open his mouth, it shut him up good. "Now eat your breakfast, we are going to arrived in a few minutes. And yes, I know you'll be late." she sighed, going towards her husband who's been driving their Houseboat since the early hours of the morning.

    "I told you, we should have bought his things before the day of his big day." Thomas heard his father said.

    "Shut up and drive, Mr. Hayes." He smirk at the annoyed tone in his mother's voice. Maybe they'll get in a fight and he'll get even more late, being unpunctual is a good reason to kick a student out, right?

    "Tommy, sweetheart." he perked up at the mention of his name, he looked up at his mother, who was looking at him with her famous 'I-know-what-your-thinking-but-I'm-just-deadpan-at-you' look. He pouted "I'm going to walked you to school, ok? Ok, love you." Thomas' eyes widen "M-mom, please don't! I'll go on my own! I promise!"
  16. Tommy blushed. "I didn't THROW it. It got launched off my shoulder." He said, petting Shock on the head. "Oh, and thanks. I overheard..... Your name is.... Shine? Sweet name!" He said, and Blaze smiled. Tommy turned to the small cat and said; "Don't you Dare." And Blaze heald up two paws, and went to go sleep in the corner.
  17. Shine smiled, watching Damon take the seat close to her. The seats were evenly spaced, and there were only few, leading her to assume this would be a small class. Over hearing Damon she turned to look over at him, "so do I!" Viola took a seat on the desk, so still she appeared as a Pokemon Doll.

    Shine almost yelped at the sudden appearence of Marcus, who ran into the classroom with his Pansage. She was native to the Unova Region, so she could tell the Pansage easily, "oh cool, a Pansage," she chirped enthusiastically. Viola beamed up in surprise, but went back to sitting still on Shine's desk.

    And like magic, another student walked into the classroom. This time she was a female, and Shine let out a sigh of relief. If she was the only female in the classroom, she wouldn't know what to do, other then stick close to Viola, who would give the males a good, but weak Thundershock.

    Shine quickly turned her head to the student with the Litten and Grubbin. "Oh, please don't worry! It's fine, like I said, Viola wasn't hurt." Viola let out a cry in response, followed by a light giggle, seeing Blaze. Shine's bag started to wiggle, and seeing how it was placed on the desk the bag would've fallen if she didn't do something. She gasped, grabbing hold of the bag and zipping it open, revealing a Popillo inside. "S-Sorry Ariel..."
  18. Tommy smiled and sat down next to Shine. "Heh. Seems Shock's at least a bit healed. I mean he's moving again." He said, smiling. Then, he saw the Popplio, and smiled. "Heh. A little seal in the bag." He said, and then put his hand over to Viola. He was hoping Viola wouldn't shock him lifeless if he pet her. At least Shock didn't most of the time.
  19. Shine chuckled, "yea. This little rascal wasn't supposed to be here. I thought we were only allowed to bring one Pokemon to school at a time. Looks like I was wrong, seeing you have two Pokemon. Unless your breaking the rules too," she frowned, pulling Ariel out of the bag.

    From the back of the room, a boy sat, "your actually allowed to bring three Pokemon to school at a time. They would allow you more, but then their would be too many Pokemon and too little moving space."

    "Oh, thanks Nova," Shine shouted to the back before petting Ariel. Viola allowed Tommy to touch her, moving her head closer to his hand to make it easier, and show him no worry.
  20. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    Pansage would turn around and would look at Shine “Pansage!” Pansage would call out. Marcus would look over at Shine. “Hm? Pansage, who are you talking to?” He’d ask his partner, seeing Shine. “Oh, hi.” He’d say, smiling at the trainer. “Pan, pan!” Pansage would hop onto Marcus’ head and would mess his hair up. “Pansage!” Marcus would say. He’d grab his partner.
  21. Taking a swift, mental note of the Axew’s discontent, Evelyn decided to take the seat in the far corner of the room away from the doorway and most of the other students. The Axew emitted a few snivels towards his trainer, while curling up in his sling. He attempted to conceal the bandaged area of his head as quickly as he could, since there would surely be some attention if someone were to even have a split second view of him.

    Evelyn took out a book titled: Little Mons and You and turned to the page after the one with the number one-hundred. She carefully read everything on the page, noting a particular part that read, “Remember that some Pokémon are different than others. Some like complete silence, where as others may prefer a cuddle buddy.”
  22. Mo6


    Thomas sighed as he made his way to the "Wait, is that really a High School or a jungle gym?" he stood there for a moment and shook his head "Whatever." he muttered walking in. He stopped and blinked "I'm lost." He looked around and catch a glimpse of the Professor, he flinch "C***..." he looked away immediately and go with the flow of students that looked about his age.

    "Are you a Freshman?" he heard a feminine voice asked, he didn't turned to her because he knew that he wasn't the one she was talking and he was proven correct when another feminine voice stuttered an affirmed answered. He sigh in relief. When he made it in the classroom, he tuned everyone out and just picked a random seat.
  23. Shine turned back around and smiled at the Pansage. "Hello! I like your Pansage! And by the looks of it, I'm assuming your Pansage is male, don't get mad at me for assuming your gender. It's kinda why I prefer Pokemon with gender specific looks, like Viola here. A Pikachu with a bolt shaped tail would be male, while a Pikachu with a curved tip would be female. Not to mention it's curved tip looks like a heart, which is cute," she giggled, getting a bit ahead of herself.

    Nova saw Evelyn, only to realize they were just a seat apart. He saw the Axew, a Pokemon he knew, he and his sister being native to the Unova Region after all. He smiled before reaching into his bag and pulling out a small scetchbook. Quote, his Shiny Zorua lied asleep with his father under their desk, while his female Shiny Rowlett, one he received through trade sat on his desk, fast asleep as well. His Pokemon enjoyed peace and quiet, which was hard for them back in Unova, well, for Quote and Midnight, Angel he received here in Alola. Nova looked back and forth between his book and the Axew before scetching it down.
  24. Tommy smiled. "I read one of the forms. Turns out that you're allowed to have more Pokemon as the year progresses and you get more advanced." He said, and Shock nodded, finally regaining its senses. He pet Violet a bit more. "Your Pikachu is really cute... Reminds me of my brother's Pichu. But that Pichu is a bit more energetic." He said, laughing as he lifted his hand. Blaze mewed from the corner, and Tommy turned to see a small gash in the wall. Tommy sighed. "Blaazze." He moaned.
  25. "Oh really? Looks like big bro Nova was wrong," she giggled. Viola smiled, enjoying a good petting. "Sometimes Viola acts like a cat would and annoys people just to be pet," Shine giggled, grabbing Viola as soon as Tommy removed his hand from her head. Ariel looked over to the gash in the wall and titlted her head in a confused manner before letting out a bork, a pretty loud one at that.
  26. Dylan leaned back in his seat to turn to Nova. "Your her brother? God help you." He said in an exasperated tone while giving a slight nod over to Shine. "I mean, with a name like Shine, expectations need to be lower than anticipated." Dylan said to himself as he brought his seat back down and returned Frost to his ball. Dan was his replacement, mainly because he was awake.
  27. Nova looked up from his scetchbook to look at Dylan. "Yeah, I am." Nova rolled his eyes before returning to his scetch of Axew. "Oh, her name isn't actually Shine, it's just a nickname, like mine being Ace. But if she hears you calling her by her name, she will order Viola to use Thundershock on ya, which won't do much damage. That's why she's training Viola to help her learn Thunderbolt, a stronger move," Nova sighed.
  28. Tommy walked over to Blaze. "You have to stop making gashes in walls to mark your territory! Let's just Hope the- oh, they're not here." He said, looking around. He sat back in his seat, wondering why the teach wasn't there.
    2 Munites Later....
    Suddenly, a man who might look farmiliar to some people walked in. "Hello class! I am Samuel Oak, cousin of Kanto's own Samson Oak!" He said, smiling. Tommy didn't recognize any similarities. But, that's just because he had never met Kanto's Oak. He made a small wave and got his two Pokemon's attentions in check.
  29. Shine frowned, "you should probably get him someone to keep him from doing it. Like a water type. The water type will keep him from making gashes in th wall with threatening water type moves... Like Ariel here~" Ariel borked in response, creating a bubble and hitting it close to Blaze, while clapping.

    When the teacher came in, Shine immediately grabbed Ariel and popped the bubble she was making so she'd pay attention. Nova stopped scetching, and put his book away before paying attention to the teacher. Quote, Midnight, and Angel stayed asleep in plain sight.
  30. The Axew emitted a few quiet whimpers when the teacher came in the room. Evelyn gently scooped the Axew in her arms while keeping him as still as she could. The Axew attempted to slip through his trainer's arms, though it appeared to be that he could easily not figure out what was keeping him comfortably and securely held. His body started to feel awfully warm seconds later, as a speck of draconic energy was quietly coughed out. He continued to firmly clasp his rattle with his right hand while gathering as much energy as his small body could handle.

    Evelyn cradled the Axew in her arms, as the dragon Pokémon looked around the area in hopes of finding an easy way out. Maybe the windows could work, but a prior memory from an drama movie watched a few days ago made him realize that broken glass hurts a lot more than one would think. He could attempt to break through the wall like an all out action movie he saw a week ago with his trainer's cousin. However, even his feeble strength could only get him so far, as an unpleasant time a month back forced him to recall the laughter of various trainers and Pokémon all because he could not break a thin, plastic cup.

    The opened doorway appeared to be a first class ticket to getting out of his nightmare, as the Axew lightly tapped his trainer's right arm and pointed towards the entryway. His trainer looked down at him, while quietly stating, "Look, I understand that you want me to take you out because you don't like being around others, but you need to learn how to get along with everyone else. I'm sorry that you think that you don't fit in, but you should at least try first... and I can always help you out."

    The Axew started to sulk towards his trainer after hearing every word she said, as a tear slid down his face and fell on his sling. Another dropped noticeably quicker than the first, as a faint, rattling noise could be heard from close by. The dragon Pokémon covered his tearful eyes while sniffling repeatedly, as his trainer continued to keep him securely held while thinking, "Should I really ask the teacher if I can go outside... I mean, class is going to start... and it's the first day too! Ugh... I never thought that even the first day could be so hard already!"
  31. Kendar was listening in on some of the conversations taking place around him. The students around him seemed like alright people, so he slowly started to feel more at ease. Rexzy hopped off the table and stood attentively, looking at the door.

    "Someone else coming?" Kendar asked asked his Lillipup.

    "Lil." Rexzy nodded an affirmative and then the teacher walked in. Kendar snapped his attention to this Samuel Oak character. He's heard of Samson Oak from the stories his uncle used to tell him. Yawnimg a bit, Kendar leaned back into his chair and listened for what the teacher had to say.
  32. Damon frowned a little when someone else began talking to Shine but he shook it off and was about to say something. But before he could an adult walked in, someone he assumed to be the teacher. Samuel Oak? He knew the Kanto Oak but didn't realise he had a cousin. Damon could see that this 'Samuel' looked quite alike to Samson Oak. He was now keen to learn and share his own knowledge, hoping to impress the others. Meanwhile, Wayne looked quite content on Damon's lap.
    Damon had taken some slight interest in Ace. His Pokémon seemed to have a unique look to them.
    (I may have just skim read through all these replies so I'm sorry if I missed something D: )
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  33. "Good to see that class settled down nicely. Now, I'd like to get to know you all, so... Hm. Whe have our attendance... Currently here seems to be Tommy, Nova, Shine, Damon, Kendar, Evelyn, Dylan and Marcus. Seems we have a few missing, but class won't wait here!" He said, laughing. Tommy felt his Golden Z-Power Ring. (he has one) He couldn't believe that Hala had let him get this special colored one....
    "Okay class. Would everyone with a Z-Ring please come to the front. I need to see so I can get a glimpse of who or who doesn't have one." He said. Tommy stood up and flashed his Z-Ring to the teacher before going up and causally leaning against the whiteboard, trying not to break down in nervousness.
  34. "Z-Ring?" Kendar muttered to himself, while Rexzy's ears just perched up. He heard of the Z-Rings after coming to Alola, but never actually bothered to find out anything about it. He evidently did not have one, so he leaned back into his chair, looking at the people that stepped up in front.
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  35. "Z-Ring?" Neither did Nova, or Shine have a Z-Ring, but Nova had a full set of Z-Crystals. He had Normium Z through Fairium Z, along with a few special Z-Crystals, such as Pikanium Z. Still, with all these Z Crystals, he never obtained a Z-Ring. He never even thought of using them, just thinking they looked great. Nova reached into his bag and pulled out a small case, said case holding all the Z Crystals he had obtained.

    Shine gasped, "wow, a Z Ring! I didn't know you had one!"
  36. Damon was very unfamiliar with a 'z-ring' and it made him feel stupid. Though seeing Tommy be the only one so far lessened that feeling. Turning to Shine, he asked, "Uh what is a Z-Ring?" Wayne was more curious and leaned forward a little. His eyes were fixed on the shiny object.
  37. Shine looked over to Damon. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "You don't know what a Z Ring is? Boy are you missing out! A Z Ring let's you use Z Crystals, and those Z - Crystals let you use really powerful moves," giggled Shine. Ariel borked, "my brother has a Primarinium Z, but won't let me have it for Ariel, not until she evolves into a Primarina that is," she giggled.
  38. He listened carefully. Leaning over a little, he then asked, "So it's kind of like megastones? Like, you'd have 'Z crystal' for each Pokémon. Or is it for just fully-evolved Pokémon?" He bit his tongue at his words. "Eh, sorry for all the questions, I come from Kalos." And he would think it was obvious from the fact that he had a Froakie as his starter next to the recently obtained Rowlet he hasn't come to know much yet.
  39. Evangeline sighed as she stood outside of the classroom door. She was running late that morning and now class has already started. She would feel awkward if she just suddenly walked in and everybody would just turn around and at her. “ Tsk...how troublesome.” Ignis, her quirky Charmander, on the other hand, was ready to introduce himself to the other Pokemon. He glanced up at Evangeline, frowning because she wouldn't enter the classroom. How would she make any friends just standing there?

    "It looks like I have no choice then..." Evangeline hesitantly entered the classroom. " Excuse my lateness, it won't happen again." She murmured to the class before taking a seat in the back row. Well, that wasn't awkward at all...
  40. "Uhm," she trailed off a bit. "What's a mega stone?" She wasn't very known to the Kalod region, it's Pokemon, it's distinct features and other things about the region. "I'm from Unova, so I'm afraid I don't know much about them, epecially since these mega stones you talk about have never been talked about." She rubbed the back of her head, nervously. Viola laughed, jumping down from the desk and onto the floor, digging into Shine's bag. "What're you doing Viola?"

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