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Open Pokè-pocalypse (features gore and violence)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Datmininguy, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. "Ow!" Mike said holding his arm. Mike used Metronome! Metronome allowed Mike to use Surf! Water floods the streets putting out the fire and was flowing at high speed and high power hitting both Pokemon.
  2. The braixen panted heavily, and was drenched and wounded badly due to the Surf, unlike the munchlax, who didnt seem to be as injured as her due to type diffrence.

    Curie quickly used Hypnosis, hoping for the Munchlax to fall asleep, and get eaten or something. She didnt wait to find out, she waited a few seconds after the hypnosis, and fled.
  3. Mike had good dreams about good food. He woke up. "Huh, well that is not good!" He exclaimed with the Charizard Repellent shop nearly destroyed. "Oh no!" He ran into it finding only 13 more cans left. Mike was very worried now.
  4. "Owwie." Sapphire got up only to see a weird destroyed shop that said, "Carzad Pelnt", partly because the sign was broken and partly because she was on fire and couldn't see a thing. When her vision cleared, she saw Mike also in the store. Sapphire got up and shook herself, easily extinguishing the small flames that were burning on her body. "Guess I'm on my own now," she muttered to herself and as she saw getting ready to fly, a dark shadow covered the light of the sun. "What the.." Sapphire was saying until she figured out that the Pokemon was infected. And to her horror, she also found out it was... her brother. "Sapphire quickly ran under a tree. She sidestepped her brother as he used brave bird and as he got ready to use dragon rush on her, Sapphire roared, and her brother almost smashed into her but he smashed into the ground like a meteor. Sapphire quickly used Dragon Tail and whipped her brother high into the sky, just about where Team Rocket disappears. He came back soon enough, only to find out he was about to die. Sapphire finally used Steel Wing on him and sliced her brother in two. As tears swelled up in her eyes, she whispered, "I'm sorry," but she knew her words couldn't bring him back alive and not infected with the horrible virus. She thought for a moment for what to do next, and before her brain could make up her mind, Sapphire flew back to where her family lived, a cozy home that used to be a happy and peaceful home, and looked for the family album. She searched for what felt like ages, and finally found it in the rubble of her room. She looked at all the happy times they had together, and the picture about time she killed an Arbok to protect her family and friends. She clutched the album close to her heart, and whispered to herself, "I have to protect my friends," and flew off to where Mike, Curie, and Leon were.
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  5. Mike was still upset acout the lost repellent. "Why did you leave me my love?" he asked. He then got up and walked away. "I must stay strong!" Mike said. "I will survive!" Then he went to search for more food.
  6. Sapphire came back carrying a bag full of food. She knew everyone needed to eat, so she used her almost destroyed oven before she left her house. She brought back four cakes, four doughnuts, and one bagel. She hoped everyone was still there when she came back. Sapphire can't stand being alone again. She landed near the "Carzad Pelnt" store, and she saw Mike about to look for more food. "MIKE! MYSTERY BRAIXEN AND SQUIRTLE! I HAVE FOOD!" Sapphire walked under the tree, in which was her brother's burial ground, and waited if Curie, Leon, and Mike were gonna come.
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  7. Curie walked the completely other direction, and then she started running, despite the worry of attracting infected towards her. She hid by a small little house full of rubble, and drinked the rest of her half empty water bottle. Then, she fell asleep...
  8. Name: Ethan
    Gender: Male
    Species: Haunter
    Infected: Yes, but only just that day

    It was like any other day for Ethan, escaping the Infected and trying not to get infected himself, but for one thing, that time, he did get infected.
    "No way..." he said to himself "this cannot be happening to me!"
    He wondered what he would do, there wasn't much except to make the most of the rest of his days, and get as far away from other survivors as possible. But he knew it wouldn't be that easy, soon the infection would take control
  9. When nobody came, Sapphire spoke to a dead Magikarpand said , "I'm boOOOrrRRReeEEEdddDDDDDDDD. I'm gonna fly back home if nobody shows up. She waited for a couple of hours, and sleep overtook her. When Sapphire woke up, a dead corpse of a Cubone lay atop of her. "Oh my gosh," she said. Sapphire then realized it was an infected Cubone ABOUT to die and she tackled it before it could even use quick attack on her. A blast of water barely smacked her head off. "Why does everyone go for me?!" she grumbled and she used flamethrower on the Blastoise and flew as far as possible to a small house that looked more like debris than a house. A group of Pikachu were about to attack whatever was inside there. "If it's a survivor, I have to protect that house. Sapphire ended up almost getting infected, but luckily, she killed all the Pikachu. She looked inside and there was the Braixen, sleeping soundly. More infected Pikachu were coming, and it was a few hundred. "I'm gonna protect this Braixen with my life," Sapphire mumbled as she got ready for the fight.
  10. Haunter noticed a swarm on infected Pikachu streaming into a house. "There might be non-infected in there" he thought "I have to help"
    Since he was already infected, there was no risk. He fired a shadow ball at some of the Pikachu
  11. Sapphire saw a Haunter, it looked like it was infected, but it also looked like he was helping her. "Yo Haunter, THANK YOU!" Sapphire roared as she used Dragon Rush on ten Pikachu. Sapphire used Brave Bird and smashed into about forty Pikachu. Sapphire wondered if the Braixen was just gonna burn her again after this. "Maybe, maybe not," she mumbled and continued to smack into Pikachu.
  12. Ethan winced "poor Pikachu" he thought "better put them out of their Misery"
    He kept firing Shadow Ball, while keeping a careful eye on Sapphire, who seemed quite dangerous.
  13. Sapphire roared loudly, and the roar was so loud that a few Pikachu became deaf. A few Pikachu got blown back by the force of the sound. "A few thousand more to go!" Sapphire said enthusiastically.
  14. Curie woke up to the loud noises of growling infected, She saw the salamance next to her and quickly turned to fire a will o wisp, but ended up swirling and cutting her arm on a shard of broken window She caught a quick glance out of it, and saw a large amount of pikachu outside. "D-Dammit." she mumbled to herself. She looked at the Salamance. "Thanks for finding me i guess...." she quickly said,
  15. "No problem!" Sapphire said while slicing a Pikachu in half with Steel Wing. "Now help me here, will ya, all these Pikachu are attracted to you or something, just a little infestation!"
  16. Curie nodded quickly and stood up despite the pain. She quickly snatched the branch and it lit on fire, and she swept it sideways, creating a wave of fire and burning most of the pikachus, and killing many of them, She quickly followed up with psychic, and smashed many of them into the ground, killing off the entire wave.
  17. "Wow this is gruesome" Ethan said "and I'm a ghost!"
    He noticed that the Braxian had awoken, and decided it was time to make his leave, but as he turned to fly away, he felt a jolt of Electricity and fell down to the ground, he tried to get up but was surrounded
  18. "Poop." Sapphire quickly flew up and used surf on all the Pikachu and the Haunter, and grabbed the Haunter as soon as all the Pikachu washed away. "Are you okay?" Sapphire asked the Haunter.
  19. Curie walked through the smoldering battle field, signaling for the Salamance to follow her, She saw a haunter in the distant, so she trotted over to it. She tried to turn him over so she could talk to him, but it looks like he was effected by the attacks she used on the infected wave. "Oh no no no no, Are you alright?" the braixen asked, She winced as she tried to turn him over and then realised her arm was still bleeding.
  20. "Yea" Ethan said "Im fine now. Thanks" he looked at all of the Pikachu. "Plus I was already infected anyways, happened around half an hour ago" he said "I should probably go, before i become one of those" he motioned towards the Pikachu
  21. "Okay.." Sapphire said. "Your are the nicest infected Pokemon I have ever met. Thanks for helping us."

    "Anyway, lemme see that cut." Sapphire walked over to Curie. "I know how to heal stuff like this," Sapphire told Curie. "I HAVE WEIRD HEALING SPIT THAT ONLY WORKS ON CUTS! This may be disgusting, but your cut will be gone in a jiffy. And before Curie can even say NOPE, Sapphire licked Curie's gash/cut.
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  22. "I don't care if that is amazing" Ethan said "That is also extremely scary"
    He bagan to back off. "I just remembered" Ethan said "I probably shouldn't be here since I'm infected"
    Then he turned around and flew away as fast as he could before Sapphire had a chance to lick him
  23. "I am scary!" She ran after Ethan. "Waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!" Sapphire the Salamence started to fly up in the air. "Oops." Sapphire dropped the doughnut she was eating a dropped it on Ethan's head. "SORRY," she roared.
  24. "Ow" Ethan said, rubbing his head "seriously Can you leave me alone, I think you gave me a headache"
    He continued to fly away.
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  26. Name: Mariam
    Gender: Female
    Species: Quilladin
    Infected: No
    Misc. Note: she wears a tattered grey hoodie, speared through in several places by her spikes, for the sake of camouflage
    In her semi-safehouse of shattered rubble, Mariam lay in an overturned laundry hamper, still as a mouse until she was sure the Salamence was gone. Finally, as the sounds of war grew father away, she poked her head out just enough to see the remains of the battlefield before her. Bodies of the infected were strewn across the yard as far as the eye could see, and she gagged, pulling herself out of the hamper just to get out of the house. She didn't bother taking her few remaining food scraps with her. Mariam was incredibly low on resources anyways, and was far too eager to just get out of the house.
  27. "Okay, now where is Mike?" Sapphire flew away from the Haunter and went to the broken Charizard repellent store. "MIIIIIIIIIIIIKE?" Sapphire called. "Mike?" She plopped down on a rock with a little "ouch" and waited for a reply. Sapphire got up after ten seconds and flew on top of the rubble house, and the battlefield with dead Pikachu everywhere. One Pikachu was still going to the house, and Sapphire used Scratch on it. It then died. What am I to do if everyone gets infected, and I'm the last one here? Sapphire thought. A Salamence was flying in the dimly lit sky. "And now I have to kill another family member,'' Sapphire roared angrily. "I hate this virus that infects everyone. I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HAAAAAAAAAATE IIIIIIIIIIT!" Sapphire quickly got up and tackled the Salamence in the sky. "Sapphire!" the Salamence roared. "It's me, your mother!" "What?" Sapphire stopped attacking as soon as her mother said that. Two more Salamence felw behind her mom. "Daddy? EMERALD? I THOUGHT YOU WERE ALL INFECTED!" Sapphire barked. "Your brother saved us from the infected explosion,'' Sapphire's mother explained. "The Pikachu and the human came up to our house and used a HUGE Electro Ball on our house and right before it exploded, your brother pushed us just out of range of the infected explosion. I wish he was still here though..." Sapphire's mother looked down sadly. Emerald, Sapphire's little sister, quietly said, ''Mommy, there's the Pikachu and his human." Emerald pointed to their left, and they saw him. The Pikachu was gray, and it looked more like a corpse than an infected Pikachu. The human looked the same way, except the human had red eyes. Behind him were more infected Pokemon, a Butterfree, a Pidgeot, a Bulbasaur, a Charizard, a Squirtle, a Raticate, a Kingler, a Primeape, a Muk, a Tauros, and a Greninja. "Sapphire, protect Emerald and get out of here!"Sapphire's Mom and Dad roared. "I'm not leaving you again!" Sapphire said with tears swelling up in her eyes. "Just go. I promise I'll be back." Sapphire's mom pushed her away and they started to battle the infected Pokemon.
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  28. Mike wondered more and more. "OK I think I was here before!" He said every 5 minutes. Soon he found his old hideout. "Whoa! I can't believe that its still OK! When he walked in he saw 20 infected Pokemon. He closed the door and walked away. "Wow! That was close!" He said. Then the broke the door. "I should run now." He said. Mike started running away.
  29. It looked to Mariam like the Salamance was having a little pow-wow with her family. For the moment, she was too caught up in the combination of awestruck and annoyed to be afraid. She felt brazen for a moment, looking up to the family with a simple "tsk." Gosh they were loud, and though it may have been a bonding moment up there for them all, she was too out of it to care.

    A moment later, when the grey-faced trainer and his team showed up, she snapped herself back to reality and took off in a sprint. She'd worked too hard to stay alive just to die watching a Salamence family reunion. Tucking her smaller body into a ball, she shot down the slight incline of the hill like a grey stone. Her momentum shot her far enough forwards that she felt she was in the clear, and with hardly a moment's contemplation, she flipped her hood over her head and neared the outskirts of the city, still frantic as ever to get away.
  30. "Come on Emerald!" Sapphire tugged at her sister's foot (Emerald was still a Shelgon). "Look at the Quilladin!" Emerald said, fascinated. "COME OOOOOOOON!" Sapphire grabbed her sister and flew Emerald all the way to Hoenn. (Sapphire actually landed where Mike was)
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  31. Curie quickly picked up the pace from the smoldering battlefield. Something to eat should do good, but what was there to eat than other pokemon and trash? She sighed as she looked for nearby trashcans for a while,But somehow, a Garbodor snuck up behind her, lifted her up, and thrashed her into the ground. She didnt move, Unconsious.
  32. Sapphire closed her eyes. "I feel a great disturbance in the universal balance or whatever. Actually, I think I'm the disturbance. " Sapphire got up. Emerald was sleeping, and Sapphire still didn't know the outcome of the battle with her parents and the human. Sapphire picked up Emerald slowly and flew back to the battlefield where her parents were battling when she last saw them. She saw a pile of trash in the middle of an alleyway, and she didn't remember seeing it there before. "Maybe it's a dead body," Sapphire said, smirking. She dug anyway, and what she found was...... CURIE?! "I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!'' Sapphire said, shocked. Sapphire poked Curie in the stomach to see if she was still alive.
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  33. As Mariam walked briskly through the alleyways of the city, warily checking for any signs of danger, she stopped at once, hearing a fight nearby. In fact, it was very much so nearby, inevitable that she poke her head around a corner to find a Garbodor, the same Salamence and Shelgon, and an unconscious Braixen.

    The Quilladin had never made herself out to be the heroic type, but up against a Salamence, Garbodor, and Shelgon, that Braixen was painfully outmatched. Little guys stick together, or so she had once been told. With a moment's hesitation, she flung herself forwards, curling up into a ball, and snagging her fellow unevolved Pokemon by the arm as she made for an alleyway to hide in. Hopefully, her momentum was quick enough to hide her and the Braixen semi-safely in the shadows.
  34. Curie soon awoke, she was bleeding all over. She looked infront of her, It seemed that there was a wall. The other alley didnt have a wall did it? She attemped to get up, but her body responded with a sharp pain all over. "That Garbodor...." She mumbled. She turned to look since she could see the foot of another pokemon, but her neck hurt, too.
  35. "Hey, what was that blur?" Emerald said while poking Sapphire in the ribs. "You mean the black shadow that sped across the alleyway and made the Braixen? Ya, I saw it." Sapphire directed Emerald to the spot it disappeared into. "I wanna catch a shadow Pokemon!" Emerald said. "Beat ya to therererere!" Before Sapphire could even say the letter N, Emerald disappeared into the shadows and shrieked with delight. "What is it?" Sapphire asked. Emerald stepped aside, so Sapphire can take a look. "Hey Braixen, how are you feeling, and what happened? How did you end up in the trash? And why are you bleeding all over?"
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  36. Mariam swore to herself. She was forced to let the Braixen lay on the ground just as she was waking up, as the Shelgon got too curious for her own good. There was no way a Quilladin could outrun a dragon, and she quickly dove into a nearby dumpster, setting her eyes firmly away from the Braixen, and not wanting to watch the surely-gruesome show. Mariam scrunched down to the point where she could only hear the exchange between the bunch. To her surprise, it seemed that this Salamence was friendly. Still, that didn't mean she would leave her hiding spot, not unless something drew her out. Whether or not that Braixen interested her didn't matter. From the look of it, she'd been hit by the infected Garbodor anyways.

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