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Ask to Join ☯Pokeformers! (Official Roleplay)☯

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Yamper, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokeforming-disscusion-and-sign-ups.21154 - Where you will sign up.
    All rules are at the discussion thread, though just a few things to go over
    You can have crushes/girlfriends/boyfriends but nothing too serious. Kissing is as high as you can go.
    Swearing is allowed, but no overuse of it.
    The Evil characters (AKA the PSOR) will only come up later in the story.
    Violence is tolerated, but nothing too high. Cutting some random pokeymans head of is crossing the line.
    Keep it PG-13 everybody.

    Without further ado, lets get started ^-^ ~❤

    Zelda sat slumped in her plush office chair. She had just finished a stack of paperwork, and with sorting out the rivalling school and everything in between, she was tired. Dark bags sat under her glossy eyes. She watched the door open slightly, and watched Inazuma slide through.
    "Sorry for bothering you, but-"
    "No hats in school Inazuma."
    "Aww please Zelda?! Let me keep it on! Pretty please?!" She whined.
    "Fine." Zelda replied, sighing at the girls antics as she wiped a speck of dust of her desk. She wanted everything spotless, and thats how she liked it. " Carry on with what you were saying."
    "Well, the opening ceremony is about to begin. Student and teachers are filing into the Grand Hall. Class of 2019 are waiting outside of the Grand Hall. I'm really exited! I finally get to attend school like a real Pokeformer!" She cheered, lightning sparking out of red cheeks.
    "Yes, I know its your year, Class of 2019. I understand how excited you are. After all, you have been here since you were little, and you've watched so many classes graduate. I'm so proud of you. Thank you for the notice. I will arrive in the grand hall shortly. You may be excused.''
    Yes, Zelda.'' Inazuma said as she slipped though the door, closing it behind her. Zelda stood up. She picked up her speech and re-read it. She knew that this year was going to be the best year yet.
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  2. In her human form, Eve entered the Grand Hall. Finding a place to sit, she sat down.
    Bored, she began to entertain herself. She formed a Shadow Ball in her palm and began tossing it up and down.
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  3. Sam had walked into the great hall. He had been off somewhere. He really would not tell anyone where he was. He decided that he should go and get ready for the big opening speach. He walked in and sat next to his little sister, Eve. "Hey sis. You might want to be careful with that thing." He nudged her shoulder playfully.
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  4. Eve grinned lightly. "Aww, you're no fun." The Shadow Ball disappeared and she returned the nudge from earlier, a playful expression on her face.
    "So.. first day. How ya feeling about it?" Eve asked.
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  5. Phoenix played with her hair whilst talking to her close, childhood friend, Jasper. They were talking about plans for the school year.
    ``I'm hyped! I can't wait for to do these things we planned this year!`` cheered Phoenix.
    Jasper nodded, not giving Phoenix eye contact, and looking at Sam. He swiped his hair back and looked straight into Phoenix's bright, flaming inferno red eyes.
    ``Yea, same.``
    Phoenix smirked, she knew that Jasper was always like that, and didn't ask whether if he was okay or not.
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  6. "Well we would not want to wreck this school like we did the last one now do we?" He gave Eve a little smirk. He was glad that they were both here this year. The only thing he missed was Leo, but he could not think about that right now. "Yeah it will be fun. I am going to miss someone from our old school, but I can't really think about them right now."
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  7. After talking to the headteacher, Inazuma made her way to the great hall. She saw an Eevee and an Espeon sat next to each other, and near them, a shiny Braixen and a Jolteon. She waved to them, smiling. She had seen them in the start-of-year class of 2019 Picture frame. She then carried on walking, and sat on the staircase that lead up to the stage. The stage had red velvet curtains, and a veneer oak floor. Everything was smooth, just as she had left it. She had to clean it after someone yanked her tail...
    But she still managed to to make the place spic and span. She looked at all the hustle. The Opening Ceremony was about to begin. More lightning sparked out of her cheeks as she got more and more excited for the Opening Ceremony to start.
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  8. Smiling, Eve waved back. Though she was normally aloof with people she hadn't met before, she was feeling exceptionally friendly today.
    Anime-style sparkles appeared in her eyes. "Oooh, I'm so excited!" she squealed. "Maybe I will actually like this school and not destroy it this time!"
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  9. Sam smiled. He was glad to see his sister so happy. "Well I am glad. I love it when you are happy. Though it is funny what you done to our old school. Some of the people there were pricks."
  10. Phoenix smiled, waving back at Inazuma, wiggling her finger in a charming manner. She turned around to look at Jasper who smiled a little, still staring at Sam.
    ``Jasper, Jasper, wake up!``
    ``I am awake, jeez, what's your problem?`` he asked.
    ``You keep staring and staring at something, what are you looking at?``
    Jasper kept quiet. He turned around at Phoenix and looked straight into her eyes, making Phoenix blush a little.
    ``I just... miss old school.`` Jasper said, leaning against the wall, looking up. He looked straight into Phoenix's fire-like eyes again.
    Phoenix looked down. ``Hm, same.. but we'll make the most of our time here by spending time together, right?`` she said, with optimism in her eyes. ``It'll be just like old school, but better.``
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  11. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    Courage walked - or rather tripped - into the classroom. The surprise was enough to turn him into Audino form, which he didn't realize. He sat down in a chair far from the others and then realized he was too fat. He transformed into human form and sat down. "H-hi....," he whispered.
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  12. In the yard outside of the school, John looked up at the large building he was going to be spending the next few years learning in. He adjusted his backpack and let out a quick breath. He was a little nervous got school (who wouldn't be?) But was not going to let that bother him. After all, his brother Tony had managed to make it through just fine. Then again, Tony had been a Porygon. How could he not make it through school just fine?
    "You'll be just fine, John. Just be yourself, and don't try to be anyone else." John said, closing his eyes and speaking softly to himself. The young man opened his eyes and smiled, then entered into the Grand Hall. It was time to get go work.

    John decided he would start small. Just a simple prank. Not many students were in the hall yet, so John subtly placed a whoopie cushion on one of the seats for the students. He made sure to conceal it under the actual seat cushion, and upon first glance it would appear that nothing was wrong with the seat at all. Then John sat down in the seat behind his pranked seat. Yes. This would be hilarious! Nothing like a good old fart joke to start off the school year.
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  13. Phoenix sat next to Jasper, talking to him. He smiled, listening to Phoenix as she talked about what she did over the summer holidays.
    ``Hey, Phoenix, can we.. talk after the assembly?`` asked Jasper, whispering.
    ``Why not now?`` Phoenix asked, as she fluttered her eyes playfully.
    ``It's...something private.``
    Phoenix nodded, ``I understand.``
    Jasper smiled, then they continued talking about what they did on vacation.
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  14. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    Ban knew that she would be late for her class, but she didn't care. Courage needed to be taken care of, first. The Banette didn't know where Courage's school was, so she used Phantom Force. Ban created a shadow under her, then dove into it. Swimming through the cold darkness, she found a shadow to appear out of. Right outside the class with the shiny Audino, Ban used one of the few moves that would hurt Courage: Will-O'-Wisp. Three fire orbs appeared in the Ghost-type's hands: one black, one white, and one purple. The orbs, under the girl's influence, flew through the door.

    Courage spotted three orbs of fire in strange colors. They were approaching slowly and then started to flare up and bounce around the room wildly. "Watch out!" Trying to take cover as the orbs bounced wildly around, Courage came up with an idea! He crawled to the door and used After You on the Banette. (Status moves work on immune types) The Banette froze and the orbs did, as well. As long as I don't move, Courage thought, that stupid Banette won't be able to, either.

    NOTE: Ignore all parts of this post involving the Banette!
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  15. Once all of the Pokeformers had been seated in the Grand Hall, the lights around dimmed, and a spotlight flashed on stage. Zelda, and one of the teachers appeared on stage. Whispers could be heard around the crowd of seated Pokeformers. Inazuma's eyes glimmered at the sight of Zelda and the bright light that was flashed in her eyes.
    "Welcome, One and all, to the annual Pokeformers School Of Learning, Training And Battling Opening Ceremony! I am your headmaster, Mrs Voir. I hope this year will be the best yet." Zelda stated through the microphone. People applauded. Inazuma watched a late student come shuffling towards the one last empty seat. As soon as they sat down, there was an audible fart sound coming from their bottom. There was an uproar of laughter. Even Inazuma laughed. Zelda gave her a glare, and she stopped immediately. Once the laughter died down, the humiliated student ran out of the grand hall. Zelda sighed.
    "Today, we welcome the new pokeformers, class of 2019. I remember when all of you were at that stage, so treat them well and with great respect. This year, we face new challenges and events, so I hope you are ready for them.Treat everyone who attends equally and remember the schools motto 'Forever And Ever, Pokeformers Together', Sadly, this years ceremony is coming to an end. Refreshments will be served in the banquet hall. Class of 2019, stay behind to receive your dorm room number and class timetable. Thank you for attending!''
    Rainbow coloured fireworks were released outside and inside the great hall. Inazuma watched in awe. Once the show had finished, other classes walked out of the Grand Hall. Inazuma got up and walked over to Zelda. She could see others walking to her too.
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  16. Jasper lead Phoenix outside the great hall. They both smiled, talking about the assembly.
    ``The fireworks were gorgeous.`` exclaimed Jasper.
    ``Mhm, I agree, and that prank was hilarious. Was that your idea?``
    Jasper scoffed, and then he muttered, ``Wow, you know me so well. Of course it wasn't, crap, out of all people it must've been you.``
    Phoenix rolled her eyes, ``Good point, but I'm not the only prankster around here, I bet. If I did do it, I would've told you. Oh, and, what were you gon' tell me?``
    Jasper waited for everybody to leave the great hall, he sighed and then looked at Phoenix seriously. ``Phoenix.. I've been meaning to tell you this for a long time, since we've been friends since we were little and.. I was wondering.. do you think I like girls, or boys?``
    Phoenix's eyes widened, and she'd turn around to fake cough. ``Uhhh… boys?``

    There. That was it. Phoenix knew she messed up.
    Jasper chuckled, ``Thanks.``
    ``What do you mean, "thanks"?`` asked Phoenix.
    ``You're right, I'm homosexual.`` Jasper finally confessed. ``I just hope you're okay with it.``
    Phoenix hugged him, then let go of his shoulders. ``Of course I am, you being homosexual will never destroy our friendship.``
    Jasper smiled, glad that Phoenix was very accepting.
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  17. Eve smiled happily. "That's us!" she whispered. Her excitement was growing by the minute.
    Motioning for her older brother to follow, she used Quick Attack to zoom up to Zelda. She gave a respectful nod. Eve might have been sassy but she knew her place.
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  18. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    Courage shyly walked up to Ms. Voir, excited to get his schedule and dorm number. He tripped again but healed himself quickly with a Heal Pulse. The shiny Audino hoped that he wouldn't be paired with anyone like his old rival, Ban. He reached for his backpack and readied a question. "Hello, I'm here to get my dorm and schedule... Can we d-decorate the dorms?"
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  19. Sam followed Eve up to lady on stage. He now knew her to be the headmistress of the whole school. He waited with his sister to get his class schedule and dorm room.
  20. Phoenix and Jasper both walked up to Ms. Voir. Phoenix grinned at Jasper, ``I hope we both get paired up in the same dorm.``
    Jasper paused, ``I don't think boys and girls are allowed to share dorms.``
    Phoenix sighed and rolled her eyes, ``Let me rephrase. "I hope I get paired up with somebody who's likeable and nice."``.
    Jasper chuckled. They waited together to get their class schedule and dorm room, patiently.
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  21. John laughed a little bit when his prank was a success, but felt a little guilty as we watched the victim ran out of the hall. He hadn't meant for his prank to be that noticeable, and felt a little bad about that. Still, there wasn't much he could do. And it wasn't that bad, in truth. People would probably forget about it soon enough. As the place began to clear out, John picked up the whoopie cushion and stuck it back in his bag. Then, the Pokeformer made his way into the line for the dorm keys, standing behind a Jolteon Pokeformer and a Braxien Pokeformer. They were taking about their dormmates, and John couldn't help but to wonder who his dormmate would be as well.
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  22. KeenKitsune

    KeenKitsune Previously >^-^<

    Esme and Raya walked in and sat down in their human forms. "It seems like the opening ceremony is beginning soon," Esme thought to Raya. Raya nodded in excitement, a grin on her face.
    Raya looked around at the pokeforms next to them in amazement. "There's so many different pokemon here!" Raya thought to Esme. Esme glanced up at her and rolled her eyes. They listened longer as the headmaster welcomed them. "Let's go up and get our dorm number and timetables, I'm sure we're together." Raya thought hurriedly. Esme sighed and got up. She started walking to the stage, with Raya next to her. Once they arrived, Esme stared off into space while Raya excitedly tugged on her arm. She'd glance at the headmistress every once in a while but surprisingly didn't speak.
  23. Phoenix smirked, fluttering her eyes, ``Hey, well, if you're gay, then that means we can both talk about guys.``
    Jasper chuckled, then giggled a bit, covering his mouth with this hand. ``Pfft, stop, you're making me laugh.``
    She smiled, then asked Ms. Voir for her dorm number and her schedule.
    ``I'm here for my Dorm number and schedule, please.``
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  24. Blue was never late but as she looked at her watch the ceremony was going to start soon. She opened the door to the Grand hall before she panted to catch her breath before her breathing remained under control. The blue rings on her ears glowed brightly before it dim before she made her way to a sit just in the back listening to the lady up front that spoke. She had headphones in but she was still able to hear her. "-Good...I'm just in time..-" she thought flicking her ear as she closed her eyes as her bang covered just her right eye but held a black wolf mask on her face that is slightly at the side so she could see.-
  25. Zelda picked up the sheet of paper with all the dorm pairs.
    " Alright. You will be having the same classes, all of you, though they might change a bit throughout your time being here. I will give out the timetables after I tell you your dorm numbers and who you will be sharing with. As you might know, we do not mix genders. Anyways, I will read them out now. Inazuma and Eve, your room is 132. Blue and Esme, your room is 145. Phoenix and Raya, yours is 139. Jasper and John, yours is 148. And Sam and Courage, yours will be 133. After I give you your class timetables, I want you to go to your dorms, and unpack. Your luggage should be there. Here are your timetables." Zelda finished, as she gave out timetables. She smiled at the young students before teleporting to her office. Inazuma returned the smile, even though she wasn't there anymore. She turned around to look at her new classmates, her eyes glimmering and lightning sparks coming out of her red cheeks.
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  26. Blue had taken the timetables holding it in her hand before she looked around to see who Esme was until she saw she was an Alolan Ninetales. She stood up before walking towards her giving a smile. "Are you Esme by any chance?" She asked gently with a hand on her mask looking to her.-
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  27. Phoenix fluttered her mascara-coated, eyeliner-outlined eyes as she looked around, looking for her dorm mate, Raya.
    ``Jasper, where's your dorm mate?``
    ``I don't know,`` he replied, ``but I think his name is John?``
    Phoenix shrugged. Jasper spot a ditto pokeformer in the distance. Could that be John? he wondered.
    He decided to not risk being stuck in an awkward position, so he just stood still, waiting for his dorm mate to approach him.
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  28. Inazuma approached the Eevee.
    "Hey, I think your my dorm-mate. What's your name? My name is Inazuma, but call me Zuma for short." She said, putting her hand out to shake. She was hoping to make a friend that wouldn't yank her tail. After all, her tail was sensitive, and hated being yanked. That's why she stopped being friends with a certain someone.
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  29. Wynn had removed herself from the stage in the rather large classroom, in her humanoid form as her Pokemon form was rather small compared to her giant figure as a human. The big event had been a success in her book, but she had pity for the student who was pranked. She had helped with the firework show, a Rotom electrician and a Turtanator firework expert to make sure the event would be controlled, but have that classy feel. She had seen Mrs. Voir, otherwise known as Zelda to her, and approached to see if she needed assistance. However, as soon as she saw the Gardevoir handing out the student's timetables, Wynn knew Zelda could hold her own.
    The Furfrou then combed her hand through her hair, perfectly styled as she always wanted it. She looked over all the students, knowing they would all be meeting her as the Co-Headteacher, and the Battle Strategy Coach. There was, what seemed to be, a good assortment of students. A Pikachu, Eevee, Espeon, Audino, Umbreon, and a pair of Ninetales were some, the ones who caught her eyes in particular. Some of the others spoke in hushed whispers, and she couldn't quite catch anything else interesting. The Furfrou the turned away from the crowd of new students, tugging lightly at the collar that was adorned on her neck.
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  30. John looked around at all the students that the headmistress had called out. There were... A lot of eevelutions. Not only that, but there were a lot pretty girls in his class as well. John felt a light purple blush come to his cheeks before he quickly shook away those thoughts. He should probably go find his dormmate. John glanced around from person to person before seeing the Jolteon Pokeformer and Braxien Pokeformer he had been standing behind. In the hands of the Jolteon Pokeformer was a key for his room, number 148. He must be John's roommate! John made his way over to the pair. He considered going for the old, 'joy-buzzer in the hand' trick, but decided against it. If he was going to be living with this guy for this school year, John wanted to make a good first impression.
    "Hey." John said with a smile, extending a hand to Jasper. "I'm John. And I'm guessing you're Jasper?"
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  31. KeenKitsune

    KeenKitsune Previously >^-^<

    Esme looked up as she heard a girl approach her. She was surprised that she wasn't paired with Raya, but she was fine with the pairings. She nodded her head, confirming that she was Esme. That probably means that she's Blue then. She noticed the Umbreon ears and tail as she looked over Blue. A shiny Umbreon isn't bad, there could be a lot worse. Deciding to get her luggage, but not wanting to seem rude, she reluctantly spoke. "It's nice to meet you," she said softly. "I'm going to get my luggage, I'll see you later in our dorms," she continued to say before walking away.
    Raya watched as a girl walked up to Esme. I guess I have to go find my dorm mate then. As she looked around, she saw a Pokeformer who seemed to resemble a human Braxien. Well, phoenix must be the name of a fire-type, so it might be her! And we're both fire types, so it'll be perfect. She walked over to the girl and stuck out her hand. "Hello, I'm Raya. Are you by any chance Phoenix?" she asked smiling.
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  32. Eve smiled happily. "Yeah, I'm Eve. Really nice to meet you!" She shook Inazuma's hand.
    "So, you're a Pikachu Pokeformer? Cool! I'm an Eevee Pokeformer, if you didn't figure it out already. Hence my name." She chuckled.
  33. "Yea, I guess I could tell," She laughed. " So shall we go sort out our dorm? I heard theres a kitchen, and i'm hungry, So let's go!" She shouted, dragging Eve along with her. She ran faster, lightning sparking out of her cheeks again. she smiled. She assumed it wasn't a pleasant experience for Eve, but it was fun for her!
  34. Sam decided to go to his dorm. He would meet his dorm mate there. He took his key and timestable and walked the halls until he found his dorm number. He walked in. He found his things in one of the bedrooms. He started with unpacking his clothes. Which he put into the closet the same with his assortment of shoes. He unpacks three boxes of books. He was glad he had asked for a room with a large book shelve. When he was done they were all in order by auther. He then moved onto his art and music supplies. The last thing he unpacked was his school books.
  35. She nodded before watching her leave as she decided to grab her luggage as well. She made her way to the dorm building to room 145. She opened the door before choosing the bed as she placed her luggage on it. She opened her luggage and sorted out her clothes in one of the small dresser's. She pulled out a photo frame with her and Keoy the Alola Vulpix she was taking care of since she was a newborn. She smiled gently before placing the frame on the night stand. She sat down on the bed thinking but mostly waiting as she leaned back on it sketching something from her sketch pad.
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  36. ~Jasper~
    Jasper turned around to look at John. He looked over to check where Phoenix went, but she left without a word.
    ``Yeah, that's my name,`` he said, shaking his hand. He swiped his hair back, ``and I'm guessing you're John, you're my room mate, right?``
    ``We should go there now.. I'm really looking forward to staying here.`` he added.

    Phoenix turned around to look at Raya and immediately shook her hand, but politely and as softly as she could. She gave her a warm smile and replied, ``You got that right, and you must be Raya? That's such a pretty name.`` she said, complimenting her. ``I hope we can be good friends this semester, you seem like a nice person.``
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  37. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    Courage walked to his dorm, as everyone else seemed to be paired up. Reading the numbers on the doors, he found 133. Inside he found a Pokeformer who he assumed must be Sam. "Hi, I'm Courage the Audino. You must be Sam." The Audino walked through the common area to his room and proceeded to decorate. His trainer had always believed in Pokemon themes so he brought his color decorations with him. He spread out purple sheets on his bed and a cream-colored pillow replaced his other one. Emilia (OOC: his trainer) had entered him in contests, so he had a few Cute Ribbons to hang on the wall. After setting up, which was about 30 minutes later, the Audino decided to knock on his roommate's door. "Hello, it's me. Just wondering if you need any help unloading stuff. Do you want me to try cooking? I can make... Poffins, Pokeblocks, Soup, and uhh... I really only got to use the Berry Blender and make Poffins, and all Audinos know how to make medicinal soup. Tweaking the recipe can make it pretty good!"
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  38. Sam walked to the door of his room. He opened it to find a shiny pokeformer. He looked to be a shiny Audino. He listened as Courage talked about food. What he could make and what not. "Well I am a little hungry why don't we make something together. I know how to make some other types of food as well. I helped my trainer in the kitchen many times. Why don't you make your soup and I will make something to go with it." He walked past Courage and entered the kitchen he started to take things out that would work with berry soup. "Just tell me what you need done and it will do my best to help."
  39. Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ampharos' Dragon Blood Previously Altari_owl

    "I might need to turn into the real me, it's much easier that way." Shifting into Audino, Courage started to get out the ingredients from his bag: it was a big bag and he figured he would need some supplies for the first night. A Lum Berry was the base of the dish, so he got out those and some Razz and Salac Berries. The Razz Berry was calming and enticed Pokemon, and the Salac was his own spin on it: the berry had a tasty sweet-sour flavor. Shifting back into human form, Courage explained his choice of berries. "Lum Berries cure status conditions, Razz Berries are very enticing, and Salac Berries make it taste better. It's pretty simple, just juice the berries and make it hot or cold. Hot is quicker, and it tastes good with more things." The Audino saw that the kitchen had a stove and started to carefully simmer the juiced berries.
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  40. Sam took some of the fresh bread that he had found and started to butter the insides after cutting them open. He took a cooking sheet and poped them in the oven. He wanted to toast them so it was crispy. Next he took out some of the berries that Courage mentioned and started to thinly slice them. He took some of the juice and a baking made a sauce to go over the berries. He did add a few of the spices that he found. "Do you want to try this. It might be a little too spiced for your liking." He held out a spoon with the sauce for Courage to try.
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