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Open Pokemon: A journey of a Lifetime

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by benzima2867, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. (2nd RP so i kinda know the rules)
    My stuff!

    Name: Ben
    Age: 16
    Pokemon: (See prof Pic)
    Appearance: Blue eyes, Brown hair, Ripped blue navy jeans, Green hoodie with a treeko face
    Personality: Joyful, Care-free, Curious, Risk Taker
    Origin: From Litleroot (Hoenn) Ben is asked to go with his family to Vaniville (Kalos). The rest is revealed later on...

    Ben got out of Bed and woke up to see his Mothers Fletchling Tweeting at him. "I'm up, i'm up..." Ben groaned as he got out of bed. He looked around his room to find his closet with hiw favourite clothes- Green hoodie and ripped Jeans. "I'm up!" He shouted as his younger brother came up with chespin (Nickname: Chester). "Morning bro!" Alex shouted. 'Chespin!' Chester said as they went downstairs.

    Ben walked into the Kitchen to find a Letter for him. "Whats this?" Ben asked his Mother. "Oh, that came from Professor Birch, back in Littleroot. Open it if you want" Ben's Mum replied. Ben tore the top off and it said: Dear Ben, I'm glad you made it to Kalos, But the problem of the Shadow pokemon are rising. We've seen triple since you left and they are harming innocents. We have already made some people evacuate to Mosdeep city. I've told Professor Sicamore your arrival, so he know that you should be at the Pokemon Lab by a few days. from yours truly- Professor Birch. "I have to go sorry Mum" Ben said as he explained the situation. "Alex, I am trusting you to look after Mum and fletchling" He added. "I'll do my best!" Alex replied. Ben waved good bye as he opened the door to the new Adventure!
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  2. Name: Carter
    Age: 16
    Pokemon: Snorlax, Jigglypuff, Hawlucha
    Appearance: Short, shaggy black hair. Slightly Chubby. Wears blue jeans and a sweater that looks like a Snorlax belly and arms.
    Personality: Loves to battle. Charismatic. Doesn't plan very well. Always happy. Always takes risks if he is about to lose.
    Origin: From Ainstar City. Out to explore on his own.

    Carter decided to visit Vaniville for the first time in a while. He liked the peacefulness of it. Him and his Snorlax were walking along a houses walls when a door suddenly opened and almost hit Carter in the face. Carter yelped. "Oh jeez. Sorry or yelling at you." He said to the boy that ran out. "I really shouldn't walk along the sides of houses like that." Snorlax let out a hardy laugh. "Come on buddy, don't laugh at your friends... almost pain." Carter looked at this trainer. "Where are you off too?" He asked curiously.
  3. Name: Micheal Gearson
    Age: 16
    Pokemon: (see trainer card)
    Appearance:Tall, Black, hair, blue jeans, sneakers, black hoodie, Hazel eyes.
    Personality: calm, protective, serious, strategical, intelligent

    Micheal had just got back from his trip around the regions, and decided to go back to Kalos being that he needed a break from venturing from region to region. He arrived in Vaniville town. "Hey guys did you guys miss this place?" He asked his pokemon. "Becuase I know I did." He said. "Let's to Vaniville first." He said as they walked off. After walking for a while they found a boy arguing with another boy. "We should probably go check that out." He said as he walked towards them.
  4. Ben was confused to the boy, and why he had yelled. "Sorry, i'm headed off to Lumious City to meet Professor Sycamore at the Pokemon Lab" Ben said as he closed the door behind him. Ben looked over his shoulder to see another Boy with pokemon. My day has started off with me being very, very confused Ben thought to himself.
  5. Carter was rubbing his face from the close save he had just experienced. "No, it's completely my fault, I shouldn't be walking this close to houses." Carter turned and saw another boy behind him. "Hello there!" He waved, so did Snorlax. "Meeting a lot today."
  6. "Haha, Don't worry about it, we all do things in the Morning" Ben replied. "What's your name by the way? Mine is Ben! I'm new round here, i just moved from Littleroot in the Hoenn region" He added
  7. Carter smiled at this might soon to be companion. "The names Carter! Nice to meet you Ben. I'm from Ainstar City, if you've been there yet. The city with the massive gem in the middle of it. Oh, almost forgot. This is my partner, Snorlax. Do you have any Pokemon?"
  8. "Yes i do! I have all badges from Hoenn so i'm quite experienced but i have a Froakie, Fletchling and Rilou from here" Ben replied showing his Badges. "But i really want to get all the badges from here so i can beat the current Champion of Kalos and Hoenn!" He added. "Is Snorlax the only Pokemon you have?" He asked
  9. upload_2017-7-1_11-36-26.png - "This is me so far"
  10. "No, I have a couple others, I have A Jigglypuff named Luna, and a Hawlucha named Hawk." Carter laughed slightly. Snorlax bent over and let out a loud laugh right into Carter ear. "Ouch, buddy." Carter said while rubbing his ear, annoyed.
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  11. "Haha, don't you just love Pokemon." Ben said. "Would you like to join me on my way, i'm going to see Professor Sycamore about a new type of Pokemon- Fairy and also to discus the rising affect of Shadow Pokemon" He added
  12. "I can join you on that. You don't know about Fairy types? Jigglypuff is a Fairy-Normal type. And shadow Pokemon, I've heard about them, it would not be a good thing if they are returning." Carter looked slightly concerned but not disturbed by it overall.
  13. "Awesome! Professor Birch would be delighted! And do you know where to find a Flowette? Professor Sycamore asked for them because of their type" Ben explained. "And no i didn't know abut Fairy because I come from Hoenn and we only knew what they were when we moved here Yesterday." He added
  14. "Hmmm..." Carter thought about it for a minute. "I don't know about a Floette, I've never tried to actively look for one. I can help try finding one though."
  15. "Well, we can find Flabebe on Route 4, and sadly i realised that Floette cant be found wild" Ben said as he opened his PokeDex. "Well, shall we go then?" Ben said as he gave a friendly smile.
  16. Name: Lana
    Age: 12
    Pokemon: [Trainer Crad]
    Appearance: [Profile Pic] Ginger Hair, Brown dress covering her feet, Night Sky eyes, sunflower hair pin in her hair.
    Personality: Timid, Loves her Pokémon and hates to battle with them, Intelligent, Calm.
    Origin: Virbank city, moved to Coumarine because of the smoke.


    Lana's uncles lived in Santalune, she was there for a visit, she decided to explore for a while, and ended up paralized looking at the beautifull flowers of Route 1. "There are so beautifull..." She said to Sunflora and Growlithe, "Do you think Uncle would like one?" Her Pokémon look at her with a smile. "Well then..." She reached and picked up a small white rose, the petals were so big and beautifull she could spend the whole day looking at them. Suddently she realized that a town was located just in front of her, "I wonder what town is it.", she started walking in direction of the town, when she arrived she stoped to gaze at the beauty of the town, she stood there and looked at it.
  17. "Yeah, we can go now." Carter gave a friendly smile back. "Oh, but I should probably use someone else." He turned to look at Snorlax. "How about you have a nap buddy?" Snorlax nodded, then yawned. Carter put Snorlax in his Pokeball. Then he brought out Jigglypuff. "Hey Luna." He looked at Ben again. "Putting it to sleep would be the easiest way to catch it, right? Luna here can do that."
  18. "Yeah, putting it to sleep would be best" Ben said as they started to walk. "Tell me a little about yourself Carter. Like what town you lived in, or why you decided to be a trainer" He asked
  19. "I'm from Ainstar City, as I said before. As for becoming a trainer..." Carter pondered for a moment. "I guess it's because I like to battle. I don't go for gym badges or anything though. And of course I love Pokemon. What about you?" Carter said as we walked alongside Ben.
  20. "I'm from Littleroot in Hoenn. I was asked by the professor to come to Kalos to study these things called Shadow Pokemon. They have a darker colour sceme with Aura coming out of them." Ben started. "So... i took the offer so i could explore the region and learn more abput Pokemon!" He finished. "Look! Route 4!" Ben said as he started to run in the grass. He chucked 10 Pokeballs at Carter and said "C'mon! This is fun!"
  21. Carter looked at Ben after catching the pokeballs. "Alright, yeah! And if so I could use another Pokemon anyways!" Carter ran after Ben with Luna struggling to keep up.
  22. While Ben and Carter were searching Ben noticed a rumble in the grass. A Flabebe caught Ben by surprise. Startled he threw one of his Great ball. 1...2...3.. And it was caught! "Ok! I did it!" Ben shouted as he turned to face Carter.
  23. Carter smiled. "Looks like you're having fun. And you caught a Flabebe. Nice job. You catch up yet Luna?" Carter looked back. As soon as he did, he got a soft punch to the face. "PUFF!" Luna screamed. Carter laughed slightly. "There you are. We should probably get you back in your ball." He put Luna back into her ball.
  24. "I think we should go back..." Lana said to her Pokémon as she started walking back to Santalune, "I really don't want to pass Santalune forest again... last time we almost got attacked..." When she arrived at the forest her face had a frightened look, she was scared, but she bumped up a bit of courage and entered the forest, Sunflora and Growlithe right behing her. As she walked she could see the fierce look in all the trainerse, they all wanted to battle, but Lana didn't like to fight, so she tried to avoid all trainers. After a while she made it out of the forest, and at the blink of an eye she was in Santalune again, "Finally... Hey do you want to visit Route 4? I heard the flowers were beautiful there..." However that time the Pokémon didn't give a happy face, they were tired from walking. "Well then, we could stop at the cafe and eat something..." Lana started walking towards the cafe. "I wanted two bowls of Pokémon food please, and a tea for me." She said when she arrived at the cafe, then she sit down and waited for her order.
  25. Ben chuckled. "Yeah... Kalos is beautiful." We should go that way, there is a nice Cafe i've heard about that does Human and pokemon food!" Ben said as he pointed to Santalune City. He looked at the Flabebe's pokeball. "Someday, we will find out the intentions of Shadow Pokemon" He whispered to himself.
  26. Carters stomach growled. "We should go to that Cafe, I'm pretty hungry, and I'm betting our Pokemon are too. Hey, you can even feed the Flebebe." Carter smiled at Ben.
  27. "Then its settled!" Ben said as they started walking. When they reached the Cafe Ben saw another trainer. "Hi there!" Ben said as he gave a welcoming smile.
  28. "Me? Uh... Uh... H-hey there..." Lana said with a face full of nerves, she was never good talking to other people, especially boys, and in top of that, they were older then her. Then her order came, she took the tea with shaking hands and gave the bowls to her Pokémon." Y-You can sit if you want..." She said as she nervously started drinking her tea. Her Pokémon started to eat as well.
  29. "Oh, no need to be nervous. Your Pokémon or beautiful. Mind if I pet your Growlithe?" Carter bent down and looked at the Growlithe. "You are a cute one. And since we're here, I need to do this. Sorry if it scares you." Carter let Snorlax out. He was yawning and frowning from being woken up, but then immediately smiled because hey were in a cafe.
  30. "A Snorlax... Let me just..." Lana reached for some food of Sunflora's bowl and gived it to Snorlax. "I come from Virbank, but I moved to Coumarine because of the smoke, I'm currently on a visit, tonight Im going back to Coumarine. "
  31. "You don't have to feed him, but thanks. He's gonna want a lot more than that." Carter looked at Snorlax. Snorlax seemed pleased. "I'll get you food, don't worry." He turned back to Lana. "Couramine is a nice place. I've been there from time to time."
  32. "Virbank huh? So you come from the Unova region." Ben said as he ordered a drink. "You should stay a bit longer, you might be interested in what me and my Friend Carter are doing." Ben said as he got his drink. "Ugh... where are my manners?! My name is Ben and this is my Friend Carter. Whats your name?"
  33. "M-m *breathes* My name is Lana, and what are you doing of such interest?" Lana asked, shortly after she finished her tea. Growlithe also had finished, but Sunflora was just half way through. "Might I ask were you come from?"
  34. "Certainly! I come from the Hoenn region but moved because I was given a task by Professor Birch" Ben said as he drank. "I bumped into Carter and he just started talking. He joined me on my quest and here we are now!" He added as he finished his drink.
  35. "And I'm from right here in the Kalos region. I live in Ainstar City, beautiful place. It's been a while since I've been back to it actually." Carter pondered. "Maybe I should go back soon..."
  36. "So... should we go to the Pokemon Lab now Carter? We have a Fairy type." Ben said as he got out his PokeDex. Hhmm... This is very strange Ben Thought to himself
  37. "I think we should go to the Lab now." Carter looked at Lana. "Would you like to come?" He looked back to Ben. "If that's okay with you, that is?" Carter put Snorlax back in his ball.
  38. "Me? O-okay... Oh and uh... I... *breathes* here take this..." Lana handed over two smoke balls to Ben and Carter, "If you ever are in danger... click this smoke ball and smoke will appear giving you a chance to escape... And to be clear, yes I would gladly go with you" By that time Sunflora had finished her bowl and Lana had finished her tea. "Well, we are ready."
  39. "Oh..." Carter took the Smoke Balls. "Thanks." He put them in his pouch. "These will be very useful. You guys ready to have an adventure?" Carter said with the widest grin.
  40. "Oh I am so ready!" Ben said as he got out his TalonFlame. "Hop on! This way is quicker" Ben said as he climbed on the TalonFlame. Wait... where did i get that Egg from? Ben said as he checked his bag

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