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Open Pokemon adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Starry Phantump, Mar 21, 2017.

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  1. Hello this is my first roleplay so don't expect the best. You are a human in an old fort taking care of yourself and your siblings (that's you) with the Pokemon from your time in the wilderness
    This you will have to fill out
    Two Pokemon :(basic Pokemon no OP Pokemon)
  2. Here's in example for mine
    Name:Donovan (preferred) DJ
    Pokemon:Shiny shinx (Jolt)(boy) Sneasel (Thorn)(girl)
    Human appearance Blue goggles lime green hair black sweater blue jeans
  3. Name: Charles
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Two Pokemon: Brownie(Totodile), Rocky( Rockruff)
    Appearance:long, brown and straight hair,dark blue eyes blue,shirt a jean and a dragon type cap
  4. Donovan was gathering up supplies in the makeshift tree house when him and his brothers Pokemon came tumbling through the bushes as Jolt started to cry and Thorn looking irritated (due to our life's in the woods surrounded by Pokemon we've learn to communicate with our Pokemon quite well) as Jolt was sobbing he said "Thorn was attacking us"said Jolt "we were sparring and you decided to run in the middle of our match"Thorn argued angrily. "Hey Charles I could use some help here"as he yelled for his friend.
  5. (OOC: i think we need more people to start but......lets continue)

    your pokemons are so problematic said charles......."you should be like us" Said the pokemon of charles......but thorn has a point "it only was a friendly battle"
  6. Anybody is free to join
  7. thxs ok

    Two Pokemon: Peeko the Pidgeot and Sammy the Sandslash
    Appearance: Wears a Marowak Costume all the time.
  8. As Jolt wiped away his tears Thorn walked up and apologized to his sad friend ,Donovan trying to change the subject "soooooo you almost finished packing Charles we have to set out at dawn tommorow
  9. Oh yeah and check on shadow please we can't leave without her after all she is way more experienced then you and me
  10. Peeko Flew around looking for food while Sammy stood on Peeko's back and looked around to spot any food."Peeko over there!"Sammy Exclaimed as he pointed to a tree filled with oran berries."Shadow wanted Cheri not Oran!"Argued Peeko as he landed on the ground."Well sorry boss!"Growled Sammy as he jumped off Peeko's back and shot him a glare before collecting berries
  11. Shadow sits on a rock and waits for Sammy and Peeko to come back."When will those troublemakers come back?"Shadow asked as she got up from the rock.
  12. in ready but, i dont know where is shadow but,i know she is somewhere................... i found some berrys and a potion
  13. As Shadow got up Peeko flew out of the bushes with Sammy and the berry bag filled with berries.
  14. Jolt began to wander off to look for peeko and Sammy as Thorn began to try and start a battle with rocky"c'mon rocky I need somebody to spar with and Jolt ran off"Thorn as she teased rocky
  15. "Oh thank goodness you guys are ok!"Shadow Exclaimed as she ran up to her pokemon and grabbed the bag."We got what you wanted!"Sammy Said as he smiled."We got you Oran and Cheri!"Peeko Said.
  16. Peeko said he would be right back as he started to fly into the woods and bumped into Jolt.Peeko didn't know it was Jolt and and attacked him."GRR STAY AWAY WILD POKEMON!"Peeko Yelled
  17. Jolt was startled at the Pokemon and due to special fungus in the forest they can cause temporary memory loss as Jolt acted brave as they prepared to fight
  18. "Grr i'll end you.."Peeko Growled before using Skydrop bringing Jolt into the sky."Heh any last words?"Peeko Teased
  19. Being an electric type Jolt unleashed his discharge as electricity sparked around them"I may be a coward but I'm strong YYYYAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!
    As the sparks turned into bolts of lightning
  20. "GAHHHH!!!!!!!"Peeko Screeched as he let go of Jolt."Oh....ouch.....huff..puff at least he will faint from the height i dropped him from."Peeko said before fainting and falling to the ground."PEEKO?!" Sammy and Shadow Exclaimed.
  21. Thorn heard the loud crash of lightning and charged into the forest with her cold icy body the spores of the fungus died upon contact of her body "what did he do this time"as she sighed. Donovan found shadow and asked what happened
  22. "IDK!"Shadow Exclaimed as she grabbed Peeko."GET THE ORAN BERRIES SAMMY WE CAN'T HAVE ANOTHER DEATH!"Shadow command as Sammy ran to the the berries
  23. Thorn came onto the scene as she used her mist attack to immobilize the spores she then proceeded to treat the Pokemon by rubbing frost off her body and onto the Pokemons burn wounds from the shock
  24. "How did they get these wounds"? asked Donovan "they must have been affected by the spores of the fungus and couldn't recognize each other and began a fight"Thorn said in a somewhat worried expression
  25. "I'm Back!"Sammy Exclaimed as he ran to the others with Oran Berries."Good Sam now give them to me please."Shadow Said Calmingly.As Sammy Gave Shadow the berries Peeko woke up pretty angry."WHAT IN THE NAME OF ARCEUS IS GOING ON!"Peeko Yelled.
  26. Jolt woke up and acting like he had seen a ghost and was back to his normal self "what happened"Jolt said in confusion
  27. As Jolt and peeko got ahold of what was going on the whole group ventured out trying to avoid the fungus on they way back however
    "CRAP I forgot I was supposed to battle with rocky"Thorn yelled in a tomboyish like way as Sammy walked up to Thorn and whispered into her ear about battling when they get back home Thorn without hesitation agreed with a ditermined smirk on her face
  28. When they were walkin Sammy has to carry Peeko on his back."Thanks...for carrying me Sammy...'sighs'...."Peeko Said as he was about to fall asleep."No problem Peeko i'll always help my bud."Sammy Sighed.Shadow mumbles something under her breath while they walk.
  29. They finally get and Donovan scolded shadow for not packing his stuff for the journey ahead "what were you doing when I told you to pack your things"he said irritated,"since your the oldest you should act more mature then me and Charles"he sighed as he calmed down "speaking of which where is Charles"?
  30. im here but i not underdstand what happend..... pokemons noy only forgot their memory, and atack anything......................but forgothing the problem we should to go moving

    (OOC: we need to make a discucion for the RP and remeber to dont post in one line or make marry sues)
  31. There you are I found shadow but we ran into a bit of a problem
  32. (OOC:what i say not make one line post or the RP wil be closed)

    well i think we are ready we need to keep going there is a long way behind.................... "let have my battle with torn first i really want to show my power" said rocky..........well y think a battle will not make any problem...... what do you think donovan
  33. Thorn walks up to rocky "Wait YYEEESSS finally while peeko is helping shadow pack we can battle"she stated enthusiasticly as she excitedly ran over to their old dirt battle field
  34. "Well I guess we have time for a battle"Donovan said "but I gotta feeling that were gonna win"he said confidently
  35. We March to the battle field with Thorn and Rocky already in there battle stance "so let's get started"as Donovan prepares to command Thorn for the first attack "Thorn use shadow claw",Thorn charged up to rocky with her claw showing an ghostly aura around it as she slashed rocky sending him back"i'm not holding back"Thorn shouts
  36. "yeah im ready for the battle" said rocky...... i will start with my favorite move.............. ROCK TROW........... a group of flying rocks come to torn
  37. As Thorn was barraged with rocks she counters the attack with ice shard "ahhh" she yelped as her attack missed the rocks and was pummeled with the flying stones "I'm not done yet"she screamed as a mist was released onto the battlefield blinding rocky's vision
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