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Ask to Join Poke-Humans High School Roleplay!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Aloha Ninetales, Sep 27, 2016.

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  1. This roleplay is about a high school where Teenaged(12-18 ) Pokehumans go to High School. A Pokehuman is A Human with the Features like ears,wings, and/or tail(s) but are human. They often dress like the Pokemon they have the features of. An example is this Zoroark:http://www.deviantart.com/art/Zoroark-155200314
    They May have different names like say I was a Espeon Pokehuman, My Name Could Be Violet or something like that.
    • Follow The Roleplay Rules:http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-role-play-rules.9451/
    • NO CURSING (This is a pet peeve of mine, sorry)
    • No Romance unless you ask me first. I do not mind romance, but I just don't want 100 messages of the couple going back and forth so other people can't message.
    • No Chat Speak: "U" and "Luv" are not words people. So don't use it. Or you will be reported.
    • No Mary Sues/Gary Stues/Marty Stues: Nobody likes a over powerful character or someone with zero flaws. So if you think your OC is one of these, Take A Quiz/Test or Message Me Or message a friend you know on her.
    • No using Fakemon?Mega Evolutions as your Pokehuman
    • You may have up to 3 Pokehumans. No More. But you have to make complete bio's for each one.
    • Thank You!
    Character Sheet:
    Full Name:
    Pokemon Species Of?: (The Pokehuman they are like Arcanine or something like that)
    Appearance: (Often Modeled after the Pokemon)
    Favorite Subject?:

    My OC's

    Full Name: Liza Sky Mousely
    Age: 14
    Date Of Birth: 06/18/2002
    Pokemon Species Of?: Plusle
    Appearance: Plusle's Ears and Tail, Short Red Hair, Yellow Shirt with a Red Plus Sign on It, Jean Shorts, Red Tennis Shoes, Red and White Striped Knee Socks
    Personality: Outgoing, Socialable, Friendly, Optimistic
    Power(s):Lightning Control
    Favorite Subject?:ELA

    Full Name:Tate Minnie Mousely (Liza and Tate are twins)
    Date of Birth:06/18/2002
    Pokemon Species Of?: Minun
    Appearance: Minun's Ear and Tail, Short Blue Hair, Yellow Shirt with a Minus Sign on it, Jean Shorts, Blue Tennis Shoes, Blue and White Striped Knee Socks
    Personality:Laid Back, Rather Shy, Quiet, A bit of a Pessimist
    Power(s):Lightning Control
    Favorite Subject?:ELA
    Period 1-Math
    Period 2-ELA (Language Arts)
    Period 3-Gym (Lunch is After This Class)
    Period 4-Science
    Period 5-Chorus/Band/Art (Your Choice Just tell me which one)
    Period 6-Social Studies
    Liza was ready for school. She super pumped and ready to start a new school year. Tate, not so much. Tate wasn't the biggest fan of school but what she hated the most about it is all the talking to other people she had to do. The only other person she talked to was Liza, Because one she is her sister, and two Tate could say the worst things about anyone even Liza, and Liza wouldn't mind. "Tate, You look Nervous. Are you okay?" "I am not looking forwards to school." "Oh Tate, This year we will meet new Pokehumans! We are in High school now, after all. "Oh Okay, If you insits I'll Go." "That's the spirit Tate!" The girls went to their new school. The school was huge with three stories. The First Story was all the buildings in which the non- classrooms where on such as the cafeteria and the principals office. The had all the Non Core Classes like Band and Chorus and also had Senior Classrooms. "Glad we found the Chorus Room! We will need to know that later!" Liza said happily to her sister. The final stories had all the other classes. "I am so tired of walking up all those stairs." Tate said tiredly "We should have just taken one of the elevators." Liza replied "THERE ARE ELEVATORS!!??!!" Tate yelled at her sister, which they hardly ever did. "Yep!" Was all Liza said afterwards. They made it to there lockers when Liza ran to class with Tate far behind when Liza ran into......
    Hope you Like!
  2. Character Sheet:
    Full Name: Ace Luna Spade
    Age: 15 (soon to be 16)
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 22nd October 2000
    Pokemon Species Of?: Umbreon
    Appearance: He Wears Dark blue jeans with a yellow trim, a White shirt, and a Black Sleeveless coat that has a Yellow ring on the back as well as having a Medium length fringe that only goes halfway over one eye on the top of his head is two Flattened Umbreon ears, (he hides his tail under his coat) Grey eyes
    Personality: Loyal to Friends(Too loyal sometimes), but hostile to people he either doesn't/Doesn't want to Understand
    Power(s): Fading into shadows,
    Favourite Subject?: Maths

    Period 1-Math
    Period 2-ELA
    Period 3-Gym
    Period 4-Science
    Period 5-Art
    Period 6-Social Studies
    Character Sheet:
    Full Name: Luca Michi Copper
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 9th November 2001
    Pokemon Species Of?: Riolu
    Appearance: He wears a Black shirt with a yellow collar, Blue shorts and long black socks, Short blue hair with the fringe to the left side.
    Personality: Hates Bad situations, Has many fears (not common fears of things like Needles and Hights), very polite
    Power(s): Aura Manipulation
    Favourite Subject?: Music

    Period 1-Math
    Period 2-ELA
    Period 3-Gym
    Period 4-Science
    Period 5-Music
    Period 6-Social Studies

    "Maybe I should stay at home?" Ace said as he walked to the locker with his best and only friend Luca by his side "OH NO, you were the one who talked me into coming to a Public school instead of staying at that "Higher class school for snobs" as you so elegantly called it." OK first off, I didn't Call it a "School" I called it a party" Ace defended "how was is it a party?" luca asked Questioningly "They where literally dancing on the Desks when we saw them" Ace said remembering how there old school had a "futures week" where they visit the choices for different schools including the one they are in now. "OK you got me there," Luca admitted also remembering that day. "Yep" A voice echoed through the hall. "Ace did you hear that?" He looked in Ace's direction... he wasn't there.. "Ace?" Luca then looked down to discover a pile of red, yellow and black laying where the umbreon poke-human was. A blue hair poke-human came running down the hall and not seeing the two unconscious students triped over them both and fell down onto the ground. despite his best friend currently being unconscious, he went to help the blue haired girl "hey are you ok?" he asked giving her a patent smile "are you hurt?" He waited for a reply...
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  3. Full Name: Winter Thorne
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: 12/20/2001
    Pokemon Species Of?: Glaceon
    Appearance: Glaceon ears and tail, sky blue hair w/ bangs (basically Glaceon's signature hair style), plain white T-shirt w/ a sky blue snow flake on it with a sky blue zipper hoodie (usually keeps it unzipped) over it, jeans, white tennis shoes, sky blue and black striped socks, and glasses
    Personality: (refer to princess of friendship (jk (maybe))) She likes to read, and is very kind. However, if you get on her bad side, you're going to serve hard time in punishment via Winter (she's stronger than she looks).
    Power(s): Temperature Control (she can only make the temperature no hotter than room temperature, but no less than 10°F at the moment)
    Favorite Subject?: Science
    Winter's alarm went off. She hit the OFF button instead of hitting SNOOZE. What felt like seconds were minutes, and when she realized this, she jumped out of her bed. "Oh shoot! I'm gonna be late!" She exclaimed. She had completely forgotten about school. She normally wasn't this forgetful of school, seeing that she likes it - well, certain parts of it. "Gah, why didn't I just wake up the first time?!" She said, beating herself up on the inside. She usually had lots of stuff to do before heading to school, but with it being 15 minutes past 7:30 AM, she only had so much time to do these things before heading to school.

    Once all that was taken care of, she grabbed a muffin, hurrying her mom. "Mom, hurry up! I'm gonna be late!" She urged her. "Have you forgotten already?" Her mother had told her. "Forgot what?" Winter questioned. Her mother opened the door, pointing past a left turn. "The school is just around the corner." Her mother told her, as-a-matter-of-factly (I don't know how to say that term. xD). "Oh. Right, heh..." She said shyly, blushing a little bit. She was normally good at remembering stuff like this, but the previous day was a tough trek. They had actually just moved, and this is her first day going to the school. She was so used to riding a bus, so she didn't think to just walk there.

    Once she actually took the time to eat her muffin at the table, she gathered all her things, making sure not to forget anything. As she left the house, with her flute in hand, she started walking because she now knew she had time to spare to get her classes figured out, put her stuff away and the like, all without spending any energy trying to run there. As more time passes, Winter has finally made it into the building. She pulls out her schedule, and takes a look at it.

    Period 1: Math
    Period 2: ELA
    Period 3: Gym
    Period 4: Science
    Period 5: Band
    Period 6: Social Studies

    As she put her schedule back in her pocket, she acknowledged the flute case she was holding. Instrument first, other classes later. She thought to herself. Almost immediately, she left towards the band hall.

    Before, of course, asking where the band hall was.

    After putting her instrument in her assigned band locker, and asking for several directions to her classes, which took about 25 minutes total, she headed towards her personal locker, passing by a few other Pokehumans along the way, two of them being, from what she could tell, a Plusle and a Minun; twins maybe twins? After putting her stuff away, she headed off towards her first class: Math.

    Math wasn't her forte, but she wasn't bad at it. As she made her way to her class, she heard something, almost as if someone had fallen onto someone. When she looked back, she saw the Plusle laying on top of someone. As timing saw fit, Winter saw the Minun from before running down the hall. It wasn't too long before...


    Winter had rushed over to the sudden dog pile of students. She stopped right beside someone who looked like that of a Riolu. "Oh my gosh, are you two okay?!" She worryingly said to the math twins, trying to help the Riolu boy help them up.

    (OOC: Dang it, Ace! You beat me to it. Now I have to change mine...also, for the record, I had finished mine first. I just couldn't post it because I was on a bus.)

    EDIT: (OOC: There. I have changed it now...I kinda liked it the other way, but this can work...I suppose...)
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  4. Full Name: Athena Robin Shao

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Birthday: 04/22/99

    Pokemon Species Of?: Luxray

    Appearance: Luxray ears and tail. Medium length black hair styled like a Luxray's mane. Light blue shirt with black sleeves and a lightning bolt on it. Jean shorts, light blue socks, and black shoes with yellow lightning bolts on them.

    Personality: Shy, quiet, smart, funny.

    Power(s): Lightning Control

    Favorite Subject?: Art

    Full Name: Ana Elizabeth Tate

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Birthday: 06/31/98

    Pokemon Species Of?: Zoroark

    Appearance: Zoroark ears and tail, violet eyes, red hair with black streaks in it, gray-brown shirt with red sleeves, jeans, red shoes, crescent moon necklace.

    Personality: Friendly, outgoing, fun-loving, loyal to those she trusts.

    Power(s): Illusion creation.

    Favorite subject: Music
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Period 1-Math
    Period 2-ELA
    Period 3-Gym
    Period 4-Science
    Period 5-Art
    Period 6-Social Studies
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After checking out where their classes were, Athena and Ana walked to their lockers, which were right next to each other. On their way to there lockers they talked. "Girl, you need to widen your social circle." Ana said to Athena. The Zoroark girl flipped her ponytail. "You know well and good why I won't do that." Athena said to Ana. "Sometimes it seems like you're too shy for your own good." Ana said. They put their stuff in their lockers. On their way to class they saw a Riolu boy and a Glaceon girl helping up a Plusle girl and an Umbreon boy. "Are they okay?" Ana asked.
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  5. Full Name: Lucas Eduard
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 12/22/2002
    Pokemon Species Of?: Totodile
    Appearance: Has red spikes that go from his head to his back to his blue tail, blue hair, dark blue v necked shirt, red cargo pants, black loafers, has a watch on his left arm
    Personality: Short fused, has impaired communication and social interaction with others, lonely
    Power(s): Aquakinesis (Is only able to manipulate up to half a gallon of water at a time, and at no more than 35 PSI.)
    Favorite Subject?: Social Studies

    Period 1-Math
    Period 2-ELA
    Period 3-Gym
    Period 4-Science
    Period 5-Band
    Period 6-Social Studies

    Lucas had gotten off of the bus a little later, as he had thought to himself, "Well, it's time of the year again, school. Let's try to keep it together now..."

    He hesitantly went inside the school, as he took a sharp look at his schedule. He quickly walked around, as he tried to familiarize himself with the school. He saw a lot of students, as he stayed quiet. He tried to not make eye contact with anyone, as he went to his locker.

    On his way to the locker, he took some quick steps, as he noticed some other people that seemed to have some features of Pokémon also. He thought to himself while he rubbed the sweat off his head, "Huh, so I'm not the only one here that looks like a Pokémon..."

    He saw a twin that looked to be Minun and Plusle girls, a boy that vaguely looked like an Umbreon, and two girls that looked like a Glaceon and a Zoroark. He thought to himself, "Wow, look at them, they really do kinda look like Pokémon."

    He hesitantly walked up to them, as he waved to the Zoroark girl, while his hand twitched slightly. He stayed slient, as he scratched the scales on his head and looked at the others that were helping up their friends.
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  6. Ana saw a Totodile boy wave at her and she waved back. Athena also noticed the Totodile boy. The Luxray girl nodded in acknowledgement. Athena kept a straight face while Ana smiled at the Totodile boy and then returned to looking concerned once her gaze returned to the Plusle girl, Umbreon boy, Glaceon girl, and Riolu boy. Athena's tail swished from side to side nervously.
  7. Lucas looked at everyone else beside the Zoroark girl, as he nervously said to her, "H- hello... my n- name is L- Lucas... what's your n- name?" He studdered a lot, as his arms shook like ringing bells. He took in several deep breaths, as he rubbed the sweat that came from his head.
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  8. Waking up Ace saw several blurs of colour above him.... was he sleeping "OH NO where are my glasses!" he looks around franticly until he comes face to face with a Red haired Plusle girl. "oh hello, why are we on the ground?" he asked the dazed Plusle "I am tired but I wouldn't sleep on the floor like this"
  9. And to think someone with the name Violet would join this RP. xD
    Name: Via Valencia (Via's short for Violet.)
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female.
    Birthday: October 18, 2000.
    Pokemon Species Of: Delphox.
    Appearance: She does not wear the long fur dress that Delphox wears, but wears the dress as a pair of jeans. She has long slightly brown red hair, and aqua eyes. She wears an orange blouse, covered by a white vest, and sneakers.
    Personality: She is tomboyish and impulsive, and not much of a social person. (The nice way of saying's she's an loner.) She's considered intelligent, and doesn't think much of herself.
    Powers: She still has the stick a Delphox has, only redesigned it to look more modern-ish. (Meaning to say she changed it to a straight stick, so it doesn't prick.) Mystical Fire. (She's still working on that a bit, though.)
    Favorite Subject: Math, i guess.

    Period 1: Math
    Period 2:ELA
    Period 3:Gym
    Period 4: Science
    Period 5: (Ah, i don't really have anything to be filled out..)
    Period 6: Social Studies.

    Violet was watching the bus drop off students, new or old. She turned, sighing. Not a person left for her. She sat on the steps of the school, opened her notebook, and wrote, 'I have nothing to do again.'. She blew her hair out of her face and started tapping to a random tune. Soon she was quietly singing it, but if you listened close you could hear it. She didn't stop as she closed her notebook and stared at the steps, not looking up.
  10. Character Sheet:
    Full Name: Wally Bow Fett
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Birthday: 12/07/2000
    Pokemon Species Of?: Wobbofett (Dunno if this is a good one, using it just because its power would be useful at school)
    Appearance: Has the Wobbofett tail, which appears to be sentient, as well as blue hair, always wears a blue hoodie to mimic the appearance of a Wobbofett
    Personality: Can be a bit clumsy at times, but is a good person who does his best.
    Power(s): Can counter/mirror coat when people attack him, can still feel pain but whoever delivers it feels it too. However this does not effect the tail, and being attacked in that tail (Stomping on) is extremely painful (Think being shot painful, so imagine being SHOT in the tail) The tail can also give random advice from time to time.
    Favorite Subject?: Doesn't have one

    Period 1-Math
    Period 2-ELA
    Period 3-Gym
    Period 4-Science
    Period 5-Chorus (I can't see Wobbofett doing the other two at all) (Ok i lied drum Wobbofett would be cool)
    Period 6-Social Studies

    Wally exited the school bus. "This is so exciting" he said to himself.
    "Just try not to make a fool of yourself this time" his tail said back,
    Wally sighed. Out of every Pokemon body part he could have gotten, he got a Sentient, cynical, tail. He began to climb the stairs to the school and fell over, landing on his face. "Good Job" his tail said "you blew it again"
  11. Lucas saw a lot of new students coming in, as he thought to himself, "I've got a feeling this is gonna be an even bigger school..." He read his schedule first, as he saw that first period was the dreaded math class.

    He wasn't that great at math, as he really didn't know what two plus two was. He gulped, as he thought, "I'd better hope no one laughs at me if I get almost everything wrong."
  12. OOC:I am so sorry I completely forgot I made this. XC I am such a derp sometimes oh and Liza has Red Hiar and Tate has Blue. Liza ran into someone, not Tate :)
    Liza ran into someone and fell. "I am SO sorry!!!! I was not paying attention and I was full of energy and I am really really sorry. Oh I am fine, How about you? She had ran into what appeared to be a Rilou Pokehuman and she knocked out another one. "Whoops. I better take her to the nurses office. I am terribly sorry about that. " Lia quickly told the Rilou. Tate ran up to Liza "I am so sorry about my sister, she gets hyper sometimes like today. She means no harm." The girls smiled "So Who are you?"
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  13. "Oh hi my name is Luca Copper, and my semi unconscious friend here is Ace Spade" he politely responded. "Wait why where you two rushing?" before the either girl could respond A large ringing sound could be heard through the entire school "..." everyone was silent until Luca spoke "What time does first period start..."
  14. Full Name: Lucas (Luke) D. Flamery
    Birthday: 02/18/04
    Pokemon Species Of?: Vulpix
    Appearance: Vulpix ears and Tail, Red Hair, freckles, Brown eyes, Whie Shirt, Red Bandanna Around Neck, Brown short, white Socks, And Tennis Shoes, rather tiny
    Personality: Brave, Fun Loving, Friendly, Compassionate
    Power(s):pyrokinesis or the power over fire.
    Favorite Subject?: Science (He will be in band)

    Full Name: Marina Lily Aquarius
    Age: 16
    Pokemon Species Of?:Vaporeon
    Appearance: Long Light Blue Hair, Long Blue Dress, Light Blue Flats, Blue Eyes, Pearl Bracelet on Left Wrist, Vaporeon Tail and Ears, Tall
    Personality: Motherly, Calm, Gentle, Rather Quite, Loves to listen to others speak.
    Power(s): Can Stay Underwater for long periods of time, and has slight control of water
    Favorite Subject?: ELA (She will be in band also)

    Marina walked Little Lucas to school. Lucas was her neighbors son and the two were best friends. Some people say it's weird but Marina thinks it's fine. When they got to school they had to walk up a ton of steps to get to the third floor. "Well I feel great!" Lucas yelled while Marina remained silent, as she usually does. When they got there they noticed a huge dog pile of other pokehumans. there was a Plusle, A Rilou, and some other ones. Lucas ran straight up to the dog pile an yelled "Are you okay?" "If you are I will help you the best I can" Then he grinned which is one the cutest things about him in Marina's opinion. Most people assumed they were sibling because how close they were, they are just neighbors.
  15. Lucas took out his notebook and attempted to practice on his math, as he wrote, "So two plus two is twenty-two... wait no I thought it was five or three... oh great, Note to self: Go to math tutoring if they have it."

    He hid his notebook, as he didn't want others to see that he was bad in math. He shook his arms, as he firmly held his notebook. He started to sweat a lot, as he rubbed it off with his left arm.
  16. Once Winter helped the girls up, and heard that they were all okay, she sighed in relief. "Oh, thank Arceus. Good to know you're all okay." She said to them, before she heard a loud ringing noise. It seemed to be the school bell signaling the beginning of the first class in a few minutes. "Oh shoot! I've gotta go!" She exclaimed, grabbing what she had put down to help them. "I'll see you all in class." She told them, hurrying off towards the math class.

    Once she got there, she saw a few other students in their seats, but one in particular just stood out to her. She walked over to a student who looked like that of a Totodile. As she walked past him, she sat down in the seat to the left of his. He looked like the type of person who wouldn't want people to see what he was doing and judge him on it, so, without making it seem obvious, she peered over at what he was doing. He seemed to be working on math, but on closer examination, she could see that...well, he wasn't very good at it. She wanted to help him - she really did - but she didn't want him to know that she was peeking at what he was doing, and possibly ruin a future friendship. Taking a huge risk, she decided to chime in.

    "Hey, um, you seem to be having a little bit of trouble over there. Would you like some help?" She politely, yet somewhat cutely and shyly said to him.
  17. Full Name: Evelyn (EV)
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: October 23
    Pokemon Species Of?: Eevee
    Appearance: Long brown hair, brown eyes, short, Grey converse, Beown and cream shirt with puffy sleeves, jean shorts, becklace with rainbow stones
    Personality: Cutesy, shy, caring, sweet
    Power(s): Quick Attack/Speed
    Favorite Subject?: Art

    Period 1- Math
    Period 2- ELA
    Period 3-Gym
    Period 5- Science
    Period 6- Art
    Period 7- Social Studies
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  18. Lucas turned around and looked at Winter with a hesitant look, as he first thought to himself, "S- should I be honest... or lie here, oh man decisions I have to make."

    He said to her as he nodded, "Umm... I think I might n- ne- need some h- help." He studdered a lot, as his arms shook. He looked anxious, as he took in some deep breaths before he wrote some more stuff in his notebook.
  19. "Oh nuts." Athena muttered. Ana nodded to the group. "See you in class." she said to them. The Zoroark girl took off. Athena followed a few feet behind her.
  20. Evelyn quietly walked to her class, not wanting to talk to anyone. She fussed with her Pokeball good luck pin that she wore on her shirt. Arriving at her class, she took a seat in the front row
  21. Ana and Athena walked into class. They took seats near the middle that were next to each other. Ana fiddled with her crescent moon necklace. Athena sighed. The Luxray girl's tail twitched anxiously.
  22. Evelyn looked behind her to see the two girls walking in, but quickly looked back. She shuffled around in her backpack and pulled out the book she was reading.
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  23. Wally entered the classroom and took a seat near the back/middle. He had wanted to sit at the front but he wanted to be near the back if he embarrassed himself or anything. He positioned himself so he could see the front.
  24. Winter smiled as the boy replied with a yes. She pulled up a chair, and sat next to him. Upon closer inspection, she realized that he was trying to do simple addition. She didn't mention why, or how he managed to make it to high school if he doesn't even know addition because she didn't want to embarrass him, but she helped him nonetheless, teaching him the same way she was taught.

    "So," She began with. "I see that you're struggling with adding two and two together." As she said that, she quieted down a bit to avoid other people hearing, and making fun of him for not knowing. "Let me show you how to do it." She said, sounding almost like a teacher. "I trust you know how to count, right?" Winter asked the boy, hoping he'd already know, but also hoping he didn't so that she could teach him, and help the friendship flourish.
  25. Liza and Tate sat in the back of the classroom, to Liza's many, many complaints but thats just where Tate felt more comfertable than up front where all the Pokehumans are, chatting about how hot their boyfriend is or why their cheerleader babe is the best. Personally things like that Tate never really cared about. She never have to worry about being lonely, she has a sister. And plus Tate is far to shy to get a boyfriend. "Psst. Tate! Over here!" Liza "Whispered" to Tate. "I'm right here." Tate said to her younger sister. "Okay what did you get for number two?" "I'm NOT giving you the answers." "But..But" "No Liza." "UGG" Liza groaned very loudly. Most everyone turned to stare at the twins, including the teacher.
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  26. "Why is this class so loud?" Evelyn whispered to herself. She flipped a page in her book. *It's either just really loud out my ears are being annoying again* She mumbled
  27. Lucas looked at Winter, as he gave her a slight nod. He tried to keep it quiet as possible, as he counted in his head, "One... two... three... four... five... and it goes on..."

    He looked at her while he sweated a lot, as he wiped the sweat off quickly, trying to hide his anxiety. He felt nervous, as he didn't want to look dumb for not knowing how to add two and two together.
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  28. Winter smiled as he told her that he did know how to count. Then, she continued on with the quick lesson. "So, if you're looking for the answer to 2+2, which would be the sum, let's think of it this way." She told him, holding up her hands, and balling them up into fists. "We always start off with zero. If we add two, then you're going to count up until you get to two." She said, straightening two fingers in a counting manner. "Then, we're going to add two again by counting up until we get to four." She told him, then straightening two more of her fingers, showing him her four fingers. "So, what is the sum of 2+2?"

    (OOC: Yay for math! :D xD)
  29. Lucas felt a huge burning sensation in his chest, as he breathed deeply. He attempted to count with his hand, as he felt very anxious. He didn't want to embarrass himself in front of everyone, especially the teacher.

    He counted in his head, as he thought to himself, "Umm... o- one, two, count again... three... four, I think four should be it, unless if it's still wrong..." He was sweating a lot, as his arms shook like church bells. He hesitantly lifted up his hands and showed four fingers at Winter, as he hid his pinky behind his hand.
  30. Winter nodded in approval. "Very well. 2 plus 2 equals 4." She said, smiling. "Another way to think about it is this. Count up to two. Then, you count up that same number of times you counted before. If you counted up a certain number, then, for the second time, you will count up the same number of times you did the first time. You could try using that method, although it only works if you're adding two of the same number together." She explained to him, trying to make it sound as simple as possible. "So, if you count up by 2 the first time, then how many times are you going to count up for the second time to get that number?"

    (OOC: Yay for more math! Seriously, though. We might need to rap this up. I don't think anyone wants to hear kindergarten stuff on a role play, especially if we all know this stuff already. xD)
  31. (OOC: Yep true... I'll probably like maybe stop mentioning it since he kinda does now know from you.)

    BIC: Lucas nodded as he started to slightly get it. He just needed more practice by himself, since math was his weakest area. He started to write in his notebook, as he took some important notes that Winter said to him, so he wouldn't forget.
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  32. Tate did her work slowly, but she finished. Liza on the other hand, was seeing how many pencils can fit in A Pokehumans's nose. It was a Probopass Pokehuman so he had a huge nose. Right now he was sleeping and Liza was up to 30 pencils. "Liza, stop shoving pencils up poor Ivan's Nose." "But math is SO Boring!" Liza complained to Tate. Tate just looked at Liza with a "Really?" expression. After a lot of talking over and a lot more complaints form her difficult sister, Tate finally got Liza to do her classwork. But poor Ivan woke up with 45 pencils in his nose "I wonder how that got here?" Ivan wondered
  33. "Where is the teacher?" Evelyn looked around and saw a kid waking up with pencils in his nose. "What happens in this class?"
  34. ( Oops. Sorry, banned yesterday.)
    Violet sped to Math class, still whistling her tune. "What..?" she took in the scene in there, and sighed and took a seat.
  35. Full Name: Sparky Thunder Grace
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: 7-8-2001
    Pokemon Species Of?: Pikacku
    Appearance: Tiny with Pikachu ears and arms/legs with tiny shoes, a black cape and a baseball cap
    Personality: happy, quick, quiet, bold, and clumsy
    Power(s): Super Speed and double team
    Favorite Subject?: Art

    Period 1-Math
    Period 2-ELA
    Period 3-Gym
    Period 4-Science
    Period 5-Art
    Period 6-Social Studies

    "OH NO! ITS ALREADY MORNING!" Sparky said loudly quickly getting dressed and using super speed to get to math. Sparky runs into the door accidentally then grabs the handle and walks in. Sparky stands on the desk in the back and starts getting her stuff out.
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  36. Wally saw Sparky run into the room in a panic. "Hey" he whispered "the teacher isn't even here yet"
  37. Noticing the Pikachu Pokehuman enter the room, Evelyn sighed. "Where is the teacher? Every one is here."
  38. As Winter sat back down in her seat, she noticed how many people had entered the classroom since she got there. She saw a few familiar faces, a few unfamiliar. Then, she caught word of what was going on with the whole teacher situation. S/He still hadn't arrived yet, and class was starting soon. "Yeah, where is the teacher? I, for one, want to learn some math." She said sort of loud, but also a bit quiet. She looked around, and saw that most of the students were already in their seats, but no teacher. What was going on?

    (OOC: Should I take the role of the teachers in this rp? Because I've got some really good ideas for teachers. xD)
  39. OOC: @Zen Pie You can be the next teacher
    BIC:A Young Lady Walked In To the Classroom. "Sorry I am Late Students I had to take care of a few things." She turned to Tate "Stop shoving Pencils in His Nose." "Anyway, My Name is Ms Clover. I will be your math teacher for this year. To get to know your fellow peers and for me to get to know you we will all be doing a icebreaker. You will stand up tell me your name, age, The Pokemon Species You are and Something interesting about you. I will go first "Hello My Name is Ms Clover. My age is none of your concern I am a Gardevoir PokeHuman and I love to do Ballet. Liza raised her hand and Ms Clover told her she could go next. "Hi everyone I am Liza, I am 14, I am A Plusle Pokehuman and My favorite thing to do is Sing. Liza sat back down. "How about you go next Tate?" "No way, I want to go near last." "Do it!" Tate asked is she could go next and Ms Clover said yes. "Hello. My name Is Tate. I am 14, I am a Minun Pokehuman and My favorite thing to do is Skydiving. SHe smiled. "Thank You." Tate sat back down quietly beside Liza. "Okay Students who wants to go next.
    OOC Again:When doing the Icebreaker do not be like My name is John, I am 15, I am A Absol Pokehuman and My favorite Color is Blue. No using color or something that is obvious. Also this is what Ms Clover Looks Like (The One ion the Right, Not Left, And without the hat)
    https://www.pinterest.com/pin/296533956697845446/ (Photos and videos by 片桐くん (@ORE_HA_AKUMA_DA) | Twitter)
  40. Wally stood up next. "My name is Wally Bow Fett, I am fifteen years old, I am a Wobbofett, and I have this weird sentient tail"
    "Hello" Wally's tail said "I am Wally Bow Fett's tail, I am Fifteen years old, I am a Wobbofett's tail, and I am forced to be stuck to this person"
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