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Pokemon 3DS?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by BeginwiththeEnd, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. After E3 '10, I've been amazed at what the 3DS can do. (even more so that you don't have to wear stupid expensive glasses...) There seemed to be a bad-ass library in store for the little handheld as well. Yet, it seemed there was no 3DS Pokemon games. I'd like to here your guy's thoughts on the matter.
  2. Yeah, I would prefer B&W coming out with 3DS. I'd rather wait for the release of the 3DS then not have it on 3DS... Maybe the extra Pokemon game (the 'Emerald' of the two... would it be "gray?")
  3. They've stated that Black and White will have some kind of 3DS exclusive (for the life of me I can't remember), so That's kinda got me curious as if the graphics would improve.
  4. What will probably happen is a 3rd version on 3DS, the same but in 3D.

    Then, hoenn remakes for the 3DS. That's gonna be interesting...
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Considering they've had the Red and Blue versions of Mystery Dungeon on two different consoles (GBA and DS respectively, if my memory serves) it isn't completely out of the question to assume that half of Gen V may spill onto the 3DS - I'd consider it more than likely myself that Black and White will be on DS, and every other Gen V game appears on 3DS.
  6. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    This is almost certainly how it will pan out. The problem with B/W is that we're at the stage where a new generation needs to be out there. If we had to wait any longer, the 4th Generation would be, by far, the longest yet (as it is, they were a couple of months short of that accolade anyway).

    The fact is, though, that the hardware wasn't there for Gamefreak to be able to place B/W onto the 3DS. B/W will quite easily have been in development since D/P was wrapped up (head producer, Junichi Masuda stepped down from Platinum and HG/SS development, more than likely, to begin work on B/W's long development process), and by the time the actual software development will have started (approximately a year and a half ago would be expected), the 3DS was still very much a concept. We know that the earliest any developer got their hands on development kits for it was well into last year, when Sakurai's Project Sora team got the chance to begin on the new Kid Icarus.

    The 3DS and B/W just missed eachother timing-wise. Although, I suspect that because they had to work with the DS again, the experience of the past 5 years has been put to full use and could result in the best new generation launch games ever. We already can see just how much they've put into this and how they're working extremely hard on the polish of the game because the base of it was already there. Something you couldn't really do at the same time as learning a whole new development architecture.

    The rest of Gen V will almost certainly be 3DS exclusive, though. I'd suspect the third game to B/W will be similar to Crystal in making the upgrade leap, though I really hope we see the superior power of the 3DS being really put to work. It could certainly make the third game an even more exciting prospect than before if it can genuinely offer us something new - even if it's just a huge graphical overhaul.
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'd say it's very likely that a Pokemon game is already in the works for the 3DS, it just isn't one of the main series RPGs. It wouldn't surprise me if whatever game it was, it was completely original, too. Seems to be a trend of theirs.

    While not original, I can definitely see a new Pokemon Pinball being made to unitize the motion sensor and a gyro sensor of the 3DS. Maybe a new Pokemon Snap to go along with the 3D? It'd definitely fit the camera concept of DSi/3DS, plus allow you to take 3D pictures of the Pokemon. I'm wondering how Ranger could benefit from the additions but can't really think of anything beyond the increased graphical depth.

    Mmm... Whatever they end up creating, I'd suspect it to be announced in under a years time - if not released shortly after the 3DS launches in Japan.
  8. ...No. Nintendo took too much money from me as it is D:
  9. The exclusive thing for the 3DS is supposed to be the slide panel function where you can move the camera IN BATTLE by sliding it around. There was a video on it where it was showing a battle and the camera shot from side to side unnecessarily.

    The rest of Gen V will almost certainly be 3DS exclusive, though. I'd suspect the third game to B/W will be similar to Crystal in making the upgrade leap, though I really hope we see the superior power of the 3DS being really put to work. It could certainly make the third game an even more exciting prospect than before if it can genuinely offer us something new - even if it's just a huge graphical overhaul.

    I don't see the need to make a Pokemon Game a handheld exclusive for an upgraded handheld of the same generation of handhelds.

    I have a problem explaining what I really mean. Okay, what I mean is:

    Why create a game for the 3DS? I mean, I understand creating a game for a handheld/console exclusive, but why a handheld-upgrade exclusive? They didn't make Platinum exclusive to the DSLite, or HGSS exclusive to the DSi. I mean, I understand the reasoning behind it. There are many, many new things within the software of the 3DS, but what is the true point of making it EXCLUSIVE when you can just do the same thing they're doing with B/W=Making certain things unusable on other versions of one handheld.

    I don't see them making a 3DS exclusive game unless it's like Linkachu said.
  10. Well damn. Nintendo is robbing me. I mean, I already own 2 products from the DS line, so why not add a third?

    Making a single game exclusive to the 3DS isn't very... How do I put this... Economical. I mean, It wouldn't sell well for Pokemon fans if you had to buy a $200 console for two or three games. Well, some people probably thought that when the games jumped from the Gameboy to the DS, but we're talking the same LINE of products!
    Makes sense. I could totally see a new Pinball game for this thing. But, making half of Gen. V's main series games EXCLUSIVE to the 3DS isn't very... Hmm... Good. That's my opinion.
  11. But the 3DS isn't like a small upgrade, like DS Lite or DSi - It's a brand new console. The DS Lite to the DS is a bit like Gameboy Advance SP to Gameboy Advance - whereas 3DS is like Game Boy Advance (3DS) to Game Boy Colour (DS).

    It would be a significant enhancement, and would also (probably) be available on DS.
  12. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    The two of you also seem to underestimate how closely tied the Pokemon franchise is to the sales of the hardware it is on. Since the original GameBoy, every main series Pokemon game release has created a huge spike of hardware sales from people doing exactly what you find unlikely - buying a new system just to play the latest Pokemon game.

    The 3DS and Pokemon will be tied together sooner rather than later, because it just makes sense for Nintendo to be pushing the sales of both.
  13. Ahhh...crap. I really can't afford a 3DS. Maybe by the time March rolls around next year, I'll have 200 stored up...I just hope the mini-job I have right now actually gets me there.

    Oh yeah, money for Black and White would be nice too -_-
  14. Thank goodness I made a bit of cash this summer. A bit of saving, and I could make it.

    As for the game itself, I am looking forward to it. I wish to see a more 3-D game, sort of like Ranger.
  15. I just realised that if Black and White are released on the regular DS then it will be the first time that two Pokemon generations in a row were on the same console.

    R, B & Y Game Boy
    G,S & C Game Boy Colour
    R, S & E Game Boy Advanced
    D, P & P Nintendo DS
    B & W... Nintendo DS?
  16. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    No. G/S were on the Gameboy, just as R/B/Y were. If you were to classify the meagre pallet changes that G/S had if you played it on a GBC as being made for the GBC, then so were Red, Blue and Yellow.

    Also, the GBC isn't a new generation of the Gameboy hardware. It's just a new iteration the same as the DSi is to the DS/Lite.

    So, no, it's not the first time.
  17. Well, guessing by how the last generations of pokemon have been, pokemon B/W will probably release for the older versions and the 3DS, and I'm also expecting a Hoenn remake exclusively on the 3DS. I personally am really looking forward to the Ocarina remake :3

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