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Pokécharms Question and Answer Session: X and Y Eurogamer Demo

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    As I do quite frequently, I'll be heading to the Eurogamer Expo in London on September 27th, along with some of the Pokécharms staff. This year, Pokémon X and Y will be playable at the expo, so chances are I'll be spending a lot of time playing it during the day!
    Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 19.16.57.png
    Which leads me to the point of this article: I plan to hold a sort of unofficial Q&A session, where I take questions from Pokécharms members and try and find the answers in the demo.

    These questions can be almost anything regarding the games, but do bear in mind i'll be playing a limited demo - most of the features in the full games won't be available for me to try, as the demo is designed to be 10-15 minutes long. Even so, I'll try and answer the questions as best as I can based on the information we have - our Cryptidex has lots of information about the games already.

    To submit questions, simply click through on this article and leave a comment at the bottom - you'll need to be registered and logged into a Pokécharms account to do so. :)
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Teapot, Sep 18, 2013.

    1. Toastie
      Awesome! The expo is in over a week, but I'd like to get my questions posted so that I don't forget them.

      I have two questions, and it'd be amazing to get them answered, as obscure as they may be.

      1. When a Pokémon uses Fly, does a bubble surround it like in previous games?
      2. Although it's obviously going to be difficult to tell exactly, how good are Flabébé's stats, and are they indicative of it having/not having an evolution?

      Thanks so much for taking the time to do this Q&A session, hope you enjoy the demo!
    2. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      Omg this sounds fun. Have fun, guys! ♥
      I do have some questions
      How many Pokemon are in the Kalos Pokedex?
      Is the cycling music just as annoying this gen as in previous gens? |D
      Is it possible to get an Eevee, either in the wild or as a gift, pre-game? And, on that note, are there older Pokemon available for capture and whatnot pre-game?
    3. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      My only question is: Do other Pokemon besides Pikachu use their Anime cries? So far in the trailers Pikachu is the only one saying its name while every other Pokemon has their standard in-game cry which I find kind of odd.
    4. Teapot
      I can answer that one right now: Yes, there are old Pokémon in the Kalos regional Pokédex, and thus in the wild, from the start of the game. I'd lay good money on Eevee being in the regional Pokédex, but wouldn't be able to confirm that yet.
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    5. ShinyZekrom009
      Alright, then, I do have some questions.

      1. Will X and Y have time-based changes? (Music, Environment, Wild Pokemon, etc.)
      2. Will there be a Fairy-Type Gym Leader/Elite Four member?
      3. Can any of the Mega Stones be obtained before beating the main story?
      4. Will there be any new kinds of Pokeballs?
      5. Will there be any new TMs?
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    6. Doubled
      1. What do the stats for the starters look like they'll play out to be? (as in, which one specializes in defense/ attack, etc).
      2. About where on the map is the starting town positioned?
      3. Can you remove the hat?
    7. Pikamon Bennett
      Pikamon Bennett
      I've got some questions.... First of all, will there be Mega Evos of all of the starters from every gen? Will Diantha be the Champion? Thanks for takin the time to answer my questions!
    8. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      There are a few questions here that can be answered already, so I'll just jump in now to clear the easy ones away:

      We've seen part of the Fly animation already, so here's a screengrab that probably answers your queries:


      The demo, almost definitely just being the same demo already doing the rounds elsewhere, locks out the stats screen, so we won't be able to find this out.

      That won't be available in the demo, but we do know there are 3 Pokedex regions in X/Y, and a spate of new interviews would seem to confirm that all previous Pokemon are included in the games.

      In an interview with Eurogamer, Masuda confirmed that only Pikachu uses its anime cry as a special treatment for being the star of the series. We do know, however, that there are new cries for a lot/all of the previous Pokemon - and that they actually have more than one. We can hear from Pokemon Amie demos that Pokemon respond with a different cry according to the actions there - and they may respond differently in battle too. It'll probably be hard to check any more about this ourselves at Eurogamer because of the noise of the convention hall, though.

      I'll eat my hat if there isn't.

      It seems that you get one in the story-line itself as part of your interactions with Korrina the Gym Leader. Plus, you get Blazikenite through the event.

      I'd be amazed if there weren't new Pokeballs of some description, but even more amazed if the TMs weren't entirely renumbered.

      From what we know about the start of the game, that small town area at the southern most part of Kalos' map is the Vanniville Town, the starting area.

      There won't be any character customisation in the demo, but the artwork for the feature on the Pokemon X/Y site does feature the female protagonist without a hat, and so does an image from the PSS - so it does seem to be possible:

      Again, the latest interviews indicate that there will be no Mega Evolutions for any 6th Generation Pokemon - which would probably include the starters. I'd be amazed if the rest of the starters didn't have any though. Of course, the strategy for including more Mega Evolutions down the line will dictate how we really define that. IF they go the route of DLC/Patches, then they could later include Mega Evolutions for some Pokemon - including other starters - then, rather than them being coded into the game but unavailable. The possibility for being able to update the games this time means our usual ability to identify Pokemon that aren't officially revealed to begin with (like Arceus, etc) might be nullified by the data simply not being there this time.
    9. baratron
      Holy crap, that image:o. All the customised trainer pictures.
    10. PreuBen
      I've been wondering this for a while so I hope that it could be answered.
      Q: Will Pokémon contests like those from generation 3 and 4 be in X and Y? To me it seemed kind of weird that this wouldn't be in the game, if it already isn't, because the theme of generation 6 is beauty and in Pokémon contests the main idea is also beauty. I personally really loved the contest in Pokémon: Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum versions and have been hoping that it would be added in X and Y. Thanks!
    11. Shawn W.
      Shawn W.
      Did team Flare pop up while you were playing? If so what type of pokemon were they using?
    12. Umbreon123
      team flare has fire types right?
    13. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      So, we got to play the demo yesterday - and yes, it was identical to the previous demos, as we expected - so, to confirm, that means no Team Flare, extra trainer battles, viewable stats, etc. There are comprehensive videos of the demo online from previous events, so if you want to know exactly what was there, go check them out.

      In terms of opinions, the game plays and looks a treat. As usual with 3DS games, the screenshots and videos do them no justice whatsoever. Once you get them running on real hardware everything starts to make sense. This is, hands down, the prettiest Pokemon game ever made - and, I'd actually hazard a guess at saying it's one of the prettiest games Nintendo's ever published (though, obviously, it'd take something dramatic to knock Windwaker off its well-deserved perch). The fact that GameFreak insisted on sticking to a familiar looking style has meant that the game does not look like it's trying to reach beyond the limits of the hardware, and instead makes the absolute best of it. The anime-style shading on the Pokemon models gives them a level of quality that some examples from the Pokedex 3D fall over from (no plastic/rubbery looking textures, for example), and really does suck you in to the battles as if you were playing GameFreak's vision of the anime.

      The battles flow pretty quickly, and I think you'd be a fool to turn the animations off (if you even can) thanks to how lively the battles feel as a result. You can spot a few hidden loading screens if you know what to look for and there is - in the pre-release demo version at least - a slightly uncomfortable couple of seconds between the battle starting and the battle options being displayed on screen. But those may be ironed out in the final game - and certainly wouldn't be a game breaking issue if not.

      In all, the game does look, and feel, and play like an entirely new game. After two very similar generations on the DS, it's more than a breath of fresh air, it's an entire lifetime's worth. GameFreak are trying really hard to pick up any fans that lapsed during the previous generations - and I definitely think they'll succeed. I'd like to think that a lot of what's going on with these games would also make them very happy - but there's no accounting for some people's tastes. If I was in that position myself, though, I'd be considering it pretty much bang on what I'd be looking for in a new game to bring me back in. Really, having been a bit less involved with Gen V after release (though, obviously, still playing the games), I do somewhat have that feeling anyway. X and Y feel like the games to get me as excited about the series as I was back in 1998.

      On a smaller note, I actually got to demo the game on a 2DS as well for bonus points. In short, the pictures of the unit do it little justice in really explaining it - so see it for yourself in stores before making any real judgements about it - but it really does look like a neat, solid piece of kit. The feel of using it actually is pretty damn good. That wedge shape means it never feels uncomfortable to slip down from the analog slider to the touchscreen, and - actually, it's a lot more comfortable to use with my massive man hands than the original 3DS. Aside from lacking the 3D effect, its biggest weakness is really just the screen size. Less of a problem for the kids at which the unit is aimed, but the 3DS XL's screen is pretty much the perfect size for me. Were it not for that fact, I'd have to say I'd definitely consider a 2DS as an extremely viable option for picking up the hardware cheap to play the latest Pokemon games on. I'd say that unless you really wanted the 3D effect, it'd be the better choice over the original 3DS - which makes it all the more baffling that they're not discontinuing the line, really.
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    14. Trainer Teal
      Trainer Teal
      1.Will there be a new gym for fairy types?
      2.When riding pokemon will you go alot faster?
      3.Has the customization have a alot to choose from?
    15. MaxineZoruaLuna
      I just have one question is there a dark type gym leader?

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