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Ask to Join Pokemon Adventure with Finlay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Gpig5, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Here's the discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-adventure-with-finlay.15907/#post-418585

    Finlay was up bright and early in his hometown Veilstone City and was attending to his summer job of cleaning the Veilstone Gym, such as the battlefield and repairing any damages that occur during battles...which is a lot. Finlay and Maylene also became quite close friends, despite her being his boss. He lives with his Mum a couple of streets away from the gym so it wasn't to much hassle for him to get to work every day. It was his 17th birthday very soon and his dream was to be able to get the opportunity to go his very own journey, trainers often start theirs on their 10th birthday but he couldn't since his family was in a bad financial situation so he had to work. His Dad went missing around 8 years ago during his work, he got declared MIA as he was the Head of the National Police Department and attended to a terrorist threat but never returned. Despite every other policeman and counter terrorist being found safe and sound. This made Finlay the ever more determined to go his journey to find his Dad but, for some unknown reason, the police department no longer provided the financial aid that the Father would normally receive and to the family. So they had to resort to everyone getting jobs and postponing their dreams.

    Finlay had just finished his shift at the gym and made his way back to his house. He walked in and sat down on the sofa in the lounge as he let out a sigh of relief. Finlay waited for his Mum to get back so he started to cook dinner and put on the news. He poured in water to boil and some pasta in afterward, he briefly stirred as some words from the news broadcast sharply caught his attention.

    "There are multiple of reports of people in Ever Grande City, collapsing and going unconscious after having a Pokemon battle with an unknown suspect."
    Finlay sharply turned to the television with a concerned look and was oblivious to the fact that his wooden spoon wasn't in the pot but he continued to so a stirring movement with it as he remained fixed to the TV.

    "Witnesses say that trainers have heated battles with a hooded figure. However, when these trainers lost, they immediately collapse to the floor and lose consciousness. None of them have regained consciousness yet and it is unclear if they ever will ever wake up from it. This is Fennekin News reporting from Ever Grande City,"

    Finlay blankly stared at the television as it did some other boring reports following the shocking one. Finlay jumped as the door slammed. The startled teen turned to the front door to see his mother.
    "Sorry I'm late, how are you, honey?" Finlay's Mum said. "Beauti!" "Torch!" Beautifly and Torchic chirped as they followed Finlay's Mum inside and ran to Finlay to greet him. "Hehe, hey guys. I'm alright Mum." Finlay replied as he focused back to the pasta and started to dish it up. He placed the two plates on the dinner table in the nest room and sat down and waited for his Mum. Finlay's Mum fed Beautifly and Torchic and sat at the dinner table with Finlay. There was a brief moment of silence as they just wanted to eat.

    "Hey Finlay, look at the time," Finlay's Mum said smiling. Finlay glanced over at the analog clock on the wall beside to show that it was 5 minutes past midnight. "It's your birthday!" Mum cheered. Beautifly and Torchic ran into the room holding a cake and Beautifly placed the cake on the table. Finlay chuckled at the sudden celebrations that caught him off guard. He would show more appreciation and joy but he was rather exhausted from work today and everyone understood that. His mother pulled out a gift card for the superstore that was in Veilstone. Finlay had a heartwarming smile as he appreciated every gift he got given. Finlay thanked the group and proceed to hug everyone in thankfulness.

    Their mini party came to an abrupt end as a loud knock came from the front door. The group glanced at the clock once more to double check the time, the fact that it wasn't that long past midnight made them all the more confused and curious as to who knocked on their door at this time. Finlay's Mum proceeded to approach the door and look through the peephole. She then didn't hesitate to open the as she realized who was on the other side. It was Maylene!

    "Oh wow, what a pleasant surprise! what are you doing here?" Finlay's Mum asked. "Well I was passing by and I was going to wait until the morning to drop off my present for Finlay, but since I could hear your cheers from out here I thought I might as well do it now," Maylene explained. Maylene held two separate bags which seemed to be quite heavy from the contents of it. Maylene lifted the bag and handed it to Finlay. "Woah, th-thank you so much Maylene," Finlay stuttered. He happily accepted the bag and blindly reached inside and pulled something out. It seemed to be a red box that opened and had a screen to it, showing similarities to a small computer. It took a moment for Finlay to process what it was that he was given. He glanced inside of the bag and saw a pile of Pokeballs. Finlay's jaw dropped and he looked back and forth of his Mum and Maylene.

    However, reality hit him as he knew he couldn't accept this because of the situation he was in. He placed the Pokedex back in the bag and held the bag back towards Maylene. Before Finlay deny the generous gift, Maylene pushed the bag back towards Finlay. "Hah! Here's the catch. I contacted Professor Rowan and told him about you so he sent me these items to give to you. I also mentioned about the situation you have at the moment and he is offering you an apprenticeship, and you will be able to go on your journey. I will also be continuing to pay your wage for a few more months as well," Maylene said will a beaming smile, as she seemed to be pretty overjoyed to be able to give this to Finlay and his family. There was a moment that Finlay and his Mum did nothing as they processed what Maylene just said. It then ended with an emotional cheer and a group hug.

    Everyone went to bed and Maylene returned home. Morning arose and everyone sharply jumped out of bed and Finlay was doing last minute preparations before Rowans' aid arrived. Finlay glanced over and noticed a bag that was sitting on the side. Finlay recognized the bag as the second that Maylene was holding last night. I guess that she forgot to hand it to Finlay and just left it here for him to get it in the morning. Finlay noticed a note stuck to it and so he read it before looking at the contents of the bag.

    "Dear Maylene,
    This is very important. I need you to hand this to Finlay the moment he turns 17 and is able to go on his journey, contact Professor Rowan if you need to get the necessary equipment for him to achieve that. I will be eternally grateful and I hope that we meet again soon. Sincerely ET,"

    Finlay squinted his eyes in confusion as to what ET stood for and what this message meant. He looked inside the bag and inside was an Incubator that had a very pale purple coloured Pokemon egg inside of it. Finlay stepped back in shock as to what it was. However, he noticed the time and he was cutting it close to being late. He closed the bag again, put it on his back and proceeded to rush out and headed to the Veilstone Gym. He waited at the gym beside the aid as they were expecting some other trainers before they could start their journeys.

    (sorry about the long intro :))
  2. Akira had wondering the pitch black veilstone streets all night long in search of the veilstone city gym. Professor rowan had contacted him about this he'd asked him to go travelling around with a group of fellow trainers but what he forgot to mention was the street the meet up spot was at. So for what felt like an eternity he had been roaming the pitch veilstone city streets for somewhere to stay along with the veilstone gym. But now directly ahead of him he could just about make out the veilstone and two people sat in front of the gym, clearly they waiting for someone or a group of people.
  3. OOC: @Tlord22 its morning at this point.

    BIC: Finlay noticed someone wandering around, seeming a bit clueless with where they were going. Finlay turned to the aid and directed him to the lone trainer. "Oh, there's one of them now. Hey! Over here!" The aid yelled at the lost trainer.
  4. Akira turned to notice the pair of people shouting to him from the gym. Akira aproached the pair and spoke " Good day to you all my name is Akira kurogani it's truly a peasure to met you both."
  5. Finlay was taken back by the way Akira spoke. It was hard to tell if he was that sincerely excited to meet himself and the aid or he was just polite and well spoken. Anyway, it would be unfair to judge him too much just from first sight. Finlay stood up and approached Akira. "Nice to meet you, Akira. My name's Finlay. Are you here meeting here also?" Finlay asked the newcomer. Finlay was relieved that a person that was relatively older as well, was also coming. So he wouldn't feel the only late bloomer when it comes to becoming a trainer.
  6. "ya, I am little mate and I know what your thinking I'm a bit old to be starting a journey now but I'm used to it." spoke Akira in a well manured voice. he held back his fists to punch the aid for not giving him a map. However all he could think about was the variety of dark types that he would find out about in the world as he travelled even in the mountains he'd only seen houndoom's and houndour's buthis goal was now clear find as many dark types as he could and become a dark gymleader.
  7. The aid checked his poke gear to read a message he had received. He raised an eyebrow and slightly nodded his head as if the text contained some orders for him. He put his Pokegear away and turned to Finlay and Akira. "Well, it seems that this is everyone that we're going to wait for it seems. I'm afraid I'm going to have to just come out and give the bad news bluntly," The aid said.

    Finlay squinted at the aid as he didn't expect to be given bad news at a time like this. "You guys are going to have to travel to Sandgem Town yourselves, in order to prove yourself worthy to Professor Rowan," The Aid explained before saying his goodbyes and leaving. "Wha-!? What!" Finlay exclaimed in confusion. His stomached dropped as he tried to think of how he was going to make it to Sandgem when he didn't even have a Pokemon with him to protect himself with.

    Finlay turned to Akira, hoping that he had a solution to their situation. "Ummm....well. I don't have a Pokemon. So I'm a bit useless, but I do have an egg, which may hatch soon, well I don't know how long it will take since I just got given it. Do you have a Pokemon yet?" Finlay asked.
  8. Akira wasn't surprised at Finlay's remark about not having a pokemon as he had seen the egg in his bag and the fact he had no pokeballs on his belt. But he really was surprised that they needed to go all the way to sangem town all on there own and look for pokemon whilst also making sure that Finlay was safe. Akira stood up and felt worried about the guys safety and he spoke "dude don't worry about it but that's for me to know and you to find out about my young friend I'm sure you'll be fine."
  9. "I do have Pokeballs in my bag, which are empty, perhaps I could try to catch a Pokemon myself. It will just...be a bit difficult." Finlay said as he pulled out one of the empty pokeballs out of his bag. He looked in his bag and looked at the incubator with the egg inside and noticed a very small crack at the tip of the egg with the occasional twitch. Showing major signs of it hatching soon.
    "Well, maybe I won't be by myself for as long as I thought. Hey, should we travel together, to Sandgem at least, since we're both beginners. We can help each other out along the way," Finlay suggested to Akira.
  10. Akira pondered in thought at the statement he really wasn't sure but one thing came to mind the guy needed help for a while at least so he chose to help him. Then he turned to Finlay and spoke with a voice as sweet as butterflies "ya sure at least then it won't be lonly and I'll have someone to talk to if I ever am in need of advice from someone I can just ask you about it."
  11. Finlay smile grew as Akira agreed with the suggestion. "Yeah, exactly. It'll mainly be beneficial for both of us," Finlay looked up at the sky and noticed that it wasn't midday yet. "We should probably head off as soon as possible, so we can make as much distance as we can before sundown," Finlay then pulled out his pokegear and looked at a map of Sinnoh. "Hmm...it seems if we head to Solaceon Town and then south to Hearthome City. We'll cut through Mt.Coronet and reach Oreburgh City and then reach Sandgem Town via Jubilife," Finlay then sighed as he realized how much hard work this trip is going to be. Finlay looked up at Akira with a nervous smile. "Should we head off then?" Finlay then nervously chuckled.
  12. James arrived in the Sinnoh Region seeing the two trainers take off near the Mt. Coronet Cave, and followed them. He greeted them. "Hello, i'm James Ningst. I arrived here shortly and I was wondering if I could travel with you." He said, with Penny on his shoulder and he also put his hands in his pocket, blushing a little bit. James looked a bit embarrassed.
  13. Finlay was kind of startled by the random appearance from James. "Umm...sure. The more the merrier I guess. Are you a new trainer as well?" Finlay asked.
  14. James shook his head no. "Actually i'm from Unova, and my Emboar is back at home, so these are my Pokemon." James sent out Maggie the Magby, Zano the Growlithe, and Penny the Larvesta. "These are my fire-types....so...how about we go off?"
  15. Finlay was in awe of the fire type Pokemon that James seemed to nonchalantly show off. Finlay ignored the request to get going and approached the Pokemon and scanned them all with his Pokedex. "Wow, these Pokemon are amazing, I only really grew up around fighting type Pokemon and a select few other Pokemon," Finlay added.

    (OOC: Uploaded a new vid and it is awesome XD shameless plug. You don't need to watch if you don't want to.
  16. "fire types aren't the best I myself prefer dark types which is why I dislike fighting types"spoke Akira in his usual calm voice and as he put on a vibrant green hat "Akira kurogani by the It's truly a pleasure to met you my good sir but please do keep that magby away from me as in the past I have had bad experience's with magmar's and magmorter's."
  17. "Then you're not gonna like me very much then," Finlay joked in response to Akira. "Anyway let's go," Finlay said as he gestured everyone to hurry and started heading towards route 215.
  18. "Finlay slow the hell down dude we have a long trip no use wasting your energy." spoke Akira he chased after Finlay. Then it came into sight towering above all of the buildings mount coronet the largest mountain in sinnoh, It's sheer size embedding into your mind. Then once more Akira yelled "anyway we climbing that thing or is there a tunnel that we go through."
  19. "I'm pretty certain that there's a tunnel in route 215 which will take us to Mt. Coronet and Oreburgh City. I've been in it, though, since I haven't really had a reason too," Finlay explained. He felt some movement in his bag. He carefully placed the bag on the floor and opened it to see that his egg was hatching! "Oh my Arceus! It's hatching!" Finlay cheered and jumped in joy. He took the egg out of the incubator swiftly but carefully and stepped back as he watched the incredible sight unfold.

    The egg cracked a couple of times before it started to glow immensely. It changed shape from the usual egg oval shape to the outline of the Pokemon it'll become. After a minute or so, the hatching finished and what was left was a baby Tyrogue sleeping on the floor. Finlay jaw dropped as this was his ever first Pokemon. Finlay carefully picked up the Tyrogue and held him in his arms.

    Tyrogue slowly opened his eyes and awoke from his slumber. He turned to Finlay who was holding closely to his chest. "Ty..." Tyrogue whispered before gripping Finlay's jacket, getting more comfortable in Finlay's arms and falling asleep again.

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