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PokeHigh ( Pokemon High school ) Sign-ups/ Discussion page

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Berd, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. RP link: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokehigh-pokemon-high-school.15678/
    Hello, and welcome to PokeHigh! Please enter the following information.

    Species of Pokemon:
    Level( 10-15 ):
    Grade( 10-12 ):
    Favorite Subject:

    Here is my information

    Name: Comet
    Species of Pokemon: Shiny Braxien
    Level: 13
    Grade: 11
    Moveset: Psychic, Ember, Flamethrower, Scratch
    Favorite Subject: Science
    Like: Studding, Running, School
    Dislike: Bullies, Getting a bad test grade.

    Here are some special rules:
    You cant be a mythical or legendary Pokemon
    You can only be a shiny with MY PERMISSION.
    You can't be over the level/grade limit

    So anyway, have fun!
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  2. Name:Zach
    Moveset:Stone edge, roar, crunch, stealth rock
    Favorite subject:Math
    Like:Candy, making friends, adventures
    Dislike:Dance, being bullied
    (May I enter?)
  3. Accepted!
  4. Name: Lily
    Species of Pokemon: Umbreon
    Level: 15
    Grade: 11
    Moveset: Shadow ball, Psychic, Toxic, Foul play
    Favorite Subject: Science (loves explosions)
    Like: Bullies to show how strong she is, gettng good grades
    Dislike: Softies, sweet stuff
  5. Accepted!
  6. I think I might join if that's okay.
    Species of Pokemon:Stufful
    Level( 10-15 ):14
    Grade( 10-12 ):10
    Moveset:Brutal Swing, Baby Doll Eyes, Leer, Tackle
    Favorite Subject: Math and Lunch
    Like: Sweets, Food, Friends, Math, Cartoons
    Dislike: Bullies, Rude Pokemon, Social Studies, Swearing
  7. Accepted!
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  8. Added more information in the character bio to express out the character a lot more with pristine detailings.

    Name: Charles
    Species of Pokémon: Charmander
    Appearance: Aside from looking like the normal, everyday Charmander he is, he has his left arm and part of his chest snugly wrapped around with white, polyester bandages due to past injuries. He also wears a light blue scarf around his neck and has on glasses to help with his myopia.
    Personality: He can be like an outsider at times, since he has a hard time socially interacting with others. He has a short temper, and low patience when it comes to situations where things don't go his way. Even though he might get carried away from time to time, he still maintains his efforts and time management when it comes to tasks.
    Level: He is level 13.
    Grade: He is in 11th grade.
    Moveset: He currently knows Scratch, Growl, Flamethrower, and Protect.
    Favorite Subject: His favorite subject is History. (And to go deeper, his favorite section in history is APUSH; Advanced Placement United States History.)
    Likes: He likes to be alone most of the time, as he also likes to talk to himself when he is secluded from everyone else. He also likes to have a consistent day in school, as it keeps him content.
    Dislikes: He despises changes, especially in his schedule; since it would mess up his routine considerably. He hates working in groups, since he has grown up to being accustomed to working alone. To top it all off, the School Nurse and any kind of medicine that he has to take is something he detests greatly.
  9. Accepted!
  10. Name: Flame
    Species: Liwick
    Appearance: just looks like a regular litwick
    Personlity: very nice, kind shy, can be annoying at times
    Level: 10
    Grade: 10th grade
    Move set: ember,flame burst,shadow ball, dark pulse
    Favorite subject: science
    Likes: anything warm, and books, and singing, when his flame is out
    Dislikes:bullys, the cold, and being in crowded places, when his flame is out.
    Other: Has trouble walking, trips alot, gets dizzy when flame is out
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  11. Name: Proxy
    Species of Pokemon: Proxy is a Ditto, however he will usually be transformed into another Pokémon, because he feels as if it would be the best way to not immediately get everyone to hate him. (He'll be in a non-transformed state if I get accepted, though)
    Level: Proxy is only level 12.
    Grade: 11th grade.
    Moveset: All Proxy knows is Transform, however, his moveset will change to whoever he transformed into.
    Ability: Proxy's ability is Imposter, so he will immediately take on the form of his enemies and copy their each and every detail.
    Favorite Subject: Proxy's favorite subject is science, more specifically, life science and how organisms work.
    Like: Proxy likes science and all sorts of mischief.
    Dislike: Proxy has a general fear of closed spaces, as well as cold liquid. It's strange, but don't ask why. Proxy dislikes being told what to do, as he is very defiant and likes chaos. He also dislikes getting fond of other people, and he prefers to remain alone.
  12. Name: Domino Grove Propper
    Species of Pokemon: Formantis
    Level: 14
    Grade: 10th
    Moveset: Growth, Razor Leaf, Leafage, Fury Cutter
    Favorite Subject: Does lunch count? If not, than English is her favorite, since it's easiest for her.
    Like: coffee, sleeping, hanging out with friends, complaining about math
    Dislike: being restrained in any way, most manual labor
    Gender: female
    Personality: Domino basically acts like she's had too much caffeine on a 24-hour basis. She's jumpy, energetic, and often gets into trouble for annoying others. Of course, she doesn't care much about this, and will continue to do whatever she wants until her school admission is on the line. If someone else is bothering her, Domino tends to be quite forgiving, and she loves helping a person in need. The only time she slows her roll, however, is when she's overtired. Then, she'll be overly lazy and refuse to do work, saying that she'd rather sleep for a week than be at school. She can also be quite immature and childish at times, and the reason behind this is explained below.
    When she was a child, Domino would always play with her older brother, a Cherrim. He was always quieter and more antisocial than she was, but he'd never turn down an opportunity to play with her. In fact, Domino seemed to be the only person he'd open up around.
    Having been abandoned by their parents could not have led to a more devastating loss.
    The Cherrim was Domino's only parental figure.
    One fateful day, however, he was found hanging by a vine wrapped around his neck in a nearby tree, when she had woken up.
    On that day, Domino vowed to herself to never let his life be forgotten. She's acted the same way she had with him ever since, as a way of keeping his memory preserved. That's why she acts childish and immature at times.
    Appearance: For the most part, Domino looks like the average Formantis, but the green fluff atop her head is, instead, white, and her blood-red eyes are covered by X-shaped contacts. Over her whole body sits a long, short-sleeve, black shirt, and over that is a dark blue denim vest. A dog tag hangs around her neck.

    Just tell me if there's anything I should change, alright?
  13. All three accepted!
  14. Name: Shadow
    Species of Pokemon: Zorua
    Level( 10-15 ): 13
    Grade( 10-12 ): 11
    Moveset: Foul PLay, Feint Attack, FurySwipes, Dark Pulse
    Favorite Subject: Language Arts
    Like: Battling, and reading
    Dislike: Getting groomed, the color pink.

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