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PokeCharms Sprite Contest~!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tunolipede, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Tunduli becomes....ultra cool. [​IMG]
  2. Hello dear friends, my sincerest apologies as this weekly contest has taken about a month to accomplish because of my ever increasing workload. Luckily my business has given a few people more than enough time to enter the contest (I'm looking at YOU people who posted on the 29th!)

    HOWEVER! .... Tun and I are looking at the entries and will be coming to a decision soon! So, if you were debating whether or not to enter and it's taken you this long to decide then too bad! You had plenty of time. The winner should be decided shortly. Hopefully. Yes.

    That is all. *dances off stage* (because I was totally on a stage)
  3. [late]
    And the winner isssss ...


    Well done, and the entries this round were great :>

    Okay, so this time round, we're giving you until next Tuesday/Wednesday~

    The guest judge will beeee ...


    This weeks' theme is
    PokeMon Trainer + Teamshot
    You'll be making trainer sprites and making a teamshot for them, along with a little info about your OC. :>

    Here's an example!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This is Jon!
    He has an Aggron called Lucy, a Staraptor called Dyukai, an Umbreon called Mewn and an Espeon called Syun. He's 23 and has a little sister called Andi, who's 16, and he works as a camera man for Sinnoh's PokeNews. :>

    Next week, we'll be having a special contest - along with a guest judge I'm sure everyone knows for their artwork :>

    Your turn~! ♥

  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Once again, I try again...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You wanted a Trainer OC, and I delivered one! This is Tony, a member of Team Magma. He is seventeen at the moment, and his team consists of Seth the Buizel, Flynt the Quilava, Jake the Lucario, Vince the Flygon, Andre the Linoone, and Wes the Furret.
  5. Ked


    Choco Cow is joining this sprite contest once again!


    This is my OC, Katie. She's a new trainer, so she only has two Pokes. The Totodile was her starter. His name is Croco, and he had an ugly run-in with a nasty Purugly; the Purugly scarred his tail (not visible, leg in teh way) and irritated aroound his eye, making it brown. Tamii the Tailow was there when Croco was attacked. She tried to save Croco from the Purugly by pecking its eyes, making it tempararily blind, allowing them to escape. While she was attacking, the Purugly got a chunk of her tail, and two chunks of her wing. After rescuing them, Katie has two trusty partners.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Well not the best team shot but this is Pink. Pink is a Pokemon Coordinator and has 3 ribbions. Her Pokemon are Nidoking, Cleafable, Skitty, Flaafy, Vaporeon, and her partner Puffy the Jigglypuff.
  7. Well, even though I'll probably lose, here's my entry.

    [​IMG] and his team shot [​IMG]

    (Just so you now, I used most of the sprites from BW, but I also used that Robo chu from HGSS and sorta tweaked it. Oh, and I used a Team Galactic Grunt for his body, and Red's legs for his lower body. I think I used the grunt's ears and Silver's head as Derick's head. But I made his backpack.)

    Any way, this is Derick. Derick is a 17 year old boy who was getting bored of his training in the Darco region, so he and his Pal, Pikachu, set off to Milaborii, where he met these characters. Even though he was a D student in school, he has proven that you can't learn everything about Pokemon through books. He has trouble around girls, but once he gets to know them, he is a nice guy. He always keeps his Pikachu outside its ball, due to it being afraid of the dark.

    Edit: I'll put in a little team background story:

    1. Pikachu: Pikachu is Derick's best buddy, and ideally the strongest on his team. He has adopted so many of his mannerisms, it's hard to tell them apart.

    2. Infernape: When transversing an ancient Native Miraborii civilazation (pretty much like the Aztec empire), Derick stumbled apon a group of the surviving Natives training with these Fire apes. Since He didn't want to be killed, Dercik offered to try to pass the right of passage, where a boy could befreind a Chimchar through hand the hand combat. He did, and was aloud to leave. Infernape was adventurous as a Chimchar, then just Curious as a Monferno. As an Infernape, he became a calm warrior who is always itching to fight.

    3. Swampert: Derick encountered him as a Mudkip while transversing a swamp. Mudkip acted like a naive kid, always getting into trouble. As a Marshtomp, he stayed the same. As a Swampert, he is incredibally powerful, but he's still naiive about things. He considers Infernape to be his best friend.

    4. Scizor: Scizor was Derick's first pokemon received in a trade. He traded a Drapion for it, and has never regreted it. Scizor is like a ninja, calm and cool, but strikes quickly and strongly.

    5. Wargle (shiny): Wargle was captured in its present form. When Derick was traveling up the mountains, a predatory Wargle appeared and tried to eat Derick's Pikachu. However, just as Pikachu was about to be swallowed, he shocked him out of the sky. As it turned out, the shiny Wargle were more dominant in the Milaborii region than normal ones. However, this has not tainted his spirit, as Wargle is a gutsy fighter who does not seem to know when to quit.

    6. Sazando: Sazando was captured as a Monozu without a care in the world. Back then, he would listen to everything Derick said, that is, until he evolved into Jiheddo, then things turned for the worst. After his final evolution, Sazando was nearly out of control. He goes insane when the moon is full.
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  8. [​IMG] : That's my Teamshot
    [​IMG]]: That's my trainer

    This is Kimi. She is 16 years old and she loves pokemon. She has earned all eight of her badged in the Kanto League and has even beaten the League Champion Red. She is currently in the Sinnoh Region with seven of her badges so far. Together with her trusted pokemon, she has overcome so many difficulties. She is very funny and is easy to get along with. If angered she goes out of her way to do something bad to the person who angered her. Her two favorite colors are black and yellow. In most battles she starts with her Kyogre and ends with her Giratina. She has never lost a battle but who knows what other challenges are to come...
  9. Move over fokes, PokeKid's got one for the record books, let me intrduce you to Alexander or Xander for short
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    now xander here has a intresting back story............
    Alexander J. Cosmos, age 18, was the organal canadte for the spot as Battle Station Admiral, however due to an freak explosion during the corenation of the Battle Station, (made thanks to xanders 2nd in comand, Dash Nebula, the now leader of the terrorist group Team Nebula) Xander loss his right arm and left leg and had to get robotic lims inplanted for him to servive. he gave his title to a young trainer ,who was friends with Xanders former Girlfriend Grotto Princess Ariel, Max Master's, who acepted the job at the age of 17, Xander was going to be the only Advance Frontier Brain to use only 3 pokemon (from the Isshu Region) until Max took over ( due to the fact that the cybernetec implats and robotic limbs hurt Xander for the first year, and during that Max had defeted any trainer who challnged him, alowing Max to stay as the Brain while Xander became 2nd in comand).

    im working on Dash Nebula and will be uploading him to ether my sprite shop or sprite gallery so stay tuned! also if anyone wants to know more about team Nebula and the advantures of the advance frointer Brains and there never ending battle to stop team Nebula from takeing over the world, also stay tuned, im writeing the story as we speak........
    also for those who dont know whats on his eye thats a scouter like from DBZ, it alows the wearer to scan pokemon for statistics and helps chose the best attacks
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  10. Well, l I've got nothing to lose, so I might as well enter~~ I introduce to you, Marcus.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Here we have Marcus C. Fledge. He's head professor for Team Sharp, and he's very smart, but his experiments almost never work. He's in love with Avril Smitsum, the head of Team Sharp, but he probably has no chance with her. As a child, he was the smartest kid in all his classes, but was also a tease magnet. He majored in Pokemon breeding, human and Pokemon biology, and genetics. His sister, Melody, is his assistant, and he's started running genetic experiments. His team is small and simple: Rosalie the Happiny and Carmen the Castform.

    Team info: Rosalie was his first Pokemon ever. He got her a gift after graduating from college (Which, by the way, was Harvard.) He'd always been fascinated by the behavior of this particular Pokemon and its evolutions, so he got Rosalie, who has refused to evolve. She comes in handy when it comes to helping around the lab, but she often hides things from him. That's her mischievous nature, coupled with her love of round things (Which Marcus has a lot of these days...). She constantly tries to stuff Carmen into her pouch, much to her annoyance. During Marcus's experiments, she toddles around, picking up round objects, and chasing Carmen. And she knocks things down. Clumsy wanderer, as Marcus calls her.

    Carmen was a gift from Melody for his birthday, because she believed he wasn't getting out with Pokemon enough, being in his lab 24/7. He'd wanted a Castform because of the way it changes form with the weather. He takes her everywhere, on the chance that some freak weather catastrophe happens, and he needs Carmen. She's overall a bubbly Pokemon, with respect for Marcus. She often floats over his head during experiments, and sprinkles water on him when he's upset. Annoying, but fitting. She detests Rosalie a bit, due to the fact that she constantly tries to stuff her into her pouch. She can't help the fact that she looks like a little ball for her to play with.

    I used the HG/SS scientist as his base, with arms from the B/W backpacker and scientist. I scratched the sweat drop. It's there, because he messed up an experiment. Again. Pokemon sprites are from HG/SS.
  11. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is Jonah. He is a 16 year old boy from Lilycove and has lived with pokémon since he was a little kid. He has a sister named Annie and is still fighting to get all the gym badges of the world, even if he still has a long way to go. When fighting, he relays more on tactic than force and is almost undefeated because of that (the only one ever beaten him is Annie).

    His Pokémon is Ampliphy the Ampharos, Marrow the Marowak, Lucy the Bayleef, Mittens the Purugly, Fen the Sealeo and Freddy the Dusclops.
  12. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Here is Jeydis, she travels the world attending pokemon breeding and battling seminars and enjoys life on the road. She is 25 years old and trains pokemon at a pokemon ranch on a island not far from Dewford in Hoenn. Seen here with her usual team (her pelipper Lima is also used for traveling)

    - Decibel the Female Denchura, received from a mysterious package at the ranch as an egg from an anonymous sender. Is a bit of a glutton and quite volatile. Jolly nature.

    - Terrox the Male Torterra, having started off from home and with a pokemon that belonged to her family, Jeydis had never received a starter. That is until she arrived in Sinnoh. Terrox is the powerhouse of the group, preferring to remain on the offensive during battles and always ready to rumble. Brave nature.

    - Kendra the Female Ludicolo. Kendra has been with Jeydis for a very long time, they met near Petalburg city at the beginning of her journey. Kendra, then a Lotad was hiding in Jeydis' tent to escape wild Poochyena. Kendra is a defensive type when battling, preferring to outlast her opponents then overpower them. She is timid natured.

    - Nox the Male Kecleon, Met near her hometown of Fortree, Nox had been causing a lot of trouble at the local furniture store, using his color changing abilities to sneak passed the humans and play pranks on the customers. Jeydis caught the rowdy pokemon after the owner of the store had threatened to harm him. Naughty nature, likes to sneak up on opponents and attack from behind.

    - Fluke the female Grumpig. Jeydis met Fluke at a caravan in northern Hoenn. The local fortune teller was forcing the psychic type to use its abilities to predict clients fortunes and get money. The old hag was not treating young fluke correctly and often locked her up when she no customers were around. Discovering this Jeydis rescued the young grumpig and raised her as her own. Quiet Nature, does not like battling much.

    - Izzy the female Meowth, recently obtained at a local pokemon center where Izzy had been abandoned. Izzy does not battle much as of yet since she is quite young but enjoys playing with the other pokemon and hunting for shiny objects, which comes in handy on Jeydis' travels. Hasty nature.
  13. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football


    ... What do you want? Oh, I'm supposed to introduce myself? Well hello hello, the name's Kelvin, Kelvin Bohr. Yes, I'm from the Isshu region, or, more specifically, Raimon City. But do NOT go looking for my house; I will murder you in your sleep if I find even a slight imprint of your shoe on my front porch. (Not like I'm ever there these days since I'm so busy, but you don't know that, now, do you?) I haven't left Isshu yet, but I should be allowed to travel once I've done all my work. What kind of work? I can't tell you that, suckers. :p

    Oh, here's a picture of me and my team.


    Of course, I do have more Pokemon, but these guys are my best fighters.

    That guy with three heads is my Sazando, Dyne. He's not as scary as he looks, though I would like it if he was a bit more serious. Stupid thing, always pulling pranks on me... unfortunately, this guy was my starter, so I've had to put up with this nonsense for about seven years now. He's similar to me in a few ways, I guess, since he's easily irritated. Not that I'm as volatile as he is; where'd you get that idea from? D:<

    Ampere's a very different story. He never whinies or speaks or whatever Zeburaikas do to communicate. He doesn't even hit the ground with his foot! It gets soooo annoying at times, but he's a reliable Pokemon. Ironically, even though he's the shyest of all my Pokemon, he's almost always getting into fights with Dyne. Which annoys me even MORE.

    Silly little Joule is always trying to act all cute and stuff, which gets frustrating at times but is otherwise okay. She really likes berries, so it's easy to bribe her to do something just by waving a Pecha in front of her muzzle. Poor thing's in love with Ampere, who's just totally oblivious to her childish attempts at flirting with him.

    Her best friend, Candela the Doredia, is also rather adorable in my opinion. No, she doesn't go all moe-moe, thank goodness. She always does whatever I tell her to do, even if that means sprinkling some itching powder on short-tempered Dyne (as pay-back for stealing my sandwich the other day).

    The last guy's the lone wolf of the gang, Lumen. He's never wanted to evolve, which really irritates me! I always try to get him to, but no matter what I do he just has that uncanny ability to hold back... gah! Stupid Ranpurra. I do feel sorry for the thing, though, since he's always left out for some reason. Sweet Candela's always trying to cheer him up, though I think he likes being alone. Meh.

    ((OOC: I will love you forever if you know exactly where I got my Pokemon's names without having to google them. :'D))
  14. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OC ahoy :3

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This here's Dean Hale, currently 19 years of age. His team consists of Don the Honchkrow, Psych the Gallade, Hover the Scizor, Brook the Marowak (who is male), Cleo the Riolu, and Crash the Tauros

    ((OOC: I believe those are units of energy Shiny :'D))
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  15. Single--->[​IMG] Team Shot--->[​IMG]

    Lucas Inherited Marill From his Older Brother Kyle. He Took an interest in the Pokemon Trainer Portection Team which his brother worked for.
    He was assigned to Isshu in order to take down Team Plasma and Encountered his two other companions along the way. He is 15 year of age and likes to take part in Contests and Gym Battles.

    Marill Was Originally not given a Nickname but Lucas Settled for Bubble when he inherited her.

    Futachimaru Is a sturdy Male Pokemon. Originally Mijumaru was unable to battle because of an injury. But when he evolved he was more Powerful than before. He was given the name Flynn

    Washibon is still a baby and only knows basic moves. However his sense of humour has brought A smile to everyones face. He was named Ollie.
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  16. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ok first is my sprite of my original character Suki Miyena, A 13 year old girl from the hoeen city of rustboro. She is usually a calm minded person and travels with her pokemon companions;

    Shelly the mijumaru- Shelly was a gift to Suki from her uncle from the isshu region, a playful ad carefree spirit, shelly is always getting into mischeif.

    Emerald the linoone- Emerald was caught as one of Suki's first pokemon, she was a naughty zigzagoon who stole an emerald from Suki's mother and resulted in Suki chasing her all over the petalburg woods.

    Cairo the leparadesu- Cairo was at first a lonely choroneko until Suki found her in an ally in rustboro city, the two have grown very close have won many a battle together.

    Kimber the Kirlia- Suki and Kimber first met in the petalburg forest where Suki watched and trained her to dance.

    Cottonsocks the mareep- a family pet that adored Suki and wished to come on her journey with her.

    Malificent the mawile- A sleek cunning mawile who used to play tricks on Suki before she was dumbfounded and caught.
  17. [​IMG]

    Hi, Neverlance here! This is actually my very first sprite. I thought he turned out well. Here's his story:

    Trevor Mitchell

    Trevor Mitchell is a regular 15 year-old boy. When he was younger, living in the crime-filled West End of Veilstone City, Trevor's father was sentenced to 20 years in Prison, accused of theft, drug dealing, and manslaughter, while his mother was put into a mental hospital, traumatised by the event. Trevor spent most of his life on a small farm outside Solaceon Town, with his Aunt and Uncle. His Uncle was an over-all nice man, but got drunk often, and got very violent when he was. His Aunt knew about this abuse, so she contacted Sensei Hiroshi of the New Mahogany Dojo of Ninjitsu, and explained the problem. After discussing it with Trevor, the ninjas came in the night, and took Trevor away. After a long flight, they finally arrived at Mahogany Town. He's been training there ever since. There is a scarf system at the Dojo, to show levels of skill. It goes like this:

    No scarf->Yellow scarf->Pink scarf->Blue scarf->Green scarf->Red scarf->White scarf

    As you can see, Trevor is a Green scarf, lvl 5. Ninjas are also allowed 3 Pokemon. Here are Trevor's:

    1. Kailub (Riolu) - Trev's first Pokemon, and his best bud. Kailub doesn't want to evolve, so he stays like he is forever. Calm natured.

    2. Hariyama - Trevor's second Pokemon. A bit of a flirter. He's smitten with Sensei Hiroshi's Kojondo, although she is oblivious to his advances. Jolly natured.

    3. Machamp: Trevor's newest Pokemon. A quick thinking (considering all the blows to the head), hard-hitting son-of-a-gun, Machamp can defeat most of the other Ninja's Pokemon with one punch! Hasty natured.

    I may be using him in the fanfic I'm planning......just maybe :p
  18. http://s870.photobucket.com/albums/ab26 ... otgenv.png
    Sorry, I don't know how to put up pictures on threads. :( Here's the URL.

    This is the first time I've done a trainer in a while.

    His name is Alex. Alex Adamson.

    He lives in Hiun City, and has trained an exceptionally strong team. He picked Pokabu as his starter Pokemon, and soon caught Yanappu as well. He travelled to Sinnoh after he beat the Isshu league, but after battling hard enough, he found that the Sinnoh battle fronteir was too challenging for him. He is currently in Sinnoh training for his next challenges.

    His Pokabu is nicknamed Steve.
  19. this is Toby he is from sinnoh and fantina of hearthome citys gyms son he is 19 and is a ghost type trainer like his mother his team consiseds of Flow his driflim who flys with the wind, Doll his bannette whos very cheeky, crystal his female sableye who is more of a contest pokemon, lady dream his miss magimus with the strogest defence of his team and perferced to graduly kill her apponent, hans his duskanoir with the shadow punch to wake up a snorlax and last but not least his strongest pokemon with a death shadow ball attak his travelling companion RATH his beloved Gengar

    Attached Files:

  20. [​IMG]

    Say Hello to the confident young male Trainer, Tobias Aurelio. Tobias is 15 years old and is from the small Pacifidlog Town, and has recently been travelling around all of the different regions of the Pokémon world. His powerful team has became even stronger over the many years he's accompanied them.

    Duke (Blastoise) - Duke was oddly enough, Tobias' starter Pokémon in Hoenn. It was given to him as a present from his Mother, who knew that he had a liking to the Water - Type starters around the regions, and the Squirtle would be easy to train in the clean, sea covered area. Duke has now evolved from a small and agile Squirtle to a large and powerful Blastoise. Duke is also Tobias' main source of transportation, as it knows the strong water type move HM03 Surf.

    Victor (Hitmonchan) - Victor was captured on a certain route in Sinnoh as a small Tyrouge. As Tobias battled with it, it slowly became obvious Victor liked to throw violent punches. Making sure it was focused more in punching, it eventually evolved into a powerful Hitmonchan. It has a tendancy to often use the elemental punch moves (Ice punch, Thunder punch e.t.c.), and often finishes battles by combining one of the elemental punches with a destructive Sky Uppercut.

    Vault (Rypherior) - Tobias' Rypherior Vault is not something you'd want to mess with in a battle. Caught in Kanto and evolved in Sinnoh, this bad boy has enough power to destroy a rock three times it's size with a Hammer Arm or Horn Drill. The battle tank of Tobias' team, it mainly focuses on using it's raw power for protection, as the Pokemon itself is very sluggish.

    Cyanide (Nidorino) - Cyanide was again, caught in Kanto's Safari Zone and shows that Nidokings that have freshly evolved straight after they become Nidorinos aren't always the strongest. Cyanide is learning as many powerful moves as it possibly can before it is given a Moon Stone to evolve into Nidoking. Nidorino currently specialises in being a balanced memeber of the team, using basic moves like Double Kick and Horn Attack, and uses it's ability Poison Point to it's extent on the battlefield.

    Scythe (Ninjask) - Sycthe, as most Ninjasks are, is the speedy and agile Pokémon in the team. Oddly enough though, Scythe still knows dig from when it was a Nincada in Hoenn, meaning that along with Double Team, it can become a really hard Pokémon to battle.
  21. [​IMG] That's the team pic.
    I am too lazy to upload the trainer. (You can see it well enough.)
    This is Anna, 10 years old, born in Fortree City. She is Pokemon-crazy and is a very serious trainer. Strangely, she did not get any starter but, much like Wally, she was given a Pokeball and sent into the wild. She was lucky enough to catch a wild shiny Electrike which soon evolved into Manetric very quickly. She named it Darkbolt. Her collection grew with Milotic, Aggron, Wailord, Pidgeot, and Flygon. She has 13 league badges and has defeated Red and the Hoenn elite 4. She is the youngest Hoenn champion that did not lose 1 fight.
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  22. Okay, so nowww ...

    Entering is now CLOSED.

    Kthx~! ♥

    Zacky and I will be releasing the results tomorrow. :>​
  23. Okay, so, after talking this over with Zacky, this week we have a two way tie~!

    The winners are ...

    Shiny (and) Jeydis!

    It was /really/ close this week, both of us loooooved loads of the entries, soooo yeah~! This week has to be one of the bests :D

    Our new judge is ...


    Who kindly suggested our new theme, which isss ...


    This is my lovely Halloween Doredia, dressed up like a witch, you see~?
    For your entry, you may dress up a PokeMon in a Halloween-y costume, as a different PokeMon, or a trainer as a PokeMon or in a Halloween-y costume or cosplay~! (80x80 sprites, remember)

    So, go forth and sprite~! ♥

    (Note: This contest will run right up until the 30th of October for entries and 1st November for so RX and I can get ready past Halloweeny :>)

  24. Ked



    My vampire^^

    Yes, that is a coffin in the beackground, with a web and a spider on it >_<

    It was fun to make, and that's what matters.

    Well, winning is awesome too ♥
  25. [​IMG]

    HELLO, WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY A GAME? (By the way, you have no choice but to say yes.)

    Billy, from the movie Saw. I know he's not exactly Halloween-ish, but hey. He was and idea, and I had the perfect sprite, and... That tricycle is from the items bag, which I recently discovered, so I edit! Anyway, he belongs to the Saw creators, just to clear up that copyright law thingy.

    Anyway, happy haunting, and don't let the vampires bite!~~
  26. [​IMG]


    No seriously. You cannot have Halloween without a blood sucking bat cosplay thing... errr... or whatever that thing is.

    I've love the patches on the wings.
  27. [​IMG] sorry i did not show it before does this show its the BLUE BY DAY WEREBLUE BY NIGHT

    sorry its a bit big

    Edited by Magpie. Use the edit button yourself next time, rather than triple posting.
  28. [​IMG] Yuniran is also a witch for Halloween this year :)

    Kinda simple but I got bored pretty fast.
  29. Not as simple as mine Virgil!


    Rotom is dressing up as a ghost for halloween this year!

    Come on, you can't say that isn't ♥ worthy.
  30. Well. not that big of an edit, so...


    Blaziken and Jolteon love Halloween, so they decked out to scare some kids and get a bunch of candy! Too bad they don't know anyone with thumbs to help hold their Halloween Baskets. (Ps, if I'm not allowed to use 2, I'll just submit this guy.)
  31. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Drifloon has decided to dress up as a pumpkin this halloween :)

    #111 BlackRoseJack, Oct 22, 2010
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  32. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    "There's thrills and chills and girls galore, there's sing-songs and surprises, There's something here for everyone: reserve your seat today! There's mischiefs and malarkies, but no queers or yids or darkies within this bastards carnival: this vicious cabaret!"
    - V
  33. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Choroneko is a zombie for halloween. Shes green because well I wanted her to be so :p [​IMG]
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  34. [​IMG]
    (No transparacy)

    Simply a recolor.

    Haunter also wants to be a part of the holiday celebration!
  35. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    She's decided to attend a halloween masquerade ball~
    (totally my crappiest sprite in a while)
  36. Happy Halloween? :D

    [​IMG](Exactly 80x80)

    Ghost Knight Gallade and his undead Rapidash have come to steal your souls! Fear the swift, painful strikes of his merciless blade!
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  37. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Name: Rotsnomo

    Weight: 547 lbs

    Height: 13' 7"

    Purpose: Being a beast

    Attached Files:

  38. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Submissions have been closed, Totodude, and your sprite also doesn't fit any of the criteria described in the contest. Pay more attention next time.
    #118 Sem, Nov 2, 2010
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  39. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    sorry, but i know that. i simply posted for the heck of it. And as for the criteria, well, like i said, i wasn't trying to enter, i was just posting randomly.
  40. If you were posting with no regard to the rules of the contest and simply to display your own art, than that would be thread hijacking, or spamming at the very least; which is needless to say against the rules of the Sprite forums. Please create your own sprite thread with regards to the forum's rules if you wish to display your own artwork.
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