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Ask to Join Pokehuman encounters discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Eliiiscool, Apr 1, 2019.


Should pokehumans

Poll closed Jul 24, 2019.
  1. Be born naturally

    7 vote(s)
  2. Be a result of evil team plot (Serum/tests)

    17 vote(s)
  3. Victim of pokemon curse

    2 vote(s)
  4. Be a result of evil team plot (Magic)

    1 vote(s)
  5. Be a blessing (via stone/pokemon magic)

    4 vote(s)
  6. Be a mix of sources

    6 vote(s)
  1. Well how many people are active in this RP? If the group is dedicated it would be better to keep it smaller. I have two people in mind as well. Hey since you guys have not made it Genasage town the new group could start there. They could follow my example when comes to the new people.
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  2. Well, we have a concept and characters, an Idea would be to start anew with people we know would be dedicated, since removing and adding a bunch of people would be confusing
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  3. Yeah, that sounds interesting.

    By the way, I've thought of a new antagonist that I actually quite enjoy, yet given the 1 villain rule thing and Conversion Crisis closed when I got the idea for it, I haven't had much opportunity to experiment with the idea a bit. It's basically a scientist similar to a sociopath that puts advancements and progress above literally anything else and believes himself to be the hero for helping in it. That and he needs funding for his own little projects.
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  4. You could use him if we started over
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  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I know I haven't been posting, but I created a character that doesn't talk to anyone. Why did I do that! Anyway, I have been thinking of a new character!
  6. We could make a new thread and reboot it, but continue on with the story so far. Which that might be better for the new people to follow. We can write up a summary of where the RP is and what would be expected going forward.
  7. @Peroxide01
    Oi, that's my thread! I'd be happy to let you in there if you really wanted, I recently let another user in upon request.
  8. Ok, if we do a new thread, how do we want to do it?
    1: Start completely over with an idea of what we are doing
    2: Pick up from right now as if we just had a diffrent group
    3: Start
    A: A few days after the attack
    B: Right before the attacks
  9. Sounds fair, Eli. In terms of personality and and overall choice of clothing Antoine is a much better villain than Dmitri, anyway.

    And as for Eevium, I would enjoy that. Would have to rethink the way my characters would enter and brush up a bit on what's happening, as it would seem a bit too late for Antoine to persuade them into helping him.

    As for now, though, I'm gonna work on a thing for this rp.

    Also, Eli, to me starting over from the same spot with a different group sounds appealing. But I wouldn't mind starting over and instead doing an idea where Reuben never became Pokehuman.
  10. Honestly, I'mma say 1. For a couple reasons:
    1) Pokehuman Encounters was one of my first RPs on this site. So, nostalgia. (even though it was a few months ago I still consider it nostalgia)
    2) I was recently looking back at what I was doing when I first started this RP and thinking "what the heck was going through my mind?"
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  11. I like the idea of there being a different group. Also it would fit in with how I writen my post a while ago. The new people could be at the showcase where my character was changed. Especially since it was a long time between injection of the main group.
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  12. Honestly, if we have enough people we can still do two groups from the start, and you can just Copy paste you showcase
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  13. So the topic of a possible reboot was brought up, and it made me think of what I would do in case we started over completely fresh. I can't really decide what I would want to do in that case, so some critisism would be nice: How much do you enjoy what I was trying to do with Reuben?

    I tried to make him a bit dynamic and slowly develop his character to be more protective due to the circumstances he got in (being caught by Eli, being a Pokehuman), yet I feel like his kind of personality just doesn't work with that. And my obligation to incorporate some sort of joke into every post I make.

    I may just recreate what I did with this roleplay in the reboot, but I've also considered keeping him a human or just replacing him with a more static yet also fleshed out character with a similar personality. I sorta created Reuben on the fly just for this roleplay as it was my first Pokecharms and it felt a bit weird to put a preexisting character in a situation like this.

    In conclusion, there are three main options I have in the situation of a reboot:

    1) Do the same/similar thing I did with this roleplay
    2) Keep Reuben human (and possibly more static?)
    3) Use a different (yet similar) character instead of Reuben

    But as an extra note, I would prefer to keep this one active as long as possible. Or at least until it reaches 1000 posts, because otherwise it'll bug me until the end of time.
  14. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I really don't like Sunny, or maybe it is the name. Ok, I think I like the character, but not the name. The only reason I made her name Sunny is because all of my Espeons were named Sunny. However, all of my Espeons had a vastly different personality, being a beacon of positivity instead of this ball of negativity. If we are going with a complete reboot, then I am going to be changing a few things about her, if not just create a new character. As for Pamal, she is staying the same.
  15. Why not make her an Umbreon and change her name to Luna or something. That way you can keep almost everything about her, she would just be more like the pokemon personality wise.
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  16. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Eh, maybe. I have never been a fan of Umbreon though. (Maybe because just about everyone loves him)
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  17. It was just a thought. There are other pokemon that would fit her. Persian might be a good one as well.
  18. Liepard or Espurr/Meowstic might fit her.

    I'll probably keep Allie in the Ralts line, because I feel like it fits her protective nature.
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  19. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Maybe, maybe. I'll think about it. All I know is that her team is CHANGING and the name is going as well. Does not fit a human!
  20. There are a few things I want to do for certain, including:

    If I use Reuben, change the Maractus to a Swadloon. Also give them names. The Maractus hasn't really done much nor had much of a personality, which is not helped by it being out all of the time from Reuben's situation.

    Dmitri is getting yeeted off of the face of the earth. He's simply too generic, and everything I want to do with him doesn't really work in a roleplay like this. Plus I'll enjoy playing Antoine (see Conversion Crisis discussion, I haven't made a post with him yet but I've thought of quite a few nice ideas) quite a bit more.

    As for my dilemma considering my protagonist, it'll probably depend on the general setting and characters in the reboot and I can decide from there. I would still enjoy your guys' opinion though.
  21. So do we want to start fresh? a new RP?
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  22. Raven called. She wants her career-long dream back.
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  23. I'd say for the time being that let's go with this one unless we're confident it has no pulse. I mainly just don't feel like getting rid of all of the progress into the roleplay and end up with a groundhog day of sorts.

    Then again, thinking about it the group has been in cyllage for what, half of the roleplay? Things have slowed down quite a bit, whether that's good or bad.

    And eevium, it's kinda hard to accomplish that dream when there is no Dmitri :^) Instead, you get tech support!
  24. Well if we reboot we can go with has been done in the RP already. We can open the RP up to a few more people who might be more dedicated to it. We can start everyone off moving from the town they are in to town that Sam and Zack are in. A reboot does not mean starting over entirely. We could have everything that has happened. The people or characters who are not returning could go into hiding or something. Well the meantion of there being a village started. What if they go to trry and find a spot and place for it. This would cause the group to be split off. The new people can start in Genasage town at the showcase like Zack and Sam had. This way it would make more sense then two people being turned in one large town.
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  25. I feel if we do that, we just keep the major events and just swap the peaple
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  26. Raven: *Begins the next World War out of rage*
  27. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    I am a bit lost, what are you planning exactly?
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  28. Lightening We are just in the discussion phase. We are planning whither we want to continue on with this RP as is and open it up to others, or partialy rebooting the whole RP.
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  29. Since it feels like every time something is discussed this goes dead again, I'll just put it bluntly-- Who plans on posting sometime, or thinks they have enough material to post? Until the roleplay becomes active again, it may be best to coordinate some so that people actually recognize their turn and become 'inspired' to post a bit more.

    Alternatively, it may be best to start again. Thinking about it, the group hasn't really done that much, and it's more about the journey that the destination. However, I still feel like the best option is simply skipping forward a bit in time to just get out of the police station and on the way to Geosenge, along with setting the actual roleplay thread to 'ask to join'.
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  30. I'll post something now, but I'm going tomorrow for camp, so If we want a new thread, that's tonight (@EeviumZ, you up for mod again?)
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  31. Sure, I'll handle it.
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  32. If everyone agrees, I give you permission to start the thread, and you will then be a co-host off this RP then, since you started a thread, make sure everyone promises to be loyal to the RP
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  33. Please remind me where we're starting from? I won't be able to get it done tonight, as I'm exhausted and I don't write well when I'm in this state.
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  34. If I understand everyone, from complete fresh
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  35. Fresh seems like it would be the least confusing. I wouldn't do it now, however, as chances are a few people haven't seen this or are capable of making a final decision. It would be best to wait a few hours, or simply do it in the morning (I have a feeling most people here are from the Americas).
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  36. I'll be gone, so I place it in Eeviums hands
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  37. *begins having a teenage nervous breakdown due to responsibility*
    You all get until.... let's say 10am Pacific Time. Then I will be starting the new thread. If anyone does not want to be tagged, please say so now. I'll also make the discussion thread at 10am.
  38. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I dO nOt WaNt To Be TaGeD! NOT! lol, tag me when it is done! I just couldn't resist!
  39. Okay, I'm going to put up the RP thread ASAP. Should I make a new discussion thread as well or just keep this one?
  40. New discussion thread would be for the best.
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