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Private/Closed Pokehuman encounters

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Eliiiscool, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. Here is the discussion thread! https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokehuman-encounters-discussion.20772/

    In the kalos region, everything was normal until one fateful summer day. Team Rocket had developed a special serum that could transform humans into pokemon! though it was far from perfect, more often than not ending in only half transforming it's victims into pokemon, team rocket set out to find unfortunate innocents to test their diabolical creation on. using a combination of sedative and serum, team rocket hunted down people to test their creation.

    set in ambrette town for now


    Eli had been walking in the woods when the team rocket grunts had jumped out of some nearby bushes and pinned him to the ground. As he struggled, they lifted his sleeve and injected a vial into his arm, suddenly with a rush of adrenaline he shoved them of and started running away, barely pulling ahead of them. After a while he started getting slower and slower until he went unconscious just outside of town.
  2. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    Echo was strolling around in Ambrette Town just outside of the aquarium, singing a song to herself. Everything was fine until she decided to walk down Route 9. Barely a yard down the road, silver daggers of air shot out from nearby trees and hit Echo. With a cry of pain, she fell over and was quickly pinned down by some Team Rocket goons. They held some sort of needle in their hand and injected some sort of liquid into her skin. Is this poison? What's happening? I have to go! Echo tried to run away and do something, but she had no Pokemon! Slowly, dizziness started to take hold of her as she was forced into the darkness of unconsciousness as the Team Rocket grunts fled, leaving her alone, passed out, on Route 9.

    Three and a half days later, Echo woke up, feeling strange and disoriented from the sedatives. Not only did she feel the sedative's side effects, she felt empowered! Echo quickly scanned the surroundings and realized that she must have been pulled into the grass by a Pokemon. Oh! There it is now! A Jumpluff! It opened its mouth to say "Jumpluff!" but what Echo heard was much different. "A-are you okay? You've been out for a while," came from the Pokemon," with slight undertones of what it should have said. "H-how can I understand you," Echo asked, unnerved. "I'm not sure, really," said the Jumpluff as Echo shrieked "I must be... a... POKEMON!" This continued for several minutes as Echo, still in shock was told that she was part of a Pokemon. "Can you show me what I look like?" As the helpful Grass/Flying type obliged and showed her a puddle, she realized that she was part Mismagius!
  3. Kale was on his way towards Ambrette Town. On his shoulder was his Emolga, Shine. The gentle sea breeze blew over from the ocean, and Kale couldn't help but to smile at the great opportunity given to him by his Aunt. Finally! A chance to roam around a region without his parents on his back about training for the next martial arts tournament. It really was a beautiful day.

    Kale's peaceful walk to Ambrette Town was interrupted by the ringing of his Xtransciever. Answering the call, he looked down to see his Aunt Lily calling him. Shine looked down to the device, smiled brightly, and waved at Aunt Lily.
    "Heya kiddo! Hey Shine! How's your guys' region-wide journey going?!" His Aunt Lily asked him with a smile.
    "It's going great! I can't believe how good the air smells here, compared to Kanto." Kale responded.
    "I knowwww! And the food here! I thought Unova had some good food, but these people in Kalos really know how to cook!" Kale's Aunt Lily said. Her face suddenly lit up. "Ooh! Ooh! Check out my view!"

    With a quick movement, the screen of the Xtransciever changed to show the skyline of Lumiose City. After a moment, it switched back to Aunt Lily's face.
    "Awesome, right?! I've taken so many great pics since I got here!" The woman said excitedly. She brushed some hair out of her face and sighed happily. "Well, I was just calling to check up on you. I gotta go get me some lunch! Have a good time!"
    "You too!" Kale said, then ended the call.

    With that, Kale continued to walk down the road towards Ambrette.
    "Ah, finally." Kale said, getting in sight of the town. He looked excitedly at Shine. "It looks like all our hiking is finally done!"
    But Shine didn't seem to notice the town. Instead, the Emolga was looking curiously into the nearby bushes. It looked to the Emolga that there was some sort of... person there. Curious, Shine jumped off her trainer's shoulder to inspect the unconscious body of Eli.
    "Huh? Shine?" Kale said, not seeing Eli but following after his Emolga.
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  4. By this time Eli had been their for the better part of a day and Emolga saw the FIgures hair go from brown to pink and white as well as some bows and ribbons starting to grow from his body, Eli still had a bleeding wound on his upper arm from the injection. Despite the loud talking of Kale and the movement of emolga, He did not move.
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  5. "Mole, mole!?" Shine exclaimed in confusion. This guy... he was transforming?! By now, Kale had noticed Eli as well.
    "Holy crap! What the heck is happening?!" Kale said as he watched Eli transform. Noticing the wound in the teen's arm, Kale quickly knelt down and ripped off part of his sleeve from his shirt. Using the cloth, he bandaged the wound to stop it from bleeding, then sat back and continued watching the transformation. He had never seen anything like this before! The guy was just transforming, turning pinker! Not to mention, bows and ribbons were forming on his body. It almost... It almost reminded Kale of a Slyveon.
    "Hey, hey dude! Are you okay?!" Kale asked, gently shaking Eli.
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  6. "It's just so nice out here with the two of us huh?" Emily softly asked Cylan, before the Cyndaquil curled in a ball in response to the chirping flock of Pidgey.

    The little Pokémon sipped on his bottle of milk at a snail's pace. He turned towards his trainer, before he closed the spillproof nozzle. The bottle was carefully deposited into his bag once he could manage a grip on the relatively full container.

    The bushes rustled, as the Fire Mouse Pokémon perked up his head. His snout wiggled for a brief moment, while he gulped soon after. A few loud pants were taken one after another.

    "You're coming with us! Better shut your little mouth or else we'll put this right where you'll see it the last time pal!" A tall man shouted, before he rushed at Emily!

    "Ahh! Get away from me! YOU CREEP!" The girl shrieked, before she jumped up and dashed away from the man!

    The Cyndaquil whimpered at the sight of a large, black figure. The shady clothing exhibited a blurry, pinkish letter, while he took in each booming step that went by.

    Suddenly, the Cyndaquil fired off a burst of tiny flames at the grunt wildly pursuing the girl! The man gasped, as he was peppered with each flame right after the next!

    "Ow ow! HOT! HOT! Don't just stand there! HELP ME NOW!" The grunt hollered, as he ran amok with his flaming body!

    "R- right s- s- sir!" The female grunt quietly replied, before she sent out a blue, turtle Pokémon!

    "Ack! We gotta run... NOW!" Emily shouted to Cylan, before the Cyndaquil gave out a loud cry and quickly nodded at her.

    A deep breath was taken, followed by several pants soon after. An intense blast of fire was sent near the grunts' location without a second thought! The blazing flames collided with the dry patches of grass, which soon caused a small outburst of fire to heat around the area!

    "Quick! Jump onto me! We gotta go!" Emily yelled, as the Cyndaquil swiftly came bounding onto her arms! The girl sprinted away from the location at top speed, with her dashing feet charging towards the relative direction of the town of Ambrette!

    "YEOOWW! Ack! Hot! HOT! OW!" The man squawked, as the turtle Pokémon glanced at the man with noticeable fear in its large, purple-red eyes.

    "Uhh... umm.. q- quick! Put him out, like hurry please!" The teenage girl cried out!

    "S- squirt... Squir!" The Squirtle squealed, before spraying a loose stream of water at the blazing man!

    "Ugh! THANK YOU... for doing that so... so... LATE LADY! Argh! I'm so getting a new partner... AFTER THIS!" The man roared, before he pounded his hands and feet on the earth!

    "S- sorry... it's just that well... we have this fire coming at us pal!" The younger grunt shrieked, before she turned towards the Squirtle.

    "H- hurry! We n- ne... need to put it out... Do it... n- N- NOW!" The girl shrieked with all the air she had! The Squirtle took a few forceful breaths, before it focused all the pressurized water it could on the inferno!

    "I hope we didn't forget anything. I don't think we took anything out, since he did put his bottle back already," Emily thought, before she heaved a large sigh of utmost panic and distress. A quiet noise came from the little mouse a split second later. A clear drop of salty liquid fell from the Cyndaquil's face; followed by more and more droplets by the time the girl arrived at the town's edge.
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  7. Eli opened his eyes slightly to reveal unnaturally big, blue eyes."Ugh, what happened?" He looked up at Kale clearly still out of it "Oh? Who are you?" He tried to get up but quickly fell back down and decided to just look up at Kale questingly as if 'what happened to me?'.
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  8. Talo breathed in a strong smell of sea water as he walked along the coast side of Route 8 towards Ambrette Town. He felt like his leg was too heavy to carry any longer and his arm was screaming in pain. He stopped for a second and found a big rock to stop by. But after a moments rest, he was suddenly shoved agienst the rock by a Team Rocket Grunt. The Grunt looked over at his partner. "Hey, nobody is around here now, you think we have time to pull it off here?" The grunt nodded and then pulled out a syringe. "Okay, we are going to play a little game of Interigation, alright? What were you doing around us? What did you see?"

    Talo shrugged and looked him dead in the eyes. "I don't think that really matters, all I know is in the end, your gonna use that syringe on me, right?" The Grunt punched him in the guts as Talo feel to the floor. "Big talk for a small game. You got the spirit and all but I don't think you will really want this. We know you followed us at some point around Route 7, so you don't know much at all." He turned to his partner. "Let's get this over with and go home, alright? He's a runt and probably could produce some interesting results." The grunt nodded back. "Look at that kid, maybe this will all be over soon."

    The grunt snickered and then stuck the syringe into Talo's limp arm. Talo was too weak to have tried to prevent it, so it was too late. His vision started to blur and black out. He was aching all over his body and in those last couple of seconds of light, he fell over and blacked out cold.
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  9. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Jolty walked down the woods, looking around herself at the beautiful sight of the trees and plants, she always liked to spend her day here.

    After a few minutes of walking the young girl stopped near a big tree, before she even managed to sit down a grunt jumped at her and pinned her to the tree. "W-wha" Jolty said quietly in a surprise as she trying to struggle, she panicked even more when the grunt pulled out a syringe.
    "W-what a-are you going to d-do?" She said in panic, there was fear in her eyes. The grunt laughed "dont worry little girl, you will be fine" the grunt laughed and stuck the syringe at Jolty's arm, then release her from the hold.

    Jolty screamed in pain from the syringe then falling to the grass, she was so weak that she couldn't move and her view got blurry. The last thing she remember before blacking out was the grunt maniacally laugh.

    Right after Jolty went unconscious the grunt sighed "that was easy" he said as he grab the young girl's legs and start dragging her.
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  10. "Ah!" Kale exclaimed, falling back on Eli's new blue eyes opening. The teen definitly looked like some sort of human-Sylveon combo. When Eli tried to get up, Kale laid a hand on him.
    "Hey, uh, hold up. Uh..." Kale looked at Eli, not quite sure what to say to him. The trainer glanced over at his Emolga, only to see that Shine looked just as lost as he did. So Kale decided to answer his question first.
    "I'm Kale. I'm from Kanto, and was just passing through. Uh...." Kale scratched his head and swallowed nervously before continuing. "Are you aware that you're, uh... you're part Pokemon?"
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  11. "Hmm?" Eli looked at the ground and saw his ribbons and followed them up to his own body. He froze and started to scream "AAAAHHH I HAVE RIBBONS!" Eli curled up into a ball and stared of into the distance trying to calm himself down, His new ribbons curling tightly around him as well, witch did not help all to much with his panic.

    What he did not notice was that his ears started to disappear from the side of his head and he started to grow sylveon ears on the top of it, as well as started to grow a tail(though this was still trapped in his pants)
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  12. Aaaand now he was panicking. Just what Kale didn't want to happen. Kale watched as Eli curled up in a ball and freaked out, with the ribbons and bows beginning to wrap around his body.
    "Hey! Hey, calm down dude!" Kale said. Shine looked around, panicked as well, and not sure what to do. "Relax! Slow and deep breaths!"
    Shine quickly nuzzled against Eli, trying to calm down the panicking Pokehuman.
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  13. Eli slowed down and took deep breaths and slowly calmed down. He looked up at kale "Hey, *breath* who are you? where am I? am I dreaming?" Eli looked at shine and softly pet (her?). His body relaxed as he looked at how calm Kale was.
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  14. Kale let out a small sigh of relief as Eli began to calm down at pet Shine. The Emolga smiled and allowed herself to be petted by Eli, seeming to quite enjoy it. The kid repeated his question from before, but Kale didn't blame him. He looked pretty freaked out. Then again, Kale would be pretty freaked out his had suddenly changed from a normal guy to some Pokemon-human fusion.
    "I'm Kale. This is my Pokemon, Shine." Kale said.
    "Mooole! <Helloooo!>" Shine said brightly, taking Eli's hand that was rubbing her and rubbing her cheeks with it.
    "You're right outside Ambrette Town. And no, unfortunately, I don't think you're dreaming." Kale said. He extended a hand to Eli to help him up. "What happened? When I found you, it looked like you were mid-transformation or something."
  15. Cylan rubbed on his watery eyes for a brief moment. The little Pokémon loudly panted, while his tiny body twitched. His narrow gaze was focused at the tall, pinkish figure. The Cyndaquil felt his heart running a marathon inside his body. He turned away from the other people and Pokémon soon after.

    "I don't think this place is safe, since there could probably be more around here... probably better to go somewhere else," Emily thought, before she silently made her way towards the coastal area of the eighth route.

    "We should be careful, I can still see a bit of smoke coming from that place with a lot of trees," The girl whispered, while she gently patted the Cyndaquil's back. She held the handles of her bag with her right hand, while she kept a modest grip on the little Pokémon.

    "Try to stay as calm as you can please. Look, I'll make it up to you if you can at least try. We have to find a way out of here, or at least someone that can help... or needs it I guess," Cylan heard the girl quietly adding, before he emitted a lengthy groan towards her.
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  16. Allie had just been taking a walk outside Ambrette Town along Route 8 when Team Rocket attacked. She had tried to fight back, but it wasn't long before a strange needle was injected into her arm. Fueled by fear and adrenaline, she ran as fast as she could, but soon she passed out, a pink glow surrounding her body...

    Wh-where am I?
    Allie woke up on the same path that she was on before. The Rockets were gone, and she saw no threats in the area. Still, she felt something wasn't right. She stood up. Why do I seem taller than before? she thought. A gust of wind passed by and her hair blew into her face. However, she could have sworn her hair was a different color than usual. She looked at her hair - only to see that it was now a soft green.

    She did a double take and slapped herself. Nope, still green. She looked down at herself, to see a white fluffy dress.
    Suddenly, she realized that she heard voices. She whirled around, but she only saw a group of Pokemon. They seemed to be talking amongst themselves, but - they seemed to be speaking human language.
    "No, no, nononono - this can't be - not possible-" Allie said to herself. She pulled a pocket mirror out of her small bag, and looked in the mirror.
    "I'm a POKEMON? WHAAAAT?" she screamed. The Pokemon nearby ran off, startled.
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  17. Cylan took a deep breath, as he picked up on a loud, nearby cry! The little Pokémon quickly tapped on his trainer's left arm, as he heard her replying, "Yeah... I heard that too. I think we should probably see what's going on."

    Emily jogged towards the location of the harsh noise, while the Cyndaquil attempted to keep the droplets away from other wandering eyes. The little Pokémon turned towards a large, green and white figure. The fire mouse gulped, as he attempted to articulate the best message he could towards the stranger; the signal merely consisted of a few strings, each having several incoherent babbles.

    "Umm... hi, uhh... are you alright there?" Emily asked the unfamiliar being, while Cylan started to curl in the shape of a ball.
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  18. "Uhhh - can someone please tell me what's going on? Team Rocket attacked me and I got poked with a needle and I passed out and now I'm a Gardevoir and I have no idea what's happening -" She said this all in one breath. She stopped herself and took a deep breath. "Sorry. I'm just confused, that's all. Sorry if I scared anyone."
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  19. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    The grunt contined dragging the young girl inside the woods, stopping for time to time. "They just give me something to carry her easily" the grunt complained to himself in one of his breaks "at least she wont wake up soon, they said the unconscious affect will wear off after a few hours if not days" the grunt said to himself and looked at the fainted victim.

    He smirked a bit when he saw that Jolty's black hair start getting greyer while the big ears growing on it, and the cheeks that getting yellower with each second, it also looked like her eyelids are bigger then before.
    But those changes were only in the first part of the transformation affect.

    The grunt laughed a bit before dragging the young girl again.
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  20. Allie's head turned, seeing a Rocket grunt dragging a girl into the woods. The girl seemed to be.. transforming, with ears, and yellow cheeks.
    "HEY! What are you doing?" she yelled. "Let go of that girl right now, or you'll be sorry!"
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  21. "That sounds like a big problem here. I was assaulted by two creeps that had these black uniforms with that pink letter on them. I think we should probably get to a hospital or at least try to get you fixed up here if you're hurt real bad," Emily slowly replied to the person, who was now apparently a Gardevoir.

    Cylan took out a notebook and pen out of his bag. He carefully opened the notepad to the first blank page he could find. After a few minutes of hasty penning, he noticed a familiar, midnight black figure.

    A few lengthy breaths were taken after he stuffed his items into the satchel. A surge of adrenaline started to fill the fire mouse's body, while his heart started to race through another marathon. A large whimper followed when he was gently placed down by his trainer. He gathered as much energy as he could within his tiny body.

    A halo of small, cyan fireballs appeared above Cylan's head! The little Pokémon focused as much of his gaze as he could on the blurry grunt. A slight pant was given, as the blazing orbs were prepared for launch at any given moment.
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  22. Allie's eyes glowed a fierce blue as she focused her glare on the grunt, a new power rising within her. Suddenly, a blue aura appeared around her, and then a similar aura appeared around the Grunt, as her psychic abilities locked him in place. She had no idea how she was doing this, but it seemed to be a good thing. It was tiring her out and she knew she could not do this for long, but her anger kept her going.
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  23. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    The grunt stopped immediately when he heard voices, he turned back to see a human gardevoir with a person near her, which means one of the grunts failed.

    "Get lost, you are lucky that he failed in his mission" he said toward the Gardevoir, he could have easily get and injure the person near her if he still had the liquid.

    "I dont have time to deal with you, use smockscreen" the grunt said annoyingly and send out a koffing. "Koffing" the purple gas ball said before unleashing smoke from the holes in his body, covering the area with smoke.

    "If you try and follow me you will regret it" the grunt said and start walking away, but he find out he somehow cant move.
    "What the-" he said in confusion, what could have stop his movement? Could the Gardevoir human learn about her abillities that fast?.

    The grunt got even more annoyed and angrt from that "you asked for it, use poison gas!" The grunt ordered madly. the koffing nodded and added a purple smoke to the smoke screen, poisoning even the young girl who seem to get a bit smaller.
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  24. A soft thud followed when the poisonous cloud surrounded Cylan's body, followed by a faint, rasp breath.

    "Eek! Ahh!" Emily cried, before she grabbed the Cyndaquil and dashed a few feet away from the purple cloud!

    "Stay with me pal! First run, then treat! Ugh... he is so gonna get it if I ever meet with that dork again!" The girl thought, before she attempted to assess the fire mouse's condition once she was a manageable distance away from the hazardous gas.
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  25. Allie was poisoned by the gas, but she didn't care. Rage fueled her and she felt nothing. Her Trace ability activated and she levitated slightly off the ground, copying Koffing's Levitate. Her Psychic aura grew stronger as the grunt levitated off the ground.
    "NO, YOU ASKED FOR IT!" she shouted as a Psyshock appeared in her hands. "TAKE THIS!"
    She flung the Psychic ball towards the Grunt and his Koffing, but before impact, she teleported to the girl, put a hand on her and teleported both the girl and herself away. The Psyshock hit, and the blue aura around Allie faded. She became dizzy, her adrenaline stopping. She had just enough energy to teleport herself, the girl, Emily, and Cylan away from the chaos as she started to pass out.
    As everything went black, she knew she would never be capable of doing this again. But it came in handy, she thought before completely blacking out.
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  26. Eli looked at shine "H-Hi" Eli tore his eyes away and looked at kale "I'm Eli" He accepted the hand up "I was just taking a walk and these really mean guys in black suits jumped out of the bushes, I managed to get away, but I passed out. when I woke up just now with these.... changes."Eli gestured to his ribbons as he watched them sway to his command, he still hardly believed they existed.
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  27. On the road of Route 8, Tony calmly walked down and constantly looked left and right for anything interesting... despite how rare things interested him these days, behind him, a Gible trotted after him with a look of clear confidence and gave Tony a happy cry, the latter looked back at his companion with a smile... unaware of the rapidly approaching danger of an unknown figure that leaped out with a syringe in their hand. "What the-?!" Tony shouted as he quickly turned around at the sound of footsteps closing in on him.

    The figure pounced on Tony like a rabid animal and pinned him to the ground, Gible attempted to help his beloved trainer only to get swatted away. "Gible!" Tony shouted as he struggled to break free, the figure lowered his collar to expose his neck, jabbed the needle into it and pushed the handle to inject Tony with the unknown liquid. The figure quickly got off Tony and ran off as if Hell was after them. "Oh no you don't!" Tony said relatively weakly as he got up and attempted to chase the figure, only to grow more and more drowsy by the second and eventually collapsed.

    Gible rushed to his unconscious partner's side and attempted to wake him up. "Gible! Gible!" He cried. As Tony remained out cold, he heard his Pokemon call out to him... and slowly began to hear what he said. "Bro! Wake up, please!" To Tony, the words were most likely in his head...
  28. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    The grunt couldn't see what happens in the other side of the smoke, he laughed about them being poisoned. Suddenly he start levitating "w-whats going on here!, Release me or pay!, Koffing use-" he didn't finish his sentence before blasting off to the closest tree with his koffing.

    The cloud of smoke and poison disappeared, revealing nothing but the same grassy area. The grunt burst into anger as he rubbed his back from the pain.
    "That annoying little Gardevoir, i should report this to the boss, this is getting serious" the grunt told himself and ran toward the base with koffing, even that psychic is super effective against him he still survived and didn't lost an half of his life.


    Jolty didn't seem like she is going to wake up soon, aspecially not when she is poisoned. But two yellow cape like wing start growing from her hands while her hair was completely dark grey and her cheeks were completely yellow, although her ears were still small.
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  29. "Jeez, man..." Kale said, running a hand through his hair. He really was at a loss of what to do. This was crazy! "So... those guys in black did something to you... or something?"
    The trainer's mind raced as he tried to make sense of the situation. Heck, Kale hadn't even heard stories of this happening to people! Sure, there had been a few legends and campfire stories back in Kanto on how people had transformed into Pokemon, but Kale had always took those to be urban legends! And now it had happened right in front of him! Well, almost. Eli still seemed mostly human.
    "Do you, uh... have some family or something you could stay with until you get your situation sorted out?" Kale asked. In the distance, it sounded like someone has having a Pokemon Battle. But since that was a relatively normal occurrence, and this was way more pressing, Kale didn't really pay it any heed.

    Now that Eli seemed a bit more calm, Shine smiled at the Pokehuman and climbed up Kale's leg and onto his shoulder. Perched there, she looked at Eli with a bit of concern. This whole thing was quite strange for the Emolga as well.
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  30. A while later, Allie began to wake. The memories of the previous event came back to her, and she noticed the girl was still not awake and still poisoned.
    She formed a weak Heal Pulse within her hands and used it on the girl, but she was unable to do much. Her abilities had not fully developed yet, the power she had shown before had just been a fluke and a byproduct of her anger.
    Suddenly, she heard two small voices. One sounded high and sweet, the other calm and caring.
    "Allie? Is that you?" the first asked.
    "Have you been transformed into a Pokemon?" the second asked.
    She turned to see Eevee and Absol standing behind her.
    "Eevee! Absol!" she cried, walking over to her best friends.
    "We were so worried about you when you were attacked by Team Rocket, and then you started to glow pink and then you started to turn into a Gardevoir-human combo! We ran into the woods, and now we found you again!" Eevee exclaimed.
    "Calm down, Eevee. Allie's had quite a shock." Absol looked worried. "Are you okay, Allie?"
    "I'm okay, I think I might be poisoned though." Allie replied.
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  31. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    As Echo walked out of the grasses, she noticed a Grunt being flung away with a Koffing and saw two more Pokehumans: a Gardevoir and a passed-out Emolga. "Hello? I'm Echo, and I got hit with Team Rocket's serum like I imagine you did. Now I'm a Mismagius, and this is my friend Jumpluff. I thought... I was the only one!" Wait! Does this mean that Team Rocket's been infecting others? She gasped as she saw the Emolga, sprawled on the ground and poisoned, probably by the Koffing's fumes. "We have to help the Emolga!"
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  32. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    "Hello," Echo said as she greeted the two Pokemon by the Gardevoir-human's side. "I'm Echo, and I went through the same events as she did. I got morphed into a half-Mismagius by Team Rocket, and I can talk to you now. Maybe I can use... a move to help you and the Emolga!" As Echo concentrated, she decided to try the move Pain Split to share the two other PokeHuman's pain. "Hm........... Agh! I think.. my Pain Split worked on you two! I got hurt and you look a lot better, Allie, was it? Anyways, we should probably get help. If we're half-Pokemon, maybe we can go to the Pokemon Center! Or... Yeah, probably not. Anyways, should we be travel partners, if that's okay with you? You know, since we both were hit by Team Rocket."
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  33. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Her wings and ears were completely finished at that time, her real ears start to disappear and a tail start growing up, The transformation was almost over.

    She start muttering something with her quiet voice, "w..w..w" but she was still fainted, the poison didnt let her wake up, it was too painful.
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  34. Allie noticed Echo. "I've been trying to use Heal Pulse on this Emolga but it just isn't working! I can't really do much considering how much energy I used earlier...."
    Eevee bounded up to them. "I can help!" it squeaked. It began to try to use Heal Bell. It seemed to lessen the poison but not get rid of it completely.
    "Yes, we should travel together. I don't feel safe, there could be more Team Rocket members anywhere." She noticed that Echo was hurt from using Pain Split. "Oh - let me help you a little bit." She tried using Heal Pulse again, but it only worked slightly. "That's the best I can do for now, but we need to get help. We probably can't go to the Pokemon center. I wonder if there are any healing berries around-"
    She noticed Emolga beginning to stir. "Oh- she's waking up! I'll try harder.." She began to use Heal Pulse, giving it everything she had, while Eevee used Heal Bell. The Heal Pulse spread, hitting Echo as well.
    "Just - a little bit more..." Allie breathed, as this was taking up much of her energy.
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  35. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    The heal bell help the poison wear off while the heal pulse helped the transformation getting faster, the tail got longer immediately and she got a bit smaller once again.

    After a few minutes she start waking up, she rubbed her new eyes without noticing they are bigger, only to reveal three people, two of them look like pokemons.

    Jolty immediately backed away to the tree in fear without saying anything, she always was shy toward humans since she was young, but after what happened its like not trusting them anymore, but she was still in panic.
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  36. As Tony remained on the ground, his body began to change slightly, within his coat, a few lumps started to appear which caught Gible's attention. He looked around for anyone who could help... but to no avail, he decided to try and take off his trainer's coat only to find it in a somewhat ghastly state; six black flat tendrils began to protrude from Tony's back which caused Gible to scream in shock before he tried to shake Tony once more.

    "Bro! Please wake up! Something's happening and you need help, please wake up, Tony!" He shouted, his sounds only came out as "Gible" to anyone who may have heard. Eventually, Tony's eyes began to slowly open, the first sight being Gible who showed slight relief, but quickly tried to warn him. "Tony! Are you okay?! That bad man attacked you and injected you with something, I dunno what it was, but-" Tony widened his eyes at what Gible said. "Did you just... talk?" Tony said in surprise, still weak from waking up.

    Gible looked back in surprise himself. "Did you just understand me...? And not in our friendly gesture way?" Both Tony and Gible looked at each other in silent shock before Gible shook his head. "We need to get you some help, you're growing some strange things on your back!" Gible stated. Tony was still in shock, but reached to his back and felt one of the black things on his back. "W-What the hell?!" He cried.
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  37. "Ugh... that felt like some sort of weird trip I had... ergh! I mean... I do feel odd still, but at least not as bad," Emily thought, before she carefully got up after a brief moment in the pitch black world. A loud, harsh sneeze soon rushed into the girl's ears, followed by her blooming eyes that noticed purple bubbles from the fire mouse.

    It was apparent that the Cyndaquil struggled to stand upright on his hind legs. The little Pokémon gave off another sneeze before a soft thud came a split second later. Every tiny bubble after another floated out of his faint, violet breath towards the skies.
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  38. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    "Oh, you're awake! Hello, I'm Echo and this is Allie. We went through the same thing as you and we're all half-Pokemon. I'm part Mismagius and Allie's part Gardevoir. This," she said motioning to Jumpluff "is Jumpluff. She's our friend and she helped me recover from Team Rocket's 'serum.'" Jumpluff greeted the other Poke-Humans and said "Hello there! I'm Jumpluff! Now you can understand me because you ARE half-me. I can help all of you and we can-umm... what are we going to do now that you're half us?" Agh! Good question? What ARE we going to do? We can't just go waltzing into town in our "current state!"

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  39. Eli nodded "Yeah, I still live with my parents" he began walking towards town and right before going into town he stopped "Hold on a sec" He reached for his ribbons and raped them around his arm and reached up to his hair and felt it "I have ears to! ok, ok calm down" he let his ears and ribbons go limp. He noticed his tail but left it in his pants, he then started to walk back into town towards his house.
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  40. Talo's senses started to come back to him. He felt a lot of pain along his back and even more along his lower back. He opened his eyes and started to look around. He shifted around in his place and began to get up. He wobbled onto his legs and balanced himself on the rock. His back was feeling better but he felt like something was off. He felt his muscles in his back more than before, if felt heavier and like there was more to it.

    He tried to stretch his muscles and see if they where hurt. As he stretched, a pair of wings opened up on his back and then closed when he stopped. Talo didn't notice the wings but he felt better. "Agh, it still hurts but I guess that is because of whatever poison they put into me. Come to think of it, I feel better in a physical way then before I was injected. What did they do to me?" He walked over to the water to clean himself off of some of his sweat.

    He looked down at the water and was shocked by what he saw. He fell back on the sand and looked at his hands. They were tinted a light green and had claws. He took a second to examine his body. He felt the wings on his back and noticed they were thin. "What is this? Some sort of dream? A hallucination?" He looked around and wondered what was going on. "Is there anyone around that can help me?"

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