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Pokecharms Christmas Fishing Tournament - Not long left!

  1. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Just a small reminder that there is now less than 2 weeks left for anyone taking part in the Fishing tournament to catch their team. The deadline is December 18th, so make sure you've caught your whole team by then. Keep in mind that this deadline is for catching ONLY - if you need more time to train your team after December 18th, you will be granted that extra time.

    Now is also a good time to PM me your planned team for the tournament. PM me your Pokemon, EV spreads, natures, abilities and movesets in the following manner:

    Pokemon @ Hold Item
    EV Spread

    - Move 1
    - Move 2
    - Move 3
    - Move 4

    Rinse, lather, repeat for all six Pokemon.

    Also, if anyone wishes to donate prizes, please let me know via PM.

    Thanks. :p

    EDIT: Figured I wouldn't need the main topic link here due to everyone knowing where the main topic is already - apparently I was wrong, so here it is:




Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by KoL, Dec 7, 2009.

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    1. Jirachicody
      Im confused for the fishing tournament. How are we getting the pokemon? by ds, or online some kind of game. if someone can tell me reply to this post on pokecharms.com or send me an email. codymariosunshine@yahoo.com

    2. KoL
      Urr, lets see...we're getting them by sticking Super Smash Bros. Brawl into your Wii, selecting King Dedede at the character screen as your character, chain-grabbing your opponent to the ledge with the down-throw, throwing a Gordo (and it MUST be a Gordo) to knock the opponent into the air, using Dedede's multiple jumps to then turn and perform the elusive Reverse Hadouken, which is done by pressing A, B, both shield buttons and smashing both the control and C-stick down and left respectively, before unlocking Dedede's "SHOOP DA WHOOP!" Final Smash to roast the opponent and win the match. Do this, and you'll have a full six-man team of Pokemon all ready for the tournament.

      Of course, if you'd actually made some effort to search the boards, you'd have found a topic with the same name as this one in the Wi-Fi boards, right here:


      ...not that it takes even an ounce of common-sense to figure that this is indeed accomplished by using the DS games.
    3. Jirachicody
      Okay... I was reviewing those posts and:
      1. does lv100 battle make the pokemon lvl100 automatically?
      2. can we buy pokeballs with hacked cash?
      3. 50 posts... that will take awhile... though ive done 100 posts in 5min. before.
    4. KoL
      1. Yes it does. When battling over Wi-Fi, you can set all Pokemon at Lv.100, so don't worry about training the whole team to Lv.100, because the Wi-Fi function does it for you.

      2. Hacking cash is fine since all it does is save you time. Only hacking the Pokemon is really illegal since item/money hacking cannot be proven really and item/money hacking doesn't give you any advantages in battle itself.

      3. Make sure that's 50 meaningful posts that aren't SPAM and do not break the rules, or you'll likely end up banned before you even hit 10.
    5. Jirachicody
      Replies to you're third reply..

      1. awww... about the spam

      2. do i have to use platinum i lost mine.
    6. KoL
      Diamond, Pearl or Platinum can be used. In fact, I recommend Diamond/Pearl due to Clamperl being unfishable in Platinum as well as one other Pokemon.
    7. Jirachicody
      cool... how do you get more pokeball things and would asking for Buddy to get leveled up be spamming?
      buddy is my pokeplushie
    8. KoL
      Yes, asking people to level the plushie is spamming, and you get more Pokeballs the more posts you get.

      Since you've gone off-topic here and this topic isn't for a conversational Q&A session, I suggest you take any further questions elsewhere.
    9. Jirachicody
    10. Jirachicody
      I am going to go start fishing up Pokemon now!
      p.s. would prizes be like pokemon? if so i can donate three.
    11. Black Wolf
      Black Wolf
      Ever since I came to this forum, I have been learning new things about Pokemon, such as that natures increase surtaint stats and decrease, but now my question, what in frakings name is a fishing tournament?
    12. SoIHerdYaLiekAnime

      Clearly you haven't seen the fishing tournament thread in the wi-fi forum. I'd recommend you look at that.
    13. KoL
      This topic is so getting locked to prevent further stupidity.

      Black Wolf, I've posted the link to the main topic twice, so click a link and read up if you want more information.

      Jirachicody, double-posting is against the rules, so you get a warning. Read the forum rules please.
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