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Ask to Join Pokemon Academia!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Gamefreak1996, May 3, 2017.

  1. Welcome to Valordia Island, Also known as the Valordia Pokemon Academy. This enormous academy, set upon an Island just a few miles off the east coast of Unova, is where future Pokemon professionals (trainers, breeders, healers like nurses/doctors, etc.) are taught how to battle with, care for, and treat Pokemon to better themselves as trainers. All skill levels are welcomed, whether you're just a rookie getting started (along with your top percentage rattata), or a seasoned veteran arriving for refresher courses and honing skills.

    Valordia was once a small, uninhabited Island that was mostly ignored, until it was discovered by Professor Alexander Pine, the academy's founder, when he was shipwrecked there en route to Unova. Seeing the opportunity in his eyes, Pine returned to civilization, eventually, and brought the island, transforming it into a massive city/academy, dedicated solely to Pokemon training and care. Now, with the latest in Pokemon battling and care technology equipped, and some of the finest professors in the arts of breeding, raising, training, grooming, and caring for Pokemon, Valordia has become one of the most highly esteemed schools for Pokemon enthusiasts!

    To learn more about this magnificent academy, and to enroll, follow the link below:
  2. From the darkness of the tunnel, a train shot out like a bullet from a gun, smoothly speeding along it's monorail system across the Unova Bay Bridge. As it glided effortlessly over the sea, various water Pokemon watched it race by with curiosity. The passengers of the train were numerous and varied in age and appearance; the students of Valordia Pokemon Academy. Some of them were returning to further their pursuit of a Pokemon career or job. Others, like a small blonde-haired boy in the back, were heading there for the first time to begin their journeys. Others still, such as the sleeping old man in the same car, headed there because, well, that's where they worked.

    Victor couldn't take it anymore. His excitement getting the better of him, he stood up on his seat. "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS DAY HAS FINALLY COME!!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. The growlithe beside him gave a bark in agreement, a smile as wide as Victor's over his muzzle. Several students turned toward the sudden outburst, making Victor shrink back into his seat with a rather embarrassed look. "ehehe...s-sorry about that..." he said quietly. Gently brushing his hand over his Pokemon's fur, much to the canine's content, his thoughts began to race about what the academy might be like.
  3. The apps and activities on Owen's C-Gear weren't enough to distract him from the old man's snoring coming from beside him. It was understandable though, the old man must have had to get up early to make the train like a few other of the trainers here. With the small rocking of the train, the sleeping old man lean deeper to his left until his bald head was leaning on Owen's shoulder. Owen sighed softly and peered around the cabin to the other trainers on board. Needless to say, one excited individual caught his attention with how he stood up on his seat to shout. A curious brow quirked upward at the blonde-haired boy and he couldn't help but laugh to himself. As gently as he could and to not disturb the old man's slumber, Owen pushed the old man off of his shoulder so that his bald head would be leaning on the window instead now.

    The young man walked towards the end of the train to where Victor sat and waved a hand towards the boy as soon as he was close enough.
    "A bit excited, huh?" Owen asked jokingly before his sights turned to the healthy looking Growlithe. An almost nostalgic feeling came over him at the sight of the trainer and his puppy pokemon.
    "Mind if I join you?" Owen continued, "I think i'm better off back here with nobody sleeping on me."
  4. "S-sure..." Victor said nervously. "I, uh...really caused a scene, didn't I?" he added with a dry laugh. Cerberus simply laid his head on Victor's lap and let out a small whine, making Victor roll his eyes and continue petting him. "You really love attention, don't you?" he asked the fire type, who only responded with a bark. Looking around the train car, he noticed a senior arm wrestling with his scizor, the two of them struggling hand in...pincher against one another. Victor winced as he imagined what might happen if the scizor snapped it's claws shut then and there, and looked back to Owen. "So, what're you going to the academy for?" he asked.
  5. Davis' stomach gave an audible growl, while a Sneasel rolled his eyes at the sound. The dark haired boy flashed the Dark and Ice type a look. "C'mon Kai, it's not my fault that I'm hungry," Davis whined. He reached into his backpack and rummaged around in the bag, for a second, before pulling out a sandwich. Davis unwrapped it and broke it in half, giving one half to Kai.

    The Sneasel ate it quickly and so did Davis, finishing it in one bite. They both simultaneously licked their lips. "See, that was pretty good," Davis said smiling.
  6. Willa gazed at the satchel by her feet once more. The entire monorail ride had been spent by her taking out a book, reading a page, getting an upset stomach, and putting said book away for later. Then, around five minutes later, when she figured everything was alright, she would pick up the same book again, and the cycle would repeat itself. Three minutes had passed since her last go-round, and temptation was hitting her hard. Her gaze turned into a glare. Curse this moving vehicle.

    Sighing, she lifted her head in defeat and looked around for any other form of amusement. Near the front of the train, she could make out a senior arm-wrestling with a scizor, and in some seat diagonal to her, a boy and his sneasel sharing a sandwich. There was that other boy too, some super excited freshman that felt the need to scream out his enthusiasm. The initial sound of it had made Willa jump, which did not bode well with a mildly-upset stomach. She wished she had been that excited when she first boarded the monorail. In fact, she was slightly jealous of him. I was so anxious... Willa came back to reality after realizing how long she'd been staring directly at him, and quietly wished no one had noticed. Her eyes retired to the window. "And... still water." Mumbling to herself, she began to pet the gray ball of fur beside her, curled up in sleep.
  7. Owen chuckled and shook his head at Victor's question, "Nah, don't worry about that." The young man slung his bag off of his shoulder and placed it on the seat near the window before taking his own seat. "Thanks." Owen remarked on him being allowed to sit. He smiled seeing how his growlithe whined for attention, unaware of the dangerous game of arm wrestling happening behind him.

    "I'm going to the academy for some refresher courses. It's never too late to learn right?" He nodded just as the aroma of a tasty smelling sandwich hit his nose. He peered around for a moment trying to see where th food came from and saw Davis with his sneasel. He smiled to them before looking back to Victor. "What about you? What are you going to the academy for?"
  8. "Oh! Well..." Victor was caught off guard by Owen's question, not really sure what he would major in once he was there. "I guess I'll find out while I'm there...?" he said, giving a sheepish smile. Cerberus rolled his eyes. Then there was a loud clattering sound as the senior was tossed over the table by his Scizor, who stood up to the cheers, laughs and applause. This even startled the old man awake, who sat up and looked at the commotion, a frown slowly coming across his face.

    "You dirty cheater! You pinched me!" the senior cried, tackling his scizor to the ground and beginning a wrestling match with the bug-steel type. The scuffle soon paused however when the old man strode up to them, giving them an exasperated look of annoyance. "P-Professor Pine, Sir!" the senior said, almost instantly snapping to his feet like a soldier at attention. The scizor did the same, both him and his trainer looking a little nervous. Victor did a double take at the name the old man was addressed by. "I...I apologize...I lost my temper..."

    "We're all excited to get there, Jacques, but that's no reason to make a scene." The professor sighed. Then, turning to the crowd around him, he smiled warmly. "Pokemon are our companions, through and through. For thousands of years, we've displayed that the bonds between them and humans is virtually indestructible. In fact, it was my love for Pokemon that inspired me to build Valordia Academy in the first place." He paused a moment and looked to all the students. "I look forward to you all showing your love for Pokemon as well." As he said this, an electronic chime came from the train's loudspeaker.

    Attention all Passengers: We are nearing our destination, Valordia Academy Station. Please take one final check to assure all of your belongings are packed and that you are ready to disembark. Please do not do so, however, until the train has come to a complete stop.

    Practically in the next instant, Victor was looking out the window, his eyes widened with awe. The train was approaching what appeared to be a high-tech city, with dozens of white skyscrapers and towers reaching up from the Island. Some buildings had a logo composed of a hexagon Pokeball endorned with a wreath: the insignia of Valordia Pokemon Academy. Stopping himself from screaming a second time, he raised his hand to grab his trunk of clothes and possessions, but couldn't reach. Jumping up, he finally grabbed the handle. "Gotcha!", he said, pulling it down...off the shelf and landing on top of him. Cerberus gave a small whimper as he nudged the trunk off of Victor. "Yeah, I'm okay, Cerberus. Thanks."

    (Gotta log off for awhile. I've got work to get to.)
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  9. Owen had spotted Willa when he was looking around for where the delicious smell of that sandwich was coming from. He had only caught her reading a page of her book, not going through her cycle. His attention was back on Victor when the boy responded. "There's no rush. I'm sure the academy has something for everyone. And if th-". Before Owen could finish his thought, he was interrupted by the thud of the senior hitting the floor of the train and the cheering for Scizor.

    Owen was utterly embarrassed when the senior spoke to the old man, deeming him as Pine. "... That's professor Pine?" Owen covered his face with his palm coming to the realization he was sitting next to the professor the whole time. He let out a sigh and peered out the window to see the skyscrapers of the high tech city. The city distracted him enough from Victor trying to get his bag otherwise he would have helped!

    Another thud got his attention, this time it was Victor falling with his trunk on him. "Oh! Hey be careful!" Owen scooted off his seat to help Cerberus get the trunk off and to help Victor up to his feet. "You alright?"
  10. Slowly opening his eyes to Noelle's gentle strokes, Clyde gave off a faint, neonate's yawn that made Noelle twinkle a wink in her quick response. He was oblivious to the other events that went on in the train, as he rubbed his eyes with his paws to further arouse himself from his lengthy slumber. He glanced at the glossy window, as the forenoon rays of ultraviolet light greeted him with a strong sense of warmth and determination. He saw various buildings that were as white as the overhead clouds, as all of them seemed to tower over the charging train that it was quickly approaching towards. Noticing a hexagonal Poké Ball logo that some of the builds had, he quickly grasped Noelle's arm and nervously said, "Mud... Mudkip... Mudkip!"

    Seeing that Clyde was still distraught after some days from a visit to a Pokémon Center back in Hoenn, Noelle gently cradled him around her warm arms and quietly said, "Shh... it's okay Clyde, just take it easy okay? I know that you're still a bit upset, but we're almost there now, so just relax alright?" Clyde gave off a slightly angered growl in an impulsive response, as Noelle concealed her chuckle and patted the back of his head in an attempt to ease his escalating disquietude. However, the gentle pat felt like a sword piercing his bluish skin when the miniscule force struck his back, as the Mudkip quietly cried out, "Mudkip! Mudkip..."

    Knowing that she accidentally touched the area that was snuggly wrapped with bandages, Noelle placed Clyde in her sling and wrapped him in the cloth-like layering in an effort to soothe his acute tension. She reached into her bag and grabbed a small bottle that contained an amber liquid, as she flipped the special nozzle and gave it to Clyde with haste. He gladly took the bottle and placed the nozzle in his mouth, as he slowly drank the juice within the bottle at a snail's pace. His head fin wiggled from the sweet taste that swiftly pacified his anger, as he continued to drink the juice while Noelle kept a close eye on him.
  11. Tor was the frist one to wake up. The small Pokemon stretched away its sleep and looked around the room. The sun was peeking through the closed curtains casting a thin line of light onto Q's face. Well, it would have if he hadn't pulled a pillow over his face. Tor scuttled from its spot at the end of the bed and onto the pillow next to its trainer. The Wimpod started chirping and bumping its head into the pillow, trying to wake up its trainer. Q began to stir and groan as his Pokemon woke him up.

    "Alright, alright. I'm up," Q groaned as he removed the pillow from his face and sat up. Tor chirped happily before hopping off the bed. The Pokemon left the room and scurried off to find its food. After a few minutes of just sitting in his bed, Q got up and headed into the apartment's small kitchen. Tor was happily munching on its bowl of food. Q grabbed some cereal from a cupboard and milk from the fridge and made himself some breakfast. He watched his Pokemon eat as he leaned on the counter. Q munched on his cereal and glanced at the clock on the microwave. Panic passed through him as he realized that he didn't have much time before the train would leave for the academy. He left his breakfast on the counter and rushed to his room. It only took him a few minutes to get dressed and brush his teeth. Luckily for him, his bag was already packed and sitting by the door.

    "Let's go, Tor! We're gonna be late!" Q grabbed his bag and opened the door. Tor scampered over to Q and climbed up on his shoulder. He closed the door and rushed to the train station. The run there wasn't so bad, but there seemed to be quite a bit of foot traffic. Q was worried he might miss the train but when he finally arrived, he had a couple mintues before the train would leave. He boarded the train and found a seat towards the front of the car. Tor seemed to chuckle at Q for almost being late and Q just shook his head. He was quite relieved to be going back to school.
  12. Finlay snoozed the entire train journey since he wasn't used to waking up so early since he needed to in order to get the train. His head rested on the seat behind him, as he quietly snored. Bango the Chimchar was in a similar state and was lying on Finlay's lap unconscious, tired for the same reason. They were excited but...they need their sleep. As the announcement started to play, they both jumped up. "Ah!" "Chim!" They both exclaimed as they fell off the seat. They stumbled to the floor and half listened to the message since they were still waking up. "That's one way to wake up," Finlay said.

    He reached up to his luggage above him and pulled it down beside him, so he can easily just pick it up when he leaves the train. He looks out the window and admires the awesome sight of Valordia. "Wow...we're sure far away from Veilstone huh," Finlay said in awe. He turned to Chimchar, but he was leaping off the walls and spinning of the rails and such because of a sudden burst of energy he just received since he fully woke up. "Chill out, Bango!" Finlay chuckled as he watched the energetic Pokemon.
  13. Victor stood up with Owen's help. "Yeah, I'm fine, thank you." he said. Cerberus gave a relieved sigh as Victor double-checked his luggage to see if anything was missing. Meanwhile, the senior lifted his suitcases off the shelves, Scizor taking one as the train began to slow down. Professor Pine also took his luggage and waited by the door with many others, a wave of nostalgia hitting him as the train arrived at the island and came to a slow, steady halt at the station. The mechanical voice on the intercom spoke once more:

    Valordia Pokemon Academy Station reached, switching routes to return to Nimbasa City, Unova. Next departure in one hour.

    The doors slid open, and the students began to flood out, looking rather pleased to be here. Victor wheeled his trunk out of the train, Cerberus at his side, and found himself grinning from ear to ear in eagerness. "Hello, Valordia Academy." he said under his breath. Cerberus let out a gleeful bark and began to stretch after such a long ride.

    "Professor Pine, are you sure you'll be okay? Your age might not be very friendly to-" another student said.

    "Ha!" He scoffed. "Nonsense! These old bones still have some spunk in 'em! Watch!" He then took a running start toward the stairs that led down to the main streets below and jumped onto the railing, sliding down and landing on his feet a bit unsteadily. After straightening up, he flourished and bowed...and winced as a slight -krick- came from his back. "Auch! Okay, maybe not THAT much spunk..." he muttered, sitting down on the nearest bench as the students watching sweatdropped.
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  14. Finlay stood up after the intercom said its announcement. Bango seemed to slow down and got all the excessive energy out fo his system. He climbed up Finlay's arm and settled on his shoulder. Finlay reached over and grabbed his luggage before leaving his seat and heading for the exits, with the long line of students. After walking painfully slow out of the train, he took a few steps away from the train and took a big whiff of the foreign, fresh air. He stretched out his limbs after being in the same position for hours. "Chim," Bango groaned as he mimicked Finlay's stretching. Finlay took a moment to soak in his surroundings and admired once more.

    "Let's not try to get kicked out of this place too quickly, Bango," Finlay chuckled. Finlay then started to panic internally as he was a bit clueless with where to go next. "Umm..." Finlay said as he tried to find where to go. He found himself wandering around the station since he was rather oblivious to where he needed to go next. Without paying attention, he managed to bump into another student. Finlay stumbled slightly as he stepped away from the student.

    "Oh sorry, mate," Finlay said as he turned away. He quickly walked back up to the student and asked for assistance. "Um...Do you by any chance know where to go? I'm a bit clueless," Finlay added.
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  15. Eis


    Wendy staggered forward, clinging to Forte tightly and barely regaining her balance. After calming Forte down (he gets , she turned around to see who had bumped into her, and sweatdropped a bit as she craned her neck further and further upward to make eye contact. While his height was certainly intimidating, he seemed to be quite easygoing from the way he carried himself. Plus, that Chimchar resting on his shoulder just looked downright adorable, and Wendy couldn't help but smile at it.

    Once she caught her bearings, she replied. "Hey, no worries mate. It's all good." She thought about his request for assistance. Surely, this tower of a guy wasn't new here, was he? She supposed he had to be though, as he looked genuinely lost. "You're lost? Follow me then! I've been around the block here a couple of times. What's your name mate?"
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  16. After hearing the intercom's announcement, Noelle stood up and glanced over at the long line of students exiting the train after making sure that Clyde was with her and not forgetting anything else. She headed out of the train at a sluggish pace due to the massive mob of students moving out, as she took in a deep breath of the fresh, outer air that greeted her with serene tranquility. She noticed a man with a Chimchar that sat on his shoulder that bumped into another student, as Clyde gave off a quiet sigh towards the building with the hexagonal Poké Ball logo on it. She walked towards the direct means of egress within the station after noticing the Professor landing down below onto the main streets with some unsteadiness. Sensing a path towards the academy, she carefully made her way down to the stairs and stood a slight distance away the other students on the nearby bench that were near the Professor.

    Meanwhile, a yellow, fox-like Pokémon was walking alone on the main streets towards the academy, as her raucous movements made some of the younger students tremble away from her much to their escalating consternation like scattering roaches. Her blue cloak and yellow, conical pointed hat made her stand out from the crowd like a foreigner that roamed about within the streets, as some of the students' Pokémon pointed and even heartily laughed at her. Seeing that her odd outfit was going to attract significant, unnecessary attention, the Pokémon bolted towards the academy without question after casting herself in a mysterious, hastening energy. She tightly held onto her wooden, black rod that had a smooth texture, as the small, bluish crystal on its tip faintly glimmered about with malevolence. The crystal had a six-sided prism center with six-sided pyramids on both ends, as it was affixed to the rod's tip with an unknown reason as to why it was unable to be detached. She continued to charge towards the academy like a raging Tauros; dashing past all the other students' legs with her small size, as she thought, "Ugh... this is just going to probably be a horrible day like last time... having to endure the ridicule and stuff that people always like to call me... Man, why can't they just screw off?! Oh well, better hope that no one tries to bully me again like that one idiot panda guy did yesterday!
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  17. Willa saw Valordia Island before she heard the announcement. Though the skyline was familiar, it was also breathtaking to behold. White skyscrapers jutted out from all over, piercing the sky, while several copies of the hexagon logo cried out for attention. She had almost forgotten how beautiful Valordia really was. She was so mesmerized by the view that she didn't even know the arrival announcement had been made, that is, until Minco climbed up on her shoulder.

    "Oh, you're awake," Willa noted, rubbing around one of her friend's ears. She wasn't surprised through. Since the moment he was born, Minco had always been alert to sounds, and could pick up the slightest of noises. It was a wonder that the minccino had been able to fall asleep at all, after the cheers from that wrestling match and the speech given by Professor Pine. Having read about him before she first came to the academy, Willa greatly admired the professor and his work, but had been too hesitant to say anything to him in the past. Perhaps this year, things would be different.

    Minco gave a small cry of appreciation as he was pet, then suddenly froze, his ear twitching some. With a leap, he landed softly on the edge of her knee. "Everything okay?" she asked, following the trail of his gaze to a bandaged mudkip sitting nine seats away. Despite all of her people-watching, she hadn't noticed the mudfish pokemon earlier. She had never seen a mudkip up-close before. Wasn't that a starter pokemon from Sinnoh? Hoenn maybe?

    "I wonder why it's hurt-? Wait!" The question tumbled from her lips as Minco abruptly jumped down once more, to the floor of the train. The minccino then began scuttering across the aisle. However, before he could reach his destination, the train began to slow to a stop, and the sudden shift in speed caused Minco to tumble into the legs of some other student. More worried about her partner than rail safety, Willa stood up, hastily grabbed her bag, and followed Minco. Picking up the gray furball, she hugged him in her arms. "Sorry, about that..." She told the stranger, bowing her head slightly as the doors opened.
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  18. Finlay grew a smile and the sense of relief relaxed his tension he felt. "Thank you so much," He thanked the generous...woman or midget. He hadn't quite figured it out yet. He knew it was a rather touchy subject so he didn't say anything. "My names Finlay, and this is my buddy Bango," Finlay said as he gestured towards Bango. "Chimchar!" Bango chirped as he waved at their new compandre.

    Bango leaned forward slightly over Finlay's shoulder and inspected the Whismur the girl held tightly. "Chim," Bango greeted.
    "So what year is this for you then? Cause as you can tell, I've been here for years," Finlay said sarcastically.
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  19. Q exited the train with the rest of the students, glad to not be sitting down. With his bag hanging off his shoulder, he headed towards the admissions office to pick up his schedule. Tor moved to sitting on Q's head and hummed happily has he basked in the sun. It took a while to get to the office because of all the students getting off the train and the students already on campus. Once inside, he went up to the front desk and got his schedule for the semester. He had planned it out so that he didn't have early or late classes.

    Q exited the building and found an empty bench near the train. He sat down and placed his bang next to him, pulling out a sketch pad. There was usually a lot of things and people here to be subjects of his drawings. He flipped it open to a blank page and looked around him. Tor scampered off his trainer's head and settled on the bag for a more stationary resting spot. Q scanned the crowds of people and spotted a guy with a Chimchar talking to a girl with a Whismur. He studied them for a couple seconds before beginning his drawing.
  20. After helping Victor up to his feet, he turned to take up his own bag and give a lecture, albeit probably unwelcome, "You should really be more careful. Especially if you're going to be jumping around on a mov-... Hey!" Again, before Owen could complete his sentence he was interrupted. Victor was already off on his way to exit the train, leaving Owen behind. He felt it was way too packed by the doors so he would take his time getting off of the train. Ensuring he had all of his belongings, he sat back down on his seat and waited for the train to come to a complete stop.

    In all honesty, Owen was excited as well but he contained himself. His fingers drummed on his knees as he waited a little bit for a majority of the student body to exit the train, then it was his turn. With a small exhale from his nose, the young man stood to his feet and made his way to the front of the train until he was stopped by Willa standing in the aisle with her Minccino being hugged in her arms. Owen's eyes drifted over to the injured mudkip and it's trainer as well. "Hello. Wasn't expecting anyone else to be on the train still. Are you guys alright?"
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  21. Several people passed up Willa, all trying to get out at once and backing up the train exit. It seemed that people's excitement for the new school year triumphed over their ability to build a proper line. "Huh? Oh, yes." Someone's bag hit her from behind, shoving her forward some. "Yes, we're good. I just- Minco, or my minccino, I mean- he just got a little curious and wondered off." Minco squirmed out of her arms, and perched himself on her shoulder, giving the man mind. "Then the train started to slow..." Her voice died down, self-aware of her rambling. He probably didn't understand a thing I just said.

    Willa took use of the sudden silence between them to investigate the stranger. Bearing almost all black clothing, her first impression was that he was mysterious, if not only slightly intimidating. And, though he was short, he also looked to be older than the average student as well. She silently pleaded that he wasn't some new teacher, or anything. She didn't want to make a bad first impression. With a deep breath to ease her anxious mind, she started over again. "My name is Willa, and this is my friend, Minco. I'm sorry for running into you." By this time, she began to gradually move with the remnants of the crowd towards the front of the train, flowing with those around her. "Er, what's your name? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I'm not trying to impose-..."
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    Wendy chuckled a bit at Finlay's obvious sarcasm. At least, she hoped it was sarcasm. It was either that, or this fellow was hopelessly forgetful. Maybe both were true? Questions for later, Wendy decided. At the very least, he seemed like a nice person. "Good to meet ya, Finlay!" She turned her head toward the Chimchar resting on Finlay's shoulder. "And you too, Bango! The name's Wendy, and this little guy is Forte." She held Forte up closer to Finlay, while Forte seemed to be squealing with delight at the sight of his Chimchar, Bango. Forte always did enjoy playing with other Pokémon.

    "This'll be our 3rd year here, so I'm sure we can get you to where you need to be."
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  23. Owen shined a friendly smile towards Willa and nodded his head as he listened to her explain the situation. "Well it's a good thing everything is okay then. Wouldn't want to start off your stay by losing Minco, here." He bowed his head at Willa's introduction and introduced himself as well. "The name's Owen. It's a pleasure to meet you Willa. You too Minco." Another warm smile graced his lips as he started to move along with the fawn haired girl towards the front of the train. "Don't worry, you're not imposing. You let me know if i'm imposing by asking if this is your first time here at Valordia Academy." He said with a soft chuckle.

    Finally they would make their way to the exit of the train and Owen would allow for Willa and Minco to step off first.
  24. Willa flashed Owen an awkward smile in return. "Well, nice to meet you too, Owen." Minco made a sound of reception, but otherwise sat calm on the girl's shoulder. Despite his aggressive appearance, Owen was actually more understanding than she had initially thought he'd be. In fact, witnessing such a warm expression on the other's face helped Willa to calm down even more, and her grin grew more genuine the more he spoke. She should know better than to judge a book by its cover. "Actually," she began answering his question, but stopped when he stepped aside to let her exit the train first. She took the few steps off onto the platform, muttering a small word of thanks for his chivalry, and then continued. "I'm a sophomore, so I've been here before." She paused. "Um, are you by chance here for the first time? You aren't a new professor or some teaching assistant, are you?"
  25. (OOC: Yes, I know this is very long, since I put in so much content here! I am also going to not be online as much for the next two days since I am busy with a field trip and AP testing.)

    Noelle decided to head over to the admissions office to get her schedule that would have her classes that she would have most likely for the semester, as she was relieved the moment when she got over to the office after some numerous minutes that felt like hours from the huge groups of students that she had to pass by in order to even get to the office. Once she got into the office, she quickly grabbed her schedule and smiled after analyzing it with careful eyes, as it had the classes that she wanted after some grueling weeks of planning out.

    In the meantime, the mysterious Pokémon had gotten over to the admissions office right after Noelle had gotten her schedule, as she swiftly snatched it and inspected it inch by inch to make sure that everything was the way that she wanted it to be. Seeing that the schedule was faultless to her planning, she gently placed it in her satchel, as she closed the bag after the schedule was secured within the satchel. She quietly exited the building while Noelle went over to the bench that was near the train. She saw her silently sitting next to a boy with a sketchpad like a little fire mouse, as she turned her attention towards a Sandile that pestered her with mocking eyes and a hearty laughter.

    The Sandile pointed at her and said with a series of giggles, "Oh look at you, you little fox... what's with the weird outfit girl? You got that blue cape thingy on you, that weird yellow hat... and don't even get me started on that kids wand that's probably a baby's toy that you shouldn't even be playing with haha!"

    After picking up every single one of the Sandile's ridiculing words, the Pokémon's ears steamed like boiling kettles, as her scarlet red eyes glared at the Sandile with intense fury! Her face was as red as the boiling blood in her body that was being dispersed all over her surging body. She stomped over towards the Pokémon with roaring footsteps that violently shook a small area of the concrete ground around her, as she quietly grunted out, "Y- you... y- you..."

    The trainer was oblivious to the Sandile harassing the Pokémon, as he was preoccupied with sketching a past event in his notepad. The Sandile laughed and replied, "You what? You suck? Or maybe you need to go see help right now because you're acting like a little baby?"

    She roared out while her wand brightly radiated a bright, bluish light from her utmost exasperation, "YOU BETTER SHUT UP RIGHT NOW OR ELSE THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME YOU'LL EVER BE SEEING ME YOU LITTLE INSOLENT IMBECILE!"

    Some of the students that watched the quarrel between the Sandile and the Pokémon were beyond shocked from the Pokémon's stentorian shout, as the others either attempted to continue on with their everyday business, or just simply evacuated the scene with posthaste.

    The trainer's eyebrows rose to the sound of the Pokémon's outrageous scream that his ears swiftly picked up, as he closed his notepad in a clapping motion and quickly got up from the wooden bench that he sat on. Seeing that the Sandile was once again picking on another Pokémon, he attempted to grab him with a swift motion, as he said, "Come on Sandile! I thought you knew better than that! Did you not learn anything from that lesson that we had with Counselor yesterday after school?!" The Sandile gave off a hesitant laugh, as he shook his head in a vague motion; much to the trainer's mortification.

    The Sandile continued to laugh at the Pokémon's noticable fury that was getting the better of her, as her wand crackled about with her emerging petulance! More of the students started to quickly flee the scene as fast as they could, as the Pokémon shook her rod in a vigorous motion! Suddenly, the Sandile's laughter ceased when he saw a relentless bombardment of icicles swiftly headed for him! The Sandile whimpered and attempted to block the industrial-strength attack with his stubby arms in a feeble effort, as the Sandile's body was hit with icicle after icicle, until the last, enormous icicle smashed against him like a ramming car! The Sandile was sent to the ground crying in excruciating pain with a lack of energy to battle, as the trainer quickly grabbed him with hesitance, rushed towards the Nurse's Office, and cried out at the top of his lungs, "Ahh! There's a maniac on the loose! EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

    After a few seconds of the students processing what happened within the most recent minutes, pandemonium filled the entire area around the admissions office, as students scurried away from the Pokémon as fast as they could. The Pokémon stomped towards another building within the sector that she was in, as an Audino silently watched from the building with troubled eyes.
  26. It was never Owen's intention to appear aggressive and thankfully his attitude would contradict his attire. He smiled a bit wider at Minco's approving chirp and stepped off of the train after Willa. Owen stretched out, happy to be off of the train and on solid ground once again. He peered around the station square seeing where the professor had settled as well as Noelle near professor Pine, just before she made her way to the admissions office. Owen also spotted Finlay and Wendy talking with one another and Q investigating them. His attention went back to Willa and Minco to listen to her response.

    "Ah a sophomore. Good on you, Willa. Did Minco join you during your freshman year too?" With a chuckle and shake of his head, Owen answered her question, "No, i'm not either of those. I'm a returning student so to say. I'm just brushing up on some things before I head back to my gym."
  27. "Yes, he did." She replied, studying him for a second before observing her surroundings. The station was flooded with students and staff alike, though the former seemed to outweigh the latter. She recognized a couple people from her freshman year, but could only name so many of them. The two upperclassmen with the chimchar and whismur seemed familiar enough, as well as the one boy with the sketch pad, but that might have only been because Willa had seen them around the years before. She would never have personally met them. To be honest, she only knew the names of a few people in her previous classes, and that was it. There were only a few people she was close to in the year before- the majority of them being professors.

    This year, however, she aimed to expand her social circle, if only by a few members. That meant that she couldn't push anyone away, especially not the new guy she just met. Unfortunately, that boost of confidence only lasted a second. "Oh! Sorry- I didn't even consider that you could be a student- I didn't mean to stereotype you! I, uh..." She trailed off, narrowing her focus on the last part of his sentence. "'My gym'? Are you a gym leader?" She chewed the inside of her cheek, hoping she wasn't jumping to conclusions again.
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  28. There was some sort of commotion off in the distance and that had Owen furrowing his brows slightly. Did he just hear screaming coming from down the way? While Willa peered around the area, he too took the opportunity to investigate with his gaze. Maybe something would help him identify where the yelling was coming from. This was his first time here at the academy so it was very unlikely that he would recognize anyone which only gave him more time to figure out this odd feeling.

    "Hm? Stereotype me?" Owen's attention fell back onto Willa and Minco as het out a soft chuckle. "It's a misconception that'll ill probably get a lot. Don't worry about it, Willa." With a coy wink and a nod to her question, Owen continued with a smirk. "Mhm! Indeed I am. Even gym leaders have to brush up on skills now and then. Helps us come up with new battle strategies to put our challengers through. Have to keep things fresh, right?"
  29. Q continued sketch what he had seen earlier, completely oblivious to everything around him. His tongue stuck out slightly has he focused on detailing the Pokemon. Every now and then, he would stop, erase something and redraw it so that it would better capture the likeness of its living counterpart. Tor on the other hand jolted awake from the commotion and quickly scurried inside of its trainer's bag. The Pokemon felt much safer inside the bag and soon returned to dream land. Eraser shavings blew off the sketch pad and onto the concrete below as Q started cleaning up his drawing. It was a light sketch, but the drawing had been complete. He would ink it later when he found the time, and motivation, to complete the drawing.

    Q closed the pad and opened his bag. He chuckled when he saw his Wimpod sleeping inside. Instead of placing the pad in his bag, he simply tucked it under his arm and slung his bag over his shoulder. Q took a quick look around before heading back towards the campus. As he was walking, he couldn't help but overhear that something that piqued his interest. Q stopped walking and turned to see a guy, maybe a few years older than himself, talking to a girl with a Minccino. He slowly approached them.

    "I'm sorry to interrupt," Q said as he stood next to the two. "But, I believe I heard you say that you were a gym leader?" He gave Owen a questioning look.

    (@KurtimusRex @soulonawing I hope you two don't mind if I jump in.)
  30. "Eeevee!"

    Gavin's little Eevee, Destiny, was completely excited to start in the academy. It was Destiny's second year with Gavin, but it was Gavin's third year, so he was a Junior. He was nervous and excited. Well, his first task is to show Freshmen around the Academy, but since there is not a lot of Freshmen here, he'd rather battle someone right now.

    Destiny's belly growled in a instant after Gavin thought what to do, and Gavin said, "Seems like you are hungry, but at least I brought Pokemon food!" He gave Destiny a homemade pokepuff, the one that she loves the most. "Eevee, Eve!" (I loved it!)
  31. Noelle noticed that Clyde was dozing off in her sling, as she gave a silent giggle and got up from the bench that she sat on. She watched the others discourse about; one even mentioning out the fact that they were even a gym leader. She quietly made her way past the others that talked, as she winked at the boy that wanted to jump into their conversation.

    Meanwhile, the mysterious Pokémon stomped towards the building's entryway, as she kicked the wooden door open! Several nearby students rushed away from the noise; fearing that the worse was to come. The Audino walked over to the door to her room, as she slightly opened it and peeked at what went on in the hallways. She was shocked to see the Pokémon tramping around, as she thought, "My oh my, I suppose that I might have something very important that I need to do now..."

    She quietly closed the door the moment when the thunderous footsteps were approaching her, as she silently sat in her chair and grabbed a book that its cover read, "How to calm a Pokémon, baby's edition, Vol. I."
  32. Willa gave a firm nod in understanding to what Owen said, though she could only partially relate to it herself. Growing up, she was a regular visitor at the Nacrene Museum, and though it stopped functioning as a gym two years ago, she had often heard the old gym leader, Lenora, reminiscing about old battles, or coming up with new strategies in case anyone still challenged her for fun. However, though she had listened to her, Willa didn't share an interest in Pokemon battles, and would normally just nod her head until the conversation died. This time though, she made herself focus on Owen's words, so that wouldn't happen so fast.

    "Yes, I suppose so-" She never got the sentence out before she heard another voice. Not expecting it, her body jumped in surprise before turning around to regard their new companion, sketchbook-boy. "Ah, hi, new person. No problem..." Willa gave an awkward laugh to try and cover how easily startled she was. "I mean, er- what's your name?" Compared to her, the minccino was rather easygoing, and stayed peacefully put through the introduction.
  33. Owen was happy to get such a hardy nod from Willa and if he would have known that she was trying her best to focus on the conversation, he would have been even happier. In fact, Willa might not have been able to get Owen to stop talking if she brought up the Nacrene Museum and Lenora. Owen's eyes darted from Willa when sketchbook-boy approached and gave him a wave with his hand. He smiled to himself upon seeing Willa jump and added on to what she had to say.

    "I'm Owen. This is my friend Willa and her minccino, Minco." He nodded. "You heard right. I hope you don't think less of me coming back to school." He half joked with a soft chuckle. "Willa and I were just talking about what years we're in. Would it be safe to assume you've been at the academy a couple of years?"
  34. Q nodded to Owen. "I'm Q, and I'm a junior. I would introduce you to my partner but he's asleep at the moment." He chuckled lightly at the thought of Wimpod my asleep in his bag. "It's nice to meet both of you."

    "I wouldn't think less of you at all," Q responded. "I'm actually here because I want to be a gym leader. What about you, Willa?"
  35. Willa uttered a small sigh of relief as Owen took charge of introductions, and used the respite to investigate Q some more. Sporting brown and teal, with a pair of goggles on top, her first impression was that he seemed audacious, if not a little reckless and foolhardy as well. All in all, he seemed as if he would he would never be too far away from danger, which explained why they had never met before.

    As the question was asked, Willa felt a small, guilty lump form in her throat. "Well, I just- I don't really know what I want to be. I mean, I know for sure that I don't want to become a trainer, and I don't think I have the stomach to become a nurse..." As she trailed off, Willa felt as if the everyone in the train station had been staring directly at her, even though her mind knew that was a completely illogical thought. I swear I'm actually smart- Trying to avoid going into panic mode, or more embarrassing rambling, she attempted to change the subject of conversation. "I-I know you said he's asleep, but what kind of pokemon is your partner?"
  36. "It's nice to meet you too, Q" Owen remarked with a cordial bow of his head. He grew a little more excited about having someone before him that wanted to become a gym leader. He looked back to Willa as she spoke and noticed a bit of her hesitation. "When I was younger, I had no idea what I wanted to be either but I knew I had an interest in becoming a trainer. I met another person earlier who didn't know what they wanted to do so you're not alone Willa." He gave her a confident nod, hoping that his encouraging words would help.

    He peered back to Q, interested in finding out what Pokémon was sleeping in his bag. "Is your Pokémon the type you want to specialize in?"
  37. OOC: sorry for late reply

    BIC: "it's a pleasure meeting you Wendy... Mainly because your helping but it's a pleasure nonetheless," Finlay said to Wendy. Bango reacted with a cheeky grin branching from cheek to cheek to Wendy's greeting. "third year huh? Guess this place must not to be bad to come back three years in a row," Finlay replied. "I had to stay home and work so I couldn't really make a career for myself in anything or pursue what I wanted to do via getting a degree or doing a course of anything," Finlay added.

    "What have you been studying here then?" Finlay asked as he became the evermore intrigued with this place.
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  38. "Hey, wait up!" Victor called out as he quickly rejoined Owen, out of breath from running around and exploring. "Whew...the station alone is HUGE!" he panted, wiping some sweat from his forehead. Then he noticed the others. "Oh, uh...I'm...not interrupting, am I?" he asked nervously, shirking away a bit. Cerberus sat on his shoulder and barked happily at the new faces.

    (As a side note, mere words can't describe how happy I am with how popular my thread is after such a short amount of time! ^-^)
  39. Noelle turned around; noticing that some of the others were still at the station, as she thought, "Well, guess this day's going to be slow huh... hopefully Clyde will be asleep when I take him to the Nurse's Office."

    She glanced around the other students; one of which was running towards the station in a huge fit of panic with her Pikipek, as she cried, "Eek! That little yellow fox in that strange outfit isn't here right?! She's been going nuts at the campus ever since I ran away like no tommorow!"

    Meanwhile, the Pokémon was near the room where the Audino was in, as she turned towards a woman that had worrisome eyes. Her pinkish hair stood out from the fluorescent lighting, as her white gown gave way to a slight glimmer. She calmly walked up to the Pokémon and said, "L- look... I know that you're probably a bit upset right now, but I think that we might need to take this to my office right away before this becomes a huge problem for the fifth time in a row."

    The Pokémon gave off a sulky pout, as the woman continued to approach her in a careful fashion; taking care to not extend her body to appear threatening to the little fox. She quickly picked her up and held her in a modest grip to prevent her from squirming out of her arms, as she gently said, "Come on, I think that it's best if we start putting an end to this, because I don't want you hurting others; and especially I don't want you hurting yourself either. Let's just have a nice talk with my other Pokémon first to see your side of the story and then we'll get into more depth from there okay?" The Pokémon crossed her arms while attempting to use her rod against the Nurse, as it fizzled in response to the grip that the Nurse had on her with her arms.
  40. "Alright then, I'll just explore this area and see what is new to this place. Probably some training after this, Destiny.." said Gavin with a little sense of excitement. Destiny went on Gavin's shoulder, but he wanted her in her pokeball. She declined wanting to go into the ball, hitting the clean red, normal pokeball like a volleyball.

    "PLEASE, JUST GET IN NOW!!!" Gavin shouted loudly, that some other trainers and Pokemon heard it. What to do, what do? Something wrong with my pokeball? he thought.

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