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Private/Closed Pokehuman Encounters Reboot - Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by EeviumZ, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Hello Pokecharmers!
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: I am the co-host of this RP. Any and all questions should be directed at @Eliiiscool or myself, @EeviumZ.

    RP THREAD: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokehuman-encounters-reboot.21324/


    It was simply a normal day in Kalos for our protagonists - until their lives were turned upside down.
    Team Rocket has mobilized a new project known as Project Hybrid. They have attacked a group of innocent trainers, transforming them into strange human/Pokemon hybrids, known as Pokehumans.

    Any human can be converted into a Pokehuman by way of injection. Team Rocket have been jumping trainers and injecting them with a special serum.

    1) Pokecharms rules. Please read the Global Rules and the Pokemon RP Rules before submitting your bio.
    2) Maximum of three characters (two protagonists and one antagonist).
    3) Your first post should be about your character being attacked by Team Rocket. The transformation takes some time, so don't have them transform in 30 seconds or anything.
    4) Pokehumans are stronger than normal Pokemon, but are not as strong as Legendary Pokemon. Also, absolutely no Legendary Pokehumans.
    5) Pokehumans are not Pokemon, they are hybrids of humans and Pokemon. So they're basically humans with a lot of Pokemon features.
    6) Keep cursing to a minimum.
    7) Have fun!

    Character Form:
    Pokehuman Species:
    Appearance (Human):
    Apppearance (Pokehuman):
    Pokemon (up to 3):
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  2. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    And I'm here! Ok, I will be posting my bio tomorrow, due to the fact I am about to go to bed.
  3. Ooh, this idea sounds very cool and interesting. It would be nice to get into a roleplay here on Pokecharms dot com, count me in!
  4. I remember this RP, I’m tempted to join, but idk how often I’ll post due to how busy I am.
  5. CuteBoi.exe

    CuteBoi.exe Previously g o a t

    I was already looking at this thread xD I'll post a bio later once I have ideas
  6. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ok, ok, I am NOT bringing back Sunny, I hate her so much. She was impossible to play. Now here is my new character. Totally new! (well, kinda)

    Name: Nini Franks
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Pokehuman Species: Delcatty
    Appearance (Human): Nini has short brown hair and brown eyes. She is a slender build, standing at 5"1. She wears a white and grey striped shirt that stopes at the belly button, the sleaves stop at the elbows. She wears a light pink skirt that picks up where her shirt stops and goes down to her knees. She has light pink socks that go right above her ankle and grey tennis shoes that stop at her ankles.
    Appearance (Pokehuman): Change her hair to a lighter shade of brown, more like a tan. Kinda like the color of Delcatty's coat. She has Delcatty ears and a Delcatty tail. And don't forget about the neck pillow! Everything else remains the same though.
    Personality: Nini is a playful person, full of energy and always tries to bring a smile. Although she is 16, she tends to be a bit childish at times, and nieve. Nini is very emotional and tends to pick up on strong emotions and imitate them. She is easily scared. More in RP.
    Pokemon (up to 3): Female Cinchino (Chichi), Female Rimbombee (Pixie), Male Espurr (Psy)

    @RenzFlintrock Maybe you could join this one? I know the problems with the last one for you...
  7. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    I am right now working on the bios for my characters.
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  8. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I'll scrounge up Pamal's bio from the old thread and post it here as soon as I can.
  9. 'Kay. Take your time, there's no rush at all.
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  10. I'm still debating on what I should do regarding this reboot. I partially want to keep Reuben human this time around (or at least human for a while longer) and instead revolve it around him being dragged down the rabbit hole and not being able to get out, and that's partially just to avoid repetition. I'd say there's still room for him to develop this idea that he needs to protect them, even without the transformation as the initial 'spark'. However, with that idea in mind I've also ended up thinking of whether a more timid/bashful character and personality would be more fitting for that kind of role instead of how snarky and comic relief i felt Reuben ended up being.

    I didn't get much feedback last time as it got kinda drowned out from what everyone else planned on doing, so I'll ask again -- What do you guys think I should do (specifically the people who were in the old Encounters thread)? How much did you guys enjoy what I did with Reuben? What would you like to see me do differently this time? After all, technically you guys are my target audience.

    There is one thing for certain though -- Antoine will be my 'antagonist' this time around.
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  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ok, How did your bio get so long sweetheart? Ok, here is Pasmal. (I cannot believe that I have been misspelling it this entier time!)

    Name: Pasmal Estmalle
    Age: 7
    Gender: Female
    Pokehuman Species: Malamar
    Appearance (Human): Pasmal is a small girl with short brown hair and eyes. She stands at about 4 feet and has a slender build. She wears a white gown that stops at her calves and the sleaves stop just below the shoulders. She goes everywhere barefoot
    Appearance (Pokehuman): Pasmal's hair turns into wild grey tentacle hair. There are tentacles going under her dress, making an ominous look. She is a bit paler than before. Most of the time, her eyes remain the same, however, sometimes her eyes turn amber, showing that her Malamar side took over.
    Personality: Most of the time Pasmal is a playful little girl that just want to play with everyone, in the way you would expect a seven-year-old to play with someone. With toys, pillow forts, and imaginary worlds. However, Pasmal suffers from Split Personality Disorder due to the experiment not merging her completely with the Malamar DNA, creating a new conscience inside of her. While the Malamar personality is more powerful, she is devious and cunning. Only striking when she knows she would get away with it. She enjoys to 'play' with her opponents before attacking though, making them weaker for when she does strike.
    Pokemon (up to 3): Female Fennekin (Ember), Male Inkay (Olc), Zurora (Zoa)
    Other: She is a vilian!

    Hmm, I honestly liked Ruben, but of cousre, that was because Eve used him as a punching bag, second only to Sunny and her team. I liked the character, but his motives did not fit the character to well, in my personal opinion. So, you have three options. One: get a new character and keep the story and get rid of the humor. Two: keep Ruben and make a new story. Or three: (what I like to think as the best option) Keep Ruben and make a new character, giving Ruben a new story and giving the new character Ruben's old one.
    I do not care what you chose though. I am not that kind of person.
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  12. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Name: William Shilant

    Age: 12

    Gender: male

    Pokehuman Species: leafeon

    Appearance (Human): william have a curly brown hair and brown eyes, he is 4'3".
    He wears a collared green shirt with white sleeves, blue jeans and brown sandals. He also carry a small brown side bag with him that contain several things such as gloves, TMs, and more.

    Apppearance (Pokehuman): William will have leafeon's ears and tail, his hair will turn slightly yellower.
    Two small sprouts will grow on his of his arms while one small sprout will grow on each of his legs. A big sprout will grow on his forehead, and two sprouts (one big and one small) will grow on his chest as well.

    Personality: William is friendly and loyal, he is a hardworker that get excited easily.
    he really cares about others and will always try to cheer them up when they are feeling down.
    He doesn't like to fight, but he will still help if he need to protect his friends.


    -male togedemaru.
    Named spike and have the ability 'iron barbs'

    -a pink egg (will later hatch into a female cleffa and will have the ability 'friend guard'.

    Other: there is a reason why he is trying to protect everyone. And why he is so obsessive with protecting.


    I think i will put Jolty again so i am making a new bio for her.
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  13. Both of you are accepted.
    @Peroxide01, I would state my opinion, but I’m half asleep and don’t trust myself not to say something stupid. I’ll put in my two cents in the morning.
    Good night to all of you. :)
  14. I would like to add that there wasn't really much to Reuben's story considering I made him up on the fly, instead being dragged into everything through sheer chance and just wanting to go back to his home in Cyllage, but now being to paranoid to do so by himself. It got cemented when he was caught and began facing a bunch of dilemmas that I then used to develop his character. However, due to how his story played out, it would feel repetitive to do something similar like that.

    I have pondered using a character that's similar yet slightly more static, but also has more of a noticeable 'good side' around people that he actually spends time with. I've also had much more time to flesh out his character compared to Reuben's. I'm talking a year and a half.

    Maybe it is best to just stick with a Pokehuman character, though, simply for the sake of motives. In that case, it would still take a bit longer as I try to find a new and interesting idea for a practical Pokehuman that doesn't end up looking and sounding really awkward.
  15. CuteBoi.exe

    CuteBoi.exe Previously g o a t

    Ok, here I am, sorry for taking so long:
    totally Starlight in human form xD

    Name: Derrick
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Pokehuman Species: Umbreon

    Appearance (Human):
    Derrick is tall and thin guy. He's 6'1" and 120 lbs. He has slightly tanner skin, black hair, and brown eyes. He usually wears casual and loose fitting clothing like shorts and graphic tees. He has a small black backpack which contains the things he needs.

    Apppearance (Pokehuman):
    An Umbreon's ears and tail will grow on him. He will also grow yellow rings on his skin which glow in the dark (he tries to cover them up). His eyes also turn red and his skin will turn multiple shades darker. He's now more nocturnal and can see in the dark better.

    Derrick is a stereotypical teenager full of angst. He's pretty grumpy and rude, but chill to his friends. He'll stand up for what he wants and usually forgets about the needs of others (He's pretty selfish). Derrick loves to train his pokemon and fight with them, considering his Pokemon better friends than his actual ones.

    Pokemon (up to 3):

    Chespin (Conker), ♀ Bunnelby (Hopps), Fletchinder (Phoenix)
  16. I need some help. I can not think of a pokemon that would suit my character. Do you guys have any suggestions. I am going to post what I have so you can help.

    Name: Avina Ashwood
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Pokehuman Species: Glaceon
    Appearance (Human): Avina stands at around 5'10". She has a very slim feminine bluid. She has pale skin. Her eyes are a bright blue. She has long black lashes. Her hair is a bright pink. It is very long and comes to her lower back. She has blunt bangs that run along the line of her eyebrows. Her face is very striking to look at. What she normally wears is a dark purple tank top. The tank has a black abstract design on the front. Her black skinny jeans are ripped and has horizontal slashes down to her ankles. On her feet she wears a pair of dark purple converse. She has a couple of bracelets on her right arm. Her neck is adjourned with a black ribbon choker. Underneath that is a music note pendant necklace. Her ears have a two rings on the top section of her ears. On the lobe of her ear is a black tunnel earing. It is not big enough to change the shape of her ear drastically. Her nose is pierced with a rose gold nose ring.
    Apppearance (Pokehuman): Avina's hair becomes an icey blue color with a dark teal ombre. The ombre has a soft triangle pattern to it. Her eyes become a bit darker blue then what they already are. She has Glaceon ears on the top of her head. She has the Glaceon tail as well. Everything else stays the same as before. Though she might get some different clothes later on.
    Personality: Avina is very laid back. She will be there for her friends when they need her. She hates it when people are treated unfairly and will stand up for what she believes in. She loves to take care of pokemon. Though she can be a bit sarcastic at times, she deep down has a heart of gold.
    Pokemon (up to 3): Lola (Shiny Lopunny, Female), Amethyst (Grumpig, female), and Litten (Female)
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  17. Given her personality, I'd say it'd be complimentary for her to have the appendages of a Pokemon like Wigglytuff/Audino in my opinion, or are you hoping for a different one?
  18. @tea cakes Accepted!
    @EmoKitty21 Hmmm... I'll have to get back to you on that one. Espurr, maybe?

    Hmm, I'm still exhausted, but I'll say what I think anyway. Please tell me if I sound stupid.
    This is my favourite idea that you suggested. I enjoyed Reuben, but I think this would work better.
    Admittedly, Reuben did seem a little one-sided, and not entirely fleshed-out. I feel like this would be better than simply changing Reuben a bit.
    Sorry I don't have much to say, but I suck at giving advice.

    I'm not sure whether to keep Talia or not. I feel like she added a lot to Allie's character, but I have plenty of other ideas. What do you guys think (specifically the people from the OG Pokehuman Encounters)?

    Name: Allison Gracie Silverstone
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Pokehuman Species: Gardevoir
    Appearance (Human):
    Allie has long brown hair and brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'8. She usually wears a simple blue tank top and white skirt along with black combat boots. She has an athletic build.
    Apppearance (Pokehuman):
    As a Pokehuman, her skin becomes very pale - almost white. Her eyes turn to an amber shade, and her hair changes into a green bob-cut similar to Gardevoir's. Her body becomes much slimmer, and she gains a white dress as part of her body - although it only extends to a bit below her knees.
    Personality: Bubbly and flamboyant, Allie's always up for a challenge. She always aims to have fun in life, and is very protective of those she loves. Though she's normally quite brave, she does have her moments of fear, and often feels insecure.
    Pokemon (up to 3): Eve the Eevee (F), Eclipse the Absol (F)
  19. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    I decided to put Jolty once again, she will still have the same backstory but her personality will be slightly different.
    I hope there would be no problems.

    Name: Jolty (family name is unknown)

    Age: 8

    Gender: female

    Pokehuman Species: Emolga

    Appearance (Human): a young girl, she is 3'07" in height. Jolty has short black hair and deep blue eyes.
    She wears a white shirt, white skirt, and white flipflops.

    Appearance (Pokehuman): Jolty's eyes will get bigger and her hair will turn to dark grey, she will become 2'11" instead of 3'07".
    Jolty will have emolga's long tail and big ears, she will also have an emolga's cape-like wings and yellowish cheeks.

    Personality: Jolty is extremely naive (she would most likely believe almost everything she is told), but she is also modest and docile. She is highly curious and gets scared extremely easily, she get distracted easily as well.
    She can be very timid around people and pokemons she doesn't trust and won't talk much around them, although it's not very hard to earn Jolty's trust due to her naivety.
    She is a very honest girl, she may try to hide things but she won't lie, even to those she doesn't trust.
    She seems to be sad and insecure most of the time, that because of her past she tried to escape from.

    Pokemons: currently none.

    -Jolty have a huge lack of knowledge, so there would be a lot of things she won't know about such as certain pokemons, moves or even places. Though she does have quite a big knowledge about fairy type pokemons.
    -she has a big backstory behind her, it will revealed during the RP.
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  20. @EeviumZ If done right, there can be a lot of potential for some interesting stuff between Talia and Allie -- the main problem was that it all felt a bit rushed. It would be cool if there was a bit more time for Talia trying to accept what happened to Allie and herself, Talia instead breaking out of the Hypnosis with the help of Allie instead of just anticlimactically running away, or just overall more interaction between the two.

    Come to think of it, really everyone's characters were quick to accept what happened.
  21. ..true.
    I probably will bring her back. I've gotten loads more experience in RPing since this RP started for the first time so I have plenty of half-decent ideas.
  22. @PlayfulFox47, if you are not bringing back Sunny so you think I can make Avina an Espeon pokehuman?
  23. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I guess, I mean if it suites her.
  24. I have been thinking between two pokemon. Hondoom or Espeon.
  25. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Somehow, I can see a lot of eevees and eevelutions in this RP.
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  26. That is in every RP. Eevee is one of the most popular pokemon.
  27. I've had a few ideas in the situation I decide to make Arthur a Pokehuman, as the hardest part is incorporating those features into the appearance in an interesting way. So far I've narrowed it down to Sableye, Zoroark, Greninja, and Dusclops/Dusknoir.

    I kinda want to do Sableye out of originality, but it feels like I'll end up with some complications as Arthur is rather tall, especially compared to Sableye.

    Zoroark is more of a lazy approach, as he'll just make an illusion and claimed nothing has changed, but the main thing warding me off from it is simply how overused Zoroark were (from the discord I mainly roleplay in, at least).

    There's a similar problem with Greninja, plus I just don't feel like using another starter (Reuben was part Serperior, and I have planned protagonists in Conversion Crisis that are a Dewott and Dartrix).

    I'm also very iffy about Dusknoir, as once again there's not much I can do to really change Arthur's appearance using it in an interesting way.

    I'll probably post the character here sometime and ask for suggestions.
  28. @Peroxide01, If he is how I imagine him to be, why not do Houndoom. It would fit with the character based on the pokemon you have listed. The look of houndoom would be interesting in a character. I don't plan on using them for my character so it would be up for grabs.
  29. I've decided to just go ahead and make my bio and see how the RP goes.

    Name: Marduk Magala
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Pokehuman Species: Hydreigon

    Appearance (Human):

    Marduk stands at 5'7" tall with a slim and somewhat fit body build, his facial features show signs of potential handsomeness, his skin is somewhere between Pale and Fair, his eyes are Black and his hair is Dark brown and smooth, long enough to reach the back and bottom of his neck. His common attire consists of a White t shirt underneath an open Wine red track jacket, Dark blue jeans and Light brown trainers with White soles.

    Appearance (Pokehuman):

    Upon his transformation, his appearance dramatically changes, mainly the colors of parts of his body. His hair becomes Dark blue like a Hydreigon's scales and his eye pupils become a solid Fuchsia shade, although when angered, the white part of his eyes will turn black, his most noticeable change is that he has a Hydreigon's six wings on his back. Sometime after his transformation, he replaces his red jacket with an ankle long black coat with a frayed tail and a high Fuchsia collar which strongly resembles a Hydreigon's collar and Black boots, his coat will have a few holes in the back to put his wings through.


    Marduk is mainly seen as a laid back, yet serious Pokemon trainer who cares more for the lives of Pokemon than the humans. Upon his transformation, he would have mixed feelings about it, while part of him is thrilled to be able to understand Pokemon at a greater level, this would have costed him his old self and everything in his 'human life' that he worked up for, he tries to be friendly when he can to other people even if he can be a bit blunt. When it comes to bad people, he can be terrifyingly cruel and violent toward them, making himself seem worse than the original bad guy he tries to 'punish.' As he learns to control is power overtime, this may cause his ambition to grow as well...

    ♂ Gible, ♀ Riolu, ♂ Ralts
  30. @PlayfulFox47, I will be taking off Gem the Espeon from Avina's team. I know you like Espeon and I feel like Sunny should be with Nini. Also I am very glad you brought her back. Though I will always remember her as a little skitty distracted by her own tail.
  31. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The only reason I didn't add the REAL Sunny to Nini's team is due to her having all her other Pokemon be females.
  32. Avina has been updated.
  33. Um... the gender says they're a Glaceion but their Pokehuman species says Espeon
  34. That has been fixed. Thanks Red for catching that.
  35. Honestly, Houndoom does have a bit of potential, though I still feel like it would be one of the Pokemon that would end up manifesting as a couple subtle accessories instead of being anything unique and noticeable. I'll think of a few ways to make it work, though, as it could be interesting. Or maybe I should just stop trying so hard.

    Name: Arthur Johnson
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Pokehuman Species: To be determined (human until further notice, but suggestions are still welcome!)
    Appearance (Human): Arthur stands at around 5'10" with his skin tone being a paler shade of white compared to others in Kalos. Overall his appearance is rather monochrome, having messy, slightly long gray hair. He frequently wears a long-sleeved, gray shirt and sweatpants of the same color.
    Apppearance (Pokehuman): To be determined
    Personality: Can be similar to Reuben on occasions, yet does not act out as much and instead remains deadpan and quiet, hardly raising his voice. When meeting someone new, he seems rather cold and blunt, yet to others he shows a slightly nicer and more caring side. This is most often seen around his Pokemon.
    Pokemon: Evergreen (Male Grovyle), Siren (Female Flygon)
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