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Pokecharms.com has a new Overlord today

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I'd like to officially announce that Katie, aka Linkachu, has taken the reigns of Pokecharms and will be administrating the day-to-day decision making of the site from now on.

    I've 'stepped down', as it were, to focus on other projects. But don't think that doesn't mean I wont be part of the site any more. I will continue to be working on the site in-so-far as all the technical and design stuff goes - so when the site relaunches in a few weeks, it will be under my hand.

    However, when the relaunch comes around, my need to be involved in the actual running of the website - which will unquestioningly fall towards the running of the forums primarily - will be alleviated, allowing me the time to work on other upcoming stuff, such as the very recently launched Charmed Designs.

    So, what exactly does Katie's new role entail, then? Well, basically, she will be in charge of the daily running of the site - including organising staff and members, things like the upcoming relaunch of the Staff Showcase, and competitions and events such as the 'Charms Organised WiFi play.

    Allow me be the first to congratulate her on this position. :)


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Nov 14, 2009.

    1. KoL
      Congratulations to Katie, and best of luck with Charmed Designs and everything else in life. :p
    2. Animeangel10
      YAY!! Katie,Imean M.s Lincachu. She REALLY deserves it. ;D
    3. Tatile
      Congratulations very much indeed to our new Overlord, I present this sacirfice of pizza in your honour, Katie.
    4. Teapot
      Congratulations Katie! I assume we'll be seeing a few pizza joints popping up around here from now on? :p
    5. Stark
      Woooow, nice one Katie ^^

      Well deserved. :)
    6. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      All hail Lelouch! Linkachu! *Bows before his new Master*

      Congratulations on such a magnificent honor Katie! I present to you an X Large meat lovers pizza. Devour it all or share with us commoners, it is up to you milady!
    7. SoIHerdYaLiekAnime
      Oh my...

      This is goood. This is reeeeeally good. *runs after her dad with those pizza boxes he had* Sorry if they're empty D:
    8. Sem
      Don't you think this means that I'll start showing you respect, Katie >:0

      But congratz :3
    9. Belle
      Goodness me Katie-B!
      Or L. If your last name starts with L.
      Or maybe Q if you're into that sort of thing :U

      Congratulations my dearrrrrrrrrrr happy day
    10. Linkachu
      So much pizza... XD

      And thanks a lot you guys, and an especially huge thank you to Alex. It's a great honor, and I'll do my best to fulfill the position ^__^
    11. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      congrats to Katiechu~ *gives her a Linkachu doll and about 50 boxes of pizzas* I bet you're gonna be sick of pizza by the time you're done eating all of mine and everyone else's. XD
      Though it may be filled with work and stuffs but I know you're gonna do well. ^^
    12. Animeangel10
      *Grabbes the nearest box of fireworks that are(Randomly lying near by sets them of to say 'congrats'and ultimatly failes by blowing up Canada* Oh heck withit YAY LINKACHU! ;D
    13. Johto-Master
      farewell alex, we will miss your leadership
      but katie, congratulations!
    14. NonAnalogue
      Congratulations, Katie! That's massively cool. :O
    15. Rayn_Shyu
      Gratz Katiechu! Here's some bread sticks to go with all that pizza. I like your Pokeballs for rank. *Claps*
    16. Cody
      They grow up so fast :'D

      Congrats, Katie, it's very well deserved.

      And best of luck to you, Alex : D
    17. Toastie
      It's very well deserved!
      And maybe, if you plant those Pizzas, they will become Pizza trees, and you will have an unlimited supply of Pizzas!
    18. Magpie
      Already said this in chat, but figure I may as well say it properly here :D

      Congratulations Katie! A very much deserved promotion and I'm sure you'll be awesome as Overlord
    19. DarkTypeMaster
      Congratulations Linkachu! You really deserved it!
    20. Toru
      Ohhh.. So this is what happens when I don't have t'internet for a while...

      Congrats, Linkatie! (lulz name mix up) well umm, normally, I'd be the one to give you a pizza, HOWEVER.

      What's a pizza without garlic bread?

      *Lobs garlic bread at Pokecharms' new Overlord*

      I'll, just be over...there.
    21. windsaver
      Congratulations Linkachu!
      We're all Really Happy for You!
      Have Fun! ;D
    22. jertyuiop
      Congratulations, Linkachu/Katie, I know that you will do well in your new job :)
    23. ToadDude
      Congratz! Do a good job, Linkachu, things will be expected of a sword weilding Riachu! The Scribe of Charms:

      The Overlord: Docter Oak

      *Picks up a pencil* "Oh no! This won't do!"

      The Overlord: Docter Oak Linkachu

      "Much better."
    24. Luconray
      Yes, congrats on your new position, Linkachu/Katie! We all know you're going to do great!
    25. Linkachu
      Even more thank yous XD

      Wasn't sure where to say this, but here's probably as good as any.

      I rarely, if ever, check my non-work-related email - so please save your time and don't email my hotmail address. If you're trying to contact me for whatever reason, drop me a private message on these forums. I'm usually fairly quick to respond to them if I'm actually free to do so. :)
    26. Satoren
      Don't kill me or anything for saying this, but when I first read the news, an image of Katie dressed up as Wallace and Alex dressed up as Steven randomly popped up in my head.

      Teh RX shall remain a faithful follower to Pokecharms and its causes, m'lady. And I wish Alex the best of fortune on his endeavors. Long live the most and mostest almighty ones!
    27. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      Congratulations, Linkachu! I'm sure you'll do well.

      Aw, it's quite sad that you have to go, Alex, but I'm sure your ventures will be successful.
      Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
    28. POH!KEMON
      Congrats, Katie! I think I should call you Doctor Linkachu! *Celebrates the exciting news (while laughing maniacly at....I'm not telling)*
    29. **BeginwiththeEnd**
      Congrats Linkachu! Hope you don't screw over Pokecharms, so here's some more pizza! *gives her the keys to a Pizza Hut building*

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