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Private/Closed Poke Highschool

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Thomas the trainer, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. This is a discussion thread for Pokemon Highschool.

    Soon were going to move to our dorms in the RP 5 people are allowed in a dorm room there is boy and girl dorms.
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  2. Can we have both a teacher character and a student character each?

    Also heres an easier to read map I may of gotten something wrong
    (Edit: Made like 50 changes in like an hour, I`m practicing my pixel font)
    (2nd Edit: Entrances/Exits)
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  3. Holy crap that map is so cool thank you.
  4. OOC means Out Of Character, it`s when you write something in a post which isn`t part of the rp for an example
    Sol watched as the driftblim was hit back by the powerful electroball from the opponents pikachu, "Hit back with shadow ball!" he commanded, drifblim created a sphere of darkness and sent it back at pikachu. (Whos gonna win this battle)

    Also I may add the dorms to the map, I`m kinda confused of where they are though
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  5. ok, also can have both a teacher and student character?
  6. Go ahead but make sure its not to differentiate between the 2 characters and focus on your student more.
    Here are the teachers you can be.
    . Boys dormaster
    . head of security
    If you chose either of these you can be pretty strong as the teacher but if where not in that teachers class don't roleplay them.
  7. So are the doorms placed like this? [​IMG]
  8. close enoughth thank you so much
  9. There should be a safari zone-esque area in the school where people go to catch pokemon
  10. There is its ot on school campus tho our next teacher will be taking us there but my post got deleted due to autotuning

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