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Private/Closed Pokehuman encounters reboot

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Eliiiscool, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. The old thread kind of died, but we are still not giving up! The legacy of Pokehuman encounters will live on!

    Honestly I did not know how influtely my thread would be at the beginning, but it has grown into something worth redoing and trying to continue, especially as some peoples first or near first RP

    Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokehuman-encounters-reboot-discussion.21306/


    It was a calm day in Ambrette town as the residents walked around their normal lives, no clue the sinister brew that had been concocted by sinister people, Eli was one of these people, like normal dressed in a new costume, today was a fine pink suit with a white bowtie, he decided to take a walk into the woods, having no clue what was in store for him, or many other unfortunate people
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  2. (OOC: Allie is not in close proximity to Eli right now.)
    For Allie, life couldn't be better.
    She was strolling through the woods, without a care in the world. She hummed a sweet tune to herself, a serene smile on her face. Her Kalos journey was going well, and she was enjoying herself.
    Little did she know, a pair of shadowy figures was watching her closely. They would be the people that turned her life upside-down, the people that changed her life forever.
  3. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    Terry had been working at his job in Ambrette town. He had worked at a small cafe that had recently opened, and his job was to cook and throw out the garbage whenever he needed to. One day, he was taking out the garbage to the dumpster when he felt a whack on his head. Before he could turn around, he was knocked out. The only thing he remembered before truly blacking out was being dragged into a hidden area.
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  4. A boy groaned as he got up from a hotel room bed. It turns out that flying to Kalos straight from Hoenn results in quite a bit of jet lag, and he could definitely feel it as he woke up from a relatively, or at least seemingly, small slumber. His parents seemed to be sleeping well, at least, but it turns out that for the moment Arthur was in the situation where he felt too tired to go about his day yet too awake to try and go back to sleep.

    He tried dressing his best for a normal day, or at least for what he felt like was going to be a small session of stepping outside for an hour or two of seeing the sights and sniffing the Kalosian air while his parents allowed themselves a bit longer to get up and about. Luckily, trying to choose what clothing to wear becomes less of a problem when it's all the same monochrome gray that the boy enjoyed. After getting himself a tad presentable and picking up a Pokenav and three Pokeballs, he stepped outside and let the morning air do his waking for him.

    In hindsight, he should've tried staying inside and asleep just a bit longer.
  5. If she'd been a little more alert, maybe Allie could have escaped her fate.
    She failed to hear a rustling from the nearby bushes, and didn't notice until it was too late.
    The last thing she remembered was a blow to the side of her head, and a powerful pain before she passed out.

    The pair was composed of two male Rocket grunts. One had clearly just punched the girl in the head, and pulled back his fist.
    "Is she out?" the other grunt asked quietly.
    The grunt that had punched the girl knelt down and shook her roughly. She didn't wake up.
    "Yeah. Hand me the serum."
    The first grunt handed the second grunt a syringe, containing a black sweet-smelling serum. Without another word, the grunt injected the serum into the girl's arm.
    "Okay, let's get out of here." The second grunt slung the teen over his shoulder. The girl had already begun to grow smaller, and two pinkish-red protrusions had begun to form on the top of her head. Her skin was also growing paler.
  6. Eli yawned as he approached a clearing and sat down, looking around before closing his eyes and just thinking about the day ahead of him, Two figures snuck up behind him and tackled him to the ground. Eli had not expected this and was basically helpless to his attackers as they silently pulled out a black vial and injected him
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  7. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    Terry had woken up slowly. In a seperate room, he could hear two people talking.

    "Did you get him?" one asked.
    "Yeah. Hold on, let me go find the injection.." another said. He heard rustling sounds before hearing "I found one. I forgot we dont label them, but lets use it." One sounded skeptical, but he decided to go with it.

    They were surprised to see their subject awake, and ready. Terry was ready to brawl, and a fight erupted. A few punches went flying, until one landed right into Terry's face, knocking him out. "Alrighty.. lets do that and skedaddle. We don't want to get caught..." a grunt said. The other stabbed a syringe into Terry's veins, which started to change him quite a bit. They took him back near the dumpster, and put him down. They ran away from the site, leaving Terry.
  8. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Edward was taking a nice stroll throw Ambrette Town and admiring all the sights. "Wow. And I thought Lumiose was the sight to see." Edward whispered to himself as he still looked around and took in the sea breeze. "So much better than what it's like back near home." Edward said as he took a seat on a bench removing his top hat and letting the sea breeze going through his hair. "Only in Kalos do you get such amazing views, outstanding people to be friends with, and just so many other good things about this region." Edward whispered quietly to himself while smiling.

    However if he was a bit more on guard he would have been able to see what his outcome would be after this. Two mysterious figures were walking behind Edward and pulled out a vile and injected a mysterious serum into his veins. "Alright. Let's get outta here." One figure whispered quietly to the other. And just like that they had begun to skedaddle as quietly as possible.

    Edward's eyes had begun to changed slowly and so did his hair color. 'What is happening to me?!' Edward told himself before going to see if anyone else was hurt.
  9. It was a pretty nice day, actually. The sun shone through the trees and the quiet flow of a nearby stream was the extent of the noise in this corner of the woods. A few wild Pokémon scurried around, mainly paying no heed to Will and his Pokémon. All and all, the perfect day for a picnic.

    Will took out the picnic blanket, and rolled it out, Pip and Squirt (his Pidgey and Squirtle) pulling the other end. Wynaut just stared unfocused in the distance as it sat on this picnic basket. He reached into the basket as Wynaut hopped off, and dug through.
    “Hey guys, I think I forgot the food.” He said. "But there's lots of berries here so I can probably make some Pokeblocks or something."
    Squirt managed to look thoroughly annoyed, but moved to a berry bush and picked a few Oran Berries. Then he tripped and fell into the bush. Will and Pip laughed for a bit but grew concerned when Squirt didn't emerge from the bush.

    Now that he thought about it, every wild Pokemon in the area had disappeared. Huh.
    He heard Pip cry out and turned to see some dark blur collide into her and launch her away. A Zubat. He tried to run towards where she landed, but felt that he couldn't move. He looked down to see purple sludge of a Grimer trapping his feet. Before he could react, a punch from behind him knocked him out.
    "G'job, Grimer." A rocket grunt exited from his hiding place behind a tree. He produced a large syringe which he injected into Will. "Incoming, by the way."
    Grimer and Zubat turned in time to intercept Pip and Squirt, who'd attempted a sneak attack.

    "Y'think we can take their picnic?" another grunt asked. "It isn't like the kid'll have it."
    The first grunt shrugged. "It'll be awhile before he turns, why not."
    "Hey, what's this ugly thing?" the second grunt asked, pointing at Wynaut, who was still staring aimlessly into space.
    The first grunt repeated his shrug. "Dunno. You gonna eat or not?"
    Neither grunt noticed Wynaut's eyes focusing on them.

    Will woke up a while later, the Rocket Grunts having long gone. He felt his head, which still hurt quite a lot. There was... a leaf growing on it? Huh.
  10. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    Terry woke up to the sound of screaming. "AAAAAAHHHH!" the person said. Terry opened his eyes up, and saw his co-worker, David screaming at the sight. He couldn't blame him. He looked at his arms, and they were covered in something blue, unknown to him. He pulled up his pant leg, and found that his legs had became stumps, and above them was more blue things. His arms were covered in it aswell, but he kept his hands. He felt his hair, and to his horror, it was also the blue thing.

    "David, calm down!" he said. "It's me, Terry!" But David was still in shock. "Monster!" was one of his only words. He took a small amount of time to settle him. "Look." Terry said. "Some people stabbed me with some syringe thing," pointing to a syringe with a small amount of liquid in it. "Just... tell Emily I wont be here for a while. I promise I will come back, and this thing will be sorted." he said. David agreed. "Just keep this thing between you and me. Got it?"

    "Alrighty. Stay safe... Terry." he said. David went back inside the building to tell their boss, Emily, and Terry, having no exact location to rest, decided to jump the wall behind the dumpster and head for the forest. "It's usually quiet and a place of solitude.. so I could probably camp out there." he thought to himself.
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  11. On one of beach side of Route 8, Marduk rested on a blanket in a 'secret spot' and happily ate a sandwich, his three Pokemon all happily ate their bowls of Pokemon food, Gible devoured his as if he didn't eat in a while, a gesture Marduk didn't see as uncommon due to his partner's Snorlax like appetite. Meanwhile, Riolu playfully held up a piece of Pokemon food to the Ralts and made a sound as if she told him to say 'Aah', this gesture caused the Ralts to blush and reluctantly eat the food in her hand, Marduk found the display equally amusing and adorable.

    As the trainer and Pokemon ate the last of their food, Marduk picky packed up everything. "Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed your meal, now let's get to-... Ralts?" Marduk asked as Ralts began to look around with the strong feeling that they weren't the only ones here... and the other people weren't nice.
  12. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    William walked around route 8 while holding a pink egg between his hands, his togedemaru curiously looked at the egg from the boy's shoulder.
    "The egg is going to hatch soon, isn't that amazing spike!?" William happily asked his pokemon, "toge!" Spike called out cheerfully and jumped in respond.
    None of them noticed they were followed and continued on their walk in the woods.

    Not a long time passed and the two stopped in front of a big tree.
    "Maybe we should rest a bit" he told spike and looked at the egg he holds between his hands, "I should put the egg back in the ba-" William didn't finish his sentence before he was knocked off to the tree by someone and lost consciousness by that.
    Spike, along with the egg, were knocked off along with William and fell to the ground.

    Two team rocket grunts appeared in front of the unconscious kid, "that should do the job easier" one of them said and laughed while the second one went to William and injured him in the arm.
    "That was too easy, we need to report the boss about our successful mission" the grunt said after injuring the kid, he then started walking away. The other grunt nodded with an evil grin and followed the first grunt, none of them paid attention to the rolling egg behind William or to the Togedemaru that was lying on the ground near his trainer.


    Jolty nervously walked in the woods of route 8, she was simply trying to find berries to collect.
    Although she felt unsafe and looked to the sides the whole time, she still didn't manage to spot two grunts who are following her from behind.
    It took her a minute or two before she found a bush of berries from a distance, but when she started walking toward it she was suddenly knocked off by someone, and before she could have done anything she was pinned to the ground from behind.

    Jolty was frightened, she couldn't move or talk from how scared she was, she just shivered as tears washed her face from fear.
    She could hear one of the people saying something about a serum, though she had no idea what is it.
    But she got her answer when she felt a huge pain in her back, a sobful scream burst through her mouth.
    After that her vision got blurry and she felt dizziness, it didn't take time until she blacked out as well.
    The two grunts released their hold and walked away, leaving the young girl helplessly lying unconscious on the ground as her appearance starting to change.
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  13. As Marduk and the rest of his Pokemon cautiously looked around for whatever Ralts may have sensed, they looked up to see a Venomoth fly overhead, it was unusual to see one by the beach and not in the forest.

    "Sleep powder!" A voice commanded and the Venomoth ominously hummed as it fluttered it's wings to sprinkle a strange powder on to Marduk and his Pokemon, the powder caused them to collapse into a deep sleep one by one. "What the... hell...?" Marduk said as he tried to fight the powder, but just like his Pokemon, he too collapsed fell into a deep slumber, the last thing he saw was the blurry image of an adult man overhead with a strange object in his hand.

    As the man smirked down at Marduk, he knelt down and rolled up Marduk's sleeve, then he began to aim the needle at one of the veins, slowly stab the needle into it and press the back of it to release the unknown chemical housed within it. "Too easy." The grunt said as he put the needle away and turned to walk off, as he did, he got out a Pokeball to return his Venomoth.

    Meanwhile, as Marduk's Pokemon all began to wake up, Marduk started to get a change in his body, mainly the color of his hair, but six strange parts began to slowly protrude from his back, hidden by his clothes. Gible rushed toward his partner and cried to him, he pleaded him to wake up, Riolu darted her head and ran around to find anyone who could help, Ralts was simply frozen in shock at what began to happen to is trainer.
  14. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    (Aah, this is why I should never sleep in. Looks like I didn't miss too much, though, thank goodness.)

    Robin had ventured into the Glittering Cave in hopes of finding some interesting or rare metals and minerals to play around with, but unfortunately it seemed that the cave was only 'glittering' because of the glowing moss that coated the walls. In hindsight, she probably would've known that if she'd stopped to talk to the folks in Ambrette Town on her way here.

    "Well, that was disappointing," Robin sighed as she emerged from tunnel, squinting against the sunlight. Magnemite floated along beside her, whirring in agreement. The trainer gave the Pokémon a quick pat, then turned and started to make her way back along Route 9. "Okay, Magnemite," she began, pulling a creased and crumpled old map out of her pocket. "We should stop in at the Fossil Lab, then I'm thinking we head north and check out Reflection Cave."

    Robin really wasn't paying as much attention to where she was walking as she should've been. There was a reason this route was only usually traversed by Pokémon and hikers - the uneven terrain, the fact that it was on the side of a mountain. Magnemite hovered at her shoulder and steadied her whenever she stumbled, but then a shower of dirt and pebbles rained down from further up the slope, and the Pokémon paused to look up.

    There wasn't even time to react before twin dark blurs slammed into both trainer and Pokémon, sending them skidding across the stones dangerously close to the cliff's edge. Magnemite lay dazed for a brief moment before coming to their senses and electrifying their steel body. Their assailant yelped and jumped away, revealing a slightly singed Poochyena. Robin, however, lacked any of the natural defenses her Pokémon was blessed with, and had to settle for struggling quite pointlessly against the dog-like creature digging their claws into her chest. Magnemite whirred helplessly as the Pokémon they'd fended off leapt at them again, refusing to let them aid their trainer.

    Robin grunted with effort as she blindly grabbed at fistfuls of fur and pulled, tearing the Poochyena off of her with the harsh sound of ripping cloth. She scrambled backwards as soon as she was free, not stopping until she reached the cliff. The Poochyena growled, stalking towards her with lips drawn back in a snarl. Then they stopped, ears pricking and eyes widening. Robin didn't have the chance to question it before the rock beneath her hands crumbled, and she was suddenly plummeting backwards down the steep, steep slope.

    The world faded to black long before Robin hit the ground, the adrenaline using up all her oxygen and her terror preventing her from taking in more. The trainer tumbled to a halt near the base of a tree and lay there, still.

    "Is she dead?" a Team Rocket Grunt asked a few minutes later, when he and his partner had made their way more carefully down the slope. "Nah," the partner replied, adjusting her grip on the fainted Magnemite tucked under her arm. "She's still breathing, see? Give her the serum."

    The Grunt crouched down and rolled up Robin's sleeve, producing a syringe from his bag and stabbing it into the girl's arm, injecting her with a dark, harsh-smelling liquid. Her Magnemite was tossed at her side, and the both of them were left where they lay. As the Grunts walked away, a dark blue protrusion could already be seen starting to poke out from beneath Robin's hair.
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  15. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    Jane and Luke were running about happily in the woods when they heard a shout (OOC: Astonish). Jane got excited and ran to investigate. "Jane, wait for me," Luke yelled, also eagerly. A few minutes later, they found a Crobat and an unsettling lady (maybe 35) in a black suit with an "R" on it. Luke started to get nervous and walk backward, but the woman shouted something at the Crobat and he used Mean Look, glaring at the children. A black aura surrounded them and they were suddenly unable to move. Scared as heck but unable to run away. It was like a nightmare. Next, the Crobat used Confuse Ray to cause dancing lights to surround the children and make them faint. (It was used this way in the anime.)

    The last thing the siblings saw was the woman take out a needle and walk towards them menacingly. The Rocket Grunt had taken pity on them, really. Putting them to sleep would make it hurt less. She injected a bit of fluid into the two and walked away, smiling. They'd make great hybrids, she thought.
  16. Eli had fallen unconscious and the grunts had left, leaving him alone in the woods, he woke up some time later as he tiredly got up and trudged through the woods, not having even noticed he had changed
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  17. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Edward wanted to make sure everyone was alright. He asked people everywhere if they remembered what happened. The most common answer he got was "Everything was dark and I got a sharp feeling going through my arm." Edward took all that he knew and headed up to Route 9 because he knew that was one of the most dangerous routes in Kalos. "Come on. There has to be someone here...." He whispered to himself before seeing a brown hair girl lying on the ground and he presumed she was knocked out. "Oh my." Edward said covering his mouth in complete shock. She was near the edge.

    He was thinking about how to get her back to Ambrette. 'Okay. Let's do this.' He told himself as he carefully went to get the girl and use one of his revives on the Magnemite. He got close and used the revive on the Magnemite. 'I hope everything goes to plan...' Edward told himself
  18. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    Magnemite slowly whirred to life (or, well, consciousness), blinking their eye open and slowly rising into the air once again. They stared at the newcomer cautiously, confused by the strange blend of human and Pokémon, then quickly turned their focus back to their trainer when memories came flooding back.

    Robin was unconscious, but thankfully began to stir when Magnemite gently poked her cheek with one of their magnets. She groaned and mumbled something unintelligible, not wanting to lift her head from the soft pillow it was laying on... wait. She opened her eyes groggily, finding the 'pillow' to actually be a layer of thick white fur. The trainer waved away her Magnemite and slowly sat up, leaning on the tree she'd fallen next to for support, and faltered when the fur followed her. Her head was aching and spinning after her fall, but she was still able to put the pieces together. She had... fur. Thick white fur, all around her head.

    Magnemite, sensing her distress, quickly floated in front of her, whirring reassuringly. Robin leant forward, narrowing her eyes, and looked at her reflection in the steel body of her Pokémon. Her eyes were dull and faded, to the point that they were red, and there was white showing through at the roots of her hair. The most startling thing, however, was the long scythe-like appendage protruding from the side of her head. Suddenly, breathing was an effort, her heart pounding wildly and her mind racing as she tried to comprehend what she was seeing.

    Magnemite whirred again, drawing her attention to the person standing over her. Person..? He looked somewhat human, but... there was Pokémon in there, too, for sure. Gallade? "Wh-what's happening?" she stammered out, reaching for Magnemite and holding them close to her chest. "Who are you?"
  19. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    "Pardon my entrance. My name is Edward Cotheran. At your service." Edward said introducing himself formally as his eyes had finally turned red and his hair green with a blue section in the middle. "So. What is your name. Never mind that. Are you alright. I saw you and your Magnemite knocked out and I knew I just couldn't leave you here. I used a revive on your Magnemite. But seriously are you alright?" Edward asked worried about his new possible friend.

    Edward told her everything that had happened to him to see if it had happened to her as well. "I was just sitting and enjoying the sea breeze and then I something hit my arm and here I am now." Edward told her as he took off his top hat to show his hair.
  20. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    The siblings looked up, confused. Their hair had changed and grown green and they were both pale. Upon seeing her brother's dark-red eyes, Jane got a bit freaked out. "What is it, Jane?" Luke tried not to laugh. Did that creepy lady give us a change of clothes? Suddenly, the pain set in. Jane let out a loud cry of pain and suddenly her eyes glowed blue and red-and-purple striped surrounded Luke, who then got pushed backward until he was stopped by a tree. The siblings looked scared at Jane's power and Luke suddenly felt instinctually defensive of himself. Suddenly, glowing star shapes appeared and circled him, then forming a rainbow-y shield (Lucky Chant) which quickly disappeared (went invisible). "J-Jane, what happened? How did you send me into the tree and what the heck was that star-shield thing?" Jane only stared at her brother, silently scared.
  21. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    Terry was confused about the syringe he had kept. Why would they try to turn me into... this? he thought in his mind. He had found a decent spot to stay the night, and decided to let out his Tangela to calm his nerves. "Oh good, you're not injured!" his Pokemon said.

    Terry was taken by surprise, hearing his Tangela talk. "Did you... just talk?" he asked. The Tangela got ready to speak. "Wait, you can hear me? Woah!" Tangela said. "You kind of look like me..."

    Terry took that moment to look at himself, and then Tangela. We do look alike... maybe I turned into one of his kind? he thought. Terry decided to mark the spot he was in and look around. Maybe he could find someone else that could help him.
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  22. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    Buddy and Meri came running when they heard Jane's cry. Meri started to charge up electricity in her wool as she did when she was nervous, and her tail lit up. (OOC: This is a thing. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Flaaffy_(Pok%C3%A9mon)#Pok.C3.A9dex_entries_3 (Flaaffy (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia)) "Jane! Luke! We heard something wrong and-and..." Luke stepped back from his Flaaffy and Lucky Chant glowed once more, showing he was scared. "M-Meri? You can talk?" The young buddy tried not to laugh and said "Jane, Luke. You two look like," she snickered "Kirlia!" Jane glared and said, "That's not very nice, Buddy!" Meri's tail started to glow brighter and said, "Wait, you can understand us?" Luke nodded and replied with "Yeah, and also she knocked me into a tree."
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  23. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    William opened his eyes slowly, he wasn't sure what happened and just rubbed his eyes.
    "Yey! You finally woke up!" A voice passed through the trainer's leafy ears, he immediately turned his head to the source of sound only to spot his Togedemaru jumping cheerfully in front of him with the pink egg near him.
    The voice cant be from Spike, right? Its just impossible William thought, but he understood how wrong he was when his pokemon talked again.
    "You... You can talk?!" The trainer gasped in surprise, it must be a dream, but it feels so real he thought.
    Spike got even more excited after his trainer responds to him, "you can now understand me too?!" He squeaked as a wide smile spread on his face.
    "Wait! So I can somehow understand you now... This is so cool!!... But what exactly happened?" William asked Spike, he looked straight at his pokemon to get some explanation from him.

    The Togedemaru sighed, "well, I am not sure what exactly happened. We were knocked off by someone, when I came to my senses you started chancing. You look like a leafeon now!" He cheerfully explained.
    "Changed? Leafeon?" William confusedly said and looked at his arm, apparently there were two sprouts on his arm, Not only that but he could feel two long ears on his head as well.
    "So I am a half Leafeon now I guess... That's so awesome!!" William excitedly called out to his pokemon.
    "I guess it is kind of unusual" spike respond.
    "Well, I can't be the only one who turned like that. let's continue our walk, maybe we will find any clues or leads" the trainer told his pokemon as he is grabbing the pink egg from the ground and putting it in his side bag.
    "I guess you are right, let's go Leafy" Spike joked as he climbs on William to his shoulder, the trainer didn't pay any attention and just started to walk again.

    William didn't walk a lot before he spotted an unconscious girl, being dragged by two men with an R on their shirt. The trainer couldn't ignore the fact that she looked like a half Kirlia.
    "That odd girl looks in trouble, we should protect her!" William determinedly told his pokemon, he always saw it like it his duty to protect others, and he immediately rushed toward the two grunts to stop them.
    "What do you think you are doing?!" The leafeon pokehuman immediately shouted at the grunts once he appeared in front of them, he wasn't sure why those two are doing this but it looked like a kidnapping to him.
    "Use zing zap! Try knocking both of them from that innocent girl" William determinedly told his pokemon, the Togedemaru nodded with a smirk before jumping at the two grunts with his electrified spikes.
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  24. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    "Oh, um, Robin. Clarke. And I'm fine," Robin assured hurriedly, holding a hand to her head and gingerly feeling around the base of her scythe... thing. Skin blended seamlessly into what she assumed was some sort of chitin. Her headache wasn't fading, but she could at least think straight, so hopefully she didn't have a concussion. There were dull pains in her chest from where that Poochyena had scratched her, and she wouldn't be surprised if she'd broken a rib or two after that fall. The important thing was she was alive. "I don't really know what happened," she admitted, looking down at Magnemite. "I was just walking, then some Pokémon attacked me, and... I guess I must've fallen."

    "It was Team Rocket. They attacked us and injected you with something, then ran off," Magnemite explained, looking annoyed. Wait, what the..? "D-did you just talk?" Robin asked breathlessly. Magnemite just stared up at her, their eye widening. The girl looked back up at Edward, struggling for words for a moment before blurting out, "Please tell me you heard that. I'm not crazy, right?"
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  25. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    While Terry was walking around, he had seen many things. He saw a caterpie turning into a metapod, some oddish in a group, and some Tangela, which his Tangela decided to play for a small amount of time. But nothing could've prepared him to see this... Leafeon-ish creature and a Togedemaru fighting off two Grunts with the same R he saw on the grunts that injected him. He also saw a unconscious Kirlia.. or what seemed to be one.

    "...I should probably just watch and stay low... this has been a weird day." he said quietly. Terry took refuge in a nearby bush, and started to watch them scuffle, taking mental notes of the appearance of the creature and how they fought.
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  26. The grunts didn't see the Leafeon Hybrid before it was too late. Both of them were thrown back, letting go of Allie in the process. She was flung into a nearby bush, still unconscious.
    The first staggered to his feet, taking a defensive stance. "Stay out of matters that don't conce- hey, you're a Hybrid!" The pair of grunts lunged towards the Leafeon hybrid, but were thrown back again by a white blur.
    The blur was revealed to be an Absol, standing strong against the villains.
    "Leave here!" the Absol shouted.
    The grunts laughed. "Oh, the girl's Pokemon is standing up for its Trainer. How cute." They couldn't understand what the Absol was saying, but knew what it was doing nonetheless.
    "I said LEAVE HERE!" the Disaster Pokemon roared. It stamped its paw and launched a Fire Blast at the pair, throwing them into the sky and out of sight.
    The Pokemon's face turned to one of concern as it rushed over to Allie, beginning to shake her lightly with her paw. "Allie? Allie!"
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  27. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Edward knew about them and how they have been causing trouble. "Team Rocket." Edward said in a serious voice and knew who she was talking about. "Yeah I heard that." Edward told Robin surprised as well. He sent out Roland his Bisharp and immediately something was off. "Team Rocket! Those no good!" Roland proceeded to say loudly before Edward looked at him shocked. "Robin. Please tell me you heard him speak." Edward asked her to make sure he was not dazed.

    Edward started to talk about his life before coming to Kalos. "We'll before I came to Kalos, I was on an adventure in Unova. I originally found two of my team members in Unova. Roland here being one of them and the other being my friend since my childhood. My Gallade who I named Lancelot. Since at the time I was a big fan of the knights of the round table. When I moved I decided to name a Honedge I caught Arthur to match. Now it is a fully evolved Aegislash."
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  28. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    William was ready to tell Spike to use protect to defend themselves from the grunts, but before he could say anything a white blur attacked the two men.
    The white blur turned out to be an Absol.
    William figured out that the Absol probably belongs to the girl, yet he was amazed by how she blasted them off with a single fire blast.

    William walked to the bush where the Kirlia looking girl flung into, he felt guilty for knocking her along with the grunts, yet he also had a relief the girl landed on the bush so she didn't get hurt.
    "Why those two were dragging her? What happened?" The Leafeon human questioned the Absol in interest, "well, at least your trainer is safe I guess" Spike added.
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  29. Eli stumbled through the woods before he came through a clearing and saw a leafeon hybrid over a kirla hybrid, he shook his head. Eli walked over to the two and groggily asked "You two ok?"
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  30. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    Terry had been watching for a while at this point, seeing the whole encounter with the grunts and an Absol appearing. He hadn't expected another one of those creatures to come out and talk to the two others. Maybe I could go introduce myself.... Terry thought. His mind fought over that decision until he decided to come out of his bush. He popped out of his bush, and said "Hello."
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  31. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    The siblings had heard some shouts, and they quietly walked for a few minutes to see some people who looked like Pokemon, like them. Luke quietly emerged from the background and said "H-hello...?" Jane popped out next, then Buddy jumped up next to them and Meri followed shyly. "Oh, hello! Can you understand me like they can? Ooh, you all look nice! I'm Buddy!" Meri sighed and shook her head. "Buddy... Now isn't the time. Please come back here." Lucky Chant wore off and Luke moved in front of his sister. Something bad might happen to the others, and he thought he could at least TRY to defend them. His power was weird but he thought maybe he could use it in a better way. Jane then ran up and said "Hi! I'm Jane! Um, do you maybe know by any chance why we all look like Pokemon?"
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  32. Allie blinked to life, confused. There were multiple figures standing over her... but they didn't look human.
    Her vision cleared, and she quietly said "Eclipse, please slap me. I think I'm seeing things."
    The Disaster Pokemon hesitated. Suddenly, an Eevee burst out of the Pokeball on Allie's belt and slapped Allie's face, hard.
    Allie rubbed her face. "Nope... definitely real."
    "You think?" Eve said sarcastically.
    Allie blinked. Did she just hear what she thought she heard?
    "Eve... did you just talk?" Allie whispered.
    Eve laughed bitterly. "No, you idiot! You're part Pokemon!"
    Allie got to her feet. Everything seemed... bigger to her.
    A breeze of wind brushed her face, blowing her hair in front of her. She raised her hand to tuck it behind her ear-
    her long, green hair. Her hand touched a strange protrusion on her head.
    She froze, and pulled a pocket mirror out of her bag. Staring back at her was a Kirlia-Allie hybrid.
    "Nope - this isn't happening - what in Arceus's name is going on - am I hallucinating?" she asked lamely.
  33. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    Jane noticed that one of the people looked like her and ran up to her, which Jane thought was the best idea ever! "Hi! I'm Jane! Oh wow, we look the same! Whoah, does that mean we're related? Did those creepy people change your clothes too?" The girl kept talking eagerly, and Luke shook his head. "Jane? Stop." He got so frustrated at his sister's lack of respect that rainbowy leaves appeared around him. He sighed, not noticing them, and a purple gale pushed them towards the young Vulpix. He tried to dodge the mysterious leaves, but every time he did, a purple breeze would cause them to move in the right direction. Eventually, Buddy started to enjoy it, but they started to get too close. Luke tried to stop the leaves with some sort of mental power, but they were drawing dangerously close to Buddy. "Buddy, those leaves are dangerous!" The Vulpix heard his master's brother and jumped over them so that they were all headed in a line towards him. He then glowed black and used Payback, causing small black beams to fire at the leaves. "How did I do that...?"
  34. Growing stressed out, Allie's eyes began to glow blue. A harsh blue light appeared around her, and locked everything nearby into a Psychic grip - with the exception of any Dark types, such as Eclipse.
    "Please, someone tell me what is going on!" she cried, not noticing what she was doing.
  35. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    Jane suddenly realized that she couldn't move and that there was some sort of outline around her. Luke was frozen as well, and he started to panic. Suddenly, the rainbowy leaves appeared in an arch above his head as he noticed that the other Kirlia-dressed person's eyes were glowing blue. He had seen Psychic-type attacks and usually, the user's eyes glowed blue during them. He realized that this must be the move Magical Leaf and tried to stop the purple gale from blowing the leaves. "Did you do this...? Let us go! We can use attacks! Well, I think we can..."
  36. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    Terry was a small bit confused getting into the psychic bind, but understood she wanted answers "So, I think I can say this for everyone here, but basically some people with a R on their clothes used a syringe to turn us into whatever we are now." he said. "Now, can you please let me out of this bind, along with the others?"
  37. Allie realized that she'd done... something. She looked at her reflection in a puddle, to see her eyes glowing bright blue.
    "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" she squeaked, immediately releasing everything. She looked around nervously. "Those people are gone, right?"
  38. Eli had pretty much went silent through the exchange just trying to figure out what was even happening before he noticed the ribbons coming from his neck and head, he grabbed them and rubbed them in his hand a second "So, what happened to all of you?"
  39. Allie bit her lip. "Well - I was just walking through the woods and I felt a punch to my head. I saw two figures dressed in black standing over me. I pretended to be knocked out for a while, even when they shook me and put a needle in my arm. I couldn't hold out any longer after that and passed out."
    Eclipse put in her two cents. "From within my Pokeball, I sensed danger. I came out and saw those people, wearing black outfits with large red Rs on them. I blasted them away with Fire Blast."
    "Show off," Eve muttered. Eclipse glared at her.
  40. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    "I was working at my job in Ambrette town when some grunts decided to whack me in the head. I woke up in a room, fought with them for a small amount, and got knocked out. They probably stabbed me with this, and thats how I became.. this." he said, pulling out a syringe with a small amount of black liquid in it. "Im going to keep this. Maybe it could help in the long run." After that, Terry decided to practice the theory of being able to use pokemon moves he heard from another one of the Hybrids.

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