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Ask to Join Poke-Kingdom

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TrappedNutCase, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Dove wandered around the palace till she found her mother, being the youngest princess she enjoyed doing things and having fun, she looked at her mother and said, "Hi Mama!"
  2. Flarey turned to the sound of her youngest daughter. "Hello my little silver dove." She cooed, using the nickname she gave her. She had given her the nickname because of Dove's odd silver fur. "What are you doing all alone? Isn't Lilac with you?" She asked, kissing her daughter's head.
  3. "I can't find Lilac, and I'm bored." Dove said, she enjoyed spending time with her mother and she felt close to her because of something, Dove looked around the room.
  4. "I see," she nodded in understanding. "Be lucky you have siblings." Flarey stood onto her red orange paws. "I had to spend my time alone in the castle when I was a Princess." She started walking towards the door. "You're coming aren't you?" She asked as she waited by the door.
  5. "Yeah I'm coming Mama." Dove said as she scurried to the door, and her tiara tipped over to the side.
  6. Flarey frowned at the tipped tiara and fixed it. Her crown wasn't that much different to the tiaras, it was just bigger, and was gold with green gems instead of silver with pink gems. Once the tiara was fixed she smiled at her daughter and lead the way down the stairs.
  7. "Where are we going Mama?" Dove asked as she followed her mother down the stairs into the grand hallway.
  8. June was on patrol in the market place, as was her job. As much as the kingdom seemed peaceful, an underground group of bandits had been making the rounds at night. It riled June to the core: the worse part of it was she had absolutely zero leads. Nowhere to lead, but they had to be in the kingdom. She narrowed her eyes as she darted them back and forth, for any shady folk. No crime would happen on her watch!..unless she fell asleep, she had hard times sleeping recently.
    Horrible migraines and nightmares happened at night recently. She couldn't tell why. Was she close to obtaining the form of a Delphox? She hoped, it was about time. But now was not a time to think of this: it was a time to guard. Her hand rested on her staff, her weapon of choice. Ready to pull it out and strike anyone who dared to threaten or steal anything.
  9. Flarey smiled at her daughter, and slipped into a room. She pulled her daughter in with her and handed her a robe. "We're going out." She smiled childishly. Unlike most Queens, Flarey liked visiting the village, and would sometimes take her children. "Our little secret." She put on her own robe. It covered her body, and no one could see the crown underneath.
  10. Dove did the same and waited exitedly, she loved the village because you did not need guards to watch you all the time, and that you could be a normal girl! Dove was very exited.
  11. "Alright." She opened the trap door that she made at a child. Since she was an only child, and was born into royalty she was always alone and often snuck out to play with the other children. She lead the way down the secerate staircase that lead out into a small field and then into town.
  12. "Are there any kids in this village?" Dove asked as they entered the town, she remembered to act like a normal villager so that no one should suspect anything.
  13. "Probably," Flarey looked at some of the shops. "We can go to the park to see, but remember, no one can see your tiara or your father is going to have hissy fit that we snuck out." She reminded. The last time he found out she had snuck out she started scolding her like he was her father. "I don't want to go through that again." She laughed.
  14. "Ok, but why can't I take it off?" Dove asked, she really wanted to meet other kids besides her sister who was older by 6 years.
  15. "My sweet, you're the only shiny Eevee in a 5 mile radius, and the town's Pokemon know the princess is a shiny, they'll put two and two together love." She explained softly to her daughter. Her green eyes were sorrowful that her daughter couldn't play normally. "I'm sorry."
  16. "It's ok Mama, I guess I'll just have to do something else." Dove said wiping off the sadness on her face and put on a cheerful look, even though deep down inside she longed to play with the village kids and have fun.
  17. Flarey suddenly got an idea and smiled. "I know, I can make you a special dye for your fur to change color temporarily." She may be a Queen, but when she wasn't in her lessons, or sneaking out, she was doing her own studying.
  18. "Yay!" Dove said as she imagined having brown fur and playing with village kids. And a realy cheerful look spread across her face.
  19. Flarey smiled at her daughter, she looked the happiest she had ever seen. "Now, let's look around some before we head to the park." She nuzzled the Eevee Princess's head and started walking into the bustle of village Pokemon.
  20. "Ok Mama!" Dove said as she walked with her mother, her brown painted coat gleaming.
  21. As they walked the smell of Poke-Puffs filled Flarey's nose. "Mmm, should we get one?" She looked towards her child as she motioned to a stand.
  22. "Yes! Can I have a sweet deluxe Mama?" Dove asked as she stared hungrily at the stand.
  23. She chuckled lightly and walked towards the stand. First she looked at the menue to make sure the served it, to her relief, they did. "One Sweet Delux, and one Spicy Sweet(?) please." The one serving them nodded and handed them their order. Flarey payed, with a tip of course, and nodded her good bye. "Thank you." She said and handed Dove her treat.
  24. "Thanks Mama!" Dove said with her mouth full, since she was pretending to be a villager she could eat with her mouth full! "Mama what am I gonna say when the kids I play with ask me my name?" she asked her mother.
  25. Flarey grimaced at her daughter's behavior. "Well, Mrs. Mess, you can just tell them whatever name you want. And don't talk with your mouth full. You're a villager, not a savage." She scolded with a amused look in her forest colored eyes.
  26. "Ok Mama, my name will be Petal in the village." Dove said as she finished off her pokepuff and waited for what to do next.
  27. "What a lovely name." She nodded and finished her Poke-Puff. After wiping her mouth, she started walking towards a park. There were many small Pokemon running around. Eevees, Pocheana, Mine Jr., Houndour, Smoochum, and many other first evolution Pokemon ran around.
  28. "Mama can I play too?" Dove asked as she looked at the kids running around in the park.
  29. "Alright, but try not to get hurt, and be careful, and don't talk to strangers." She said seriously as she sat on the grass. She kissed Dove's head and smiled, "Oh and no boys." She teased.
  30. "Ok Mama!" Dove said as she ran into the park and saw a smoochum and a poochyena playing catch. "Hi I'm Petal, can I play?" she asked them.
  31. Flarey smiled at how happy her daughter was. She sighed as a cool breeze ran threw her soft fur. The sky was clear of clouds.
  32. "I'm Jenny. Ask Yolande, she's in charge." the smoochum said, "And I'm Fiona." the Poochyena said, so Dove went over to the mightyena and asked, "Are you Yolande?"
  33. Flarey smiled at how hardly anything had changed from when she was an Eevee. A Glaceon's face popped into her head, and she shook her head. "So little, yet so much has changed." She whispered to herself."
  34. "Yes I am, and you are?" the mightynea said, "I'm Do- I mean Petal." Dove said. "What did you say?" the mightyena asked her. "Umm nothing..." Dove said awkwardly, "WHAT IS YOUR REAL NAME?!?!?!?" the mightyena roared.
  35. Flarey saw someone roar at Dove and sprang to her paws. Her eyes were blazing with rage. It wasn't easy to get her mad. She walked over and got in the middle. "Must you yell?" She snapped angrily.
  36. "Sorry miss." the mightyena exclaimed even though she didn't mean it, but Dove was already running back up the hill to her mother.
  37. "Tsk, yelling at a child, how unpleasant." She huffed and looked Dove over. "Are you alright. She didn't hurt you right?" She fretted.
  38. "I'm ok Mama. But I think I wanna go home that was scary." Dove said.
  39. "Alright." Flarey nodded. "Lets go." She started walking. She turned and glared at the Mightyena before leading the way to the castle.

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