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Pokecharms - The Green Grimoire

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Satoren, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. RX presents

    A Charmschat Fanfiction

    Directed and Written by

    Executive Produced by
    Slifer the Executive Producer (well, not really)



    The Green Grimoire​

    Chapitre 1

    A sudden gush of wind blew across the fields as a lone figure ascended a small row of hills neatly formed in the middle of the light green plain; the long blades of grass all around him danced at the whim of the breeze. He closed his eyes gently, feeling the cool air tickle his face and preventing the bright rays of sunlight from blinding him. Placing a paw on his brow, he lazily opened one of his eyes. With a shade over his eyes, he scanned the surroundings now as he was at the highest hill of the field. Directly in front of him lay the very place he had been looking for. The small creature was an Eevee; a petite Pokemon with a brown pelt and a lighter beige ruff of fur wrapped warmly around his neck. And the place he had been searching for was a rather large and strangely built fortress known as the Charms Explorer's Guild. And indeed, for a young Evolution Pokemon such as he, the Guild was unlike any other guild he had ever seen.

    The structure was built directly into the bottom of a mountain, and bulged out like a smooth yellow dome. From it, several long and narrow green spires jutted out in an organized row. Tiny dotted holes were lined neatly at the upper hemisphere of the building; and at the very top, a peculiar object stood proudly sticking out. It looked like a gigantic green leaf, with a purposely rounded cut made into its side that somehow made then entire guild seem strangely familiar. At its base, a large wooden gate connected it with the road and stood tall and proud, and the entire place was surrounded by trees and shrubs growing around the area, with the long dirt road clearing a path towards the grassy plains where the Eevee stood. This Guild seemed more like an impenetrable fortress than a place for Pokemon to commune. In fact, the elders at the nearby village were rather worried as to why they built such an intimidating construct, fearing that it might be some sort of military base or asylum of some kind. The Guildmaster had addressed the situation, claiming that no one these days would know of such things, to the point that the younger residents would even wonder what the words 'military' or 'asylum' would mean. This eventually lead to the elders ranting about the good old days when there was more action and adventure everywhere, and how they never had to look for trouble seeing as it would always find them. Lost in their memories, the Guildmaster promptly left their council, knowing that he had magnificently dodged a rather nasty setback.

    The Building was by no means an intimidating one, and that was just its purpose. The Charms Explorer's Guild had recently gained region-wide acclaim for the efforts of its Explorer and Rescue Teams during these peculiar and slightly troubling times. Several areas all over the region were beginning to change. Strange forces seemed to alter them constantly, further warping the mapped paths and opening new ones. Worse still, these strange changes are beginning to take their toll on the environment. Pokemon who once lived in these areas began to suffer from the stress of the abrupt alterations to their lifestyles. They became moody and aggressive towards travelers who attempted to enter these areas, only to find that there would be no way out and that the paths continued to spiral towards a dead end in the deepest portions of the area. These areas now altered by strange forces have been labeled by the public as 'Mystery Dungeons.'

    Under normal circumstances, these Mystery Dungeons are to be avoided by any and all travelers. Warnings have been issued, and the Dungeons are monitored closely in hopes of discovering just what is causing them to behave so strangely, and if there is any way to stop them. Still, there are those few ignorant souls who dismiss the regulations as talk to scare the public (even if there is a severe lack of any figure that would want to scare the public in the first place.) Perhaps it is a quest for adventure and the chance to do something with their lives that draws these Pokemon into the gaping maws of Dungeons. Perhaps they are in pursuit of the treasures that can only be found with their mysterious walls. Whatever the reason, many have stressed their want to reopen these areas in favor of exploration. Those entrusted with the Law founded by the Pokemon were responsible for upholding the it, and keeping those who abided by it safe from any form of danger, even their own foolishness. That, however, is easier said than done, for while they had the power, they sorely lacked the numbers; and many were beginning to gather at their headquarters to issue complaints. After several hours without a response, they tried again, and expressed their suggestions this time via forceful entry and the eventual unconsciousness of three law enforcers. Safely out of reach, the most esteemed leaders of the Law had begun to contemplate what they should do. This then lead to their own interpretation of the good old days where trouble apparently never tried to find them, and that the olden days were so dull and peaceful. It was clear that the enforcer's noble leaders did not get along very well with the village elders.

    Seeing the ruthless tenacity of the public they swore to protect, the council decided to modify the laws, realizing there was no point in staking your life over foolish young Pokemon who gladly wanted to go out on an adventure and eventually injure themselves and others in some manner. Thus, the Mystery Dungeons were now opened and ready to be explored by anyone. With the alterations to the rules however, compensations were required. These compensations being the sole reason why this one little brown Eevee was now approaching the Charms Gates.

    Only upon actually standing at the foot of the fortress gates did the young Eevee realize just how vastly huge the Guild was. The doors, upon closer inspection, were not only made of wood, but had intricate carvings all over them. Designs and symbols that looped, curled, and intertwined rather gracefully. And while he admired this finely crafted barricade, he began to realize that it was in fact a barricade, and that it was at the moment keeping him out of the Fortress he had hoped to enter. The question now was how exactly was he supposed to do that? As he looked around for a small opening or even a hole to peep through, he placed a paw lightly on the wooden threshold he had been so amazed of only minutes ago. As he did, a sharp yell caught his attention and promptly caused him to leap slightly and plaster himself against the gates in shock.

    He looked around wildly, trying to find the source of that strange noise. It seemed to be a prolonged scream of terror, and by its sound he could judge it was fairly far away, possibly even inside the Guild. Soon it slowly faded away and there was silence for a while. The Eevee felt his heart's pounding subside as he became puzzled over what that was all about. Then suddenly, he heard a second voice, this time quite clearly speaking. He looked wildly around again and then realized he hadn't looked upward. Sure enough, directly above him, atop one of the green spires, a silhouette of a creature with a single long and pointy ear could be seen. A paw or limb of some sort was waving madly from it.

    "BE GONE WITH YOU! AND COME BACK PERHAPS WHEN YOU'VE FOUND YOUR BRAIN, OR PICKED UP ONE AT LEAST TWO SIZES LARGER THAN YOUR HEAD!" The tan colored creature shrieked furiously. Its green paws were coiled into a fist of sorts and were shaking madly towards the direction in which the scream had been catapulted off to, along with the Pokemon who owned it. The catapult in question stood right beside him, its springs unwound and its contents now hurdling through the sky at an alarming velocity. Where those contents landed was of little importance to the catapult, or the Pokemon who had launched it. "Honestly," he groaned. "It's Pokemon like those that keep getting perfectly normal Pokemon stuck in those miserable dungeons." Miles below him, the Eevee gawked, not realizing what had just happened, but fairly confused and horrified at what he saw. The Pokemon atop the spire sighed, and was about to return inside when he noticed a small brown speck at the bottom of the fortress. He looked down on it, but could only make out that it was not actually a brown speck, but a brown and beige speck. The color scheme alone allowed him to surmise that like him, it was a member of the Eevee family of Pokemon. "You there!" he called down to it. The Eevee blinked back, still confused. "What business do you have at Charms?" the Leafeon asked.

    The Eevee remained silent for a long while, and then it stuttered. "I...I'm..." of course from their distance, it couldn't be heard, and so he steeled his courage and shouted back. "I'd like to join this Guild, sir!"

    This time a long silence came from the Leafeon. It only added to his frustration at the moment. How convenient that just as he had jettizoned the latest attempt at being a Guild member, a new one arrives. He glanced at the catapult next to him, and considered winding it up again. But as he did, another voice called from behind him.

    "Stel, there you are!" said a green Pokemon as it dashed over to the Leafeon. This Pokemon stood on two legs, its claws orange in color. His head had a peculiar shape to it, with a green cap-like structure sitting comfortably on top of it. "I was wondering where you went with that recruit," he was saying, but as he did, he noticed the catapult next to Stellarwind, and that it had been launched. "Oh." he finished after a brief pause.

    "Ruko, good of you to join me," Stel said, completely ignoring the mental image the Breloom was now forming in his head. "As it just so happens, I need your help with something." The Breloom looked pensively at his fellow Grass type, and Stel chuckled at this. "Look down there," he told Ruko as he pointed to the bottom of the balcony. Ruko obliged, and as he did he noticed the same brown and beige speck that Stellarwind was speaking to.

    "Is that a client?" The Breloom asked.

    "No, he is seeking membership," the Leafeon growled.

    "Ah," Ruko replied matter-of-factly. "You'd better just let me handle this then," he told him, and Stellarwind nodded to this with some satisfaction. He stalked towards the staircase from which they had entered. As he did, he suddenly thought of something. Leaning over the balcony's rafters, he called back down to the Eevee. "You, boy!" The Eevee looked nervously upwards towards the Leafeon. "Have you any coconuts?" he called down. Ruko stifled a chuckle as he heard this.
    "Um...n-no. I don't think so," the Eevee replied weakly. Stellarwind, a little disappointed at this, gave him a sigh.

    "Ah well, that's a shame," he told him. "If you bang them together they make a nice trotting sound, as though you were riding on a Ponyta." With that, the Leafeon made his way towards the staircase. He had left the Eevee quite puzzled, and that felt somewhat enjoyable. The little Evolution Pokemon's ears twitched in bewilderment and then looked back at the Breloom.

    Ruko was snickering under his breath at Stellarwind's comment, but now noticed the confused little Pokemon below him. "Uhhhh....I'd rather not waste my breath here," Ruko called down to him. Just come in once the front gate opens and look for Database," he instructed. The Eevee blinked back at him. "He handles the Member Registration. Hard to miss," Ruko explained. Without another word, the mushroom Pokemon followed Stellarwind towards the staircase and out of sight.

    For a long deafening amount of silence, the Eevee stood there. He had thought that he had gone mad by now. But there was no such luxury for him. He will have to go mad the same way everyone else had at the Guild, with well-placed effort and dedication to the cause. He did not know it now, but this little Pokemon may very well be destined for something more grand than he could ever think possible. The gates grunted loudly, a heavy dragging sound could be heard from them. Gears churning from somewhere groaned loudly and chains jingled as the doors opened slowly and steadily. They heaved with every effort and the sounds of their toil were loud, but had gone by unnoticed by the many Pokemon that littered the Charms main entrance.
  2. Chapitre 2

    The Charms' main entrance was flooded by a sea of colors. Pokemon of all types, shapes, and sizes had gathered for reasons as diverse as the species they represented. The Eevee widened his eyes in amazement at the collection of creatures that moved busily about the main entrance. Several of them conversed in smaller groups, showing off their wares or giving out information. Others were madly rushing about, as though searching for something they had misplaced; while others still madly rushed about as they themselves had been misplaced. The little brown Pokemon could only recognize a handful of the species that congregated before him. And there were many more that he had never seen in his entire life. Then he realized that among them was the Pokemon that would grant him membership into this wondrous place; the Pokemon strangely named Database, as instructed by the Breloom he had met while at the front gates.

    He didn't know where to begin searching. The masses of Pokemon at the main entrance would probably be made up of several guild members and clients. He thought of how he should approach this. He was told that Database handled Guild Registration. Therefore, he should be important enough to be identifiable by the other guild members at least. If he could find a guild member, odds are he'd be able to find Database. The plan was simple, and possibly time-consuming. The Eevee considered the difficulty he was already burdened with, and how it was unlike the process he had imagined. He had hoped he would be able to join in a heartbeat, but recent events had caused him to surmise that getting into Charms wasn't as easy as he had assumed.

    May as well get the Spheal rolling, he thought to himself, and approached a nearby Pokemon. The Pokemon was purple in color with tan highlights on his face and belly. His hair was wildly unkempt, and stood up like a row of spikes on his head. He had a rather interesting tail, which the Eevee had initially thought was a third leg, before it wagged about in a snake-like motion. The Evolution Pokemon had no idea what sort of Pokemon this was, but strange as he seemed, he also looked rather friendly.

    "E-excuse me," he spoke softly. The purple Pokemon turned over to him and flashed a cheerful smile.

    "Oh, hello there," he said ecstatically, his clawed tail jerking from side to side.

    "I-I'm looking for someone," the Eevee stuttered. "Could you please tell me where a guild member named Database is?" he asked.

    The purple Pokemon looked up and thought about this. As he did, his tail bent over and began scratching his head for him. "You're looking for Petey, huh? I think I might be able to help you out," he replied.

    The Eevee grinned at this. "R-really? You'll help me out?" he asked excitedly.

    "Sure, it's no problem," the purple Pokemon said. "Now let me see," he placed a paw against his chin. "I'm sure I saw Petey somewhere," he mumbled to himself.

    As the Pokemon pondered, the Eevee relized that for him to seemingly know this Database character would mean that he was a guild member himself. "Hey, so are you a guild member here?" he asked in order to confirm this assumptions.

    The Pokemon was slightly startled at the question. "Yeah," he answered confidently. "Sure am. I've been in this guild for a fair while," he declared. At that moment, the Eevee's hopeful grin grew wider with amazement. It startled the purple Pokemon again and caused him to blush slightly. He chuckled before suddenly asking "So wait, you're going to register today?" he asked. The Eevee nodded in reply, and the purple Pokemon suddenly looked worried.

    "W-what's wrong?" The Evolution Pokemon asked.

    "Well, we better find Database as soon as we can then. Otherwise, you'll have to come back here next week just to register," he explained. The Eevee's jaw dropped in surprise at this remark.

    Next week?! I can't come back next week after finally getting the guts to even come here, he thought to himself. Ignoring the reasons as to why a deadline suddenly decided to reveal itself, the Eevee quickly thanked the stranger and rushed off.

    The Aipom wanted to suggest that they look together, but the Eevee had already disappeared into the crowd. He swerved his head from left to right, but could no longer find him. The Pokemon heaved a sigh. "Ah well," he told himself. "Petey's bound to show up to make the morning announcements anyway. Unless he has half a brain, I'm sure he can figure out what to do." No longer investing any of his time with the concern, the Aipom happily resumed his previous chores.

    The Eevee swiftly passed from Pokemon to Pokemon, asking as to the whereabouts of the apparently elusive Guild member. Some were friendly enough to him, but unfortunately knew little to nothing as to where Database was. Some looked at him with a sharp glare and the intention of doing something rather uncivilized if he had continued to mingle with them, and so he gave up asking around entirely. He considered calling out for the Pokemon in charge of Registration, but then remembered what the Breloom had told him.

    Hard to miss was how he had put it, but how to interpret that was now the problem. The little Evolution Pokemon looked around again, any of these multitudes of Pokemon could be this Database. Would he have to go and ask every single one of them just to find him? This wasn't the case though, as a few feet away from him, a strange sight was setting itself up for a very important matter.

    "ATENSHUN DUELISTZ, MAH HEAD HAZ AN IMPERTANT ANUNZMENT!" The strange spectacle of a Pokemon cried out. Its dark, pink head bobbed a few inches above its suspended body, a neck to connect the two parts was sorely missing. This allowed the creature to spin its cranium wildly about as it continued its announcement. Several Pokemon near him gathered around him in order to hear the news as clearly as possible. The young Eevee's ears shot up, he too was eager to hear what this strange Pokemon was saying.

    "THIZ ANUNZMENT IZ ONLY FOR TEH NEW RECRUITZ WHO HAVE SIGNED UP TODAY! ALL REGULAR GUILD MEMBERZ; PLZ CARRY ABOUT YER BUSINEZZ, KTHX," it yelled out. The Pokemon had a strange voice that sounded like it was trying to speak whilest underwater, and doing so effectively. The accent felt strange at first, but was not that difficult to understand.

    "NEW GUILD RECRUITZ ARE TO PROCEED TO TEH ARMORY TO RECEIVE YER BASIC KIT. AFTER WICH, PLZ PROCEED TO TEH MAIN LOBBY FOR INSTRUKSHUNZ," it continued. Basic Kit? Main Lobby? What exactly was going on here? thought the Eevee to himself.

    "IF THAR IZ ANYWUN ELZ WHO WISHEZ TO SIGN UP FER TEH GUILD MEMBARSHIP TEST, PLZ APPROACH ME NOW FER REGISTRASHUN, KTHX," the Pokemon announced. "I REPEAT, ALL POKEYMANZ WHO WANTZ TO JOIN TEH GUILD MUST REGISTER BEFORE TAKING TEH INISHIASHUN TEZT, THAT IS ALL." And as soon as it had finished, the crowd around the floating Pokemon began to disperse in every which way. Some nearby Pokemon drew even nearer to register. Those who were already enlisted were dashing towards another large gate at the opposite end of the main entrance. They were about to proceed to the armory themselves as instructed. Everyone else who wasn't dashing towards the Porygon-Z or the back gates had resumed their previous endeavors, and the air of casual business returned to the significantly emptier grounds.

    Among the compressed throngs of those late for registration, the Eevee struggled to keep himself from being squashed and suffocated. He was fortunate to have heard Database's announcement when he did. Much like the others around him, he would have had to go home empty-handed if he couldn't enlist in time. However, he considered the forthcoming events. What did they mean by initiation test? He wondered. But as he contemplated, he had almost been knocked to the ground by a large Pokemon next to him. As he breathed heavily, he decided the questions would have to wait until after he had registered. He wasn't too sure of what was going on, but a nagging sense of tenacity would not allow him to just give up before it had even begun. With a forceful push, the Eevee began its own battle to get closer to Database.
  3. Chapitre 3

    The guild's library was one of the largest repositories of knowledge in the region; mostly because only a rare few would have thought to even have repositories of knowledge in the first place. It was housed in a large hall near the main lobby, with two curved doors for its users to enter and exit through. Near the doors stood a counter for the staff to work behind, and lined neatly across the room were several tables, each with 10 or so chairs for those who wished to read inside. Cushions were also set on the floor near some carpets for larger Pokemon. Its walls were lined with a myriad of written works, but were blocked by several other shelves containing even more items to read.

    Some of its documents had been written by the Guildmaster himself, chronicling his travels and of the wonders he had encountered during these journeys. Others were written works from the most knowledgeable of Pokemon and contained a variety of useful subjects that were fated to be overlooked by the library's visitors, despite their significance in the grand scheme of the world's order. This was due to the immense popularity of the books and documents compiled by the Librarians themselves, regarding the myths, legends and farfetched tales of mysterious and fantastic places both near and far. Another section of the library dealt with the compilations of odd ramblings written by certain members of the guild. These ramblings were long, furiously written and bled sarcasm and immense loathing that focused on a single, largely unnoticed facet of life. These works were by far the most popular literary pieces the library had.

    A young Pokemon was eagerly about to immerse himself in such a piece and took it to the librarian to be checked out. The librarian was round and bright pink in color. Her arms were covered in large, fluffy balls of what appeared to be cotton. The similarly shaped pom pom also rocked to and from from a stalk sitting on her head. She had small, shining red eyes that looked at the borrower kindly as she signed his name along with the lended book's title on a list behind the counter. With everything checked out, the young Pokemon excitedly left, a copy of Where Arceus Went Wrong tucked neatly under his arm. The Jumpluff watched as he departed, then fluttered up from behind the counter and over to a table where several other familiar Pokemon had gathered.

    "So, what were we talking about again?" the Jumpluff asked her friends.

    "Hey there, Carmen," said a tall, black Pokemon from across the table. She had an orange muzzle and two horns that curled backwards. Her jagged tail wagged happily at her friend's return to the discussion.

    "We were just talking about the initiation test today," added an equally tall, blue Pokemon seated next to the Nidorina. He had spiked, orange cheeks and a tall grey fin sticking out of his head. His large, almost flat paws were crossed on the table.

    "Ah right. Today's initiation test for the new recruits," Carmen said, going over what they all knew was a fairly important event of the day. "Isn't that why Zacky's not around today?" she added.

    "Kal too," the Blue Pokemon replied. "Seems like Nem's giving the recruits a real run for their money today," he said. The Marshtomp frowned briefly at this thought.

    "Well, it's not like they have to actually beat them," the black Pokemon noted. "Just try and get past them and they'll pass the test."

    "Besides, Zacky's too nice to the recruits," Carmen said. The three of them chuckled at her comment. "He might bring his sword for the test though, just to scare them a little," she added.

    "Meh," the black Pokemon sighed. "I don't think I'd like to volunteer for the tests anymore. The kids over at the nursery are a handful these days," said the Houndoom.

    "Speaking of which," the Marshtomp interjected. "Shouldn't you be getting back to Lyni? It's not very fair, leaving her all by herself with the kids."

    "Shush, Pheo" the Houndoom said haughtily. "Lyni's fine. The children just love her. Still, as an Eevee, she can be overwhelmed by the larger kids," she explained. "The Baby Onix are a real handful since they don't realize how heavy they are," she added. At that point, the Houndoom envisioned a small fluffy tail sticking out of a pile of rocks. "You know, I think I will head back there."

    "I'd like to go with you, Middy," Carmen said thoughtfully. "It's been a while since I went to the Nursery, and I'd love to see some of the eggs hatch; but I can't switch with Pheo until later this afternoon," she told the Houndoom with disappointment.

    "It's no problem, Carmen," Pheo said. "I'll switch with you now, if you like. But you'll have to work my shift along with yours all day tomorrow in return." he told her as he grinned mischievously.

    "Alright, I'll take you up on that offer," the Nidorina replied happily. Being stuck in the library all day wasn't going to be too bad. I need to work on that new compilation of Legends in the Northern regions anyway, she thought to herself. As the Marshtomp moved over to the counter to serve another Pokemon, Carmen followed Middy out the door. As the Houndoom told her of the types of eggs they had at the nursery that day, several Pokemon passed them. None were familiar to them, so they assumed them to be the new recruits. They quietly looked on at the long queue of eager young Pokemon as they entered the main lobby. A few of them caught their interest, probably because they had not seen a Pokemon of that species entering the ranks of the guild before. Middy noted a fair few of them looked significantly older than the others. Carmen on the other hand perked her pom pom up slightly at the sight of a small blue Pokemon with intimidating red eyes passing by.

    "Whoa," Middy whispered. "There sure are a lot more than yesterday, huh?" she asked Carmen.

    "Yeah. But with registration closed on the weekends, I guess they decided to apply now rather than wait over the weekend," Carmen answered. The two waited for the crowd of new registrants to proceed towards the staircase down the hallway. As the last Pokemon scooted off, Middy and Carmen walked over to a door across the main lobby which would lead them to the Nursery. "Do you remember when you first applied here?" the Jumpluff asked her friend cheerfully.

    "I try not to," the Houndoom replied weakly. "I was so full of myself back then. I'm sure there were a lot of instances where Stel or some other Mod wanted to kick me out." Middy thought about this with dread. Invoking the wrath of any of the Charms' senior members would be of catastrophic results.

    Carmen chuckled at this answer. "I'm sure that's how we all felt when we first joined the guild. It took me quite a while before I could even get the courage to talk to Stel and the others. It's actually kind of hard to believe how far we've gotten since we first joined. I mean, I can barely remember how my first test went," she said with another giggle.

    The two continued down the path towards the nursery, lost in memories of their earlier days in the Charms guild. The two had been members for a fairly long time; Carmen being a notably older member than Middy. And as they felt amazed at how different the past had been from the present, another Pokemon was beginning to worry about his future with the guild.
  4. Chapitre 4

    "NEW APPLICANT, DOZ YOU HAZ NAME?" Asked the Porygon-Z. Even though the Eevee stood right in front of him, Database made no attempt in lowering the volume of his voice. This only further intimidated the small creature.

    "...D-Delan," the Eevee whispered. Strange whirring sounds could be heard from Database as he said this. The Porygon-Z's head spun around wildly while his body bounced about. Delan backed away, now absolutely frightened by the strangeness of it all. Suddenly and quite abruptly, the Virtual Pokemon's spastic motions subsided as he calmed down.

    "Subject is named Delan. Is this correct?" Database asked. His voice this time was completely different; Quiet, gentle and almost feminine, yet it did not seem to actually harbor any form of emotion.

    "Uh, yes?" Delan replied weakly.

    "Subject is an Eevee. Is this correct?"

    "Yes." the Eevee replied. Once again a long whirring sound reverberated from the Porygon-Z as it processed the data. His head resumed a wildly spinning action, though his body remained steadily afloat. At last, the Pokemon's head gave off a brief ringing sound as though it were a pink wind chime hanging in the air.

    "CONGRATULATIONZ! A NEW RECRUIT IZZ YOU!" Database announced. Delan jumped back in shock as the Porygon-Z previously resonant voice returned to it. The Virtual Pokemon did a sort of jig while floating in place as he gave off sounds of cheers and applause. "PLEASE PROCEED TO TEH ARMORY NOW FOR YER BASIC KIT, KTHX!" He cried out once again, his head directing the Eevee towards the main lobby.

    "Th-thank you," Delan told him nervously. Not wanting to stay another moment with such an odd Pokemon, the Eevee raced off. Database looked fleetingly at the small creature, then turned back to the next applicant he was about to bewilder.

    Such a strange creature, was that thing really a Pokemon?! Delan thought to himself as he wandered aimlessly into the crowd. Despite knowing exactly where he was supposed to be headed, his experiences with Database had left him quite dazed and distracted. He wanted to further reflect on the strange encounter, but as he did he found himself inadvertently colliding into another Pokemon. Without even looking, Delan was already apologizing profusely. "Ah! I'm really sorry," he said as he rubbed his forehead. Looking at the Pokemon he had carelessly bumped into, the Eevee was taken by surprise at her appearance.

    The Pokemon was covered from head to tail in beautiful Lavender fur. She stood on four paws much like the Eevee did, but was taller and sleeker in appearance. Her tail was long and slender, but seperated into two tips that wagged every which way. Her face revealed large, violet eyes as brilliant as gemstones while a ruby red jewel sat neatly on her forehead. She also had pointed ears and equally pointy tufts of fur at the sides of her face. This creature was a Pokemon very familiar to Delan; for like his mother, she was among several species that could evolve from the Eevee family of Pokemon. Like his mother, she too was also Espeon.

    "Its fine," said the Pokemon. She chuckled softly as she, too rubbed her forehead. "It seems I was deep in thought, much like yourself," She explained. Espeons were among several Pokemon gifted with extrasensory abilities. They were particularly skilled in telepathy and mind-reading.

    "O-oh, you read my..." Without even finishing his sentence, Delan blushed.

    "I'm sorry," the Espeon said. "I imagine you think I'm rather rude for reading another Pokemon's mind. Although it really was just an accident," she explained with a weak grin on her face.

    "W-well if it was just an accident, I guess it's okay. No real harm done or anything," Delan replied. He too grinned sheepishly at the Espeon.

    "So, not that it's my business or anything, but you seem to be on your way to the Armory. It looks like Petey gave you quite a fright and all," she said.

    "Petey?" Delan asked her.

    "Oh, it's what we call Database sometimes. That Porygon-Z that registered you just now."

    "So that thing really is a Pokemon," the Eevee whispered to her. The Espeon giggled at Delan's amazement. He wasn't the first Pokemon to ask her about that.

    "Petey's a lot of fun once you get to know him. Although sometimes even I wonder about him, too," she told him. Suddenly, the Espeon became pensive and looked directly at Delan. "I'm sorry," she giggled. "It's just that we're talking like this and I haven't really introduced myself. And since I know your name now and all..." the Espeon patted a paw on her head in embarrassment. "You can call me Sami," she told him. "Listen, I feel kind of bad for reading your mind accidentally, so how about I make it up to you and come with you to the Armory? The fact is that the instructions they give newbies aren't as detailed as they should be. If you're not travelling in a group you're bound to get lost," she explained.

    Delan blushed again. He wasn't too keen on getting help from strangers, especially ones as pretty as Sami. Pretty?! Why am I thinking about that?! he screamed in his mind. He shook his head as he tried not to think about it too much.

    "I'm flattered you think I'm pretty," Sami said cheerfully. Delan's heart leapt at the Espeon's statement.

    "Y-you read my mind again?"

    "No, it's written all over your face, so to speak," she told him matter-of-factly. The little Eevee sat there absolutely bewildered by such a revelation, then bowed his head in shame. Sami giggled at his consecutive expressions as she found them quite comical. "I think you'll make it here just fine, Delan," she said with a smile. Absolutely embarrassed, the Eevee whispered a polite 'thank you' without looking at the Espeon.

    "But if we don't get you to the Armory, your definitely going to be late for the test," Sami told him.

    "Y-yeah," Delan stuttered. That's right, he thought to himself. I have to pass this test; I need to become a member of this guild. Putting his shame behind him, the Eevee followed Sami as she led him towards the gigantic entrance into the main lobby.
  5. Chapitre 5

    Sami and Delan made their way into the main hall and could hear the echoes of Pokemon chatting around within it. Paying no heed to the other Pokemon and their respective businesses, the duo instead took a moment to admire the main hall which was noticeably bathed in a glow of splendor. Although it seemed that Sami herself was a well-versed member of the Charms Guild, she was as much in awe of the main hall's appearance as her Eevee accomplice was. For, while the Guild entrance was made to be large and intimidating, the main hall was conversely designed to be large and attractive. A row of finely intricate, alternating arches and columns formed the foundation of the hallway. Between them were doors of different shapes and sizes with a myriad of glyphs and patterns adorned on their surfaces. Each door would no doubt lead the guild's members to more hallways and additonal, smaller rooms that made up the guild. The doors themselves were neatly framed by walls so smooth and lustrous that they couldn't be simple bricks layered one atop the other. The floors were tiled with smooth and shining cream-colored marble and each tile in turn was emblazoned with a brilliant green floral pattern. Indeed, the materials that went into the main hall were so luxurious that it was a wonder any Pokemon would have the taste to construct such a marvel of architecture with equally marvelous resources. It was certainly evidence that the Charms Guild was at the forefront of Pokemon ingenuity and credit to its visionary guildmaster.

    "That's Alex for you. When he makes an entrance, he makes an entrance; with shiny stones and crystals no less," Sami whispered to herself.

    "You seem surprised by all this," Delan noted at Sami's expression.

    "Well," Sami explained. "I've been gone for a fair bit, and it would appear the guild made all these renovations in my absence. Although the doors should be able to lead us where I think they should be leading us," she said weakly. The Espeon pointed towards a door at the farthest end on the right side of the hallway. "That should still be the way to the Lift. The Armory's on the lower levels of the guild and we'll need to take it to get there."

    "But that means it's underground," Delan replied. "Is the guild seriously that big?" he said, astounded by the thought.

    "We're a fairly popular guild after all, at least around here," Sami told him. "I think the Bulbagarden Archives even have us listed as one of the top guilds in the region, though I imagine that might have something to do with all the sponsors and financial stuff." Sami appeared pensive when she said this, though soon dismissed it in favor of resuming their current endeavor. "Shall we?" she remarked as she took a few steps ahead of Delan, nodding her head towards their destination. The Eevee gave a quick nod in reply and followed her.

    As they walked across the hallway, a noticeable silence fell over the groups of Pokemon within the main hall. Several were rather interested in the pair and conversed amongst themselves in hushed tones. Others seemed to find their presence amusing enough to whisper excitedly to one another. Whatever the reason for all the attention they were getting, it only made Delan considerably more tense than he already was. To have a complete stranger learn almost everything about you, only to have them guide you through some strange, unfamiliar place was certainly something one should not take lightly. But somehow, the Eevee could relax for even just a tiny bit in the knowledge that his acquaintance was an Espeon. Sami seemed nice enough, and more than anything, her resemblance to someone he knew was uncanny. Although the feeling he got from her was something reminiscent of his mother, Delan knew well enough that it wasn't real. It was a painful reminder that he kept in his heart, for the truth was that the Eevee had not seen his mother or father for over a year now. The memories of the fateful day in which his life had gone awry were firmly engraved in his mind. It was something that gave him the determination to pursue things he never would have thought possible. It was the very reason he came to this guild and was his resolve for seeking its membership.

    "OH MY GOSH SAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIII," cried a voice. It rang through the hallway for all to hear, and threw Delan wildly out of his thoughts.

    "What on-" he wanted to say, but before he could finish, a cyan blur whooshed past him and knocked Sami to the floor. Delan gasped at the sudden attack and turned to her, only to find that the strange blur was actually a Pokemon, and it was now jumping madly around the Espeon on the floor. The Pokemon's smooth fur was a cool shade of blue that shined as brlliantly as the tiles of the hallway. Its paws were darker in color and looked as though they were dipped into a bowl of crushed Oran berries. It had long, pointed ears that were shaped like diamonds and on its forehead were neatly combed bangs. Two long locks of fur were on either side of its face; their sheen and flow gave them the appearance of crystals or prisms and the Pokemon's tail was similar in shape. Although unfamiliar to the Eevee, this Pokemon was one of the seven species that he could eventually evolve into.

    "YOU'RE BAAAACCCCKKKKKK," the Glaceon shrieked in excitement as it trotted happily around Sami. Though she was tackled to the ground only moments ago, the Espeon was also quite excited to see a familiar face.

    "Belle," Sami replied ecstatically. "It's so good to see you again," she said with a wide grin on her face. The two jumped into each other's arms and did a sort of clumsy waltz as they spun around madly giggling. Delan sat where he was, somewhat confused by the turn of events but more shocked at the odd manner in which the two greeted each other. Unbeknownst to him, tackling a fellow guild member was a well-known sign of affection and the most honored of greetings. The stronger the assault, the better. It is notable that the larger, heavier Pokemon were thought of as being very affectionate as a result.

    Delan glanced around worriedly, but it did not seem like the commotion attracted too much attention from the crowd. Those who were whispering before went on their way in a casual haste, and some gave away a mild chuckle in response to the scene before them. Just then, a door from the right side of the hallway swung open, and a large blue Pokemon emerged excitedly out of the Library. "So I heard Sami's back," the Marshtomp said happily. The Espeon shrieked ecstatically in response.

    "PHEO!" Sami cried out. The Espeon ran over to her good friend and gave him a compulsory assault of affection. "It feels so awesome to be back," she told him as she helped the Marshtomp up to his feet.

    "I can imagine," Pheo said with a chuckle. "Did you just get here today?"

    "Yup, I didn't think I'd make it to see today's initiation exams, but I decided not to stop by the town for a break and to just head straight here," Sami told him as she raised a paw triumphantly. A low gurgling sound was suddenly heard and the Espeon grinned at this.

    "So I see," Pheo chuckled even more. "You should probably go get some food in the cafeteria. I'll get everyone together and we can all hear about how your training went."

    "Sounds tempting, but I think I'll just grab an apple down by the armory. I just remembered I have something to do down there."

    "Oh good," Pheo said matter-of-factly. His smile widened at hearing this. "There's a nice surprise waiting for you there. You two should really enjoy it."

    "You two?" Sami wondered.

    "Well, I should get back to the library now," Pheo told her. He placed both fins behind his head and did not show any plans on spoiling the surprise. "On duty and all. I'll let Carmen know when she gets back from the nursery with Middy," he said with a wink.

    "Okay then, I'll see you guys later," Sami waved to the Marshtomp and turned towards Belle and Delan. "Oh right, I haven't introduced you two to each other."

    "So who's this little cutie you got here with you?" Belle asked as she eyed the Eevee curiously. Delan blushed at the aspect that he might be cute. Seeing him do this only made the Glaceon squee with delight. "Aren't you just adorable, though?" she told him happily.

    "This is Delan, he'll be taking the exams today," Sami told her. "And right now, we really should be getting him to the armory." Belle's ears perked when Sami said this.

    "Oooh, so you guys are heading down there," she said as her tail wagged incessantly. "Mind if I join you two? I just remembered there's something down there I need to take care of."

    "If you're free then that'd be great," Sami said excitedly. Delan wasn't as enthusiastic about it though. He already felt as though there was some sort of thick wall between him and everyone else in the guild, and the Glaceon's presence only fortified it. "So, Delan. This Glaceon here is Belle, she's a good friend of mine," Sami told him.

    "U-uh, yeah, it's nice to meet you," Delan said. No longer sure of what to do, he bowed courteously. His cheeks were still pink from blushing.

    Belle inched closer to his face and placed both her paws against his cheeks. "You are just...so...cute!" she said adoringly.

    "Isn't he though?" Sami mused in.

    "I wish I had a little brother just like him," Belle replied. At this point, her paws moved from his cheeks down to his shoulders as she hugged him tightly. "He's so absolutely adorable!"

    "I know, right?" the Espeon replied. Quite suddenly, she too joined the Glaceon in hugging the little Pokemon and the three clumsily scuttled about as Delan tried to escape the Guild members' adoration.

    Good grief, the Eevee thought to himself. What the heck am I signing up for?
  6. Chapitre 6

    The Lift was quite the mechanical marvel, at least to Delan. Having lived in a small village without any need for multi-story flooring, he certainly wouldn't have come across one before. Its large doors were made of a shining golden alloy, while its walls, ceiling and floor were all made of thick sheets of glass. Written all over each pane were series of white, translucent symbols that the Eevee could slightly make out. They appeared to be based on the traditional system of writing, though each character was distinctly loopier and was accompanied by dots and smaller symbols. Behind the walls of glass, he could see large golden mechanisms. Within every surface of the small room brilliant gears and elaborate discs rotated and ground against each other, creating a mellow ticking rhythm. Belle rather enjoyed the tune it played and listened to it quietly. Sami on the other hand looked all around her and was amazed at the mechanical complexity of the Lift.

    "Alex certainly did a number on the Lift" the Espeon said. "Last time I was here, this whole thing was just made of metal. But all this new gadgetry," she placed a paw against a wall and stroked it gently. "Is Alex planning to replace everything with the Terminal's system?"

    "I wouldn't know anything about that," Belle told her. "But he did recently announce some renovations. Personally I wouldn't mind if we did integrate the portal system to get to the lower floors. It all looks so pretty."

    "System? What's that supposed to mean?" asked Delan. Belle and Sami both looked at their companion. They were slightly surprised yet at the same time amused by his enthusiasm. It did not seem that he was too keen on conversing with them, but the fact was that he was very interested in all of this. If he were to somehow make it into the guild, he may as well know how everything worked.

    "So I see you're interested in all this?" Sami said with a grin.

    "Cool, isn't it?" said Belle as she gestured at the room's interior. "This Lift uses the same mass transport system used by the Pokemon trading companies," she explained.

    "Mass Transport System?" Delan blinked.

    "Around a decade ago, Pokemon used to get large quantities of resources transported using Water Pokemon and Flying Pokemon as couriers," Sami mused in. "Flying Pokemon like the Pelippers and Pidgeys could deliver items from town to town, while the larger Water Pokemon like the Waillords and Lapras acted as ferries to deliver goods across the ocean and towards other islands too far away for Flying Pokemon to reach."

    "Well, I know a bit about that," Delan said as he blushed. "I've used the Pelipper Postal Service from time to time."

    "True, those Pokemon were really dependable and worked hard to ship goods from place to place. But recently, the Psychic Pokemon have developed a revolutionary new way for mass transport," Sami told him. "Basically it makes use of a Psychic Pokemon's natural ability to instantly transfer its body from one point to another. You know, teleportation? Well for mass transport, it's simply a matter of focusing enough Psychic energy in an area so that Pokemon can teleport themselves along with anything else that is encapsulated in that field of Psychic energy," she continued. After hearing her explanation, the Eevee blinked again. His ear twitched slightly at the barrage of unfamiliar terms that suddenly assaulted him. Sami chuckled at his confused state, while Belle hugged him affectionately as though to comfort him.

    "I know it's a lot to think about," the Glaceon told him. "But don't worry, it's nothing you have to really wrap your head around," she said as she hugged him tighter. "You are just an adorable, sweet little kid and you shouldn't have to worry about things like that." At this point, Belle was already cuddling him intensely. Delan attempted to escape before the Glaceon could burn a spot on his head from the fierce shower of affection, but to no avail.

    "The only thing you really need to know is that it's perfectly safe," Sami told him. "Well, as far as long distances go anyway. The focus of Psychic Energy and its sudden transfer to such a short distance could probably cause an explosion from such a sudden release," she mumbled to herself. Such an insight would probably scare anyone who was experiencing the mass transport system for the first time. Fortunately, The Espeon's words were drowned out by Belle's squealing and Delan's pleas for her to restrain herself. "Now, if the Lift works just like the Terminal, then a vocal command should work," she told herself. "Armory, Basement Third Floor, if you please!" she called out.

    Suddenly, the glass chamber they were in began to shake violently. The tremors allowed Delan to free himself from Belle as he looked all around him in surprise. The golden gears behind the glass surfaces of the Lift were now rotating madly; their mellow clicking replaced with a high pitched whistle. On the glass panes, the white symbols were glowing fiercely with a shade of violet. The Eevee yelped as he noticed that the symbols were beginning to move across the glass. They scurried about and then began to cluster together at first, then grouped themselves together to form a long line that slithered across the panes in a serpentine motion. All the while, the whistling noises of the Lift began to fade away as a loud, whooshing sound followed. Now completely bewildered, the Eevee looked wildly towards his fellow Pokemon. "Wh-what's going on?" he asked them.

    However, unlike him they were rather relaxed about this whole situation. Sami ,in fact, was giggling lightly as though she had been tickled. "Relax, Delan," was all Belle could tell him as their trip was going to be a rather short one.

    After a few moments, the whooshing sounds gave way to a brief but equally loud thud. The eerie whistling of the Lift's gears began to subside and the mechanisms reverted back to their quiet ticking. The symbols on the glass however, had now completely rearranged themselves. As the last few lines scurried into place, the chamber's purple glow slowly disappeared. Just as everything within the room, the Eevee included, finally calmed down, a bell from nowhere chimed softly to indicate that they had arrived at their destination. The doors slid open quietly, and Belle and Sami promptly exited. Delan, on the other hand looked carefully at his feet and was a bit nervous of making a step forward. With some effort, he managed to step out of the chamber, though to him his paws felt as though they had rocks tied to them.

    "You alright there, Delan?" Sami asked the small Pokemon. She was already a considerable distance away from him, though had only been casually walking the entire time. The Eevee could not reply for some reason. It was as though most of his organs climbed their way up to his throat and were stuck there. Belle placed a paw on his head and patted him gleefully.

    "You'll get used to it," Belle told him with a grin. Delan rather hoped he wouldn't have to. But then he realized that he'll have to take the Lift to get back to the main lobby. Groaning slightly, the Eevee decided he may as well just deal with it later. He then realized that they were now making their way across a tunnel that for whatever reason did not seem as pleasing to the eye as any of the other chambers of the guild he had seen thus far. It was a simple tunnel carved into the earth, forming a lumpy and imperfect archway. The only things that were remotely of note were the torches that lit the path, and the metal carvings that plastered them to the wall. Much like the decor of the main lobby, they were sculpted to resemble a plant with looping vines.

    As they came to the end of the tunnel, Delan saw the very thing he thought the floor sorely lacked. Standing steadfast before them was a large gate that now seemed to be a traditional form of doorway for all of the guild's chambers. As with all the other barricades the Eevee had seen up to now, it had a flurry of markings and enigmatic symbols carved and plastered all over it. To either side of each massive door were a series of gears, chains and assorted, smaller mechanisms lined as high as the gates themselves. As spectacular as it was, Delan had more than his share of surprises today and no longer felt the need to gape and awe in amazement. Instead he said this, "Your Guildmaster certainly has a thing for huge, foreboding and marvelously ornate doorways."

    "That he does, and we love him for it," replied Sami. The Espeon trotted over to the side of the gates and towards the long series of mechanisms next to it. Finding a long wooden lever amidst the gears and springs, she jumped up onto it in an attempt to pull it down. As she did, the cogs and sprockets began to turn one after another as the gates' mechanisms sprung noisily to life. The gates grunted and creaked, gears beside them rotated slowly as the doorway lurched inward; a crack between the doors revealing a bright light coming from within.

    "Anyone home?" shouted Belle. Delan looked at her for a moment then stared back at the entrance as it slowly revealed an enormous and brightly lit chamber.

    "Oh wow," gasped Delan. He had thought nothing would amaze him now, but the sight before him had to be one of the most wondrous things he had seen at this point. Sami chuckled at his reaction, very much aware that he was holding in any feeling of surprise or marvel up until that point.

    "I have to admit, the Armory's certainly one of the neatest places in this guild," the Espeon said with a grin.

    The Armory was larger than the gates that secured it. It was a huge rounded room, though the walls had a jagged surface where stubborn lumps of rock jutted out, unwilling to be completely smoothened when the chamber had been hollowed out by the guild's architects. The room's lighting came from the hundreds of crystals growing out of the ceiling. Several of the luminous shards even protruded from portions of the wall. Every so often, they would all simultaneously change color, slowly shifting between hues of red, blue, green and yellow. The chamber was lined with several platforms at varying levels, though in proportion to the room, they looked more like gigantic shelves to Delan than actual floor levels. As Sami approached one of them, he could see the stark difference in size between her and the 'shelves' of the room, making her seem even tinier than the smallest Diglett in comparison. He then noticed strange machines working at the ends of each 'shelf.' They were similar in appearance to that of the Armory's gates though several chains connected to the system would rise and fall as they were fed through a series of sprockets and cogs. Each chain was then connected the corner of a smaller platform that would rise and bob along with them. Delan figured this moving platform was how smaller Pokemon could access the higher levels of the Armory. On each and every platform of the room were a variety of objects. The crystals' lighting seemed to give each of them a rather marvelous and wondrous appearance to the young Eevee. On one very long platform, a myriad of berries were organized into several baskets based on their color. On the giant shelf directly above it was a huge pile of strange metal objects the little Pokemon could not identify. Lined neatly next to them were several long and thinner metals, while at the very end of the platform sat column upon column of what looked to be scarves of every color, pattern and design. The Eevee looked all around him, seeing items and objects he could not recognize at all, alongside a vast collection of foods, cloth and other resources. Their vibrant colors, coupled with the busy movements of the machinery and the quiet color-changing of the crystal lighting made it seem as though the whole chamber was alive.

    "AAAAAARRRRRRREEEXXXXXXXX," called Belle, completely oblivious to the splendor of the Armory and its wares. She, as a veteran member of the guild had seen it almost every day, and though she did enjoy going there, her interest for its inventory had lessened considerably.

    "This is just," began Delan. He spun around clumsily in an effort to take it all in. "All this...stuff.....and in here....and those things....going up and down.....the shelf things....and just look at the ceiling...and...the crystal things...and...and...wow...just wow," he stuttered. The flurry of emotions he felt after seeing this place was enough to weaken his legs. He would certainly have collapsed, were it not fortunately for the emotion of surprising alarm being the sort of feeling that could invigorate one's limbs to perform the action of jumping in response to its assault on one's psyche. The assault on Delan's psyche in this instance came in the form of a very unexpected and rather sudden appearance of an unknown body, who had unexpectedly and rather suddenly appeared several inches in front of his face.

    "Oh, aren't you just the sweetest thing!" said the unknown body as it began to materialize in front of the Eevee. As expected, Delan was very much invigorated and leapt several inches into the air before landing on the ground and crawling his way over to Belle. The two watched as the strange creature began to reveal itself. It was rather short, no taller than Delan, and was mostly green in color. On its belly was a red stripe that zigzagged across the creature's torso. It had two rows of yellow spines that trailed from its head down to its back. The creature's round eyes zipped every which way, surveying its surroundings, before finally focusing on the two Pokemon before it.

    "Jey!" Belle said happily. The Pokemon grinned in response as the last bits of her tightly curled tail revealed itself.

    "Hey there, Belle," Jey said. "And Sami, it's nice to see you back, too," she called over to the Espeon as her eyes shifted towards the direction of the platforms. Sami was about to ride one of the rising platforms when Jey's sudden appearance had her running back.

    "Jeydis, my favorite little Kecleon," Sami said happily as she sprinted over to them. "Why were you hiding there?"

    Jeydis giggled and stuck out her tongue. "Just wanted to surprise you guys, I guess. Though we were the ones who were surprised when we saw you coming in. It has been a while after all." she told her. The Kecleon's eyes then shifted over to Belle and Delan's direction. "Speaking of which, who's this? A younger sibling of yours?" she asked. The Eevee's ears twitched as he blushed over his previous actions. "Oh, I'm sorry," Jeydis told him. "I must have scared you, huh?"

    "That's okay," Belle told her. "He's just as adorable when he's surprised!" As if on cue, the Glaceon resumed her tight grip on Delan's neck and shoulders.

    "This is Delan; and no, he's not my little brother," Sami chuckled. "Although I wouldn't mind it if he was." The Eevee's face then turned a darker shade of red at this remark. In response, Belle began to shake him around affectionately. "He's a new recruit," the Espeon explained.

    "Ah, so you'll be needing a basic kit for the test then," Jeydis remarked. Her eyes surveyed their surroundings in search of the item. "Oh, guess I gave the last one away. No problem, RX's up on the top shelf getting another batch ready." Suddenly, Sami and Belle's ears perked up at hearing Jeydis's words. However, before they could react, a voice from one of the moving platforms called down towards them.

    "Honestly, what possessed me to alphabetize these items, and to organize it such that the first letters go on the top shelf?" groaned an orange Pokemon loudly as he heaved several squarish bags off the platform. He smiled silently as Sami looked straight at him. "Hey there," he said matter-of-factly.

    The events that followed were rather emotional for several characters, though as this story is partially an attempt at comedy, we shall instead simply describe the scene as this: After not seeing each other for quite some time, Sami proceeded to tackleglomplufflesindramaticslowmotionthenresumingnormalsspeedrunningjumpflyingkickswithlove RX.
  7. Chapitre 7

    Katie dashed through the corridor as fast as her legs could allow. Her long tail wagged incessantly behind her, its large lightning-bolt shaped end spewing small bursts of static electricity. Her pointed ears twitched with every pant of her breath and her round yellow cheeks glowed repeatedly. In one paw she held a tightly rolled-up parchment while her other paw tried to keep her pointy, green hat from flying off her head. Her feet skidded slightly across the floor as she made a sharp turn through the stone hallway and proceeded through one of its many forked paths. Although there was a quicker alternative to get to the main hall, rather than getting almost hopelessly lost in the many tunnels of the Charms guild, several complications prevented the Electric Pokemon from reaching her destination in a more convenient manner. She had little time to complain about it though, as a familiar face was rushing towards her.

    “Oh good, I managed to find one of you,” the Pokemon said as she landed on the ground and folded her wings. The Murkrow, much like the rest of her species had a large sharp beak and deep red eyes. The feathers on her head formed a large crest that made her seem as though she, too, was wearing a hat. However, unlike others of her species, this Murkrow had some rather unique traits. Most noticeable was her slightly lighter plumage and a small brown satchel slung across her small shoulders. “Where are the others?” She asked Katie.

    “Oh, you know,” Katie replied. Of course, the Murkrow wouldn’t have; and for her sake she shouldn’t. Fortunately, the guild masters were a busy lot. Busy enough to merit a slew of reasons that could be attached to the phrase “oh you know” to great effect. “Wait, wasn’t Stel with you guys?” The Electric Pokemon realized.

    “If he was, I didn’t see him. Ruko went off to find him, but he hasn’t reported back in a while” the silver Pokemon replied with a chuckle. “So I guess that means you’ll be in charge of doing it today?”

    “I suppose so,” Katie nodded. She handed her friend the parchment as she tidied herself. “This really isn’t Stel’s sort of thing anyway. Have they all gathered?”

    “Well, there are a lot of them today, it’s kind of hard to keep track.”

    “I thought so. Has Data printed out the list yet?”

    “If by printed, you mean that creepy thing he does with his head, then yes.” The feathered Pokemon then placed her beak inside the pouch she carried, pulling out a larger, more tightly rolled up piece of parchment. Katie nodded and motioned for her to return it to her satchel.

    “Thanks, Ferne. I’ll give it to Alex later,” she said as the Murkrow returned the smaller scroll to her. The two quickly made their way down the rest of the corridor. As they drew closer to their destination, the soft noise could be heard reverberating through the hall. It grew steadily louder until finally Ferne and Katie stood before a large wooden door, the chattering noises at its loudest just behind it.

    Ferne courteously opened the door for Katie. As she did so, bright rays of light focused down on the Raichu, almost blinding her with their brilliance. Covering her brow, she looked upon the large wooden stage before her. Standing in its center was a lone wooden podium, large and rectangular, with a stepping stool for the more vertically-challenged speakers.

    Before the stage stood dozens of Pokemon; the same fresh recruits who had, only hours before, entered the guild for the first time. Having gone through the proper prerequisites and registrations, as well as securing the proper materials for the day’s events, they now found themselves in the guild’s main auditorium for one final, but undoubtedly important, announcement before their initiation rites could begin. Many were excited, some were anxious, and there were those who were nervous of what was to come. Regardless of how they felt, they certainly voiced their feelings to just about anyone who could hear them.

    The spotlights focused on Katie began to disperse as her audience took notice of her. The lighting fixtures, several small Pokemon flying in the space above the crowd buzzed happily to one another before flying off, their tails still glowing. The auditorium grew immediately silent. The newcomers didn’t know if they had to applaud or not, though Katie preferred they didn’t. Without a word, she approached the podium and climbed onto the stepping stool. She placed the scroll she was carrying on the stand and fondled the device in front of her. It was shaped like a large cone but curved slightly, the larger end directed towards the audience in order to amplify the speaker’s voice. After clearing her throat, the Raichu then untied the scroll’s ribbon. As the parchment unfurled, a small pair of glasses fell out of it.

    Katie placed the ocular devices on her nose and gave the scroll a brief read-through. She glanced at the lines and verses written neatly all over the scroll’s interior, then at the sigil stamped at the very top of the document. The four-leaf clover was a sign that this document was quite important to the guild.

    Katie then looked down upon her audience. She tried to get a look of the Pokemon individually, but there were simply too many of them for her to take note of. Without any further distractions, she began to read aloud the traditional speech for new guild recruits, as written on the very important document. “Greetings newcomers, and welcome to the Charm’s Guild!”

    “I really appreciate you taking over my shift this afternoon, Jey,” RX said wagging his tail excitedly. The orange Pokemon placed a paw on Delan’s head and ruffled his fur briefly. Although larger, fluffier and colored a brilliant orange and yellow, RX greatly resembled the little Eevee next to him; as to be expected from one of the Eevee’s evolutionary relatives.

    “No problem,” replied Jeydis. “The four of you look awfully adorable together anyway,” she said with a chuckle. Delan blushed as he had done often that day; and as equally expected, was smothered by his adoring new friends.

    “Awww, you sure you don’t want to come watch the festivities with us?” Belle asked as she wrapped her forepaws around the little Pokemon’s scruffy neck.

    “Yeah, won’t it be lonely for you down here in the armory?” mused Sami as she hugged herself a portion of Delan’s torso.

    “Now that I think about it, I don’t think anyone’ll be coming down here anyway,” said RX as he rested his head and forepaws on Delan’s forehead.

    “I guess so. Tell you what, I’ll just do some final inventory and meet up with everybody upstairs later,” said the Kecleon.

    “It’ll be a party! We can celebrate the Sami’s return and cheer our little warrior here onward to victory!” Belle cried happily, rubbing her cheeks into the back of Delan’s head.

    “Right, but before that, you three ought to get off of him before you kill your little warrior with love,” Jeydis chuckled again at the seemingly impossible attempt of the three Pokemon to share Delan’s tiny body.

    “Eh, it’s been known to happen,” Sami said thoughtfully. The Eevee currently in her grasp turned pale at the notion of being smothered to death. Fortunately for him, the Flareon and Glaceon withdrew their hugs before they could do something to mortally injure him. The large pouch fastened around Delan’s neck was already heavy enough with its contents: a small list of supplies the potential recruits could use to outwit and outlast their rivals and survive the initiation test that was soon to come. Waving farewell for now, the Kecleon turned around and strolled back towards the armory’s large doorway. As the Lift’s own mechanical doors slid forward and shut themselves tight, the four Pokemon settled themselves down. RX instructed the small, glass room to take them up and into the main lobby, and the Lift began to glow and whirr to life.

    Delan checked to see if he could reach into the bag with ease, loosening and tightening it every so often just to make sure it wouldn’t suddenly drop off. He inspected it of its contents and made sure that he would know just what to do with them for situations that would require they’re use. He counted the large fruits he carried, differentiating one berry from the other. He wasn’t all that familiar with the subject, but was taught well enough to know that all of the berries in his possession could neutralize any harmful effects he might encounter, not that he was planning to do so anytime soon.

    “Not to psyche you out or anything,” Sami suddenly spoke. “But you should have some idea of what you’re going to be dealing with when you get to the course.” Although she smiled kindly towards the Eevee, the tone of her voice was unfittingly serious.

    “Judging by how you’re preparing, I imagine you have some experience. Your parents must’ve taught you well enough.”

    “It wasn’t just them,” Delan said quietly, lifting Sami’s arms off of him. “I had to live on my own for a while now.”

    The Pokemon sat silently, allowing the Lift’s gears and other mechanisms to grind and churn rhythmically. The subject popped up briefly before while they were inside the Armory. They knew based on what Delan had told them, and what Sami had read from the Eevee’s mind, that he had been living alone for the past few years since his parents’ disappearance. That seemed to be the end of the story, though there was no denying the lot of them were still rather curious about it.

    “I didn't have much money after they disappeared,” the Eevee suddenly spoke. “I couldn't offer a reward for finding them if I tried. And somehow, even if I did, it didn't feel right to me for some reason.” From the scruff around his neck, Delan then produced a small, round object. It was a small metal device, gold in color and connected to a chain that he wore under the fluff around his neck. A good amount of dirt and a scratches could surmise the trinket was fairly old. On its surface was a small relief of what looked like a clover with a ring revolving around it. The symbol was something all-too familiar for everyone on the Lift.

    “You have the blood of an Explorer in your veins,” RX concluded. “The call to adventure, mystery and travel isn't something you want for yourself it would seem.” Delan turned over to the Flareon, ears perked up in surprise.

    “How did you know this belonged to my father?”

    “So Delan's dad was in the Charms Guild, too!” Belle said as she got a closer look at the trinket. “He must've been a member a long time ago, what with how old this watch is.” The Glaceon then pressed a small switch where the watch's chain was and its cover flipped open automatically. The timepiece's face looked more aged than its golden frame. The glass covering had a small crack around the edge, and the clock's hands were frozen in place. The time read half past seven, the instance in which it stopped.

    “RX might be right. Maybe the one Pokemon that should find your parents is you.” Sami said thoughtfully before giving Delan another hug. “You have tried, haven't you? All this time now...”

    “Ah, we're here!” RX interrupted. On cue, the Lift made a loud thud as the last bits of scripture on the glass walls broke off and settled themselves alongside the other symbols. The doors slid open and the four hurriedly exited the chamber and into the main hall. Compared to earlier, the large hallway felt rather empty. There were no glimpses of movement one could ignore from the corner of their eyes, and the hall felt quiet and stuffy. However, that soon wasn't the case as the large doorway towards the interior of the hall lurched open.

    “Now if you’ll all follow me, we’ll be heading over to the-SAMI!” Cried a silver Murkrow as it fluttered out of the large doorway followed by dozens of other Pokemon behind her. Like Delan, most of the Pokemon were carrying bags with them to carry into the testing area. Unlike the little Eevee however, the other potential recruits had just finished listening to a very important orientation from the Guild Master.

    “Oh dear,” said RX worriedly. “It seems we just missed the orientation.”

    “The what?” Delan asked worriedly. Judging by the expression on the Flareon’s face, it wasn’t at all something good to miss.

    “Basically, you were supposed to attend that so you would know what to do once you headed into the testing area,” RX explained. “But I’m afraid now you’ll just have to head straight to the Terminal.”

    “Eh?” was all the Eevee could utter.

    “Darn, this is really all my fault,” RX muttered, placing a paw on his forehead; Little wisps of smoke started to flow out of the fluff around his neck and head as he made a strange, low growling noise.

    “Ohnoes, does this mean Delan’s not gonna be able to make the test?” Belle said, waving her tail to and fro anxiously. As the Fire and Ice Pokemon resigned themselves to panicking, their Psychic counterpart was at the moment preoccupied with her happy reunion with Ferne.

    “And who's this little one with you guys?” Ferne suddenly asked as she noticed the little brown Pokemon amongst them. Paired with his larger evolutions, the trio’s expressions all expressed chaos, panic and utter dismay, though in a manner that was rather adorable.

    “Just another potential recruit for the Guild. The wifeys are rather fond of him,” Sami explained cheerfully.

    “A recruit, you say? That’s odd; I never noticed him during Katie’s Orientation just now,” the Murkrow mused thoughtfully as she placed a wing under her beak.

    “Eh? We didn’t miss that big meeting, did we?”

    “If he was with the lot of you, I’m afraid you did. He can still take the test I suppose, but…” the Darkness Pokemon just stared quietly at Delan. The look on her face reinforced the little Eevee’s thoughts of doom and potential disaster. Sami eyed them furtively, and then trotted over to Delan, patting him strongly on the back.

    “Well, can’t be helped I guess. He’ll just have to wing it and see how it turns out,” the Espeon said with a wide grin. “Isn’t that right, Delan?”

    “I don’t see how I could….” But before the Eevee could complain, he felt a sudden sharp pain in his back. It travelled through his spine and surged up into his brain. When it did, his mind’s eye was flooded with a flashing array of images. The visions poured wildly into his mind like a raging river of information. Each picture passed through his brain for a split second, yet somehow he was able to comprehend everything, no matter how fleeting the image was. It felt as though his body grew lighter and lighter as the data streamed around and about the inner reaches of his psyche.

    Meanwhile, in the physical plane, Delan’s body had frozen stiff. His eyes were widened, their pupils focusing on some unseen moment. A bit of drool was slowly dribbling down his slightly opened jaw, causing the Pokemon around him to stare. “Is he alright?” Ferne asked with a quizzical look in her eye.

    “Oh, he probably just worried himself into a stupor. But I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Sami assured the Murkrow. The Espeon patted the Eevee, only to have the little Pokemon tip over and collapse on the ground, his posture still firmly retained. “Uhm, you don’t mind if we go with you to the Terminal, right? I’m sure we can get him to calm down somehow.” Sami then hoisted Delan up and onto RX’s back. Belle poked the Eevee several times, but with no response.

    “Oh right, the Terminal! We’re all heading to the Terminal!” Ferne flapped her wings excitedly, realizing that she also had an audience waiting on her. “Okay everyone,” she cried out to the Pokemon behind her. “This way!” With a few flaps of her wings, the silver Pokemon was quickly airborne and glided up and over to an archway adjacent to the huge doors they had previously exited. The large group followed her, with Belle, RX and Sami trailing behind.

    “Did you just mindrape the poor guy?” RX whispered to Sami. The three Pokemon, and the ward they were carrying hunched closer together and began conversing just out of earshot.

    “I only gave him a teensy bit of instruction on what to do when he gets there,” she replied. “I didn’t think he’d freeze up like that.”

    “True, I would have thought…Well, now we have to worry about getting him to wake up.”

    “DOCTOR OCTOGONAPUS BL-Ahhhh!” suddenly yelled Delan. As he did, his whole body jolted with life, causing him to fall off of his steed. Belle leapt backward in surprise, while RX froze where he stood. Sami stifled the urge to burst out laughing as a good chunk of the group ahead of them turned their heads or screamed in shock.

    “A teensy bit, eh?” RX eyed Sami with a grin. Sami removed the paws from her mouth and grinned weakly back at the Flareon. Belle quickly pounced forward and onto Delan, cuddling the little Eevee plastered on the floor.

    “What just happened?” the Eevee groaned. One moment he was in the main hallway, then in the inner reaches of his mind, and now lying on the floor with Belle painfully burning a bald spot into his cheek with her face.

    “Mindrape, I’d say,” RX answered cooly. Sami assured the group ahead that they were fine, and without a moment to spare they proceeded deeper into the tunnel without them.

    “I was hoping to send you psychic visions of what to do when you get to the testing area,” Sami explained with a sigh. “But I guess some other…things...wandered into your mind as well.” Belle and RX giggled.

    “The testing area…it’s a Mystery Dungeon, isn’t it?” the Eevee said as he got back on his feet.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Chapitre 8

    “This place...feels a little familiar,” Delan whispered as the doors to the Terminal slid open. He and a large crowd of Pokemon in front of him hobbled inside, while the guild’s veteran members followed shortly. Gasps and awes echoed across the large and brightly lit room as the recruits turned their heads wildly around to glimpse every last piece of the guild’s greatest technological triumph.

    “Funny, most Pokemon are usually amazed when they first enter this room,” Ferne said. “Right, I’m going to do a head count, see if all the registrants are indeed here.” With a cheerful wave at her friends, she fluttered up and began hovering above the crowd’s heads.

    Delan looked up at the domed ceiling of the Terminal. It was made of glass, much like the symbol-engraved walls that encapsulated the room. Unlike the walls, however, the glass dome was divided into several sections. Individually, each section had a pattern of lines, rings, and symbols identical to the other. On their own, each pattern resembled a closed eye, but when placed together as a whole, they looked like the petals on a flower, or rays sticking out of a sun. Further above the glass ceiling, the Eevee could see a large host of gears, rings and assorted spinning gadgetry. They spun, revolved and rotated in a slow cycle, and as Delan’s eyes travelled along their chain of motion, he could see that they gradually continued downward into the machinery just behind the walls of the Terminal. It became apparent to him that he had already encountered such technology not too long ago.

    “This place kind of reminds me of the lift,” he concluded.

    “Not surprising,” RX replied. “The lift was a one-off of this place, engineered from the same tech used to make the Terminal.”

    “So this room is just one big lift that’ll transport us to the testing area?” Delan asked excitedly.

    “Not exactly; The Terminal is a fixed point for transport. It can’t move by itself, but can transport anyone or anything anywhere else. On a busy day, this thing can transport up to 50 Pokemon to at least ten different places almost at once,” RX explained. The Flareon seemed to light up with energy as he began pointing out where Pokemon would need to stand and how the very room would light up even brighter than it did once the teleportation process began. Lost in the Flareon’s deep use of terminology and vocabulary unfamiliar to most everyone else, Delan inched over to Belle and Sami, who were giggling for some reason.

    “You’ll have to excuse RX, he’s just really proud about anything he’s had a paw in making,” Sami told the Eevee.

    “The lot of us are geeks like that,“ Belle added.

    “More like we’re crazy.”

    “Yup, Crazy and Proud!”

    “Um, what?” Delan interrupted.

    “It’s the Guild motto, silly,” Belle said as she patted the Eevee on the head. “If you haven’t noticed, Charms likes to do things... a lot differently. But as long as we get the job done, and have fun doing it, there’s no problem!”

    “Woo, yeah!” Sami yelled. “Be different! Be crazy! Be proud!” And without warning, the Espeon gave the Eevee a quick slap on the back.

    “Being different kind of hurts,” Delan groaned.

    “Sorry,” said the Espeon coyly. “It’s just you’re so cute it makes me want to slap the back of your head.”

    “I think it’s more like he’s so cute it makes you want to pull his tail,” said Belle thoughtfully.

    “That doesn’t make any-“

    “Crazy and Proud!” Belle interrupted before locking her arms around the Eevee’s neck.

    “You two are just terrible,” RX said as he noticed Delan was no longer listening to him. “Delan is clearly more adorable than that; Adorable enough to make you want to crush his lungs, I’d say,” The Flareon said matter-of-factly, a cheerful grin on his face completely opposite to Delan’s own look of abject horror. The more he stuck around with these three, the less likely he felt he’d be able to survive whatever crazy challenge the guild would present him.

    “Okay, it looks like everyone’s here and-why’s he so pale?” Ferne asked as she landed in front of the group. The three older Pokemon simply shrugged as Delan freed himself from Belle’s headlock. “Right, so now I’ve got to separate these guys into groups, probably three members to a team since there’s a lot of them. Think you can help out?” No sooner did she say this did the Espeon, Flareon and Glaceon began tugging at Delan’s limbs excitedly.

    “We can’t put him in this group,” Sami said hotly to RX and Belle. Leaning forward, she then whispered so that the two large fellows behind her were out of earshot, “These pokemon are from Graveler Country.”

    “Well, then how about that nice pair of Hitmons back there?” RX asked. “A pair of Fighting types is just what he needs to watch his back.”

    “That Pikachu and Zangoose seemed fairly nice,” Belle added. “Not to mention the trio would look absolutely adorable!”

    “Oh yes, Bellus does have a point,” said RX. “But cuteness isn’t enough to get him through this exam. Well, maybe if it were you and me down in the dungeon...”

    “Yyeeeah, that’s probably why we weren’t picked to do today’s exams,” the Glaceon replied with a giggle.

    “I say we find a couple of pokes with EQ up their sleeves and just let them spam their way to victory,” Sami demanded.

    “Nuuu, I’d like it if Delan made some effort in this exam. He’d be adorable in a battle I’m sure.”

    The three carried on like this for quite some time, with Ferne and Delan watching them argue from the sidelines. Fortunately, most of the Pokemon grouped themselves with relative ease. Admittedly, only a few factored whether or not their party was balanced in terms of power. But then, even after the orientation, the guild members always made it a point to give a certain degree of vagueness in their instructions for the new recruits. It was a test of wit, and how well they could use it; but mostly it was just bloody fun seeing whether or not they could figure it all out in time.

    Time, however, was something they did not have much of, and worse, it didn’t seem like the Eevolution trio were aware of it. Seeing no end to their argument, Ferne silently motioned for Delan to follow her. Without a moment’s pause, the Eevee and Murkrow scampered off. “Let’s see who we can pair you up with, eh?” Ferne told Delan as they weaved through the crowd of recruits.

    “Is who I’m grouped with really all that important?” Delan asked her.

    “For the Guild’s higher-ups, it doesn’t really matter who you get stuck with, but I’d like to think I haven’t done a proper job if the lot of you didn’t get proper partners,” the Murkrow replied.

    “Proper how?”

    “Well, type compatibility for starters. No point in putting a bunch of fire types in a group with a bunch of water types in another, right? Especially considering what’s at stake here. The test is a race of sorts, after all. First three teams who get to the end of the dungeon win a chance to get into our guild. And you can be sure someone’s going to consider eliminating the competition.” The Eevee gulped at hearing the last bit of Ferne’s orientation. Delan never considered himself as a decent battler.

    “Not only that, but we’ve got a couple of volunteers in the dungeon today. Their job will be to weed out the teams who can’t cut it, not that it’s the real point of this test,” added the Murkrow as she checked each group of Pokemon for their team members.

    “So what is the point of this test?” Delan asked.

    “Now that’d be cheating if I told you,” Ferne giggled. “Ah, looks like that group there’s one member short.” The silver Murkrow pointed her wing at two Pokemon standing closely together, separating themselves from the other groups via an imaginary boundary. As the Eevee and Murkrow noticed the registrants around them were already forming into teams, the two quickly hobbled over.

    “Hey there,” Ferne greeted the pair with a slight wave of her wing. “You guys seem to be one member short. What’s say you let this little fellow into your group?” She asked. Delan bowed courteously, though he wasn’t sure why, it wasn’t like the duo was any different from him.

    “I guess,” said the taller of the two Pokemon as he shrugged. He was blue in color, with a black mask around his eyes, and an equally black vest-like pattern on his torso. A gold ring was wrapped tightly around his neck and he looked at Delan with intensely red eyes. Those two eyes then turned over to the smaller Pokemon beside him, and she nodded quietly. She was a small, black and cream Pokemon with stubby limbs. Her eyes were squinted shut, and a long snout protruded from her face.

    “Oh good, I think the three of you should work out very nicely,” Ferne said cheerily. “Don’t be rude, then. Introduce yourselves and get ready. Once everyone’s been grouped, we can start.” Without anything further to add, the Murkrow stretched out her silver-feathered limbs and took off into the air again. “Oh right, I’ll tell Sami and the others you’ve found yourself a group, Delan,” she assured the Eevee before flying off. Delan grinned weakly, before turning over to his newfound partners.

    “W-well, I guess we’ll be working together then. I’m Delan,” the Eevee introduced. Again, he felt the need to bow politely, though it wasn’t paid too much heed by the group.

    “Kamui,” Said the blue Pokemon firmly. “It’s...nice to meet you.” The Riolu nodded slightly to Delan. The Pokemon next to him, a Cyndaquil, placed her paws on her chin and looked down. It seemed she was much more timid than the two, as there was a long silence before the smallest of whispers escaped her mouth.

    “I’m Nagi. It’s nice to meet you as well...I h-hope I’ll be able to help out somehow,” she added.

    “Me, too.” Delan replied, his tone in comparison to Nagi’s seemed much stronger, though both of them were quite the shy types. Kamui simply sighed in response.

    “A Riolu and a Cyndaquil, eh?” said RX thoughtfully. He, his fellow evolutions, and Ferne were making their way out of the Terminal as the Murkrow mentioned the group Delan had settled with. A grin played across the Flareon’s face as he silently worded his phrase again. Belle and Sami however, were still pouting at Ferne for stealing their fun away from them.

    “Yup, what do you make of it?” Ferne asked.

    “I think it’s a good team. They’ll be able to support each other rather well, I think,” RX responded. He then nodded over to Sami, who smiled slightly in turn. As the three exchanged sheepish looks with one another, Belle the Glaceon was waving eagerly as the doors to the Terminal closed slowly.

    “TAKE CARE, DELAN,” she yelled happily. “GOOD LUCK AND HAVE A GOOD TIME!”

    As the doors closed with a loud thud, chuckles and snickers began to reverberate around the room; travelling down towards the violently blushing Eevee. Kamui and Nagi stared at Delan and his rapidly reddening face. “Dude, was that your-“ Kamui was about to ask.

    “Heck no!” Delan snapped. Just out of the corner of his ear, he then heard a giggle. Delan and Kamui instinctively turned over to Nagi, who had her paws clasped over her mouth.

    “I-I’m sorry, I have no idea where that came from,” she squeaked.

    “ATTENTION DUELISTS!” Suddenly came a loud voice. Many of the Pokemon turned their heads in surprise, but none could pinpoint exactly where the voice came from. Delan, to his surprise was quite composed, and instead noted that the voice sounded rather familiar.

    “MY HEAD HAS SEALED OFF ALL THE EXITS!” it continued its announcements.

    “And I helped!” said a second voice eagerly.


    “Group Hug, everybody!”

    “Teleportation?” Kamui whispered.

    “Group-what?” Nagi asked.

    “Everyone grab each other’s paws!” Delan quickly cried out.



    The Terminal shook violently as the voices finished. The familiar, golden gears, springs and brick-a-brac from behind its walls spun, revolved, and whirred loudly. The glass walls themselves glowed intensely, and the inscriptions littered across their surfaces began crawling every which way. Several Pokemon looked up in shock, some even shrieking. High above them, the ceiling grunted and moaned, and slowly began rotating like a gigantic jar lid being screwed open. And before long, the room was bathed in a grand flash of light and colors as a loud whistle, followed by a great and terrible roar flooded the recruit’s senses.

    Moments later, as the Terminal gave off a heavy sigh, the light also faded away. The machinery calmed itself, the symbols relaxed on the glass walls, and the room grew dark for a brief moment. With a faint flicker, the Terminal’s lighting fixtures returned; Their warm glow spreading across a now empty room.
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    And its just amazing as always ^^ The little images are a nice touch, really nice to see you integrate those into the chapters too.

    Maybe I should get back to what I'm supposed to be doing this morning xD
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    Epic story thus far, RX, with so much awesome and funny. Its a pleasure to read. I've just read the first two Chapters again, and I'm looking forward to coming home from work later and reading the rest. Great story with some truly brilliant Character portrayals ♥
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