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Open Pokè-pocalypse (features gore and violence)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Datmininguy, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. A virus has been spreading throughout the world, affecting humans and Pokémon alike, the cause of the virus is unknown, but it is said that upon being infected with the disease, they will go through three stages, which go as follows:

    Stage 1, lasts 3-4 days: the victim of the disease will start to have sore eyes and migraines, causing dizziness

    Stage 2, lasts 1-2 weeks: they will then start to have bloody sores all over there skin, as well as becoming increasingly hungry and hostile

    Stage 3, lasts until death: at this stage they become increasingly hostile, and will attack all who approach it, there skin will start to rot and decay, and at this point, they can't even think at all. Upon anyone being attacked by them at this stage, will also become infected

    NO legendary/mythic Pokémon
    NO cures, unless specified
    NO faking out if you are infected
    NO making yourself über powerful
    Admission forms

    My profile
    Gender: male
    Species: human
    Infected: no

  2. Name: Mike
    Gender: Male
    Species: Munchlax
    Infected: No

    "wow this virus is pretty spooky!" Claimed Mike has he walked down the deserted street "I really hope I can find someone. Anyone there?!?!?" He yelled out.
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  3. Name: Comet
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dragonite
    Infected: No
    "I'm here,"Comet the Dragonite yelled back. "Are you infected? If you are I will speed away from you and shoot a fireball at you. Oh ya, I was warning everyone who's not infected and warning them about my friend, Blaze, and he's infected, so watch out for him. He acts like a zombie. Wait, he basically is a zombie." Blaze is a Charizard that got infected by a Greninja's shuriken. "One hit of his fireballs, and your infected. Also, he will be shooting fireballs while spinning in a 360, and his fireballs are purple," Comet warned. "But he's dying right this very moment. So he'll go berserk trying to get as many trainers and Pokemon as possible. I ALMOST got hit by a fireball. Missed me by an inch."
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  4. Name: Curie
    Gender: Female
    Species: Braixen
    Infected: No.

    The Braixen flipped over trash cans, Plastic bottles, soda cans, apple cores, flys, dead pokemon in some of them even. She sat next to a trash can, wondering if anything will change. No one was around her, thankfully. She wanted to be alone, anyway. Maybe... Maybe she should just give it all up.
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  5. "How can I tell that YOU are not infected?" Mike replied. He then saw a fireball hit a building. "So if your Not infected I think that it would be a good idea to run now!" Mike runs into the nearest alleyway and finds some dead Pokemon and Curie. Mike backs away slowly out of the alleyway and runs the other direction.
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  6. "Hey, wait for me!" Comet shouted frantically. He looked left and right to see the direction the fireball came in. "Poop," Comet muttered to himself as he saw a charizard spinning in a 360 and shooting purple fireballs out of it's mouth. He saw Mike and Curie not far off, slowly backing away from and alleyway. "I'm coming guys, WAIT FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!'' and Comet sped away to them like a comet.
  7. "What?" Said Mike turning around. He then saw Comet. "So you must be comet?"
    Mike sits down and eats some donuts. "You should relax a bit." Mike said calmly. "Its not like there is a charizard trying to hit us with random fireballs!" Then a fireball hit his donuts box. "OK lets go!" Mike then jumped on comet's back.
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  8. Name: Blaze
    Gender: Male
    Species: Charizard
    Infected: Yes
    "INFECT THEM! INFECT THEM ALL! INFECT THEM ALL!" Blaze chanted in his head. "INFECT THEM... AAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!" Blaze started to spin in a 360 shooting fireballs out of his mouth. Two fireballs hit a building. He heard someone say "Run!" and somebody else say "Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" He recognized the second voice. Comet. The back of his brain said, "Warn Comet he's coming." But the rest of his brain said, "INFECT THEM ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!" Blaze went with the rest of his head and went to the direction of Comet's voice. He then saw some green blob holding a tiny cardboard thingamajig. He shot a fireball at the cardboard thingy. The green blob then dropped the box and climbed onto Comet's back. "IIII"MMMMMM COMINGGGG!'' he whispered to himself and shot toward Comet.
  9. "Hey look what a nice charizard!" Said Mike. "Hello!" He then realized that the charizard was infected. "Wait, oh thats who you were talking about!" lays down on comet and eats some popcorn. "I should really do something."
    Mike throws his infected donuts and his popcorn at Blaze. "Well I did everything I could" Mike claimed, while taking out A charizard repellent and chewing on it. "wow this can is Delicious!"
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  10. "Ummmmmmmmm," Comet said politely. "You could have used the Charizard repellent, it repels Charzards like Blaze." Comet saw a bag that Mike was standing next to. He opened the bag quickly and found out it was full of Charizard repellent. "YAAAAASSSSSS," Comet said and sprayed it at Blaze at the same exact moment he shot a fireball at them.
  11. "He must really ha.. That is a big fire ball!" Mike jumps off onto a building. "Good luck!" Then the fireball hit the building. "Never mind." Then he jumps back onto Comet. "That was close!"
    Mike realizes he is on Blaze. Mike jumps over Blaze onto Comet. "I think we are OK now!" Mike notices something on his body. "Oh no, it cannot be! I.." Mike said very scared. "Im Hungry! We have no more charizard repellent! Its the end!"
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  12. Name: Comet
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dragonite
    Infected: Yes
    "My eyes really hurt," Comet said. "I feel dizzyy..... And a have really big headache. But can it be the end of us? Are we getting infected? Actually, I'm gonna go to sleep and sleep all my problems away..." *snore* "Wait, WHERE'S CURIE?!"
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  13. "You know that is a good idea! Wait. If your sleeping, then who is going to keep me in the air?" Mike asked whilst falling. "I know!" Mike used metronome! Mike used recycle! Mike's repellent then appeared. "Yes!" He chews on it. "I am still falling, I know!" Yells Mike. Mike jumps onto Blazes back, and jumps to a nearby building. Mike then jumps out a window. "Im still falling. I know! I can..." Mike's sentence was not finished due to gravity and the ground. "Ouch!" Mike yelled when getting up. He walks over into the building and finds stairs going underground.
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  14. Three weeks later...
    "GrrrrROOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!" Comet roared. Comet looked at a Gyrados, and that Gyrados looked hungry and infected. Gryados used water pulse and used thrash at the same time. Comet used Dragon pulse and Dragon rush at the same time. They battled furiously, and the battle raged on for for two days. On the second day, Comet finally finished Gyrados of with tackle. Comet then ate the dead Gyrados's body and while Comet ate, the blood of Gyrados was staining the ocean with blood. Comet was now truly infected if he was that hostile. Even Blaze wouldn't have done that. (BTW, Blaze is dead now because of the Charizard repellent)
  15. "Ah yes. My basement house is finished! I have a T.V, A fridge, a picture, and a dead guy, I named him Dave the dead guy!"
    Laxer sits down on the couch and turns on the T.V. The T.V plays security footage around the town. "hey look its comet! He seems fine." Mike said. "Hey look! Food!" Mike gets up and picks up Dave, and runs to the dinner. As he walks in he is greeted with poke balls and dead trainers. He opens one to find a dead bidoof. "I will call you Dave 2!" Said mike very happy. He finds and gets the food and is getting out, with the Daves in hand.
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  16. (I have no idea whats going on anymore.)

    Curie scampered along the street, eating a small dead rattata as she went. Maybe its infected and shes eating it and she'll become infected, too. Hopefully not. "The things i have to do for food in this world." she mumbles. She throws the half eaten rattata into an alleyway and continues down the street.
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  17. Mike walked out of the dinner and saw Curie. "Hey! Want some old crusty pizza!?" He yelled. "Have you meet Dave 1 and 2?" He stares at curie waiting for a response.
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  18. (OOC: There's some chaos going on in this RP, so I'm sorry to say it... but I'm also confused like @Meepy is. Also, I feel like I might need a lot more detail in my OC forms, so please don't be surprised if you see a lot of information below.)

    Species: Squirtle
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Level: 36
    Personality: Timid, tries to flee from battle if he can, is afraid of strangers, especially if they're infected or aggressive.
    Appearance: Wears a gray type III ballistic vest on his chest and back, has on a class ABEK-P3 gas mask, wears a light blue scarf around his neck.
    Backstory: He had been part of an army force that disbanded ever since the virus had taken its toll on them. Anarchy has spread between the group, as now the army can't even fend for themselves. He fled away miles to somewhere else, as he watched the horrors of the zombies wander around street after street. He is now trying to find any potential cure or at least anything to stave off the virus in the outbreak, as time is running out. He resides in his improvised shelter while he is nomadic, as he evades every zombie that he can now.
    Skills: Close quarters combat, excellent usage of weapons and improvising them.
    Other: Carries around a 75 mA stun gun and a radio, as they both carry solar rechargeable batteries. (Recharging isn't the best, especially in severe weather.)
    Infected: No


    Leon walked alongside the streets, as he saw a Braixen that walked down the street also. He heard a Munchlax that yelled from the diner, as he looked at him, while he thought to himself, "Oh my, this is the first time I've seen new faces ever since I had ran away from the army. I'm not even sure if this is considered desertion since I had ran for my life..."

    Some tears came from his eyes, as he hesitantly approached the Braizen while he took short, quick breaths in his gas mask. He took out his radio, as he tried to get a signal, but nothing could be found. He placed it in his left pocket, as he kept his stun gun holistered on his right. His tail shook like chiming bells, as he continued to approach the Braixen while he kept a watchful eye on his surroundings.
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  19. He ran over to Leon . "Hi do you have food?" Mike said "Wanna meet some dead guys I found? Im hungry. Can I eat that pizza you have behind you? I am hungry. I also Like your vest, can I have it?"
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  20. Leon looked at the Munchlax that ran over to him, as he quickly backed up in quick steps as he was about to take out his stun gun. He said to him in a stern tone, "Umm... I'm sorry, but I don't. Also well... this vest is only made for my size here, and wait hold that thought... did you say dead guys?!"

    He paused to process what he just heard, as he exclaimed to him, "DID YOU SAY DEAD GUYS?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!" He took some deep breaths, as he thought to himself, "This has gone nuts... I have a feeling that this guy might be infected, just by judging from the fact that he mentioned that. My god, I think that I might want to either get away from him if I can, I got my stun gun in case if he tries to go over to me... it's enough to knock out a decent sized zombie and kill the smallest ones."

    He was about to flee from the Munchlax, fearing that he might have been infected. He kept his hand in his holister, ready to pull out his stun gun, in case if anything went wrong.
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  21. Mike looked at the gun. "nice gun!" He then shows him the two dead guys he found. "these are Daves 1 and 2. They live with me." He grabs the moldy pizza behind Leon and eats it. "You should really try the pizza they have here! Its awesome, not as good as Charizard Repellent!" He said very happy. "well, I am going home! Do not follow me, or you will see something you might want to forget." He then walks off skipping holding the pizza, and the two dead guys.
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  22. Leon quickly ran from the Munchlax, as he thought to himself, "Yeah he's infected most likely... I can already tell if he had already seen me about to pull my gun. This guy has gone crazy if he's showing me dead people!" He tried to get a signal on his radio, but there was still no signal as usual. He sighed, and cried a little to himself, as some tears dripped from his eyes.
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  23. Mikw just followed Leon. "Wanna be my friend? My other friend is lost and killed a dragon!" Mike yelled. "Some guy in the ally just ate Daves 1 and 2. Oh there he is right now!" Then an infected Pikachu come out. "OK bye new friend!" Said Mike when walking into the dinner.
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  24. Name: Sapphire
    Gender: Female
    Species: Salamence
    Infected: No
    Sapphire the Salamence ran up to Mike. "Help! Pikachu is attacking my family! And he has a human with him, and the human is infected too!" Sapphire said quickly. A loud explosion filled all the Pokemons' ears. "Never mind. They're all infected. Did you see the Dragonite rampaging and the water? It was awesome! He or She attacked as fast as a comet! But he or she is infected, it looked like a zombie. I talk to much. I should shut up. :p"
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  25. "hey that reminds me of my friend comet." Said Mike. He stood there for a minute. "Oh that was Comet. Neat. I'm not too worried. Anyways new friend, follow me to my house!" He walked her to his basement house which she barely even fits into. "want some moldy pizza?" asked Mike. Mike already ate some.
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  26. "Oh, it's okay, i have some bagels and doughnuts here, do you want some?" Sapphire asked. "I don't really eat a lot, and that's weird for a dragon like me. Anyway, your Comet friend died of a heart attack or something because he or she was chasing me, and then he or she just fell from the sky. Oh cool, a SQUIRTLE! HAVEN'T SEEN ANY OF THESE IN YEARS!"
  27. Curie backed away from, Mike? she thought he was. While everyone was distracted with each other, she quietly slipped away into an alley that seemed to be full of trashcans. "More searching, i guess."
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  28. "wow thanks!" replied Mike while he was stuffing his face. "My name is mike, what is yours?" Mike ate more and more until he was stuffed.
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  29. "It's Sapphire, thanks for asking." Sapphire said. And COOOOOOOOL IT'S A BRAIXEN! I wanna say hi. HI BRAIXEN!"
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  30. Curie quickly turned around, firing a Will-o-Wisp at the approaching pokemon, Easily burning it. The braixen ran quickly to the other side of the alley, hopefully escaping the other pokemon.
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  31. Leon quickly slided under to evade the Will-O-Wisp, as he followed the Braizen. He didn't want to say anything too big to her, as he was frightened that he might start up a fight. He quickly ran with her, while he hoped that she wasn't hostile. He kept his hand still in his holister, in case if she were to attack him.
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  32. "Ouch." Sapphire used surf on herself, making herself stop burning. "I just wanted to say HI!" In a flash, the Slamence took off into the air and flew into the direction of the Braixen. Talons outstretched, Sapphire grabbed Curie and in an attempt to sound scary, the Salamence said, "What did you do that for?'' Curie quickly used Will-o-Wisp again on Sapphire the Salamence and when Sapphire let go, Curie ran behind a trash can. Leon followed Curie, unsure of what was happening between the Salamence and the Braixen. In one final attempt to get Curie, Salamence flew toward Curie, grabbed her (and Leon held on to Sapphire's leg, but Sapphire didn't notice) and dropped her right next to Mike. "I JUST WANTED TO SAY HIIIIIIIII!" Sapphire bellowed as Curie and Leon shrank back in fear. "Hi," Curie said in a squeaky voice. "Hi!" Sapphire said cheerfully as if nothing had happened and walked away into Mike's little home. Sapphire still didn't notice she was burning until Mike poured a bucket of water on her.
  33. Mike woke up. "wow I had a nightmare! Everything was wrong.. my charizard repellent was gone!!!!!" He yelled. He then noticed it was not a dream. He screamed louder than a Loudred.
  34. Anyway, Sapphire said "Whoa buddy, chill like Articuno. Just Chiiiiiiiiiillllllllll. What Charizard repellent? Don't be a red faced Ducklett. What's wrong?" Sapphire sat down next to Mike and tried to hug him, but Mike pushed her paws/feet/hands away.
  35. "My lovely Charizard Repellent, It was only the best food ever to exist!" He yelled. "Now its all gone, my lovely Repellent!"
  36. "Ummm, okay then Mike," Sapphire said. "I'm gonna go eat a bagel." Oh cool, a Sylveon! I'm gonna go say hi."
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  38. Curie turned to see if the salamance was still following them. The burn should keep it away as well. She looked to the side to see the squirtle following her. It didnt seem as obnoxious as the others, so she didnt bother. She stayed silent as they walked down the seemingly deserted street.
  39. Mike quickly searched for Charizard Repellent. After a few minutes he found a store full of them. "YES!" He yelled. He started munching on all of the Repellent he can hold. Until he realized he was lost.
    He tried to find his way back but to no avail. he then saw Curie. "HI! WANNA BE FRIENDS?" He yelled at Curie.
  40. Curie turned around to see the munchlax. "I've had enough of this..." she mumbled. She used Fire Spin, trapping herself and the Munchlax. She then shot a strong fire blast at the pokemon, hoping it would die or leave her alone.

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