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PokeMan The powers Rises (Disscussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by NerdyNinja, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Hi, as you may know, catching and training pokemon is a pretty awesome thing to do.
    But what about feeling what it's like to be one. and no, I don't mean pokesona.
    Inthis RP the humans can use a special power gem and transform into a hybrid of that pokemon. but still human like. They gain the Pokémon's type, and power, strength and weakness. As this is discussion if you guys have any questions or ideas because I suck at explaining this, feel free to ask or tell me :)
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  2. I like this idea! The story could be that an evil team, or what ever, is trying to steal or use these pokeman and are trying to do some evil stuff. Like they want to take over the world or like they want to be the strongest in the world.
  3. This is just my idea, but maybe an evil team is taking advantage of this, and is trying to make this Pokéhybird/PokeMan people lose control of their fused form. Their leader, <insert name here> wants to use this to his advantage as well, fusing with multiple Pokémon which should cause disaster.
    Also, maybe they'd "fuse" with Pokémon they own to become a PokéMan, so that there would have to be a link of trust between them.
    Just my idea!
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  4. Uh, I'll be neutral. Taking sides depending on my own survival and my Pokemon's
  5. I would like to go with the good side ^-^
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Just because it's a discussion thread doesn't mean it's a chat room. All these one word posts? Yeah. That has nothing to do with the ACTUAL RP you are discussing, making it incredibly off-topic SPAM, which is not allowed by our Global Rules.

    You would also do well to remember that chatspeak is not allowed here. 'u' and 'r' are NOT words and may not be used in the Pokecharms forums as replacements for 'you' and 'are'.

    Posts removed. Don't do that again.
  7. ok, now that's done, maybe we can get started :)
  8. B DAY IS TODAY Lets start!

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