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Pokémon Adventure sign-ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Splashfur, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. So basically you're a trainer on an adventure. Here's the form for your character:

    Main Pokémon:
    Other Pokémon(limit 6 including main):
    Trainer level(still in school, just out of school, beginner, seasoned, master, champion):
    Other info(optional):

    Here's mine:
    Name: Lucy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Personality: sweet and smart. She really cares about everyone and all Pokémon, especially the "pathetic" ones no one wants
    Appearance: light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, blue T-shirt, grey miniskirt and tennisshoes. Small backpack like Misty's for her stuff and a pink cardigan
    Main Pokémon: Eevee
    Other Pokémon: Spearow
    Level: just out of school

    Rp is here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-adventure.16844/
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  2. Name:Max
    Personality: cheerful,sweet caring and somewhat childish
    Appearance:blue eyes,blue T-shirt with a pokeball on it,and a grey backpack,tan shorts,green tennishoes,and brown hair
    Main Pokémon: shiny Eevee named Charmy,female
    Other Pokémon: none yet
    Trainer level: just out of school
    Other info: prefers traveling in a group
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  4. Accepted!
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  6. Name: Shane
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black spiky hair, black jacket, white t-shirts, Black jeans, Red sneakers, dark brown eyes, Necklace with crescent moon on the end, slightly tanned.
    Personality: Quite, cold hearted, adventurous, smart, optimistic and loyal.
    Main Pokémon: Shiny Zorua
    Other Pokémon: Noibat
    Trainer level: Just out of school
    Other info: Doesn't like big groups or crowds.
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  7. You're good!
  8. Can we post in the RP now?
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  10. Name: Gabe
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Personality: Gabe is pretty determined when it comes to goals. He believes that he can do anything if he just believes. He also likes puns, and is pretty optimistic about most situations.
    Appearance: Gabe has short combed Brown Hair, and wears a Blue Short Sleeved shirt. He has Black Shorts, and Green Shoes. He is pretty pale, and wears Sunglasses.
    Main Pokémon: Chatot (Chatter)
    Other Pokémon: Teddiursa (Teddy)
    Trainer level: Beginner
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  11. Accepted!
    ??? You could post anytime. Your profile is approved = you can start
  12. Please consider letting me join. Thank you, kindly.
    Cylin Tenus Enzo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Personality: Bold and stern, but can be playful at times.
    Appearance: Has a Brown-ish light hair color, brown eyes, black cape (Hangs over shoulders.) and purple jogging pants with a grey T-Shirt.
    Main Pokémon: Vigoroth--Referred to as Ekko, male.
    Other Pokémon: Raticate--Slint, male and a Furret--Nully is her name.
    Trainer level: Mediocre at best. Has been trainer for 4 years.
    Other info: Cylin has always wanted to be a Normal-type gym leader, seeing as his brother, was always proficient in everything-a jack of all trades. Exceeding Cylin in most things he attempted. But when he received his first Pokemon, he had beaten his brother in battle. With his first Pokemon being Slakoth, he felt destined to be a Normal type-master.
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  13. Accepted! You can join!

    EDIT: you're good now
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  14. ok, correct me if I'm wrong, but you started roleplaying before your profile was approved. I'm sorry, but in finding out this information, you must be banned from the roleplay if you do not delete any posts in the rp itself you made before your profile was approved.

    Also, you were using future-tense and past-tense at the same time. The PokéCharms rules clearly state only to use one tense.
  15. Name: Robby
    Gender: male
    Age: 17
    Personality: typically quiet at first, but opens up the more you get to know him. kind and caring of others.
    Appearance: brown curly hair, blue eyes, 5"10-5"11. Khaki jeans, wears plain colored t shirts, dark blue converse.
    Main Pokémon: Sableye (Gem, male)
    Other Pokémon: Salazzle (Mercury, female), Mawile (Delilah, female) Swampert (Chaos, male)
    Trainer level: Typical trainer; has the needed and necessary Pokemon knowledge. Training since 12, not in school.
    Other info(optional): Originally from Hoenn and has collected 5 of 8 badges in that region; currently taking a break to reconnect with his team and to make them stronger
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  16. Name:Hax
    Personality:Energetic, kind of a Sore Loser, and Kind
    Appearance: Black shirt and pants, a purple hat, and blue eyes
    Main Pokemon: Haunter
    Other Pokemon: Staravia and Poliwhirl
    Trainer Level: Seasoned
    Other Info: 3rd place in Sinnoh League
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  17. forgot. gender is male
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  18. Accepted!!!
  19. @Zakiboi my character is in the Pokemon center
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  20. Name: Karrid

    Gender: Male, but questionable

    Age: 15

    Appearance: He is always seen in red and black loose clothing, never seen without a flowing jet black cape that just reaches his ankles. The cape has an inbuilt hood that shadow’s his head making his face barely visible. A brilliant light blue eye peeps out from the darkness of his face. Both his hands and feet are concealed by jet black gloves and boots. Both have seen much wear but are taken care of quite well. At his waist is a black utility belt. On the left side of the belt are an assortment of Dusk balls, small pockets that contain Potions, small explosives, empty Dusk balls, and a holster with nothing inside. On the right, there’s nothing other than a mysterious hilt. A passed down treasure and weapon from long ago.

    Personality: Has a cold heart, has a burning hate for other people but has a soft spot for Pokemon. Especially Ghost or Dark types. He shows no emotion in his conquests and will do anything to achieve them. He does not know mercy, compassion, love, or happiness though he did know them a long time ago. He does not respond positively to physical touch and reacts violently. If anyone were to say something that would remind him of his past, he would react with verbal anger. He is determined, loyal, and clever, but his is also sneaky, unhonest, and quick to anger.

    Pokemon: A male Gengar named “Reaper”
    Others: Umbreon (Equinox), Chandelure (Final Flicker), Banette, (Lillith), Weavile, (Frostbite)

    Trainer Lvl: Seasoned, fights alongside them in battles instead of stand in the back and shout orders.

    Info: Taken away by scientists from his friends and family at a young age and was experimented on. Exposure to radiation during one experiment, resulted in his genes mutating and a stone cold heart and hate for humanity.
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  21. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Name: Parker
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Personality: Cool and collected, usually very calm. Easily comes up with strategy, but if they fail or backfire he completely loses his cool. Very kind to his friends, but can seem cold and distant to strangers. Loves his pokemon and is aiming to be the champion of his home region.
    Appearance: Medium length black hair and brown eyes. Wears a black tee shirt with a grey and black button-up over it and black jeans. Can't see anything without his glasses.
    Main Pokémon: Empoleon (Admiral)
    Other Pokémon: Bisharp (Centurion) Garhcomp (Colonel) Klefki (Private) Steelix (King)
    Trainer level: Seasoned
    Other info: Really likes seafood, can't talk to girls he doesn't know without getting flustered.
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  22. Accepted!
  23. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Sweet, thanks! I'll be looking for somewhere to come in!
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  24. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Name: Kyle Jones
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Personality: Always ready to help a friend in need. Pretty shy near new people but he opens up when he's get to know them. He isn't gonna stop any adventure until he makes it into the big league. Competitive in battles. Studies many different pokemon types and strategies to figure out the best in each situation.
    Appearance: Wears a orange and black zip-up hoodie, black jeans, black and white hat to cover his hair and two scars, gray shoes, and a green and gray backpack. He has pale white skin, gray eyes, and is average height.
    Main Pokemon: Treecko (Male)
    Other Pokemon: Snivy (Female)
    Trainer Level: Seasoned
    Other Info: Spent a summer in Unova when he was nine. Found an abandoned snivy, he tried to take her home but she wouldn't let him until she figured out her trainer isn't coming back. Kyle got Treecko when he was eight they became friends right at the start they'd play outside and play for hours. Kyle is originally from Hoenn and he is aiming to be the Champion in his and other regions as well. Kyle went to the Unova, Hoenn, and Kalos leagues and came in second in all of them.
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  25. Accepted!
  26. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Thank You! :)
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  27. It's much appreciated.
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  28. Name: Albert
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Personality: Easygoing but Introverted
    Appearance: Tall with black hair and brown eyes.
    Main Pokémon: Mienshao
    Other Pokémon: Noivern, Doublade, Lapras, and an egg (not sure if that counts)
    Trainer level: Seasoned, having participated in the Kalos league, but lost.
    Other info:
  29. Accepted!
  30. Name: Lime takashimi
    Gender: male
    Personality: loves Pokémon but can be shy with people.
    Appearance: 5'1", always wears an orange hoodie with hood down, blue jeans, and a bag with a orange pokeball design on the side with one strap. Black hair.
    Trainer level:beginner
    Main Pokémon: Sandshrew
    Other Pokémon: all of them are at Sycamore's lab. So none yet.
    Other info: Mother died to an evil team and father is part of team flare. Was raised by sycamore since he was 8
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  31. What region does this RP take place in
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  32. Accepted!
    I don't know.
  33. It could be a new region,or any of the regular regions
    I don't know either ;_;
  34. I only know layous of Kanto, Johto and Alola...

    How about the Alola reigon? Kanto/Johto woukdn't make sense...
  35. That would be best, probably
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  36. Thank you so much!
  37. Ummm... what?
  38. @Sandshrewschooler change your post Darkrai is ledgendary no ledgendary pokemon without permission of administrator you'll get the thread banned
  39. Oh right I forgot about the legendary rule

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