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Ask to Join Poke Village: Hope for change

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. (Sign ups and discussion go here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/poke-village-discussion.21595/ )

    It’s been about 5 years since the once peaceful world was forcefully taken over by a combined force lead by the ruthless fire nation who now goes by “The United Empire”. Their forces are brutally efficient at wiping out whatever resistance out to challenge their reign. Very few communities still remain outside the empire’s reach, including a certain village hidden deep within the greens of a massive forest far from the grasps of the empire.

    It’s a very sunny day with barely any clouds in sight. The natural lighting of the sun peeked through the gaps between forest trees revealing a hidden village. A lone Golisopod sat quietly in front of the gate of this hidden community. Vigilantly looking out.
  2. Elsewhere in the village, a Vulpix was sprinting to her home. She'd spent far too long gathering this morning, and was going to be late for her guard training, but this was far more important. Arriving at her home, she quickly checked around to make sure her dad was still at work, before grabbing a letter form her letterbox. She tucked it in her bag; she'll have plenty of time to read it later, the important thing was that she got it.

    As soon as she'd grabbed it, the little vulpix immediately got back to sprinting, determined to make it to her lesson on time!
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  3. Almost every horrific, imaginable form of noise echoed throughout Axel's head. Countless rays and hexes zoomed past his face. The blazes kept burning on with their spiteful passions. A series of explosions was swiftly interrupted by several solar beams near the Aron's face. The baby Pokémon tossed and turned outside one of the wooden structures in the village. The infant shook his head and blinked for a good moment.

    He slowly brought himself up from his stubby legs, and attempted to sit straight without any assistance. The attempt proved to be nothing more than just a mere thud after a split second. The Aron gave a light frown, and quivered his head after a quick glance at the relatively clear skies.

    With only his substitute floof by his side, the young Pokémon slowly crawled away from the treen house. There was nothing easily visible that caught the Aron's interest, but something kept the little Pokémon a good distance from the doorway. It was difficult to tell what it was, since the infant could hardly make out the ever-present shrieks in his large, round head. The home looked almost like the one that he resided in a large village. The rural area that he previously resided in was located several kilometers north of the village hidden under a thick blanket of trees and other floral life.

    The secretive settlement appeared to be almost like his prior home, almost too well. Although the area was certainly smaller than the other community he was used to, the other Pokémon in the countryside lands could be a nice change of pace; that was if the baby Pokémon would be willing to accept such a significant shift in his young life.

    The Aron took a deep breath and toddled towards the main entrance of the village. The infant fell on his stomach every few seconds however. He gave his best efforts with every silent breath. He attempted to find something to focus on aside from the sharp, burning pain.

    The baby Pokémon noticed a large, silver Pokémon that sat in front of the settlement's gate; which would have likely been one of the first lines of defense in the event of an incursion. The Aron timidly approached the gate, and decided to lie near the hinged barriers with his substitute plush. Although the arthropod that greatly matched a tall man's stature somewhat sparked Axel's attention at first; the Aron's interest plummeted like a swift crash in the stock market.

    The Hard Scale Pokémon had an intimidating presence to the Aron's watering eyes. The humanoid creature was almost six times the Iron Armor Pokémon's size. There were several pairs of razor-sharp claws that could sever seawater into two; almost as if the aquatic matter was just another form of butter to begin with. Every menacing feature about the crustacean added more and more flight time on Axel's first class ticket designated for United Bugout.

    With another reason for the baby Pokémon to lie low, he decided to silently remain about three meters from the gate. The Aron tightly hugged the plush toy, and resisted the urge to repeatedly rub on his wounds.
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    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    (School sucks right now. Giving me a bunch of work. Yare yare daze)

    A small Cacnea approached the nearby gate. Its slow and stubby feet, if you want to call them that, weren’t getting him places. So he decided to roll the rest of the way. When he got there, he saw another Pokémon that was keeping watch of the outside. “Mornin’, friend. Anything new happen while I was on my way here?” The cactus ball greeted the Pokémon.
  5. Joey sat quietly at his post, observing the surroundings. His peace and quiet was suddenly broken when one of his fellow guards showed up and greeted the large big pokemon. Their size difference was very apparent.

    “Hmm, not much beside that Aron who’s showed up in the outskirts of the village.” He moved his arm and pointed towards Axel. “He doesn’t look older than a toddler and hasn’t done anything yet so I’m just keeping an eye on him. He may not look dangerous but you never know.”
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  6. Nancy rushed up to the gates, and practically skidded to a halt next to the pair. She paused for a moment, catching her breath. "A-Afternoon sir!" She panted. She'd ran all the way from her home to the gate, which is all the way across town in about 5 minutes, which was a record time for her.
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  7. <Somewhere deep within the Empire>

    "OY! PUT YER BACKS INTO IT!" Zane, a Simisear, shouted over his workers. "The quicker we can find out whatever this energy source is, the quicker we can get away from the burning mountain!" His crew was apparently tasked with digging up some kind of energy source at the base of a nearby volcano that some villagers nearby had discovered. Zane was never a Pokemon to be putting so much effort into something some god forsaken village 'supposedly' found, but those were the orders that were passed down from above.

    "We're goin' as fast as we can boss!" A Machoke called back removing a massive boulder so a fellow Onix and several Gravelers could tunnel deeper. "But this heat, ash, and soot is not makn' it any easier to move!"

    As much as Zane wanted to push his team, their complaints were warranted. Recently this dormant volcano had re-awoken. Smoke bellowed out nonstop from top in a steady stream making any attempts to investigate the summit impossible. The local area was covered in a dense ash and soot, it rained down like a bad snowstorm, forcing several villages to evacuate and forcing the excavation team to don on protective masks and breath equipment for their eyes and lungs.

    Zane looked up at the summit of the volcano, "This is getting worse by the minute...." he said to himself. A deep rumble could be felt that shook the foundations of the mountain, it wasn't anything close to an earthquake but still a rather alarming noise that sounded like rocks grinding on rocks deep under ground. Zane looked at the Onix and Gravelers, but they returned a look that told him it wasn't them.


    The sound emanated again, but this time it was more like a deep buzzing, and seemed to be from the core of the volcano. Whatever Zane was hearing, it was echoes and vibrations through the rocks.

    "WATCH OUT, INCOMMING ROCK SLIDE!" a Graveler shouted as a mass of rocks began tumbling down the side of the mountain. The Gravelers defense curled and did their best to root themselves into the soil, the nearyby Onix coild protetively around Zane and several of the Machokes and Machaps.

    The rock slide thundered past them, "The summit mus be crumblin' down!" Zane shouted over the crashing rocks, "Hows you holdn' up Onix?"

    The Onix seemed relatively un-phased by the falling rocks, but the bigger issue is getting back onto the surface if they get buried. After what felt like an eternity, the rock slide had stopped. Onix shifted its body slightly sifting some of the rocks, dirt, and debris off itself and reemerged. Zane crawled out of the hold the Onix had made and looked around. Zane was right, the top of the volcano had collapsed, the volcano only roughly 3/4 of its original height, and all their excavation progress had be buried and now they had to start over with even more to dig through. "Oh boy... the Taskmasta' ain't gonna like this...." Zane sighed. "Sound off crew!"

    Slowly one by one his workforce emerged from below the rubble,luckily most off them being rock and ground types, they were all relatively unharmed. "Ehy boss! dosn't it seem brighter than before?" one of the Machokes asked looking around.

    "Wut you on about? it's....." Zane stopped and looked around more closely. The Machoke was sort of right. The falling soot and ash did seem to be slightly lighter, but was caught his attention more was the rays of sunlight piercing through the clouds of soot and ash. "Is that sunny day...? no...." Zane watched as the rays of light changed angles, there was something up there radiating that powerful light and it was moving.


    A large fireball shot out from the cloud of soot and ash above. Zane tried stopping with it with a flamethrower of his own but it was too powerful, he was forced to leap out of the way, and nearly avoided to fiery explosion. "Wut tha...?"

    "So much noise, such insolence, such arrogance, are you all that eager to die?" a sultry voice echoed from the source of the attack.

    The excavation crew were a little taken aback by the voice. The light shining through the smoke ash, and soot brightened as the source of the attack descended. It was a larger than normal shiny Volcarona, its six bright yellow wings were glowing like the sun, her emerald green eyes shining like miniature spotlights. Wisps of fire emanating from them as countless embers began to fill the sky replacing the ash and soot. The temperature of the area was rapidly increasing and the rock, ground, and fighting types were finding themselves having more difficulty breathing, their masks had been made for air purification, not temperature instabilities.

    "Look ere' I dun' care who you are, but you got sum nerve threatenin' uz!" Zane shouted at the Volcarona, being a fire type the rise in temperature was not too much of a hassle. He was scared of course but he couldn't show that in front of his crew.

    The Volcarona shifted her gaze to Zane, "Perish...." two powerful flamethrowers shot out from two of her six wings, the white hot jets of flames twisted around as it shot towards Zane.

    Zane stood his ground, refusing to move. he fired back a flamethrower of his own, but it stood no chance, within seconds, Zane was completely engulfed in Volcarona's flamethrower. What was left of the little Simisear was nothing more than black smoldering corpse. The rest of the excavation crew immediately began to flee, the rock and ground types dug into the earth, while the fighting types simply ran down the mountain.

    The Volcarona laughed aloud, her laughter echoed through the mountains, "TEMPRIS FLIES AGAIN!" a deafening bug buzz emanated from the Volcarona as she flew away from the mountain, slowing gaining altitude but staying low enough, long enough so she would trap some of the slower fleeing fighting types. Her body and wings shook and vibrated as she emitted the bug buzz. Her wings unleashed torrents of fiery scales, setting the mountainside ablaze. The sound of the bug buzz caught some of the slower moving fighting Pokémon, it dropped them to their knees as they were disoriented by the noise, becoming deaf and holding their bleeding ears, as the heat of the burning forest sapped away their last renaming bits of energy slowly engulfing them, sealing their fates.
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