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Ask to Join Pokehuman encounters: Beginnings

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Dark Fairy, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    This is a story, really any account of an event is, be it historical, subjective or speculative. This is the account of the Pokehuman race, a story of their beginnings, of how what some call a new era began, something bound to change the world.

    The beginning of this story starts with a team of less than golden intentions, with a discovery capable of wonders, or horrors. They began their test, but not on their own people....

    Eli struggled against those who had brought him here, knowing whatever they had instore was not good, and indeed it was as he thought, he was held in place as a man lowered a vial to his arm, injecting him, it was not long after until he passed out. Eli was drug to a cell, a rather nice cell to be honest, with many beds and a bathroom, as well as a proper table. He was thrown onto the floor, the serum taking effect several minutes later, changing him. The first of many.
  2. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Drake glumly allowed himself to be dragged by the people who kidnapped him. He struggled slightly when they administered the serum inside him, but ultimately was still, even more so when he blacked out.

    Drake awoke suddenly. "Whoa! Wha..."
    He looked around, thoroughly confused. He was on a bed, in a surprisingly comfortable looking cell. The bed wasn't though, as it was covered in....purple goo? Drake leapt off it in surprise, before wobbling for balance. He felt....heavy for some reason. Drake made his way to the bathroom, and almost screamed when he saw himself in the mirror. The goo had come from him! He was covered in the stuff, and his colors were all off. However, the most obvious change is the arceus darn horns on his head! They were huge, and heavy. Drake looked at his green palms, stunned, before looking back and seeing his large, gooey, and heavy tail.
    He leapt back again, this time losing balance and falling with a crash on the floor.
    "What the heck is happening?!"
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  3. As Terrence was being dragged by...he didn't know who, but he knew they were bad, millions of questions raced through his head. Who are these people? What do they want from me? What are they going to do to me? Are my pokemon OK? He then felt a tingling feeling as those dragging him injected a serum into his arm, causing him to black out, with one last question...Will someone ever help me?

    He woke up in a prison cell, which was surprisingly nice, with a bathroom and a comfortable bed, though he didn't know what prison cells usually looked like. He had wiring hooked up to his arm...which was glowing?! His entire body had a blue aura, this was so confusing! He jumped out of the bed, looking around, except everything looked...different. It was as if his eyes weren't his own, because he could see electrical signals, like the wiring hooked up to him or the light above. He said, confused, and with a voice glitching out.
    "What th-th-the..."
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  4. Shapes moved, words were spoken, but nothing would manifest itself in Tama's mind. It was all so obscure, and she felt so dizzy and sick- tired, so tired. Nothing really made sense anymore- her thoughts were so jumbled that if she spoke them aloud she was sure they'd spill out a mess. Was a mind supposed to be struggling so, that simply the self-referring word was a difficult one to grasp.

    She knew nothing. Her name- she knew her name, she knew.... not much else. And as she was thrown into the cell, head turned away from the others, she pawed the floor for safety, finding that which would cover her face. They'd told her she'd need it- and after seeing even a glimpse of her new face, she found herself agreeing. She did not bear to look at everything around her as touch clutches threw her into a cold room, as she fell like a feather to the ground beneath. Only could she hear- with four eyes squeezed shut beneath the mask, her ears tuned in to the yelling.

    Petite arms snaked around her shins, and she brought her head to rest on her knees, hugging her legs. "Loud. Loud..." she said, bunching her fists together. Her nails spiked her skin- she did not know when they had gotten so long- and she feared she might draw blood.

    Would her blood still run red?
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  5. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli slid out of the bed he had claimed as his own, walking over to the bathroom, looking down at the Goodra Pokehuman. "Welcome to the lab rat resort, where we get to relax until they decide to do experiments on us." he ran one of his ribbons through his hand "Though on a serious note, Im sorry you you ended up here, all I really know is that they turned us into these, half pokemon things and want to experiment on us for something." Though he said it directly to Drake, he said it for the whole room
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  6. He finally noticed everyone around him, raising even more questions. Experiments? Pokehumans? Who's they? But he didn't have the will to utter a word, much less ask questions. There was one question raised that could ground him to reality, one question that didn't have a flurry of possible answers and dangerous circumstances. What does that make me?

    One thing he knew was Pokemon, so at least that supplied basis for his current disarray. He knew he wasn't alone, so he looked at the people around him. At the moment, 3 people were visible, so he tried to focus on what he can control. Ribbons, like a Sylveon, and he said that other kid was a Goodra? I can't seem to pinpoint whoever the other person is, I hope they're ok... He wasn't the kind of person to always be social, but now, it felt as if he wasn't all here, literally. It was hard to come up with a hypothesis when the only question that grounded him, were there others, was solved. He mustered up enough courage to utter what he had thought before, yet the way he said it was still strange...
    "What d-does make m-me?"
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  7. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Fear. That was the only true emotion Lisa felt as she was placed into the chair. Fear as the filled a syringe with an unknown liquid. Fear as they stepped towards her, the syringe with the dark liquid in hand. Fear as they knelt down and pricked her fair skin with the needle, pulling her pink jacket out of the way. She closed her blue eyes as tears fell down her face. Why her? She was a simple girl who never said the wrong thing to anyone or was in the middle of some big drama. She was just the opposite really. People usually called her a doormat due to her passive nature, but that usually kept her out of trouble. Her thoughts trailed off as she lost consciousness though, as the pain grew unbearable for even the most pain-tolerant.
    The team members threw her in the cell, the girl still unconscious as her transformation was still taking place. Slowly, her brown hair was turning a lavender, ears were sprouting, and a tail forming. Something unnatural and seemingly impossible, due to her body being forced to grow new and seemingly unneeded bones.
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  8. A voice, harsh and jittery- another, calm, collected, level, as if the owner knew what was happening. She turned, still not standing, swivelling on the floor. The mask comes to face them, a poor Pikachu's perpetual smile. Take this, they'd said to her, you'll need it. What was the thing they said about Mimikyu? If you look at one, you'll die of fright. So then... maybe it wasn't her that needed it, but everyone else.

    What was she, beneath robes and cloaks? She daren't look for what might be facing her. Shaggy locks of hair fall on her shoulders, fall everywhere, uncontrollable. Bony hands scrape the floor, bringing her weakened body to where the other people stand, crimson gaze briefly flickering to where another has been thrown in.

    "You're glowing," she said to the jittery one- but she couldn't really tell him anything else. She turned to the ribboned one, dropping her head- a slight tilt of it. A heavy exhalation breezed her lips. "You've... been here a while?" she asked quietly, figuring by the information that he was giving them- and then, then there was a darker thought. "Or- or you're one of them!"
  9. "Y-yeah, I noticed..." He said, though he didn't reply to the comment about the...what did he call us? Pokehumans? He didn't reply to the comment about the Sylveon like Pokehuman, because he felt anyone who went through this process, this transformation of sorts, gets a pass for what they may have done. Who knows, he could've been tricked by these people.
  10. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli looked over at the cloaked Pokehuman, a few questions filling his head, though he discarded them to give the girl some time to think for now "Only a few days, must have had a hard time nabbing all of you, and other that being kidnapped by them, I have nothing to do with them." He looked up at the ceiling "Though I suppose it has been enough time for me to start making jokes about it."
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  11. He watched as another girl was thrown in, as she changed and transformed into...Terrence couldn't tell yet, but that didn't matter. He hoped she was OK as he watched her sprout features similar to the creatures we tamed and captured. He doesn't remember anything with the transformation while unconscious, so he assumed she at least wasn't experiencing any pain. There wasn't anything he could really do though, so he just sat and watched, hopeful of a good outcome. Did these experiments always go through well? I hope so...
  12. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Um, thanks." was all Drake could say as Eli welcomed them. Carefully, he stood up, still trying to balance with his newfound weight on his head and....behind.
    The goodra Pokehuman left the bathroom, rubbing his head, cancelling it when he felt his horns again, before continuing.
    Looking around, he wasn't the only one who had changed, although he was positive that he looked the worst. He looked like an creepy alien, not at all cute like an actual Goodra. He backed up in surprise as another one was thrown in, and began changing right before his eyes.
    Speaking of "bleh", the goo on his body felt odd. Not bad, or uncomfortable, just odd. He put his palms together and, despite himself, Drake laughed as his goo spread with his palms.
    "Yeah, sleeping comfortably has been thrown out the window, but I have to admit, this is kinda cool."
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  13. "H-how are you so calm with this? We've b-been kidnapped by some random people and f-fused with pokemon! I don't even know what I'm s-supposed to be..." Like he said, he still couldn't tell what pokemon he was, but he knew that he was scared. Even with people around him, he felt alone. His mind felt almost literally in another place at the moment, and he wasn't adapting well to the situation. He certainly didn't feel like this was cool, but he managed to focus and breathe, trying to take it all in in small parts.
  14. 'Cool'.... was she- crazy? Did she just not understand these people...? Or, were they the crazy ones? A frown on her face though concealed behind a shield with a smile, she turned to the girl who had recently been thrown in, and crawled across the floor to touch her, to hustle her shoulder a bit and see if her morphing form would stir.

    "You're going purple," she murmured, voice quiet and gentle, curious and disturbed at once. "Are- are you awake?" Tama continued, drawing her hands away fearfully as she remembered their situation. The sight of her form, whatever I was, could kill- would the simple touch of her hands, bony and inconsequential as they were, kill too?

    A sigh wracked her body, and she looked to the floor. "Tama can't stay here," she muttered, gritting her teeth. It was so loud, so crowded- so unnatural, and she hated where she was. "Not around all of you. Something bad might happen around Tama." she said shakily, fearing that even a slight glimpse of her form, concealed so purposefully, would murder. "But... Tama at least wants to know your names," she murmured, making a point to turn her face away from them all.
  15. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Drake looked up at the other Pokehuman and shrugged, still grinning. "Well, freaking out won't solve anything. Sure, we're living something out a horror film, but what else can we do?"
    A small voice caught his attention. A female, sounding as if she was being sent for execution.The sheer fear these people had was starting to get to him, but he refused to start worrying himself.
    "Name? Erm, I'm called Drake Slick. Nice to meet you, um, Tama."
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  16. "Terrence. My n-name is Terrence Atako." He sounded unsure. Could he still call himself that after what had happened? If he did get back to society, would he even be accepted? He shuddered at all the terrible thoughts and just curled up, trying to breathe and calm down, though that was something hard to do.
  17. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli looked back down at the covered girl, feeling sorry for her, she sounded hurt, even more so than the others. “My name is Eli, and I want you all to remember that we are all going through this together, if you have a problem, than you can trust the others around you.” He smiled “If we aren’t together in this, it will be harder on us all.”
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  18. She did not know why her mind struggled so to grasp the names, but... such was the nature of these things. It writhed, it squirmed, wriggled out from her hands and she could not remember it though she tried so, so hard. "Drake." That was easy enough, and she said it quietly, repetition being the best way she found she could come to terms with it. "Ter-Terrace. Terrence." Though it could not be seen, her face scrunched up in concentration. "Eli."

    Easy enough. But... it was even easier to label literally. So in her mind, they were Ribbons, Gooey, Blue... and the purple one who still did not have a name. Ah...

    "Tama's sorry. It's... hard to think, right now." she said, tone wavering and wobbling as much as a voice possibly could. She looked down to the purple one, who had yet to stir, and shrunk back even further away from them all. "We- can't, can't just stay here, can we? We can't just... let them hurt us. But- but Tama doesn't know how..." To get out. She feels as if she does not know anything, as if she is a newborn with sentience.
  19. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lisa remained on the floor, unconcious. It took a lot of work for her body to make the changes it was forced to make due to the vile liquid that was injected into her. The most taxing though, was her tail. It grew, trapped within her jeans. It was actually going to be quite painful once she awoke. Her ears were at about half-length at this point, and seemed to have no thought at stopping. The inner ear was a dark blue while the outside was the same lavender color as her hair. Thin lavender fur was creeping down her arm, stopping at the elbow. However, her jacket hid this part of the transformation.
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  20. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Drake scratched his gooey noggin.
    "Escape sounds tempting, but I doubt that they'd make this prison easily escapable."
    As to test his theory, be walked over to the bars, and grabbed onto it. Predictably, it didn't budge when pulled or pushed. Drake spun, smacking them with his thick tail, and fell over. He really needed to get used to his increased weight.
    "Nope." he sighed. "And ow."
    Rubbing his tail, Drake looked at the still-unconscious arrival as she changed further.
    "Will someone get her on a bed? I don't imagine the floor is very comfy. I would do it, but..." he pointed at the prison bars, which were now coated in his sticky slime.
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  21. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli nodded, walking over to the newest Pokehuman, hoisting her into his arms, walking her over to a bed and softly putting her down "Drake is right, not easy, I've only been here a few days, and have not found a way out yet, though that does not mean there is not one to be found." He looked over at the bars "They might be mad about that."
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  22. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Juliet eyes snapped open, finding herself in a surprisingly comfortable bed, facing a wall. The first question that came to her mind was 'where am I?'.
    She tried to turn her head to the other side or get up, but it was like she is paralyzed, and trying only resulted a painful feeling,
    she couldn't do anything at that moment.

    Voices, the young kid started to hear people talking nearby. However, still being dizzy and her memories being foggy, she found it difficult to understand a word.
    Confused, Juliet decided to try and recall her memories, and started thinking deeper.

    She started to remember, almost immediately. She remembered being kidnapped by some strange guys. she remembered being held in place forcefully, and how much she struggled in vain.
    She remembered how scared and frightened she was all that time too.
    She then remembered one of those guys injecting her with that... that...
    Just thinking about the needle made her shiver in place.
    Juliet couldn't remember anything after being injured, perhaps she was unconscious at that time?
  23. "Bad morning..." He said to the girl who just woke up. He wasn't the type to find the silver lining, more a glass half empty kind of guy. "Also, mad? What do y-you mean mad?" This day just keeps getting better, he thought. He was already thrown in a cell and injected with some pokemon fusing serum, what do these people do when they're mad? And more, he still didn't know what kind of Poke-whatever, he was still getting used to the word, he was. Everyone else had obvious features, but he glowed and had strange eyes, not a big giveaway.
  24. Marie slowly re-entered consciousness only to find herself on a bed. She felt quite weird at the time, almost like something was different about her. She remembered getting injected with something, but nothing after. She wondered if it was to make her unconscious. She sat up and looked at her arms. Nothing different. A curly strand of her hair fell on her face she lifted a hand to brush it away until she realised her hair was curly. What the hell? She slowly turned and stood up, quickly noticing the other people in the room. She rubbed her eyes to make sure that she wasn't hallucinating. Nope, there were definitely weird human pokemon in the room. Suddenly, a surprising amount of energy rushed through her. She shouted at the top of her lungs. "WHAT THE HELL?"
  25. Terrence jolted at this yelling, covering his ears and shutting his eyes. "P-please, don't yell, I a-am still t-taking this in..." His voice seemed to glitch out more then usual with that sentence, maybe it was stress that caused it? If so, he was surprised he didn't only talk with glitchyness. He also wondered if that would be the last person to wake up, were more going to be thrown in? Were there more cells then this one? Once more, a flurry of questions came at him, so he tried to stay focused...
  26. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Violet eyes fluttered open as the shouting happened. Her ears throbbed with the new girls shouting, and her body still needed rest. With a groan, she threw a pillow at the girl, then turned over on her side, searching for more sleep. However, the pain her tail caused her kept her awake. A tail? Humans didn't have those. She groggily rolled out of the bed, landing on all fours. She stretched and bumped her ears. Ears? On top of her head? That was impossible. She looked around. Where was she? She felt so disoriented right now...
  27. Marie stared at the glowing boy. She waved her hand dismissively. "Sorry, that was just a natural reaction to seeing something wei-" She saw the pillow being thrown out of the corner of her eye and quickly reacted, catching the pillow. "Hey, I said sorry you know. There was no need for that." She threw the pillow back onto the bed it came from, and looked around. She thought for a bit. Most of them look similar to some sort of Pokemon. I can't tell what Pokemon some of them are, though. Wait, if this is a cell and I'm in here with these freaks... She walked to the mirror as calmy as possible. Last she remembered she didn't have a ginormous bundle of blonde hair, or a cotton-like substance on her chest. At first she was shocked, but quickly noticed some people had it much worse. "Is anyone gonna tell me what's going on here?"
  28. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli waved his hand, his ear twitching from the scream, though tolerating it for now “I already explained it once today, I’ll explain it in full sometime tonight, but the short of it is the people out there kidnapped us and turned us into these half Pokémon things by injecting us with some serum.” Eli walked over to the girl who just fell out of bed, offering her a hand up “Nice landing.”
  29. Tama shrunk back, freaked out from all the yelling- everyone seemed sprightly or angry or like they knew everything, and she... she was clueless. She felt like she didn't know anything, like she was fumbling around in the dark for something- for anything. But though her hands collided with shrouded memories, though she brushed against answers, she could not make them out in the dark- her mind did not allow her to grasp anything that would help her or the others stuck in this predicament alongside her.

    "Shush," she said, "The purple one looks very disorientated. Tama just... wonders how many more there will be." There seemed to be a fair amount of beds, she'd take a guess at one each, but... her brain wouldn't let her count. "What- what Pokémon have we been fused with? Ribbon Boy is- is a Sylveon, Tama thinks. But- but Tama really does not know what she is. Tama is dressed like a Pikachu, so- Tama guesses she is a Pikachu." It was strange, though, that every inch of her body was covered. Hands gloved, legs covered by a cloak, face covered by a mask- the eyes on her face threw her off particularly, for Pikachu did not have four eyes, but she did not want her... fellow prisoners to know about the fact she had apparently grown extra eyes.
  30. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Well, I'm not so stoked about being kidnapped and used as a lab rat. So I guess that makes us even." Drake responded to Eli, crossing his gooey arms.
    Suddenly, the place felt much more crowded. The fainted female was no longer unconscious, probably because of a new appearance's frankly loud yell, and then he noticed a much younger looking girl wake up not to long ago.
    "Good morning y'all. Name's Drake, and welcome to....wherever this place is located. "
    Hearing Tama ask about their new pokemon halves, Drake held his horns.
    "Well, from the sight these things, and my goo coating, I have to assume a goodra." He looked over Tama. "You're a pikachu? I mean, I suppose the mask looks like it, but I can't say the same for your actual self. What's with the mask, anyway?"
  31. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Now more aware, Lisa looked around, holding back a scream of her own. She glanced up at Eli, and accepted the help up. "I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not," she said. She didn't want to ask again, since she kinda overheard what the Sylveon person said, dispite the fact she was still half-asleep. She winced at the pain in her new tail. Again, tail, not normal. Neither was everyone here was. By now she realized she wasn't paying much attention at all, her disorinatation muddling the information. But she was not going to be asking again. No, she knew he didn't want to explain. She clenched her teeth, trying to ignore the pain. How was she supposed to free her unwanted tail from her jeans?
  32. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli shrugged at Drake “Fair enough” Looking over at the point of his concern, he shrugged himself “I can’t think of anything at the moment.” Turning back to the Espeon girl, now on her feet “It really was.” Looking down at her as he stepped back, he noticed something, motioning to the bathroom he spoke “You might want to get that tail out of your pants, not the most comfortable thing in the world.”
  33. It felt like this pokemon camp he went to once, except minus the fun and consent to visiting. Everything was new, exciting, but also terrifyingly terrifying, mainly the latter most option. To once more focus himself, he tried to answer a few of his many questions. Maybe to narrow down the options for what he was fused with, he could figure out the type he was? With the glitching, he first assumed Porygon, but the glowing pointed in a different direction, so he assumed he was at least part electric type.

    Now he finally felt like he had control over something, so he got a little more confident. "sigh, Why don't we introduce ourselves, since we're hopefully all here? My name is Terrence Atako, and I am 14. I live with my mom, have two pokemon, and am currently freaking out. Like a lot." That was all he could utter, so he sat back down.
  34. Marie smiled, content with the new piece of information she had. The glowing boy introduced himself as Terrence. Marie caught on, and pointed her thumb at herself. "I'm Marie Hallow, I'm 15. I have a singular pokemon, and I live with my parents and siblings. I'd usually say something cool about myself, but I've got nothing." She stood in the same pose for a bit, before deciding to get back on her bed.
  35. It seemed that some semblance of calm had finally descended upon them, and Tama took a deep breath, looking to Drake nervously, still huddled within herself. "Tama was told by the people that she has to keep herself covered. Maybe- maybe Tama went wrong or something, and- and they don't want you guys to look at her. This- this is Tama's only guess, though," she murmurs, a great sigh in her voice. Still, the civility of it all was... greatly comforting, for now she didn't have to worry about people yelling over each other, something that had only served to plummet her further and further into disorientation.

    "Tama is- Tama Tealeaf. She is seventeen, and has- has one Pokémon. And Tama does not know why she talks like this! She does not normally talk like this," she said, feeling quite unlike herself with every further word that she spoke.
  36. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Drake nodded thoughtfully towards Tama's response. "Mmmmm okay then. I'm sure you're fine though." Now that everyone else was introducing themselves, he decided he may as well follow suit.
    He grinned. "I'm Drake, Drake Slick. I have two pokemon who I hope are alright, and I live with just my mom. Nice to meet you all, and I hope we can get along. We can't really ignore each other, after all."
    He let out a small chuckled, before grabbing onto his new horns, studying them.
  37. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    After refreshing her mind, Juliet felt like she came back to her senses, and starting to get up like she didn't struggled earlier.
    'guess I was just tired' she thought to herself in relief as she changed to a sitting position.

    The young girl immediately went silent in surprise as the first thing she saw was all the weird looking people, like they are some kind of half pokemon half human thing.

    Juliet didn't know how to react, being inside a cell, filled with those strange half pokemon thing, it was all confusing.
    A lot of questions flooded in her head, but none of them she could answer, at least for now.

    She remained silent, those people-pokemon things didn't seem to be bad. In fact, they all seemed to be confused as well, except for the one that looked like a half sylveon, who seemed to know quite a lot.
    Thanks to that she understood more about the situation, knowing they were all kidnapped and injured just like her too.

    A thinking crossed her mind, could she be a half pokemon as well? Just like the others.
    Looking at her hands, Juliet noticed they were paler than she remembered. Underneath them she could see a yellow thing, connected to the arms like it's a part from it. Turns out it was a part of a cape or something.
    The young pokehuman could also noticed a long dark grey tail behind her, even longer than her.
    For some reason, she didn't get as surprised as she should have been. though she couldn't tell which pokemon she partly became.

    Seeing the other pokehumans starting to introduce themselves, the young emolga human decided to do the same.
    "Umm, my name is Juliet, and I am 9. I still dont have a pokemon, but It's really nice meeting you all!" she said in a cheerful manner, hoping to make new friends.
  38. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lisa nodded to Eli in thanks, walking towards the bathroom and closing the door behind her. She quickly freed her tail, testing its movements while she was at it. It moved effortlessly, as if she had that limb her entire life. Strange. Lisa shook her head and exited the bathroom, listening to the introductions. Did she have to give one too? Her lavender tail twitched anxiously before she gave a sigh and started. "I'm Lisa Brown, age sixteen. I have two Pokemon, Snom and Quagsire."
  39. "Well," Tama said, a clap of her hands accompanying the words. One of them was significantly younger than the others- that was terrifying, though it needn't be said. Were these... prison guards, these Outsiders, willing to stoop so low? If they were willing to test on a nine year old, what else would they do? "It is very nice to meet you all, but Tama cannot promise she will remember all of your names." she said, trying to bring up some sort of humour, trying with all she was to make this seem like it was even slightly okay.
  40. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli looked around, a bit surprised they were calm enough to introduce themselves "My name is Eli, I am seventeen, I only have one pokemon, an eevee named Veon." He say down on his bed "It should not be long here, around this time of day they send for me to do tests, though I guessing I'll have a break today now that they have all of you to pick form as well."

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