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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by KoL, May 25, 2020.

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  1. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    As is per our annual custom, the Badfic Contest has returned, brought to you by our friends at the Firefly Funhouse!

    The rules are the same as always, but for those who have yet to compete in this contest, I will explain the rules now. The objective is to write the first opening chapter of a fanfic, and make it as awful as you can manage. You are free to use any methods necessary to achieve this goal, from awful crossovers to Mary Sues, from terrible grammar to nonsensical plots, any means necessary to create the most abysmal piece of writing possible. Your works will then be graded on how bad they are, and the person whose fic is deemed the worst of the worst will be crowned champion.

    No signups are required to compete, if you wish to compete, just post your fic here and you're in.

    That's all from me for now, so I invite you all now to bring your very worst.
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    There once was a badass hero named Tsurugi which means sord in japanese. He carryd a big sord that he used to cutdown all his emenys. his parents wer DEAD! they was killed rite infront of Tsurugi wen he was a boi so he's been looking for teh man with 1 eye ever sins.

    i don't have a;lot of time rite now so i'll finis this l8er. bye!
  3. Munday, 08:59

    Beky the most poopular gurl in da skol woke up to da sond of her dod raging over da gome he pluyed wit her mum
    "Aaaaaaaa, wat a bootiful day. Time tu breac some herts."
    She got up and dresed for da day Sshe had un uversised hodie, riped jens and some whit Abibas shos
    "Hm, I like, dont thank that I like this lok anymor... Time for a maekover!" Sudenly, her hair changed from blond to bright gren, her cloths morped into a purple, large pompos dres, and her shos know had smilei faces on them. She wolked out of her rom and pushsed her muther out of da way, grabing the stacc of cahs she had in her hands.
    "Gime the monee, bish!" She exclaimed as she exited the hose. Cenveneintli,her skol was jost outside her hose,so she sashaied in. Wenn she entered, al da students where exiting they're clasroms, since she wos an our late.
    "Aaa, fashoinoabli late, jost how I like it." She wolked alung da halway like she wos on an cotwolk, whele goys where literali foling at her foots. Everione stared at her, mesmerysed. Oll the gurls wonted to be her, every goy wonted to be her luver. Bot since she chonged luvers every weec, she basucaly had no mor optyons. Than, she spotud soemone. It whas... the shy boi. He was laeninq againt a woll, readyng a booc abuot Stor Tric, wich Beky wos unfamijiar wiht. Bot, evin tho hi wos nerdi like a patato, he wos the unly goy that she wasnt doted yet. She now what she hod to do.
    Get. Whiht. Da. Shy. Boi.
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  4. Professor Owens

    Professor Owens Previously Poke¥π|×✓®™Mon

    0wce up,on A Temi te wha a Keng
    Nami Jiff hi had short red haer bown shois and a King,s coat
    Hi g0t s0 máb one day because hi ordirid a tuna. fish sandwich but the chif c0okéd him a ham sandwich hi got So mad that hi ordired hes Royal"Gods 2 bring him 2 thi coppei boad also dìd the sami 2 his dahtir mho waid 2 git new driss but hi did not want 2 pay for oni so hi sint hir 2 the chodpe b0ard hin thi pile wrnt 2 KO Keng Jff bnt Keng Jeff waS fastir hi OrdiriD HIS yal gods 2 bring him 2 thi Choppe board but THIY rifusid so hi had to do it hi'S silf but hi coULdn't so hi lift thi kingdom and nefr weturned: Te ÉN?!?
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  5. wun dae, thEr wuz a bare wiht u sorD,

    hee wood eeVentuallee gO On a jorknee 2 saev teh wurld,

    hE enturd thE calloseeum...

    adn sHE saaw piramyd hed frum silunt hell aand hee was bigg adn burlee.

    thEn, teh heer0 of teh dai, freddee freakerr, hopt into teH uneversse adn yellingg att the exocutioner.

    tehn a m0nstr inn a bOx 8 teh wurld adn everee1 dyed

    According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.

    buht thne lettherfeace cahme 0verr adn sawd teh b0x 1n h4lf aDN every1 wass ok

    thsi dai wood bee reememburred allwais az teh dai taht tHe wurld wsa eeatened

    morp 8 uh hammbergur

    allsow, eye'm broke

    mookel miers iz mi favoritt souperhereo

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  6. my face is a cunt, im a perfrdtionist so to misspell this enough to get the worst trophy im typing with my eyes closed and staring up at the eiling questioning my life maybe I should write poss like this from now on honestly fuck this its et5ing hsrd I love this wonderful site but id like to do more outside shit this summer can you fucking belive it hoe, I like to type expletives btween sentences to rest my brain somrtimes you know, anyway look, I wanna be a writer one day but heres the thing, before I can be a writer I must live m own life enough and if eel I haven't done that, I need to have a story to tell people want me to rp eith them but the reality is that id like to put this site down indefinitely, I feel this way ever summer but the reason ic ome back here is because im unhappy irl and its a coping mechanism I haven't been able to quit in the past buand I love this site but its time to get out of my head and start looking at the real world I don't wanna live in my moms basement anyay lets get to actual fanfic muthafucka because it wasn't written by me unless theres a cursewords in it im dead fucking serious, im not even ooking as im typing this because it saves me the time of needing to purposefully misspell things but misspelling things agter spelling them right for so long is frefeshing and liberating now lets get to the fucking fanfic pussies

    there was once a man who lived in the forest. his face was a cunt. a really sinky cunt. a cunt so stinky that all he trees in the forest died, theyd rot around him and leave him alone, the people in society rejected him because he was so grotesque looking and foul smelling that they couldn't stand to be round him and kicked him out, trees were better company he decided, they don't talk back to you and all they do is give, their sap, their branches to rest for birds and a place to bild a treehouse, he wanted to be just like the trees , just open up to people and not worry about how hes received, even if they chop him down and stick him with pipes and seep their sap hell still stand and wave hello to the wind as it passes by, happy forever after under the motherfuckin sun but when the trees died because he stank so much he lost hope and thre whimself off a cliff b ut a t the last second he landed ona tree branch, the tree had saved him once again but the tree branch that caught him also started rotting because he was an ugly cunt, so it snapped and sent him falling to his death where he hit theground with a merciles thud, but then he realized that in death trees were cunts and people were cunts and everyone is a cunt but the ground was tstill with him in death, so as he lay dying on the cld hard dirty floor he fell in love with the dirt that he feel oon and stared humpoing it unconftrobllay yep he fucked the shit out of it, my dude I don't even know how to continue this storie, this us just a stream of consciousness but I just want th thank the staff for doing this every year becsue its a way to reliveve the stress of having to wirte in character all the time and writing to a certain standard anyway the ghost of said guy who fell off a cliff floated up to heaven where god told him that for fcuking the ground where dead people are buried that musrt mean youre trying to pierce the soil to get to hell so youre better off in hell, get out of heaven im sending you there instead, so the ma n when to hell where the devil was smoking a blunt and he said, "hey yu sexy vagina, youre a loser at life, but can you at least win this contest my nigga" the man replied "you can't say nigga! you ain't balck!" and the devil replied "yeah my skin is red but if you think about it, the same way meat starts out red and then turns black when you overcook it, im just an undercooked black guy" and then he continued "look you cunt, that's beside the point, the fact of the matter is this, if you wanna win this contest you gotta do a crappy crossover or some shit, meet the hokage, bone marge simpson, kiss princess peach, catch a Pikachu in a mouse trap, all int he same story" and the man then said, "thanks devil, but where can if ind the hokage, this is hell so he must be in heaven?" and the devil replied "you know wht youre right, you wont find the hokage in hell but you will find plenty of hoes and gays, no ka's but two for three is close enough isn't it" and the man said "you kn ow what youre a homophobic piece of shit, fuck you and crossovers, fuck you and calling people hoes, if a woman wants to sell her boyd she has every right to do so because shes a strong independent person who can make decision about her own body" and the devil said "you lnow what ur right thatwomen can make decisions about their own bodiesbut aqcions have consequences and you will be judgd for it, the same way it was my decision to rebel against god and now im stuk at the lowest point of hell and bitter and vengeful, a woman has every rght to sell her body but will being a whore make her happy, having a right to something doesn't mean it should be done, every woman has the right to be happy and nfrnruhy yeah I had to stop because that sentence was becoming too correctly spelled, sorry the writr opened her eyes for a second and startined typin normally, but now im back, the commas are an instinctive thing, to make this fanfic as bad as possible she would have to not pause b353ween sentence at all but she cant help it its ingrained and her fingers instinctively fly to the comma ws shes typing with her eyes closed now lets ge tbck t the subject at hand if you don't wanna do crossovers to make your fanfic bad well heres what you sould do, wite a story about your real life, about how youre a miserable unt with a cunt for a face and how your stinky ass cunt face killed everyone around you because the worst thing you can wtiye, the worst tragedy, ie e story of your real life, you see charms is a place where people create a fake evrsion of themselves, a pat of them that they cant show the rest of the world, so the only thing to rruly make a fanfic bad is if you show the real side of you, show them the itter truth and the real you and not the sweet lie and the fake you that you've been maintain all this time, now grow wings and fly you cuntfaced butterfly, by the way tbhats n actual bug look it up, its in the encyclopedia for entomology and if I typed encyclopedia righy the tifrst time I know if cuked it up the second time but if I got it write the first itm eiwht my eyes close im impressed but yeh the cunt buttercly is a rela bug its the national bug of hell you;; see it flying around the firey pits of oblivion its basically a butterly with female genitalia for a face and it represent lust and sin and desire thst flaps on a pair of wings innocent and fre and delicate but having the face of evil and desire, you see that's the nature of all desire , it appears nice and kind and innocent when it first appears but you don't realize its true face and the consequences until its too late" and the man replied "why should I give a fuck, yore the devil and sbouldnt be giving people ad ice like this, if youre so good and wise then why haven't you rependted yet and eassumed your place in heaven" and the devil said "because in the same way its fun to play a villain in an rp where everyone hates you, I love staying the villain and being hated, people hating me makes me grow stronger, the same way if youe ever think of a person whose wronged you in the past and think how much you hate that person itll wear you down mentally and destroy you psychologically, letting that person control you from milesaway, and for that reason people hating me makes me grow stronger, because every onunce of time they spend thinking about me destroys people all over the wmortal world and tht feeling is so delicious, the only reason im warning you and iving you advice for how to liv in hell is because its already to late for you, youre here and theres nothing you can do to get out so try not to get your cheeks busted by demons oh wait you fucking cant because hell is a place whre youre totally alone with nothing but pain and you can never get out, youll feel the pain of getting your cheeks busted in addition to a thousand othe kinds of pan at the same time but when you turn around in the pitch blackness theres no one actually there to bust your cheeks and you wonder where the fuck this sensation is coming from and that's when you realize your fingers are too numb to type anymore begone thot"
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Kanojo which is japanese for girlfriend had big b00bs and wantd 2 hav s3x with Tsurugi but he was 2 k00l an emo so he only wanted to fite th 1 arm man (i know i sed 1 eye b4 but i'm changing it). Kanojo was a thirsty hoe tho an kep askin him fo s3x. Tsurugi sed no wich maked her cry. then she gets kidnaped by the 1 arm man who raeps her. the Tsurugi fites him an kills him.

    The End!
  8. hello every1 it's me and im back to write a second chapter of OHEMIO!!!!!! You guys really liked chapter 1 and ive been hard at work on chapter 2 so without further adieu here is chapter 2 go!!

    Ohemio and Corrin from Smash bros who is the prettiest girl ohemio had ever seen except his mom (last time i wrote accept and i decided to change it cause accept and except are different things becuz carter at school told me they were the same thing so #$%!@ you Carter from school!!! YOU DUMB IDUOT I TOLD YOU NOT TO POST CHAPTER 1 ON THE ROBLOC DISCORD YOU FR*CKEN JERK!!!!) were being shot at by JOHN WICK. But then, laser!! John Wick dropped his Scar gun from Fortnite in surpris "You arent getting ohemio today jon wick!!" yelled Iron man who was shooting at John wick. "Dang you iron ama i will get you and ohemio both ahahahah" and then John wick left.

    "Are you 2 ok" said Iron man as his mask pulled back showed off his face. "we are fine thank u but who r u?? said ohemio with question. "I know who you are" said corrin with a smile "yo are iron man hero i saw you on tv before my village was destroyed by pcikel rick of tthe thanos council of evil!!"

    "I am hero yes, and that's why I've come to save ohemio he is in danger, the council of evil wants ohemio back and are paying a lot of money to whoevr brings him to them but I am good and have lots of money because i am iron man and am good"

    "but now what do we do?" said ohemio because iron man waas there was now the council of evil after him and they would probaby kill corin and iron man for being in the way or brainwash them!! "thats easy ohemio we need to make the council of good to stop the council of evil!! There is lots of good guys in the world to help us!"

    "I kno who can help us" said corn with a big smile "my brother ike went out in the world and left here before the villege was destroy. he very strong and can help us good. he went to the north where there is lots of evil monsters and people, and a long time ago my dad marth (from smash bros it's relly cool i want to put byleth in this story too becus she are cool too i love frire emble but my mom wont let me get the games because it is t for teen and that is dumb because I want it!!!) told me there is a portal to a bunch of other worlds!!"

    Ohemio shouted happily, "then we will go"

    But in the council of evil...pciker rick was talking with thanos..."Ohemio has escaped from John Wick...He is proven much troubelsome..." pickle ricksaid rubbing his pickle chin. "We must defeat him before he grows too strong...Ohemio is a strong boy...but Bohemio is even stronger. Do you know what this means pickle rick? Bohemio must be the one to fight ohemio....But I am sure that he will fail if ohemio has allies...I have a idea..."

    So Thanos got Bohemio and told him "You must make your own evil team to stop Ohemio Bogemio...I will give u the money and pwoer to do so..." "yes father said bohemio with an evil smile "I will make an ultimate team of evil...ohemio will die...and you will reign supreem..."

    then ohemio corrin and iron amn made it to the north. as soon as they made it though they were attacked by a zombies from fortnite!!!! "stand back I will handle this!!" said Iron man s he shot lazers again. but there were too many!! "We got to help hiom!!" said ohemio as he pulled out his awesome katana because katanas are really cool and i'm gonna get 1 when i'm 18 and he used his katana to slash up some zombies!! then corrin took out her CHAINSAW SORD!! and she cut up some zombies cause shes AWESOME!!!!! AND THEN THE ZOMBIES WERE ALL DEAD.

    Becuase the zombies were dead they keept going when it started to snow...and when they were going throughthe snow there was a fire in the distence...as theygot closer they saw what it was...CAHRZIARD!!! And thenit became a MEGA CHARZIARD. It was about to attac when...Corrrben walk up to it..."I knwo you arent evil...please join us to stop the council of evil" and the charizad listened because corrin was actually part of a dragon herself.

    So now ohemio corrin iron man and charizard went to find ike. but with the council of evil bohemio had his team began to organise. "Yes...jon wicck, the man who never stop kill...bender, pcikle rick's most eivlest creation...batman, the dark knight of darkness....and zombie cyborg marth!! together we will destroy ohemio and his friends, they will never now what hit them" "as long as i got my money" said jon "bite metal butt" said bender the most evilest creation of rick "grrr" was all batman said and cyborg zombie marth said "yes master bohemio" and bohemio smiled evilly again "because we are brothers i know where ohemio is...he is in the north...he must be looking for a portal...to find our FAKE DAD!!" ohemio was actually looking for his real dad because bohemio and ohemio were kidnapped as baby by tjhanos cause they wree the last ancient ones but then thanos used the infinity gaunt let to make bohemio evil. so he thought thanoswas his real dad but he wasnt. that's why and ill never say it again because if you read the last chapter you would now this!! DONT BE DUMB.

    so the team of evildoors left to find ohemio corrin iron man charizard and ike. they knew they were in the north trying to find ike because ike was the son of marth and the brother of Corrin and zombie cyborg marth could remember that. he also could remember where Ike was going!!! deep in the north was a hidden portal fortress with a connection all across all the worlds....but Ike heard monsters took it over and he went there...corrin didnt know thats where ike was going!!

    what will happen next time??? will bohemio team of evil stop ohemio team of good?!? will they find brother ike before the others?????? can they beat bomhemio team of evil in a fight??? find out next time!!!!!!! please give me likes to make chapter 3

    and admins pleas help me my writng turned black an idont know how to turn it off. i googled big black writin and couldnt find antything
  9. Once apron a time there wiz a chicen

    A ded chicen

    He was very very rlly truly ded

    Ded as a door nail.

    The ded chicen was delisus

    Yah I cooked him and ate him

    Yum yum

    The end.
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  10. Variations on a Theme
    By Captain Cardboard

    Once upon a time, there was a young inspiring writer on a website called Doki Dokiyarns. He was going through the different writing threads when he saw one for a contest on who could write the worst fanfic. But as he began to scroll through the results, he began to realize that these fanfics that were being written weren't actually half bad.

    "Say!" The young writer said. "These fanfics aren't half bad!"

    Confused, he made sure to double check that this thread was indeed one for who could write the worst fanfic. And sure enough, it was true!

    "What are these people trying to accomplish? Don't they realize that this is a contest for people to write the worst fanfic ever?" The young writer said. "Surely, not every single one of them could have misinterpreted the contest to mean 'write the most fantastic, beautiful, heartwarming, emotional piece of literature ever?"

    The young writer let out a loving sigh as he scanned through all the beautiful stories once again.

    "Well, I suppose that it will be up to me to show them what a true bad fanfic looks like." The young writer said. He cracked his fingers, and began to write. And this is what he wrote:

    Ones apon a tim, their was a young inspiring riter on a websit calld Doki Dokiyarns. He ws gong threw the differnt riting threds wen he saw on fora contest on ho cud rite the worst fanfic. Bit as he began to scrol threw the resutls, he began to realize that these fanfics that were beng ritten wern't actlly haf bad.

    Say! The young riter said. These fanfics arn't haf bad!

    Confused, he mad sur to doubl chck that tis thred was indeed on for who could rite the worst fanfic. And sure enough, it was

    Wht are these peopl trying to accomplish? Dont they realize that tis is a contest for peple to rite the worst fanfic ever? The young riter said. Surely nt every single on of them culd hav misinterpreted th contst to mean rite the most fantstic, beutiful, hartwarming, emotonal peace of literture eveh?

    The young riter let out a loving sigh as he scaned threw al th beutiful stores onc again.

    Well, I suppos that it will be up to m to shw thm what a true bad fanfic looks like. The young riter said. He cracked his finge, and begn to rite. And this is what he wrote:

    *logs on Doki Dokiyarns* *notices ur contest thred* owo, what's this?

    oh owow! Owohat aowosowome pieces owof literature! uwu

    uh owo! I'm confusedy wusdy! Isn't this suppowosed towo be a thread fowor bad fanfics? But everything herey-werey is aowosowome! Was there a mistakey-waky?

    uwu that's a gowoowod owone. I knowow! I'll write 2~!

    *begins writing*

    Once upon a fuck, there was a young inspiring fuck on a fuck called Fuki Fukiyarns. He was going through the different fucks when he saw one for a fuck on who could fuck the worst fuck. But as he began to fuck through the fuck, he began to fuck that these fucks that were being fucked weren't actually half bad.

    "Say!" The young fuck said. "These fucks aren't half bad!"

    Confused, he made sure to fuck that this fuck was indeed one for who could fuck the worst fuck. And sure enough, it was true!

    "What are these fucks trying to fuck? Don't they fuck that this is a fuck for fucks to fuck the worst fuck ever?" The young fuck said. "Surely, not every single fucking one of them could have fucked the fuck to mean 'fuck the most fantastic, beautiful, heartwarming, bootelicious piece of fuck ever?"

    The young fuck let out a loving sigh as he fucked through all the beautiful fucks once again.

    "Well, I suppose that it will be up to fuckin' me to show them what the fuck a true bad fuck looks like." The young fuck said. He fucked his fucks, and began to fuck. And this is what he fucked:
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  11. hey gUys dida RenDlintrick heer 2 tel u guyz a storee :3 ♥ ♥

    so 1nce up on a tim da hero who i havnt name waked n a darc spuukk castle dunjin and he wuz lik ‘oh cr^p dis iss not my room’ and den he reliz he warnt jest in de casL but allsos in a stankky prizin sell!!! And den de big, BiG baddi stamp in and he hald de heros girlfrend :3 and he sA to hero ‘hehe lel noob i haz ur gf and you cant do anEthin 2 me XD lol lol’ and hero jump up and he fill wiv luv fir his 1 tru luv and his haR start s to stock ip n tge aR an he sez “no ur rong that’s my on true luv an I is savinng her òwó”” and den he gets a sorrd in his hanD an wid one sLasH he brejks the bar uf the sell and jumps oot and sez put her doun or illl slice ur nuts of’ and the big hoog stinky big baddi does put her down cuz the her0 haza supers scawy and entemadatung voic! Ò0Ó !!! and then hero jumps for th hero jumps at baddi and cuts hiz arm off cuz he sooperr strong 2 and his sorrd is soops magikal!! and s0 the bbig bad sceeem in pan and the super cute gf criez in haapEnis and runs over 2 her bf and hugs him and criez and kisses him... ON DA LIPz! and then hhe reternz the kis and den Dey live hapy evR aftr.

    d end!!!

    hope u liek and leece a liek for chaptur 2! (Spolerrs hes gonna get an evn cuter gf and his old 1 is gona cry a lot pls sub for mor drana!)
  12. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    once Upon a tiem thr uas a litel penet ho fonud a majikal hat That wes aalso a pappi thxt kold pla yhe flut The Wndd
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  13. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    it alll bgan w/the big bangg the univers formd its elf frum nuthin n ten their wuz 1 beein call the sors n tey creat 3 mor diietei gr8 mom g8 dad n gr8 dragn n tey alll creat a wurld were ther wuz 0 lif onit n so the gr8 dad mad portal 2 ot her wurls n dargin culd cum ovr n hellp evry1 els 2 cum2 n tey allll livved n peas........ untlll teh shado ppl atttak! 2 b cuntinu
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  14. "Tch. I knew it. Another damn firewall. Why do people have so many of these today?", a condescending voice a said from the dark room.
    "Your in the news you hear? You made the front page again, that's your third time this week. You need to learn how to stop sometimes."
    It was a different voice this time, a gruffer voice who sounded like he had a cold. His silhouette popped something into his mouth from a wrapper and proceeded to shudder at its bitter taste.

    (haha intro without context. enjoy.)
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  15. *Cracks knuckles* I'm gonna hate making this.

    August, July 14, 2007. this was the dreaded day that the world Ended . me and my brother kaito woke up from our nap, it was summer and the ac was off so while we dead sleep the heat made us wake up alot so the experience was e really uncomfortable but not enough that we didnt have a no sleep but i wish the day wasnt so hot. i woke up first and since kaito was in bed but slightly disturbed by the heat but not enough he would wake up i deciced to brush my teath and get t ready for school. i grabbed my goku toothbrushed and brushed my tooth and other teeeth. i continued brushing teeth intel they were clean. then i stopeed brushing my teeth. i sat down the goku toothbrush after wahsing it and cleaned my face wity a vegata facerag. now being cleaned he was readsy to give the bathroom to his brother, who was kinda awake by the heat of the day, but not that hot he would already be awaker to come out of the bed, but more of slightly uncomfortable he would be halfway out of the bedsheets without really knowing if whether ornot he actually was awake. he shook Kaito slighty. "Come on" i said. "what?" he said. "get up" i said. "Why?" he said. "because well be late for school" i said. "so get dressed already" i said. so kaija got out of bed kind sweaty because the ac couldnt match the heat of the bead so he was uncomfortable adn sweaty but not complety burned from the heat but enoguh to bare through and not complain as much but still complain its kinda annonyingly hot. so while my brother kaito was in the bathroom was getting dressed. i thought about using the comfy socky that have pictures of my favorite pokemon raichu. i like raichu because hes supposed to be the cooler pikachu and if pickachu is cool then raichu must be double cool. i went with baggy jeans to go with the laid back hispter look, but decided to go with the ripped jeans because that gave my the edgy teenager look, which seemed right becasue the World ended that DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my style of shirt was tied between a green blouse or this old hockey shirt i won at a festival but was kinda big, i decided to wear the blouse because i wanted to look cute today, plus it was comfy while being in my hotter than normal room due to the ac not matching up with the hot outside temperate, almost meaking me sweat but not quite. finally with my trusty hairpin that looked like a star but was green and my comfy sneakers i was fully dressed.

    My brother's outfit looked Fucking dumb. I'm not going to talk about it.

    we sat down in the living room eating cereal. kaito was eating capn crunch but i wasnt because crunch shreds my gums and didnt want to have bad gums. so i ate and apple. i bit down and chewed the apple while looking at her brother. "did you finish your project" i asked. "what project" he asked. "dude. did you seroiosly forget" i asked. "I dont know what your talking about" he asked. she could tell something weird was going on. i finished chewing the fiorst apple bite and then bit a nother piece. after swallowing that bite i bite the apple again. i chewed the apple one more time before throwing it into the trash can because i couldnt bite the apple anymore. kaisa fisnished his cereal and looked at the door. "lets go" he said. "I agree" i agreed. then me and kaito opened the door. i went out first then caito on the space shuttle. today we were flying to mars so i sat next to my best friend drew barrymoore. but she wasnt the actress drew barrymoore but had the same name and kinda looked like drew barrymoore, so if you saw her and the actresss drew barrymoore you would be able to tell but since there both named drew barrymoore you would confuse both drew barrymoore as they wouldnt know who you were talking to. though it would be unlike that this drew barrymoore and the actresss drew barrymoore would meet this drew barrymoore because the actress drew barrymoore is dead. "Hi drew barrymoore." i said to drew barrymoore but not the actress drew barrymoore becasue i already said that the actress drew barrymoore wasnt on the bus and dead. "Hello" drew barrymoore said to me. i blsuhed and frowned and smiled as usual when i talk to drew barrymoore and stared at the window. me and drew barrymoore love talking about the weather even when we are in space and drew barrymoore would talk about the weather on saturn and i would talk about the weather on mars. drew barrymoore was looking at her watch. it was still covered in blood from yesterday. i was looking at my own watch. it was broken, so i was looking at a broken watch. drew barrymoore pointed at the window and saw whales. the whales were smiling enjoying there life underwater. the coral were bright green with ivory tipps and melancholy cirlces holding them together. we amost made it to mars when or science professor and driver had a heart attack and died. drew barrymoore began to cry as she was reminded the acctress drew barrymoore had also died of a heart attack and died, making her cry. I cried too. because my proffessor was the driver and if he died of a heart attack then no one would be piloting the shuttle. Drew barrymoore looked at me "Quick use your psychic powers" she cried i did. the steering wheel broke from my psychic powers but luckily I steered the bus. But now the plane was crashing and me and kaito and drew barrymoore and risa and kaitlyn and jack and dan swift and edward and gary husk and lucy and mike smith and my brother were now heading to the terrifying place. the long abandoned secret planet of america. EARTH!

    done. kill me.
  16. Haha I was gonna reply with a Part 2 because Burble had more crossovers and Sentorus had nonsensical plots, but I wasn’t satisfied with it. I think I have until the 18th so I’ll either write something better or take the L
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  17. I thought you could just edit your post...
  18. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Yes, if you wish to "improve" your work, just edit your initial post. The thread will get cluttered up otherwise.

    You will be made aware when judging starts, you're free to make as many edits as you want until then.
  19. When is the deadline for this? I need time to make a terrible fic :>
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  20. KoL

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    This weekend will be judging time.
  21. OOOOOOP. Time to rush.

    What do you mean it shouldn't take that long?
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  22. KoL

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    The time for judging has arrived, and I have to say, the competition has been stacked this year.

    So without further ado, it is time to decide who are this year's winners. Your names and gradings are below:



    Fail Points: 81/100



    Fail Points: 87/100

    Professor Owens


    Fail Points: 79/100



    Fail Points: 82/100



    Fail Points: 97/100



    Fail Points: 93/100

    Night's Shadow


    Fail Points: 63/100

    Captain Cardboard


    Fail Points: 0/100 (You know you were supposed to write something I wasn't going to enjoy reading, right?)



    Fail Points: 89/100



    Fail Points: 57/100

    Dwayna Dragonfire


    Fail Points: 72/100

    JayBird Joe


    Fail Points: 42/100



    Fail Points: 96/100

    And so, after our hard-fought contest, the final results are as follows:

    3rd Place goes to BurbleBurble with 93 Fail Points

    2nd Place goes to Sentorus67 with 96 Fail Points

    1st Place by just a single point, goes to E.K.A.N.S. with 97 Fail Points

    Special mention goes to Captain Cardboard, for writing what is by far the most intelligent and well-written piece of work to have ever been submitted in this contest, thereby setting a new standard for last place.

    Thank you all for taking part this year, and be sure to keep an eye out on the threads this time next year for more fail and lose.
  23. Well, it's been fun. I think I did worse than last time, so that's great... Next time I'll be the biggest loser for sure!
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  24. Wait, what? I was prepared to lose (and almost did) until I got out of the shower and saw this. My internship was cancelled, I applied for like 10 jobs and none got back to me, but this makes it all better.

    Happy Father's Day everyone, and congratulations @Captain Cardboard on the win :p
    #24 E.K.A.N.S., Jun 21, 2020
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2020
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