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Ask to Join Poke-Weapons Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Lord Of Pain, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. so this is a discussion thread for a possible Pokemon RP that i hope wont be locked.....

    Backstory :

    project Poke-Weapon is a project funded by an evil team to make things called Poke-weapons, said items act as pokeball holders and boost certain stats of certain types of pokemon, after a betrayal in the team's main head quart the plans for these weapons made it out into all the regions and spread like wildfire, now almost all trainers have them

    Rules :


    2 -everyone can have only 1 shiny

    3 - swearing is allowed but at a bare minimum

    4 - no gore at all, THINK OF THE MINORS PEOPLE! *cough* i mean...... please no gore......

    5 - all of Pokecharms' default rules apply to this RP

    6 - ALL OOC is to be in this thread
    Notes :

    keep in mind that poke-weapons can hold any pokemon but only the proper types get boosts

    Example : you can have a Swampert and a Sandslash in Trident of Tides but only Swampert will get the boost

    Plot/Story :

    after the betrayal the evil team decided to take over the Saha region (based off of the middle east) the old fashion way, a group of trainers with Poke-weapons shall meet up in the train station of the starting town as they plan to go to the next one but will hear the news about the evil team's latest crime (team name up to debate), after introductions the trainers would team up on a group adventure to not only beat the Saha league but stop the evil team too
    (late joiners meet the gang during whatever is going on except in battles and anywhere that wouldnt make sense for them to be there)

    Character and Poke-Weapon Bio :

    Character :

    Name -
    Age (minimum 14) -
    Gender -
    Appearance -
    Home Region -
    Pokemon Team (species and nickname if it has one) -

    Poke-Weapon :
    Weapon -
    Name -
    What stat does it boost (Attack, Defense, S.Attack, S.Defense or Speed) -
    Appearance (including where you put the pokeballs) -
    What type of pokemon get the boost -

    my character bio

    Name - Nick Aiser
    Age - 16
    Gender - Male
    Appearance - pale skinned and skinny, has platinum blond hair with honey brown eyes, wears a sandy yellow turtle neck sweater with beige jeans
    Home Region - Unova
    Pokemon Team -
    Odin the Alakazam
    Ymir the Mamoswine
    Tyr the Lucario
    Thor the Electrivire
    Loki the Sabelye
    Freya the Blaziken

    Weapon - double edge sword
    Name - Colossal Bane
    Stat - Attack
    Appearance - a double edge sword with a jet black handle, a silver hilt and a white blade, 1 slot in the hilt, 1 at the bottom of the handle and 4 in the blade
    Type - Fighting
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    You do realize that Mega Evolutions are restricted under our Role Play Rules, right?

    I don't recall you ever asking for permission to have a Mega Alakazam, or me ever approving it. Thus, no Mega Alakazam for you.
  3. sorry, just give me a moment to edit that please
  4. Name- Logan Poteet

    Age- 15

    Gender- Male

    Appearance- Black Hair, Black Trenchcoat, backpack. Orange Color Contacts. Usually has Chic-Chic by his side.

    Home Region- Unova

    Pokémon Team- Chic-Chic the Meganium, Rocky the Hydreigon, Zeke the Porygon-Z, Bruce the Nedoking, Mavis the Milotic, Hellen the Cammerupt.

    Poke-Weapon- Genesect cannon which was found in rubble of Team Plasma Base.
    Name- Genshot
    Stat- Speed
    Appearance: The cannon that Team Plasma fitted onto their Cabutops to make them Genesect. Logan put a strap on it, so it now hangs around his arm. 6 Pokeball holes are found on the top of the cannon.
    Type- Ground
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  5. Not bad but I noticed it boosts steel types and none of your Pokemon are steel types, not telling you to change its up to you but don't you think it's pointless when none of your Pokemon get the boost?
  6. Your accepted! I'll wait for a few more people to join and then post the RP thread :)
  7. Seems interesting enough.

    Name - Priscilla "Pea" Legume
    Age (minimum 14) - 21
    Gender - Female
    Appearance - Green (dyed) short cut hair, pair of deep green eyes. She stands around 5"5'. Her clothes are a sleeveless white shirt, and a simple black dress skirt. A black messenger bag is strung over her shoulder, and contains several necessary items for her quest, and her other five Pokeballs.

    Her outfit may be subject to change over the course of the RP.
    Home Region - Unova
    Pokemon Team (species and nickname if it has one) -
    "Charles/Carrot" The Bisharp, Ex-Megalomaniac and closest companion to Pea
    "Cabbage" The Serperior, Carrot's rival for Pea's affection and team leadership.
    "Sprouts" The Gardevoir, Terrible chef
    "Turnip" The Hydreigon, Doggy Dragon
    "Celery" The Ariados, The normal one
    "Radishes" The Magneton, Bzzzzzt

    Weapon - Rapier
    Name - Pride
    What stat does it boost (Attack, Defense, S.Attack, S.Defense or Speed) - Attack
    Appearance (including where you put the Pokeballs) -Just like a normal light metal Rapier, but with a little alcove in the guard to hold Carrot's Pokeball. She occasionally interchanges the Pokeball though.

    What type of pokemon get the boost - Dark Typed

    Worth noting she'll never really use the Rapier as intended to. It's just a tool to boost Carrot (and occasionally Turnip).

    One last thing: out of curiosity, why no gore in a roleplay with an emphasis on weapons? Or do you mean no intense gore? Honestly I don't mind, it's not my RP, but I'm just curious.
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  8. The weapons serve as boosters for Pokemon and other practical uses other than harming others
  9. Okay.

    So...am I approved?

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