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Open Pokémon Adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DawnNinetails, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. Hello Everyone! This is an RP for Pokémon characters. Preferably pre-existing ones. If you wanna join just tell us your;

    And anything else you feel you want to add.
  2. Name: Dawn
    Age: 3
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Ninetails
    Type: Fire
    Lvl: 25
    Moveset: Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Quick Attack, Hypnosis.
    Nature: Shy
    Other: Dawn was released by her trainer when she didn't learn the moves her trainer wanted. She's very shy and self conscious. She has the Flash Fire ability so she doesn't take any damage from fire attacks.
  3. The forest was alive with movement as Dawn, a young Ninetails, treaded through the undergrowth. Bug and Grass types were all around her thriving in the lush green surroundings. This place was not her home but she no longer had a place beside her Trainer. All because she couldn't learn the ghost move Confuse Ray. She felt she'd betrayed her human but also that her human had betrayed her. Confused and without a home she walked on, hoping to find a small place of her own to start anew.

  4. Name: jack
    Age: 13
    Gender: male
    Breed: togekiss
    Type: flying
    Lvl: 27
    Moveset: fairy wind, fly,
    Nature: shy
  5. (Welcome. :) feel free to jump in any way, my character is simply wandering around right now.)
  6. (K)
    Jack was flying around when he saw dawn and flew done to talk " h-hi I'm jack who may you be " jack whispered quietly
  7. Dawn jumped in surprise and whirled around to face the new Pokémon. A Togekiss. And he seemed quite friendly. She took a deep breath. "I-I'm Dawn." She said flinching slightly at her own stutter. She wished she was a little braver. She lifted her head so she seemed a little more confident. "Nice to meet you."
  8. Name:Brendan Age:14 Gender:Male Breed:Flareon Type:Fire Lvl:45 Moveset:Flamethrower,Quick Attack,Fire Blast,And Tackle Nature:Agressive Is nice to non mean pokemon Other:Works with team X and got released by trainer for being too nice
  9. (Welcome :). Jump in anyway you feel. And have fun.)
  10. (Ok) Brendan walked and walked and walked around a tree happily and then he saw Dawn "A baby Ninetails? Those things are rare!" He said. He went to go greet himself to it "Hi im Brendan whats your name?" He said in a nice way.
  11. Dawn squeaked in surprise and took a step back. A Flareon? Her ears perked. A fire type. And he seemed so nice too. 'Okay, Dawn.' She thought. 'Be brave. Be confident. Make a friend.' She lifted her head. "I'm D-Dawn!" She began. "N-nice to m-meet you." 'Stuttering isn't confident!' Her mind screamed at her.
  12. Brendan had a sheepish smile on his face "Well you seem nice. I like that"He said in a teenagerish voice
  13. She held back a gasp. She did something right! What was it though? How should she respond? Her mind whirled with so many questions that it became clear she was confused. "I um... fire type...uuuuh" She blurted out. 'Nooo, brain! What are you doing?' She thought helplessly. 'Quick say something! Anything!' "I'm...Dawn..."

    She wanted to smack her head against a tree. 'Way to go. You look crazy.' She stood there very still and very disappointed in herself.
  14. "Hahahahah that was funny! Can you make a joke?" He said in a laughing voice
  15. Dawn relaxed a bit and peered closely at Brendan. He wasn't thrown off by her weird replies? This was good, right? She was about to try and communicate properly when there was a thud beside them. A very large Syther had found them and he looked mad. Very mad. She watched the Bug's blade swing towards Brendan and without knowing if he could fight for himself she leapt forward to push him out of danger, the blade narrowly missing them.
  16. Brendan went mad "WRRRAAHDHHSHHHAAAAAAHHH#!!" He screamed. Brendan hit the Syther with a powerful Fire Blast.
  17. Dawn lay where she landed and stared in both shock and awe. 'He's so strong.' She thought. 'Oh I wish I was that strong.' She jumped up as another Syther dropped down. Without thinking she head butted it into the bushes. She shook her head and groaned turning her attention back to Brendan.
  18. "What level are you?" He said "I wanna know!"
  19. "T-twenty f-five." She squeaked. She shook her head again and stepped close, perhaps too close. "Are you hurt?" She pressed stepping even closer. "Oh if you got hurt... I mean your so strong but still!" She backed off and began to hyperventilate. "I'm not strong enough. That's why..." She shook her head and sighed. 'Stop acting Crazy.' She told herself. "Are you hurt? I think there might be some berries around here..."
  20. "1.Im not hurt and 2.Lets train!" Brendan said confendently.
  21. She tilted her head slightly. She hadn't trained since she was released. Did it work the same without a trainer? She did want to be stronger. She nodded quickly and her tails swayed excitedly. "O-okay!"
  22. "Its not the same heres how it goes. I make dummies and you use some moves on them you level up as you destroy the dummies" He said. Brendan made the dummies and stepped back "There are four. Begin!" He said
  23. She hesitated. He didn't tell her what moves to use. Her trainer always told her. She looked at the dummies. Hypnosis was out, that only works on living creatures. So for the first Dummy she shot a Flamethrower watching for a second as it burned. Then at the second dummy she used Flare Blitz. It was her most powerful attack. It pretty much destroyed the dummy and finally she shot forward and stuck the remaining dummies, she was quite proud of her quick attack. 'It wasn't good enough for my trainer though.' She thought glumly as she landed.
  24. "Four levels up good job!" He said. He remade the four dummies and moved back to the side "BEGIN!"
  25. She was doing good? Quicker this time she repeated her moves. Flamethrower, Flare Blitz and Quick Attack. She couldn't help but smile. She stole a quick glance at Brendan wondering if she was doing well enough.
  26. (I gtg I don't know when I'll be back.)
  27. Jack walk over to Brendan "hey Your jack nice to meet me" real smooth jack real smooth jack is getting ready to fly home after that fail but flinched for some reason
  28. (before I post, am I allowed to be a decidueye? its a new alola pokemon)
    Name: Danyu
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Breed: Decidueye
    Type: Grass/Ghost
    Lvl: 46
    Moveset: Spirit Shackle, Shadow Claw, Grass Pledge, Acrobatics
    Nature: Brave
    Other: Was released by trainer for disobedience
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  29. "Well jack you look pretty strong for a for a Togekiss" He said
  30. There once was a Rowlet. He preferred being independent and hoped to never be caught by a human. Unluckily for him, he was caught. The trainer named him Danyu. Danyu resisted every command at first, but the trainer seemed to care so much, so he listened. He evolved into a Dartrix. Danyu really trusted this trainer. Later, he became Decidueye. But then, the trainer became unruly and cruel. When Danyu couldn't beat a trainer, he was constantly yelled at and smacked. Danyu stayed loyal though, because he believed he could win just once for his trainer. But he never could. The trainer finally released the abused Decidueye, mainly because he was the weakest on the trainer's team. Because of this, Danyu trained and trained and trained, getting stronger and stronger by the day. He vowed to be the strongest Pokémon ever and get his cruel trainer to regret what all he did to him.
  31. Name: Charz
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Breed: Charmeleon
    Type: Fire
    Lvl: 26
    Move set: Flamethorwer,Fire blast,Dragon rage,Dragon claw
    Nature: Cool,Chill,Brave
    Other: Still in the party!
  32. Name: Rose
    Age: 4
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Sylveon
    Type: Fairy
    Lvl: 26
    Moveset: Hyper Voice, Shadow Ball, Psyshock, Calm Mind
    Nature: Naive
    Characteristic: Highly curious
    Ability: Pixilate
    Appearance: The pink fur she has is darkened, so they look almost like a red. Her eyes are a slightly purple color, but still look blue. Other than that, completely normal.
    The old man smiled, petting the Eevee. His life was reaching an end, but he was happy to spend it with his Pokémon partners. Most of his Pokémon were transferred to his children, however, the Eevee the man raised had evolved into a Sylveon, and refused to obey anybody but her master. She ran off, looking for him; thinking he was out in the forest, somewhere.

    Rose ran off, deep into the forest. It wasn't too far away. Master lives right near a forest full of Pokémon! I'm sure he's there! He's waiting for me, she Sylveon dashed off, and the young trainers stood there and watched. Rose had gotten far off into the forest, and she was lost, but she didn't care. I know he's here! Looking around, Rose saw no humans in sight. Then, the realization hit her. She had gotten lost in the forest! Laying next to a bush, she took in her surroundings. Everything seemed a nice, lush shade of green, and trees were scattered around. Bug and Grass type Pokémon seemed to thrive here, with the common Ratata and Pidgey. She wasn't low levelled, in fact, she was a higher level than most of the weaker Pokémon around her. But, all of the fights she had been in were just tests. They seem to friendly to attack me. Laying down near a berry bush, she picked up a couple of berries and laid down.
    (I didn't want to double-post so I combined the form and RP in this post!)
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  33. Name: Dillan
    Age: 20
    Pokemon: Dhelmise
    Type: Ghost Grass
    Ability: SteelWorker
    Level: 50
    Moveset: Anchor Shot, Brutal Swing, Rapid Spin, Earthquake
    Nature: Relaxed
    Characteristic: Likes to fight
    Appearance: It looks identical to all dhelmise except that it has a blue eye instead of orange
    Other: Youngster Joey caught him and he hated that. He did nothing but attack Joey in battle. It got so bad, Joey had to release him. Only problem is that he was released in somewhere in Kanto. He then Journeyed for a while until he got here.

    Dillan Swam through a stream until he saw something that caught eye. He thought he was back at Seafolk Village, but he was very wrong.
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  34. "Ah, home sweet- Wait a second, this isn't Seafolk Village, this isn't anywhere near it. I must of taken a wrong turn in the sewers. Oh well."

    Dillan went into a forest. All of the pokemon there just stared at him as he passed. he then proceeded to bushwhack the area using Brutal Swing. He then accidentally hit a pokemon.
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  35. Name: Juniper
    Age: 9
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Eevee
    Type: Normal
    Moveset: Tackle and Growl
    Nature: Jolly
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  36. Name:Aura
    Moveset:Close Combat,Bullet Punch,Bone Rush,Ice Punch
  37. Name: Piky
    Age: 5
    Gender: Male
    Breed: Pikachu
    Type: Electric
    Lvl: 5
    Moves: Tail Whip, Thundershock And Growl (Worst Moves Ever.)
    Nature: Careful
    Appearance: Looks Like He Is A Normal Pikachu But Is Usually On 4 Feet. Has A Blue Scarf On Like In Mystery Dungeon.
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  38. Piky was walking to the Kalos berry farm (If You Played X Or Y You Know Where I Mean. If Not Look It Up At Bulbapedia.) to pick, water and plant some berries. I hope I remembered to plant PLENTY of oran berries! Piky thought. "Plenty of oran berries? Nope." He said as he saw many bug pokemon buzzing near the berry trees. "Yummy!" The Caterpies And Weddles And Various Other Bug Type Pokemon Said. Piky Gets Very Annoyed If His Berries Are Picked By Anyone BUT Him. Or Eatten By Anyone But Him And His Friends. "Thundershockkkkkkkkkkk!" Piky said as he used thundershock.​
  39. Name:Jolt
    Moves:Quick attack,thunder fang,Double kick,tackle
    Apparence:jolteon with Black fur

    Jolt was sleeping when he recieved the piky thundershock and woke up "what happened?"
  40. Name: Marwan
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Breed: Noivern
    Type: Dragon, Flying
    Lvl: 49
    Moveset: Supersonic, Hurricane, Air Cutter And Boomburst
    Nature: Adamant

    He Was Flying Around The Forest Until He Saw A Ninetails, Flareon And Togekiss
    He Flies Down To Them But Doesn't Land He Stays Flying In The Air
    He Sees That The Ninetails Was Attacking Some Dummies
    He Stays Flying Above Them Interested In What Might Happen Next
    He Hopes That They See Him Cause He Feels Like He Wants To Train
    He Will Introduce Himself When They See Him But Now He Waits

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