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Pokeball Requests Here!

Discussion in 'Requests' started by ThunderScookie, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Hello every one welcome to my FIRST ever Request thingy remember this is my FIRST ever so I may not have the right painting thingy to use(which is my mouse)but in the future I will get a better one(which is a tablet).Here are a few things you should know
    -Don't give to many details just tell how it looks like
    -Don't ask too many things on the Pokeball or it might take longer
    -Only 2 or 1 letter can be on it
    -I'm not to good at adding a letter on its
    -Don't ask mostly for a letter to be on it
    -Your ask limit for Fan made Pokeballs is 7
  2. Maybe you can do a mix of an ultra ball and a great ball?
  3. Sure but it might take long since i have school.
  4. Hey by the way what is the name for the ball?
  5. Hey, can you do one for me? It's called The timer ball. It's mostly blue, with yellow stripes. Also, at the Front there is a black timer with red Numbers. Can you do that?
  6. "Hey, can you do one for me? It's called The timer ball. It's mostly blue, with yellow stripes. Also, at the Front there is a black timer with red Numbers. Can you do that?"
    I'm sorry but there is a Pokeball already called The Timer Ball
  7. Plus I will have to do a prototype.
  8. Oh yeah... forgot that name... How about Countdown ball? and i'm fine if you have to do a Prototype.
  9. Can you do a net ball or a nest ball
  10. No I can't because your supposed to ask me if you ever wanted your own pokeball
  11. Tell me if its going to be a prototype or not( which means is this what you mean)
  12. Wow! Cool! thanks for this again! (Quote from the actual art)
  13. I would say this is a Prototype. But other than that It's really Good! What i was really going for was a digital timer instead of a clock, But this is an Awesome design None-the-less!
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  15. Could you maybe do a Moon ball and Love ball mix? It would be called a Moonlight ball. (Or whatever you want it to be called.) If you can't or don't want to, that's okay.
  16. Ok I'm busy right now but I will work on it
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  18. The name for the pokeball is the Moonlight Ball.
  19. It took me a week.
    -Other website things :p
    -I was sick
    Those are the reasons
  20. it will be called the star ball
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  21. Hey, I actually have two suggestions.

    First: Split Ball.
    Hence the name, it will be able to split into two, allowing for the capture of two Pokemon at once. Great for wild doubles, horde battles, and calls for help.
    It'll have a black line right down the middle (where it splits), and the ball is blue on one side and red on the other.

    Second: Wobble Ball.
    This ball is rather special. It guarantees two wobbles from a caught Pokemon, so it only needs half as many shake checks.
    It's orange, with little yellow curve things on the sides (for context, they're supposed to look like the little things you see in comics that trail behind characters that implies movement).
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  22. Could you do a Masterball and a luxury ball mixed?

    It is called....the penthouse
  23. Random how?
  24. Nvm
  25. I am very sorry about this news but I will be quit this website so no more requests if you have any

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