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Ask to Join Pokemon: Adventures in Johnto Anime

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Riely Brooks, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. This is my first role play. I will play as Ash and 4 others can create their own characters (At least one girl and one boy, other 2 don't matter) who travel with him. Johnto is a region full of strong Pokemon. Due to the strength of the wild Pokemon and the difficulty of its Pokemon league, it is recommended for trainers who have already been on journeys. Ash finds out about Johnto and decides to go there. He leaves all of his Pokemon except Pikachu and Greninja with Professor Oak and arrives in Peartree Town, "The town where adventures start."
    Character Form (pm me This form filled out and I will either decline or approve you)
    1: Name
    2: Pokemon (if any)
    3: Regions previously traversed
    4: Current town of residence (or current place you are in your travels. Residence can be in Peartree town or the first city which is Spark City, are you could be traveling and currently in one of those places or route 1)
    5: Appearence
    6: Bio (Why did you start your journey, where are you from, how you got any pokemon you have, etc.)

    "We're here. We're gonna win the league this time right Pikachu?" Ash cheered. "Pika pika." Pikachu agreed.

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