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Open Pokemon Adventures In Kalos!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ThePokemonTrainerGram!11, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. Join anytime and no need to ask! Hope this gets people.

    Make your name board
    So the story begins when four trainers start their journey and Team Flare are up to no good!
    Lysander, the leader is leading Team Flare to capturing Xerneas and Yveltal and will do anything to people and pokemon who get in their way!
    Can these four trainers save Xerneas and Yveltal and the people of Kalos?
    Name: Derek
    Age: 12
    Appearance: Black short hair and green glasses with with light yellow skin. Has blue eyes and red and blue sneakers. Wears a blue pokeball shirt and brown shorts.
    Personality: Nice and friendly to people and loves making new friends! Hate pokemon being abused and people who steal pokemon.
    Backstory: Was raised in Luminoise city and his dad works at a pokemart. His mom died when he was 5 and still misses her
    He would wake up on the floor after a dream of him winning the pokemon league.
    "Ugh.." He said felling tired. Then he remembered he was getting his first pokemon today!
    "Can't wait to meet new people and new pokemon and have awesome battles!" He exclaimed.
    He got up and slipped on his clothes.
    "Bye dad!" he said to his father and he would wave back.

    He burst through the door of the pokemon lab and looked around. Nobody was there yet!
    "I get first pick! Yes! But who else is getting their pokemon today?" He thought about for a while but Prof. Sycamore came or to him and gave me a box with three pokeballs inside.
    "SO AWESOME!" He yelled but he waited for the other trainers to show up.
  2. Name: Gold
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Caucasian, pale, Jet-black hair, wears a purple hoodie & black-rimmed glasses. Blue jeans and a white shirt with two large C's on it, one larger and orangish-red, the other smaller and green.
    Personality: Casual, doesn't get mad easily. Cares for his friends and Pokemon.
    Backstory: Gold is a Pokemon collector who grew up in Hoenn, and since then decided to travel the world. He decided to leave his Pokemon in the care of his good friend in Lilycove city while he makes a fresh trainer's start in Kalos. He figured it would be a good idea to start by making some new friends. His favorite type is Dark. (Note: No relation to the protagonist of Johto with the same name.)

    Gold walked up to the Sycamore lab and opened the door. He walks in, and sees a strange, younger trainer standing and waiting. He was clearly excited. Perhaps he's getting his first Pokemon, today? Gold wondered.

    He walked up to the stranger and said, "Greetings."
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  3. "Hello are you getting your starter too?" He would say excitedly.
    He would look at the boy and would wonder if he was. "Are you? There will be two other trainers not including me coming. Are you one of them?" He would ask.
  4. Name: Sam
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12 3/4
    Appearance: Has green hair with a tank that has Leafeon's Dex number on it.
    Personality: Gets really nervous when girls his age talk to him, loves to make new friends
    Backstory: His Leafeon was stolen by an unknown person (Team Flare Grunt) while on a journey. He was born in Castelia City and lived there for quite a while, until his parents died, and he used up almost all the money he had left to trip to Kalos, because he knew that was where he was going to get his Leafeon back.
    Sam bursted through the door to the Professor's Lab. He saw a trainer who looked about his age and a trainer who was WAY older than him. "Sorry I'm late, Mr. Sycamore. I live a while from here," he said, as he walked up to the capsule where the starters were being picked. He looked at them all. "Fennekin, the fire-type, Froakie, the water-type, and Chespin, the grass-type. Which will you choose?" Professor Sycamore asked, with a raised eyebrow at all of them. "I'll take...Fennekin!" said Sam, grabbing the one on the right. "Let's see who you are, Fennekin!" Sam threw his very first Pokeball, to see one of the cutest Pokemon ever. "Fennekin!" Fennekin said happily. Fennekin climbed up his pants and onto his shoulder, gave him a bunch of licks, and started playing around with Sam's body like a Jungle Gym. "Happy to see you too, Fennekin!" said Sam, happily.
  5. "I am," Gold says, "Made an arrangement with the prof a couple weeks ago, before coming here to Kalos. He told me it was right around the time for a couple other new trainers, and said I ought to meet them."
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  6. "I'll take the leftover," Gold said. "Oh, hi," he said, looking to the green-haired kid, "I'm Gold."
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  7. Name: Camille
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: She has lavender hair with two small buns on each side of her head, violet eyes, and wears a dark, formal-looking jacket with purple outlines and a dark pencil skirt, purple tights, and black heels.
    Personality: She is cold, blunt, and hates anyone who gets in the way of her work, which is being Lysandre's second-in-command next to Xerosic.
    Backstory: She used to be a kind and sweet girl, living with her mom and Delcatty, but something tragic happened that caused her to turn from the good side and ally herself onto Team Flare, becoming Lysandre's second-in-command.

    "Come on, Camille, what are we waiting for? We could be ambushing trainers with better Pokémon, but instead, you insist on getting starters from little kids?" Mable sneered.
    "Pathetic, if you ask me." Celosia looked at Mable.
    "Oh, shut it, you two. Just wait for my signal and once we get what we're after, we get out of here." The lavender-haired girl snapped softly at the two grunts, and hid stealthily in the bushes and trees, waiting for at least one of the new trainers to exit Prof. Sycamore's lab.
  8. Hi. did you still need another person?
  9. You may join if you want.
  10. "Hm....I will choose Chespin!" Prof. Sycamore gives me the pokeball of Chespin.
    "Okay.....go Chespin!" He exclaimed and threw out the pokeball.
    "Ches....Chespin!" Chespin said happily and he hugged my leg. "Cool..." He'd say to himself.
  11. "Oh, hi. I'm Sam. Are you one of the trainers?" Sam would ask. Fennekin would start playfully trying to eat his hair. It hurt a little bit, but he didn't mind. "I guess that leaves you with Froakie." Sam smiled.
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  12. Name: Victor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Dark skin, with low cut blck hair. Brown eyes, wears black jeans, and a blue hoodie, with a big meowth coin design on the back. Blue shoes.
    Personality: Victor is a person who loves adventures, but has only ever dreamed of traveling up until now. He cares deeply for his pokemon and for those he becomes attached to, althou its pretty hadr to see it sometimes, becuase he can be quite reserved most of the time, but that doesn't stop him from trying.
    Backstory: Victor was born in Lavaridge town, with his mom dad and sister running a pokemon daycare. However they moved to snowbelle city in hopes of starting another daycare there. Victor howevere too the oppertunity to finally start his journey.

    The door had opened slowly as Victor walked into the lab. "Hm, so this is what the lab of kalos looks like. Its surprisingly more lively compared to the one in hoenn.....at least from what my sister said.", he said as he looked around. "Oh, people, i wonder if they are new trainers.
  13. "Oh my god, is EVERYONE here older than me?" Sam asked, jokingly. There's no doubt that Sam would be going on a journey with all dudes: That would literally be the best thing ever. Sam tried to contain himself because it would finally be all dudes for him, but he ended up getting just a little bit caffeine. He would have to look up every time they were talking! Except for that one kid over there, who picked Chespin. He got so excited, he spilled out a random fact. "Uh, did you know that Noctowl is ACTUALLY 4'03"?" He screeched, but then he covered his mouth, and luckily, no one noticed because they were all greeting their Pokemon. Sam did a phew! motion. He walked over to the kid who picked Chespin. "Hi. My name is Sam." He smiled, proposing a handshake.

    Admin edit: Be more mindful of your grammar. You RP in PAST tense, not FUTURE tense.
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  14. (To Sam) "Yeah," Gold replied. He turned to the professor, who was holding the last Pokeball, for Froakie. Sycamore said, "This one's all yours, then." Gold held out his hand and took the ball, then tossed it up. Froakie appears in a flash of light.
    "Hey there, Froakie."
    (Turns to the door) "Oh, hello there."
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    Okay, so
    Clearly the lot of you haven't read the rules.

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