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Ask to Join PokéHuman Forest

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by UmbreonEevee, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. (Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokehuman-forest.18057/#post-544950 )

    Kuro walked up a small mound of dirt and grass, looking around cautiously as she did. A new but dangerous smell had filled the air a few days before and she was not about to be caught unguarded, especially since she had always been extra careful. Even if being extra careful meant that she wouldn’t have very many friends, None at all in this case, then so be it. “Wonder what other people are doing?” She pondered aloud, sitting down on a dark grey rock in front a beautiful, clear lake with many different flowers blooming in various colors. The trees had a nice shade against the sun that made her pale skin warm. She was wearing her tank top and shorts but she was barefoot, as usual.

    Zero looked around the island that his Pokemon has landed on, looking around at his surroundings. His Staraptor looked at his trainer with curiosity yet knowingness. Zero knew that nobody had been on the island, there was no sign of any humans that had been there which was absolutely nobody, but there was a mysterious trait about the island that he could not put his finger on. He hopped off of his Staraptor but kept his hand on the Staraptor’s neck as he looked around at the array of trees that could stretch for miles upon miles as far as he could tell.
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  2. Archer yawned, the sunlight hitting her eyes from under her hood as she woke up on the branch she fell asleep in the night before "I hate mornings..." she mumbled leaping down from the branch to the ground below. A small stream ran past the tree she called home as she looked into the water, her eyes following stray leaves that fell in.
  3. "Alrighty, we should be nearly to that island." Gregor said, walking out of the trawler's cabin. X said nothing, and continued staring at the horizon.
    "You won't get away with this." A Pokemon Ranger was webbed to a wall on the ship. The Ranger spat at X, but the hunter didn't take notice. Suddenly, on the horizon, land appeared. X walked over to the Pokemon Ranger and grabbed him by the collar.
    "Is that the island?" X asked, pointing towards the land. The Ranger said nothing, and looked away. X reached into the Ranger's pocket and withdrew a Pokeball, holding it over the side.
    "Is that the island?" X repeated calmly. "Speak now, or your Mawile goes for a quick swim."
    The Pokemon Ranger's eyes widened, then turned to one of fury.
    "You fiend..." The Ranger growled. He looked out towards the island, sighed, and looked away. "That's the island."
    X nodded, and turned to Gregor.
    "Full steam ahead." X said calmly, then resumed staring out at the island. Gregor looked uncertaintly at the Pokemon Ranger, then shook his head and returned to the cabin of the fishing trawler.
  4. Zero saw a ship coming closer to the island in the distance, his eyes narrowing. “Wonder who actually got to the island on purpose. Or they might be coming by accident, but that would be quite the coincidence. He patted his Staraptor and returned him into his Pokéball. “Alright, let’s see who and what is on the island,” Zero said to himself, walking into the trees that surrounded the island.

    Kuro basked in the sun, welcoming the rays of sun that hit her open skin. Her long black hair rested on her shoulders, the rest of it draped down until her bellybutton. “What a wonderful day,” she said to herself, leaning against a tree. But something suddenly felt wrong. There was a feeling that someone else besides the Pokémon and PokéHumans was on the island. She shrugged the feeling off, getting these feelings more often than she would like to admit but she was always wrong.
  5. Halt heard loud noise he hasn't heard in a long time. Climbing quickly up a tall tree, almost flying up, he saw a ship surge forward. Most of the time, the ships turned away at the sight, but this one didn't. Turning quickly, he slid down the tree. "We have incoming!" He called out. Instead of running away, Halt ran to the beach. He wanted to find out who or what was on the ship. Using his blades to cut through the vines, he soon saw the ship close enough to see the passengers. There was a man holding another one away. Not a good sign, so to hide, Halt dove into a bush and tried to blend in.
  6. The ship made quick time, and soon landed on the beach. X let out his Ariados and gestured to the Pokemon Ranger. The spider Pokemon reinforced the webbing that stuck the ranger to the wall, and placed some webbing over his mouth as well, for a gag.
    "And in case you try anything, just remember..." X said, holding up the Mawile's Pokeball. "I won't hesitate."
    The Ranger just glared at X, rage in his eyes.
    "Gregor. Get out the cages, and I'll scout out nearby." X commanded.
    "Why don't you get yer own cages, huh?" X asked. The Ariados hissed at Gregor, and he took a step back.
    "Just do it." X said, then vaulted over the side of the ship, recalling his Ariados. He landed on the sand, then grabbed another of his Pokeballs and sent out his Onyx. The rock snake Pokemon growled at his master as X pressed a button on the cannon-like device on his wrist.
    "You know what to do." X said to the Onyx. It growled, then burrowed into the sand and disappeared. Putting the Onyx's Pokeball back, X pulled out a Pokeball for his Houndoom and released it. The devil dog Pokemon sniffed into the wind, then put it's nose to the ground and slowly began walking towards the bushes.
  7. Halt looked out of the bushes. He saw a Houndoom walk up to the bush. Halt had to do something. Striking the ground hard, and earthquake was caused. The beach shook and the whole island seemed to shift. Halt took the moment of soon to become confusion and ran off, stealthy away. He swung around on a tree and scaled to the top, and watched as his michief unfold.
  8. Quebuk watched the entire thing unfold. He was just havin' a normal day at the beach, when suddenly this..... thing washed up on a boat, and started disrespecting everything! What was this thing anyway? It was like some Pokehuman, but it....... wasn't. He buried himself in the sand, and started to try to talk to the thing. Probably a bad idea. "Hey! thing that just got here!" He was behind a rock, so that helped with just being a rock. "What are you doing here? What exactly are you? Why do seem to have other Pokemon with you?" He asked. Oof, too many questions. "Oh, uh, sorry. Too many questions. We'll start with the first one. What are doing here?"
  9. Archer heard the strange noise, her feet dragged her closer to the sound before she grunted leaping up into the trees. She managed to somehow make it close enough to see the ship, she pulled down her hood to cover her face as she looked around seeing some humans and a houndoom "Why are they here?" she questioned.
  10. An earthquake suddenly shook the land, and both X and his Houndoom lost their balance. Once the shaking stopped X narrowed his eyes and stood to his feet. He had been around Pokemon long enough to recognize the difference between an Earthquake attack and an actual earthquake. Then he heard the voice.
    I thought that Ranger said the island was uninhabited. X thought. He glanced up at Gregor, who just gave him a confused shrug. X's Houndoom growled and started towards the noise, but X gestured it down, and pressed a few buttons on the device on his arm.
    "My apologies if we've intruded. I was told that this island was uninhabited." X said to the voice in the sand.
  11. Archer jumped to a closer branch, her hand clutching an arrow she carried in her quiver. her eyes stared at the human as she tilted her head "Why would anyone come here?" she pondered aloud. The pokehuman gasped as the branch she stood on broke from her weight, she shouted as she fell and hit the ground "Dang it!" she hissed as she rubbed her elbows.
  12. Instantly, X's Houndoom snarled and bounded over to the Decidueye gijinka, attempting to tackle and pin her down. X dropped to a knee and aimed his arm cannon at the Decidueye gijinka, who looked more to him like a girl with a bow in a strange outfit.

    "What the-?!" Gregor ran to the ship's railing to see what the commotion was about.
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  13. Archer froze, her eyes narrowed as the Houndoom came closer to her, in a split second she was back on her feet and backing away "Who are you!" she growled grabbing an arrow from her quiver. Her body slightly trembled as she watched the human, placing the Arrow on the bowstring she carried she pulled back aiming at the guy "Tell me!" she called.
  14. The closer X looked at the girl, the more he realized that she was more than just a girl with strange clothes. She seemed to look a lot like the Pokemon Decidueye, so much so that she looked almost like she was part Decidueye. He pressed a button on his wrist cannon again.
    "That is an unusual outfit you have there." X said, evading the girl's question. "Are those actual wings?"
    The Houndoom was attempting to get around the girl, trying to make it so she was between it and X.

    Gregor watched the scene unfolding from the ship's deck with awe. What is she? The Pokemon Ranger, on the other hand, couldn't see anything, and had no clue as to what was going on. He tried to struggle against his bonds, but he remained stuck.
  15. As Halt hung on the top of the tree, he saw as Archer fell. Noticing as the man took out some kind of weapon, he lept down. Leaping from tree to tree, he soon made it to a nearby tree. Calling down to Arrow, "Get down!" He screamed, slamming his arms together. A leaf storm blasted forward heading right to the Houndoom. Knowing he would soon be spotted, Halt lept down to the ground, holding out his arms so the blades were held in front of him.
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  16. Archer looked at the human her head tilted to the side as she slowly lowered her bow "Of course they are, why wouldn't they be?" she questioned. Then she heard Halt shout for her to get down, so she did, ducking away from the leaf storm she turned and faced him "I can take care of myself idoit!" she hissed.
  17. The Leaf storm attack slammed into the Houndoom, knocking it back. However, it quickly regained it's footing, growling fiercely at the two Pokehumans. X, on the other hand, was forced to dive behind the side of the boat to dodge the attack.
    A Sceptile? No... A Sceptile human... Well, the buyer did say he wanted rarity. You can't get much rarer than a Pokemon Human. X thought. He was smiling now, and felt more thrilled then he ever had. This was a new type of prey, and that excited him.
    Both are plant types, which means Onyx won't be of much help. I guess Ariados will have to do.

    Gregor watched the whole thing unfold from the deck of the boat. The first thing he thought wasn't that the Pokehumans would be worth a lot, or fun to hunt, but that X needed help. Reaching into his pocket, Gregor pulled out two Pokeballs and sent out his Pidgeot and Machamp.
    "Grab the girl and bring her up here." He said to his Pidgeot. The bird Pokemon nodded, and took off.
    "You, get ready for a battle." Gregor said to his Machamp. Divide and conquer...

    "Houndoom, use Flamethrower!" X commanded. Houndoom charged at the Sceptile Pokehumans, and shot a powerful line of fire directly at him. Suddenly, Gregor's Pidgeot swooped down and attempted to grab the Decidueye Pokehumans in it's talons.
  18. Archer growled lifting her bow again and pulling on the bowstring, her eyes narrowed as she focused. She released the arrow, the arrow formed glowing green leaves around it, they spun around before the arrow glowed to I hope leafage is enough to ground it she thought. She leaped up grabbing onto a branch and pulling herself up, her hand swiftly grabbed another arrow before attaching it to the bowstring and pulling back.
  19. Halt jumped into the air, far from a normal human, and landed about 20 feet to the left of the attack. Striking the ground again, he caused another Earthquake attack. "Who told you about this place?" He asked. Halt started to grin. These were actual pokemon, so he could go full force.
  20. The arrow struck the Pidgeot, and vines began to wrap around it, binding it's wings together. It began to fall, but right before it hit the ground the Pidgeot snapped the vines away. The bird Pokemon quickly flew up towards the Decidueye Pokehuman, and attempted to ram her off of the tree.

    The Sceptile's Earthquake attack threw both Houndoom and X off their feet, but they quickly regained their footing. X ignored the Sceptile Pokehuman and ran towards him, throwing the Pokeball containing the Ariados. It opened, and the spider Pokemon appeared, and hissed at the Pokehuman.
    "Houndoom, Flamethrower! Ariados, Spider Web!" X commanded. The Houndoom ran at the Sceptile Pokehumans, breathing more fire at it. Ariados launched a large bunch of webbing at the Sceptile's feet, hoping to prevent it from dodging. And while the two Pokemon were distracting the Pokehuman, X launched an electrical bola from his wrist cannon at the Sceptile Pokehuman.
  21. Archer screeched at the impact, her arms and legs sore from landing on the ground, she struggled to her feet and picked up her bow again and trembled as she shot a shaking arrow back at the ground, making it glow a slight green before roots sprouted out of the ground Frenzy Plant.

    (OOC: If you couldn't tell all her power is in her bow and arrows)
  22. "Oh crap." Quebuk was watching (well, listening) to the fight, really scared. He wanted to help somehow, as this guy was clearly not good. Then he thought. give one side an advantage, and hope to Arceus it wasn't the not Pokehuman. He started blasting Ra Ra Rasputin at a very loud decibel. That song was great start to end. No buildup. No dip. just pure song. And it was good!
    (pretty sure that's how roggenrolas work)
  23. Halt watched as the two attacks headed for him. Knowing that he could deal with the string shot, he looked at the flamethrower. Fire. He can't deal with that easily, so thats a problem. Quickly, his stance shifted. Using agility, his speed increased by quite a bit. Turning away from the flamethrower, Halt dashed to the spider pokemon. Flicking his arm, the leaves stuck together forming a leaf blade directed so it cuts through the webbing. He lept up into a twirl, aiming to strike the Ariados in the head.
  24. The Pidgeot flew up, out of the range of the ground-based Frenzy Plant attack. But even then, some of the vines managed to wrap around the Pidgeot's claws. It cut the vines with it's beak, then swooped back down, attempting once again to grab the Decidueye Pokehumans in it's talons.

    Perfect. X thought, readying another electro-bola. He was about to fire when suddenly, an unusual Pop song began to play loudly, causing X and his Houndoom to cover his ears. The blasted voice in the sand from before! X pressed a button on his wrist cannon, and his Onyx suddenly shot up from under the place Quebuk was hiding, hitting the Roggenrola with a Dig/Bind combo attack.

    X's plan was to launch the electro-bola at the Sceptile Pokehumans right before it attacked his Ariados. But now, he was too late. Luckily, the Ariados was startled by the Roggenrola's music, and instinctively shot a spider web attack point blank at the Sceptile Pokehumans, right as he was hit in the head.
  25. "Oh! Arceus!" Quebuk yelled, being attacked by the Onix. That hurt. Ouch, oof, my bones. He was flung right at the Decidueye Pokehuman. I drank bone hurting juice. Aw jeez. Quebuk thought. How the heck am i supposed to get outta this one? "Watch out!" He yelled, still blasting the music. "Comin' right at 3:00!"
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  26. Archer screeched in pain as the Pidgeots talons dug into her shoulders, this made her drop her bow as she struggled to get out of its grip. "Get off!" she growled pulling back only to have the talons dig deeper into her shoulders.
  27. The Pidgeot tightened it's grip on the Decidueye Pokehuman and started flapping it's wings as hard as it could. It was attempting to carry the Pokehuman back to the ship. However, the way the Pokehuman was struggling was making it difficult to fly very high.

    Meanwhile, back on the ship, Gregor was watching the battle between X and the Sceptile Pokehuman. Whatever these things were, they were strong, and Gregor was feeling a little uncomfortable.
    They just look so... Human. I dunno about this... The hunter shook the thoughts from his head. No time for thinking about that now. For now, just focus on stopping them,
    Little did Gregor know, the Pokemon Ranger was hard at work attempting to free himself. He wasn't getting very far, but he could feel the webbing start to loosen a little.
  28. Archer pushed with all her strength on the bird's belly trying to detach herself. She looked at the ground seeing her bow as she struggled more "I need that!" she groans. The bow's string gleamed as the suns light hit it, just waiting to be picked up "I can't leave it!".
  29. Halt threw himself away from the spider. "Ugh!" He called out, ripping the webs from his body. "Don't think I want to do this." He said. Striking his arms together, a powerful leaf storm blasted forward at the spider pokemon. Jumping back in the air, he smashed the ground sending an earthquake across the land.
  30. Quebuk was flung towards the Decidueye Pokehuman, but it was whisked away by a Pidgeot at the last moment. Leaving him to slam right into a tree. He smacked face-first into the trunk, fell down, and rolled right to the Ranger. "Hello. I, uh........... We seem to be in predicament. Can you call your friend off?" Quebuk asked the Ranger. He didn't like thing being messed with.

    (I love that phrase! The voice in the sand~)
  31. The Leaf Storm attack blasted the Ariados back, and it may on the ground, stunned. Then, the Sceptile Pokehuman's attack slammed into X's Pokemon. The poor Houndoom had been hit hard, and was launched into the air by it. It attempted to struggle back to it's feet, but failed. The Ariados, already stunned, was hit again. And it too failed to get up, as did X's Onyx. X struggled to his knees, a bloody gash now on his forehead.
    This is incredible... It's dodging every single attack and strategy I'm throwing at it. I don't think I've hit it even once! How is it so strong?! X shook his head to clear it, and aimed his wrist cannon at the Pokehuman. He launched two electri-bolas at the Sceptile Pokehuman, hoping that they would hit.

    The Pidgeot, meanwhile, seemed to gain the upper hand, and began flying towards the fishing boat with the Decidueye Pokehuman in it's talons. But Gregor was watching in horror as X's Pokemon were all wiped out at once.
    "Go, Mightyna!" Gregor said, sending out his Pokemon. It leaped off the deck and into the sand, growling at the Sceptile Pokehuman. "Use Sand Attack!"
    The Mightyna attemped to splash some sand into the Pokehuman's face, hoping to blind it.

    The Ranger watched in disbelief as the Roggenrola landed on the deck of the ship. He was even more confused when it asked him to ask the others to stop. The Ranger was webbed to a wall, does it look like he was able to help? And also, how was the Roggenrola talking? Was this why the island was needed to be kept a secret? With webbing over his mouth to prevent him from talking, the Ranger could only shrug helplessly at the Roggenrola.
  32. Halt watched with satisfaction as the pokemon fell. "Come again next time." He said quietly. Out of the corner of his eye, Halt saw two bolts of something launch to him. Quickly, his blades folded together and struck at one. It exploded mid air, but the second hit Halt on the left arm. His head jerked to X with rage. "Big mistake." He took both arms and slammed a leaf storm at him.
  33. It was now occurring to X that he may be in a little over his head.
    Those bolas had enough electricity to stun a charging Tauros! What is this guy?! X thought. He barely had enough time to react to the Pokehuman's Leaf Storm attack, throwing is cloak off and in front of him. The thick material of the cloak blocked the leaves that would have possibly killed him. But X was starting to run a bit low on tricks.
    "Go, Dragonite!" X said, throwing a Pokeball. The Dragon Pokemon appeared and locked eyes with the Sceptile Pokehuman, glaring at him. Suddenly, Gregor's Mightyna jumped up from behind the Sceptile Pokehuman, attempting to attack it from behind with a Sucker Punch attack.
  34. Quebuk shrugged back at the ranger, and turned around. (How can a roggenrola even shrug?) He went to the edge of the ship, and tried to talk to the PokeHuman. "Hey, uh, I don't think you're gonna get that." Quebuk yelled out, watching the hunter throw all of his tricks at the Sceptile pokehuman, and failing. "The things here are tough. You might wanna go back."
  35. "I didn't ask you, Gregor!" X shouted back up at the ship. "I've got this under control!"
    "Don't look at me, man! It was the R-" Gregor looked over at the Pokemon Ranger, who was still webbed to the wall and had webbing over his mouth. Then Gregor's eyes traveled to the rock, which he now realized was, in fact, a Pokemon. "A Roggenrola?"
    Gregor's Machamp advanced threateningly towards the talking Roggenrola, it's bottom two arms cracking their knuckles and it's top two hands hitting it's fist in it's hand.
  36. Quebuk's eye(?) widened. "OH CRAP!" He yelled, scrambling away from the Machamp. He quickly found that there was pretty much nowhere to run. "frick." He whispered, under his breath(?). Quebuk had an idea. Get the Machamp to punch the wall, and hopefully free the Ranger. What would the Ranger do though? He didn't know. He just wanted to actually do something instead of millin' around with crap. He ran over to the Ranger, and just generally hung around over there. Even if the wall thing didn't work, he couldn't punch a Ranger, right? Right?
  37. Halt watched as the pokemon started to advance around him. "We aren't like normal pokemon. We are stronger." He said blankly. Dropping to his knees, he placed both arms on the ground. A large leaf storm blasted around him and shot into the forest. Halt landed in a close by tree. "You shouldn't be here, or ever come back." Aiming at the boat itself, another leaf storm was executed. "Stay and lose, or leave and live."
  38. Kuro heard large cracks and snaps, and she felt the Earth shake with the familiar shake of an attack from a PokéHuman. She cursed under her breath, thinking that she would have to break up another fight between PokéHumans that didn’t get along. She stood up and began rushing to the edge of the island. Another blast had shook the Earth and Kuro stumbled on her feet. A worried look crossed her face, knowing that PokéHumans were stronger than Pokémon but they had never faught this long and at this intensity. She began running, soon ending up at the beach. “Holy-,” she began to say but her voice was hushed by the sound of a Leaf Storm. She looked at the Humans, her eyes widening. A reflex made a Shadow Ball shoot out towards X. She noticed the Pokémon around Halt and was suddenly in the tree next to Halt. “Need any help?” She whispered quietly, not wanting the humans to know that she was there. A Ducidueye caught her eye, being carried by a Pidgeot. The bow that Kuro assumed was the Ducidueye was in the sand. “That’s never good,” she muttered to herself and looked at the Ducidueye, glancing at the bow. She didn’t know if the Ducidueye wanted help or if the Ducidueye wanted to get out of the grip of the Pidgeot by herself.
  39. Archer saw the Umbreon pokehuman and shouted out "Give me the bow! Please!". She didn't know what she could do to get loose so she pulled out an arrow from her quiver and jabbed it at the Pokemon who grabbed her, hoping to be let go.
  40. The Dragonite flew in front of it's trainer, shielding it from the Leaf Storm attacks. It shook them off and roared at the Pokehumans. It was uncertain as to what to do. Usually, it just fought Pokemon, not humans or Pokehumans.
    Those last two leaf storm attacks make five. He should be out- But both X and his Dragonite were blindsided by the new Umbreon's Shadow Ball, which struck X and slammed him into the side of the ship. The slumped down, groaning in pain. The Pidgeot let out a screech and dropped the Decidueye, it's arrow still in the bird Pokemon's gut.
    "Whoa, whoa! Hold on! You win!" Gregor yelled from the ship, seeing his partner take a hard hit. He threw up his hands. "Mightyna, Pidgeot, Machamp! Stand down."
    The Mightyna let out a growl,and walked back to the ship, while the Pidgeot flew back and landed on the ship's railing. The Machamp gave another glare at the Roggenrola and walked back to the ship. X struggled to his feet, breathing hard and leaning against the side of the ship. His side was in extreme pain, and even he could see that Gregor was right. In a straight fight, he might be able to take on one Pokehuman. But now, there was three.
    "Alright..." X groaned, talking to the Pokehumans. He had an idea.... "Do what you want, just... Not to my Pokemon..."

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