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Open Poke Pals: A new adventure! (Crystal Island)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Omega Rayqauza, Jul 22, 2016.

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  1. Welcome! To the brand new region of Pokemon! Also known as... Crystal Island! (That is what the Pokemon call it.) Crystal Island is a happy island, with a beautiful and bright sun, blazing across the blue skies! Happy Pokemon travel from a different region to travel to this glorious island to live in peace!

    Hello fellow Role Players! I hope you enjoyed the little description! This island is made for Pokemon ONLY! So no, you can not play as humans... You can only play as Pokemon! Rules:No Fake Mon, Legendary's, and most importantly...NO HUMANS!!! Pokemon only!!!
    Also, you must create an OC before starting.


    Any other special appearances (You can wear Items):

    Any other special appearances:Wear's necklace with shark tooth, spiky white hair, wears sunglasses, Oshawott's shell has it's face on it.
    Personality:Chill (Relaxed), Handsome, quickly tempered, try's to fit in with:"The cool kids"
  2. Dylan was sitting in a chair looking over at the sea, as Magikarps splashed threw the open sea. Dylan was hoping today he would make new friends! After finishing his lemonade, he hopped out of his chair and ran right into the forest hoping to find new friends...
  3. Name: Spook
    Pokémon: Haunter
    Age: ???
    Gender: Male
    Any other special appearances: Wears shades to protect his eyes from the sunlight
    Personality: Likes to pull pranks, Joyful, and laughs alot
  4. After scaring two bunerys in the forest Spook began walking around looking for pokemon to prank. Then Spook saw an oshawott through the forest Spook new this was his chance to scare a water type. Spook put his shades on as he laughed manically.
  5. Dylan was looking out in the forests as he saw a haunter laughing right at Dylan. Dylan growled as he was marching torwards the Haunter. "Hey! You! Yes you! Are you laughing at me?" Dylan said, with an angry look on his face.
  6. "who me?" Spook said with a grin "No I'm laughing about you." as Spook said this he was lost from sight. Then Dylan could hear the haunters voice from all around the forest "Mwhahaha are you trying to attack little old meeee?"
  7. If you're making fun of me, then yes! Dylan pulled out it's shell and used Razor Shell on Haunter. A blade of sharp water cut through Haunter.
  8. "Owowow!" Spook said with anguish. "i was just messing with you!"
  9. Name: Korum
    Pokemon: Absol
    Age: 13(Level,I'm guessing)
    Gender: Male
    Any other special appearances: A pair of fake horns on his head
    Personality: Timid.Korum tends to avoid most Pokemon.He likes to hang around in the shadows,watching or stalking others.He's a creepy type and often goes after shiny things.He's also easily distracted.But,he's bad luck,as well.He's scared of causing destruction.
  10. Korum walked the shadows,looking for someone to watch.He walked for several minutes before finding a Dewott and a Haunter.The Haunter looked as it was in pain.

    "Ooh.This looks interesting," Korum said with a devious smile.He sat in the shadows and watched the duo with Korum's black,beady eyes.The Absol watched them for several moments before he began to laugh at their appearance.

    "Both of those Pokemon look like idiots!" Korum exclaimed,beginning to laugh very hard.
  11. "golly can't you take a joke man?" Haunter said with a fake look of pain. "Aw who am I kidding you can't hurt me I'm a ghost. oh and you in the shadows why don't you come out and join the party?" haunter said as he pointed at the absol.
  12. Dylan turned around. "Ah, yes! Join the party!" Dylan said with a creepy smile as his Razor Blade became sharper.
  13. "W-who me?" Korum stuttered,"I,uh...gotta go!" The Absol ran into the dark forest looked behind him.No one was there.

    "Phew!" Korum sighed with relief.He walked for a few minutes and stopped at a tree.He looked up at it.

    "Let's sleep here,right now,"Korum said to himself.He hopped onto a branch and climbed into the tree.He curled up in a ball and went to sleep without even noticing.
  14. "Hahaha thanks absol." Spook says this as he disappears into the darkness.
  15. Dylan was again, all alone... He threw his Razor Shell up in the tree to see if he could cut down an oran berry for himself. The Razor Shell rand out of power and turned back into a normal shell, and the worst part was...The shell got stuck in the tree... "Oh no..." Dylan groaned.
  16. "here ill get it for you." Spook said as he grabbed the shell and handed it to him.
  17. Oh. Thanks! as he put his shell back on his chest.
  18. "ha anytime." Spook said as he floated down back to the ground.
  19. Dylan smiled as he walked away into the "deeper" part of the woods. As Dylan was traveling threw the forest, he fell into a hole. AhhhH! Dylan's scream echoed threw the hole.
  20. "ha woops thats just one of my pranks. do you want help out?" haunter said as he floated over.
  21. i don't know how to send private message
    I'm on the other chats i joined the tournament one
  23. Occ:click on his picture and click conversation
  24. occ it is agansit the rules
  25. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Word to the wise. Minimodding is also against the rules. So is double-posting, starting an RP thread without any actual RP content (discussion threads are fine, but they also don't belong in the main RP forum but the discussion boards), one-line posts outside interaction scenes (and those are frowned upon even IN interaction scenes) and a myriad of other things you've done.

    Thread locked. And if I have to deal with any other threads involving rule violations by any of you people, there will be more than just verbal warnings.
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