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Open PokeHigh

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Melody~Chan, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Melody~Chan

    Melody~Chan Previously XxPika~ChanxX

    Dear Reader, you have been accepted to PokeHigh. We really hope you enjoy your time here. Thank you for reading.

    Character Bio
    Full Name:
    Age: (has to be 11-17 years old)
    Things (insert character name) likes to do:
    Pokémon he/she has: (maximum of 6)

    Name: Kaiya Asuna
    Nickname: Kai
    Personality: Nice but if you annoy her you're dead meat, has an emotional side but rarely shows it, has anxiety issues.
    Appearance: Short light brown hair with hair covering one eye, sapphire eyes, pale skin, freckles, black cap, black crop top, red and black flannel shirt, ripped light blue jeans, white trainers
    Likes: anime, food and gaming
    Dislikes: pink, brats and class (especially math)
    Things Kaiya Likes To Do: Watch anime, be lazy, eating
    Pokémon she has: Pikachu, Espeon and Greninja

    Please follow all the Pokecharms rules!~

    Sluggishly, Kai trudged into the school gates with her companions. "Ugh I hate school, though..." her voice trailed off. She knew that she shouldn't of played video games, late last night and now she regretted it. Her Pikachu however was a different story, she was jumping around excitedly shouting "Pika pika!" Kai was irritated but she didn't do anything, she knew Pikachu would wear herself out eventually. She checked her phone. "Hm it's still only 7:00 am," she said to herself whilst shoving her phone back in her pocket. Espeon, getting annoyed with Pikachu's childishness, used psychic on her and gave her a twirl, making Pikachu dizzy. Kai noticing this calmly asked Espeon to put Pikachu down, Espeon obliged, dropping Pikachu on her head.
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  2. Character Bio
    Full Name: Richard Ross
    Nickname: Rick
    Age: (has to be 11-17 years old) 17
    Personality: Quiet but not shy. He just hated socialising. However, he liked helping people as he felt like he mattered. (People usually didn't accept his help due to his personality.) He is also basically a Tsundere to his pokemon.
    Appearance: 5'9. 133 lbs. Military hair cut. Brown eyes. Slightly tan skin. A black T-shirt. A dark olive jacket and black jeans. He also had a pocket watch with a picture of Prism Tower engraved on it.
    Likes: Pokemon battles. Being helpful. Moomoo milk.
    Dislikes: Socialising. Nosy people. Boys who are popular among girls.
    Things Richard likes to do: Helping people. Contrasting which brand has the best moomoo milk.
    Pokémon he/she has: Rowlet (who is lazy and docile) and Eevee (Who is jolly and friendly).

    That morning, Rick was woken up by the usual way. By having his Eevee licked his face. He opened his eyes and glanced at the clock. 'Six O'Clock.' He thought and lifted up his pillow, revealing a tennis ball. He threw it across the room and his Eevee chased after it. Within seconds, the Eevee had the ball in his mouth. The Eevee dutifully brought it back to Rick and dropped it by the bed.

    Rick looked over his shoulder and saw that his other pokemon, a Rowlet, was still asleep. He got out off his bed and walked to take a closer look at his calendar. 'So today is the day, huh?' He thought and got ready for school.

    An hour later, Rick got out of the bus and stood at the school's gate. Rick let his pokemon out of the pokeballs. His Rowlett sat on his shoulder, as per. His Eevee hopped around until he spotted an Espeon. The Eevee then darted towards the Espeon and, presumably, introduced himself.

    Rick saw this and quickly followed. "I am sorry that my Eevee is bothering you."
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  3. Charecter bio:
    Full name:Alexander Garcea
    Personality:He likes to keep everything to himself,but can also be really cheerful.He often zones out when he works on something.
    Appearance:Tall with blue eyes and brown hair.Has a red cap,a red hoodie,white shorts,blue shoes and fingerless gloves.And also has freckles.
    Likes:Quiet places,sweets and Pokemon.
    Dislikes:Bullies,geography and meat (so he's a vegetarian)
    Things Alex likes to do: drawing,playing the guitar and gardening
    Pokemon he has:Blaziken,Wailord and Cacturne

    Alex was drawing a sketch of a Deerling when he arrived at the school.He bumped into a wall,but continued to walk.He passed a girl and a boy talking about who knows what.He sat on a distant bench that was under a tree.He continued to draw until his Cacturne got out of his PokeBall and scolded him."AAAAAHHHHH!!!!"Alex yelled shocked,as he immediately covered his mouth."Cacturne,I told you to stop scaring me when I'm working!"He told him angry."Ugh....It's okay.Just let me work and I'll get you out later."He retrieved his Pokemon and continued to draw.
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  4. Full Name: Maverick Williams
    Nickname: Mav or Mavs
    Age: 16
    Personality: Maverick is rather laid back and isn’t easily phased, well, he tells himself that last part. Being super loud isn’t In Mavs book but if you get close to him he opens up and becomes more abrupt and silly. Although he isn’t open with others he’s honest and will be blunt with the people dear to his heart. Maverick likes to think of himself as a protector and looks out for his friends from afar. While with his Pokémon, Mav can be very playful and loving, having very deep bonds with his partners. He isn’t close with his parents so his Pokémon are the closest family he feels he has.
    Appearance: Standing at 5’6”, weighing 150lbs, Mav isn’t very intimidating. The teens eves are a piercing seafoam blue and his hair is usually dyed a deep red (his natural is a sandy blonde colour) and kept longer- sometimes held back messily or left lose. The red head has a thick-ish build and a surprising amount of muscle. Usually Mav can be seen wearing band T-shirts with a sweatshirt (usually light grey) and then a dark blue track jacket thrown over. Maverick wears dark straight pants with coloured socks and black sneakers. Accessory wise, Mav wears leather and twine bracelets that he braids from things his Pokémon bring him.
    Likes: Art, Climbing, nature walks, pineapple and most soups
    Dislikes: crowds, being alone at dark, fast moving vehicles, grapes and white cheese
    Things Maverick likes to do: Sketch Pokemon, play with his Pokémon, Enjoy the sun
    Pokémon he/she has: Axel (Manectric- usually seen as intimidating but a softie in reality) Sinatra (Ponyta- a gentle pony who has an impressive appetite) Gingerbread (Skitty- a curious kitten who gets into trouble and causes problems)

    Maverick had arrived at school early, as per usual. He was thankful that he lived closer to the school and was able to hitch a ride on Sinatra to get there. Said pony was currently tucked away in his pokeball, snoozing away in the red heads pocket until he was needed next. The other Pokémon, on the other hand, were both out and very much awake.

    Axel was standing tall next to his partner, head held high and eyes steely. The hound was watching the other students, violet eyes skipping from trainer to Pokémon to Pokémon and trainer. Although always on guard the Manectric was rather relaxed with Mavs hand nestled on his head.

    Gingerbread, Ginger for short, wasn’t as relaxed, however. The little pink Skitty was all over the place, well within Mavs eyesight of course. She loved the crowds and was constantly curious.

    Maverick turns to walk into the building, Axel on his heels, he however, doesn’t notice Gingerbread skip away cutely in the direction of the commotion caused behind them.
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  5. Full Name: William McDaniel.
    Nickname: Liam, Lee.
    Age: 12
    Personality: Liam is a bit of a prankster, loving to make others laugh. He’s also a great artist, as he loves drawing his Pokemon team. He is very kind though and loves raising his pokemon, often teaching them tricks like dancing, which he preforms with them.
    Appearance: Liam has messy golden blond hair, and forest green eyes. He wears a red t-shirt with a yellow stripe around it, and sometimes wears glasses when he’s drawing or reading.
    Likes: Drawing, Dancing, writing.
    Dislikes: Bullies, people with no humor, being alone.
    Things Liam likes to do: Play with his pokemon, make friends.
    Pokemon he has: Farrell (Male Deerling.) Drake (Male Totodile.)

    “Sweet! New school, new friends!” Liam yelled, Farrell following behind him carrying Drake. “We’re gonna have the best year ever!” He continued yelling, while Drake noticed a Skitty, so he jumped off Farrell and ran towards it. “Toto.”
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  6. Alex just finished the sketch when he saw a Skitty skipping about."Hmmmm...I haven't made a sketch of a Skitty in a long time."He looked at it for about 3 minutes and began to draw it.
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  7. Drake continued pursuing the small Skitty, grinning slightly. “Toto-Totodile!” (Hey there! Who are you!) He said happily, getting on all fours. He prefers to walk on four legs over two, and it helps him go faster.
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  8. When Alex saw the Totodile,he sighed."Guess I need to add that into the sketch.....Great....."He began drawing a Totodile right next to the sleeping Skitty that he just finished.Then,he got up and went to the entrance of the school,so he can draw the tree he was standing under.
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  9. Farrell noticed Drake had disappeared and walked off to find him. He looked around at everyone and their Pokemon, letting out a happy cry as he saw many other Pokemon who he had a chance of being friends with, while somehow Liam didnt notice his Pokemon were gone.
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  10. Maverick stops when Axel bites at the back of his jacket. “Hm? What is it boy?” The teen turns swiftly to look at the hound when he notices.

    “Gingerbread!?” Maverick is on the hunt as soon as he realizes the little kitten had run off. Axel gruffs and dances back and forth before following after his trainer.

    Gingerbread stops short of her path to the Espeon and Pikachu when a blue, crocodilian Pokémon approaches her. “Skii!” She introduces herself to the Totodile happily.
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  11. Drake smiled, looking around. “Totodile? Totoro-did-dile.” (Hey ginger? Wanna go talk to the other Pokemon?) He asked the small cat-like pokemon.
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  12. When he finished drawing the tree,a Pikachu and an Espeon caught his attention.He looked at them for 2 minutes and started drawing.He went inside and bumped into an older guy,and said without looking up"Oops,sorry."He continued to walk and leaned on a wall.After 2 minutes he finished the sketch and stared at it proudly.
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  13. Melody~Chan

    Melody~Chan Previously XxPika~ChanxX

    An Eevee bumps into Kai’s leg. “Oopsie!” she said nicely then she asked “Now little one, where is your trainer?” whilst petting the Eevee’s soft fur. She looks up to see a boy around 17, apologising to her very fast. “Woah slow down there dude! It’s fine,” Kai smiled “and plus your Eevee is so cute so how can I possibly be mad?” (OOC: Sorry for not being here for a while)
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  14. When Alex got bored of staring at his drawing,he went outside and bumped into a wall again."Ow!"He said in pain.He walked back to his bench and looked around for a muse.A Manectric and a Ponyta caught his attention.He immediately started drawing them.
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  15. Melody~Chan

    Melody~Chan Previously XxPika~ChanxX

    Kai heard a sudden yelp of pain. “Hey dude I gotta go!” she said to the boy. She ran over to where she heard the noise and saw a boy drawing. She asked with concern “Hey! Where you the kid who just said ow?” She shuffled around, waiting for an answer.
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  16. Alex continued to draw until he saw that the girl was talking to him"Oh yeah,it was me.But don't worry,it happens all the time.I'm to focused on my drawings that I don't really see where I'm going."He looked back at his drawings.
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  17. Full Name: Kidori Seniba
    Nickname: Kiddie
    Age: (has to be 11-17 years old) 13
    Personality: Bubbly, sweet, naive
    Appearance: She has a brown ponytail tied with a pink ribbon. Usually wears a Light blue hoodie/
    Likes: Friendship, Pokémon, Hot-dogs (don't ask)
    Dislikes: Onions. That's it.
    Things (insert character name) likes to do:
    Pokémon he/she has: (maximum of 6) Noibat (level 7, serious), Marill (Level 10, Naïve)
    (is it too late for me to join? ;w;

    Kidori raced out of the school, her friends Marill and Noibat zipping around with her. Kiddie missed the comforts of her bed. Even if she was suspended for something she didn't do, she felt waves of passion towards her fellow classmates. She stopped, staring at kai and alex.
    "You okay?" she asked alex worriedly. Kiddie sat, looking at the boy.
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  18. Full Name: Night Smith
    Nickname: Wolf
    Age: (has to be 11-17 years old) 16
    Personality: Calm, silent
    Appearance: Brown/Blond hair, green eyes, Wears blue jeans, a wolf shirt, and heavy work boots
    Likes: Reading, exploring, battling
    Dislikes: Hiding secrets, school
    Things Wolf likes to do: You can normally find him reading books, tearing up libraries looking for info on Giratina and Darkrai. He doesn't talk must and would rather let his actions do the talking for him.
    Pokémon he/she has: (maximum of 6) Staraptor and Lucario

    Wolf grumbles, he didn't need school. He'd rather be out fighting at a gym, but noooo it's so kind of law or something. He walks into the schoolhouse grounds and looked around. His heavy boots causing a tapping sound to echo out. His Lucario was right behind him carrying a few books. As his Lucario entered he got spun around cause of the people running out. "Hi watch it! You ok Lucario?"
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  19. Alex sighed frustrated when Kidori sat next to him"Ugh.....I'm fine.I'm used to it."He got up and went to another bench,where was nice and quiet.He began looking at all the drawings he has done since he got to school."Man!This school is absolutely perfect for muses!I love this place!"
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  20. Wolf helped his pokemon up and dusted him off, huffing to himself and finally saw the other people, one looked like an artist, but he didn't care, wasn't going. He took his seat on a bench patting his buddy's back. "There, nothing hurt. Just forget those people boy."

    Wolf cared for his pokemon, he enjoyed it. He took a book and opened it, flipping to a page marked in the book as his Lucario fiddled with Wolf's calculator.
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  21. Kidori helped the young boy get up, and smiled. Noibat and Marill grabbed alex's stuff. she sat next to him, humming a jolly tune.
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  22. "H-hey!"Alex said irritated,grabbing his stuff back."Could you please control your Pokemon?Sorry,you two.You're really cute....but I just want to draw alone."He quickly ran over to the other side of the school and hid behind a tree.He glanced over his shoulder,making sure nobody followed him.He sighed with relief and continued to draw.
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  23. xSuNaMi

    xSuNaMi Previously xHuRrIcAnE

    Character Bio:
    Name: Asta Kurisaiga
    Nickname: None
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Personality:Fierce, cares about people, but if you get on his wrong side get ready for a beating! Loves his Pokemon and his sister.
    Appearance: A bit short, has wild black, spiky hair. Wears a plain black sweater, long pants, and a blue beanie. Has green eyes, and wears black Nikes.
    Likes: anime, gaming, reading
    Dislikes: school, clingy people, evil teams(stupid people always trying to take over the world)
    Thing Asta likes to do: play Pokemon, watch anime, draw, read, and hang out with friends.
    Pokemon: Garchomp(Atlas), Talonflame(Vulcan), Jolteon(Flash)
    Fun fact: Asta keeps a journal of the Pokemon world, so look out for it in future instances.
    As Asta walked through the gates, he so many people doing so many things! He saw one person drawing and walked over see what they were drawing. "Hey. What are you drawing?" Asta asked. The boy jumped up and looked around franticly before spotting me. "Who are you!?" he asked. "My name's Asta. What's yours?" I asked. The boy relaxed and said "Alex. Nice to meet you Asta."
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  24. (Just one thing.You can't really control my character:o.I'm just going to act like that didn't happen:'|...But anyway,nice character!Oh,and RPing needs to be in third person.Just a warning!:))

    Alex looked over at Asta with a sigh."Ugh....Why does everybody find me so interesting!I'm drawing!!!Ugh...I'm Alexander Garcea. And.....I guess I'll see you around?"He got up and walked inside the school.He sat down on a bench and looked for something inspiring.
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  25. Kidori blinked, slightly jealous, and spied on Asta and Alex. However, her pokemon gave off her cover.
    "Eep! S-sorry!" She said, blushing. Noibat and Marill grinned.
    "Alex, I'm so sorry for spying on you." she said again, after scowling at her two pokemon.
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  26. "Don't worry,I'll forgive you,IF YOU STOP FOLLOWI-*gasps*!"He said happy as he saw the her cheeky Pokemon>"They're perfect!"He looked at them for 2 minutes and began drawing them.He finished in about 4 minutes,and showed his masterpiece to Kidori."Look!Isn't it awesome?!Thanks!"He waved to her and left,bumping into some walls from time to time,since he was searching everywhere for a new muse.
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  27. She blinked, and smiled to herself. Maybe they can be friends? Kiddie hummed to herself, trying to get every detail of the image in her head of the drawing. (what if Kiddie has a lil' crush on alex? :O )
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  28. (I'm down for whatever!:up:)

    As Alex bumped into a few more walls,he saw a beautiful painting of a Scraggy."Wow....That's amazing!I need to reach that level of skill someday!"He then looked around for a new muse again,and saw a majestic Munchlax eating its trainer's food.Alex quietly gasped and began drawing it.
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  29. Kidori, rembering that Alex left his journal, raced to the art room. She saw him marveling at the paintings.
    "Here, you forgot this," she thrust the journal Into his hands, her face glowing ruby, "Uh. They're very cool, especially the riolu. Uhm.. later."
    She turned away, squeaking in embarrassment. She then spotted a picture of a cosplay Pikachu and marveled at it.
    "art is so amazing."
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  30. "Oh,thanks!I don't even know how I forgot it!"Alex said as he got his sketch book back."Now I can draw it!"He went and sat on a bench that was near Kidori and began his drawings.In about 5 minutes he finished it and showed it to her"Here!Do you like it?It's a Scraggy!Do you like them?I sure do!"He got up from the bench,reached the door,waved at Kidori and left.He eventually arrived outside his classroom and leaned on a wall,thinking about what will happen in class.
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  31. She smiled, and waved back. She skipped to math class, humming a cheery tune, sitting next to Wolf.
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  32. xSuNaMi

    xSuNaMi Previously xHuRrIcAnE

    As Asta walked into the school, he saw portraits of Pokemon and people alike. Finally, he came to a plaque that honored the people who had donated money for this school. He searched the list untill he found his dad's name. "Rin Kurisaiga. One of our most helpful donors whose son will be coming to this school." "Dad" he thought. "Did you really donate all that money just for me to be here?" Then, he recalled of the words his family(mom, dad, big sister). "Make us proud, son"Then he remembered, class started. He ran in and sat next to Alex.
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  33. Wolf looked over at the girl sitting next to him and his pokemon. Wolf grunted and shifted in his chair sighing. His Lucario happily smiled st the girl waving its paw. Wolf kept his head stuffed in the book just waiting for class to start.
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  34. As Alex continued to draw,his Blaziken came out of his PokeBall and grabbed his sketch book."BLAZIKEN!!!"He yelled at him embarassed.The Pokemon chuckled and gave him back the journal."Gee,thanks!Ugh....Sorry for yelling,but come back."He put her back in her Ball and continued to draw the Weavile he started.
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  35. xSuNaMi

    xSuNaMi Previously xHuRrIcAnE

    Asta wondered when class would start. Just to pass the time, he took out his journal and started to sketch Alex's Blaziken, which had just come out. As he was sketching, Jolteon came out and layed on his feet. Mid drawing, he reached down and and scratched Jolteon behind his ears. He purred and layed down. Then, realizing that he was tired and there was nothing else to do, he put his head on his desk and slept.
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  36. "Ummm.....Hello?"Alex said,trying to wake up Asta."Hey,wake up!"When he saw that he kept sleeping,he got up,took him by the shoulders and slapped him 5 times."Wake up already!"He put him down and sat back in his chair.He then saw his sketch book and took a look at it.He put a little more detail into the drawing so it would really look like his Blaziken."Huh,our drawing styles aren't alike at all...."He thought surprised,putting back his journal.
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  37. Wolf keeps reading, flipping pages as his Lucario looked around at the others entering the class. Wolf didn't even look up from his book, he tapped his boot, reading over the words. His Lucario pokes him to try to get him to look up, but he wouldn't.
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  38. Full Name: Isabella Thompson
    Nickname: Isa
    Age: 12
    Personality: She is normally nice to everyone but mean to these who she thinks that deserve it or she doesn't really like that person. She is very energetic and likes to do exercise and quite impatient but you can easily make her emotional if you manage to use something important or secret against her.
    Appearance: Light brown skin with a middle length dark brown hair that normally is wore in a bow [quite like a ponytail], light brown eyes, Her clothing is normally a dark pink shirt, black pants and red-black sneakers.
    Likes: Candy, Pokemon, cartoons
    Dislikes: Staying still, sour food, creppy things
    Things Isabella likes to do: Battling, exercise, making freinds
    Pokémon she has: Flareon[Female] Bellossom [Female]

    Isabella woke up with a happy smile on her face, she actually likes school, sure there are bad parts but there was also really good ones like learning some important things and making friends. She hoped that there would be not any mean people on her class. Entering the place she looked around, trying to see any person who looked lonely or friendly enough to talk. Her brown eyes saw what she guessed that it was a boy, certainly older than her reading a book with a Lucario. Well maybe she should try to talk to him or maybe not, the girl stood there thinking about the decision until she saw her Flareon coming out of the Pokeball, happily looking around the room.
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  39. Full Name: Allie Silverstone
    Nickname: none
    Age: 13
    Personality: Usually calm and kind, a little bit nerdy, loves technology and science, can be hyper when she's excited
    Appearance: Icy blue shoulder length hair with a purple streak near the forehead, fair skin, brown/amber eyes, blue t-shirt under a black hoodie with purple detailing, blue denim jeans, sneakers with electric blue laces, black headphones, about 5'6 tall
    Likes: Technology and science, Pokemon, sweet things, thrill rides, video games, parties
    Dislikes: Bullying, being alone, drama
    Pokemon: Eevee (Shiny, Female Partner Eevee)

    Allie stood in front of PokeHigh, her eyes filled with excitement and joy. Her Eevee sat on her shoulder, just as excited as her trainer.
    "You ready Eevee?" Allie asked her Pokemon.
    Eevee nodded vigorously, and the pair dashed into the school.
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  40. Wolf looked up at the girl and her pokemon and then back down at his book. His Lucario waved at her with a toothy smile. Wolf huffed and his lucario frowned.
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