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Ask to Join Poké Crèche Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Le Marsouin, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. If you have already signed up, the roleplay is now here!
    Roleplay Link:

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the one and only Poké Crèche! It is an exclusive daycare center that is located in Krongbâng City, in the region of Camtonia. It was established recentally in the newer year of 2017, as it had undergone numerous changes to be the daycare center it is today. The three story building is encased in the warm, humid air that greets all newcomers that approach the daycare. There are several trainers inside the daycare that are in charge of taking care of all baby Pokémon; as most of them have their own Pokémon that are typically senior to the other Pokémon that they care for. These trainers are all diverse in their own ways. They each come in with their individual multifarious experiences; along with many more factors that shape them into the Trainers they are today.

    You will embark on an adventure in the Poké Crèche as a baby Pokémon, as there are many things to do; from exploring around the vast environments, to even having to deal with problems between disputes amongst the others. However, the Poké Crèche is not always the perfect place for everyone, as some Pokémon despise being left with caretakers, while others were placed in the daycare due to their horrendous past. We hope that you have a gladdened experience in the Poké Crèche. If anyone has any questions or concerns that would like to be addressed, please feel free to privately send a pigeon post to @Charlespark.

    • The use of Fakemon in this roleplay are allowed, but however: If the Fakemon you are using is not originally created by you, please have proof that you have obtained the original creator's permission before using them. (This goes for using my Fakemon if anyone wishes to use them.)
    • Please have appropriate grammar, and please DO NOT have one liners or any OOC chatter!
    • Legendary Pokémon, Mega Evolution, and Z-Moves are strictly prohibited.
    • Put the word dictatorship somewhere in your post if you have read the rules.
    • Pokémon are not bounded to knowing only four moves, as this is not the core games. (Listing them is also optional.)
    • Your character may be a Pokémon Trainer with their own Pokémon, or just a Pokémon without a Trainer. (To specify about the Pokémon Trainer, they may have only ONE Pokémon with them. Also, the Pokémon and their Trainer both count as only one character towards the character limit.)
    • Additionally, the Pokémon must be only first evolution if they are being cared for. If the Pokémon with the trainer is part of the service, then they are allowed to be any part of their evolution line. (Pokémon characters that are being cared are also allowed to be a Pokémon that does not evolve, like Shuckle as an example.)
    • Refrain from gruesome violence if possible.
    • You may have up to three characters, but the limit may slightly rise as the roleplay gets populated. (You may also choose to introduce other characters later on in the roleplay, but they must flow along with the roleplay.)
    • Bunnying, Mary Sues, and double posting are completely outlawed in this area.
    • Lastly, PLEASE be DETAILED and put forth COMMITMENT to the character sheets. (Having a character sheet that has inadequacy is a ticket for rejection.)
    Trainer Character:

    Pokémon Character:
    Native Region:

    Below are my character sheets as an example:

    Trainer Character:
    Name: Trei
    Age: He is 23 Years old.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is a slightly short man at being only 5'3", as he has skinny, and slightly muscular build. He has blue eyes, while his hair is short and light gray. He has a monocle on his left eye, as parts of his face are covered with faint freckles on primarily the right side. He wears a tan camp shirt, and brown khakis with a leather black belt around it. He has brown cowboy boots on,
    Personality: He has a curious outlook, as he likes to meet new people and see a vast range of Pokémon around him. He can be stern at times, as he likes to be in charge of others. He is also valiant, as he is ready to stand up to anyone that dares to threaten him and his Pokémon. He can get carried away occasionally, since his quick fuse can get him into trouble.
    Accessories: He wears a silver bracelet around his left arm. He also wears a silver ring on his left hand; on the ring finger, as it has a small, green gem fixed on top.
    Skills: He is able to stand up for others more easily, while he has some prior knowledge on caring for younger Pokémon.
    Backstory: He was born in an all-out war in Làmoi City that raged on between Camtonia and Vietbac. He fled away from Vietbac after his parents met their demise to a guerrilla gang. He disguised himself as a customs officer for Camtonia, as he found an injured Neourk near the ruins of what used to be a Department Store. He quickly took him to a Hotel where he patched up the Pokémon with the medicinal supplies that he stole from his department where he had worked. The Neourk got along with him over time, as he decided to establish a daycare center with the help of others, after the war ended years later; with the Armistice of Tranhchom between Camtonia and Vietbac.
    Pokémon: He has a Neourk with him.
    Other: He has a strap bag that contains some medicinal supplies, along with a notebook and pencil that he had since his childhood.

    Trainer's Pokémon Character:
    Unknown (This will be revealed with a certain action as the roleplay progresses.)
    Native Region: Vietbac
    Type: Water
    Gender: Male
    Age: He is around the age of 22 Months old.
    Skills: He is able to sense vibrations of low frequency sounds more easily, as he is also able to move a lot quicker in the water.
    Ability: Uprising (As the Pokémon deals damage in battle, the Pokémon will continuously regenerate HP every turn. The rate of regeneration is proportional to the amount of damage they deal out every turn, as it is capped at 15% HP regeneration per turn. This is the signature ability for the Neourk evolution line.)
    Appearance: He is a quadrupled, blue shark-like Pokémon, as his head to body ratio is slightly large. His eyes are light blue, while there is a curved fin on his head that is parallel to his body. He has a tiny nose with two nostrils, as his mouth is very small and two small, pointed teeth can be seen when he opens his mouth. His arms and feet are stubby, as his arms lack claws while his feet each have one tiny claw. His gills are located on his neck, while his upper body is mostly a darker shade of aquatic blue. The bottom of his body is sky blue, while his tail is short and tapered.
    Personality: He is rebellious, as he often argues with others. He can be a crybaby at times, since he always likes things to go his way. He is also very emotional and dramatic, as he has a very short fuse.
    Accessories: He wears a silver anklet around his leg, as it has his name and medicinal information on it.
    Backstory: Like his trainer, he fled away from the region of Vietbac, as the same guerrilla gang that was after him were the ones that killed the Trainer's parents. He snuck into Camtonia by hiding in a cargo crate that was on a ship. He carefully inched his way out of the docks after the boat landed, as he was chased by numerous trainers due to being a Pokémon that was only native to Vietbac. He eluded dozens of trainers, as some of the trainers abused him in an attempt to weaken him for catching. He was found near the ruins of a Department Store, as his trainer cared for him ever since.
    Other: He has bad eyesight, as he has the ability to echolocate. He can use his echolocation more easily in the water.

    Separate Pokémon Character:
    Unknown (This will also be revealed with a certain action as the roleplay progresses.)
    Native Region: Camtonia
    Type: Steel/Dark
    Gender: Genderless (He will be referred as a male due to roleplaying purposes.)
    Age: His age is also unknown, as he appears young.
    Skills: He has the ability to survive with little food and water, while he can also repair broken machinery with some time.
    Ability: Visionary Sight (The Pokémon is able to vaguely predict the opposing Pokémon's attack if the attack puts them at risk of fainting. This ability only works with more than 50% HP; if the attack puts them at risk of fainting in battle. This is the signature ability for Droiton and Mechatic.)
    Appearance: He is a small robot-like Pokémon, as he has a yellowish body that is composed of steel. His gray head is rather small, while his eyes are blue, as he has small mouth with gray, metallic teeth. His arms are lightly gray, while there are three short, metallic claws on each hand. His left shoulder has a short barrel that is often used in battle, while his right shoulder contains a small welder claw that can be used to slowly repair himself or other machinery. His yellow legs are stubby, while his gray feet each have two toes, but unlike his hands, they lack claws.
    Personality: He is somewhat quiet around others, as he is cautious with huge risks. He tends to be the peacekeeper around other Pokémon. Unfortunately, he can get carried away sometimes, since he is not fully developed for social interactions.
    Accessories: Unfortunately, he has no accessories on.
    Backstory: His body roused from the clutches of his hibernation mode after a huge mound of water droplets came on his visual receptors. He sluggishly got off of the ground and noticed that he was in a forest, surrounded by the fauna and flora that greeted him. His internal vocal processors were damaged from the war that Camtonia and Vietbac were involved in, since he was severely injured from several thugs. He steadily made his way through the forest, as he wandered into Krongbâng City. A few hours later, he spotted a daycare center that got his attention. He went inside the building, where a new life awaited him.
    Other: His main way of communicating is by using the knock code. If the knock code does not work in getting his message through, he will sometimes resort to playing charades with the person he is trying to communicate to.
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  2. Name: Dex
    Species: Rockruff
    Native Region: Alola
    Type: Rock
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18 months
    Skills: Has an incredible sense of smell and can easily track things down.
    Ability: Has a strange power but will be revealed at a later time
    Appearance: Has a red bandana around his neck
    Personality: He is a cry baby and is a very kind hearted Pokemon. He always wants to makes friends with everyone buys fails often. He is rather reliant on his twin sister and can get rather clingy as he feels he needs someone to look after him. He can easily huger nervous and has anxiety, leading to some anxiety attacks occasionally.
    Backstory: Him and his sister was born in the Alola and their parents was captured by passerby trainers, making the new birns separated from their parents and left helpless for their inevitable end. They did get founded by a caring passerby who looked after them for a while, before something happened to Dex and his sister which made them have uncontrollable powers that considerably hurt their caretaker st the time. In fear that they'll cause more harm to others, they went far far away to get a new start. However, Nurse Joy found them and sent them to Poke Crèche in order for them to be raised as good as possible. They also found out that they both have a strange power between the both of them that they yet have learnt to control, but keep it a secret to people in case of being judged.
    Other: Dictatorship. Also has a twin sister. Igni.

    Name: Igni
    Species: Growlithe
    Native Region: Alola
    Type: Fire
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18 months
    Skills: Has great skill when it comes deducing things, just by looking at people.
    Ability: Has a strange power that she has yet to control.
    Appearance: She has a brown pouch on her left side and has a pink bandana around her neck
    Personality: She is rather confident and caring. She tends to look after her twin brother despite them being the same age. Always thinks of others before herself. However, is very cautious and paranoid because of her past.
    Backstory: Same as Dex's
    Other: Dex's twin sister.
  3. [CP]
    Alright you're accepted. I will be making the roleplay tommorow since I want to give some time first, and to prepare.
  4. Trainer Character:
    Name: Daniel Ibuki
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Appearance: He has a brown, almost black ,shade of hair. His eyes are light blue. Danny is about 6'5" and weighs 190. He is really skinny and has long legs. In warmer climates, He wears a blue T shirt that has a greninja on it. To go along with his shirt he wears black gym shorts. In colder cliamtes, he switches to a Black Trench coat. The black trench coat is complimented by his black dress clothes with a royal blue tie, with black fingerless gloves.
    Personality: He is kind and loves Pokemon. He is sarcastic and rude if you get on his badside. Danny tries to be as funny as possible, while still being polite. He loves salt and tries anything to get his hands on it. He hates dictatorships and wants to feel free.
    Accessories: A black and blue braclet that singnifys the bond between him and Saizo
    Skills: Caring for Pokémon, Battling, Cooking.
    Backstory: Danny was born and raised in Lumiose City. He lived a happy life, until his oarents died in taxi accident. He was 11 years old at the time. Danny sprinted to Proffesor Sycamore's lab and took a Pokémon. Danny ran away from Lumiose City and hasn't rerurned since
    Pokémon: Saizo
    Other: Salt!

    Pokémon Character:
    Name: Saizo
    Species: Greninja
    Native Region: Kalos
    Type: Water/Dark
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Skills:Battling, Swimming, Stealth.
    Ability: Ninja's Grace,This Pokémon has a 12.5% chance of hitting through a Defensive attack, Such as Protect.
    Appearance: Just an average Greninja, but he has a matching Blue and black braclet.
    Personality:He is sarcastic,and Hardy. He tries very hard, while battling to rpotect his loved ones. He hates Oranges.Saizo is gery flurtasious with Fairy-type Pokémon.
    Backstory: As a Froakie, he never fit in with the others. He always wanted to leave the lab and see the world. He would often get in fights with other Froakie iver the littlest of things. One fateful day, Proffesor Sycamore put him a Pokéball. Saizo eagrly waited to be chosen, but that was a while away. Evetually, Danny came and chise him. He and Danny became the Best if friends after 12 years if friendship.
    Other: None
  5. [CP]
    Hmm, I see you like to embed it inside the information, I like that.
    You're accepted, and also I've noticed that everything is bolded for the both of you haha.
    I don't really care if anyone changes the thing up, it just has to be in there when I press Control + F.

  6. Name: Mitch

    Native Region: unova
    Type: dark,dragon
    Gender: male
    Age: 15 months
    Skills: shrouds a room in darkness upon fainting
    Ability: hustle, boosts attack lowers accuracy
    Appearance: has a purple hair instead of black
    Personality: calm and quite but will explode if you get on his bad side
    Backstory: was take care of his trainer since birth and knows little about his past he just know that his perents are some where out there not caring about his whereabouts
    Other: dictatorship

    Trainer Character
    Name: jasmine
    Gender: female
    Age: 21
    Appearance:tall with long black hair wears a green hoodie and blue denim jeans she also has blue shoes and a red tee shirt
    Personality: calm and friendly is good at making friends
    Accessories: a small box of homemade poke puffs
    Skills: is good with baby Pokémon and good at cooking
    Backstory:ever since jasmine was a little kid she's loved to help take care of baby Pokémon she has drifted from daycare to daycare until she found poké crèche and has been working there ever since
    Pokémon: None but treats all baby Pokémon like her own
  7. I orginallybhad Ninja's Grace be this.

    This Pokémon has an Increased Chance of Critcal hits. This Pokémon has a 12.5% Chance to ignore defensive moves.

    But I thought that was overpowered.
  8. If that includes moves like protect and spike shield... yeah I could already see the perspective of the others' saying it's overpowered.

    Okay you're accepted, but the only issue that I'm seeing is just the grammatical area.

    Also, everyone's information box is bolded everywhere for crying out loud!
  9. Name: Soras
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Appearance: black Hoodie, Black jeans, Grey Shoes, Orange Eyes, Brown Messy hair, Peachy Skin, Pointy Nose, Small, Average Width
    Personality: Normally Kind, Although If You Bring Up His Partner, Dunsparce, Who Is In Hospital, He Becomes Very Serious.
    Accessories: An Eevee-Shaped Pokegear.
    Skills: Battling, Strategy, EATING, Being Obnoxious, having Fun, Cooking, camping
    Backstory: Born In Kanto, Soras Always Wanted to Be A Trainer, And One Day, His Dad Went Missing, And Left him A Dunsparce, Now His Partner, He Travelled The World, beating Gyms, Meeting Champions, Losing and Winning, Entering Leagues And Almost Winning, However, His partner, Dunsparce, Has Taken Serious Injuries, And Had To Be Left At The Poke-Centre in Viridian City.
    Pokémon: Dread.
    Other: Dictatorship

    Name: Dread
    Species: Dregi
    Native Region: Gargon(My Custom Region)
    Type: Grass
    Gender: Male
    Age: 7 months
    Skills: can Control Forests.
    Ability: Protector(DEF + Special DEF Raise by 1 Stage Every 2 turns.)
    Appearance: Normal Dregi, Witch Looks Like:
    Drawing (7).png
    Personality: Cheerful, Loves balloons and Eating Pie, doesn't Know his Own Strength
    Backstory: Was Hatched A Day Before Dunsparce Went To The Poke-centre, And Had To be used After Dunsparce's Injury, Luckily, Dread Is A Strong Fighter, Even In Base Form.
    Other: Dictatorship but This Is MY CREATION, Base Form of Dredonigi.
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  10. Even though this thread is slowly being revived, you're just missing a bit of a tiny, but also important part in the bio here. (Also, there's quite a bit of comma splicing that I'm seeing here.)
  11. Name: Dulce
    Species: Igglybuff
    Native Region: Unova
    Type: Normal/Fairy
    Gender: female
    Age: 16 months
    Skills: Dulce has the ability to inflate herself so much, she can float like a balloon full of helium. She doesn't like showing this off very often, though, if she's outside, for fear of floating away.
    Ability: Cute Charm
    Appearance: Her fur is more of a crepe pink color, and a white headband stretches around her forehead, its coral flower sitting on Dulce's right side.
    Personality: Dulce is what you would call a less-than-natural-born leader. Whenever she's comfortable around someone, be it one person or Pokemon or a whole group, she'll gladly lead them down a random path, even though she has no idea where she's going most of the time. Around strangers or those she's not comfortable with yet, though, she's overly shy and can even get emotional over the smallest things. She finds this show of emotions humiliating around some, but there may be a select few she would pour her heart and soul out to- if she really likes them.
    Backstory: She never had a Trainer, and as a wild Pokemon, would always dream of what it would be like to have one. In an attempt to get herself captured and enter someone's story as their loyal partner, Dulce hopped onto a boat heading for Camtonia. Her plan didn't work- she wound up being very antisocial and hiding during the whole ride- so she decided to stay in the region. It took a long while, but the Igglybuff found the daycare center while she traveled and thought it would be a good place to stay. She entered the front doors, and the results will come forth during the RP. :p
    Other: dictatorship

    Just tell me if I should change anything, alright? Thanks!
  12. [CP]
    Well, there's nothing you really need to change here, you're accepted also.
    The roleplay is already up, although it was a bit quiet. :p
  13. Cool, then I'll go make it even louder! >:3
  14. I Have added to MA FORM!
  15. [CP]
    Okay, now you're accepted here. (I'm not feeling too good here at the moment since I'm coughing like a hound here. :p)
  16. Sorry for the super short post. I wasn't too sure how to start this, so I kept it simple- maybe a bit too simple. You can expect more from me, I promise. :S
  17. Well, super short posts are one liners when I think about super short ones, and it's alright to start simple if you want. I'm also sick/hurt here a lot at the moment, so I might be a snail here.

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