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Pokecharms Halloween RP! All Hallow's Eve

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Zachary, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Halloween was a joyous time to some, other’s it was their worst fear and nightmare. The day of fright only comes once a year and most people tend to get the most out of it for them. Dressing in costumes, trick-or-treating around for candy, pulling pranks… Everyone had their own tradition for Halloween. Everyone does.

    PokeCharms has its own tradition for Halloween, by holding the grand Costume Masquerade Ball every year for its Admins, Mods and Members to come and enjoy the day of Halloween. Everyone chip’s in to help create a grand ball that is even better then the previous one last year. The decorations are one in a kind as they are so realistic that they can cause an unsuspecting person to go unconscious from the fright. The food is superb as the great cooks of PokeCharms came together and created the most beautiful (yet scary) pieces of edible artwork that anyone has ever seen. This Masquerade Ball is going to be one for the memories.


    The ballroom was styled as a dark medieval castle; the stone walls were overcastted by a dark shadow, creating an eerie effect. Cob webs decorated random corner’s of the ballroom with fog gently lying on the floor in a cold embrace. People roamed around in their various themed costumes that they have prepared for this special occasion, no one had the same costume at all. The dance floor was the only section that didn’t have any fog resting on it due to the tracking of the feet movement during dancing with the DJ set up at the side of the dance floor, mixing his turn table to a rap song. Various spooky activities were set up in random spots of the ballroom like a mini haunted house and various odd games. The long buffet line was set up against the wall, people lined up alongside of it with plates, gathering their food if it weren’t for one man stalling the process.

    “Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.” Was the only thing heard emitting forth from the man in the Viking costume that even sounded remotely human as he pigged out at the buffet line, the man stood tall and muscular, he had a feral look going on, with the Viking costume adding to it. A long menacing sword hung at his left hip as it swayed side to side as he ran up and down the buffet line, gorging himself on the delicious foods that were made for this special occasion. The fog on the floor slowly dissipating, due to his frantic running steps.

    “Hey Zacky, chill out man, leave some food for the rest of the guest.” A random man in a knight costume called out to him, he held his plate out in front of him with his foot taping impatiently.

    Zacky snorted loudly, jets of fire flew out of his nostrils in amusement at the weird man in the knight costume.

    “As if man, I’m starving.” He replied as he stuffed his mouth full with a crab cake, he filled his plates up with food and took off to the nearest table, chowing down on the amazing grub that the chef’s prepared. He stared out into the ballroom to see if anyone he knew was close.
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  2. "Om nom nom nom nom." Secad said obnoxiously as she devoured a small pecan tart while sitting at her table. Right now, it was just her and Fi eating as the others were getting food. Secad, being Secad, ran first to the line to grab the food as soon as it opened.

    Quiet, would ya? Fi asked, jokingly eating her crudites on her half of the plate. Ah NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM to you too!

    They were at the ball in the wonderful semi-medieval atmosphere, with an actually decent rap tune playing. Secad usually hated rap, finding it hard to dance to with little or no melody.

    What's this, Lil Mama? Secad asked, mentally as her mouth was too full to speak. Crumbs were falling on the strapless black bust and black-and-white flower pattern skirt of her short, non-ball gown. Yes, she wanted to be different at this costume party; wearing semi-formal to this ball.

    (OoC: I actually wore this to prom:h ttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00378KT08/ref= ... B00378KT08)

    Yep. Fi replied, nicely roasting a bit of carrot with a quick flame and some rosemary pilfered from Secad's lamb, carefully as not to burn the grey tablecloth. Finally, a female rapper.

    "Want to go party now?" Secad asked excitedly, readjusting her pinstriped fedora and brushing crumbs out of her wavy, shoulder length hair. Messy eating was especially hilarious in formal clothes, but crumbs were just irritating.

    Fi looked up shortly, red eyes meeting brown, both pairs flickering to the scarred tail of the white gerbil. It was a Fallout injury. Nah, I still have food to finish. I'll meet you up there if I can. Besides, my tail hurts a bit.

    "Mmmkay." Secad replied, not worried. With a short, casual two-fingered salute, walking towards the dance floor. "See you!"

    (OoC: I'm ready for interaction! About now, I'll be on the dance floor, dancing horribly but having fun.)
  3. Why did the decorators have to put cobwebs in there? Kerauno thought as he exited the restrooms. He loathes spiders, but he can never avoid those invisible spider condos. He had to insert his contacts, for he couldn’t attend the ‘Charms Masquerade Ball in his glasses. They would make him look stupid in his Goth outfit, contradicting his blood-stained face.

    He skirted around the densely packed dance floor, as to avoid the many dancing people. The ball turned out quite well, Kera thought with a small smile. He glanced at the buffet table, seeing a line that already stretched halfway around the dance floor. He hadn’t gotten anything yet, so he decided to risk the wait.

    Kera casually strolled around the floor, and reared up to the line. Suddenly, he felt a tug on his cape. He turned to see a clawed hand sticking out of the ground, grabbing at the hem of his cape. Kera rolled his eyes and muttered, “Oh, please...” and pulled at the cape to free it from the hand. A moment later, the hand let go, and he fell backward, hitting his head on the ground. He heard a few muffled laughs around him, but he ignored them and got to his feet and dusted off his black jeans and shirt. There were black smudges on the floor from his hair; he had sprayed it black.

    Wow, the decorators really went all-out on the decorations, Kera thought, getting in the back of the slow-moving line. Already he’d been scared witless twice, and he’d only been there ten minutes. Granted, the dead bodies outside were quite lifelike, and imagine his horror when they began to move...

    Kera felt a slight prod from behind, and he realized the line had moved several feet to the edge of the table. He rushed to catch up, and quickly took a red plate from the stacks. As he progressed, he began snatching random things from the table; roast chicken, buttered rolls, chocolate biscotti.

    His plate full, Kera retreated to a deserted table at the back of the room, and took a knife to the chicken. He glanced around the room, eying the various activities scattered about. A ring toss, which looked interesting, for you had to throw the hoops at upright bones; a fortune telling booth, which looked very creepy, but worth looking into; and a small haunted house situated at the back. Every once in a while, Kera would hear a terrified scream issue from the house, followed by a boy or girl running out, absolutely horrified.

    Kera finished off his biscotti, and decided to check out the haunted house. He again skirted around the dance floor, and up to the haunted house. From afar, it just looked like a hulking black mass with windows and a door. Up close, it was much more frightening. The windows were cracked, black curtains billowing, although there was no breeze. The door was wood, covered in scratches, and closed tight. Kera could see eerie lights on inside and shapeless shadows passing through, but couldn’t make out what they were.

    There were very few people waiting to get in, only two or three. They were cringing in front of the house, like it was about to eat them. Admittedly, Kera was a bit scared himself, but he bravely walked up to the door, turned the handle, and pulled it open. A chilling breeze washed over him. Hesitantly, he stepped inside, the door slamming shut behind him. Now he was scared.

    (OoC: Awright, I'm ready to get scared out of my mind. At this time, I'd be walking around the haunted house, trying not to scream, even though I really want to. Also, "invisible spider condos." Cookie if you get my reference.)
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ((OOC: Eeee, I has a date this time! Only for it to get ruined but that's okay~))


    Lyni looked around the massive ballroom, once again shocked by the decorations everyone had put up for this event. Cob webs were put up in all the nooks, crannies, and corners of the room, a light mist hung around the room eerily, and even the dark walls contributed to the ominous atmosphere in the air.

    Just the type of ornamentations one would expect to find for a ball on Halloween.

    Lyni’s costume, as always, didn’t quite match up with the mood. Instead of being some creepy monster or warrior or something of the sort that one would expect someone celebrating Halloween to wear, the girl dressed herself up as a shiny water nymph, complete light-blue dress with coral-esque hairclips, shell earrings, and seaweed-colored ribbons on her dress. Her black hair, usually straight, was made wavy for the occasion, let down instead of tied up in the high pigtails she usually wore (and covered with ribbons that looked a lot like seaweed). And, of course, because it was a masquerade ball, she had on a little sparkly blue mask she had made at home, which concealed most of the upper half of her face save for her violet eyes.

    Even though it’s been more than three years since she first joined the forums, the girl still wasn’t used being around all these people, several whom she didn’t know yet would greet her like old friends. In cases like that, she would just smile and say a polite hello, only to go back to minding her own business. Usually she wasn’t so formal, but occasions like these made it seem like cheerfulness and childishness were not the norm. Especially if the occasion included a spooky room.

    At least I have a really awesome date this time, thought Lyn as she cuddled closer to the boy next to her. It was her first year going to the ball with a date, which, as she found out, made the experience a whole lot better for some reason. Maybe it was the fact that you weren’t alone or something. Plus, the fact that their costumes complimented each other was totally a plus. She as a water nymph and he as an abyss spirit really worked out well, with the light blue juxtaposed with the midnight blue and black.

    Lyni looked around the ballroom, noticing all the people she knew doing, well, expectable stuff. Secad was on the dance floor, her friend/gerbil Fi was eating away at the snack table, and Zacky… well, Zacky was being Zacky, stuffing as much food as he could into his mouth. Remembering that this was a party, Lyni turned to her date asked, “So, wanna dance, Karu?”
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: Lovely dress, Secad, but your link needs fixed just so you know. There's a space between the h and the ttp =)

    "Halloween again already, huh?" Sem said as he stood on a balcony that looked over the dance floor - staff only, of course. It was important to moderate at all times, especially considering what happened last Halloween.

    "I wasn't here last year, but this looks like a fun time," said the voice of a woman standing next to Sem - somewhat flirtatiously. "C'mon and dance me with," she continued, pulling the creature half her size along after her.

    Costumes weren't easy when you were a meter high and an otter-thing. Lysis, the woman dragging him down to the dance floor, had convinced him to simply dye his fur black and get some red contacts for his eyes. He also had little bat wings attached to his back. Other than that he looked pretty much the same aside from his attire. His regular black, sleeveless top with the decorative zippers and buckles was now replaced by a similar one, only it was white. He didn't wear a mask - people weren't likely to incorrectly guess who he was regardless.

    Lysis herself was decked out as a pirate wench. Not a very original idea, but rocking the look was what counted, and Lysis could rock it and then some. Black, leather, stiletto, cuffed boots when up to just below her knees. She wore a pair of fishnet stockings on her legs, which were mostly bare save for the short skirt that she wore, which was made of white lace and silk. Her blouse was red and military-styled, with gold trim and buttons down the middle. The blouse covered part of the skirt and also left the neck and upper chest wide open, leaving not very much to the imagination. Across her torso she wore a black leather belt over the blouse. She also wore a military-styled frock coat, which was black with gold buttons, that went down to her knees. The white lace of the sleeves she wore underneath the coat stuck out of the sleeves of the coat. Upon her head was a captain's hat, black with a red lace trim and feather; her wavy black hair was worn down and styled very nicely. A cutlass was strapped to her hip and a flintlock pistol was tucked into her belt - both were real and from her personal collection.

    "Who's idea was this anyway?" Sem asked as they descended a spiral of stairs. Whoever it was who had organized it acted as if it was something they had done every year. Ah well, if this year turned out to be fun then it would no doubt happen again next year.

    "Who cares?" Lysis replied as she cut her way through the crowd. The woman slunk like a cat out into dance floor, moving her body to the rhythm of the music. Sem tried his best to keep up, but the woman was in her element, and so she danced away, with the multicolored lights playing upon her pale skin.

    He began dancing his own way and simply admired her. She technically wasn't real. Lysis Fox was one of his characters, but he had projected her into being. She was flesh and bone like anyone else, but if something were to happen to him, she would cease to exist. Despite her being his creation though, he hardly viewed himself as her creator. Part of him believed that she created herself. She was in every sense a real person: except for the fact that she wasn't. Yeah, it was a little confusing.

    Sem looked around, seeing several familiar faces. Most people seemed to be congregating around the buffet tables. Sem wasn't terribly hungry now, and when he was he could go back up the balcony and chow down on the boxes of pizza he had ordered for himself. Actually, just thinking about it made him want to go up there right then and there.

    "Nah, don't wanna be rude. Better mingle a bit with the members before I vanish," Sem said to himself and changed his body movements as the next song came on.
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  6. In the corner of the tables, Ethan had timidly taken a seat in the small chair nearby to sit down for a second. He wasn't the best dancer ever, and the poor guy got easily surprised. Needless to say, he didn't like Halloween at all. "Unyuuuu..." He muttered to himself, sighing a little. Lots of people were in scary outfits, reducing Ethan's outgoing self to naught but a timid caterpillar. He hadn't had much to do today, and Shiny, along with some other friends, had nagged him to come. So the boy left his friends, Tangrelle and Tangrow, in charge of the garden. He wasn't really sure where Shiny had went, but he was sure he'd see her later. Ethan knew it would be better if he was atleast trying to have fun, so he got up and headed over to the buffet table, which seemed to have been recently devoured. Ethan giggled a little, raising his hand to his mouth, having a good idea as to how that happened. It wasn't much of an inconvenience anyway; tonight's waiters were already refilling and replacing. Ethan took his time so he would interfere with their work as little as possible.

    As he got up, one could easily see his costume stand out a little. It wasn't scary, but it was certainly different. Ethan never liked being a zombie or all that other scary stuff, so he decided to try cosplay, something he had not done before.. He dyed a part of his light-brown hair pink, and nestled on the side of said follicles was a little yellow heart. It had a tendril from its pointed end, which bent down and around to where Ethan's heart would be, but instead joined up with a rather disconcerting red eye. similar tendrils came out of the sides of it, one looping around his back to the other side of the eye, and the other wrapped around his waist. He had on a light blue shirt, buttoned with hearts, with a pink collar, along with pants of the same dolor scheme. He had on slippers he occasionally picked off, only to slip back into them.It was the garb of a Satori Komeiji, but made more unisex with Ethan's help. It looked rather odd, considering the eye effortlessly held itself up. Maybe it was used to read minds. Of course, it's possible it wasn't. Ethan's gaze tended to permeate other people all the same. He approached the replenished table and picked out a few bat cookies to nibble on for passing the time and plopped them on a smaller plate.

    In the end, Ethan actually decided to be a little more outgoing, and found Zacky...eating. In a viking outfit. It was quite imposing, but it didn't really scare Ethan that much, considering he's seen scarier from the guy. It wasn't anything new for a party, so the boy himself wasn't sure why he was so surprised. He approached the table with confidence, determined to not bring anyone down with his mood. Besides, Zacky was his friend, so everything would be alright!

    "Heyyyy Zacky," He gave a pleasant smile as he passed by him and made a quick turn to sit himself down in the chair next to the man, so as not to block him off from whatever he was looking at. "I'm gonna sit down now, 'kay?" He hadn't allowed much room for no, anyway; he was already sitting down in the first place. "Why not actually dance or something instead of staring at people? It's probably nicer than sitting around eating a bunch." Ethan took a mid-sized bite out of his own cookie before continuing.

    Atleast, he would have continued if he didn't go on to make the most disgusted expression as he actually tasted it and then spit it right out onto the plate. Ethan proceeded to grab a glass of water to try and wash the taste out of his mouth. "My god, what flavor is that? It's just...ew!" At that point, the heart attached to Ethan's head broke off for a moment due to the repulsive feelings going through his body. It quickly fixed itself, and Ethan regained composure. Nonetheless, he was still quite shaken up. "Soooo, uh, whatcha doin'?" It was a silly question since Ethan already knew the answer, but Ethan often said things twice in two different ways without realizing it.
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  7. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Karu was hardly used to these things, closest he could remember was his end of year prom and that'd been ... Questionable. Drunks, drama and threats after midnight. Lovely pl- No. He shook his head, this was different and much much better. Smiling with renewed outlook he knew he was breaking his abyssal spirit costume but hey, parties are fun!

    Looking to Lyni as she drew his attention by cuddling closer to him he smiled through the eye mask he'd chosen to wear, outlined eye holes and rim of the smooth pointing oval shape of the mask he'd chosen to wear was a deep, abyssal black and the rest a midnight blue. Of course what looked most odd was that he'd added a teardrop to his cheek made from a makeup using some faint magic, making it appear as if the surface of a miniscule ocean had been placed there.

    Checking over himself he smoothed out the creases in his outfit, consisting of a formal dress style jacket in the same manner as his mask, pinned open as opposed to buttoned up to reveal a design of blue thorns against black background on the fabric inside. Beneath it as Karu was not partial to displaying of his own skin was an undershirt of a lighter blue than the other colours he wore. A last touch he had noticed was the neatly folded collar featured two decorative silver buttons at the points of it. Trying to be somewhat discreet about it he dusted off his midnight blue pants a little. He couldn't abide getting dirt on them.

    In terms of accessories he had two thinned black points of coral in the sides of his neatly straightened hair, angled back slightly as most abyssal spirits were revered as devilish creatures. A partially deocrative partially lethal set of quite lengthy false nails of the same coral were on his right hand, symbollic of another demon trait.

    Another thought crossed his mind as he wondered of his clawless hand... Mm, Lyni was his date after all. The lightest blush of nervousness dashed across his cheeks as he slowly took Lyni's hand in his own yet not completely so she could still deny him. Finally taking in the architecture and style of the party he smiled broadly. It was memorable of times since past but with more of a delightful feeling.

    Karu could honestly say only one thing irked him. Zacky was here ... A person of sound nature to be sure, but those flames he wielded made the brunette more than just merely uncomfortable. Thankfully that turmoil was broken by the safe question presented by Lyni. "Of course!" He smiled. "But I must ask... What kind of dance?" He wasn't exactly..experianced...with modern culture. Even though he was essentially young, he was unfamiliar and inexperianced with the world.
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  8. RX sighed as Lysis dragged his beloved otterfish off to the dance floor. He slouched in his seat and took a huge sip from his drink. Now that Sem and his date had joined the festivities, the Staff balcony felt just a little bit more empty. However, it wasn’t completely devoid of life; as RX did after all bring a date himself. Across the table, a pretty young woman sat delicately on her chair. She seemed slightly nervous to be there, not touching the refreshments her partner politely prepared for her. Though her body had been modified to take in food and drinks, even if it was a purely aesthetic function, Z-I.M.D.A.S. still did not feel a want to partake of such things.

    “Uhm RX,” the gynoid whispered to her date. “I don’t mind if you go down there and mingle with your friends. I’ll just stay up here and help monitor the party,” she told him meekly. RX quickly straightened up from his reclined position and looked at her.

    “What? O-oh no, I’m fine, really. It’s just...I’m actually not into social soiree’s like this. Truth be told, I’d rather be back on the ship with you and Zilla just sitting around and playing games,” the young man explained. RX wasn’t a terribly social person. He had friends, yes, but he kept them in small numbers. Everyone else may as well have been a complete stranger to him for all the contact he maintained with them. And parties did not only have such social traps; there was dancing as well. For all the nimbleness and dexterity he had, he thought himself a terribly sluggish dancer. Z-I.M.D.A.S. knew this of course, for she had coyly attempted to teach him how to ‘boogie’ using a dancing module she had downloaded. There were no stamped toes or anything; it just seemed that RX really wasn’t into that sort of thing.

    “I am slightly surprised by the fact that you didn’t bring Zilla. You two did go trick or treating together yesterday,” she noted. RX even wore the same outfit he had the previous night. It wasn’t a terribly terrifying Halloween costume; that just wasn’t his style. Instead, he had designed a charming gothic apparel, jet black in color with blood red accents. Scarlet roses with black thorny stems decorated his outfit from top hat to bottom. If one could attach some sort of generic Halloween monster, it would probably be a posh and elegantly dressed vampire. Z-I.M.D.A.S. herself was dressed in a complimentary white dress with black frills lining its edges. Black roses with scarlet thorns were draped in various parts of her dress making the two an enchanting couple indeed. Z-I.M.D.A.S. felt that it was a waste for such a lovely ensemble not to be seen by the party guests, though.

    “It wouldn’t be fair for the two of us to have all the fun while you stay cooped up in the ship,” RX told her with a smile.

    “Well then, there’s no sense for the two of us not to have a good time; especially in lovely costumes like these. Come on, why don’t we head down there and mingle for a change?” she asked him.

    RX was slightly surprised by Z-I.M.D.A.S.’s words. Normally she was as socially inept as he was, probably even more so since she was so terribly afraid of social awkwardness. But for her to make an effort so that he could enjoy himself at a party...RX could do nothing but smile back at her. Getting up from his seat, he offered his hand to her.

    “How’s about you teach me those dance steps again, m’lady?” he asked her gingerly.

    “It would be a pleasure sir,” she replied with a grin. The two then descended down the spiral staircase and into the thick of the crowd, braving anything and everything they feared about mingling with people. RX decided the first thing to do was to look for some familiar faces to strike some conversation with. Eager to converse with his most dearest ‘wife,’ RX led Z-I.M.D.A.S. by the hand as the two searched for Lysis and Sem amidst the sea of faces. Spotting a familiar wench, the pair hurried over to her, and sure enough Sem was with her, dancing in a manner quite differently from his date.

    "Hello," Z-I.M.DA.S. greeted the two.

    "Heya, Sem, mind if Z-I.M.D.A.S. and I spoosh here with you guys?" RX asked energeticaly, the beat of the music slowly intoxicating him with vigor.

    ooc: Yes, spoosh is totally a word. Just ask Tan /=D
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  9. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    The usual theme for Halloween in the case of Dwayna was a witch or the Soul Stealer, both of which she had exemplified last year when a zombie apocalypse nearly took over the forum. When she heard there was going to be a masquerade this year, she was greatly relieved that there might be a chance to relax on one of her favourite days of the year again. That being said, she had decided that for such a special occasion such as this she would need to dress up a bit differently.

    This year she wore a rather snappy but tightly-fitting green tuxedo dress, the bottom of which was spiky in a strange way, each spike outlined in a reddish color. On her back were two similarly shaped wings that were clipped in such a way to become fancy coattails. Dwayna wore a masquerade mask that was red around the eyes but green in the middle, the green expanding extravagantly over her head into two lines resembling antennae. She wore a scarf that was striped between the light green she was wearing and a darker green, the ends of which belied more of the red-outlined spikes. As some finishing touches, she wore green stockings and boots - in which there were red laces throughout to match the various spikes - and a green top hat with a darker green stripe that fit nicely in between the long antennae that swept over it.

    The Flygon-themed outfit was a hit with the guests throughout the masquerade hall, as this was Pokecharms, after all. Her date also caught attention, as he wore a lovely purple tuxedo with spiked edges to his sleeves and pants. The Gengar theme was apparent as his mask - more of a visor covering his eyes, really - looked like it had the Pokemon's spooky eyes painted on it, the purple ends of it extending back into large points above his chin-length black hair. Despite this, he was still able to see perfectly, and some who had known Dwayna long enough recognized him as Edward, the Android with emotions who seemed to have a fondness for her.

    "I'm quite impressed," he said to her as they found a place to sit in all of the bustle. "Your friends have much creativity about them as well, though no other as of yet has seemed to have chosen the theme you did for us." Edward looked somewhat perplexed at this, but thoroughly interested at the same time. He didn't get out of the laboratory a lot, much less for occasions such as this. When Dwayna had invited him to go, however, he was more than eager to come along.

    "I see that, Edward," she replied in a bit of amusement. "But we just got here, and there will be much more excitement for us than just the costumes." She remembered that out of all the things she had mentioned to Edward about the Masquerade, he was most intrigued by the thought of dancing with her. Dwayna was also intrigued in the prospect, not only for the sentimental value but also to see just how an Android would dance in the first place. It wasn't everyday that someone got to see the literal form of 'doing the robot', after all.

    She could see herself enjoying this night thoroughly, especially with all of her friends and loved ones here with her.

    ((OOC: Won't it be fun to see if Edward has fears as well? :3 ))
  10. Rain finished washing her hands. She quickly grabbed a paper towel from the dispenser, drying her hands as fast as possible. She was nervous and excited about this party. Last year's Halloween had been absolutely insane. She squeaked lightly to herself, remembering the fond moments she had with her super awesome tiger suit. Shaking her head, as if it could get rid of the longing, she pushed open the restroom door and entered the dark hall that led back out to the main dance floor. Something soft and wispy touched her face.

    "EEEEEEEK!!!" Rain emitted a loud shriek as she rushed out from the hall were the restrooms were. She was waving her arms furiously in front of her face when she tripped and fell on the dance floor. Panting lightly, she slowly picked herself up off the floor, looking around nervously. "Uhhh, sorry, spider webs." She said to everyone around her, blinking slightly.

    Reaching up, Rain brushed stringy pieces of the web decorations from her black and pink hair, which she had pulled back for the night. Long strands of shimmering, forest green ivy were hanging from her ponytail. These were lovely accents to the rest of her costume, which held a Mother Nature sort of theme. The main part of her intricate costume was a long, deep green gown. The gown was covered in the same sort of shimmering ivy that Rain wore in her hair, but it was set against the dark material in a beautiful, curvy way. Scrolling silver details accented the edges of the sleeveless dress. Against Rain's shoulders lay a glimmering mesh cloak. It had a hood as well, but she chose to wear it down. On her feet were green and silver lace slippers with straps wrapped around her ankles. They were flats of course, Rain couldn't walk in heels to save her life. There was a twisted wooden staff strapped to her back, decorated with bright emeralds that almost seemed to glow. Just to add a final touch, Rain wore black and green glittering eyeshadow, with silver specks of ivy-shaped confetti pressed against her temples.

    Although she had just arrived, Rain already felt like she was embarrassing herself enough. She tried to focus her icy blue eyes on the moving crowd of guests, but she couldn't really figure out who was who in the dim light. Not to mention, everyone was in costume and that made recognizing anyone even more difficult. She was getting increasingly uncomfortable, she hated feeling as if she was alone in a crowd. "I knew I should have dragged someone here with me..This blows." Stepping away from the dancing crowd, Rain took a seat at an empty table, hoping she would eventually recognize a friend or two.
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  11. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem perked up at the arrival of his 'wife', RX, and his date, Z-I.M.D.A.S. "Yeah, sure," Sem replied, moving over a bit to allow the two room to come in. Sem liked their costumes - vampire and pretty lady. They both looked lovely together, while on the other hand he looked like Lysis' pet. "Maybe I should consider changing my body up to be more... human..." he thought to himself.

    Miss Fox didn't seem to notice the newcomers, as she was currently playing with a male Charmsian's hair. "Lysis," Sem said, tugging her sleeve.

    "Mm?" she replied, looking down at him.

    "We have company," Sem said, pointing at RX and Z-I.M.D.A.S.

    She looked over at them and smiled. "Hello, loves," Lysis greeted, walking over to them with a grin on her face. "The real party's happening later at my place," she said as she smoothed out the robot's dress and playfully wrapped a lock of Z-I.M.D.A.S' hair around her finger. "You're more than welcome to swing by," Miss Fox smiled as she bit her lip, straightening and smoothing RX's jacket before gently pinching his cheek. "So long as you both promise to dance with me tonight." With a wink of one of her midnight blue eyes she went back to her original spot and went back to dancing with anyone and everyone who gave her the attention, which was a lot of people.

    Lysis never actually got involved with any of the members. She just played with them, especially at occasions such as this. She never got involved with any of the staff either, but she respected them and their escorts. Z-I.M.D.A.S, for example, interested the ex-Rocket. One of her current desires was to get into a gunfight with the gynoid, just to see who would win. And as for RX, she thought he was cute, but left him well alone, lest she incur the wrath of RX's many 'marital partners'.

    "You two going to dance?" Sem asked RX and the robot as he got back to dancing. "You have to for at least one song."
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  12. The young man walked casually about the outside of the dance floor, he wasn't attending the ball with a date; he didn't really see the point in it. Not that he didn't see the point in attending with a date, no he saw the point in that, but he was there to just have some fun with his friends and fellow 'Charmsians. Speaking of which, he was currently looking for someone that he recognized, which was a bit difficult with the whole masquerade thing going on. Not to mention that everyone was in costume.

    Chadwyck's costume was inspired by one of his favourite books. He was dressed in a long, brown trench coat and a matching hat, with three scars artistically drawn onto his face. He had let his hair grow out to his shoulders and dyed it a sandy colour. And, the best part of the costume, was the small stuffed marten on his shoulder. His Dustfinger costume was perfected by the fact that he was pyrokinetic, he could reenact the fire-eater's character perfectly. Of course, the only addition to his costume was the mask that covered his face, it was a masquerade ball after all.

    He noticed Sem out on the dance floor, it was difficult not to recognize the meter tall otterfish in the sea of people. He appeared to be with Lysis and who Chadwyck assumed was RX and his date. He would make it a point to say hello to them later, once they weren't busy dancing. The last thing he wanted was to throw off someone's groove and cause a scene or something equally as awful. Instead, he moved towards the food, food was always a good thing to be near. Both for the sake of snacking and the fact that everyone would at some point be there to grab a bite.

    He noticed a few people near the tables, so he'd try his luck over there after filling up a plate. It was a party after all; he didn't come to be alone for the entire night. He stacked a plate with a few odds and ends that he didn't actually know that he'd like. Everything was decorated for Halloween, which he had to confess was one of his favourite holidays, but why did everything have to be so themed? He had no idea what he was about to eat, he could only hope that it was delicious. One thing he could definitely say, it sure looked nice.

    The costumes still made it difficult to know just who was who and where they were all situated. So rather than choose a table based on who was there already, he chose depending on how many seats were available and if it looked reasonable that he could sit there without someone becoming uncomfortable by his presence. He opted for a nearly empty table with only one or two other people, before stopping and deciding that he'd rather not make a fool of himself. He turned toward another table and came to the same conclusion. Finally, he just set his plate down out of the way and sighed, "Who are you people!?" He nearly shouted as he blew the strands of his hair out of his eyes. "Forget it, I'm going to bother Sem." He complained as he started walking toward the dance floor. "At least the otterfish is easy to recognize."
  13. One Day Earlier, ‘Charms Main Square

    The voice was unmistakenbly female.

    Mr. Soul!

    Not many people called him that, except his assistents at Soul Journey’s Inc…

    Mr. Soul, wake up!

    Wait, what?

    With a shock, Dark Soul woke up like he had been told to- Only now noticing that he had indeed been asleep. The sunlight that suddenly reached his eyes made him wince, and it took a moment for him to fully realize where he was.

    He felt a cushion under him, his arms resting on wood, and when his eyes had recovered, he found himself eye to eye with a icy but warmhearted PokeMon that every lover of food culture in PokeCharms City knew; Yui the Frosslass, a PokeMon belonging to Tun and owner of Yui’s Restaurant.
    Most of his days started at this particular restaurant- To have breakfast, say hey to Tunduli before going off to his work- Or to the market/go shopping, for that matter.

    Dark Soul blinked again. ‘Oh, sorry Yui.’ He said sheepishly. Yui smiled at him and put a cup of steaming espresso on the counter, of course made just the way he liked it. You look like you need it~ Yui said to him mentally, for the PokeMon could not speak with her mouth, instead relying on her psychic abilities.

    ‘Oh, hell I do. Thanks, Yui.’ He answered, and took a careful sip of the hot, Italian liquid that was pretty much the only thing that kept him alive during daytime. His head hurt like hell, each dull beat of his hart bringing another wave of pain. Do you require any food, Mr. Soul? Yui asked him.

    ‘Hm? No, maybe later.’ He reacted. He took another sip as he noticed a stack of cardboard boxes in the corner. ‘What’s inside those boxes?’ He asked the floating PokeMon. Halloween decorations~ My master came up with idea of decorating the cafè in Halloween style, and I agreed. I’m hanging them up tonight, and tomorrow will be so much fun! Yui said. ‘I think it will! I’ll be sure to take a look here tomorrow.’ Dark Soul said as he finished his coffee, feeling revitalized, and fished out some money from his purse before laying it on the counter. Yui giggled. You always do, Mr. Soul~ How about you? Are you going to the Halloween party? He shrugged. ‘I guess. I don’t have a partner though, or even a costume for that matter.’

    He braced himself for impact when he heard small feet running down the stairs.

    Of course, a tackleglomp from Tunduli is the force equivalent to Stel’s armblades’, so he thrown to the ground anyway.

    At The Party

    Dark Soul couldn’t help but notice how fantastic he looked in his shiny, purple suit that Tunduli had made him. It was a suit consisting of purple pants and a simple vest of the same colour, and it had a awesome lightning emblem on the shirt pocket and the suit combined with leather wings, claws and small horns sticking out from his hair (Sponsored by Bloodstone Academy), made him into an awesome Demon Soul.

    His partner of tonight, Tunduli, had turned into her human form for the occasion, and was dressed up as a Victorian zombie. It looked great on her, although it was ruffled and dirty- On purpose, of course.

    ‘You’d think that after so many nightly trips and battling monsters I wouldn’t be scared of Halloween decoration.’ Dark Soul said, as they walked trough the hall to the ballroom. ‘But those dead bodies freaked me out!’

    When they reached the ballroom, he looked around. Like the rest of the building, the room was decorated with great detail, from cobwebs in faraway corners to a thin veil of mist on the floor, that swirled around the ankles of dancing Charmsians.

    It was hard to see if there were people he knew; The Viking over by the buffet line was obviously Zacky, seeing as Flammadeus (One of the famous swords in ‘Charms City, like Toru’s) hung from his belt. Apart from that, he saw Secad dancing on the large dance floor, there was Rain in a beautiful elfish dress- Elfish in a bad-ass way-. He also saw Sem en Lysis, along with RX who was with a woman he didn’t recognize.

    He looked back at Tunduli. ‘Well, what shall we do first? The buffet line is quite long… Oh look, there’s Halloween arcade games, and a haunted house! Or do you want to dance first?’

    (OOC: This is going to be so much fun~ Also Tun, I’m leaving the choice to you; If you want to dance first, you can auto me up to us starting to dance, OK?~)
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  14. (Yay for crowded Halloween RPs :3)

    October was never Brendan’s favorite time of year. He was infamous for getting himself in all kinds of shit in these days. It started with a humiliating zombie incident when he was only nine-years old. Then, year after year, he gets himself in creepy, bizarre, disturbing, and sticky situations. Most recently however, he was partially blamed for one of Stel’s “periods”. Though thankfully, everyone just wanted to forget that ever happened, which he was happy to oblige. Now this year was going good surprisingly. It was already the Costume Masquerade Ball, and he was still alive, which was a good sign. Perhaps he might just be able to escape this year scot-free.

    For this year, Brendan was dressed in a red tunic and cape garb complete with a red, feathered hat and leather boots. So far nobody seemed to notice that the outfit was stolen from the Aldoran RP where his character was using the same attire for the Aldoran Festival, though then again, why not? It was in his wardrobe, it was suited for the theme, and it was still his size. Brendan was dancing solo, moving himself with expertise with the music. His cape following close behind him in an elegant fashion, like a trail of stardust tailing a comet. The only problem was that in a crowd of people in couples, Brendan looked out of place. Pretty much everyone Brendan knew had couples. Dark Soul with Tun, Dwayna with her android-friend Edward, and Lyn was with Karu. As far as Brendan knew, Toru and Jen weren’t here, yet at least. So for Brendan, it was as if he was an alien. Then he saw Fi, munching away on the vegetables from a lamb dinner, but where was Secad? Out on the dance floor dancing, his eyes quickly told him. Horribly, they corrected when her dancing style became apparent. However, he had to give her credit: she was enjoying herself, and not caring what the eyes that were on her thought. Brendan’s smile widened at the sight of her off-tempo movements, he just had to jump in then, maybe she could help him forget that his other Halloweens sucked.

    He looked over towards Fi, almost asking permission. The gerbil paid no attention to him though, just focused on roasting a bell pepper. Hopefully the pyrokinetic rodent wouldn’t mind him with Secad for a couple of songs. Brendan then strode towards the pyrokinetic on the dance floor and began dancing with her.

    “Enjoying yourself Secad? No need to answer, your dancing says it all.”
  15. Tunduli smiled. The party looked perfect; the highly intriquate cobwebs, the false-cracks, the dead bodies that lay outside - well, the dead bodies weren't exactly attractive or appealing - Tun almost screamed when she saw them - but they just added that little pinch of pure awesome to the party.

    Never had Tun been to a Halloween party at 'Charms before - she hadn't even been active on 'Charms during Halloween before - but she had definetly heard of all of the exciting activities and going-ons during this specific time of the year.

    "You think," Dark Soul, who was standing beside her, said, "That after so many nightly trips ad battling monsters that I wouldn't be scared of Hallowee decoration," he laughed, "But those dead bodies freaked me out!"

    "Oh, don't I know it~!" Tun giggled slightly scaredly, still in shock from the sight. She tilted her Victorian-esque hat sideways, making sure that the loose cloth and rips that hung in front of her face weren't covering her vision. Tonight she happened to be dressed in a Victorian costume, but not just any sort of Victorian - a dead one. Not many people really knew it, but Tunduli was one for the Victorian fashion; the frills, the ruffles, the eccentricity of it all - but, y'know, for a change, maybe it'd be nice to be a (highly fashionable) zombie. Seeing as, after all, this was a Masquerade Ball, she was holding a masquerade mask before her face, whose lovely torn and grey-ish white-and-gold colours complimented the grey-white and gold of her dress. She wasn't one for corsets, but to add to the Victorianess of her outfit she was wearing a slightly loose one and frills all the way down her long dress. The rips, tears and holes looked good with the messy hair, ripped tights and tackity boots (which weren't in bad condition, for Tun still wore them when she wasn't being a zombie Victorian).

    Both Tunduli and Dark Soul walked along past the dancefloor, where many people were making their moves as flouncy and strong as they could. Tun giggled at some of the people there; she had never quite understood some of the 'hip' dance-moves that people were doing these days. The phrase, "I'm so hip I can't see past my pelvis" came to mind (but after all, she was a huge geek and Hitchhiker's Guide fan). Though some dance-moves might not have been beautiful as such, the swirling hazey fog that danced around people's ankles was one of the most majestic things that Tun had seen in a while. She crouched down and cupped up some of the cold haze with her Victorian-styled-fingerless-gloved hands and blew into it, sending the fog swirling through the air before joining the rest of the indoor cloud and rippling its' way around the floor again. It sure is beautiful. Almost magical, Tun thought, smiling. The only thing that spoiled the magicalness of it was that Tun's sometimes too scientific-mind disregarded the gracefulness and saw only melted water vapour, dry ice, solidified carbon dioxide. Oh well.

    Tunduli felt Dark's soft stare rest upon her face. "Well, what shall we do first? The buffet line is quite long… Oh look, there’s Halloween arcade games, and a haunted house! Or do you want to dance first?"

    Tun pondered on this. "You're right, the line is really long ...~!" she said, her stomach responding with the rumbling of hungriness. Her ears perked up as she heard the music that was playing; a track she quite enjoyed, and one that was easily danced to in a happy manor. "How about you go to the dancefloor and I'll meet you there in a second, Darkie~?" she smiled cheerfully before saluting to him playfully and heading over to the buffet table.

    Okay, be subtle, she thought to herself before turning into her Shadow form; a form almost like a ghost, only that the outline of her body was slightly visible and if she touched anything, she possessed it. Pinching her eyes shut, she creeped into the first body. It was a tall male's body, heavily built and slightly muscular. For one, it wasn't familiar - nor was it close enough to the chicken popcorn. Tun slid through to inhabit the next person's body, but this was a short-ish, skinny young lady's - Still not far enough down~! Oh well, looks like this could take a while. Tunduli went through several bodies - sending almost a ripple of weird-feeling down the buffet line, almost like there was an icy-cold wind that was affecting each person one-by-one. ... go powder your cheeks, and meet your new beau, aw~ C-c-c-counting sheep if onl- oh! Looks like I've found the chicken popcorn~! Tun sang to herself in her head, reaching the final body that she needed. She commanded the arms to pick up a few peices of chicken and put them on a plate, before sliding out again and waving to the figure.

    "Hey, hey, mister, over here~!" Tunduli smiled and waved to the person whose body she had just left. They looked overwhelmed, like they'd just seen a ghost, maybe even have been hauted by one- ... oh, that's right, they have!

    "I ... uh ... are these ... ?" The young man said confusedly, pointing at the chicken popcorn.

    "For me? Oh, that'd be wonderful, thank you~!"

    Tun took the plate and bowed to the man before depositing the chicken popcorn into the Victorian-styled satchel that hung around her waist. She smiled before turning round and dodging and ducking through the crowds of people before getting to the edge of the dancefloor, searching for her partner. He was standing over near the DJ, tapping his foot to the rythm. Tunduli stepped over to him, grinning up at him - she was quite a bit shorter than him, being one of the shortest members of 'Charms - and gesturing towards the large speakers that were emitting the music.

    (OOC: Not the best of posts, ahurrrrdurrrr. Next one will be better :>)
  16. ;
    One thought was going through PokeTeens mind,” I hope I don’t make a fool of myself tonight”. This was PokeTeens first Charms dance ever and he did not want to look like an idiot in front of all of the other Charms members.PokeTeen, pulled up to where the PokeCharms grand Costume Masquerade Ball was being held. He parked his motorcycle, which was customized to look like the new Light Cycles from the movie Tron Legacy, and placed a lock on the tire and attached it to a bike rack. He got took off his helmet and walked towards the door, taking out a hat from a backpack he was wearing. PokeTeen was dressed as the infamous Mask Demasque from the DS game Ace Attorney 3 and was proud of it, before he left his house his parents told him that he looked ridiculous but he didn’t care.
    ( OOC: this is what my costume looks like) http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad43/lonehero1/180px-Mask_DeMasque_OA.jpg
    As he entered the Ballroom he noticed the medieval décor and said to himself “next year they should do Sci-Fi themed décor next year”. He looked around and saw familiar faces, like Tun, Sem, his good pal Karu, and Rx, but from the corner oh his eye(the open part of his mask) he saw, sitting all by herself, dressed like ether Mother Nature or Poison Ivy (from Batman), his friend Rain with a sad like look on her face. PokeTeen could not stand to see Rain sad, and by herself, so he walked up to her and as she looked up at him, he said onto her “My lady, may I have a dance?"
  17. "Oh crapohcrapohcrapohcrapohcraaaaap! I can't be late now! Not for the second time in a row!" A curly haired male brunette came running through Pokecharms, wearing a black tuxedo and a pristine white shirt underneath, a black mask covering his eyes, and his large blade, foresharn, strapped to his back. His location was The Pokecharms Masquerade Ball. During the events of last years Halloween events, he was late, and yet again, he was late!

    As he turned a blind corner, he came across the building where the ball was being held. With a confident grin, Toru hastily opened the doors to the ball. What a sensation! He parted his hair and absorbed the party atmosphere - tonight was going to be a good night. Looking around, he saw lots of his friends on the dancefloor, but most importantly, he saw his favourite thing ever - the buffet!

    Be it any party, the buffet was always Toru's favourite. He jogged over to the buffet, and got a lovely plate of food to eat. He found himself a table, and commenced eating. The food sure did taste fantastic - the chefs had done a really good job.

    After a satisfying meal of bitesized food of all variety, Toru left the table and looked towrds the dance floor, moving through the crowds and putting a friendly hand on Karu's shoulder as he went, he caught a glance of his close friend Tunduli. At last, someone to talk to. With a sprint, he bypassed her walking over to the DJ and glomped her as hard as he could and ruffled her hair.

    "Tunny! How you doing, little sister of mine!? Oh, and Dark Soul is here too! Cool costume, bro."

    Toru turned to Dark and held out his hand low for a high five.

    "So, what are you guys up to? You up for some dancing or what?"

    OoC: Meh, short for an opening. But quality should return as plot thickens.
  18. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Dwayna left Edward momentarily to dance with Lysis, as she seemed to be willing to dance with anyone. It was a little bit of fun to spice up the party for Dwayna in particular, catching the interest of the Android as he watched them gracefully move about. The Gengar visor wavered from the captivating sight to look around at the others costumes, his interest peaked as each one was analyzed and referenced in his internal database. There were even some obscure characters that his partner did not know much about, judging by what he knew of her interests.

    "Who are you people!?" came the frustrated voice of a male within the range of his sound sensors, which caught his attention as well. He turned to look at the male in question and set his mind to work on analyzing the figure. Little to Dwayna's knowledge, he had looked into this place often to familiarize himself with the people that she called her friends. This individual came up as a match for Chadwyck, despite the costume which he had identified as a character from a book that he knew little of.

    Edward rose from his spot, turning his concern once more to the frolicking Dwayna before he made his way towards the male in question. From the history that he had understood, Chadwyck and Dwayna rarely talked, and in last year's incidents they were temporary rivals. He walked up to the man in question and mimicked 'clearing his throat' as it were to attempt to get the man's attention.

    "Chadwyck," he said, hoping to confirm his analysis before continuing. "I am Edward, a good friend of My Lady Dwayna, her date for the night. I heard your frustration with not knowing whom anyone was, so I hoped to give you a little insight as I know each individual present at this party. I also invite you to come sit with myself and My Lady as you seem to have nowhere else to go." He had practiced the concept of politeness, but there was still a mechanical way of saying things about him, as if he still wasn't quite used to putting emotions behind his words.

    "I will not take offense if you decline my offer, as I am not easily offended."
  19. Kera crept through the house, trying not to scream even though he wanted to. The house was terrifying; it was like a maze that you couldn’t stop in, unless you want something to happen upon you. It was much larger on the inside than it looked from the outside; another paradoxical thing, like clown cars.

    Kera smiled in spite of the situation; he was currently in the upstairs portion of the house, hiding from a ghastly phantom that had chased him there. He just loves scaring himself. He put a hand to his chest to still his thumping heart and took a deep breath. His eyes swept the room; a small bedroom, consisting of a bed, a nightstand, and a shuddering wardrobe.

    He didn’t want to open the wardrobe, but he didn’t really have a choice; it was the only thing between him and the door. He pulled the silver dagger from his waist and held it out on front of him as he approached the wobbling mass.

    He took the handle and the wardrobe stopped shivering. Kera took a deep breath, and flung the door open, his dagger raised, and—

    Kera fell backwards, a large knob erupting on the top of his head. He hit the floor hard, his dagger clattering away under the bed. He groaned in pain, and a frightened shriek came from above him. He opened one eye, and saw a young blonde girl standing above him, holding a large brass candlestick.

    “Kaitlyn,” He moaned. “What the hell are you doing in here? What’s with the candlestick?” The girl dropped the candlestick quickly.

    “I-I’m sorry, Kera... I was so scared...” The girl whimpered. She stood over him, still shaking as she helped him up. Once he was on his feet, Kera got a better look at her. She was wearing a silk red dress embroidered with rainbow colored lines to the hem, which was sewn with rainbow colored tassels. On the sides of her body, two silk cloth strips extended to her wrists, like wings. The “wings” were also embroidered with tassels. Her blonde hair was done up in elaborate curls, cascading down her back. At the top of her head, several curls of hair stood up, like a feathered crest. She also held in her hand, a small red silk drawstring bag. Truly, she had outdone herself with her Ho-Oh costume.

    Kera had totally forgotten she was here. After he had gone to put his contacts in, she had snuck off, but he wouldn’t have expected her to some here. You’d think it was un-gentleman-like to forget about his date. She was easy to forget though; she hid in the recesses of his mind often, as she wasn’t exactly real. Just a manifestation of a friend. He groped under the bed for his dagger and sheathed it. He then took Kaitlyn’s hand and led her out of the room, with her shaking a bit less.

    “Why, of all places, would you come here? You’re the biggest chicken I know.” Kera asked her. She gripped his hand tighter. “Well, I, like you, like to scare myself. But this place is much more than I wished for...” Kera could agree; the spiders he had seen... He shuddered.

    Suddenly, Kaitlyn tensed next to him. He turned to her and asked, “What’s wrong? See anything creepy?” She didn’t answer. She was staring straight ahead, her dark blue eyes wide with apparent fright. She lifted her arm and pointed ahead of them; very faintly, Kera could see a pale figure floating above the stairs. The gruesome ghoul stared at them through sunken, bloodshot eyes; its gnarled hands tapping its bloody chin thoughtfully, as though t think how to kill them.

    No sudden movements, Kera thought. He took a step back, pulling Kaitlyn with him. The ghoul lowered its hand and stared. Kera knew he couldn’t escape by the stairs. He looked around and realized he was on the second floor landing; a quick hop and he’d be on the ground floor, not ten yards from the front door.

    Suddenly, he grabbed Kaitlyn by the waist, and threw her over the edge. She screamed, and as Kera was jumping over himself, he heard a loud THUMP as she hit the ground. He landed beside her and pulled her to her feet, and took her hand, pulling her along.

    There was a terrifying wail as the ghoul sped through the walls to catch them. Kera ran faster, pulling a screaming Kaitlyn behind him. He chanced a look back, seeing the ghoul right behind them, its sunken eyes filled with ferocity, its gnarled hands outstretched. He looked back at the door, plowing head-first into it.

    He cursed to himself, and ripped the door open, shoving Kaitlyn out, and slamming the door behind him. He sighed in relief and started forward, tripping over Kaitlyn’s body; she had tripped on the way out. Kera heard several muffled giggles, and he blew his artificially black hair out of his face.

    “Surely this can’t get any worse...” Kaitlyn muttered under her breath. Kera nodded in agreement, helped her out, and was dragged to the dance floor as Kaitlyn heard her favorite song.

    (OoC: Well, I had to do something to introduce my, ahem, date and get us out of there.)
  20. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    “What kind of dance?” Lyni repeated the questions in a somewhat stunned manner. She regained her posture quickly, though, and replied, as the DJ began playing Lady Gaga, “Just dance!” And with that, the girl grabbed onto Karu’s hand, which she noticed was shyly itching to hold onto hers in an attempt to be romantic, and dragged him onto the dance floor. Screw formal ballroom dancing; if they’re playing something like that, they’re asking for people to jump up and down screaming. Even those who didn’t like Lady Gaga would feel inclined to join in the dancing just so they didn’t look rude or whatever.

    As Lyni looked around her, she noticed a black otterfish just a ways in front of her, with a really pretty woman and his friend and his friend’s date. She grinned and frantically waved at the little group, only to notice Chad heading in their direction. Holding back the urge to tackle Chad for another autograph, she looked around, trying to recognize the other people at the party. A rather uncomfortable looking Ethan was currently talking with Zacky; perhaps it would’ve been better for the kid if she hadn’t pestered him to come. She’ll have to apologize later. Dark and Tun were having fun on the dance floor, like she and Karu were… hey look, Toru’s arrived! Oh, he just wanted to talk to Dark and Tun. Rain seemed to had secluded herself, seemingly uneasy for some reason. Brendan, who had arrived, was trying to start up a conversation with Secad. Oh look, now Dway and her android-date were talking with Chad. And there’s Kera and his date; oh, and who could forget about Silent Dre?

    When she glanced upwards, Lyni noticed the balcony where the staff resided in, to watch over the ball and to make sure nothing extremely bad happened (like a troll decides to trash the party or something). She noted how high up it was from the rest of the party, and shuddered when she tried imagining herself up there. Heights were never something she liked much, and even being on the second floor of the mall or something made her uneasy.

    Noticing that she wasn’t paying attention to her date, the girl snapped her head around and smiled meekly, muttering a “sorry”. Then, gesturing to the trio of Tun, Dark, and Toru, she said, “Let’s go bother those three and see what they’re up to. Besides, isn’t Toru, like, your best friend?”
  21. ooc:Hey all you fancy people with your fancy costume references

    “Please forgive me, Miss Fox,” said Z-I.M.D.A.S. nervously, slightly alarmed by Lysis fondling her outfit. “But I’m not sure I understand the context of your words.” RX chuckled at the two as they conversed. Seeing Z-I.M.D.A.S.’s reaction, he briefly considered how interesting it would’ve been if he could apply some form of blushing mechanism to the gynoid’s face. However, the complex procedure of uploading Z-I.M.D.A.S.’s consciousness into a temporary vessel so that he could work on her Head unit quickly dashed any further interest in the matter.

    “Well then, since you two seem to be so keen on mingling with the crowd,” RX noted Lysis previously playing with the other guests’ costumes. “I was thinking we could all hang out and break the ice with a couple of our friends. Speak of the devil,” said RX as he noticed a familiar-looking guest making his way towards them. He wasn’t entirely sure who he was, or who he was supposed to be with the costume, but his features very much lit a proverbial light. RX made an assumption; but to confirm it, he needed his friend's assistance. He wasn't too good with faces and such.

    “Ooh, look there Semmy; isn’t that Chad?” he asked. Looking down on his dimunitive friend, he realized that he wouldn't be able to discern anyone in the crowd from his perspective. "Ah, right," RX said. He then hoisted the otterfish up and raised him high so that he could get a good view of the crowd. Z-I.M.D.A.S. noticed this and giggled to herself. It humorously reminded her of an animated film concerning sentient lions in a fictional landmark in the Savannahs. She had watched it with Zilla a fortnight ago.

    “Look there, that man with the messy hair and long coat," RX duly noted to the otterfish in his arms. "I do believe that is our good friend Mister Chadwyck making his way here.”

    "Chadwyck?" Z-I.M.D.A.S. asked thoughtfully. The name rang a bell, and judging by how unusual a name it was, she could presume he must've been another Pokecharms member. RX and Sem were particularly excited about the prospect of meeting him; he was probably a good friend of theirs. "I don't think I've ever met mister Chadwyck," Z-I.M.D.A.S. whispered.

    "Indeed. He started coming to chat more actively a fair while after you," RX explained, Sem still raised in his arms. Z-I.M.D.A.S. recalled her brief appearance in the Chatroom. RX had brought her there to gather scenario data, both in a typical social environment and on the battlefield. It was an awkward time for her as her personality program was still only developping. Now that she thought about it, the organizer of tonight's party had formed a strong rivalry with her. Thinking of it now, she hoped he wouldn't remember that whole fiasco. Now that she had an actual personality, she wasn't particularly keen on battling as much as before.

    "Well, I'd certainly like to meet Mister Chadyck," said Z-I.M.D.A.S. "He seems to be a good friend of yours. I'd certainly like to be acquainted with all your comrades."

    "No problem, I'm sure he'll like you," said RX. Seeing as how Chad still looked to be a bit lost in the sea of faces, the young man opted to call for him. "Yo, Chad, over here!" As RX said this, he lightly waved Sem around in an attempt to get his attention. However, he got more than that as several other guests were looking at the two, some chuckling under their breath. Well whatever, thought RX. We can just say it's a crazy new dance move or something.
  22. ((OOC: Haha, my first roleplay post on 'Charms and my first decent-sized roleplay post in a few years. Hopefully it's okay. Spice is dressed as this girl, by the way.))

    Spice adjusted her bright blue bow before opening the heavy silver doors to the ballroom. It was the first party she'd ever gone to, and of course, she was late. Her blue-and-white dress jumped slightly every step she took toward the buffet. She grabbed herself a plate and filled it with a miniature smorgasbord-- a little bit of anything they had out. She seated herself at a table and slowly picked the skin off her fried chicken, watching the other party-goers dance and mingle with each other. "Huh," she said to herself, sticking the rest of the skin in her mouth with a delighted smile.

    Eventually finishing her meal, Spice dabbed at her face with a napkin. "Toru! Tun!" She jumped from her seat and ran toward them, quickly saying her hello's. "Nice costumes," she said with her usual stupid grin. "And who's this?" She pointed to Dark Soul, not trying to be rude but curious. She leaned against the wall as she tried to think of something else to say; she wasn't the "social butterfly" her family called her for hanging out with friends. "Uh, you haven't danced yet either, have you?" Her grin had faded into a more bothered expression. She couldn't dance, and wasn't planning on dancing here, so why had she asked? She shrugged to herself and continued to look at her two friends. It was amusing, looking at the two next to each other-- one so tall, the other so short. She was in the middle, but much closer to Tun.
  23. Chadwyck was still on his way toward the otterfish and his companions, when he realized that he was absolutely lost in the crowd. He was sure that Sem was in front of him a second ago, but somewhere along the line he must have been turned around. It was annoying how easily that happened in a sea of swimming bodies; dancing never appealed to him in large groups for the sense of claustrophobia that set in. He just didn't like feeling the people up against him restricting his movements.

    "Chadwyck," An automaton said approaching him, Chadwyck jumped a bit at the sudden appearance of the robot, but a quick scan of the immediate area told him that he was with who appeared to be Dwayna. Realizing he hadn't responded, he nodded a quick agreement to signify that the robot had been correct. Chadwyck's suspicion had been correct then, he gathered from the robot, Edward's, introduction. His explanation seemed authentic enough, but it still felt mechanical, still it was amazing what technology was doing nowadays. "Dwayna," Chadwyck muttered, trying not to remember the previous year, with little luck. Ah well, last Halloween all went a bit crazy, and he had never really intended to hurt anyone. At least, not intentionally. "Yeah, sorry about that outburst, I don't do well with costumes and masks. I like knowing who people are before I make a total fool of myself in front of them. I'll be all right, though."

    Suddenly, he heard someone shout his name. He tried to trace the shout back to its source, but was having little luck discerning who had shouted in the midst of people who were... well, shouting. Parties tended to get very loud, very quickly, especially with as many guests as this. That was when he noticed the otterfish being waved through the air, that would be where it came from.

    "Well, that actually does sound nice, Edward." Chadwyck said, genuinely glad that the robot had invited him to join their group, "I'll join you guys once you're off the dance floor, I'm sure. Otherwise I'll just be standing around in everyone's way, I'm going to keep on floating about and trying to recognize people, but thank you for the invitation." He smiled as he moved toward the waving otterfish.

    "Hey there, Sem," He smirked to his friend-turned-position-marker, "Nice costume." He turned toward Lysis, not wanting to think he had ignored her. Heaven forbid she didn't get attention; he wasn't sure what would happen if she didn't, but he was guessing it wouldn't be good. "Lysis, lovely as ever," He nodded toward the ex-Rocket and then finally turned to RX and his date. "Hey, RX," He grinned, "How are you enjoying the party thus far? And," he added looking at RX's date, "I don't believe we've been introduced before. I'm Chadwyck," He smiled and bowed formally, it was a masquerade ball, after all, he was allowed to be a bit fancy.
  24. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    The water spirit forced a half smile at the repeated question. He'd known this would be awkward to a degree from his end. His own composure failed, coral falling out of place in his hair with a demotivated internal groan. Externally he'd just mildly slumped with lopsided coral shard in his hair. How... quaint.

    Then as music changed and Lyni threw out, "Just dance!" Quite abrupt was the one thought he managed to squeeze out before his hand was taken and he was taken toward the dance floor, same nervous blush as earlier plaguing his cheeks but a small smile none-the-less. Stuttering mild excuse as he fixed the coral in his hair he soon found himself mid-dance floor with his crystal heart taking over. Being of the aquatically souled persuasion, dancing did indeed come naturally.

    Before long his attention was drawn to those about him as he wondered where Lyni was gazing off to. Familiar faces of people he was mildly acquainted with and then the feeling of a touch upon his shoulder earning a nod of greeting and assurance to his friend Toru. A mutual understanding had been set between the two that anything goes and day after the party was time for explaining the crazier stuff. Further afield he spied Rain with a somewhat depressed expression, maybe he- Ah.

    With a sigh of amusement (an odd thing, but a trait of his), he spotted the one and only PT approaching a saddened Rain sitting alone. A nod of approval passed over him on impulse as he gazed about the room further, able to feel the ripples in the teardrop on his face from the music. It was quite pleasent if he told the truth but now was not time to ponder himself. The ocean eye male became aware of his very nature telling him to dance as he spotted the staff balcony. Karu wondered if it was lonely at all up there...

    Then his attention was brough back to his date as she muttered an apology to which he assured her it was quite alright and smiled at the comment on the end of her offer. "True enough I do get on with that kid quite well. And.." A pause to bind the coral in place in his hair for safety sake. "..It's always nice to talk to people."

    Standing to the side with a sweeping motion of one hand he added, "Please. After you." Then he realised it was with his clawed hand he had motioned. Potentially much more menacing but this was an All Hallows Eve party... Or so was his mental excuse. Once the two had joined them he gave Toru a tap of a nail on the small of his back as slight recognition he was there and a friendly nod given to the other members of the crowd.
  25. ''Holy god, this place looks awesome!'' This was Louie Forest's first Pokecharms Halloween ball, and he was very excited. He wore a dark brown Ho-oh feathered hat, brown hiking boots, green cape, etc. Before he left, his Pokemon told him he looked kind of silly. Louie was dressed as a masque raid.
    (OOC: Recoloured version of PokeTeen's costume.) BIC: In Louie's pockets, he held the dice of knowledge. The used these to decide his fate and stuff. From his neck, he wore shiny, elegant necklace with the gem of Palkia on it. To the left of his, he saw an ice sculpture of a ghost. To his right he saw a human head.
    ''Must be fake!'' He laughed! Then, he saw it blink.

    As Louie walked in, he gasped in delight. In front of him, he saw a colossal hall, with dancers, music, buffet, everything! He also saw a teenager with the same outfit as him, but recoloured. First, Louie made his move to the buffet table. There, he saw crimson coloured cakes, crab cakes, emerald apples, loads of food! Louie was looking for a girlfriend tonight, or at least a dance. this could be his night...
  26. Tunduli agreed that the buffet line was too long. ‘How about you go to the dancefloor and I’ll meet you there in a second, Darkie?~’ She said happily, and gave him a smiling salute before heading towards the buffet line.

    Dark Soul manouvered through the crowd, or at least tried to. Even though he was travelling along the edges of the room, he occasionaly bumped into someone. He went over to the place where the least people were standing; Right next to the DJ. The loudness of the music made most people refrain from standing there, but it didn’t really bother him.

    The song had a catchy sound, and Dark Soul found himself tapping his feet to the rythm. He was becoming quite nervous now; He was an exceptionally bad dancer, never having had any experience (Not counting two times of Step Step Tech at the Arcade Hall). Yet, he would try his best anyway. Most of the people seemed to be swanky, swanky dancers anyway.

    Tunduli came to him soon, and grinned, pointing at the speakers. He yelled, ‘We can always use our sixth sense for communicating if we turn deaf-‘

    Right then, Tunduli was glomped by a flash of black and white that Dark Soul recognized as Tobias Aurelio, or Toru.
    ‘Tunny!’ Toru said, ruffling Tun’s hair. ‘How you doin’, little sister of mine?’ Toru asked. He then turned to Dark Soul, smiling. ‘Oh, and Dark Soul is here too! Cool costume, bro!’ He said, holding out his hand for a high five.

    ‘Thanks, man. You don’t look too bad yourself either!’ He answered, high-fiving Toru with a smile from ear to ear. ‘So, what are you guys up to? Are you up for some dancing or what?’

    ‘Yeah, I’ve borrowed your sister for tonight anyway so I might as well dance with her!’ He said, laughing.

    Just then, Vira joined them. She greeted Tun and Toru, but didn’t recognize him. It wasn’t very surprisin she didn’t; He hadn’t been on ‘Charms for much longer then two years. Vira herself had only returned for two weeks or so, meaning she had escaped the Fallout events.
    ‘Me? Oh, I’m Dark Soul. I’m Tun’s partner for tonight.’ He said, smiling. ‘And no, we haven’t danced yet- We were about to, though.’

    Suddenly, Shiny and Karu joined them too. ‘Hey, we’re starting to form a crowd of ourselves here!’ Dark Soul said, laughing.
  27. The silence covering the outside of the castle was broken all too giddily by the clomp of boots and a joyous giggle. Indie had arrived at his first ever Charms festival. The dead bodies adorning the large, gothic porch must have (despite not ever being alive) gave a defeated sigh, as Indie ran up to the towering doors, too preoccupied with the thoughts fo the party. He himself must have looked a sight. Two uneven black horns extended from his headband, in place of the usual mareep ones. A tattered and grubby cloak was his choice of wear, along with dark black jeans and dark, tall boots that were part of a proto-type Ryuk cosplay. Indie's mask was cut crudely in half. The half that was left was a dark green one, with various markings under the scowling eye. His Changeling costume ready, Indie nudged the doors open, and darted in out of the chilly Autumn night. The sight inside was unlike any he had seen. At first glance, all the people were dressed finely in a plethora of colours and fabrics. But no matter how elegant any given costume was, half the party-goers seemed to be dancing like there was no tomorrow in the centre of the expansive hall.
    But over in one section, standing and smiling were a number of Indie's friends, including Tun, Dark Soul and Toru.
    The thought crossed Indie's mind faster than any before. He fumbled with the small tape recorder in his pocket. A single casette rested in the device. It had only one word spoken on it. And Indie's friends were the perfect people to play it to. Indie smirked briefly and readied the tape recorder, his finger quivering on play. He silently ran about two metres before Dark Soul, breathed in nervously. Indie sprinted behind the group, stifling excited giggles all the way. At the last moment, when he was nearest the group, he pressed the play button. A frightful, raspy voice shouted loudly just one word.
  28. "We can always use our sixth sense for communicating if we turn deaf-"

    "Tunny!" A cheery voice shouted in Tun's direction before she felt something cling around her body. "How you doing, little sister of mine!?"

    Tunduli turned around quickly as her hair was ruffled. She smiled cheerfully and hugged her not-so-biological brother before he smiled at Tun's partner and complimented each other's costumes, high-fiving each other too. "Nice to see you here, Tobiichan~!" Tun smiled; 'Tobiichan' was a gag towards Toru's resemblance to Riichan from an anime they both enjoyed to watch; along with a few other 'Charms members.

    "So, what are you guys up to?" Toru grinned. "You up for some dancing or what?"

    "Yeah, we were just getting ready to dance," Tunduli said, giggling, "Me and Dark, I mean."

    "Yeah, I’ve borrowed your sister for tonight anyway so I might as well dance with her!" Dark commented, laughing.

    "Teehee~" Tun blushed. "What's a ball without any danci-?"

    "Toru! Tun!" Spice casually strolled over to the trio, dressed like Cirno the Ice Fairy - a character from a game Tunduli loved. "Uh, you haven't danced yet either, have you?"

    "No, we haven't danced yet," Tunduli and Dark Soul said in unison, afterwards giggling. "We were about to, though," Dark continued. "Yeah, just waiting for the right time, teehee~" Tun chuckled later. "Though, can I just saaay, I absolutely adore your costume, Spicey~!"

    Shiny and Karu joined the group, apparently paired with each other. Karu tapped Toru on the back friendlily and nodded towards the rest of the group.

    "Hey, we’re starting to form a crowd of ourselves here!" Dark chuckled cheerfully. Tun giggled in return; she thought exactly the same. She twirled around her parasol in her right hand before shrieking out loudly -

    Only because she heard loud, clear, frightening voice call out the single word 'LOWER'.

    She heard a giggle behind her, and soon enough, burst into laughter. She placed a hand on her heart and cackled heartily, remembering the time when the joke finally spawned between her, Toru and Indie.

    "Indie~!" Tun called out through hysteric laughter. "You're here, too~? Dark and I were just about to dance!"

    (lolshort :c)
  29. "Thanks!" Spice's dorky grin popped back up. "That's cool, about the dancing, I mean. Hi Karu, hi Lyni!" She chuckled a bit. "Uh...a lot of people here." She looked past the newcomers and toward the other people attending, feeling ever so slightly queasy. She was afraid of large spaces, and only when the room was practically filled had she noticed. "I guess we are--" Spice was interrupted by Tunduli's piercing shriek and jumped with a yell as well, her bow falling out of place. "What the heck was...oh!"

    She tugged her bow into proper position and turned around to look where Tun had been looking. "Hi, Indie," she said with an uneasy smile. "You didn't bring anyone either? Haha." She laughed a bit, clearing her throat before saying anything else. "Ehm, you can go dance if you want." She was refering to Dark and Tun. She leaned against the wall, puffing out a gusty sigh. "Fhoooooo. Oh, by the way, how come you're only wearing a tux, Toru?" She barely managed to keep herself from giggling at seeing her good friend in such a fancy outfit, especially with hair like his.

    ((OOC: No offense to you and your fro, Toru. :> Also Tun SHORTER POST))
  30. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem waved his arms at Chad as RX flailed him around in the air.

    "Nice costume," Chad said after saying hello.

    Sem also smirked to himself, still being held high in the air. "Yeah, best costume I could come up with."

    "Best costume that I could come up with," Lysis said, butting in. She had just returned from a dance with Dwayna. "And given that I had some freakish Buizel-Vaporeon hybrid to work with I think I did a pretty good job," she added with a grin.

    "Lysis, lovely as ever," Chad commented.

    "Aw," the young woman said as she walked over to him. "I love how you don't mean that," she teased, putting her hand to his cheek. "C'mon and swing dance with me. No one here seems cultured enough to know how to." She waited for the young man to be introduced to Z-I.M.D.A.S before dragging him slightly apart from everyone else, hoping that he wasn't one of the many who didn't know how to swing.

    Sem watched the two, trying not to laugh. When the DJ jokingly put on Circle of Life Sem realized that he was still being held. While he was content to remain where he was, actually able to see people, everyone began staring at him, which wasn't something he liked. He quietly turned partially liquid, slipping through his wife's grasp and landing back on the floor. He was careful not to get RX wet, since the water could ruin whatever makeup he had on for his costume.

    Sem didn't have to worry - the dye in his fur probably wouldn't come out for about a week or so. He then looked up at Z-I.M.D.A.S and asked her, "Are they any steps you could teach me?" He hadn't spoken much with the robot, but Sem was quite fond of her regardless. She was a sentient robot, a death machine, and she had a charming personality - what wasn't there to like? "It's kind of awkward since I'm not... well, vaguely human-shaped. But I'm not bad!" He tugged on her hand and then RX's, pulling them closer. "She can teach you something too, RX," Sem pointed out as the song changed yet again. This time to Take It Off, which was one of Lysis' favorites.
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  31. (OoC: Well, crap. Away for a day, and this happens. :p)

    Secad was on the shiny dance floor, surrounded by the beats of various popular artists. Always looking stupid but having fun, she was doing the monkey and the 'Batman mask' in alternating movements.

    “Enjoying yourself Secad? No need to answer, your dancing says it all.” Brendan said, dancing up next to her.

    "Not answer?!" Secad replied, screaming slightly over the loudness of the music. She laughed, her fedora bouncing up and down slightly. "Heck yes I'm enjoying myself! This is a party! How've you been doing?"


    Fi was done eliminating the vegetables from the lamb, along with her crudites and small portions of gerbil-tolerant desserts. The white gerbil looked up and saw her friend dancing with Brendan, that white haired boy Secad once asked to take his pants off. But not in that way. She added, making a brief gerbil chortle.

    Eh... Fi thought, looking around. Party, ball, whatever. Be obnoxious, Fi, like she is. The 'she,' of course, was Secad.

    Licking crumbs off her paws briefly, the gerbil levitated upwards on a ball of fire, careful to be a decent height above heads. There, with the Mareep horns (kind of hard to miss) was Indie, Tunduli, Dark Soul, and someone Fi hadn't met before.

    Hey, guys. She projected to them from above. Look up! How have you been? Awesome costumes.
  32. Kaitlyn dragged the disastrously tired Kera off the dance floor and dropped him into an empty chair at an empty table. His head fell forward, slamming on the table and he moaned. Suffice to say, Kera does not have the limitless energy that Kaitlyn does, so he can’t withstand more than twenty minutes of what she calls “the dance of eccentricity.” Kaitlyn rolled her eyes and smacked his shoulder.

    “Kera, get up.” she said. His face rolled to the other side, away from her, him panting slightly. She smacked him again. “Kera, look at me!” She demanded. Finally he obliged and lifted his head, confirming Kaitlyn’s suspicions. There was a dark black smudge on the white tablecloth; his hair coloring was coming out.

    Kaitlyn took hold of Kera’s chin and twisted his head to her right. Sure enough, a small patch of dark blonde hair was visible. She sighed and dipped her hand into her bag, pulling forth a spray bottle with a black cap. She popped the cap off, and aimed the bottle at the blonde patch. Then she sprayed the patch, covering it with an even coat of coloring.

    She let go of his head, which Kera sat in his hand on the table. Kaitlyn’s eyes wandered the ballroom, searching for means of entertainment. Her gaze landed upon the buffet table, which had a very short line at the moment.

    Kaitlyn’s eyes popped open as a smile spread across her face. She quickly turned to Kera, whose eyes were closed and was emitting a soft rumbling from inside his chest. Kaitlyn smacked his arm from underneath his head. His head fell hard upon the table and he jerked awake randomly blurting, “Fizzing Whizbees!”

    Kaitlyn rolled her eyes again and said, “Did that dancing really wear you out that much? Anyway, I’m going to the buffet line for a moment. Don’t wander off while I’m gone.” And with that, she flounced off, Kera hardly registering her words.

    Kaitlyn bounced to the end of the extremely short line and surveyed the delectable treats. Her eyes landed upon a large tray of small round sweets; chocolate truffles.

    If her eyes could turn into little pink hearts like in the movies, they surely would. Truffles are her favorite sweet. As the line progressed she kept her eyes on the platter and upon arrival to it, she seized the platter and wrenched her bag open. She then proceeded to dump the entire tray of sweets into the bag. She smiled and flounced away, not seeing the surprised faces of the partygoers behind her.

    She flopped down in the seat beside Kera, who had his head in his hand in his head again, but was now staring dimly at the fortune telling booth, a bored expression on his face. Kaitlyn pulled two truffles out of her bag and help one beneath his nose. He looked down his nose and plucked the sweet out with his free hand. He then deposited the sweet in his mouth and chewed, still staring at the booth.

    Kaitlyn ate her own truffle and glanced around too; the ball was certainly interesting, with the cobwebs and the cider fountain and the dead bodies outside... She shuddered at the thought; one had nearly grabbed her on the way in.

    Just then, a song came on; slow, but still very charming. She glanced at Kera, who looked much better now that he’d had a spot of chocolate. She prodded him in the rib and said, “Kera, will you please dance with me?”

    He gave her a fearful look. She sighed and said, “No, a slow dance, dummy. I’m not going to dance you to death.” Kera sighed in relief and extended his hand to her. She took it and he led her out to the dance floor, where several other couples had begun to dance.

    They stood facing each other and locked hands. Kera put his arm around her and Kaitlyn placed her hand on his shoulder, and they began a slow waltz. They slowly made their way around the floor, the pace quickening every once in a while.

    I could get used to this, Kaitlyn thought dreamily as Kera held her in his arms. She placed her head on his shoulder and smiled, as they slowly spun around the room.

    (OoC: Romance is allowed, yes? I have plans for them... Anyway... When do we get to the good stuff, where people start screaming? XD)
  33. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Chadwyck had agreed to his proposal and went off to talk to another being who had addressed the male in question, leaving Edward by himself to contemplate things. He had effectively introduced himself and politely invited the person in question, and they had given a positive response. A new strange emotion filled him, a sort of grayish-yellow on his color spectrum, which he soon defined as the emotion 'pride'. He was proud of himself for a successful human interaction, and proud that he had made a new acquaintance.

    "Making new friends already?" came the familiar voice of his female partner, which he smiled at in his pink friendly manner. Of course, his friendly manner had a deeper hue of pink than normal, which he didn't quite understand yet, but caused strange reactions with him. If he had a heart, it would probably be moving at an accelerated pace in reaction to this strange emotion he felt whenever he saw her.

    "Yes, My Lady," he responded. "The male known as Chadwyck expressed frustration, so I endeavored to calm him by assuring him of familiar presences being present. I also have invited him to join us at our table later, despite your previous history. I believe that there is a chance you can make amends, as he seems like a presentable individual." All the while he stood vigilantly as he relayed the information, an air of respect about him as if he were addressing someone in authority over himself. Dwayna smiled at him in her own little amused way, as she always did.

    "I'm proud of you, Edward," she replied to him. "It's not everyday you get out of the lab, let alone make friends on the spot like that. You really pushed your comfort zone." At that he felt himself go red, not the rage kind of red but a different kind, an amplification of the previous emotion that had washed over his sensors. He became perplexed shortly afterwards and then returned to normal, deciding to put his attentions on the other guests yet again.

    There was a similar being at the side of another, defined as RX, who had a complicated and intricate history of people claiming to be his significant other. There was a group of other familiar Charmsians gathered around what he defined as Fi, who was surprisingly away from the being known as Secad. He found the girl soon after speaking with the male known as Brendan, looking like she was enjoying herself quite thoroughly. Other people made themselves apparent, even new ones which he had not yet identified.

    "How about we go join those two?" said Dwayna, pointing to the aforementioned Brendan and Secad. Edward eagerly agreed to go with Dwayna, as he didn't think he could ever say no to her. He did not have any programming to obey her, and yet since his 'birthday' he had always listened to her every word. It wasn't at all because of her place of power on her planet either, which perplexed him further still every time he thought about it. Before long they were standing next to the two beings in question, to which he humbly let Dwayna say hello first.

    "Hey guys," she shouted to them over the music. "How might you be this fine evening?"
  34. Rain's eyes darted about the place as she still struggled to recognize anyone. She eyed the buffet again, wondering if she should just pig out. Her attention turned to the DJ, and she wanted badly to be in their place. She knew she could have so much fun doing that.

    She felt as if she about to lose her mind from watching all of the movement while she sat still. Her eyes felt somewhat heavy now, and suddenly a nap sounded really nice to her. Her eyelids were just about to shut when Rain felt someone looking at her. She lifted her head, her eyes taking in the sight of another elaborately costumed member who seemed to be walking towards her. The figure stopped in front of her, and while she was still trying to figure out who this person was, he spoke. "My lady, may I have a dance?"

    Blinking a couple times, Rain smiled widely as she recognized the member as PokeTeen, or Nick. Her blue eyes lit up. She was super excited to see someone she recognized, and more so, was shocked anyone was asking her to get up and dance with them, and her cheeks turned pink. "Dance? Uhmm." Her face felt hot. She knew she couldn't dance, and she was nervous, but she wanted to have fun. "Sure!" She stood to her feet, grasping her friend's hand. "By the way, awesome costume, Nick." She said, staring up at his hat. Then, "Just Dance" by Lady GaGa came on, and Rain squeaked loudly. "Eeee, I love this song!"

    (Sorry my post is short, I really needed to reply but there wasn't too much for me to work with, it shall get longer when more stuff comes up. Promise~)
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  35. "Hey guys," A voice called to the two over the music. It was Dwayna, accompanied by her...boyfriend was too casual for this fellow who seemed so devoted, so beau. "How might you be this fine evening?"

    "Ay!" Secad called back, waving vigourously. "I'm good! Brend here-" she paused to point at Brendan, chuckling"-still needs to answer!"
  36. After about 10 minutes of shoving apple cakes down his throat, he got tired of eating and decided to hit the dance floor. Although he absolutley hated Lady Gaga, he liked to spin. He stepped onto the glittery, rainbow-coloured floor and started spinning. He liked dancing, but loved spinning! Through blurry motion he could just about see a couple of people staring at him. Probably mystified by his dancing. He could also see some of his friends: Dark Soul, Indie, and many others. He spun other there way.
    ''Hey guys! Having fun?''
  37. “Good to hear Secad.” Brendan shouted, trying to keep his voice above the Lady Gaga music pounding through the speakers. “Me? Well I-“

    “Hey guys!” a voice interrupted, Brendan turned around to see Lady Dwayna, dressed in a Flygon-themed masquerade tuxedo dress. She wasn’t alone though, accompanying her was a person Brendan never seen before in a Gengar-themed tuxedo, complete with a visor to match the eyes. Brendan hasn’t met this person before, though if memory serves, Dwayna said that she was bringing a friend of hers. “How might you be this fine evening?” Dwayna asked

    “I’m good. Brend here still needs to answer” Secad replied.

    “Does everything I say need an audience?” Brendan questioned, and then went on to answering without an answer for his own. “Comparing this to my, um, history with Halloween, I have to say this year has turned out to be a big hit for me, as well as everyone else.” Brendan said, and then turned towards Dwayna’s partner to give him a proper greeting. “Ah, you must be Miss Dragonfire’s android friend, Edward was it? Good to meet you.” Brendan greeted. However, Brendan was quite drawn to Edward's subtle fidgeting, what kind of sentiment computer mind would have a need to make such a human gesture?

    Though perhaps, he was about to find out why. As Just Dance came to a close, and the music began to take to a slower tune.
  38. A blazing pillar of flame shot across Charm's Autumn sky, seemingly muttering to itself, "Late? For my first Halloween on Charms? Idiot!" The pillar in question was actually Blazikid, a happy resident of Charms. He had accidentally slept in on his pre-party nap and was, to quote the White Rabbit, 'Late for a very important date'. The Flame stopped and half materialized into the figure of a teenage boy, dressed in head to toe black save for a brightly coloured mask. His bottom half was just a whirling tornado of flame, allowing him to hover high above the ground. The boy looked around for the venue, before spotting it and rushing towards it in the pillar of flame. He would've originally come in on one of his summons, but Captain Anchor took forever to get his transport ready and Sadistic Parasol Lady took too long to fly via parasol. He reached the door, and the flames fully materialized. Blazikid stood at the doorway to the party, dressed in his Majora's Mask costume. He looked around and saw the dead bodies, and smiled at the awesomeness that emanated from them. He then turned back to the open doorway, and stepped into the party.

    OoC: Meh, Shortish, and sorry I'm late. More detail in next post, Promise.
  39. "Hey, we’re starting to form a crowd of ourselves here!"

    "Seems that way, doesn't it Dark?" Toru replied as the others gathered around. The music was pumping in the background, causing Toru to tap his foot to the rhythm. "Hey Vira, Karu, Shiny. It's a pleasure to see you all here!" The Geokinetic was slowly starting to get into the mood of the party - soon he'd be dancing like a mentalist who'd just escaped from a crazy house, but dancing was fun, right? Then suddenly, he heard a sound, loud and clear, through the bustle of the party...


    Toru turned around 180 degrees like a robot, and cried out, his arms open wide as he 'bro hugged' Indie Reeper. "LOWERlowerlowerlowerlowerlower. Indie! Glad you could make it, man!" He slowly beckoned Indie into the ever - growing group of friends. As Toru went to go get a cup of lemonade, he heard Spice, or Vira as she previously used to be named pre - fallout, query Toru. He replied, sounding quite pompous indeed about his statement whislt he straightened his blue tie.

    "Why am I wearing a tux and not something very disguising? Well Vira my dear, it's mainly because I'm not one for dressing up, so I thought some average party attire would be enough." He then dropped the flash idea of presenting himself, to state he wasn't being serious, and talked normally.

    "Yeah, the best I could come up with since it was a masquerade ball was this eye mask. However, no matter how hard I try, my hair really does make me stand out, right? And it doesn't look stupid, I got it cut just for the event! She how it's slightly shorter?"

    As he chuckled to himself, he took a breath, taking took a grapple of his sword with his left hand.

    "And the reason I brought my sword... I'm not sure if you were here last Halloween, but things got... a little out of hand. Stel got a bit pissed off and well... things started to happen, bats started to appear, and 'Charms got very out of hand. If something like the previous Halloween antics happen again.. I'll be ready. Now then,"

    Toru turned to the dance floor and gestured for everyone to join him.

    "Shall we dance?"
  40. "Yes, you do need an audience." Secad commented, laughing.

    “Comparing this to my, um, history with Halloween, I have to say this year has turned out to be a big hit for me, as well as everyone else.” Brendan asked, and then turned towards Dwayna’s partner to give him a proper greeting. “Ah, you must be Miss Dragonfire’s android friend, Edward was it? Good to meet you.”

    Lol, "Take off your pants!" I remember that. Secad thought to herself, chuckling internally.

    Edward acknowledged Brendan's reply, and Secad turned back to Brendan as the music slowed down, skirt flowing out slightly.

    "Do you want to dance?" Secad asked with a large grin. "Just watch your feet. I certainly cannot dance."

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