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Ask to Join Pokemon Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PurpleYeontan, Jul 29, 2016.

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  1. Welcome to Pokemon Academy. A place where you learn about Pokemon. You learn about catching pokemon, pokemon's moves, and more to come! There are mini gyms, battle arenas and a forest area where you can catch pokemon!
    People who are starting on their adventures get starter pokemon!

    Age: 10-26 trainers, teachers 27+ (shouldn't be your real age.)
    Pokemon: (6 max, you must give them names.)

    Normal Pokecharms Roleplay Rules
    Once you have filled out your form, you may roleplay.

    My Form:
    Name: Lucy
    Age: 15 (trainer)
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon: Fennekin (Foxy), Eevee (Rose), Absol (Fang), Houndour (Rex)
    Appearance: Long black hair, brown eyes, light skin. Clothes; red t-shirt, black skirt and black/gold sneakers.
    Personality: Friendly, very easy meet new friends, lovely, optimistic,brave,funny.
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  2. Name: Kevin
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Samurott (Syrio), Floatzel (Lontra), Dewgong (Flurry), Sealeo (Steller)
    Appearance: Wavy brown hair, green eyes, pale skin. Clothes: Moss green jacket, grey pants, black shoes
    Personality: Quiet, kind, timid, loves to study pokemon
  3. You may start to rp.
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  4. Name: Jordan
    Age: 27 (Teacher)
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Jolteon (Jolt), Zoroark (Oark), Charizard (Drago), Gallade (Blade)
    Appearance: Like my profile pic
    Personality: Calm and smart.
  5. Oh I forgot my torchic (flame)
  6. Lucy walked into Academy with Foxy on her shoulder while Rose followed her.
    "I think that here is our class." Lucy said uncertained. "I think we should ask this guy." Lucy showed a tall black haired guy who looked older then her.
    "Vee-vee!" Rose exclaimed and to the strange guy and pulled him on his coat.
  7. Winston walks by. Yo guys is this the right class?
  8. Name: Jack Grey
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Arbok (Tay), Golbat (Bruce), Venomoth (Martin)
    Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, tan skin, 5,10, deep blue eyes.
    Personality: Quiet and reserved but loud in a quiet way.
  9. Jack walks through the door quietly smiling as Martin comes in behind him, he sees other people introducing themselves but he doesn't see a need. So he sits down quietly.
  10. "Finaly" Lucy said when she entered into class. "I hardly found this classroom." Lucy walked to seat and sat down waiting for teacher.
  11. Jack looked up from his desk and saw a girl talking to herself, she looked just about as lonely as he was so he decided to introduce himself. He wandered up to her desk and took a seat next to her. "Hi, my name is Jack." He couldn't help but smile thinking about how stupid he sounded.
  12. "You talking to me?" Lucy asked boy.
  13. Jack's entire face turned red, "Uhhh, yeah. What's your name?" He said trying to play off his embarrassment.
  14. "Oh hi, I'm Lucy!" Lucy smiled. "And this is my Pokemon Foxy Fennekin and Rose Eevee." Lucy showed Fennekin on shoulder and Eevee on desk.
  15. "Cool, that's Martin." Gesturing to the Venemoth hovering silently behind him. He let's Tay (Arbok) and Bruce (Goblat) out of their PokeBall's and introduces them as well.
  16. "I almost forgot." Lucy let's Fang (Absol) and Rex (Houndor). "This is Fang Absol and Rex Houndor. I carry them in PokeBall, but Foxy and Rose are always outside the PokeBall." Lucy smiled and pet Rose.
  17. Name: Ace Flame
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Absol(Dusk), Ninetails(Zero) and Haxarous (Draco)
    Appearance: 5'6 , short red hair, he wears a Red t-shirt as a undershirt and a Blue Jacket and Blue jeans and Boots
    Personality: Smart and Serious when it comes to batting strong opponents
  18. Jack managed a smile, "Cool. Tay was my first Pokemo-" right on que Tay attempted to curl up on Jack's lap, considering she was just as big as him it did not go well. They slipped off the chair onto the floor with a large thud.
  19. Jack changed the subject quickly playfully shoving Tay off of him, "Where is our teacher?"
  20. "Oh my are you ok?!" Lucy smiled and helped Jack to stand up.
  21. Jack smiled at the kind gesture as he let her help him up, (She's my all that bad!) he thought to himself.
  22. Ace walks in the classroom"hello students..the other teacher has quit ...so ill be your new teacher" he sits down in the desk

    Dusk Sits on the ground beside him "Absol"
  23. "I think we musn't have big Pokemon on class." Lucy said to Jack and withdraw her Absol and Houndor.
  24. Jack follows Lucy's lead quietly, withdrawing Martin and Bruce, but leaving Tay out.
  25. "Hi, teacher!" Lucy exclaimed
  26. "Hi now what are your name miss" he smiles
  27. "I'm Lucy." Lucy smiled. "And this is my Pokemon Foxy .." Lucy pet Fennekin on her shoulder "and Rose." Lucy pet Eevee on her desk.
  28. "My names Ace Flame..but i just go by Ace and ...do you two wanta see my pokemon...there kind of big"
  29. Jack felt weird about Ace, but he went along with it, "Sure, my name is Jack by the way."
  30. Winston walks up. Yo my name is Winston but you can call me Winzy
  31. Jack looks up at Winston and stares at him for a minute, then looks back down at Ace, ignoring him (Little kids.) He thinks.
  32. "nice to meet you Winzy"offers to shake his hand "ok lets go "he walks outside to the battle grounds
  33. Jack walks out clearly ready to battle whoever steps up, even the teacher. He took battling very seriously and knew exactly how to use his poison Pokemon to his advantage.
  34. Ace sents out Draco and Zero who were both level 65"these are my pokemon,Dusk the absol , Draco the Haxaous And Zero my Ninetails" He gots to Dusk and Zero and pets them
  35. Jack was anxious now, coming out of his shell, "Who can I battle first?"
  36. "If you want ill battle your team Jack" he grins
  37. Jack smirked now, complete confidence now. "Sure, let's do it." He steps up onto the battle grounds ready to go. (How are we going to do the battles)
  38. "alright then lets go " he steps on the other side of him "ok go haxaous ...Btw this will be a 3v3 battle"
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