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Open Pokemon Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Crystal1302, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Before we start here are the rules

    -No mary sues
    -No Legendaries
    -No Profanity
    - No megas
    - No OP
    - Only can start with a maximum of 3 pokemon
    - No spams
    -One lined Posts
    -Must fill out pokemon information using template after catching new ones
    Here is how you introduce yourself


    (Fav Food)
    Pokemon (Optional)
    (Fav Food)
    Pokemon (Optional)
    (Fav Food)

    Here is Mine

    Name: Luna
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Pokemon : Zorua
    Gender: Female
    Personality: A Prankster
    Likes: Fun, Roller Coasters
    Dislikes: Quiet, Water,
    Fav Food: Tomato Berries
    Pokemon: Eevee
    Nickname: Vivee

    Gender: Male
    Personality: Outgoing
    Likes: Heated Battles
    Dislikes: Loud Noises
    Fav Food: Ice cream
    Personality: Outgoing and Artistic
    Dream : To Make Friends With pokemon all over the world
    Likes: Painting and Taking Photos
    Dislikes: People Who Mistreat their pokemon
    Appearance: Long Dark Brown Hair with a pink pokemon baseball cap light pink tee shirt with blue jeans (think Hilda from B/W)

    After checking into the academy Luna made her way over to the dormitory on the academy's campus. She walked into her room and sat on her bunk bed. "Vivee and Shadow, Come on out!".
    "Vee" Eevee exclaimed cheerfully. "Ra" said Zorua" tiredly . "Do you two want to look at the pictures I took arou-?" Immediately Shadow fell asleep. "I'll take that as a no". said Luna dissapointed. *Knock Knock* "Oh that must be my roomate" Luna said while going to the door".
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  2. Name: Keir
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14. He is older, due to skipping class to paint, which ended up getting him held back.
    Pokemon: Corsola
    Nickname: Miseno
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Miseno is a clumsy, shy kind of Pokemon. He's afraid of everything, but feels best traveling alongside Keir.
    Likes: Miseno's interests lie in watching the stars and traveling the world, seeing everything it has to see.
    Dislikes: Miseno dislikes water, despite being a water type. He also dislikes the sun, as well as embarrassment.
    Fav Food: Leppa Berries.
    Pokemon: Kecleon
    Nickname: Trix
    Gender: Female
    Personality Trix usually causes trouble, almost never gets caught due to its disappearing act. She loves the thrill.
    Likes: Trix loves causing trouble and pranking people. She also has an unusual flair for baking and parkour.
    Dislikes: Trix dislikes being caught, as well as tripping at parkour.
    Fav Food: Kricketots
    Pokemon: Honchcrow
    Nickname: Darce
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Darce is a mysterious Honchcrow. She often hides, but loves exploring and finding new things.
    Likes: Darce loves exploring with Corsola and flying everywhere without a care.
    Dislikes: Getting lost
    Fav Food: Wurmples
    Personality: Keir is a simple guy. He loves painting, water, and has a passion for reptilians. Oh, and he loves traveling. Hiking, the breeze hitting his face, and the smell of fresh rain and mud. Keir is artistic and can paint with everything, from mud to ketchup to melted candy! It has gotten into trouble, as he has served several detentions for "defacing property". Most of the time, he's oblivious, in his own world of art. He's optimistic and hopeful, despite his faults. Unfortunately, he finds himself unsure and self-concious about simple things. Along with a bad sense of time that gives him detentions for being late, Keir is easily manipulated. But he has a lot of heart.
    Dream: To travel across the world!
    Likes: Painting, aquatic things, reptilians, and traveling
    Dislikes: tripping, people getting mad at him, and the idea of death.
    Appearance: Keir is a lanky little asian-caucasian. He has simple coarse, inky black hair to his ears, as well as small, watery green-blue eyes as well as a face dotted with acne. His hands are calloused from the small amount of hiking he gets to do, and his hands also almost always have some form of ink smeared on them. He usually wears a hoodie, usually with a painted face on the hood. He wears a different one everyday.
    (dear god this took forever)
    Keir strolled out of his dorm confidently.
    Today was already lucky: he'd woken up to see only one small pimple! Seeing as his face was often riddled with the stuff, one small one wasn't a big deal. After throwing on a black hoodie with a dragon hood and his usual jeans, he was ready.
    Keir raced down the hall to one of his friends dorms. He did the signature secret knock, as he did every morning, before realizing something terrible.

    'Crap... He moved out last week..." He thought worriedly, hoping they wouldn't answer.
  3. Name: Zen Kurali
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Pokemon: Riolu
    Nickname: Ryu
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jolly nature; determined/doesn't give up easily; (WIP)
    Likes: spending time with Zen; battling; winning; (WIP)
    Dislikes: bullies; losing; (WIP)
    Fav Food: N/A
    Personality: kind; somewhat of a hothead (he's been working on it); sometimes awkward; determined; (WIP)
    Dream: to make many friends, and to become a somebody
    Likes: eating; battling; making friends; spending time with Ryu; (WIP)
    Dislikes: bullies; losing; (WIP)
    Appearance: #F8AE91 skin tone; unzipped dark grey hoodie with white undershirt; black jeans; black white-toed shoes; yellow eyes; medium-long slightly-spiked hair (I'm sorry all of this seems half-assed (pardon my profanity) xD)

    Once he got his room key and number, Zen continued towards the dorms. He walked down the hallway, counting the dorm numbers as he went along until he stopped at his dorm. "Ah, here we are!" He said, knocking on the door to find out if anyone was in there or not. After a while of waiting and no answer, he tried the doorknob, and sure enough, it was locked. He took his key and unlocked the door, stepping inside and breathing in the fresh dorm room smells. "Alright, Ryu. Come on out!" He quietly exclaimed, pulling out a Pokeball and watching as it popped open to reveal a Riolu, who entered with a cheer. "Take a look around you, Ryu. Breathe in that fresh scent. Become accustomed with your surroundings, because this is where we're staying." He told him, sounding relieved that he was finally there after such a long drive.

    Some time later, Zen had already unpacked his things and, frankly, was ready to take a nap. He walked over to the couch, where Ryu was, and took a seat on it, but as soon as he did so, he heard an oddly-patterned knock on the door. Laughing in irony that he just finished everything, he got up and went over to the door to answer it, opening it and starting with, "Hello?" He looked at the person wearing a hoodie, who looked like he had knocked on the wrong door.
  4. Luna answered the door but no one was there. "Come on guys, let's go to the park" suggested Luna. "Back to the ball you two" commanded Luna. *Zzzaappp*. After walking through the park she found some Ratatta and Beedrill surrounding and attacking a wild Pichu. She quickly jumped behind a bush. "All right let's go Shadow and Vivee!" shouted Luna. "Now Vivee use Swift, Shadow use Dark Pulse!" Luna commanded. After the Ratatta and Beedrill got hit by the attacks She grabbed the Pichu and she rushed to the on campus Pokemon Center. "You will be okay little guy".
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  5. Name: Kat Blano
    Gender: female
    Age: 12
    Pokémon: Eevee

    (Nickname): Haun
    (Gender): Male
    (Personality): Playful, can almost always cheer people up,
    (Likes): Dancing, Using dances to battle, FOOD.
    (Dislikes): being bored, when Kat is sad
    (Fav Food): N/A(He likes ALL TYPES OF FOOD.)
    Pokémon: Alolan Vulpix
    (Nickname): Heart
    (Gender): Female
    (Personality): Playful, gets colds Easily.
    (Likes): Dancing, Ice and snow.
    (Dislikes): Being bored, Heat.
    (Fav Food): Berries
    Personality: Playful, Kind, things like that.
    Dream: To be the best Pokémon Coordinator.
    Likes: Dancing, cute stuff, her family.
    Dislikes: Mean people like her brother's rival.
    Appearance: The XY female ace trainer, but smaller(Like a twelve year old), and with the same hat as Anime Serena.


    After Kat got her Dorm number and key, she started walking to her dorm, when arriving there, she opened the door to find that her roommate had already gotten there, she saw a bunk bed, one of the beds had been taken, it seemed, it had her roommate's bag on it, along with a bunch of other pictures, she smiled as she plopped her stuff on the other bed, and took out her Pokeballs, and said
    "Haun! heart! c'mon out!"
  6. Keir gulped.
    "Hey... Listen, I just knocked on the wrong door, sorry about that!" He awkwardly laughed it off.
    Miseno the Corsola shyly burrowed into his hood, scared and shy.
    "Not now, Miseno!" He scolded, before remembering the other boy at the door.

    "Let's look on the bright side! Now we can introduce ourselves to each other! I'm Keir!" He exclaimed, optimistic as always.
  7. As the boy at the door explained what happened and laughed a bit, Zen chuckled a bit with him. "Hey, man. It's alright. I really got nothing better to do, anyway." He said, before noticing something move in the boy's hood. He was going to ask about it before his attention was taken off of it and back to the boy as he introduced himself as Keir. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Keir. You can call me Zen!" He cheered. "Hey, if you want someone to do something with, you can always ask me. However, I'm going to have to take a rain check." He said, yawning afterwards. "It's nothing against you, it's just been a long day. Anyway, have a good one!" He said, before heading back inside and closing the door. He sat back down on the couch, and dozed off into sleep.
  8. "Well, bye!"
    Keir ran to his dorm, feeling inspired.
    He decided to start painting.
    Looking for inspiration he looked out the window, seeing streaks of clouds and the clear blue sky.

    HE began painting some oranges, floating in the clouds. He didn't know what sparked this creativity, but he decided to go with it.
    Keir was lost in his art as always, so he didn't notice Trix as she sprayed paint in his face.
    "Trix! Now you're gonna get it!" Keir ran, chasing Trix as she hid by blending into her surroundings.
    The two ran around for a good 5 minutes before Keir finally gave up, panting and jumping onto his couch.

    "You win..." Keir panted, before grabbing Trix!
    "Ha! Kidding!" Trix tried to get out, until Keir released him.
  9. Luna got to the pokemon center. "Excuse me nurse?!, this pokemon is really hurt!" said Luna. "Chuuu" said the hurt Pichu. "I will take it into the office now, Is this your pokemon?" said the school's Nurse Joy. "No" replied Luna. "Alright, it will be healed by tomorrow you can check up on him whenever you like" said the Nurse. "Thank you" said Luna. She walked back to her dorm and found a blond haired girl with a black outfit in her room with an Eevee and an Alolan Vulpix. "Um, Hello?" said Luna awkwardly "You must be my roommate, I'm Luna what's your name".
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  10. Kat turned around, and noticed a girl with dark brown hair, she smiled as she said her name, so she said
    "Um, Hi! My name's Kat Blano!" Haun said
    "Eevee!" and heart said
    "Vul-pix!" Mainly to say 'hi', especially to Luna's Pokémon.
  11. "Nice to meet you Kat, say hi you two" commanded Luna "Vee!" said the Eevee. "Ra!" said the Zorua. Luna saw a sparkle in Kat's bag. "Is that a contest pass?" questioned Luna. Shadow sneaks and grabs Kat's contest pass and shows it to Luna. "Oh you are a coordinat- Hey wait a minute, Give back Kat's contest pass now >=O" commanded Luna. Shadow gave back her contest pass. "Sorry my Zorua can be a bit of a pain " Luna said with her Zorua (transformed into Luna) behind her mimicking her. Luna turned around. "Hey stop doing that" commanded Luna while Zorua is still mocking her. Zorua transformed back while rolling on the floor laughing while Eevee was suppressing his urge to laugh while letting out a giggle.
  12. Kat Giggled a little, then said
    "Its alright, I'm used to Pokémon who are a pain, My brother has many." Haun Looked at Vivee, then said
    "Vee!" which meant 'Hi! I'm Haun! what's your name?'' then Heart said
    "Vul." which meant ''Shut up. Haun.'' Kat said
    "So yeah, I'm a Pokémon Coordinator, Been like that since I Joined my brother's Journey in Hoenn. I just started by Using my brother's Pokémon, Until I caught my Eevee, Haun. Then, in Kalos, I found my Vulpix, Heart." She smiled as she said this. oh and Haun fixed his Scarf.
  13. "I actually did a few pokemon contests before and honestly I was pretty bad at it, but it did inspire a few drawings and made really good pictures" said Luna. "I have an idea, why don't you show me one of your contest combinations and I can get some cool pictures" said Luna. "I know the best place which I found while saving a hurt Pichu that I found when taking my pokemon for a walk"."Wanna go?".
  14. Kat Said
    "Sure!" Haun said to Heart
    "Vee!" which meant 'Let's go!'
  15. "Follow me but first I need to check on the Pichu" said Luna. "I got a gift for it". "This way" said Luna while mentioning her pokemon and Kat and her pokemon. They walked over to the Pokemon Center. "I'm Luna who brought in the Pichu" she said to the Nurse. "Oh the Pichu made a speedy recovery" said the Nurse. "Pi!" shouted the Pichu happily. It jumped into Luna's arms and it gave Luna a hug. "Aww, Want to join my team?"said Luna while holding up a pokeball.
    Pichu pressed the button and got sucked in. *Shake* *Shake* *Shake* *Ding*

    Pokemon Pichu
    Nickname: ChuChu
    Likes Dancing
    Dislikes:Friends getting hurt
    Fav Food Pecha Doughnuts
    Luna tied a black scarf with blue stripes around his neck. "You like it?" Asked Luna. "Pi!" Shouted the Pichu.
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  16. Name Sam
    Gender Male
    Age 12
    Pokemon Leafeon

    (Nickname) Leafy
    (Gender) Male
    (Personality) Highly Curious
    (Likes) Battling
    (Dislikes) Not battling
    (Fav Food) Tacos
    Pokemon Rotom
    (Nickname) Rotom
    (Gender) Genderless
    (Personality) Talkative
    (Likes) Doing Podcasts with Sam
    (Dislikes) Battling
    (Fav Food) Oil
    Personality Nervous around girls, likes watching Pokemon in the wild
    Dream To beat the Academy League!
    Likes Doing Podcasts with Rotom
    Dislikes Going to school
    Appearance: Profile Pic

    Sam was walking with Rotom and Leafeon when he found that the Pokemon Center he lived right next to had people going in there. "Weird. Don't see that happen every day." Sam continued walking. "That never happens. Hey, Sam, have you seen the latest league battle? It was craazy!" Said Rotom. "Rotom, I have to go to my dorm. If my roomate's picky, remember, good behavior." said Sam. "Yes sir!" Said Rotom. "Leeafy!" said Leafeon. "Thanks guys. I knew you'd come around :)" Sam continued walking inside the building and to his door. "Alright...470...here we go..." Sam opened the door. There was no one inside, but the place was set up. "Oh...YES! I'm alone, yeah! I'm alone, yeah!" Sam did a dance as he put his stuff down, and jumped onto his bed. "Rotom, this alarm clock is your bed!" Sam pointed to his alarm clock. Rotom zapped inside. Sam dozed off, and Leafeon slept with him.

    Whem Sam, woke up, he set up his podcast gear and said, "Hey Rotom, ready for our next one?" Rotom happily zapped out the alarm clock. Sam put his headphones on. "Ready? Setting up record...recording in 3, 2, 1...yoooOOOO WHAT IS UP MY PEOPLES, MOI name is DOPELEAFEON, and this guy over here is Rotom!" "Bzzzt!" "And WELCOME to ANOTHER podcast! IN today's, we'll be talking about the last league battle! So Rotom, you're the one who watched it, what do you have to say?" Sam continued with his podcast until he was finished. He was famous on the internet for his podcasts, he knew this one wouldn't be much different.
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  17. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Name: Eli
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon Bulbasaur

    Nickname: Bulb
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Very polite
    Likes: Battles, Flirting
    Dislikes: being annoyed
    Favorite Food: Burger
    Pokemon Vulpix (Alolan)
    Nickname: Vivi
    Gender: Female
    Personality: smug; anti-social aside from Bulb and Eli
    Likes: Being groomed
    Dislikes: Battling; Being dirty
    Favorite food: Lasagna
    Personality: Introverted, tries to do the best he can to please others.
    Dream: Bring out the full potential of all of his Pokemon
    Likes: Hanging out with Bulb and Vivi
    Dislikes: Jerks
    Appearance: Wears a black and neon green tank top with black shorts with slides and has a mega ring on one arm and a Z-ring on the other.

    When Eli arrived at Pokemon Academy, he had no idea what he was supposed to expect. He felt lost in a sea of students. Then he realized," Hey where's Bulb", confused he sent out Vivi to go and find him. When Vivi finally picked up Bulb's scent he was seen flirting with a Chikorita. "Not surprised Bulb, always the romantic one," Vivi sighed exasperated, "Well it's not my fault that I have a thing with the ladies," Bulb smoothly replied. "Eli, I found Bulb!", Vivi yelled,"He was flirting with a Chikorita again!" Eli rushed over, "Knock it off, Bulb were gonna be late to class.

    When Eli was coming home from his medical studies he noticed that a Torchic in the corner, injured and crying, Vivi ran up to him and moaned, "Oh you poor thing, you must be so unhappy right now. We can't just leave him like this." "True," Bulb interjected, "But the Torchic doesn't belong to Eli so he can't really heal him." "Wow, way to have faith in that person who rescued you from a junkyard," Vivi sarcasticly replied."Knock it off you too!" Eli said to the both of them, "Look, I'm gonna take this Torchic to Nurse Joy, she'll know what to do." So Eli, Bulb, and Vivi rushed to the nearest Pokemon Center they could find. "Welcome to our Pokemon Center," Nure Joy exclaimed cheerfully,"Would you like me to heal-" " Take this Torchic Please I think it's serverly sick!" Eli interrupted. "Eli!!" Bulb and Vivi shouted in unison, " Don't interrupt people when they are talking!" "It's alright," Nurse Joy said, " Could I please see that Torchic? "Here you go," said Eli as he handed the Torchic to Nurse Joy.
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  18. When Sam and Rotom finished the podcast, they decided to go for a walk. While on their walk, they saw a Bulbasaur and a Vulpix running to the Pokemon Center with a Torchic. "Man, everyone's finding new friends these days." said Sam. "Sam, you better get a third Pokemon! Or the Academy League will reject you!" Said Rotom. "You mean...you're okay with battling?" Asked Sam. "Well...yeah. If it's for my master and his dream." Said Rotom. Sam smiled. "Thanks, Rotom." Sam walked to the park. He sat on a bench. He watched as trainers came in and out of the Pokemon Center. They go in with a sick Pokemon, they go out with a friend. "It doesn't make sense," Said Sam. "How come everyone's finding sick Pokemon?" Sam sighed. "You know what? I'M gonna find a sick Pokemon! And it'll be a cute one!" Sam stood up and walked away. "But if you go into the woods, that's beyond school boundaries and can only be accessed during free period! Are you sure you want to go there?" asked Rotom. "I know I want to go there." Sam continued walking, doing tricks with his Pokeball.

    "Ugh! There's nothing in here! How am I supposed to find my third Pokemon now?" Sam asked, losing hope. Then, all of a sudden, everything went black. "Wake up, Sam!" Sam rubbed his head. "Ugh...what happened? My head feels like it split open..." Sam stood up and looked around, when he saw an orange egg laying on its side. "AH! An egg! What do I do with it what do I do with it?!" He panicked. "Sam, the thing you've been looking for this whole time is right in front of you! If you keep that egg, you can have your third party member!" said Rotom. "You think...?" Asked Sam. "I know. Besides, the longer you hold it, the longer it'll grow affection for you!" Said Rotom. "Alright...it's worth a try..." Sam picked up the egg and started walking out of the forest. He grabbed some hay along the way.

    When he got home, he took his paper holder, put it on his desk, took the hay, put it on his paper holder, and took his desk light and turned it on, facing the egg. "You never know what could come out of an orange egg." said Sam, dusting his hands off. He snoozed off, hoping the egg would do something the next day.
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    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Oh no, it's worse than I thought." Nurse Joy said anxiously.
    "Is Torchic gonna be okay?" Vivi asked nervously.
    "If we don't take action soon than no," Nurse Joy stated, " You see this Torchic seems to have water trapped in its internal fire storage area, if the water remains in there for too long Torchic will die." Nurse Joy explained grimly. "Die?!?!", Eli, Bulb and Vivi shouted. "We gotta do something," Bulb frantically said, " Wait, I have an idea. Vivi can use her powder snow into Torchic's eternal flame storage area than I could break it with my Vine Whip." Eli was unsure, but the situation was dire so any idea they had they had to try. "Alright Vivi use Powder snow," Eli commanded. "You got it Eli!" Vivi said as she sprayed power snow into Torchic's throat. "Now Bulb, use Vine Whip!" Eli commanded. "Your wish is my command." Bulb exclaimed as two dark green vines came out of the bulb on his back. "Somehow you did it Eli!" Nure Joy gleefully exclaimed. Torchic gasped, " Where am I?"
    "You're in a Pokemon center with Eli, Bulb and Vivi" Nurse Joy explained, "These three individuals saved your life.

    "Thank you so much," Torchic said, "How can I ever repay you?"
    "You could join us," Eli offered holding up a Pokeball," Vivi and Bulb would love a new friend"
    "That would be great," Torchic agreed, jumping into a Pokeball
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Kind and helpful
    Likes: Grooming Vivi with Eli, being Bulb's wingman
    Dislikes: watching his friends be disrespected
    Fav Food: Pizza
  20. Sam woke up again and checked the egg. "Did anything happen?" asked Rotom. "No, nothing yet..." said Sam. "Hey, I need to go for a walk again. I need to "bond" with this egg." Sam turned off the desk light and picked up the egg. "I'll catch you guys later." Sam walked out of the room and near the Pokemon Center, and watched the Pokemon Center. "Hey, look, it's that same guy from before who carried in the sick Torchic...MAYBE I should go talk to him. Maybe he'll help me find a sick Pokemon," Sam walked over to him and said. "Hey! What's going on? You seem like you just saved a Torchic from dying," Sam awkwardly smiled.
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    sSoul Previously Swirled

    When Eli sent out Tyler, his newest friend, he saw a guy walking over to him carrying an egg. "Maybe he wants to talk to me," Eli thought, "I just remembered that I have not met my roommate yet. I wonder where he or she is?"
    "Hey Bulb," Tyler said, " There's a guy carrying an egg coming towards us, maybe we could talk to him."
    "That's not a bad idea Tyler," Bulb replied, "Lemme just get Vivi."
    The guy carrying an egg said, "Hey what's going on? You seem like you just saved a Torchic from dying."
    Eli replied, "That's cause I just did, turns out that Tyler, whom you know as the sick Torchic had water that was trapped in his internal fire storage area and if we didn't clear it out he would have died. I see your carrying an egg, you trying to hatch it?"
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  22. "I am. I want to participate in the Academy League, but you need at least three Pokemon to qualify. Then I found this egg, and I thought: 'hey! Why not?' are you trying out for the Academy League? Also, what room are you in? I'm in 470." said Sam.
  23. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "I'm in room 471, but I'm not really sure plus I haven't seen my roommate yet but I'll look for them. I haven't really considered doing the Academy Leauge cause my Vulpix doesn't like being dirty, but if it helps me achieve my dream of getting the full potential out of my Pokemon than I might do so. What Pokemon do you think will hatch from that egg?" Eli replied.
  24. "Hmmm...I was thinking a fire-type, since it's orange...Vulpix maybe? Or Magby?" said Sam. "And, you don't have to use your Vulpix. You can just catch another Pokemon and you'll qualify."
  25. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Wait hold on!" Vivi yelped, "I know I don't prefer battles but if Eli, Bulb and Tyler are in then so am I!"
    "Huh I never thought that Vivi was such a team player," Bulb said
    "What did you say?," Vivi shouted, slightly annoyed, "What do you mean not a team player?"
    "Maybe I could get an egg as well, personally I'd prefer a Water type."
  26. Sam almost dropped his egg when he heard the talking Vulpix. "Holy mother of Arceus! Did your Vulpix just talk?!" Rotom zapped over to Vivi. "Wow! A talking Vulpix! I never knew these existed!"
  27. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Yea I just talked you freaky ghost!" Vivi shouted at Rotom, "And would you mind backing up, you're invading my personal space!"
    "Don't worry she's not always like this," Bulb apologized to Rotom, "fair warning Tyler and I can talk as well."
    "He speaks the truth," Tyler added
    "By the way, I never got your name," Eli said, "My name is Eli. Wait, I just remembered that I'm not in room 471, I'm in 470 so that means that we're roommates."
  28. "Yay! My name is Sam. Also, WHAT?!!!" Sam put his hands on his head. "Ghost?" Asked Rotom. "Yes, Rotom. You're part Ghost-Type." said Sam. "Oh. But personal space? I'll show you personal space!" said Rotom, who then charged up a Thunderbolt. "WOAH woah woah, okay, Rotom, that's enough," said Sam, awkwardly. "I'm gonna go back to my, I mean, OUR room. Wanna come?" asked Sam.
  29. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Sure!" Eli replied
    "Do you have any other Pokemon besides Rotom?" Bulb asked.
    "Any way let's head up to our dorm." Tyler said
    "And for goodness sake, teach your Rotom some manners, I mean it almost attacked me!" Vivi shouted flustered.
    "Alright please calm down Vivi," Eli pleaded, "Let's just go into our bedroom."
  30. "I do have a Leafeon, but he's a snoozer, so he's in our dorm right now." Sam said. Rotom looked at Vivi with unsureness. Sam unlocked the door to their room, opened the door, and went inside. He turned the desk light on and placed the egg under the light. "Tryouts are tomorrow, so I'm gonna go practice with Leafeon. Do me a favor and watch the egg?" Asked Sam. Leafeon woke up to see others in the room. Leafeon didn't care since he was leaving the room anyway. Rotom zapped with him as Leafeon and Sam went out the door and to the woods.

    "Shoot! A Dustox! Rotom, use Thunderbolt!" Rotom charged up a thunderbolt, then used it to attack Dustox. It was super effective, so it was a OHKO. "Yes! Great job, Rotom!" Sam yelled. "Leafeon!" Said Leafeon, happily.
  31. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Wait if tryouts are tomorrow than I want another Pokemon." Eli said frantically, " Let's go guys, we're gonna practice with Sam, and look for our own egg."
    "But the Egg" Tyler said
    "It's been taken care of" said Eli while power walking to the forest where Sam found his egg.
    So as Eli walked he saw Sam fighting a Dustox with Rotom
    "Man, I cannot stand him," Vivi complained as they walked into the forest.
  32. The egg hopped and shook.

    Sam turned around to fight another wild when he saw Eli. "Oh, hey Eli. What are you here for?" but then Sam knew. There was no other reason why else he would be here. "You're in luck. That Dustox was poisoning an Eevee. That can be your fourth Pokemon if YOU take it to the Pokemon Center, or YOU heal it, and it's YOUR Pokemon! It's that simple!" Sam picked up the coughing and purple Eevee and handed it to Eli. "Ee...vee...?" Eevee said with a rough voice, then coughed again.
  33. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Really, in that case lemme take it to the Pokemon Center. " Hello Eli how are you?" Nurse Joy cheerfully greeted me.
    "I'm well but I have a sick Eevee that needs care."
    "It's just poisoned," Nurse Joy explained," A quick antidote and she'll get much better."
    "Vee" Eevee yelped as it leaped into Eli's arm which was holding a Water Stone. Suddenly Eevee evolved into a Vaporeon and went into Eli's spare Pokeball.
    Pokemon: Vaporeon
    Personality: Shy, comfortable around Leafeon and Vivi
    Likes: Contests, Water
    Dislikes: Lightning
    Fav Food: Salad
    "Thanks Sam, but you still need a third Pokemon if tryouts are tomorrow. Lemme find you one.
    "I'll come too!" Emily shouted.
    When hearing Emily talk, Eli fainted.
  34. "No wait! Orange eggs are known for hatching quickly! I'm sure it'll hatch by tomorrow! You can go look for another, but I'm going back to the dorm." Sam walked back to his dorm, and shut the door. He looked at the egg. "Still nothing..." Leafeon got back up on the bed and snoozed. "If tryouts are tomorrow, then I will sit and wait for this egg to hatch!" Said Sam with determination. Sam pulled up a chair and sat and waited for it to hatch. "Ugh...I'm so... *yaaawn* tired...but it's for the sake of having a third party member! I will not move until this egg has cracked!" Sam exclaimed.
  35. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "I'll try to help you hatch it," Eli complied, " Bulb, Vivi, Tyler, and Emily try to help Sam, Rotom and Leafeon to hatch their egg." But the four Pokemon instead went to sleep and Eli noticed that Emily slept somewhat by her self while the other Pokemon spelt in a small clump.
    "Well at least I'll help you hatch the orange egg," Eli groaned "I heard putting an egg in an incubator helps."
  36. Leafeon woke up and yawned. Leafeon jumped off the bed, walked over to where Emily was, and lied down and went to sleep again. "Incubators are way too expensive..." Yawned Sam. Then, the egg hopped. Sam gasped. The egg hopped again. The egg shook, cracked once, hopped again, shook again, and cracked again, then s blinding light shined. Sam covered his eyes. What he saw afterward was the shape of a Fennekin. When the light dimmed down, Fennekin smiled. "Woah...a Fennekin! I can't believe I hatched one of these! "Fen!" Fennekin sat down in front of Sam and smiled. "Aw, it's so cute!" Said Sam, petting it. Fennekin put her head into Sam's chest. "Fen! Fen!" Fennekin rubbed against his chest. "So, I think it likes me..." said Sam. Fennekin hopped off the desk and into Sam's bag, which he was carrying, and her head popped up with a Pokeball on her head. "Are you sure, Fennekin?" Asked Sam. Fennekin smiled and nodded. "Okay..." Sam picked up the Pokeball and pressed the button. *shake* *shake* *shake* *ding*
    Name: Fennekin
    Nickname: Fennekin
    Personality: Loves to sleep and play in Sam's bag
    Likes: ...to sleep and play in Sam's bag
    Dislikes: Other people
    Fav Food: Poké Puffs
  37. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Hi, Fennekin," Eli softly said, "One of my favorite things in the world is when a Pokemon hatches."
    Eli went to pet Fennekin but was bitten.
    "Ow, Fennekin bit me!" Eli yelped, " I don't think she likes me."
  38. "Well...it does kinda look like that..." said Sam, awkwardly. "Well...it looks like I have a third party member!" Said Sam. "Come on, Fennekin! Let's go train!" Exclaimed Sam. Sam ran out the door and looked for the weakest Pokémon he could find, and started training against it.
  39. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Sam, wait let me come with you!" Eli shouted after, "I wanna train with you."
    Eli returned all his Pokemon to their Pokeballs and followed Sam out the dorm.
    "Hey Sam, I found an open field, we can train here."
  40. "Okay, wanna battle?" Asked Sam, as he ran towards the open field. Leafeon looked down. It couldn't forget about the Vaporeon he slept with. Fennekin hopped out of the bag and onto Sam's head. "Fennekin!" Fennekin smiled.

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