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Open Poke-War Discussion Page

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Vapor, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. The teams of PeaceClaws and DarkTails have initiated a war, and no Pokemon is safe. All Pokemon are forced to join a side, or else death. Few Pokemon have gotten out of picking a side alive, and they are still being hunted.

    DarkTails are hostile and won't hesitate to attack a Pokemon from the other side. They are the ones who initiated the war.

    PeaceClaws are normally peaceful, but with the cause of war, they have turned hostile. They are as ready as any Pokemon could be for attack.


    • No more than 4 neutral Pokemon
    • No cursing
    • No being overpowered
    • Shinies are allowed
    • No humans
    • Hate the character, not the person
    • Please be as literate as possible
    • Please spell as best you can
    • Regular Pokecharms rules
    • You can have as many OC's as you can handle
    • Put DarkClaws in 'Other Other' Section so I know you read the rules
    My Sheet

    Name: Illusion
    Species: Zoroark
    Shiny: Yes
    Side: DarkTails
    Appearance: Regular shiny Zoroark, same purple shade bracelet around right wrist
    Personality: Hostile, has a deep hatred towards PeaceClaws, loves battling, fighting, and sometimes even death
    Other: Insane
    Other Other: DarkClaws

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  2. GackGack27

    GackGack27 Previously JC499

    If this is still open:

    Name: Jack
    Species: Meowth
    Shiny: No
    Side: PeaceClaws
    Appearance: Regular Meowth
    Personality: Generally friendly, but will be aggressive if needed
  3. Thanks, I needed some people to join, it's still open for sure ^^
    Just a hint, before you are accepted, you are missing one thing ;)
  4. GackGack27

    GackGack27 Previously JC499

    Ah ok :p I read that but then when I copied and pasted the character sheet I just thought it was a second optional other section

    Other Other: DarkClaws
  5. Name: Spitfire.
    Species: Typhlosion.
    Shiny: No.
    Side: Peaceclaws.
    Appearance: Mostly normal, though his fur is covered in ash and soot from many, many explosions.
    Personality: Slightly egotistical and easily frustrated. He has a bad habit of causing explosions from his fur when he is particularly annoyed.
    Other: Used to be on the Darkclaw's side, until he nearly died in a fight.
    Other Other: DarkClaws!
  6. Both accepted :)
  7. Name: Torrent
    Species: Vaporeon
    Shiny: Nope
    Side: Can she be neutral? If not Peaceclaws
    Appearance: Normal colored scales (or fur? Idk), wears a pink bandana around neck.
    Personality: Will grow, but mostly protective when she has a strong bond between a another Pokemon.
    Other: Ability is Hydration owo
    Other Other: DarkClaws :D
  8. Sure, you can be neutral! There isn't any other people who have wanted to be so far, so there are 3 more spots open for neutral after you.
  9. (Awesome! :high fives for no reason: )

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