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Open Pokehumans in a Pretty Chill Afterlife

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Slemmandre, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. I'm a sucker for these Pokehuman rps...

    Anyways, this RP takes place in an elevator. Yes, an elevator, at the very beginning at least. But there's a twist. You, as a Pokemon, have died, and for the time being, you don't remember how. All you know is that you have died, and strangely, you're no longer a Pokemon. You're a pokehuman, or "gijinka" if you will. You look like the Pokemon you once were, even if you're now a human, and your powers are still there, even if severely weakened.

    But, as it turns out, the afterlife is pretty chill. You all step off of the elevator to find a rustic little shanty town, full of others just like yourself. Charming little taverns, set up with dancers and entertainment, dot the streets. There are hotels, restaurants even. Life is different in this underground existence, and you can never go back to life or your trainer or your family, but when you've got a town full of people who know what you're going through, all remembering the way their lives used to be, maybe you can all live, or rather, not live like this?

    Rules (Of Course)
    1. Please, make sure your replies are at least three or four lines long.
    2. No legendaries, as is stated in the general rules.
    3. Little battles may happen, but more for fun than anything.
    4. Try to be descriptive.
    5. Swearing and romance may happen, but of course, none of the sexings.

    Character Sheet

    Cause of Death: (Your character won't know this in the beginning. You can leave it blank if you want it to be a surprise)

    For example, here's my character, Tali

    Name: Tali
    Species: Butterfree
    Personality: A slow-paced observer, Tali loves to daydream. While she's prone to emotion, her sorrows don't control her. Doesn't like change, but can adapt to it well once it's been forced on her. Even so, it's hard for her to fathom the whole situation.
    History: She traveled with her trainer, Kyle, throughout Kanto. As he caught stronger and stronger Pokemon, Tali's fear of being boxed continued to grow. Eventually, when she was shelved, she learned to cheer them on from the sidelines. Even as he fought the e4, she stayed happy for him, even if deep down, she would've liked to be a champion's Pokemon some day.
    Appearance: Wears a pair of knee-high blue boots the same color as her mittens, navy shorts that stop at her knees, and a purple sweater with a white shawl hemmed with black in place of wings. Her hair is the same silvery white as the shawl, just long enough to cover her shoulders, with a pair of red goggles resting on her forehead. With the boots, she stands at about 5'4''.
    Cause of Death: Ironically, she died in an elevator accident, crushed in the fall.
    All she could see was white. Everywhere she looked, everything she thought, blank, and as snowy white as her wings. The silence was white, her thoughts were white.

    But then, there was something that was not white. An elevator stood open before her, announcing its arrival to her with a cheerful "ding."

    Why wouldn't she have gotten in the elevator? It was her one solace from that damn void of nothing. Ominously, the door closed behind her. Tali's skin prickled from the presence of the elevator. It was cozy, but she didn't like it in here. Somehow, in some way, it was as if this place had wronged her before.

    Wait, skin? She didn't have skin! Her eyes shot down to her hands. She wasn't supposed to have hands either. A mirror within the elevator caught her eye, and despite the fact that this should've been shocking to her, Tali was too calm to react when she saw that she was no longer a Butterfree. Cautiously, she breathed in and out, and the elevator whirred as it moved, awaiting the next floor.
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  2. Name: (Um... he doesn't have a name)
    Species: Cubone
    Personality: He's very nervous around anyone and everyone. He also tends to have panic attacks, and isn't the best at making friends. Has claustrophobia and now, a fear of water.
    History: The first thing he remembered was being alone. He doesn't know it, but he was one of the many Cubones a trainer tried to hatch in order to get one with the right stats. Since he didn't have the right stats, he was released into the wild. Alone. He was forced to fend for himself, against predators and humans alike.
    Appearance: He looks like an younger teen, maybe 15, with short brown hair that you can sometimes see under his skull mask. He wears a light brown jacket, and cargo pants of the same color. He also wears a light tan undershirt, and carries a bone club.
    Cause of Death: Drowning

    Darkness. He couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't even breath. Suddenly, the Cubone had his senses bombarded. There was a bang... or was it a ding? With a flash of light, he felt like he was thrown into another world... (actually, an elevator...)
    AIR! The Cubone let out a loud gasp, his lungs sucking air in a panic as he slumped over to the side, slamming into the side of the... wait. A wall? In the back of the Cubone's mind, he knew something wasn't right. But that didn't matter at the moment. His panicked breathing echoed inside his mask, and he reached up to adjust it, only to let out a cry as a human hand passed by his face. He pressed himself against the wall to get away from it, only to realize that it was his hand! He started to hyperventilate as he looked down and realized that this was not his body. Looking up, he let out another cry when he saw that there was A HUMAN RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!!! It didn't matter that to the Cubone... er, Cuboy? That this human looked oddly like a butterfree, it appeared to be a human nonetheless!
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  3. "Hey, hey, are you alright?" Tali turned the gasping Cubone boy to face her, looking him up and down with relief as she realized he was probably in the same boat as her. He seemed young, younger than her at least, and tried her best to calm him down.

    "Shh, it's okay. You're okay." He was hyperventilating, and though she was desperately trying to soothe him, she was having trouble not freaking out herself. Tali shoved it aside, hoping to display some hospitality to the boy, especially if he was just as confused as she was. "Who are you? Do you have a name?" She tried, swallowing hard to settle her shaky voice.
  4. Name: Ray
    Species: Rotom (normal)
    Personality: Quite shy and not outgoing at first but is extremely kind and respectful of others
    History: Ray doesn't have much of a history. He lived in an abandoned factory with other ghost type and lonely pokemon.
    Appearance: Ray is 18, with blonde hair and light blue eyes. We wears an orangish red zip up hoodie and black pants with a light blue undershirt almost the same color as his eyes and white converse.
    Cause of Death: Ray's life came to a tragic end when he got too close to an electrical socket and caused a mass explosion, killing him instantly.

    Ray's eyes shot open, a loud ringing in his ears as he was laid sprawled across a metal flooring. He quickly sat up in an almost panic like state gasping for air. Quickly looking to his left, he saw two others. One on the elevator with him and one stepping on to help the other. "Humans?" He thought to himself. "Where am I?" He looked down and saw he was also.. a human.

    His eyes got large with fear and confusion and quickly covered his mouth before he could scream. He breathed deeply as he brought up his other hand to his face, still covering his mouth. He moved his fingers, his limbs, everything. He didn't know where he was or what was going but hoped it was all a dream.
  5. The Cubone tried to push himself back further into the wall, and sunk to the ground. He began to feel lightheaded, and that made him feel even more panicked. He tried to respond to the lady, but all he could gasp out was,
    When the other human-pokemon guy appeared, he let out another cry of fear and pushed himself to the farthest corner away from everyone.
  6. A blur of orange movement caught Tali's eye, and she recoiled in shock to find yet another human in the elevator with them. Thankfully, he looked just as confused and terrified as she did, but that didn't stop her backing away, leaving the Cubone boy as she settled into her own corner.

    "Okay, it isn't funny anymore. Where are you all coming from, and why do I-we look like this?" Her tone came out as more aggressive than she intended, manipulated by her fear, and she quickly sought to correct it. "I'm sorry. I have no idea what's going on. As far as I know, this is all a bad dream. This elevator isn't real, none of you are real. But, since I'm here, we might as well pass the time." She tried and failed to believe what she was saying, but spoke anyways, pointing to herself. "My name's Tali. I'm a Butterfree, and I'm from Kanto. Now, you all are?"
  7. The Cubone boy's vision began to dim, and finally his breathing began to slow. He started to slump over, and was barely able to catch himself. Trembling, he looked around as his vision gradually returned.
    "Th-this feels r-r-real t-to me..." The boy stammered out. He looked over and realized he had dropped his bone. His bone, his lone companion. He went to grab it, but accidentally hit it away. It rolled over to the Butterfree girl's feet.
  8. Collecting himself and keeping calm, Ray lowered his hand from his mouth keeping quiet as he watched the Cubone like boy keep panicking and stuttering. He looked over towards Tai, "My name is Ray.. I am or.. was a Rotom. I'm from Sinnoh. I could have sworn I died..."
  9. Tentatively, Tali's fingers skimmed across the bone. Her stomach dropped, filling her with dread. It felt real, not just the bone, but everything else. These humans, the elevator. It definitely was real, and Tali shuddered, pulling her knees to her chest as she weakly rolled it away from her, hoping it ended up by the Cubone.

    "This is really happening, isn't it?" Her eyes were unfocused, staring into the mirror of the elevator, and taking in what she looked like. Finally, she almost laughed, stifling a chuckle, and draping the intricate patterns of her shawl over her knees, covering herself with the slight comforting warmth. It wasn't much, but it was what it was.
  10. The Cubone boy quickly snatched up the bone, holding it close to his chest. He looked around, trying to find some way out of the elevator. Noticing the butterfree girl sink to the floor he thought, She's scared too... He looked around some more and finally saw the doors. Getting an idea, he slowly and quietly crawled over to them and tried to wedge his bone in between the elevator doors, but the bone wouldn't fit. After a few tries, he gave up and hit the elevator door angrily with his bone. He looked around some more, and noticed a hatch on the elevator ceiling. But... I'm not tall enough... He thought, staring at it.
  11. "I-I think I'm dead too." She pulled off her mittens, staring at the small, pale hands that were apparently her own. The Cubone boy was banging on the door, trying to no avail to get it open, and only jarring the rickety elevator. She gasped aloud at the audible snap, feeling the rush of air as she shut her eyes tight. She opened them again, but the elevator wasn't falling. It was just fine, and it was her imagination, so it seemed. Tali's eyes followed those of the Cubone's up to the hatch. "I could... try to lift you up?" She offered, her voice weak, but still desperate to get out of the damned elevator.
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  12. The Cubone started and let out a surprised gasp at the Butterfree girl's voice, whirling around and pressing his back to the door. He had been so intent on trying to open the door that he had nearly forgotten about the other people in the elevator. He glanced up at the ceiling hatch quickly, then back to the Butterfree girl. She looked pale, and nervous. The Cubone boy slowly shook his head no, and kept his distance.
  13. Name: Marie
    Species: Ampharos
    Personality: Calm, patient, helpful around others, afraid of the dark
    History: She had used to be a signaler at an island, as she helped lost sailors come back to the island, she lived alone in a lighthouse.
    Appearance: She has conical ears with stripes, black striped tail with a red orb, her hair is white wool that she has that goes down to her shoulders. She wears a yellow shirt, black skirt, and yellow loafers.
    Cause of Death: Unknown (This is going to be a surprise.)

    Marie had woken up from a coma, as she was on top of the elevator hatch. She looked down while she panted, and noticed some humans, as a Cubone boy had stood out to her. She shined the orb on her tail, as it glew brightly at him. She said in concern, "Hey, where are we? And why do you all look so strange?"
  14. Tali drew breath in surprise, gripping her knees as she stared up at the glowing light. Almost like the tail of an angler, she thought, before collecting herself to a fairly stable state.

    "L-likewise." She stuttered, trying but failing to be snarky. "Could you... lend us a hand?"
  15. Marie look confused, as she was outside the elevator. She looked down at Tali and said, "Umm... I'm guessing you want me to lift up this hatch thing right? Or whatever that thing is called..." She sat on top still, as she watched down at the others while she tried to lift up the hatch.
  16. The Cubone boy jumped at the new voice and looked back up at the hatch, bone at the ready, prepared to fight. He looked at the Ampharos lady for a moment, then lowered his bone. He quickly slid back over to the corner farthest away from everyone in the elevator. This is crazy! He thought. Where is everyone coming from? Why am I like this? And why can't I remember what happened before now?
    His head whirling, the Cubone boy could feel his breath start to quicken as the elevator seemed to close in on him. He closed his eyes and let out a small moan.
  17. Name: Akeldama
    Species: Zwelious
    Personality: Odd, contradictive, moody, changes mind frequently, feverish, hyperactive, skittish.
    History: A hostile and lone rogue known mostly as a pest who attacked livestock and anyone who dared to approach him. The dominant head also often attacked the submissive one as a result.
    Appearance: Coarse charcoal hair that is unruly and constantly tasseled. Blue scales dot his skin and he has a bit of an under bite. He sports a tattered silken black scarf and a long navy blue and charcoal coat with crimson detailing and similarly coloured slacks. He doesn't wear any shoes.
    Cause of Death: The dominant head eventually chewed away at the submissive one's neck and severed it out of hunger and rage.

    A peculiar fellow's chest heaved in sudden rasps and he began wheezing mucous coughs. He'd been laying on the cold stainless steel floor for many moments, void of any sense of time. He groaned pitifully, trying to push himself off the ground and failing miserably. For the first time in a very long time, his mind was completely clear. His body, however, was entirely foreign.
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  18. Name: Avery
    Pokemon: Raichu
    Personality: Very bubbly, a jokester.
    History: Avery was abandoned by her trainer after her team and pc were full. She was forced to live on the streets with only her wits and sense of humor.
    Appearance: A red haired girl in a yellow and orange hoodie with brown eyes and blue jeans. She has a headband with Raichu ears on it and carries a rope with a metal thing on the end that resembles the end of a Raichu's tail. Her shoes are brown sneakers with lighter brown laces and she has orange knee-high socks with a lightningbolt pattern and brown fingerless gloves.
    Cause of death: Starvation

    Avery felt pain in her stomach, then nothing. Then she felt a cold floor underneath her. She looked around. There were humans in here! Avery got up, and she noticed that instead of having stubby paws, she had human hands, legs and feet! She got up. "Uh, hi. I'm Avery, and apparently I'm a human, but I remember being a Raichu."
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  19. "What? Human?" he asked peculiarly, finding the strength to at least lift his neck. His voice was thick and somewhat constricted. His throat felt dry. All around him, humans reminiscent of Pokémon filled the room, each equally perplexed and restless as the other. He realized with a start that the reason he felt so strange must've been the same reason his fellowmen were so concerned. They had been transfigured. "One head?" he wondered aloud, weakly forcing himself to his knees and patting himself down. "What? What?"
  20. Avery gasped. "Are you okay?" she said, and rushed over to him. Her time on the streets had not weakened her empathy. "Yeah, I'm human. I don't know how, though. I swear I was a Raichu." Confusion filled her voice. "You are too. Were you a Pokemon once?"
  21. Marie opened the hatch, as she looked down at what appeared to be a human Raichu. She called down to her, as she said, "You all okay there? I really have no clue where in the world we are right now." Her tail shook, as it glew brightly above the elevator. She looked down at everyone, as she felt awkward being on top of the elevator.
  22. Akeldama held his head in his hands, rubbing his temples contortedly.
    "I-I'm not- I don't know." He glanced over at her with wide, fearful eyes, hands hovering in front of his face. He studied them closely. "Where's my... I had two..." He trailed off, conflicting memories scrambling his thoughts. "I don't know what I am- Was? Who am I? Who am I?"
  23. Avery sighed. "Right now, you're the only one who could tell us that. None of us knows any more than you. Try to remember. That's all that anyone can do. If it'd help, I could say what I remember."
  24. "Please," Akeldama quietly begged. His hands were cupped in his lap and he was slumped over them wistfully. He needed a distraction from himself, whoever he was. "I'm sorry. Please. Tell me."
  25. Avery inhaled sharply. "Well, my trainer's PC box, that's where they store Pokemon when there's no more space in their team, was full and there wasn't any room for me, so he abandoned me. I vaguely remember living on the streets behind buildings and scavenging for food in Dumpsters. But there wasn't enough. There were too many Pokemon on the streets, and too little food. I was always hungry because my generosity always got the best of me and I always gave away my food."
  26. Akeldama listened to her story as attentively as he could while he tried to control his breathing.
    "I'm sorry," he choked out, having resorted to hugging his waist tightly to try to contain himself. "I'm sorry. That's rough."
    He sat in silence like that for a couple seconds, chin resting on his shoulder while his expression writhed with his internal conflictions.
    "I had two heads. Two brains," he stated eventually, trying to mirror her in his explanation. "The others called me a monster. I ate meat raw."
  27. Avery listened quietly. He had listened to her, she ought to pay attention to him.
  28. He fell silent for several more seconds, wetting his lips whenever his mouth floundered for words.
    "One of the heads was always angry. Always hungry. The other was exactly the same. They hated each other." He heaved a deep breath. "My name, my name, my name... Akella? Domai? Two heads, two names."
  29. Avery nodded. "Hey, you're one... human... now, so why don't you give yourself a name?"
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  30. He nodded soundlessly, somewhat reassured by her presence.
    "Akella Domai," he repeated. "Akelladomai. Akeldomai... Akeldama?"
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  31. "Akeldma. That's a nice one."
  32. He agreed with her wordlessly and struggled to his feet, gripping the wall to account for his wobbly legs. He found that standing came naturally to him, as had quite a few of his new bodily functions.
    "Where are we?" he asked, inclining his head to her.
  33. Avery shrugged. "I don't know. Need help?" she offered, seeing Akeldama's legs shaking.
  34. "Should be fine," he replied dismissively , straightening himself. He let go of the wall to test his sturdiness and took a cautious step forward. His body held.
  35. Marie peeked inside while she stayed on top of the elevator still, since she was scared from the fact that she could fall. She said to the human Raichu while her tail shook like a bell, "Well umm... from what Akeldama said, all I can tell is we're all in an elevator, while I'm at the top- Woah AHH!"

    She fell down, as she landed right next to the human Raichu! She got up, while her eyes swirled, as her tail blinked in a unique pattern. It blinked three times shortly, followed by three long flashes, and it finished off with three short blinks, as she tried to maintain her balance. She had a hard time even standing up, as she slightly fell while her tail drooped.
  36. Avery released a sigh of relief. She noticed a rope tied around a belt loop on her jeans. "Hm? What's this?" She asked, tugging at it. It had a metal thing at the end of it. "Is this supposed to be my tail?" Then she got the pun. "Really? An IRON TAIL?"
  37. Name: Amidala
    Species: Dedenne
    Personality: Shy, smart, cautious, really nice once you get to know her.
    History: For as long as Amidala can remember, she has always been chased by someone or something. This not only made Amidala cautious as a result, but it is also part of why she is shy.
    Appearance: Amidala looks about 17 and about 5'1 in height. She has short red hair, Dedenne ears and tail, orange shirt, pants, and shoes. Amidala also has a red bandana around her neck.
    Cause of Death: (Your character won't know this in the beginning. You can leave it blank if you want it to be a surprise) Falling off a high cliff.

    There had been nothing. Then suddenly, Amidala hit the back wall of something. An elevator. Amidala had heard about these. How she had gotten there was a mystery to her. Amidala put a hand to her head. 'Wait, hand?' she thought. Amidala looked and sure enough, she had hands. Amidala looked in a mirror that was in the elevator. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw her appearance. Amidala looked around the elevator and saw others that were probably in a similar situation to hers. "What's going on?" she asked as she momentarily forgot that she was shy.
  38. Avery looked at the new human. She was decked out in orange, with a red bandanna. "You know as much as we do," Avery sighed. She noticed that the walls of this room were reflective, like mirrors. She wasn't surprised at how she looked.
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  39. "Which is nothing," Akeldama added, transfixed by his reflection. He put a hand to his cheek and shuddered, cringing forcibly. He studied his hands again, shaking his head. "This feels wrong."
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  40. Name: Noelle
    Species: Glaceon
    Personality: Loyal, too honest, curious, loves reading random things like soup tins and books scavenged from trash cans
    History: Her owner died several days before her twelfth birthday, resulting in her being freed and released into the wild by her owner's cousin. After that, she has lived in the streets for quite a while. Three years. Not a whole lot, but not really an easy feat.
    Appearance: Pale skin, bright blue eyes, chin-length dark blue hair, Glaceon ears, the diamond shaped ear thingys (lol I forgot what they're called), white hoodie with snowflake design, light blue sneakers
    Cause of Death: Got hit by a random car
    Noelle opened her eyes and blinked, adjusting to the light around her. She remembered being in a dark alleyway, so where was all the light coming from? She used her hind leg to try to push herself up, before apparently realising that she no longer had any hind legs. She still had all four limbs with her, though. That was reassuring.
    Then she noticed several humans around her and nearly had a major freakout before studying herself slightly in the reflection in the mirror. She was now standing on her former hind legs and looking strangely human. "Oh no," she muttered, "this can't be right. Well, now that I'm here, hi anyways. By the way, are we stuck in an elevator? I hide in an alleyway, look for food in a bin, see a flash of light, and appear here as a human. Wow. But sure, why not?" She stopped to breathe slightly. "Alright. Who are you guys?"
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