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Ask to Join Pokehuman Fantasy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Crystal1302, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. (Details and Sign Ups are here)

    A brown haired tall man with a long staff attached to his back ran into the large throne room inside central city's palace. "Master Arthur!" Said the knight out of breath. Arthur the Aegislash pokehuman with gold hair and a metallic outfit and a purple scarf. "Another group of pokehumans have gone beserk in the fields by Central City. " Arthur sighed "This is the 2nd time this week. Has Lancelot found anything?" "Nothing has been reported master." The king sighed and looked out the window. "What am I gonna do?"

    Bloom vaulted over a rock and a boar smashed it from behind. "This was a bad idea, This. Was. A. Bad. Idea." Shouted Bloom as she was running away from the two angry boars. "Why did I wear a red hood of all colors when I'm dealing with boars!" She scouted ahead and found a low hanging branch. She flipped over it and pulled the branch back. The branch whipped forward and knocked the boars over. "Gotcha!" She said as she slashed the two with her fan. The edge of the fan and ring started glowing pink and the petals swarmed the boars. The boars were knocked out. She dragged them back to the farmer client who put the request. "Thank you, honey! These boars have been botherin' me for months." Said the black haired lady with pink overalls and a yellow apron. Here'syour reward and take care honey!" She said as she dropped q sack if coins. "And here, for the road back" she handed bloom two bottles of Moomoo milk. Bloom walked back to cenral city. "Well, that was certainly, scary." She said. She stopped by the marketplace and looked around. She ran up to a display stand filled with bread and and rolls. She looked at the glass display and almost started to drool.
  2. (not sure if there is a certain way to advance the story but, here i go.)

    Sol wanders through the marketplace in central city confused and bewildered. then he remembers why he went to the marketplace in he first place. "Oh! almost forgot my list." He glances over his list and sees the word honey scribbled several times along with a crude drawing of himself holding honey scented waffles. though its hard to read it with the smudges and honey on the page. He walks over to the merchant "one bottle of your finest honey please! he cheers as he smiles as he pays her for the honey. then she smiles and says "thank you come again!" Suddenly they hear a sharp yell coming from the nearby alleyway across the street. He drops his list on the road and out of curiosity and concern he wandered through the alleyway and and around the corner he sees a krokorok harassing a raticate. "i told you to give me your stuff!" the krokorok says angrily. The now angrier krokorok looks at Sol "go away! or your next!" Sol walks closer with a smile and says "just let him go! you don't have to do this!". Without uttering a word he lunges forward and draws his arm back for a punch before his punch could connect Sol steps out of the way and hits him with a with a heel palm slightly below the ribs knocking him down. now sitting silently glaring at him. moments later a group of farfetch'd come running around the corner to see what is going on. One of the farfetch'd asked them questions about what happened and both Sol and the raticate politely complied. Afterwards while the farfetch'd are placing the krokorok into custody the raticate tells Sol "hey thanks friend, my name is Rai! That guy was going to take my money, but you saved me! i don't have much in the way of reward but i own a diner two blocks down. its called "Rai's diner" your welcome to stop by anytime!". The two spent a couple minutes laughing and talking about each others day. After they went their separate ways Sol decided to go back to the marketplace to maybe pick up some supplies he may have forgotten or get a job request from one one of the merchants.
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  3. Wallace creeped around the corner silently. He had heard some commotion before, sometimes usual down these parts, but someone had stepped in. At least from what he had heard. The footsteps came louder, and Wallace quickly hid himself. My god! It was a shiny Pokehuman? He grunted. He had thought that the shinys has all been wiped out, but evidently not. At least that’s what he was told. These types were quite popular, and drew lots of attention, and often had lots of money....
    He decided against it, knowing that his calculations may be off, and that someone might beat him to it. Someone who would want to fight. However, Wallace followed the Pokehuman, down into the shopping district. He wore his red hooded cloak, so the rest of his body was covered, except for his face.
    According to the public, Mr.Mime was not a good match-up Pokehuman because it was already very human like. Wallace took that as an advantage. You can’t be slowed down by giant metal plates or have annoying tails.
    He continued to follow to Pokehuman, and began thinking. ‘I shouldn’t rob him. He put up with a Krokrock. I don’t stand a chance.’
    The only reason Wallace stole was because he had to, he needed to survive. No guild would accept him. May as well befriend someone who might help me get in, someone as popular as him. But then he thought. What if shiny Pokehumans aren’t popular? What if they look down at them?
    Before these thoughts had any meaning, he was already in front of the Shiny.
    “Greetings friend. My name is Wallace. Nice to meet you. I am new here, and I don’t really know where I’m going, but you sure do!” Wallace exclaimed.

    Wallace grinned on the inside. He could lie excellently, or well enough to get people to believe him.
    But really, Wallace only wanted a friend.
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  4. After Sol had spent a good minute or two walking he notices someone in a red cloak looking at him. however being the oblivious sort he is he doesn't put much thought to it. (perhaps he's looking at the clouds! i do that!) he thought to himself while going down the streets he noticed a cherrim looking into the bakery and thought to himself. (i should get some potato bread or some dough to make waffles! if i don't have waffles then what am i going to use my honey for?). he grinned as he thought. after a moment he hears someone say "hello, nice to meet you!" he looks around and sees a Mr.Mime in a cloak with a friendly smile. "hello! nice to meet you! My name is Sol... what brings you to the marketplace this fine day! are you here to buy honey too? or maybe some bread?" He cheers with a friendly tone.
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  5. "Ahh... Finally I have arrived" Mudd laughed, "Central City, huh, the place where all Pokehumans want to be!"
    As she entered the city her tummy rumbled loudly. As she looked around everyone was staring at her, so she chuckled. "On the map the marketplace is this way... Wait which way is this way? It could be that way or that way or even that way!" She said as she pointed around. She then noticed a large sign stating the direction of the marketplace. "Oh, right, guess its that way." She laughed and ran to the marketplace.
    The marketplace was not that full when she arrived so she seized the opportunity to find the best stall. Mudd had noticed a stall with the finest bread rolls she had seen and ran over. There was a Pokehuman in front of the stall so Mudd said, "Excuse me, but are you in the line?"
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  6. Wallace shook his head and smiled. “Alas, I have no money to buy bread. I come to mingle with the citizens and pick up the news. I tried getting drafted to some of the guilds, but I can’t seem to get in.” He said in his present British accent.
    He then sensed the presence of another being, and turned his hooded head to another Pokehuman, a Marshtomp. “Greetings other Pokehuman! Are you here to buy bread?”
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  7. In the Forest Continent, a man with blue hair and a woman with green hair were trying to distract a bull that was in their little town, the woman kept casting leaves at it to try and scare it off. The man jumped from a building he was standing on and slammed his axe into the bull, blunt side on bull head. The bull was fazed, but not knocked out. The two went to their little guild hall, in the center of the little town, and started chatting with some of the others, while the townsfolk herded the bull back to his pen.

    "Ezra, I'm worried about what has been going around." The woman whispered.

    "Rosie, don't worry about me, but apparently I have been called by the Mayor about something." Ezra responded.

    She hugged him before he left. They broke apart and then Ezra left for the mayor's office. When he got there, the office was empty.

    "That's odd." Ezra realized.

    A charm on the end of his Haori went off.

    "Rosie?" Ezra asked.

    "No time, something's come up, you need to help the Continent, and possibly the world." Rosie said into her charm, "Remember, I love you."

    "Love you too, will be back soon." Ezra responded and hung up. He then transported to Central City Marketplace, landed next to what seemed to be a Cherrim Pokehuman. He seemed like a giant compared to the Cherrim. He waved and asked, "Hello, How are you doing, my name is Ezra?"
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  8. Bloom was so enchanted by the smell of the food, she hadn't even noticed the small crowd forming behind her. She turned around and a blue haired man was behind her. "Oh hello! My name is Bloom. Sorry if I took too long." She turned around. "Um, excuse me I would like to place an order. Two loafs of brioche and a crepe cone filled with fruit." "Got it" said the Lopunny pokehuman. She was tall, had long blond hair light skin and brown clothes. She took of the two nicest looking ones and put them in a small bag. "Here you go, that'll be worth 2500 P$ (One P$ is about 1 cent). "That's a lot." she thought as she dropped a few bills and some coins. "Thank you, have a nice day!" She said as she hurried off. "Well that's first of the list." She hurried off to the blacksmith's stall at the opposite end of the marketplace. She stopped at the stall and saw a pink heaired tall and quite muscular man (Conkeldurr) standing behind the stall. "Hello sir! I would like to make a custom order." "What'll it be." "A Fan made put of this." She dig inside of her quite heavy bag and dumped out a small pile of Ember Ore. "Got it. It'll be done in about 3 days. You know my policy." "Right half pay up front. How much?" "He thought about it for a bit and said "6000 P$" "I didn't think that one shopping trip would be worth so much. " she looked into her wallet and that was just about the rest of her spending money for the week. "Looks like I'm doing another job tommorow." She said to herself. She put down the money and he wrote down a slip of paper and a signature stamp on it."Come back in 3 days with this ticket and it'll be done." "Got it!" She stuck it in her pouch and looked at a large clock tower. "Almost 3:00 PM. Better head home." She ran to the portsand she waited at a close by bench waiting for the boat to the forest continent.
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  9. Wallace narrowed his eyes as the Pokehumans came up to the bread stand. Both looked like fighters. This worried him.
    If any of them noticed him as “The Wall”, he would be over. There was no way he could escape with this many people around him. But he acted calm, despite his nervousness.
    “So, do you guys happen to know any guilds that might have openings?” He asked curiously to the two Pokehumans beside him. “Oh, yeah, introduction, totally forgot. My name is Wallace Bridger.” He said.
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  10. In a dark alleyway on the outskirts of Cental City, a cloaked figure darted through the narrow streets. She had a small satchel bobbing up and down as she ran.
    She eventually came to a spot even dimmer than the rest of the alleyways before. In the shadows, she could barely make out the shadow of a Machoke Pokehuman.
    "You're late," the Fighting-type grunted.
    "I was cautious. There's a difference," the cloaked figure corrected. Her voice was fairly high pitched, giving her away as a female.
    She removed her hood, revealing long brown hair and Eevee ears. She had dark brownish-violet eyes, and some cream colored fur was visible under her cloak.
    "Do you have the goods?" the Machoke hybrid growled. Clearly, he was annoyed.
    Eve gave a small eyebrow raise. She pulled something out of her satchel: a golden coin on a red ribbon string. This was an Amulet Coin, a difficult to come by item.
    The Machoke person took the coin from her, giving her a glare. He towered over the Eevee-hybrid.
    "Good work. I'll need an Expert Belt next. And you know what happens if you're too slow." His fist glowed a light orange, proving his point.
    Eve shifted on her feet. "No."
    The Machoke looked slightly confused. "No?"
    Eve tried to steel herself. "No, I'm not stealing from innocents anymore for you."
    "Oh really?" He raised his fist, ready to Dynamic Punch the Eevee into oblivion -
    With lightning-quick reflexes, she diverted the blow with a well timed Protect.
    He was momentarily confused, before glaring at Eve. "You'll pay for that... and I only accept your life!"
    Instantly, he charged towards her. Eve turned tail and used Quick Attack, darting through the alley whilst cloaked in a white glow.
    Eventually, after dodging a few ranged attacks, Eve lost the angry boss. She panted, her brave facade fading.
    "This is it. I am my own person. No more manipulation from that guy." She undid her cloak, and threw it away. It blew in the wind, tumbling down the side street.
    People who saw her in Cental City knew her only as Eve, the teen with an attitude. No one knew her second identity, as an unwilling thief. Now, her second identity was gone forever, and she could live with a clean slate. She'd been stealing for the Machoke for two months now. She hadn't told anyone, for fear of retribution from her boss. She lived at home, but was often in the streets stealing from innocents. No one knew of what she'd been forced to do.
    Putting on a smile, she stepped into Cental City. She was Eve now, not Noctem. She took a deep breath in, relishing in her freedom.
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  11. Sol walks towards the bakery and he glances over his 2nd list which is also scribbled and very much illegible (he can read it perfectly fine), the list is completely checked off except for dough. as he does this he notices the same cherrim from earlier rush past him happy and carrying a sack of goodies. he then folds his list, puts it in his sash and notices his friend in the red cloak. he smiles and waves at him as he heads inside. As he approaches the counter he asks the lopunny "hello again! i would like 1000P$ worth of your finest dough!" He cheers happily. as he hands the lady the money. she puts the dough in a bag and hands it to him then states "Same as usual huh? normally i would give more but with all the bandit raiding farms lately good produce has become more scarce." he smiles and hands her an extra 100P$ and tells her. "take care!" and they both exchange goodbyes. he walks outside and notices something or someone run by real fast. he decides to see where it is going but looses sight of it quickly. Afterwards he decides it time to make his way home for the day. He then looks up at the clouds. then heads down the street towards the ocean continent.
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  12. Wallace sighed as he saw the Slowking Pokehuman walk away. Another night in the streets. Another food less night. He was used to this. Spent many nights like this, but this was his second in a row. Wallace has to keep a low profile though.
    His stomach growled, seeming like the groan of a larger Pokehuman. He had no choice. But he did, he always had a choice. He could starve or risk getting caught. Wallace thought back to the last time he stole, thinking if how he almost got caught. He shook his head, and came up with a different idea. No, no he didn’t. There was no choice. However, he decided against it, and walked slowly into an alley, and curled up into a ball.
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  13. Sol pauses for a moment. realizing he left his bag of dough at the counter. he sees the same red cloaked man earlier walking down the alleyway. he goes in the bakery to get his dough he forgot then purchases two rolls for 200P$ and puts the rolls in a bag with a smiley face and a crudely drawn picture of a ursaring eating a roll because he saw an ursaring eating a roll. he walked down the alleyway and left the bag next to the sleeping Mr.mime assuming he was sleeping he then walked off again but this time with a smile on his face while thinking of his cozy little cave on a small isolated island.
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  14. Ezra noticed the Mr. Mime person and said, "Hi, I'm Ezra, One of the two Captains of Blue Waffle, a small guild in the Forest Continent, and about your question, I have to check with the other captain, so I will let you know as soon as I get that info."

    In a different part of the Marketplace, Haylee Rose was walking around when an Eevee Pokehuman flew past her.

    "What was that?" Haylee Rose asked, "Got to find Ezra."
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  15. She sat at the bench for a while and she eventually fell asleep. She was awoken though when a cloak flying in the wind proceeded to hit Bloom in the face. "Huh, who's is this. I think it came from that direction." She looked up at the clock. "Oh crap!" She looked at the cloak. "It's quite well made. Could I sell it? No, It would be wrong to keep it. I only have five minutes though. Guess I could just spend another 3 hours here." She ran over to the Brunette with eevee ears and held up the coat not aware of hoe fast she was speaking "Hello Ma'am. Is this your coat?" She said rather quickly.
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  16. Eve paled slightly. "N-No, that's not mine."
    Recollecting herself quickly, she spoke again, seeming less flustered. "I saw it blowing down the street earlier.. it probably doesn't belong to anyone. I bet you could sell it," she suggested.
    The Prism Crystal on her necklace glinted in the light from the sunset. It was her pride and joy, a relic that she'd made herself. She'd imbued it with elemental magic, and it glimmered with every color of the rainbow.
  17. Haylee Rose ran up to the two Pokehumans talking and asked, "Have either of you guys seen a blue haired man wearing a Haori and wielding a Poleaxe?"

    She was blushing as she asked the question, holding on to her staff.
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  18. Mudd decided that she didn't really want to make friends, but she wanted to socialise. She seemed to wonder where everyone was going. So she walked over to some Pokehumans near a bench and asked "Hi, um, where is the closest hotel... I don't really know where I'm going and I need a place to eat and sleep." Mudd was not one to talk to groups that she didn't know, but she was able to talk one to one. "If one of you could help me I would be very grateful!" Mudd smiled weakly.
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  19. After Sol makes it back to the Ocean Continent he makes his way back to his cozy little cave on a small island. (side note: you would assume that his little cave would be a dirty messy nasty looking hermit house but no! its clean, lots of rugs and pillows everywhere! Obviously they are silk pillows too if your wondering. OBVIOUSLY! the man walks around in silk all day. of course his pillows are silk too! and a water bed in he back corner. The man likes to get good sleep. also it smells like the ocean pretty much all the time). After a long day of training and staring at the clouds and scribbling a bunch of incoherent stuff in his journal along with a crude drawing of himself with a body like a machamp. he thinks to himself (maybe tomorrow ill go to the forest continent and see how the farms are doing. or take another job from Central City. they always pay handsomely in Central City) Then he decides to go to sleep for the day. goodnight moon! He says with a cheerful tone before going to sleep.
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  20. Wallace awoke to the sound of a bag hitting the ground near him. He waited until the person was gone, and turned his head over to the bag. He slowly opened it up, as if it was a trap, and then saw that it were rolls. He smiled thankfully, and started to eat slowly, savoring the food. It must have been the Slowking. Yes, he was the one who had gifted him with this. After he was done eating, he went out and explored a bit. He was unfamiliar with this corner of the town, and wanted to see more of it.
    Wallace creates an invisible wall, and used it as a foot hold to jump on top of a roof, and viewed the place from right there. The first things he picked up was a Cherrim Pokehuman and an Eevee Pokehuman. They had a cloak, seemed unsure of who’s it was.
    Wallace then had an idea. If he could get in there, and get the cloak, he could make some money. That is, if he could. He didn’t know about handling the two of them. He continued to watch them, perched up on the building, waiting for something to happen.
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  21. Ezra dropped from behind the Mr. Mime person and noticed the scene he was looking at, along with a certain green haired girl.

    "You have any idea what is going on?" Ezra asked while staring at the green haired girl.
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  22. After gaining directions from the Pokehumans, Mudd decided to buy something from the stall. She asked the Lopunny for a loaf of bread and peeked in her purse. The Lopunny replied, "That will be 500P$" Mudd dropped her coins on the counter. "Huh, that was cheaper than I expected!" She exclaimed. "That's only 100P$" The Lopunny explained with a weird look. Mudd handed Lopunny a bill and took back her coins. "Talk about expensive for a loaf of bread, huh" She muttered underneath her breath. She then ate her bread while heading towards the hotel.
  23. Wallace jumped back putting his hands in front of him, and was creating his invisible shields. This man wouldn’t be able to tell it though.
    When he realized that it was the man from before, he relaxed, but not to the point that he let his guard down.
    “You don’t just sneak up on people like that!” He said angrily.
    He calmed down a bit after that. “Well, it looks like someone’s lost their cloak.” He said.
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  24. "But whose cloak is it?" Ezra asked, "and there are spots in the training squad led by a Dragonite Pokehuman, I'll let her know, otherwise the green haired girl nearby is my girlfriend, so I have to get her back to the village, here's an application, will send it with her when you fill it out."

    He left the Mr Mime Pokehuman a scroll, on the ground in front of him and jumped down from the building.
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  25. As Mudd was making her way to the hotel, a man jumped down from a building. "Jeez, dude!" She shrieked. "You could've hurt me, watch where you are going!" Mudd calmed down. "Guess I'll introduce myself... I'm Mudd, and I don't like you very much."
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  26. "Sorry about that, My name is Ezra, One of the Three Captains of the Small Guild Blue Waffle in the Forest Continent, you said your name was Mudd, correct?" Ezra responded, "Here's an application scroll, information on where the scroll goes is on the bottom."

    He left the scroll on a nearby table and headed towards a nearby market.
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  27. "Wait, what?" Mudd rushed after Ezra "What exactly is this for? I'm making a pretty successful living back at the Crag Continent, so this better be good enough to make me want to swap! Also keep in mind that were not exactly friends so I wont be putting this at the front of my mind." She was lying. On the inside she had always wanted to go on an adventure, which is why she went to Central City in the first place. Ezra didn't know that, however.
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  28. "Keep it, it may prove itself useful." Ezra remarked as he went to a bread market.

    Ezra kept his cool as he walked up to the shop and purchased loaves of bread, eight of them. The shopkeeper handed him the bag as he handed the shopkeeper P1600. He then found the transportation center and transported to his Village. He walked into the guild hall and handed the bread to several young children.
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  29. *thump!* As Sol falls from his bed and hits the floor. *smack!* as his staff leaning against the wall falls over and hits his hand. then as he jumps up *smack!* (again!) as he hits his head on the shelf. then once more. *smack!* as a crystal ball rolls off the shelf and hits his foot. Thank goodness. THANK GOODNESS! it didn't break or scratch. he sighs in relief. he carefully wipes off the crystal ball and carefully places in its holder so it doesn't roll off the shelf again. He pauses for a minute and then gleefully does a little happy dance. "breakfast time! breakfast time! The most important meal of the day!" As he begins to use his psychic abilities to make his famous honey scented waffles (they aren't really famous but he will staunchly argue otherwise). five to be exact. eating two immediately and placing three in his sash for later. he then heads out and decides to go to forest continent to see if the bandit stories are true.
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  30. Ezra woke up several hours later to reports from a Dragonite Pokehuman, a Shiny Greninja Pokehuman, and a Steelix Pokehuman.

    "Ezra!!" Haylee Rose yelled.

    "Rosie, what's going on?"

    "There bandits on the trail near the village!" All four Pokehumans yelled.

    "I'm going!" Ezra answered.

    Ezra left the guild hall and ran towards the path, only to find a Slowking Pokehuman.

    "Hello, I'm not a bandit, and my name is Ezra!" Ezra responded, "I'm actually a Captain of a local guild, and was assigned to look for bandits heading towards this village!"
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  31. "According to the Scroll, the guild should be this way." Mudd had arrived at the Forest Continent when she bumps into the same Slowking that she had seen at Central City. "Sorry, sorry... oh, its you," Mudd noticed the Absol Pokehuman behind the Slowking. "Oh, just who I was looking for. You are Ezra, if I remember correctly" She abruptly walked past the Slowking with the scroll in hand.
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  32. As Sol walks up the winding road he notices an absol approach him. (He seems like a good guy) he thought to himself. He smiled and said my name is Sol. I've had a pretty good assumption bandits were attacking farms out this way though after seeing some of pokehumans run by its probably bigger than I thought. He notices a marshtamp promptly run over. "Nice to meet you!" I'm sol! Though for now it would appear there is a problem north He says smiling.
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  33. "Yep, the guild hall is down the path and A Serperior Pokehuman, along with a Dragonite Pokehuman, a Greninja Pokehuman, and a Steelix Pokehuman, should be standing at the door, otherwise, did you have any questions about the application scroll I gave you?" Ezra asked, and then turned to the Slowking Pokehuman, "I would help you Both out, but I'm currently looking for bandits that were spotted in the area."

    A rustle was heard, but it was just a rabbit.
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  34. "No I didn't just wanted to know where it was..." Mudd walked away to the guild where there were some pokehumans. "Yes, I am...um...ap-applying, um, for the, um guild." A faint smile came from her face as she started blushing, and she looked down.
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  35. "Hey there, my guess is that you're Mudd?" Haylee Rose asked, "Haylee Rose, a Team leader for the guild and the acceptor of Applications for this guild, we have 34 spots open currently, but that could change depending on demand, take a seat in the guild hall, I will also need the application."

    "Bandits in the village!" A voice screamed.
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  36. "no worries I asked an old friend (a pelipper) if he could deliver a message to a couple friends (quagsire, golduck, and bibarel) they should be getting the message coming to help sooner or later. In the mean time ill handle any stragglers wondering around. He says to the absol. stay safe! he tells them both. as he heads down the winding road to fight any would be bandits.
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  37. "If any major ones appear, let me know, I'm now going to Central City and trying to find the two others I noticed yesterday." Ezra noted and left for Central, alerting the others, "I'M GOING TO FIND THE TWO OTHERS THAT SEEMED TO HAVE SOME POTENTIAL, BE BACK SOON!"

    He transported to Central City Marketplace, looking for an Eevee Pokehuman and a Cherrim Pokehuman, and was having a difficult time finding them.
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  38. Wallace grunted and watched the man hop off. However, he followed close behind, and when he heard of the bandits, he sprinted fast into the city, looking for them. Almost immediately he saw one. It was huge, a Gyarados. Wallace’s eyes went wide when he saw what he wasn’t doing. He was holding up the Loupunny bakery. His eyes narrowed. Nobody did that in this city, not on his watch.
    He carelessly strolled in to the Bakery catching the attention of both Pokehumans.
    Wallace smiles to the Gyarados. “Oh, didn’t notice you there? You here for the bread too? Marvelous bread ain’t it?”
    The Pokehuman stared at Wallace with confusion and anger in his eyes. “Look, don’t do any funny business, or I’ll kill you where you stand,” the Gyarados said.
    Wallace laughed. “Yeah, like THIS is funny!”
    He then created an invisible wall by holding out his hands, and slammed the wall into the large Pokehuman. The Gyarados stumbled out of the bakery, and now was really mad. His face turned an unhealthy rad color, and his hands curled into fists.
    “THATS IT! PREPARE TO DIE!” The Gyarados bellowed.
    Wallace grinned. “Come at me ya overgrown snake!” He shouted back.

    The Gyarados charged at Wallace, only to run into another wall. He fell from the impact, and was now on the ground. He tried to get up, but his head hit something. He narrowed his eyes, and looked to the Mr.Mime, who had his gloves hands over top of him. “Your not going anywhere.” Wallace said grinning.
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  39. Mudd followed Haley Rose's instruction and handed over the application sheet. Mudd was about to enter, but she heard a loud scream mentioning bandits in the village. She rushes to village to find a Mr.Mime Pokehuman fighting a Gyarados. She shouts "What the Ho-oh is going here?" Mudd proceededs to ask the Lopunny what happened, while avoiding the battle. "The Gyarados..." Lopunny wimpered
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  40. In another part of Central City, Ezra was still searching for either the Eevee or the Cherrim Pokehuman.

    Haylee Rose saw the Gyarados Pokehuman and prepared her strongest Spell.

    "Is Ezra back yet, if he can find those two?" Haylee Rose whispered, "We really need their help soon!"

    In Central City, Ezra was running about until he found the Cherrim Pokehuman.

    "We need help, my guild is being overrun by bandits!" Ezra shouted.
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