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Open Pokehuman: Fall Festival

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Crystal1302, Oct 28, 2017.


Leader of the ghost pokemon hauntong the village?

Poll closed Nov 5, 2017.
  1. Gengar

    3 vote(s)
  2. Banette

    3 vote(s)
  3. Mimikyu

    3 vote(s)
  4. Dusknoir

    4 vote(s)
  1. In a world there are 2 species. Pokemon and Pokehumans. Pokehumans are pretty much gijinkas (if you dont know, look it up). They still keep their abilities/moves (ex. an eevee pokehuman can use swift).
    A quaint village is getting ready for the fall festival/ Halloween. During this a group of people disturbs a group of ghost pokemon. This causes a village to be tormented by them. The same group of people have to find a way to undo the haunting of their village or they will be haunted forever
    All Pokecharms rules
    No Profainity
    Have Fun!
    Character Sheet (PLEASE DO SPOILER)
    Pokemon fused with
    Relationships (with any other user)
    Pokemon (optional)
    Alola Vulpix
    White short hair, white blouse (with long sleeves) light blue skirt with snowflake pattern, Alolan Vulpix ears and tail(s?)
    Quick Attack
    Fury Swipes
    Shadow Ball
    Ice Beam
  2. Hi there!~
    Name: Aspen
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon Fused With: Minccino
    Appearance: Her hair is silvery grey- not the kind of grey associated with the elderly, but a neat, classy grey. Her roots are very dark and spiral and fade into the silver. Her eyes are large just like her Pokemon counterpart, except while one holds the dark chocolate brown commonly known with Minccino, the other is a bright, icy blue (she's heterochromic). She has tiny, pale freckles dotting her pale skin. She wears a simple, short white sweater dress, black thigh high socks, and combat boots. (I might draw her to give more detail to her, but we'll see.)
    Relationships: None
    (Her moveset is Charm, Wake-Up Slap, Last Resort, & Protect.)

    Pokemon: Garchomp, Nicknamed Kaiju.
    Moveset: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Outrage, & Sword Dance.
    Also, quick question- since our characters are fused with Pokemon, can they have a moveset too? I was a bit confused and just want to verify- the moveset in my form is Garchomp's, but I just want to check to see if Aspen can have one too before I just.. give her one. :w:
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  3. Nice. I updated her spoiler to include that ^^
  4. Hello, may I join?

    Name: Ether
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chandelure
    Appearance: A seemingly young-looking male with silvery white hair. His eyes are bright yellow like his Pokemon counterpart, and they always seem to be locked into an illusion of constant daydream. He wears a gothic outfit that somewhat resembles a dress, thus making others think he is female. Gives off the appearance of a possessed doll.
    Relationships: None
    Moveset: Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Taunt, Overheat.
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    Name: Beep
    Age : 13 or something
    Gender: Boy
    Pokemon fused with: not a pokehuman, just a joltik
    Appearance: normal joltik, wearing a mood ring around neck, because previous trainer was an wumbo. Mood ring is purple most of the time (purple is calm)
    Relationships (with any other user): nooooope
    Pokemon (optional) is one
    Species joltik
    Nickame: you can call him anything. he'll respond to it.
    Move: Electroweb
    Move: Screech (uses this one alot)
    Move: Bug Bite
    Move: Rain Dance (aesthetics)
  6. Name: Demon
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon fused with: nothing
    Appearance: Red and black hoodie
    Relationships: None
    Pokemon: Houndour
    Species: Houndour (Shiny)
    Nickname: D
    Move: Fire Fang
    Move: Foul play
    Move: Thunder Fang
    Move: Sucker Punch
  7. Excuse me, @Crystal1302? i would like to join the rp please. TheStangeOtaku also probably
  8. Name Shade
    Age 17
    Gender Male
    Pokemon fused with: Zoroark
    Appearance: He is thin and lanky. His hands have 4fingers other than 5. Shade has long red hair, and can control illusions.
    Relationships (with any other user) N/A
    Pokehuman Moveset: Night Slash, Night Daze, Dark Pulse, Scratch
    Pokemon (optional) None
  9. You're all in (The ballot will close this Friday)
  10. Could someone not vote for banette? I would rather the place not be haunted by a doll.
  11. Can i have a link? I can't seem to find the RP.
  12. I can't find it either.
  13. *gasp* does it not exist? is just a metaphor for life? Expecting something that isn't there?
  14. Who knows? Maybe it's all in your head.....
  15. Other people seem to be talking about it though.

    maybe it's a rare disease...
  16. i'm guessing this is why my character seems to be "up to no good" in that eeveefree forest rp, he's just a philisophical bugger
  17. Hey, this sounds fun! I haven't seen a gjinka rp in a while. Can I jump in?

    Name: Jane Deux
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon Fused with: Ditto
    Appearance: The only thing that really sets Jane apart from other humans is her skin, which is a lavender color. Her hair is also the same color as well, and comes down her back in a large ponytail. She wears a purple t-shirt and jeans, and her eyes are gray.
    Relationships: None but is open.
    She knows Transform.
  18. Sorry the rp got taken down since I didn't have anything to add to in the rp i can remake
  19. Oh, alright. Make sure to tell me us when!
  20. I'm really sorry but i don't know how to do a spoiler.

    Name: Flame
    Pokemon fused with: Chandelure
    Appearance:Sliver hair with four long black strands of hair that go to his shoulders that have a purple flame at the end, purple eyes, pale- ish skin. Wears a white shirt, a black jacket, black pants, and a black fedora with a white feather.
    Relationship:none but open
    Pokemon: Litwick
    Nickname: Has none
    Move: Shadow ball
    Dark pluse
    Flame burst
    Fire Spin.

    I hope thats okay.
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  21. Youre fine. Hopefully you can resurect this dead roleplay.
  22. But...there's two Chandelures. But your rules.
  23. Wait... I'm not the only chandelure!?!?
  24. In most of my Pokemon roleplays my character is usually nice. In this one I'm going to make him rude and a prankster. I'm going to have him go around and prank everyone.
  25. This role play is extremely dead so should I delete it
  26. No. Keep it alive just for kicks, and I guess a couple people might still be invested.
  27. Well, @ShadowZoroark definitely got that correct since it's been a while since I've seen a Pokémon + human fuse RP.

    I'll be reserving Helioptile if the same Pokémon aren't allowed from what I'm reading. (I'll also be signing up later since I can't be texting in class and driving now haha.)

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