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Ask to Join PokeCharms Academy, Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Zenhu, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Greeting & welcome to the Discussion thread for PokeCharms Academy!
    Please do keep in mind that if you fail to follow by the RP guidelines - posted by this website, I will have to ban ya' from posting here.

    Faculty Members:

    Head Mistress Elendine
    Principal of the School

    Professor Deandor
    RolePlay Educator

    Ms. Lenevo
    Head of TCM Making

    Mr. Henderson
    Art Teacher

    Prof. Eriern
    Creative Writing Director


    1. The skills that you exceed in, are the various selections on this very site (You can be good at Art, RPing, etc).
    2. You are allowed to be your OC, or IRL characters, you can even mix things together. But you're not permitted to be a god, and fly around with a pet Unicorn-Pig.
    3. The age can vary from 16-18, nothing higher or lower.
    4. You can voice all of the teachers, but make it relevant to the criteria given on their personality.
    5. Only one skill is permitted (Even if you're good at both).
    6. Attempt to keep your grammar clean and correct.
    7. Have fun, please!
    Include the phrase "Apples and Oranges" at the end of your bio, to be sure that you read this.

    emplate for Characters:




    My bio:

    Tailio Remur
    Surname: Ulris
    Alias: Penta

    Date of Birth:
    November 13th, 1999
    Appearance: Black hair, with grey glasses. Blue eyes, averagely tall - standing at 6'1, normal body figure and fairly fit.
    Apparel(Clothing): Black long sleeve - the word 'Charms' is embedded in the middle of it. He has tan khakis, and to top it off, black shoes, normally worn on highlighted occasions, and casual brown shoes.

    Can be timid, and usually acts low-key around others. Ignorant to people he knows, but that is just a sign of friendship - for him, that is. Determined to finish what he starts.
    Skill: Very proficient RolePlayer; wants to share his talent with the world.

  2. Name: Tobie Rose
    Surname: Tsun
    Alias: Kageyama

    Date of Birth:
    November eighth, 2000
    Appearance: Long, black hair, tied up into two messy buns. Dark, navy blue eyes, with an intimidating aura. Stands at 5'5", with a moderately thin build.
    Apparel(Clothing): A slightly oversized black jacket, with a loose white tee underneath. Black skinny jeans, and white hightop sneakers.

    A bit awkward, and isn't use to lots of social interaction. She can be a bit cold, but can learn to warm up to people.
    Skill: An aspiring RolePlayer who hopes to get recognized for her talents.

    And alas, Apples and Oranges.
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  3. Name: Liam Charles
    Surname: Sparce
    Alias: Star

    Age: 18
    Appearance: Short, messy hair. Is fair-haired and stands at 6'2. Dark green eyes.
    Apparel(Clothing): Wears a long-sleeved black button-up shirt and grey trousers. Has white trainers.

    Personality: More of the mysterious kind of people. Doesn't really speak much.
    Skill: He is talented at writing but, alas, he is less known as an author.

    Apples and oranges, good sir.
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  5. Heh, @PentaSlayz, how many people do you want in this? Cause I don't think I can't handle a big roleplay.

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