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Pokecharms UK Manchester Tournament Results

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    [img align=right]http://www.pokecharms.com/random/havakchamp.jpg[/img]Well, the tournament is done and dusted and we're all thoroughly exhausted. However, in between the feet and back ache of standing up for 4 hours straight, a lot of fun was there to be had.

    After a set of gruelling matches and an extremely close final however, a winner was decided, and that winner was forum member Havak. He takes home a certificate of his victory, a brand new copy of Pokemon Platinum, a Pokemon Platinum wallet, a £5 gift card for HMV and our secret Pokecharms prize.

    A few weeks ago, the staff decided to come up with a unique prize for the tournament's winner - a specially trained Pokecharms Pokemon team. With Pokemon selected, trained and named after the staff traded over to the winner - after a quick battle, of course!

    Of course, for those not in the tournament, those knocked out or those waiting for their battle, we also had a casual battle station set up and there was plenty of Union Rooming and trading going on as well. :)

    Overall, the event was a huge success - despite the surprising relatively low turnout compared to the numbers of registered - and it made for an entertaining, and certainly interesting, birthday for me. :)

    There are load more photos available in the rest of the topic, including our very close runner up, Alex Rodway.

    Congrats and thanks to all those who took part, and we hope to see more of the same in the future. :)


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, May 23, 2009.

    1. Doctor Oak
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    2. Ominus
      it was a good day :3 didnt know there was that many ppl that was in to pokemon in manchester, also EVERY pic that i was in i has my back turned to the cam ><

      cant miss me im the fat guy in a dark blue shirt :p

      all in all good day and had fun, also meet some good ppl there :3
    3. Dragodden
      Wow!! This looks like it was absolutely amazing! I wish I could've been there to meet everyone and be witness to it! ;D (My team would have stood no chance, but I would have loved to watch!)

      Maybe ~Next time~ we could have it held somewhere in Canada? ^___-

      I'm glad the card turned out so nice! What a great job, Magpie! And again, Happy Birthday Alex!
    4. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      OMG! This looked amazing, fun, and awesome! Congratulations, Havak!

      I lurves the card (Fi does too!), Oak! I hope you liked it!

      El, your hair is amazing, as usual.

      I am sad that I live in America now, as I missed getting my rear wooped.
    5. Magpie
      I look evil in every picture I'm in. Love the one where I'm glaring at Rach though, having noticed her about to take a 'surprise' photo XD

      It was a great day, even though I'm thoroughly tired. There were certainly some awesome people there, it was great to meet everyone ^^

      Anyway, here are more photos ~

      Alex getting everything set up

      Rach, El, Me, KoL

      So horrified were we by our size difference, this photo had to be taken. And yes, El's fabulousness stole all the good in the photo and left me to look so bad XD

      Some action shots:



      The lord and master himself ^^
    6. Tatile
      How did El get so tall? I can't get over how tall he is, he's freaking huge!

      This looks like it was a fun event and congratulations to Havak for winning.

      Who's Absol is that anyway?
    7. Chibi
      Duuuude. El is a freakin giiiiaaaaant. O_O (I adore your green hair El! ^^)

      And I thought my brother was tall...Magpie, you also look a lot like one of my friends. Like, a copy. Which is weird.

      Congrats to you Havak, you awesome battler you.
    8. GodlessM
      Looks like it was a good craic.

      Funny how Pokemon is widely conceived as a child's game yet as the pictures show that's not the case. Us big children are the best :D
    9. sunny1213141515
      Wow. If I would have gone I'd look so funny standing there. XD I'm a short girl. lol
    10. Ominus
      i dont remember this one been taken or is it the one that blinded me for 5mins >< im the one with the green t shirt (3rd from the left) lookin confused of sorts :D

      btw hello and yes im new here all thanks to this event :3
    11. KoL
      Heh, it was an awesome day overall, congratulations to Havak for winning (even though it came as a surprise to pretty much no-one in attendance ;D.)

      Now, to get the duct-tape out... *Repairs spinal cord with tape*
    12. GodlessM
      Nothing wrong with short girls
    13. Ominus
      king of lucario btw thx for trading me that ditto now i have a army of Lucario's at my command (when they hatch) >,<

      you will have to do more events like that in gamebase in manchester it really shown me that there are just so many ppl you can chat to and have fun with :3
    14. baratron
      Awesome! I would have loved to be there but I'm busy revising for exams :(. It has to be the largest Pokecharms meet ever, which is cool - it's good to know that we have the critical mass for an event like this.

      So how many people were there in total? And how many of them were already forum members?

      And happy birthday Alex :p.
    15. jertyuiop
      This was so fun!!! I lost my first battle, but it was still fun. Also, I'm in the picture, yay! There's one, no, two with my togekiss being hit by ice beam too.
    16. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      With these new pics, I can more easily see the cool nametags.

      I love them! They even have the usernames on them. Sweet!

      I'm short too, Sunny, so don't feel bad.
    17. GodlessM
      So what was the team that the winner got?
    18. Linkachu
      .... Oh-hoh, I'm bloody envious of you all. Looked like it was an awesome time, and would've loved to have been there, too. I love the group photo of the four staff members above (you guys rock), but you should've shoved Alex into the pic, too XD

      Congrats on winning, Havak! ^^

      I'm also curious as to how things went in a bit more detail. Are you going to release the overall rankings? It'd be interesting to see.
    19. Nemesis
      Really wish I had had the money to go now...
    20. Yoshimitsu
      Nothing wrong with short girls

      I spent a lot of time leaning on Magpie because she was short.
    21. Prof. Cinders
      Prof. Cinders
      I think that was taken after the tournament had finished up and I'd taken off for about 20 mins for some fresh air and paracetamol. :p

    22. Havak
      Well, I thought it'd be fitting to talk about my team and the matches I had, so I might as well do it here:

      A transition of 3v3 to 6v6 in one tournament was something I'd never done before, so I was rattling my brain at first trying to come up with a strategy that would function very well in 3v3 but still not be out of its depth in 6v6. I was over-thinking at first and coming up with stupid ideas until I thought about using Rain Dance. Rain Dance is a quick and easy set-up that lasts for five (eight with Damp Rock) turns, usually enough to plow through a team in 3v3 with little effort - which proved to be the case for both of my 3v3 matches. So, I went with this:

      Bronzong@ Lum Berry
      #Sassy nature
      ~ Rain Dance
      ~ Stealth Rock
      ~ Gyro Ball
      ~ Explosion

      Bronzong is one of the best Pokémon to use when setting up Rain Dance. With Levitate, it only has a weakness to Fire, so once Rain Dance is in play, that's effectively gone as well. Stealth Rock would play a major part in breaking Focus Sashes to allow my water-lovers to attack and OHKO with no fear. Lum Berry was chosen so I could always get Rain Dance in play on the first turn. If I got the chance, I'd explode just to do some damage and get a turn over with.

      Ludicolo@ Damp Rock
      #Modest nature
      ~ Rain Dance
      ~ Surf
      ~ Energy Ball
      ~ Ice Beam

      Ludicolo was the star of the show. With Swift Swim, STAB SUrf and Energy Ball, and Ice Beam to boot he was a real menace for all of my opponents. I stuck Damp Rock on just to make my rain last longer.

      Kingdra@ White Herb
      #Modest nature
      ~ Rain Dance
      ~ Surf
      ~ Draco Meteor
      ~ Toxic

      My second Swift Swimmer. Kingdra is just another special sweeper and my final means of setting up Rain Dance. I used a White Herb so I can fire off a full power Draco Meteor twice, and I decided to go for Toxic instead of Ice Beam a few days before the tournament, as I realized that my only way to defeat Shedinja would've been to make sure I picked Kabutops and managed to get Rock Slide to hit, or got Stealth Rock on the field before it came out.

      Kabutops@ Life Orb
      #Naughty nature
      ~ Swords Dance
      ~ Waterfall
      ~ Rock Slide
      ~ Aqua Jet

      I bred this Kabutops quickly a short while before, but I had to settle for a Naughty nature instead of Adamant because I got bored xD! I just realized I needed a bit more physical attacking, and this seemed like the best physical Swift Swimmer, bar perhaps Kingdra (which I was already using as a special sweeper) and Qwilfish, who's move-pool is IMO a little worse. I went for Rock Slide over Stone Edge as I prefer the accuracy and the flinch chance would be cool with my doubled speed. Aqua Jet was just to finish things off.

      Metagross@ Shuca Berry
      #Adamant nature
      ~ Agility
      ~ Meteor Mash
      ~ Earthquake
      ~ Explosion

      My awesome Metagross I bred. I have a Shuca Berry on to protect me from a Ground attack, and the rain in play would almost negate my Fire-type weakness, having basically no weaknesses for at least one turn was appealing and would allow me to use Agility effectively. Then the play was just do as much damage as possible before exploding on something.

      Latios@ Choice Specs
      #Timid nature
      ~ Draco Meteor
      ~ Dragon Pulse
      ~ Surf
      ~ Trick

      I didn't want to use any Choice Pokémon in 3v3 as there wasn't much room for switching, but Specs Latios is just too good to pass up. That Draco Meteor can just demolish almost anything not named Blissey (okay there are a good few more but shh :p). Latios just rips through things and it's already fast. Surf would be boosted by Rain Dance so that was a nother bonus, and only Empoleon and Shedinja in this tournament could withstand the Water / Dragon offensive combo. Trick was an interesting choice, but it'd allow me to hinder something like Blissey if it switched in on me - and it helped me win the tournament in the final match.

      Rounds 1 & 2

      My first two matches were pretty simple, though I had to face one of my friends in the first round. Basically, I managed to set up Rain Dance with Ludicolo both times, and overall it was just Ludicolo that swept through them. There were a few switches here and there, but Ludicolo did all the damage and I don't think my opponents were really prepared for it. Both victories were 3-0 to me in 3v3 matches.


      I faced my fellow Smogon moderator Toothache here, having to play against two of my friends during the tourney :( - we knew eachothers teams already but were much happier that it was 6v6 now as it made it more interesting between us. It was Rain Dance vs Sunny Day, and a rather humorous start involving both of our Bronzong's. I used Rain Dance, follow by his Stealth Rock. I used Stealth Rock, followed by his Sunny Day. I used Rain Dance, while he switched to Latios. I exploded to get rid of his Latios, then I believe he exploded to take out my Ludicolo (or it might've been Kingdra). It was coming down to a close finish and I was wondering if I could pull off a win as I knew he had Shiftry left which could've caused me big problems. Metagross took out his Gallade with Earthquake after an Agility, then I exploded on his Tangrowth. Luckily, my Rock Slide KOed his Shiftry the next turn, so he couldn't set up Sunny Day, then I also KOed his Heatran with Waterfall for a 2-0 victory.


      So, I'd made it to the final. Alex had beaten KoL in the previous round, so I was expecting a tough game, and I was right. Yanmega managed to 3HKO my Bronzong, but he'd still allowed me to get both Rain Dance and Stealth Rock in play, the latter which proved to be one of the biggest turning points in the game. I think I then sent out Kabutops and used Aqua Jet to hopefully KO his Yanmega, but it wasn't enough and Kabutops fainted to Hidden Power [Ground] - sadly I couldn't use Waterfall or Rock Slide as his Speed Boosts meant he was still quicker. So, Metagross was in next, he used Hidden Power [Ground] again, but I expected this and obviously had the Shuca Berry. Meteor Mash took down Yanmega so it was 5-4 to Alex. He sent out Azelf next, and I planned to use Agility and then Meteor Mash or Explosion. But stupidly, I'd miscounted the turns (as he'd Protected once or twice with Yanmega earlier), so Rain Dance had stopped, meaning Azelf's Flamethrower KOed me. I was down 5-3 so it wasn't looking too great. I think I went to Kingdra next, and finished off Azelf with Surf, to make it 4-3 in Alex's favour. Next came Absol, but I really can't remember too much of the next few turns at this point. I'm sure I poisoned Absol with Kingdra here, and had the rain in play again. Kingdra somehow lost to Absol I think, probably through Sucker Punch, but I can't remember how that came about. I'm sure I was 4-2 down, though. I went to Latios next, and managed to predict the Sucker Punch and Trick my Choice Specs onto Absol. I expected him to Sucker Punch again, so I switched to Ludicolo, making Sucker Punch fail again. I then used Rain Dance to waste another turn, making his Sucker Punch fail, and the poison damage got rid of Absol. Next was Gallade, which Ludicolo couldn't OHKO, and was OHKOed back. So it was 3-1 to Alex, with Latios as my last Pokémon - now equipped with Life Orb over Choice Specs. He used Shadow Sneak on my Latios which brought me relatively low on HP, maybe about 50%~, but I finished off Gallade with Surf. Next was his Claydol, which also fainted to the rain boosted, Life Orb boosted Surf. His final Pokémon was Rampardos holding a Focus Sash, which is the reason I needed to keep Stealth Rock in play. Stealth Rock broke his Focus Sash, so I was able to OHKO with Surf and seal the tournament with what had to be less than 25% HP left on Latios. A thrilling final and a close finish, just what all the spectators wanted.

      I had a great day, so thanks to all the PokéCharms and Gamerbase staff for sorting it all out. I hope there are more in the future and I'd love to help organise some.
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    23. Stark
      Wow, guys. I saw the piccies last night but we have more now!

      *LoN prefers Magpie's pictures for some reason :p

      Looks like you chaps had a blast down there, and congrats again to Havak for winning! A really good round up you've posted there too. :)
    24. twYANGzii
      Woahs congratulation :)
      Must've been a fun day - I wish I could be there!
    25. Luconray
      Yeah, those pics really makes me wish I lived around there, but I'm over in the US. :p It looks like a lot of fun! Even though I probably wouldn't have made it past the first round (I barely have a team right now...), it still would have been fun to go there to see everyone. Congrats to Havak for winning, too!
    26. sunny1213141515
      Nothing wrong with short girls

      I spent a lot of time leaning on Magpie because she was short.

      Not to get way too off topic, but my mom is even shorter than I, so I sent her this thing that said: "I'm not short, I'm fun-sized!" Lol. I love that.

      I couldn't have gone anyway, I live in the US. And I doubt my mom would let me fly all the way to manchester to play Pokemon. XD
    27. pokemongod4213
      Wow, the event looked really cool! Unfortunately, I live in the U.S., so I could not come. However, it looks like there are a lot of people who want a tournament in the United States. Maybe near Ohio?
    28. Azro
      No way! The event looks like it went down well! And im actually really down i didnt go now! Me and a few friends decided to give it a miss because we couldnt go to Manchester and London for the World Championship

      WOBBUFAIL ;[

      I hope there is another soon! That one i wont miss!
    29. Toru
      I decided that Platinum (Which I just got on Friday :D) will be the beginning point for my 'Next Pokecharms Tournament' training. I will have a team well prepared for next time, and hopefully, it will kick backside. I hope to see you all there, you will finally see Toru's epic face...
    30. pokemongod4213
      I'm working on a team for the next tournament and I need to know if Legendarys are allowed and if there is a level limit. I would appreciate any help.
    31. Teapot
      I would imagine the rules are the same as before - check the previous Tourney topic for a full list.
    32. Pokérob
      With havak there at singles you know you stand no chance. He is UK's Singles Gawd.

      Anyways, looking forward to /if you're still doing the london one. :)

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